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Aw yeah flawless victory.

I'm so sorry for the existence of this.

Except no
Not really

Original [link]
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->Watch episode 1 at first: <-

There we go, The Anti & Steff Show episode 2!
Hope you guys like it! Took long enough, huh? XP
And I deeply apologize for our microphone qualities. >.>
(Also: if you listen to this via earphones, you might not here all of the voices.)
Click download to watch in full screen.

:iconantiimage: as Anti
:icons0s2: as Steff

Special guests:
:iconjohnnywhoa: as Johnny
:icontriforcechild: as Bacon
(Thanks for taking part guys! :3 You did a great job and you make this animation awesome!)

Animation by *s0s2
Backgrounds by *AntiImage
(Thanks again, Anti! You rock!)

Intro-song// A little respect by Wheatus
Beginning: Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects
Johnny's theme: Candy (c) Day of the Tentacle
In the bank: Green's song (c) Day of the Tentacle
Bacon's theme: In Present (c) Day of the Tentacle
Ending: Spongebob ending (c) Spongebob Squarepants
Outro: Bumpus (c) Sam 'n Max
(and no, I'm not a sudoku-fanatic xD)

Please leave a comment before you fav :3 Thanks.

Extra ep:
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Please please please read the FAQ below before you ask any questions, I really don't have time to answer everyone. Comments have now been disabled sorry guys :/

edit; Guys, the braid IS there. It's on the hair page, at the bottom. Please please stop mentioning it, it is most certainly there. It's just shorter than it should be because this is a chibi version of a na'vi.

First off- Yes I SUCK at humanoid bodies and clothing. I never draw them.. ever.. but I love this movie so much I found myself compelled to make it. Also I wanted to make something original since there have been about 5 billion create a wolf games since I created my first one a few years ago xP

Yes the interface is very messy, and the clothing buttons are confusing. But I got lazy after spending hours colouring and shading all this stuff x_x But other than that I'm pleased I finally finished it.

Also yeah I'm biased towards females, I drew the base and I was too lazy to change it too much. But I think it's at a nice medium that if you leave off the little shirts then and put on some straps, the right eyes, and whatever then it will look male. I've done it, it works, don't stress boys xP


Can I post a screenshot in my dA gallery/facebook/etc..?
Yes as long as credit is given in a description somewhere. So a link back to my account or this deviation. Or saying "This was made by khalypso's Create a Na'vi game" Something along those lines, as long as credit is given all is good :) And yes you may use this as your I.D on this website, just give credit.

Where is the long braid?
It is there, just not majorly obvious (cos I'm a very lazy person). It's on the hair page at the bottom. It's short, I don't care, my excuse is this thing is chibi, let's just leave it at that haha

Can you add different expressions/clothing/colours/etc..? and can you make another game?
I will not be updating this game anymore. I'll make a new flash creator game some time in the future when I'm not busy - (27 - August - 2010)

How do I save?
Instructions for Mac and PC users are in the flash game itself.

For PC laptop users: [fn]+insert[prt sc]


Na'vi (c) James Cameron
Comments disabled by owner.
After finally rewriting the whole thing I am proud to present to you the bigger version of Rozen Creed Flash Game (still WIP)! So far everything is working out except the main conversation button of course. Court Records is fully functional you can roam around it, some of the evidences are duplicated don't mind it it's not a bug it's just a test for me to see if it works for multiple evidence/profiles. Next build will consist of "Cross Examination"! So stick around if you are interested with it.

The mouse (pretty obivous xD)

Pssst... hey you...YES YOU!
We need your help! We need voice actors and background artist though we cant promise you anything but an inclusion in the credit. This project is purely for fun and because we love the game so much we started to aim to make our very own game with some OCs in it.

So the slots are open for:

Voice Actors: 2 certain characters

- Rozen Creed the main character (male but a bit femaleish in voice, english accent, von karma student).
- Anastacia Truelove female character (female, around 18 or so, there is no certain accent she got).

Background Artist: Mostly needed to do some scenery of the crime scenes.

If you got what it takes to do it then please do comment or PM me right away! And we shall talk about it.

That's it for now, See you on the next build!


A huge "copyright" to Capcom for the Phoenix Wright franchise and some of the sprites I took to complete the module of the game.Thanks for making such an awesome game!
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Saw a squid while playing minecraft and I remembered this [link]
wanted to make it in 3D
sorry for the quality
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Remove from my other account

A funny little number for Nintendo fans.

Animator: Bat
Medium: Flash 8
Characters: Nintendo
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bees suck, unless you are the one unlessing their stingy doom.

this is a project for my web animation class. we were to make 3 movie clips and buttons that allow you to click to see the next clip. i'm pretty pleased with how it came out. the buttons were a bitch to do tho. so confusing. even confused the teacher. but they work! hoorah.

it kinda jumps at a part or two. i tried to center it as much as possible. also the end bee is a button but it does nothing. it was supposed to be a replay button but we couldn't get it to work.

and as with the last flash piece, no audio.
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Oh here is it again, "Whack-A-Ninja" but it's new and improved!

- updated ninja graphics to something shinier
- added spazzy ninja animation
- added sound effect for hitting ninjas
- change font for count down
- color changing replay button
- cleaned up bad overlapping for bamboo
- other minor adjusts not worth mentioning

Just a simple Whack a Mole flash game that I made for my Flash class a year or so ago. I fixed it up nicer for my portfolio class tomorrow. After making it look nicer I really wish I could add more to the gameplay but I don't think time will permit. I'm suppose to turn this in as a "final" piece tomorrow. I think my teacher might get mad if I take it back and fix it up some more xD

Please tell me what you think, if anything seems off please comment. I might be able to fix it before class >3<
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The song is Pokmon: Johto Journeys


Just something I cooked up out of boredem.

Pokemon and Song (C) Nintendo

Dan/Tobi (C) Me.

This was mostly a test of buttons and sycn.
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