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Blood Thirst
Female, Earth Pony
Her "mouth" craves food and blood... she has to use her metal gear to shut it up, but accidentally hurts herself with it too.

Start Bid: 50 :points:
Minimum Increase: 10 :points:
Auto-buy: 400 :points:
Current Bid: 100:points: by ~DoctorBassDrop
Adopted by ~DoctorBassDrop

Auction will end 24 hours after last bid

I give massive props to Abby and Alex (*InsanePonyAdopts) to be able to create awesome MLP designs, it is sooo damn hard to do anything that even matches up to you guys. And to be able to do it for so long is amazing, blows my mind.

1. This is not first come first serve.
2. No reselling! Feel free to gift them though.
3. Any changes are allowed.
4. All offers are final

Art by me =CindryTuna
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EDIT; The winner has be chosen! Congratulations to *lizziebax!

And not long after 250 came 300 watchers, holy cow! Am I getting more watchers faster now or something? It's pretty awesome! Thank you to all of my watchers, I love you all~ And now it's raffle time again!

This time I'm sticking with just the basic format, just comment on here and I'll add you to the raffle.

Raffle Ends: August 1st @ 12 AM


1) It's free to enter.
2) Anyone who is able to comment on the raffle can enter.
3) Any type of pony/pony like creature is allowed to be anthroized including original species.
4) The anthro must be of an OC with an existing image. Canon ponies work too.
5) You will be able to choose if your anthro has genitals or not, as well as clothes or not.
6) You can see the style I will be making the anthro in on this deviation (NSFW):…
7) There will be only one winner.

-Anything else you can ask me about in the comments or through a noteynote.


1 - *JambanaNeonStrike
2 - ~agentjkl10
3 - ~teamfortress2lover
4 - ~Giratina3456
5 - ~boricuaswagg
6 - =snowyprussia34
7 - *Tempest-Stormcloud
8 - ~Firekit11
9 - *RoilbyStarWarrior
10 - *Finsti
11 - ~DJBlackshado
12 - *tmk0009
13 - ~SoulcoreDL
14 - ~Strawberry-T-Pony
15 - ~RiseoftheLupus
16 - *PastelWishPonyArtist
17 - ~gg8helper
18 - ~piplup40
19 - ~SchattenspielKat
20 - ~LeonaGheringer
21 - ~Princess-Choco-panda
22 - *Raver1357
23 - *thekillerhyena
24 - ~IronaNoOkami
25 - ~ShierakQiya
26 - *Butterscotchthepony
27 - ~xXBluTheDragonXx
28 - ~Sonadowlover12345678
29 - ~MyLittleWallpapers
30 - ~Amazing-Conundrum
31 - *StarletNightwind
32 - ~Ponywolf111-Adopts
33 - =CinniPup
34 - =RogueShadowAngel
35 - *LlamaBee
36 - ~xXRileyWolfXx
37 - ~ecoproMS
38 - !icebrony
39 - ~Moskaluke
40 - ~DudeItsDeven
41 - ~AlissaLuvsU
42 - ~shimmer-thestral
43 - ~Thornblade
44 - ~ZbowPone
45 - ~techno103
46 - ~SourMilkshakes
47 - *xFoxblaze
48 - ~CammyCats
49 - ~arnesen1995
50 - *perfectnesspony
51 - *AskMyOCponiestrololo
52 - ~princessmoon-ranch
53 - ~ZeroPegasi
54 - ~popmannn
55 - ~VanillaStitches
56 - ~feeglefan13
57 - ~lucylucy3
58 - ~konadh324
59 - ~skullzproductions
60 - *FunkyBacon
61 - *StrawberryDreamz
62 - ~GlowingLantern
63 - ~FlameCerberus1985
64 - ~AngelSlayerFS
65 - ~cheesecakeyum
66 - ~xXEpicDorkXx
67 - =Ciezure
68 - ~Dragnmastralex
69 - ~mypantsrcool
70 - ~Hollowolfpup
71 - *Sunset-Inferno
72 - ~ShyMoonAngel
73 - ~SnowRoseAdopts
74 - *pinkstickerz
75 - ~Cutielaurenie
76 - ~ZeksMorshar
77 - *Cj-Rav3r
78 - ~Kagura81
79 - =Aurora-Hellstormm
80 - *lizziebax
81 - ~DjPon33
82 - *Dragonslayer999
83 - ~Mizz-Magic
84 - *Oobiedoobs
85 - ~Blueyedhorse3457
86 - ~Earthbound-Hippie
87 - ~askbloodydash
88 - ~Animegirl177
89 - ~fauna20
91 - *ShrapnelLeader
92 - ~RainbowDash3221XD
93 - ~CptConfusion
94 - ~Floiink
95 - ~sexygingerbear
96 - ~KennrickDaSmexyWolf
97 - *xXYura-SinfulXx
98 - ~Nemesisprime91
99 - *Saldemonium
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I found this ([link]) cool challenge on pixiv where you have to draw dbz characters without looking any reference. 
My memory was a lot better than I thought ! And Toriyama's characters are usually pretty simple too, I could never do the same with One Piece characters ! ;; Clothes and colors were more difficult to remember. Why does Gotenks have a croissant on his shoulders. Why did I color Namekian arms purple.

I accidentaly cheated on the Ginyu one, I happened to check my tumblr dash while I was drawing him and there was a picture of him....

Here are all the characters in order just in case you can't tell from my scribbles (or can't read japanese):

Son Goku, Son Gohan (kid), Son Gohan (teen), Son Goten, Chichi
Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks (kid), Trunks (future), Professor Briefs
Yamcha, Puarr, Oolong, Tenshinhan, Chaoz
Piccolo (demon king), Piccolo (majunior), Kami, Nail, Dende
Kamesennin, Lunch, Tao Pai Pai, Crane Hermit, Mutaito
Mister Popo, Shenlong, Polunga, Kaioo, Bubbles
Karin, Yajirobee, Upa, Bora, Sea turtle
Suno, Android #8, General Blue, Tamburin, Drum
Pilaf, Shuu, Mai, Cymbal, Piano
Raditz, Nappa, Saibaman, Cui, Appule
Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, Guldo
Freeza (1st form), Freeza (final form), Zarbon, Dodoria, King Cold
Android #20, Android #19, Android #18, Android #17, Android #16
Cell (imperfect), Cell (semiperfect), Cell (perfect), Cell Junior, Son Gohan (ssj2)
Hercule, Videl, Babidi, Dabra, Yakon
Majin Buu (fat), Majin Buu (thin), Majin Buu (kid), Kaiooshin, Kibito
Vegeta (majin), Vegetto, Gotenks, Son Gohan (ultimate), Uub
Tenkaichi Budokai announcer, Fortuneteller Baba, Elder Kai, Yemma, Ox King
The Great Saiyaman, The Great Saiyaman 2, Bardock, Kuririn
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Drawing ponies and reading books makes me happy. Now I just need something to hug :yum:
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Used my own base, I shall upload it later so everyone can use it.
So these are new adoptables. I was going to use the first and second as my own ocs, then I realized I have too many ponies (and even a donkey and an alpaca). So here they are, in all their beauty. They are all 20 :points: (sorry, but I actually spet hourse over these cuties), first come first serve. BUT FIRST LET ME SET A FEW RULES...

:bulletpink: Yes, you are free to change her specie once you have adopted her.
:bulletyellow: Yes, you change her gender.
:bulletblue: Yes, you can SLIGHTLY change her hairstyle and tail.
:bulletgreen: NO, YOU CAN'T CHANGE HER COLOR DRAMATICALLY, but you can alter it SLIGHTLY.
:bulletred: Yes, you can add accessories.

1) Sweet unicorn: :iconkreighzee:

2) Serenity pegasus: :icondevilishtrickster: This was on hold, but since I didn't receive any point I just made a leftovers adoptables sheet and she was adopted there.

3) Bulma inspired unicorn: :iconcastorochiaro:

4) Honey Goddess pony: 20 :points:
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Comment / Watch / Favourite
The 2013 was pretty amazing. Found new friends, improved some of my skills and etc.
Besides, about the skills. Right now I will show you my improvement in this art summary! ;D

How I will explain?
"Month": lalala
"Pic.": lalala

(I really suck at explaining)

Okay(?), LET'S START!

January: After the new year, I was full of happiness. With me was an inspiration, ponies and a bit of alcohol. (I do not drink this, but one time I accidentaly drank it XD)
About Picture: Sometimes, I feel, that being inspired by *Mackaged's works is very stupid. I don't say, that I hate his works, just I feel, that I (maybe) follow his steps. Eh whatever, at least I got very perfect with explosions & lights...

February: Valentine's day was awful in our school! But what about this month anyway? Well, basically I got more inspired and then going "blocky".
About Picture: Darkness is everything! And I still make some dark stuff...

March: When Spring comes, I go crazy!
About Picture: Sadly, that Mac3030 has deleted his account. His work were perfect too. In other news, she is very happy, that she can change to anybody.

April: On 27th of April, I told about the problem, that I wanted to kill myself & it's because I hate my life. But now problem is solved & everything is fine, so do not worry about it U-U. Let's just say, that this month was fucked up.
About Picture: Again, being inspired by *Mackaged's & Mac3030's works. And yes, again Pinkamena in here, but she is so cuuutee~!

May: The feeling of being depressed & "dark" is kinda fun. Eh, what is wrong with me? Oh well, nevermind.
About Picture: I really love *NavitasErusSirus's Twixie stuff. They are very adorable together <3!

About Picture: Shock One's "Universus" EP was very amazing! Track "Light Cycles" inspired at 1st place :D.

July: At june, was on vacation in Turkey & there, I saw wonderful dreams of my future wallpapers...
About Picture: Correctly at the beginning of July, I introduce you a photomanipulation of ponies in real life! (Maybe)

August: Now I got focused to make some bright stuff!
About Picture: 1st one was made in 05.08.2012. Then I made a VIP in 09.08.2013! Well, let's just say I got upgraded for a bit...

September: Autumn was coming. School times was coming. Inspiration was coming!
About Picture: I started a series called "Minimal" (Pegasus, Party and etc.). "Magic" went as a header for one of wallpaper compilation at Equestria Daily!

October: School was very problematic at this month...
About Picture: Since when I heard about Never Say Die, I really got into this. And when I looked at these album covers, I just wanted to make something familiar. And I did it by listening 501's new EP "Beat The System"!

November: Weather was smoking these days... And still school n' shit.
About Picture: So I was trying to learn more about C4D & here you go! Well-made clouds.

December: Holidays, Birthday, New Episodes, Oh my~!
About Picture: I very liked this moment from "Flight to the Finish"! It looks like a bucking redux of this scene, like OMG!

And here is the links to these walls!:

Well yeah, somewhere like that...
Sorry if I explained really shitty, I just can't properly say it. >.<
But still, as you can see, I got improved, learned well & I will not stop progressing!

And a big shoutout to *DustBunnyThumper for using this "thing"!

So yeah, Happy New Year & best of luck!

EDIT: Wow, I'm officially a slowpoke!
I wanted to say thank you very much for supporting me that whole year! You inspired me, helped me & you're the best motherfuckers people I've ever met!
:iconmackaged: :iconsandwichdelta: :iconjammer-s: :iconjustaninnocentpony: :icontzolkine: :iconkibbiethegreat: :iconelalition: :iconvexx3:
:iconlawaffegizzy: :iconmylittlevisuals: :iconphantombadger: :iconclueless313: :icondoktorrf: :iconovermare: :iconevoraflux:
:iconbronyyay123: :iconjave-the-13: :iconjamey4: :iconendingtheworld: :iconastrotheh: :iconomniscient-duck: :iconkeshapanther: :iconpssyndrome:
:icondj-applej-sound: :icon2bitmarksman: :iconromus91: :iconderplight: :iconparadigm-zero: :iconimpala99: :icondadio46:
:iconwmill: :iconclockwork65: :iconvisualizationbrony: :iconrainb00mdash: :iconviperdash-venomous: :iconmithandir730: :iconmikoyanx: :icongame-beatx14:


My Gallery

Point Commission

Follow me on:
:bulletblue:  Tumblr
:bulletblue:  Twitter
:bulletblue:  VKontakte
:bulletblack:  Steam
:bulletred:  Youtube
:bulletblack: Ask Karl (Tumblr)
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I love her design so much //chokes
So I am sorry if the starting bid and autobuy is high
If no one wants to adopt her, then I'll keep her ; 7 ;

Click here to bid.

:new: I can wait/hold for payments for 7 days. No longer than that.

Starting price: $20

Minimum bid increasement: $2

Autobuy: $50 - like anyone would autobuy this :iconpapcryplz:-

Current highest bid: AB' by :iconzerro:

End : 7/22/13 ..... 10 days from now.


General info & Rules:
♦ After purchasing, you are free to develop the character however you want to. Give him/her a personality. You can change the design a bit . You can also give them new outfits/ their own wardrobe.
♦ You will receive a larger file with transparent background and no watermarked version of the adoptable after purchasing.
♦ You can not resell, nor claim the art/design as your own.
♦ You can upload to your gallery


art & design (c) me
Texture (c) pixiv
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:'D dudes keep this going its an awesome meme!!
just take a screen shot of the divantashio then draw ur lil think on urs and keep it going! X3

perosn i got it from: :iconourpsycholittleworld:


Edit 1: OMGERD PEPOLE DID IT!! YAYA!! QwQ so happy but here are some of the drawing a found of friends who did it
[link] By :iconriftling:
[link] By :iconbrookriver:
[link] By The awsoem captain~ :iconspays:
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Hello, I'm not dead, I just decided to take a break from ponies. Still I drew these "oriental" ponies because I had nothing else to do. They are pretty cheap too.
First come first serve.

You are allowed to change gender, specie and SLIGHTLY colors and hairstyle.

1) Jade pony: 15 :points:
Owner: :iconhappiemeal:

2) Ninja pony: 20 :points:
Owner: :iconchoiicho:

3) Idol pony: 15 :points:
Owner: :iconmisamisacupcake:

Base by :iconselenaede:
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Berry Punch~

See the rest of my stamps here: [link]

- Vector of Berry Punch and the cutie mark are by: :iconsolusjbj: [link] [link]

- MLP is owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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