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A chibi suicune for my roommate :D

First time using markers...officially XD


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Contest entry for :iconnintendo-fangroup:

It 's little pichu dressed up as a blue pikmin
I had the idea in my head for a while now and finally got on paper |D

Happy (early) Halloween :iconpichulaplz:

Pichu+Pikmin(c) Nintendo

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:iconsky-explorers: Ahaha forever updating~

Let's meet this one-armed explorer shall we?


"No worries, okay?"

Name: Peanut Chew (PC, Chewie, etc.)
Species: Chiot
Gender: female 
Age: 23
Birthday: April 17th


|Strong|Independent|Blunt|Confident|Quirky|Mean|Short tempered|Caring (in her own way)|Snarky|

Peanut Chew can be describe as an odd one. And not just because she only has one arm. Living outside the village for many years has made her a bit feral/quirky and a little ignorant of the current happenings and tends to run on impulse/instinct. Especially when angry. Speaking of, don't make her angry please because she isn't afraid to get physical. At all. She is strong both physically and in willpower and is an independent chiot that just wants to be finally at peace with her inner demons, but despite the negatives, she does has her shining moments. She shows a bit of optimism and fearlessness in the face of danger and wouldn't hesitate to help someone in need. On off days, she loves to just relax without a care in the world or dash around if she builds too much energy. PC also has a bit of a mean streak that ties into her bluntness. She is brutally honest doesn't really care if she hurts your feelings in the process just to get a point across. If you manage to stay on her good side, you will see that she can be her own way and does things for anyone she care deeply about. 

-having one arm
-Spicy foods
-Physical labor
-Caves and other dark places
-The darkest of nights

-anything sour
-Being taken for granted
-Large crowds
-Having to babysit someone for too long
-Her problem

Team Player
Good Neighbor
Sugar Addict
[Relic Hunter]

-Wood Carving

-Big Appetite
-She has no visible pupils
-Is an excellent fighter (speed and stamina high end)
-Is allergic to mint
-Is actually a pretty good singer, just too nervous to sing in front of anyone.
-Her over-affection has died down dramatically since she first started out. 
-Has a tendency to carve random patterns in trees just for fun or boredom.
-There are major keys missing from her backstory she'd rather no one knowing.
-Those ears are used as arms when she's not flying or fighting.
-Has a new love for crystals. (collects them when it is possible to)
-Has carpentry skills like her father.
-Takes naps instead of sleeping normally through the night.
-Eyesight is pretty good at night.


Born with a birth defect that caused her left arm to not fully develop, Peanut Chew was otherwise a healthy little girl that loved to laugh and tumble around. Despite how they were, her parents feared her getting treated as an outcast because of said missing arm, so they home-schooled her. PC herself didn't see her missing arm as a disadvantage, but she didn't want to be treated badly by anyone. She would watch others from a distance, watching what they did and would try to mimic them later. Kind of hard for a clumsy kid with one arm huh? Even though she made no attempt at making friends, she was content playing by herself in the backyard or outside the village when her parents took her often.

As it transitioned into her teenage years, her mother decided it was a good time to teach her how to fight and survival techniques while her dad taught her to be smarter, patient and most definitely stronger. It was in this time that she discovered her love for the arts, namely wood carving and carpentry. She also found out she could sing pretty well, but refused to sing in front of anyone, fearing she would be judged. She became less hyper and more calm in her demeanor as time went on. On the day after her 15th birthday, as she was flying without a care in the world, something struck her and sent her spiraling down, hitting a tree which knocked her out cold and landing in bush with a bloody forehead. Her parents found her after she had been gone for too long and took her quickly to get help. The scar that was left on her after treatment made her ashamed of herself for not paying attention and decided to don a mask to hide her shame, surprisingly restoring her confidence.  

Unfortunately this would not last long for in the following months, her father got into a carpentry accident, which left him in an unconscious state and her mother needed to be hospitalized for a long time for her frequent illnesses. This left Peanut Chew with the feeling of distraught and sadness, causing her to go into a deep depression. By her mother’s wishes, she sold off their home to pay for them and PC was left to go live with her aunt. She refused this however and chose a simpler life, living off the lands outside the village. The first year was tough for her, constantly getting attacked, depression, and starvation were only a few of what Peanut Chew went through. Eventually she had gotten used to it, thriving off the land even with her intimidation technique she got from both parents, strength and will to carry on. Her depression was still there, but a lot less prominent than ever before. She even stopped caring of what others would think of her.

About six years has passed since she was on her own and now Peanut Chew is at the peak of her condition. Hearing there was an opening for new explorers, she decided to see if she had what it took to be one herself and do the best she could. In the past few months, her father had finally recovered and mother had been feeling less and less sick by the day. The bad news is her demons have been surfacing much more recently and is desperately trying to control it. Due to a bet she lost to her dad, Peanut Chew had to give up the mask business and turned it into a bandanna, the shame of that scar still present.

Butter Toffee- Cousin
Aero-Mint- /little sister/ nolreation

Can rp just about anywhere, anytime.
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Other art -…
Old art -…

Major changes:
With magic dyes added two shades of blue spots around 12th of May.
With ability to get second accessory added the shawl on 3rd of July.

Name: Meringue
Species: Chiot
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 7th July

Always happy, like, always always. No matter what happens, Meri takes it positively. Unless his fur gets dirty or wet. Then he cries. Or someone is being mean, sad or angry. Then he also cries. So i guess he's not happy that always.
All in all, he's your friendly, childish, gender confused crybaby neighbour. Don't worry if you mistaken him for a girl. Everyone does. He won't get mad at all. He'll even accept defeat if he fails to convince you that he's NOT a girl.
In fact, Meri does not simply get mad. At most he might shout some random names or words at you, which aren't even offensive or logical, and run off crying if you really upset him, plus he might avoid you, but that's about it. But even then, if you'd need a crying shoulder, he'll always be there with cookies, no matter what. He's just an oddball like that.

- Cookies and other sweet things, cooking
- Stars and star shaped things
- Flowers
- Plushies
- Bows and all kinds of other accessories
- Soft, warm blankets, and soft, fluffy things in general
- Books and stories of all sorts
- Shiny, fabulous, colorful things
- Instrumental music
- Candles

- Rain and water in general
- Dirt
- Scary things
- Negativity, also known as violence, rudeness, lies and the like
- Being lonely

Titles: [ Friendly ]
Non-active, obtained titles:
- Newbie
- Pioneer

Boring, casual history of a happy, optimistic person. Was extremely spoiled as a kid. That might explain why he's such a princess.

Other info:
- He enjoys singing, and he's not that bad at it, even!
- No one really knows why exactly he got so girly. When he was still a kid, it wasn't that bad. Like, you COULD tell it's a boy.
- He has huge trouble standing up for himself, so can be an easy target for bullying and the like.
- Loves and trusts everything and everyone. That is troublesome too.
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Name: Starfruit (often goes by Star)
Species: Chiot
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: November 7
Personality: Star is really reserved to whom he talks to but if he does find someone who shares his interests he can get really talkative.
Thes reason he doesn't talk much to others is because he get's easily annoyed or scared by strangers, it's the same with loud noises
He's kind, sometimes too kind. Star can hardly turn down a request and often finds himself left in a troublesome situation.
Although he's known to be very kind that doesn't mean he can't get really angry at someone trying to exploit his kindness.

Likes: His hat, sleeping, rain, gazing at the nightsky
Dislikes: Harsh sunlight, standing at the edge of a precipices, hot weather
Title: Newbie

Other info:

:bulletblue: His fur has a slight bluish shimmer when natural light shines on it.
:bulletblue: He tends to get circulatory disorder if he stays too long at very hot places, which is why he prefers 'colder' areas.
:bulletblue: Due to his passion to gaze at Stars he often oversleeps.
:bulletblue: This is where his hat comes in handy, to cover his eyes at daytime if needed. (Althoguh they are always covered)
:bulletblue: He developed a fear of heights. This only shows at very high locations and steep slopes.
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was finishing up the requests and then WHOOOOOOOPS MY HAND SLIPPED
so i drew all ( i hope??? ) the chiots of this opening as well as several others i felt like drawing and then also there's the request ones so in the end there's 30
yeah the sizes vary as i didn't have a set size for them
also spacefillers
i hope i got everything right and all that and yeah

that's about it
it's pretty much 6AM goodnight friends i am gone
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March 15th





Sweets are her absolute favorite (she won’t eat anything that isn't at least a little sweet!), serene environments, being out in nature, small (and even large) creatures/animals, reading, books, exploring

invasions of her space bubble, too many people in a room at once, being forced to do things when she doesn't want to, being forced to try new things, food/drinks that are not sweet (besides water)

Being close to a chiot, or anyone who’s not her family or “pets”

Sugarstars is a very dull Chiot. She spends all of her time in desert places, sitting and silently watching the little creatures run about, enjoying their presence. Sometimes even sharing some of her most prized possessions with them; her sweets. Other than her appreciation of nature, she has a blank expression almost all of the time. When she does not have a completely blank face, her expressions are very weak, and not at all noticeable. She is quite unresponsive in general, never replying to her name, never acknowledging anyone’s presence. If she does eventually acknowledge someone’s presence, it is after a long period of time, or if they invade her space bubble. After some time she would look at them with a questioning gaze (as much as is possible for her anyways), and lets out a quiet and barely noticeable questioning sound. If the person has not already left from frustration, they will find Sugarstars to be a quiet and polite being, who is extremely slow on the uptake. If they invade her space bubble she will immediately respond by pushing them away with a blank expression, and will continue doing what she was before. This may be looking as dethatched as ever. Even though she seems to be slow, she is actually quite observant, and is actually quite smart. Because of this, people may believe that Sugarstars had some very dramatic event occur in her childhood, that made her seem so unresponsive, and seemingly rude. But, do not try to get the story out of her, when there is no story to be told. She had an extremely average childhood, if anything an exceptionally good one. She was spoiled rotten by her parents, because not only was she an only child, but also a very strange one. Her parents believed that if they spoiled her enough, she would eventually become as optimistic and as energetic as her fur coat. But no such luck. Sugarstars is still the completely unresponsive and mysteriously strange chiot that everyone thinks of her.

Sugarstars was born the only child in her family. Because of this, she was spoiled rotten. Even though she is not too spoiled now, she cannot (or will not) bring herself to eat anything other sweets! Or sweet things. Even as a young child, Sugarstars was not very responsive. She would keep to herself, and couldn't make any friends. She really did not try either. She would much rather stick to the “family pets”. For you see, Sugarstars and her parents lived very near Mana Forest. Every day, instead of going out to play with friends, Sugarstars would trek deep into the forest, and would sit under the trees, just watching the animals run around. If anything, they were her friends. Her parents, because they had no other children to compare this behavior to, believed being friends with animals was quite normal. They believed she was an angel, because she never did anything bad. Or anything at all really. So, her parents would allow her to keep any animal she brought home. Eventually, it came up to the point where the family could have opened a zoo of their own! So soon enough, her parents started refusing her requests. She honestly didn't mind, and became addicted with something else. Reading. She read all the books she could get her hands on. The ones in her house. In her relatives’ houses. The ones in all the libraries. One day, Sugarstars came across a story of an explorer. She became absolutely fascinated with the idea of being one. Of going out into the world, exploring, and fighting against evil beings. But mostly, she was enthralled with all the animals the explorer discovered in his travels. After finding out one could really become an explorer, she made it her goal of some sorts to become one. Her parents, of course, supported her fully. Eventually, a day after her 18th birthday, Sugarstars set out into the world of exploring. She will become the best explorer anyone has ever seen!
…As soon as she feels like putting enough effort into doing so…Or at least answering to her name every once and a while…


StarFruit : Father
Sugar : Mother

Sexual Orientation
Bi? Straight? Psssh, it don’t matter


All titles
:bulletblack: Newbie

Active title


:bulletblack: Sugarstars' scarf is the longest scarf you'll ever see
:bulletblack: I only do full sentence roleplays, sorry owo;; they’re easier to doooo
:bulletblack: During role-plays, in the first lines Sugarstars will be unresponsive, like her bio says! So be patient, or make her character invade her space bubble uwu

Gaaaaaaah, hope this is okay, because oh my goodness the group looks absolutely adorable and eeeeee ;u;
because I was asked very nicely to join another one, and I never break my "promises" sooooooo uwu
Anyways, if I do get in, I'm always up for a roleplay! owo
just not in the chat, because aaaaah, its embarrassin' QuQ
Anyways, wish me luck >w<
( If you see any spelling/grammar mistakes, please inform me! I read this lots of times, but I may have missed some ;u; )
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100 theme challenge

:iconiloveitplz: It's been way too long since I did pencil art and I did miss it so~

It's my anthro badger OC Benny as a baby when he was abandoned.....poor Benny, yet he looks so cute! :meow:

this is probably my best pencil art only took me about 20 minutes :D

Benny(c) me
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This is for :iconc0mewithme:

She wanted me to draw Ninetales for her cause its her favorite pokemon :D

I used Blue gouache (gwash), color pencils, micron pen, and green marker :D

Fun facts:
1. this is my first time drawing ninetales
2. Ninetales is surprisingly easy to draw.....if you have patience with the tails ^^;
3. I actually like this <3
4. I'm now taking random request :D

Hope y'all like it! :)

Note: there are 9 tails.....the bottom one is actually the top one ^^

Ninetales(c) Satori

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Bullet; RedName Dominiq Valentino (dom-men-nick)

Bullet; BlackAge/Birthday 18/ August 7th

Bullet; RedGender Male

Bullet; BlackPokémon (#195) Quagsire

Bullet; RedAbility Unaware (Hidden ability)

Bullet; BlackNature/Summary Characteristic: Serious/Sturdy Body

Bullet; RedHeight: 6'5/198.12cm

Bullet; BlackWeight 310lbs

Bullet; RedType 1 Water

Bullet; BlackType 2

Bullet; RedHometown
 Castelia City

Bullet; BlackPersonality: 

Personality: Defiant/Hard working/Lonely/Respectful/Quiet/Slow/Protective/Aggressive/Kind/

One's first impression of Dominiq here is that he's an overly serious, quiet, mean tall man. They aren't too far off. He can be the no nonsense type of person that would rather be by himself and do what he does instead of a social gathering. Due to his childhood, Dom is a natural loner and has a hard time trusting people...especially grass types. He doesn't hate everyone, just bad experiences put him this way towards the type. He is known for his patience (strong believer of the term "Show respect, get respect"), but his tolerance can only last so much and he won't hesitate to tell you off. He can be a bit dull when trying to talk to him and his quiet persona makes it even harder to get through to him. On the inside of that ridiculously thick shell, Dom is a surprisingly kind individual with a soft spot for anything of the cute and innocent nature and a passion for fashion and making clothing. He doesn't hesitate to stick up for someone when they need it and will get in the way when a fight is clearly one-sided. He may now be a bit of a stickler, but he still finds joy in challenging authority on occasion, no matter the outcome. Despite being both street and book smart, he is incredibly slow picking up simple things such as puns, jokes, and even flirting. If one manages to break him, he can be quite the reliable one. Even putting his pride aside to do whatever one would have in mind. 

Bullet; RedHistory 

In the streets of Castelia City, there lived a little raggedy wooper, running around with other misfits. Dominiq's father and older brother died right before he was born, causing his mother to go into grief. See, they were living in the poorest of neighborhood were gangs and crime were quite a common site. In their small apartment, Dom lived with his mother and grandparents and inside they had good times together. His mother couldn't take this lifestyle anymore, fearing she'll lose the last little love in her life. When Dom was 5, his mother left him with the grandparents so she can finally go back to school to study in the medical field. 

Now Dom was a tiny wooper, also weak, but he had speed and dexterity to his advantage. Even though he was picked on and got into fights in school, he always kept his head up and would come home with bruises like they were little victories of war. Of course his grandparents didn't approve of this, but they couldn't exactly move so they taught Dom everything he needed to know; raising him as if he was their own son. His grandmother taught him how to cook and knit while telling him tales of her past while helping him with his homework. His grandfather taught him respect and how to fight; so he'll at least come home with less bruising. 

Even though they're teaching him well, the little wooper still managed to find the wrong crowd to hang with. Between the ages of 9 and 11, he was in a gang that uses smaller kids as either scouts or scapegoats which led him to get in trouble by the police a lot. This drove his grandparents into constant worry while his mom was still away, currently on her way to getting a phD. It took a while, but Dom started to notice his wrong doing when his grandfather was sent to the hospital. 
Someone had a hatred for Dom and broke into his apartment, his grandfather getting injured in the robbery. Dom later found out it was a bunch of boys his age from the gang he was in with that hated his guts and thought the wooper was getting special treatment from the boss.

You could say this was quite the eye opener for Dom and he immediately disassociated with the gang he was in. They didn't stop him though, for they knew he was one not to snitch. The little wooper turned his act around and tried to keep out of trouble, apologizing to the store owners, doing community service, picking up his grades, and keeping to himself. As soon as his grandpa was out of the hospital, Dom took it upon himself to never leave the apartment. Only going to school and coming home. No distractions. It was a form of self-punishment and he felt like he deserved it. 

Their lives would soon change because when he turned 13, his mother came back with a successful degree and job. They all quickly packed up what little they had and moved out of the neighborhood, out of the city. To a better place to better their lives. They moved from Unova to Sinnoh, in a place called Lilypad Town where his mom took up work. The sudden change scared him a bit, not use to seeing such scenery and clear blue skies. And the peace, oh how the peace really made him anxious and nervous. He became the silent kid in his new school, not making any friends or socializing of any sort. It was until he heard of a Colosseum in town that spark his interests. His mother decided to train him more for little tournaments since she was a former fighter herself and she also wanted to spend more time with him, seeing she hasn't bonded much with him in years. Dom did okay in the tourneys, losing alot and learning from his mistakes, eventually winning a few and evolving into a quagsire in the middle of one. The new change made Dom a little happy and he was starting to feel good about himself again.

Needless to say, his fellow classmates avoiding him more due to his look and height, fearing they would be beaten up if they even look at him wrong. The quagsire was a bit sad about that fact, but worked around it, his grandmother buying him a little companion and having fun in this new-found peace. His mother and grandparents wanted him to better himself even more and put his skills to the test and he was eventually was to be sent to St. Mortiel academy. At first he protested for he'd be away from them, but gave in quickly seeing they made up their minds. He promised them he would make them proud of his accomplishments. That is his lifetime goal, even though they were already proud without his knowing. 

Bullet; Black 
Level 44


-Water Gun
-Mud sport
-mud shot
-mub bomb
-rain dance

Bullet; Red TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves 

:iconelectrictypeplz:Eerie Impulse
:iconfightingtypeplz:Power-up punch
:iconicetypeplz:Ice punch
:iconwatertypeplz:Aqua Tail

Bullet; BlackSchool Schedule 

Grade: 5th
AP Statistics
AP Spanish
Film as Narrative
Mixed Media II
Intro to Athletic training
Religious Studies

Bullet; RedExtra Curricular Activities 

Knitting Club (he'll hit you if you make fun of him for this )


Bullet; BlackExtras/Fun Facts 

-staying active

-Loud people
-being ridiculed 
-grass types 
-Feeling guilty

Fun Facts: 

-He has been severely hit in the left eye as a child. It's the reason it's now darker than the other. 
-Doesn't like to be touch all too much
-Though girls and really short people can get away doing so.
-Rarely shows emotions (besides the default angry look)
-Has instant respect for elders.
-Isn't afraid to fight, but would only do so if you hit him first.
-He knows how to make clothes and can be seen drawing up designs.
-Speaking of, he likes you if makes you something (which is rare)
-Had a pet sentret named Bella who passed due to old age
-Values every little thing like a priceless treasure
-Is very modest
-Prefers Valentino or Dom
-He is usually seen wearing dark blue gloves on and will not take them off unless he's asleep.
-The reason? His hands are as soft as a heavenly cloud. He feels the need to keep this good quality of himself. Prepare yourself if you do manage to touch his ungloved hands. |D
-Any girl that could actually break through to him, he'll treat like a princess or queen depending on age.
-Orientation: Completely Straight :'D

Oh gosh I hope I did good ;v;
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