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Myah. . . it's back. Just without sound now. . .
So if you'd like to view the complete version of this, please visit: >link

This is the companion piece to Birds of a Feather (which should be up itself in a day or two). Just some back story for Gizmo and Widget, and a demonstration of their model sheet turns. Gizmo is a little off center when he spins, but overall I think I got them moving pretty smoothly. :]

flash 8
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Here's the animation i decided to take upon myself on a TF2 comic by :iconlintufriikki:

I added a bit extra and there's a hidden button in the end which i animated an extra scene in.
Try to find the hidden button
Note: I had trouble with certain wav sounds if you're wondering why i didn't put all the dispenser construction sounds in.

2 days

Flash 8

Idea by :iconlintufriikki:
TF2 belongs to Valve
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I challenged myself and did this in exactly one hour.
1 hour for a 5 second animation xD Goddamnit!

I don't know why Zigzag is pissed, I guess Mikan predicted something he didn't appreciate. :iconhurrplz:

Anyway, I dunno if anyone is interested but: Unlike Mikan, I don't have a specific voice for Zigzag in my mind, so if you're a guy, if you have some voice acting talent, if you have a good mic and if you think your voice might fit to Zigzag, note me. I'd like to hear it and maybe put it in this animation.

And there we go:
I chose the best 4 records.
But I thank everyone who took part!

Voice actor 1: *mordacaiMT
Voice actor 2: *prowlingmonkey
Voice actor 3: ~Real-Live-Fishlegs
Voice actor 4: *johnnywhoa

(I hope I can find a better teleport sound somedays lol)
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Edit: If it gets choppy you might have to refresh it. I don't know if it's just my laptop or not.

Hmmmm... Probably shouldn't of uploaded this on Valentines Day ^^; oh well!

I really love this song :'D haha. Decided to make a little animation for it. Sorry its really sketchy. I'm very lazy :c enjoy my awkward anatomy and weird lip syncing xD

Song: Only Lonely One - Mika
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Benny uses his telekinesis to throw a snowball at Shane, and pays for it.
This short animation was made as a form of audition for an animation school I've applied to. Not to brag, but considering this is the third animation I've ever made in Flash, I think I did pretty well with this one. I sure hope I get into this school.
Perhaps this can be considered a small taste of what Being Unstoppable will eventually be like when it's finally animated. Pretty sure I'm gonna have to divide the episodes into parts, though, 'cause it seems 24 frames per second (the speed I used in this one) produces the best quality, and since Flash has a limit to how many frames you can have in a file it means I'd either have to make each episode really short, or divide them into 2 or 3 parts.

Here's basically how I made it:
1. Drew the animated bodies without hair or clothes.
2. Added clothes.
3. Added colours.
4. Added background and shading.
5. Added a filter to make it look a little less garish.

I'm not sure if this is the way I'm gonna do it when I make the actual series considering how timeconsuming and memoryconsuming this method was, but we'll see. I will probably develop a new animation style that looks a little less... amateurish eventually. I just really don't like these fat black lines, they make everything look so messy and garish.

These characters (Shane and Benny from Being Unstoppable) were made by me and therefore belong to me. Please don't use them without my permission.
This animation was made in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, it took me 4 days to make.
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From [link]
LFG: [link]

<1 hour to animate

12 fps, 4 frames (2 pictures 2 frames long)

Tools: Macromedia Flash 5


I do not own Richard or LFG. This is fanart.
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Originally supposed to used for an animation I was going to make, though unfortunately it never ended up working out ^^;
So here's the audio for it. It's a cover of a song that :icons0s2: and myself made! It was so much fun to record xD
The song is Mika's "We Are Golden" [link]

The colour scheme and outfit for the drawing were inspired by a short scene in the music video
Also, we chipmunk'd it because neither of us wanted anyone to hear us actually singing :iconteheplz: anditsoundsfunnier
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:iconraegplz: Dangit DA, why you gotta give me a hard time with submitting stuffz!

Okay, so Steff wanted me to post this! 8)

This was a flash I made for one of the parts of my culminating project for computer science!! The only difference between this one and the one I submitted was that the one I gave to my teacher had many buttons.

The other two parts or the culminating were that you had to make a website with at least 4 pages and a program. You had to pick a theme for the final task... So I chose Daft Punk Lol. I put more effort into the other two parts since those were more heavily marked.

The only thing I found was funny about this was that I made it waay too long. I have a feeling that it only had to be like...30 seconds lol. I cut out exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds of the song. I even edited the song so it was shorter! =P

Anyways, I guess I'm happy with how it turned out 8D I could of polished it up a little more, but I ran out of time... I just worked so slowly. The song I used for this is "Harder, Better Faster Stronger", only not as long.

Yes I know Thomas looks kinda funky with his helmet, I didn't know how to draw it >8I

Edit: Oh dang, maybe this is just because my computer is poop, but it's really laggy... Crap, I don't know how to fix this.
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Fad response to "Card Crusher".

The Scout crushes the Heavy's sandvich.
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Aw yeah flawless victory.

I'm so sorry for the existence of this.

Except no
Not really

Original [link]
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