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Similar Deviations
Drawing in class, yeah ! :dummy:

Applejack & Rainbow Dash (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony : Friendship is magic

Thanks to GalaxyartForever for his tutorial : [link]
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Bueno asi es como quedan ia al final

Esta es uno de los tantos saiyajin que salieron en la pelicula del padre de Goku jue algo dificil porke nadamas sale al rededor de unos 10 segundos en toda la pelicula casi al final :p ejejej pero en fin me gusto mucho :p jeje

Hay se las dejo

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Styrodur based custom Pinkie Pie.
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Rarity from MLP:FiM.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Lauren Faust and/or Hasbro and/or others.
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I've seen a few Derpy Link drawings out there and just wanted to blend two of my favorite franchises.

Making an ocarina that is smaller than a dime is harder than you can imagine.

I had fun with this, think I'm getting back into the customizing groove. Should be back up to my normal quality levels soon.


My Little Pony © Hasbro
Link from Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
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This is my sixth MLP graffiti, painted in Trelew, Argentina, on 21/12/2012 (yes, the doomsday xD)...
What I did was renew a graffiti, which I painted four months ago: [link] because it was something damaged...
Hope you like it :)


Este es mi sexto graffiti de MLP, pintado en Trelew, Argentina, el 21-12-2012 (si, el dia del "fin del mundo" xD) ...
Lo que hice fue renovar un graffiti que pinte hace meses artás: [link] ya que estaba algo dañado...
Espero que les guste :)


Another view [link]

Step by Step

Watch my others MLP graffiti :3 :

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Accepted to EQD!!!!! :)

Twilight Sparkle about to go into a rage :] :icontwilightlaplz:
Drawn with 2b, 4b,6b, and 9b Graphite sticks as well as my my trusty friend the retractable pencil ^^, i wanted to make this one look more realistic than my "Creepy rarity", Took me about 20 minutes to sketch it out and a good 7 hours to draw, shade, detail etc, enjoy and please comment :)

Huzzah, the pony has been doubled!! [link] :iconraritylaplz:

My little pony friendship is magic belongs to Lauren Faust and hasbro
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Poking the alpha twin
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this is a picture of me i guess. it turned out that way. her name is sun child because i love the sun. and it seems like a fitting name for her.
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If there's anything I need to edit, please let me know :3

    Character Name: Oscar Poulpe
    Position: Ordinaire
    Secteur: La Moralité et l'amour
    Appearance/Real Age: 17 [51]
    Height&Body Build: 5'7", slim build, Has cracks on the neck.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight

    Likes & Dislikes:
    +The creator
    +Bright and cheery personalities
    +Anything happy related
    +Bird watching
    +Playing games with others
    +Poking people

    -People who tug on his tentacles
    -Being forced to talk [it pains him so]
    -Rebelle views and perspectives
    -Giving up

    Happy and positive, Oscar is the selfless type who makes it his goal to make everyone happy. Unfortunately for him, however, he tends to be reckless in his actions and typically finds himself in really odd situations which often gets him hurt. From snagging his tentacles on branches, tripping on flat ground, chasing butterflies over steep banks, and being hunted down by rabbits; Regardless, it's Oscar's mission to help others no matter the task or difficulty! To see others smile certainly is the greatest reward. However, his over-trusting nature can leave him vulnerable and get him into trouble.
    Regardless of which, Oscar is sure to put others first. Though he may not be able to speak, he hopes that through his kind actions others will learn the teachings of the creator.
    With his back to the ground and the sounds of chirping birds, lazy lapping water and blowing leaves in his ear, Oscar awoke near the mysterious forest moat. Such a blissful and happy way to awaken had left a deep impact on Oscar's heart. Is it wrong to want to share this happiness?
    However in his quest to share happiness, Oscar had to overcome quite a few obstacles. The hardest still hinders him today. A creeping crack wrapping its way around his neck caused by a moment of weakness; Oscar keeps this wound as a reminder of when his heart faltered.
    When Oscar had first heard the words of Cerasus Moreau he couldn't help but feel an empty void in his chest in sheer horror of Cerasus' controversial speech. He refused to accept such appalling words against the creator and rebuked Cerasus completely. However, his words lingered and Oscar soon began to doubt himself. What drove him to want to share happiness? Is that truly what he was 'created' to do? For a while he became numb and ignored the feelings of others until it came back to bite him.
    When he awoke from an accident caused by his own recklessness, Oscar's voice was gone along with the perfection of his body. Yet he looked on the crack along his neck and smiled. He had been foolish. To be swayed by the words of others led him off of his path and nearly made him 'lose his head'.[lol pun] He chose to follow the creator because it brought him happiness and nothing was going to change that. From then on Oscar swore to never falter again.

    Opinion of The Creator:
    "Our creator, surely she must be a kind and wonderful person. To be able to give us our lives, our dreams, our souls; Only a kindhearted person can be capable of such a thing. Until the day my body breaks, my heart shall always follow her and uphold her morals!"
    "Teehee- she must have a sense of humour too. Look at the silly tentacles that I have!" //wiggle wiggle/
    Personal Hypothesis:
    "There are so many of us! Perhaps the creator was lonely... Maybe she wanted to us to love her as she loves us?"

    Additional Information:
    +Has four tentacles on the back of his head [which can reach his lower back] and two above his bum [which can touch the ground].
    +Wraps his tentacles around his neck to keep his cracks hidden. Around his waist he wraps his "tails" to keep them from dragging behind him
    +The crack on his neck hinders him from talking. That's not to say that he's completely mute but to talk causes him great discomfort to actually do so.
    +Likes to keep his hands covered at all times. No specific reason other than it keeps his hands warm and comfy. Flailing around is more entertaining too~
    +Despite being an octo, Oscar greatly dislikes getting wet.
    +Carries a name card for when he meets new people or when he gets lost and needs help.

    Relationships: none yet

*legasp!* a re-vamp of Oscar the Octopus! He's actually on an app now! O: whooooooooo
--Pen on paper for full body and face shot.
coloured on the compy
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