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After over a year since starting PW3...I'm finally on the fifth case! And I love it!

My DS and original copy of PW3 were stolen last year, so I had quite a delay. I need to finish this quickly so I can nab Apollo Justice before the price gets even higher.

I'll probably scrap this later, it's up here for now only 'cause I don't think most watchers see my scrap submissions.
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Avec tout ce blabla, il ne reste plus grand chose à dire :iconmonkeybombplz:

Retranscription de commentaires :

:iconyami-shin: ~ T'as des ref je pense, si oui, tu chopes un appareil et tu photographies? Ou tu chopes sur google image au vol un truc qui te plait et pouf, tu te motives? : D
Pour la Limousine, j'ai pris une référence et Google image est mon ami ='D
Pour ce coup-ci, c'est cette image : [link] même si je ne l'ai pas respectée à la règle et qu'elle n'est pas dans le bon angle, c'est pour avoir un modèle :3

:iconlinelana: ~ je suis encore une grande habituée de lineart a la main mais avec paint tool sai c'est magique :D (mais plus long ;_; je vais tellement plus vite en tradi ><)
Oh oui, je suis d'accord, c'est plus long pour moi aussi qu'à la main, faut pas se leurrer ! Mais je trouve plus d'avantages quand même à le faire sous pc, surtout que pour ça, j'accepte très bien le temps que j'y passe TwT Va comprendre !

:iconlaclown76: ~ Débutante a fond sur Sai je n'ai toujours pas compris c'est quoi la différence entre produit et normal? C'est peut être parce que pour le moment je n'y touche pas encore ^^'
Disons que c'est plus parlant en observant de ses propres yeux mais pour quand tu y seras, que ce soit sur sai ou un autre logiciel, essaie ça :
créé un premier calque, mode normal, fais des taches de jaune.
créé second calque, mode normal, fais des taches de bleu.
Tu verras que les taches bleues recouvrent les taches jaunes par endroit.
Maintenant, si tu passes le calque de taches bleues, qui est au-dessus, en mode produit :
Ta-dah ! Partout où les tâchent bleues croisent les taches jaunes, elles ne les recouvrent plus totalement de manière opaque comme avant mais s'additionnent et deviennent vertes (jaune + bleu), on voit au travers du bleu...
C'est quelque chose que certains utilisent très souvent pour faire des ombres en fait, par exemple =3

Version finale
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Huh, priorities? :iconpapmingplz:

Name: Kamioka, Hiro
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Date of Birth: 24th December 1991
Degree: Neurobiology
Year: Second

Mentally (and physically) strong, Hiro is the calm and reserved type and can be often seen with a bored, neutral expression. Even if he is angered or upset, he will rarely show it, opting to a more mature image instead.
If he is not spoken to, it is unlikely that Hiro will speak himself. Preferring to reply with simple "un"'s and "ah"'s along with body gestures, he's not the kind to jump about and start conversations with people.
Though he could easily deceive people with his stoic nature, Hiro is instead honest. He will give you his honest opinion if asked, but be warned that his honesty borderlines bluntness.
Irresponsibly forgetful
Should you ask him for a favour, don't be surprised if he forgets it. Unless it's important, such as assignments and such, you may want to lower your expectations with Hiro. You can also count on him to be a good 15-30 minutes late to whatever it is you organised with him.
Born to a family of four, Hiro was the youngest and only son. His father was rarely home, often busy with his demanding job as a police officer, and as such Hiro grew up influenced by his older sister and mother. As the "baby" of the family, Hiro's mother loved to dote on him and his sister would always treat him as her "baby brother" no matter how old he got, or how much taller he eventually got compared to her.

Hiro wasn't always so quiet and reserved. In fact, he was a normal boy, expressing emotions like any other kid. However, as he used to be overweight as a child, he was often the target for bullies. Sick and tired of it all, Hiro began to change when he entered middle school. Instead of that fun kid he used to be, Hiro became more and more reserved as a result of his attempt to ignore peoples' comments and remarks. But still, the bullying continued.

High school. With the opportunity to start fresh and anew at his reach, that's exactly what Hiro chose to do. He worked on losing weight, toning his body until no one could complain about it while keeping his grades up to standard. And, it was here that he met someone who would change his future; a girl who was paralysed from the waist down. Like Hiro, she was also often bullied for her disability as a child, and as such, the two quickly became close friends. It was this fateful encounter that first sparked his interest in neurobiology. With new aspirations of specialising in this field, Hiro worked hard to boost his grades for a better chance in making his dream come true.

Now a second year student in neurobiology, 21 year old Hiro faces a problematic situation. Originally studying at a prestigious medical university, Hiro is forced to transfer to a university closer to home as his mother has fallen sick, and he is needed to care for her when his father and sister can't. With the hopes to continue on his dream to becoming a brain surgeon, Hiro applies to Kamenoko University, a renowned university which is also closer to home, in hopes to achieving his goal.
Since he was 18, Hiro has helped around his sister's boutique, which sells both womens' and mens' clothing, on the weekends and during semester breaks for the money and the work experience for a year. Aside from this casual job, Hiro has not worked elsewhere and is currently unemployed.
Additional info:
• When he is in awe or extremely interested, his mouth will hang a little open and his eyes will shine. Other than this, he retains his same stoic expression.
• His favourite sweets are chocolate truffles.
• A sucker for tears.
• Very fond of his sister, though he denies it.

Twitter: @hiro_k24
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Not a real project, but definitely fun to play around with.

(For all your Tumbling needs, [Reblog])
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For me, he is draw so easily more than Sora so much!!!
Time taken: About 1/2 hour.
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Native American
character design/idea for potential story
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My first time to drew Sora in KHII. (normally I always draw Sora in childhood and KHI)

His costums in KHII have many details!! It could killed me if I draw his costums again! :p

Time taken: About 2 hours :p
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From the famous scene in Blade Runner.
Done in Manga Studio Ex 4. I don't think I got the likenesses right this time, but what the hell. Also, the colors/shades were done pretty quickly, trying to test some more things.
What a great film.
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As the other ones, the stamp was done by a good friend.

Sflksdghkswejf Jack.

Handsome Jack / Borderlands (c) Gearbox Software


Handsome Jack Stamp #2 by Coco-rrupted Tiny Tina Stamp by Coco-rrupted Rhys Stamp by Coco-rrupted Zer0 Stamp by Coco-rrupted Hyperion Stamp by Coco-rrupted
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I had this image in my head after finishing my last request, so I made it! Enjoy!


All I did was just extract the models from Mass Effect 2's PC assets, bring them into 3ds Max, throw their textures on them, and then I moved them around to pose them.

(The models and all of their assets belong to BioWare.)
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