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Answer for :iconask-wolfprincess:

Rocha : She is my genderbender, Froch.

Froch : Who are these guys? They look at me creepy!

Rocha : You'll get used to it *grins* Sorry for her attitude.


Froch is a bit tsundere lol they have the same bangs.
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(( If noone remembers him...well thats my very first AT oc...before i started creating new ones and just forgot about him....i felt really bad cause without Spud, i wouldnt have been who i was today u A u...its like i killed off a piece of me....SO i brought him back from the dead ouo<3

For those who are new to my very first OC: Hes the Lazy Prince, his name is Spud. Hes a very tall man, like 10,3, and his pet is a braindamaged floating turtle named Herby. Hes super shy and innocent, kinda stutters sometimes. He has very strong legs that make him jump really high in the air, or to kick people with them. Also...his hat is magical eue. It can make face expressions judging what mood spud is in.

If you guys wanna ask questions to my very old OC...go right ahead ;u; <3 ))
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Amelie: Whatever you were planning on paying me, DOUBLE IT. :I

((Admin: Pfftt Amelie so doesn't like children. She's surprisingly good with them though, especially seeing as Elodie is pretty much just a massive child :'D


Connor belongs to :iconaskkennythewarrior: ))
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Answer to :iconaskelodie-and-amelie:

"Wha-?? U-uh.. I-I.. *too speechless*"


*wags tail*


Even he was about to protest, he still likes it 8D
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(( poor Adena she always seems happy but most don't like her near them she tends to make the air around her difficult to inhale ))
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HI GUYS!!! :iconsayhiplz: So a bunch of peeps really liked my OC, Prince Snake, so I decided to draw another one! So please comment and stuff! :iconyuimeganeplz:

Full Name: Prince Shadow II

Nickname: Shadow

Classification: Dark Creature

Height: 177.4 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Age: 18

Personality: Spacey, Curious, Kind

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Prince Of The Shadow Realm Kingdom

Fav. Color: ???

Hobbies: ???

Fav. Food: ???

Least Fav. Food: ???

Weapon: Materialize his own weapons


-Darkness Control
-Shadow Manipulation
-Darkness/Shadow Projection
-Shadow Attacks
-Umbrakinetic Attacks
-Shadow Camouflage/Cloaking
-Darkness Adaptation
-Materialize, shape and manipulate darkness
-Absolute Darkness
-Night Vision
-Umbrageous Teleportation
-Intuitive Aptitude
-Umbrakinetic Constructs

Bio: Having no particular memories of his unknown, royal family, and being imprisoned by his father's brother for many years, he only sees himself as the Shadow Prince. He is very calm and silent while fighting, but tends to have a rather savage side if things get serious. He professes himself of being an "Unwanted Being" and to work only from his nature in the art of dark. Although he tends to be peaceful, he is very curious about the world around him. Even though he seems serious and rude, he is actually kind and gentle with others he feels comfortable with.

He understands human language, such as english, but he cannot communicate back, due to the fact that he doesn't know how to speak english. He does know a few words however.

He is also able to create his own weapons by materializing shadows. Although he holds many abilities in his classification, he does have a weakness. His weakness is daylight or anything that produces light itself. He is very active at night but if daylight arrives, he tries to find the nearest dark area to hide/sleep in. If light does hit Shadow, he slowly starts to dissolve by the energy of the light, until he is completely gone.

His only main priority is to figure out about his family and past life.

-----------OTHER OC's OF MINE!!----------


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((Ask my babby stuffs! ;,,,;
I'll answer the questions as soon as possible with a flash or a picture or something!))
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Kristi: "Happy Holidays everyone!~" :iconliechhappyblushplz: "Hrm, I'm not used to pink." :iconamythinkplz: *twirls* "But this dress is so cute~ I-I think I like it." Q//w//Q "...Uweh~ I hope you don't get mad at me for not wearing blue, I-I'm sorry!~" :iconmoeblushplz:

Aren: *growls softly* "This....this piece of cloth around my is no less than a choking hazard." :iconorekiurghplz: *sigh* "On the contrary, Happy Holidays, 행복 휴일." :iconhesmileplz:

Lol don't mind Aren he's been moody lately :' he's not fond of things around his neck >w> He sees it as a collar/choker OTL OTL As promised from my journal~ eue Amg yay it uploaded T v T Hahaha!~ Oh look at them all dressed up for the holidays :iconmahfeelzplz: I hope it looks okay? Q///Q Oh and an update on Aren's hair vuv His hair last year was just...:iconlazepoolplz: Why did I do that?!~ :iconfliptableplz:
Urgurgurg, random background is random uvu;; Happy Holidays~<3

Kristi the Ninja, Aren the Tiger (c) :iconharumintx:
Textures: [link] [link] [link]
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❥ && They're back! :iconyuiyumplz: They've grown some since the last you've seen them, yes? :iconasdfghbeeplz: Ah, I'm proud of how this came out~ My first picture in about four months, uhuhuhu :iconyuicry2plz: This shouldn't have taken as long as it did.. I need to get used to SAI again =w=;; Anyway! I would like some feedback on their look, ah, if you would spare a little of your time that is? ;u; Please and thank-you :heart: Also, the outfits they have on is only for casual wear >u<;; Now some changes starting with...

:bulletwhite::bulletpink::bulletwhite:Kristi: Not much really but the obvious, her hair has grown!~ :iconasdfghplz: ..Actually I was thinking about chopping it off again-- //smacked :"D No seriously, the look she had before looked good on her! :iconericiasurprisedplz: Oh, I was thinking about making her blonde earlier.. or, just changing her hair to a different lighter color in general-- good idea or no? owo I thought a lighter color would fit her personality, y'know? :iconyuicryplz: She's 5' 6" now too xD Grew an inch! :iconyaybunnyplz: I love her strawberry dress by the way, just saying <3

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletwhite:Aren: The majority of change happened to him :'DD I think it's because I was unsatisfied with his design? ovo *shrug* I don't know =w= Anywho~ I gave him a hair cut xD His hair and bangs are a little shorter than before-- and speaking of his hair, I decided to make the black grow out ouo His bangs and the back of his hair are only black now >w< I'll have a better picture of it up sometime =v=b Also, I'm not having him wear glasses anymore, he looks cuter and younger, considering he's 17 now xD without them ;//v//;<3 He still has them, but only wears them on occasion. So he wears contacts now :33 The adjustment is going to bother him ;A; He's finally reached 6' tall too, lol quite an accomplishment for him :iconbrightfutureplz:

❥ That's it >w<;; You can find out the rest of their change through the info. in their gallery folder, or through RP's (best way to get to know them) :3 Thank-you for taking the time to read this/look at my art :iconluvluvplz:

:bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite:❥ Credits:
Kristi the Ninja, Aren the Tiger (c) :iconharumintx:
Adventure Time (c) Pendleton Ward

❥ One last note: Lately I've been shipping these two and I've strictly restrained myself not to b-but.. ;A;<3 THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS WITH MY CHARACTERS. I've shipped every one of them together and was hoping these two would remain unshipped-- but I don't think it's working anymore T A T|l|l' Augh ;w; I thought they'd keep their big-brother-little-sister-like relationship 'til the end but it's just pushing me to ship them more.. OTL Oh well, we'll see when I break my restraint =w=;; Wish me luck(?) :'D
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