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  You ran through the falling snow, tears streaming down your face. The moon was the only thing lighting your path, though you didn't even know where you were going anyway. Suddenly your foot struck a rock under the blanket of snow and you plummeted into it's cold embrace face first.
  Never in your life had you needed someone so bad.

  You lay there, your cheeks stinging from the biting cold the snow offered. Not able to take it anymore, you sat up and buried your face in your knees. Eventually you would have to sum up some strength and go home, but that wasn't happening anytime soon.

  Today had been the worst day the fates had ever decided to give to you. That morning you had walked in on another fight between your parents. Again it had been about money problems like it always was. You had tried to brush it off as you walked to school, but for some reason you felt this fight was different then the rest. When you got to school your boyfriend came to tell you he had some news. He had explained how you had been very depressed lately, and he was upset that you weren't letting him in to help. Under the stress of your parents fight, school finals, and keeping up with your boyfriend, you told him it was over and that you didn't need him anymore, you didn't need anyone. He had gone without turning back and you were left there by your locker wishing you could take it all back. When you came back home, you mother announced that your father had left that afternoon, and that they had decided to get a divorce.

  That was when you decided to run. Out into the snow to wallow in your tears. The snowflakes were starting to melt on your clothes and soon you were soaked, freezing, and depressed beyond words. You had no one now.

  "Why did you do this to me?" You shouted to no one in particular. It felt good to scream. "Why did this happen!?"

  Suddenly a cold finger gently tapped your shoulder, causing you to jump in surprise with a yelp. You whirled around to find a familiar face staring at you. You squinted, trying place a name with his face...then it came to you.

  "J-Jack?" You asked under your breath, unable to believe it.

  He nodded and a small grin crossed his concerned expression. "It's me."

  You still found it hard to believe he was crouched in the snow next to you. Could this be the mischievous winter spirit you used to play with as a child? It sure looked like him: Messy white hair, lopsided smile, pale skin. He even had on the same blue hoodie he wore when you first met so many years ago. However, the feature that convinced you it was him was his ice blue eyes that failed to be replicated in any other person you'd ever met.

  "Jack! It is you!" You exclaimed, throwing you arms around him in a hug.

  He laughed and hugged you back "I told you I'd be there for you when you needed me, (your name)."

  When you pulled back away from him, you each took a moment to study each other in the moon light. You had been very young when you last saw him, so you never really noticed how attractive he was. His skin was flawless, his hair perfectly tousled, and his eyes as bright as the moon itself. They seemed to be studying you in your new form as a teenager instead of a child.

  "You've grown up..." He said, tilting his head.

  "Of course I have. It's been come you never came?" You asked.

  "You never really needed me...but I've been there whether you saw me or not," He said. He slowly raised a pale hand and pushed a few strands of wet hair out of your eyes as the snow fell around you. "Now what's wrong?"

  You felt tears threaten to fall from your eyes as you told him of your day. By the time you got to telling him of your parents news about the divorce, the tears were cascading down your cheeks.

  "I'm sorry," Jack whispered, slipping his arms around your waist and pulling you close.

  "'s okay. I'm just glad you came," You admitted.
  He had pulled you on to his lap and was gently rocking you back and forth. You smiled up at him and sniffled while he smiled back softly. A chill ran through you and you realized he was no warmer then the snow you had been laying in. Cold, wet, and tired from crying you let out a sneeze along with a set of shivers.
  "You're going to get sick," Jack observed "We better get you home."

  He held you close then stood up, carrying you wedding style. You had a mini heart attack when he began to rise in to the night sky and you gripped the cloth of his jacket tightly in your hands.

  "Don't you remember flying?" He asked as you rose higher.

  "I-It's been a while," You peeped out, followed by another sneeze.

  You flew through the winter wind, the snowflakes sticking to your hair, face, and clothes as if you weren't soaked enough. Finally you felt him land. You opened your eyes to see he was standing on your porch roof, your window in front of you.

  "Hope you didn't lock it," He said, setting you down.

  As he pushed it open, a smile crossed his face. He glided inside then held out his hand to you, which you took. Once inside, he closed the window again, sealing you both in your dark room. The both of you stood there for a minute, unsure what to do next.

  "Uh...Jack? I need to change," You said, blushing slightly.

  He pulled you in to a hug, resting his chin on the top of your head. "But you're fine the way you are."

  "No. I mean my clothes. I'm soaking wet," You said, pulling slightly away from him.

  "O-Oh...well I'll turn around then," He said, turning his attention to the window.

  You opened your mouth to protest, but you didn't want to have to ask him to leave. You grabbed your clothes from your dresser and began to peel off your wet clothes, glancing back at Jack every once and a while just to make sure he wasn't peeking. Soon you were in new, dry pajamas.

  "I'm done J-" You were cut off my another sneeze.

  "Woa!" Jack exclaimed turning around. "You okay?"

  "Do I look okay to you?" You asked with a sniffle.

  He laughed and lifted you into his arms again "Don't worry. I make a pretty good doctor if I do say so myself."

  Jack placed you on your bed while you continued to shiver. As he pulled back, his hair brushed against your face making you blush again.

  "You're pretty red," He said. Slowly he leaned forward again and kissed your forehead softly, sending chills down your spine. "Feels like you have a fever."

  Sliding your blanket from under your body, he placed it over you gently. "I wish we had something to keep your head cool."

  "You're pretty cold," You said.

  "Hmm, that's an idea," He said. "Here, scoot over."

  Your cheeks flushed again "What?!"

  "Well I'm not going to stand here over you. I'll just lay next to you and keep my hand on your head. Trust me," He said with a smile.

  Still a bit reluctant, you scooted over to make room for him. He jumped on next to you, laughing as the bounce made you squeak out of surprise. Once you were settle again, he gently placed a hand on your forehead. You both lay there, looking at each other, keeping to your thoughts.

  "Wait...Jack. I moved to this house just a few years ago. How did you know to come here?" You asked looking in to his eyes.

  "I told you. I've always been there, whether you saw me or not," He said.

  " were watching me?" You asked.

  "Well, after you turned twelve I left for a while. I figured you didn't believe in me any more. I came back to visit one day and the moving truck was there. I followed it to make sure I knew where you went, so I could keep my promise to you. You were one of the few people who could see me...I couldn't let you go that easily. I've been checking on you since then, just to make sure you're all right," He said.

  "I'm glad you did Jack," You admitted. You suddenly felt his cold hand leave your forehead.

  "I could never leave you," He whispered, lifting your chin with his finger.

  A shot of adrenalin rushed through our body along with a chilling cold shock as his lips met yours. Your heart beat quickened to an unbearable pace, and you felt the kiss down to your very soul. It was so cold, but so warm...and you loved it. You could have lay there forever kissing him, but he broke away, opening his electric eyes one again.

  You didn't say any words, nor did he. Jack resumed his position of keeping your forehead cold, while you closed your puffy eyes. He began to hum a soft little tune that made you want to fall asleep more with every note. Before you finally gave in to your dreams, you felt Jack kiss you nose.

  "I'll never leave you again," He whispered.
Okay so my last two Jack fanfics I wrote were kind of sad so....I wrote a cute fluffy one for you guys :')

Dr.Frost is pretty good at fixing fevers haha
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(This is an even that could have been one of the event that takes place during my first Jack FrostXReader fanfiction, but it can also be independent.)

   You sat in bed, blowing your nose into a tissue. After you were done with it, you tossed it into the trash can that was sitting by your bedside. Groaning, you scooted back down under the covers and closed your eyes. Not that it helped though; Your head still pounded with aching pain.
   It was the third day of school after Christmas break. You still couldn't believe that you'd caught the bug that was going around, and it was even harder to believe it happened on your first week back at school! You had so much work to catch up on...

   Suddenly you heard the familiar sound of your window opening then closing. This sound always told you that Jack Frost had entered your room--something that he did quite often after you had established quite a friendly relationship with the boy. You felt your room grow colder and you felt like telling him to go away.

   "Woa. What happened to you?" You heard his voice say. It was deep but soft and you'd learned to love the sound of it.

   "Got sick," You replied, followed by a cough.

   "You look aw-" He paused as he saw you glare at him while reaching for a tissue. "aw-awesome. Yep, nothing cuter then a girl blowing her brains out into a tissue."

   You stopped blowing your nose just as he said that and you sent him an irritated stare. "Do you want something Jack?"

   "Well I can't very well leave you to suffer can I?" He said, crouching at the foot of your bed on the bed post.

   "I have a cold. I'm pretty sure more cold won't fix it," You said rolling onto your side to lay back down.

   "What, you don't believe in me?" Jack asked in a broken voice.

   You hated it when he made you feel guilty.

   "Okay fine, Dr. Frost. Try and make me better," You said with a sigh.

   Jack laughed at the little title you made up for him and jumped down on to the floor. He looked around and his face lit up when he saw the pile of extra blankets you kept folded neatly in the corner of your room. He scooped about three of them in his arms, walked over to your bed, and began to unfold them before laying them over you.

   "There you go. Extra toasty," he said grinning as he put the last one over your body.

   You on the other hand were not so happy being a human cocoon of blankets. However, you didn't say anything simply because he looked proud of what he had done.

   He looked around the room again, easily spotting the bottle of red liquid that rested on your dresser along with a spoon. He walked over to your dresser and picked up the medicine, rolling it in his hands as he examined it.

   "Is this your cold medicine?" He asked.

   "Of course. Actually, I need to take it right now. I need to take two spoons every six hours so-"

   "Say no more!" He said cutting you off as he pored some of the cherry flavored liquid into the spoon. He spilled a little, but he either didn't notice or didn't care. He walked over to your bed then jerked his head. "Sit up."

   You would much rather feed yourself, but Jack looked like he was having fun being Dr. Frost for a day. With a sigh you obeyed him and sat up.

   "Now open," He said.

   You opened your mouth and let him pop the spoon in. After you drank that spoonful, he just sat there looking at you with those bright eyes of his, studying you. When he noticed that you were staring at him too he shook his head and smiled.

   "Sorry," He said, pouring the second spoon. He didn't spill this time.

   After the syrup was in your mouth, he slid the spoon out then screwed the lid back on the bottle. He placed them on the dresser, then came back to sit at the foot of your bed again.

   You closed your eyes, thinking he would let himself out. But when his cold presence didn't leave, you popped one eye open to see him staring at you again, this time leaning in closer to you.

   "You okay, Jack?" You asked, opening both your eyes.

   "I was just thinking...I haven't had a cold in a very long time," He said, inching ever closer.

   You were about to tell him how lucky he was when his mouth covered yours. His kiss held you captive in a prison of emotions, heat, and freezing cold. You were tempted to push him away, to tell him that he'd get sick too. But...could Jack even get sick? Probably not.

   You submitted yourself to Jack, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him back. It didn't help that the medicine was labeled "drowsy" and you felt your senses being dulled. You slid your hand up his neck and entangled your fingers in his soft white hair, causing him to shiver. How about that? A winter sprite shivering at your touch. You felt his body move from his sitting position to lay down next to you on top of the quilts, breaking the contact between your lips for only a second. He slid a hand under the blankets to find your waist to pull you closer.

   After kissing him for a while, you found that you felt very sleepy. You broke away, eyes half closed from drowsiness. Jack smiled at you and you slid your hand out of his hair which you realized you had made even more spiky and ruffled then usual. You yawned and sniffled while he took his hand from your waist and began to run his fingers through your hair singing a quiet smooth song to you.

   Just before you fell asleep, you heard him sing a sweet verse of his song.

   "Now that you've found me
   I've stumbled through fire
   Now that you've touched me
   I've bloomed like a flower

   Now that you're with me
   I no longer cower in silence, hiding
   I'm fighting for you

   I'm fighting for you"
Some more Jack frost fluff for you guys! After writing my last fluff and having people think it was funny that I called him Dr. Frost, I decided to write a fanfic for that name :')

I write to much about this guy //dies//

The song that Jack sings at the end is from a video game called "Ib" All credit for the music goes to the makers of that game. All credit for the lyrics goes to the user who posted the video. Which you can fin the song here: [link]

(No, I have no idea how Jack learned the song. He has his ways hehe)
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 As Christmas break passed, you only saw Jack every once and a while. Occasionally he'd come visit you in your room and you'd simply just enjoy the company of each other. He understood that you really didn't want to go outside, although he often tried to convince you to see the beautiful winter scenes he'd created; Which you'd just look at through your window. He still played with your sister outside, and you sometimes secretly viewed their snowball fights. Jack seemed to genuinely like making your sister happy, which was your favorite trait about him. As you got to know him better, you also found several other things you loved about him. You loved his half smile, his blue eyes, the way he always had his hands in his pockets, the taste of his kiss, and his sarcastic tone that reminded you of your own. It was all these little things and more that made you realize that you had fallen in love with the boy.
 Soon Christmas break was gone, and you found yourself preparing your backpack for the day of school that tomorrow would bring. You were already dressed in your pajamas with your teeth brushed and ready for bed, but you still had to prepare for tomorrow. As you were shoving your science notebook inside your bag, you felt an icy breeze chill your body. You didn't bother turning around; You already knew who it would be. Your assumptions were correct as you felt a cold body crouch down on the floor next to yours.
 "What are you doing?" Jack asked.
 "I have school tomorrow," You responded with a sigh "Break's over."
 "You know," he responded "All you have to do is ask for a snow day. I know someone that's pretty good at making those happen."
 You laughed as you zipped up the bag "I have a life at school you know. I can't stay in my room forever." As you saw the sad look on his face you added "It's not like I'll ignore you, Jack."
 He looked confused for a moment, as if he was searching for something to say. "Do you want to go somewhere with me?" He asked after a moment.
 "I have to get up early tomorrow," You said "I can't fall asleep the first day-"
 "I promise you'll be back before ten," he said, glancing at your clock that told it was already nine.
 You considered his offer for a moment, but finally gave in out of curiosity. "Okay, fine."
 He nodded with a smile "Okay, but grab a coat or something.
 You grabbed a thick coat from your closet and put it on along with your boots while Jack waited anxiously.
 "Ready," You announced.
 "Good," He said. He then took your hand in his own, and lead you to the window. He slipped out of it onto the porch roof and helped you get out as well. It was quite a cold night, complete with the chilling wind, and you wondered what would be worth having to go outside in this weather. Jack leaned over and closed the window before scooping you up in his arms.
 "Jack, I really hate flying!" You said.
 "You'll be fine! Trust me," He responded, rising into the air. "Hold on tight!"
 You locked your arms around his neck and buried your head into his jacket as you felt yourself moving through the crisp winter air. The wind howled in your ears, and Jack's hoodie wasn't doing a very good job of keeping you warm since he had practically no body heat. Finally, you felt him land on solid ground.
 "You okay there?" He asked.
 You moved your face away from his jacket with chattering teeth. "Not really."
 "Well," He said "Look around."
 You allowed your eyes to take in your surroundings. You seemed to be in a tree house with roof or walls, just a wooden floor with the occasional patch of snow.
 "Here," He said setting you down on your feet. You were quite confused about why he had brought you here, and you found yourself searching for something special.
 "Why...?" You asked trailing off.
 "You'll see," He said, sitting on the edge of the wood planks. He reached up and took your hand, guiding you slowly to sit next to him. "Look up there at the sky."
 As you gazed upwards you realized what was so special. The view from the tree was absolutely fantastic. The dark sky held millions of bright stars that twinkled in the winter air. The moon was full and cast it's silver rays down on the white snow beneath you, causing it to sparkle and gleam.
 "Wow," You said "It's so beautiful."
 Jack nodded beside you "See? Winter isn't so bad."
 "Just...cold," You said.
 "You know, (Your name), all I can do is keep you cold," He responded.
 "Jack..." You said, looking into his eyes, searching for words.
 "You know...maybe that's why I like you," He said.
 "What do you mean?" You asked.
 "Because all I've ever been is cold, but when I saw you I felt..." He trailed off and looked away from you.
 "Warm," You both said at the same time, and he looked at you again with surprise.
 "You make me feel the same way, Jack," You admitted, and for the first time, you were able to see a blush rise in his cheeks.
 This time, you were the one to go in for the kiss first. His lips froze you to the bone, but you'd come to love the chilling taste. You broke away quickly, but before you had time to breathe in much air, Jack pressed his mouth against yours again. His kiss was more rough then it usually was, but he was still gentle with you. Your heart hammered as his hands trailed down your arms and then around your waist, causing you to shiver. You wrapped your arms around his neck and let one of your hands entangle it's fingers in his soft, white hair. As you felt his icy tongue enter your mouth, you let out a small sound of surprise, but you allowed it. The world around you seemed to melt as you basked in the unusual feeling of being extremely cold and warm at the same time. Clouds crowded around in your head and for a moment you honestly could care less about getting home before ten.
 Jack was the one to break away, and you opened your eyes to find you were wrapped around him, floating a few feet above the tree house.
 "Sorry," he said as you drifted back down to the floor.
 "That's fine," You said quietly. You suddenly realized how incredibly cold in was how here in the crisp winter air, and your teeth began to chatter again.
 "You're still wearing it." Jack said, lifting the snowflake necklace by it's chain. He fingered the charm for a moment with a smile on his face.
 "Of c-course I am," You replied.
 "Cold?," He asked with a laugh, dropping the necklace to fall against you.
 "A bit," You responded.
 "Well, I guess we better go. After all, you have school tomorrow," He said in a mocking yet joking tone.
 Soon you were flying again, safe in Jack's arms. When you reached your house again, he helped you through the window. He crawled in after you and gazed at the clock as you removed your jacket. You didn't mind Jack being in here a bit longer, since you had already been in your pajamas before you left and didn't have to shove him out so you could get dressed.
 "Dang it. Ten minutes late," He said.
 "And It's going to be later if you don't let me sleep," You responded with a small smile.
 "Okay, okay," He said in that joking tone of his. He scooped you up in his arms again and set you down on your bed. He pulled the covers over you gently and kissed your nose. "I'll let you get to sleeping then."
 You couldn't help but grin. "'Night, Jack"
 "Sweet dreams," He replied, easing open the window.
 Even after he was gone, you could still feel his presence. You had a feeling you wouldn't get very much sleep that night as your mind continued to play various memories of Jack. You hoped that the school year wouldn't interfere with the time you got to spend with him, and you silently vowed to not forget about him. You might stop believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or even the Sandman, but you would NEVER stop believing in Jack Frost. And you hoped that he would never stop believing in you.
Okay so I know I said that this would be the last one, but I might just have to write another one because this turned out longer the expected ;-;

Anyways, I hope that you like it.

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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   You had nearly forgotten what it was like to live a normal life. For the past two weeks, your life had been swirled in to a wonderful fairy tale. However, after the first week of school you realized that there were other things in life to worry about. You had school work to do, chores to be done, and your friends always called. You found yourself once again caught up in your life you'd been living before you met Jack.
   He seemed to sense this as well. His visits that once occurred nightly became more and more spaced out. But when he did come, you would have short bursts of love for him that would slowly drift away until he returned to make your head spin again.
   And so there you lay on your bed in the dark, pondering about your relationship with the winter spirit. It had been a snowy February which told you that tonight he would visit you, even though you hadn't seen him in nearly two weeks. There always seemed to be a spike in the winter weather when he came to see you. Even inside your room it was freezing.
   Just as you predicted, the window squeaked open and then clicked shut. As if he could read your thoughts, your thoughts, you heard his voice say "Thinking about me?"
   You didn't bother opening your eyes. You could picture him crouching there at the post by the foot of your bed, staff in hand.  "Mhm. How could you tell?"
   "Because you were smiling," he responded.
   Suddenly you felt his cold body lay beside yours. You rolled on to your side and opened your eyes to find his crystal blue ones staring back. Eyes filled with fun and wonder that seemed to glow in the darkness that enveloped you both. But there was something else...a certain sadness maybe?  
   "Jack, is everything okay?" You asked.
   "You tell me," he responded, placing his hand on your cheek and ran his cold thumb along your skin.
   As if his prompting opened your mind, you realized that there was something wrong. Something that you sensed both of you knew. "I just...I love you Jack. That's what's wrong."
   The hurt in his face was apparent as soon as the words came out of your mouth and he drew his hand back.
   "No! I didn't mean it like that," you said "I mean..." You drifted off, not knowing how to explain yourself.
   "That you don't believe anymore," Jack said with obvious pain "In me."
   "It's not that I don't believe in you, Jack," You said, finding his hand and holding it in your own "I just don't think we can go on like this. You...You're at least a hundred years older than me, and you control winter. And-and it's not like we can be married or anything. I far can we go before we just have to stop Jack? Every fairy tale has an ending, and I feel like I'm living one. It's're wonderful, but I have my future to think about."
   That did it.
   Jack rolled off your bed to stand on the floor, facing away from you. His hands were clenched tight, as if he was holding back from doing or saying something. You stood up behind him and gently held your hand over his that was holding the staff. Slowly you circle around, keeping your hand on his until you were facing him. You thought for a second you saw the shimmer of a tear, but it must have just been the light from outside playing tricks on you.
   "I hope your future's great then," He said after a few moments of silence.
   He wrapped his arms around you and leaned forward for one last kiss. You met his lips with your own, but it didn't give you the thrill it usually did. You didn't feel the odd mix of hot and cold, you just felt empty and numb. However, you knew this was Jack's way of letting you go, of telling you that he understood. When he broke away, it nearly felt like he took a part of you with him. He hugged you tight once more before walking over to the window and pulling it open. He turned to you one last time and gave you one last half smile.
   "Good bye, (your name)"
   Ten years later, you found yourself looking out the window of your kitchen. A beautiful blanket of snow had fallen over the town, much to the pleasure of your little daughter. You watched her play in the yard in a bright pink jacket much like the one your little sister used to have. In fact, you had bought it as soon as you saw it for that exact reason. You noticed that she was coming inside and went to get her a towel so that she wouldn't track water on the floor. The door opened and you heard her familiar voice.
   "Mommy! Mommy! Guess what!"
   You hurried in with the towel placing it on the hardwood floor in front of her "Honey, take of your shoes before-"
   "Mommy listen! I met a new friend!" She said, interrupting you.
   You placed a hand on your hip and smiled while she took off her little purple rain boots. "And who is that?"
   "Jack Frost, Mommy!" She said.
   Your blood ran cold and your heart nearly stopped as a thousand memories flashed by. "Um...did you say Jack Frost?"
   "Mhm! We had a snowball fight!" She said. Once in her socks, she ran to the kitchen to find the hot chocolate you left out for her on the counter.
   You stood there with your mouth opened, shocked beyond words. Ten years wasn't it? You hasn't seen him in that long. With a rapidly beating heart you ran up to your bedroom and to your closet that you shared with your husband. You sorted through ties and button-up shirts until you found your jacket and boots which you slipped on. You practically ran down the stairs and out your front door in to the white canvas the snow had turned your yard in to.
   "Jack!" You called out, hoping he'd recognize your voice from all these years. He had to be here somewhere. "Jack Frost!"
   You turned around to search the back yard when you saw him, sitting a tree near to the side of your home. You trudged through the heavy snow, eyes trained on him in case he decided to disappear when you looked away. When you reached the foot of the tree you realized he was staring at you as well.
   "Jack, it's me." You said. He looked exactly how he used to; Snow white hair, pale skin, and bright eyes. He even had on the same blue hoodie. The way he lounged in the tree reminded you of when you first met that cloudy day so many years ago.
   "(y-your name)? I-Is that you?" He asked, floating down from his perch. "You're so..."
   "Old? Yes I know but I'm still me and...It's really you Jack!" You exclaimed. Suddenly you felt as young as you used to and you ran forward to hug him. He hugged you back with a laugh, no doubt remembering the same things you were. When you pulled back to face him again your eyes met and it was like you were back in time.
   "I knew that little girl looked familiar," He said with his mischievous smile. "So I guess it was good."
   "What was good?" You asked, confused.
   "That we said good bye. That you decided to work for your future," He said with a hint of sadness.
   "Yes. I love my life was good," You said "But I didn't think that that was the last time I'd see you."
   "I did it for your own good. After all, who can resist me?" He said grinning again.
   You let out a laugh "Not many."
   "So you're married?" He asked.
   "Yes. Happily," You responded with a smile. "And I have little (daughter's name) too."
   As if she was listening, you heard her call out from the front door.
   "Mommy!" Came her distant cry.
   Jack laughed. "Sounds like she needs you."
   "Yes...I guess it's good bye again, Jack," You said, taking a step back. "But I want you to know something."
   "Yeah? What's that?" He asked, slinging his staff over his shoulder.
   "I never stopped believing in you." You said with a small smile.
   "And I never forgot you," He said.
   Again your daughter's voice called out from the house, reminding you that you had to return to reality once again. "Good bye, Jack Frost."
   He gave you one last winning grin and a quick wave before rising up in the air. As you began to walk away you heard his voice from high in the sky.
   "Wind! Take me home!"
SO I was going to separate the last part from the first and make them separate, but they ended up being short enough to combine in to one.

This is the final part. I hope you like the ending well enough...I know it might be kind of sad, but I like how it turned out.

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]
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  You awoke feeling freezing cold the next morning. You thought for a moment that Jack had made it so, but in all reality you had just left the window open when you had crawled back inside. You stayed there for a minute under your warm covers, not willing to face the chilling air that it protected you from. Yet, you eventually had to get up and close the window or else it would simply make the room worse. Taking a deep breath, you threw off your covers. The cold blast hit you hard but you pressed onward to the source of this awful temperature. You noticed that there was a thick layer of frost covering the glass, and it only further reminded you of last night. You shook your head and shut the window tight, being sure to lock it.
 After a quick hot shower, you went downstairs into your kitchen. You were about to grab a bowl when you realized that you had forgotten to do the dishes like your mother had asked you to! You quickly turned on the sink and began to rinse away the tough food stains from yesterdays meals, hoping that your parents didn't notice when they came in last night. While you were scrubbing away, something outside the window above the sink caught your eye. It was in fact your sister's bright pink jacket. A figure you couldn't quite make out was floating above her; it must have been Jack.
 You turned your gaze back to the sink and it dawned on you that tonight was Christmas Eve. Your family (or at least you and your sister) often spent Christmas eve baking cookies and watching Christmas specials.
 Soon you finished your chore and sat down in the living room to watch TV. However, you found yourself drifting off to sleep, dreams of a boy with white hair, bright eyes and bare feet filling your head.
 The rest of the day after you woke up went on as expected. You and (Sister's name) baked some gingerbread cookies (which burned), and cut out some paper snowflakes (which looked nothing like snowflakes), and before you knew it it was nearly eleven o'clock. Before going to your own room to sleep, you checked on your sister who was sound asleep in her bed. Or at least she was pretending to be.
 Opening your door, you let out a tired sigh. You slipped off your shoes and made your way to your window to make sure it was still closed to avoid waking up in such cold again. Seeing all the frost again, you took a moment to study the delicate patterns that it made. You barely choked back a scream as two bright blue eyes suddenly appeared on the other side of the glass. Even through it you could hear Jack laugh at your reaction. You glared the boy down once again, rewarded with a sorry expression on his face. He nodded his head of snowy white hair to the lock on your window with a hint of a smile. You took a moment to debate letting him in, but you finally gave in and unhooked the lock before opening it.
 "Thanks!" He said, crawling in "It was freezing out there! I wonder who could have made it so cold?" He gave you his little half-smile.
 You gave a small smile in return "What did you want?"
 "Mmm...nothing," He said, looking around your room and curling his toes in the carpet.
 "Well...I would like to get some sleep so if you don't need anything-" You began.
 "You want me to leave?" He asked. The expression he chose to put on his face reminded you of when you told your sister you didn't want to play outside with her.
 You sighed and shook your head "I don't see why you want to stay."
 Jack took a seat on your bed and set his staff down next to him. "You're right. There isn't much...but you're here."
 You swallowed hard and fought back the redness threatening to flood over your cheeks. "Jack, you don't even know me."
 "Yes but," He said, taking your hand and pulling you down to sit next to him "How can I know you if you never let me?"
 The thought crossed your mind to tell him that you would never work. You hated the cold, and your attraction to him was oh so bittersweet. But on the other hand, you did want to let Jack in. You wanted to figure out who he was behind the myth.
 "Fine," You said, staring into his eyes. They were always so unreadable and undeniably hypnotizing to you. "You can stay."
 "Good," He said softly.
 He was leaning towards you again, letting his icy breath cascade over your face. Your heart pounded in your chest and you thought for sure you would experience his kiss again, but he seemed to change his mind and pulled back. Relief and disappointment swept over you, along with a small shiver.
 "I almost forgot," He said, reaching a hand into the pocket of his hoodie. He withdrew a small Christmas present wrapped in simple blue wrapping paper tied with a white ribbon.
 "What's that?" You asked, curious.
 "I thought I'd get you something for Christmas," He said, placing it in your hand. "Took me awhile to get, but I got it."
 "For me?" You inquired. "But I haven't done anything for you, or gotten you anything."
 "Nah," He said with a grin "I wanted to get it for you. But don't open it until Christmas."
 "Thank you, Jack," You said quietly, rolling the small gift in your hand. When you looked up you realized he was very close to you again, and you couldn't help but blush. What did he see in you?
 "Can I kiss you again?" He asked in a near whisper.
 You didn't answer, but he must has seen the confirmation in your face. His cold lips pressed up against yours and you felt a hand slide around your waist. It took you a minute to allow yourself too, but you finally kissed him back. His mouth moved slowly with yours is a gentle fashion that caused you to feel dizzy with delight. It was odd to feel so cold and so warm at the same time, yet it was absolutely thrilling. However, you eventually both broke away and you realized your hands were placed on his chest while the present lay on the bed next to you. You quickly folded them in your lap and looked at them, biting your lip. The two of you both sat in silence for a while before he broke it.
 "I uh...I have to go," He said, "Snow to fall, things to freeze."
 You nodded and said "Thank you Jack. For the present and everything."
 He grabbed his staff and made his way over to the window where he pulled it open. Before he left, he gazed at you with a subtle grin on his face.
 "Merry Christmas (Your name)."
 You sat there for a minute, pondering the events which had happened. You glanced at your digital clock which read five minutes to midnight before lying down on your bed, cupping the gift in your hand. You stared at the clock, counting down the minutes until finally the clock read midnight.
 It was Christmas.
 You slowly sat up again, leaning your back against the wall. You gingerly took the gift in your hand and untied the small ribbon with the other. You tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a small velvet box which no doubt contained a piece of jewelry. Slowly you lifted the lid to find a gorgeous silver necklace with a gleaming silver snowflake pendant. Carefully lifted the necklace with only a few fingers and placed the pendant against your hand to examine it further. The snowflake held fantastic swirls etched into it, although they were so small it was hard to tell. You then clasped it around your own neck, taking great care not to damage it. You placed the box on your bedside dresser before snuggling underneath the covers.
 "Merry Christmas Jack" You whispered.
So I actually found some time in my week to finish up part three! I know it might be a little rushed though, but I'll go through and edit it once I have some more time.

Thank you to everyone one that has been reading! It really does mean a lot to me!

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 4: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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   Years ago, the snow fell softly on a small village. Lights from candles inside cozy cabins cascaded onto the cobble stone paths that glistened with frost. The soft winter wind drifted down the dirt paths that lined the village, bringing in winter as silently as a whisper.
   The peaceful quiet was interrupted as a newborn infant cried out into the night from a small log home. For as the snow fell, a baby boy took his first breath of life.
   His mother lay in her bed in the corner of the cabin, candle light bouncing off the sheen of sweat on her forehead. As exhausted as she was, a large smile crossed her face as her husband handed her the small bundle wrapped in a white linen blanket. A small face peeked out from the fold of the fabric, revealing closed eyes and smooth, flawless skin that only a baby could posses. Her husband kissed the top of her head while he joined her in admiring their first born child.
   "Lucky for us, he fell asleep quite quick. What shall we call him?" He asked.
   "We could name him after you," The mother offered.
   "After me? Do you want our child to suffer like I did growing up with a name like Reuben?" He replied, making his wife laugh.
   "Alright, we won't give him his daddy's name," She said, rocking the babe in her arms. "How about Jackson?"
   "Sound fine to me," He replied with a nod.
   "Yes. Jackson Overland," Mrs. Overland confirmed.
   Mr. Overland reached out a large finger and tapped the baby on the nose. "Little Jack looks like he came from your side alright. I just hope he doesn't act like it." He let out a chuckle that was cut off by his wife's glare. "Sorry dear."
   "He won't act like anyone. He'll be his own person. He's quite a special boy, I can already tell," She said.

   "Jack! Get down from there!" Called Mr. Overland from in front of the cabin.
   "But Daddy, you can see so much!" Called little Jack from his perch. He was crouched in a tree, grinning at his father with a mouth that had recently lost a few teeth.
   It was a few weeks into spring, and Jack had taken up tree climbing as a new hobby. He scared the daylights out of the other villagers who saw the Overland boy swinging from branches, while other villagers (mainly parents of children around Jack's age) thought he was an awful influence to their little boys and girls. It didn't help that he also gained the reputation to be quite the trickster, even at the young age of seven. The boy had a knack for playing practical jokes, which his father didn't mind. He always told his wife it meant Jack was a good problem solver.
   "Jackson! Do you want me to tell Ma?" Mr. Overland threatened. Although it hurt his pride, the boy seemed to fear his mother more.
   "Okay," Sighed Jack "Just don't tell Mama." Then with impressive balance, he stood up from his crouch and began to walk the length of the branch. When he reached the thin trunk of the tree, he wrapped his arms around it and slid to the ground. Still grinning with the thrill of being up so high, he walked over to his father--strutting in his always-bare feet. "Did you see me? I bet I could go much higher!"
   "Not any time soon, boy," Replied his father, picking out green leaves from his son's shaggy brown hair. "Look at ya! You better get cleaned up before dinner, Jackie."
   Jack's smile faded. "Dad!" He whined "I told you not to call me that! It sounds silly."
   "You know what else sounds silly?" Came Mrs. Overland's voice from the doorway. "My son climbing trees."
   The little boy gave a nervous laugh. "Me? Climb trees? Never, Mama." He looked at her with large brown eyes then added "That would be dangerous."
   Mrs. Overland sighed and put a hand on her stomach, now swollen with her next child. "Then why do you have leaves in your hair?"
   "Mama," Jack said, hurrying to change the subject "When is the baby coming?"
   "Don't try to get yourself out of trouble, Jack," She said, eyeing him. "But if you must know, it'll be here in a few weeks." She turned around and headed through the doorway into the cabin. "Hopefully sooner," She muttered under her breath. Mr. Overland and Jack followed her inside.
   After a good meal of soup and fresh bread, Mrs. Overland took Jack by the hand and led him up to bed like she did every night. It had become a little practice of theirs to tell bedtime stories to each other before going to sleep. Jack jumped on to his bed and snuggled under the quilt his mother had made for him before he was born. Mrs. Overland sat down her candle she'd been carrying on his nightstand, then took a seat on the edge of the bed.
   "Would you like to go first?" She asked, running a hand through his hair.
   Jack shook his head "I need to think of one first."
   "Okay, I guess I will go. Once upon a time, there lived a little boy. This little boy loved to explore and climb trees. One day when he was exploring, he got lost. Soon it became cold and dark; an awful combination. Starving and shivering, the little boy fell asleep under a tree after a while. After two days of being cold and hungry in the forest, he woke up to hear his father calling for him. His father was so happy to see his son alive. He took the little boy home where his mother hugged him and told him she loved him. That night they had a special dinner and sang together because their son had been found. And they all lived happily ever after."
   "Did you tell me that to make me stop climbing trees Mama?" Jack asked, being a bright child.
   "Well yes...and no. I told this story because I want you to know that no matter how much trouble you cause or trees you climb, your family will always love you, Jack," His mother said.
   The tender moment was ruined as Jack got a mischievous grin on his face "Now it's my turn! Once upon a time, there was a mom and a dad. They let their son climb trees all the time. One day he reached the top of the tallest tree in the forest! His parents were so proud that they threw him a party and let him stay up all night long," Jack said quickly and hopefully.
   "Not happening," His mother said, standing and lifting the candle from the nightstand. "Now go to sleep. We'll see you in the morning."
   As Mrs. Overland closed the door, Jack's young mind began turning. If his mother always loved him, then didn't that mean he could do whatever he wanted? It was then and there under his warm quilt that he made up his mind.
   Tomorrow he would climb the tallest tree in the forest.
So I've decided to write a story of Jack's past life. Mostly it will be of how he grew up and the little things he did like climb trees and play tricks :)

I know this first chapter's a little boring, but the next ones will be much better now that I've introduced the characters and everything :D

Next: [link]
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   There you sat on your bed, browsing the internet with that empty look you almost always wore this time of year. It was Christmas break of course, time for cookies, lights and laughter. However, you found the break quite boring. You liked to keep yourself busy, and being snowed in nearly every year with nothing to do wasn't your idea of fun.
   Your little sister on the other hand, loved the large amounts of snow. It was always falling this time of year, but she would always come and knock on your door yelling in that high-pitched voice of hers about the weather. She claimed that a boy named Jack Frost made it snow, and even went so far as to say she'd met him before. When she tried to tell you about her "adventures" with him, you would simply tell her to grow up. Imagination was good and all, but enough is enough.
   Just as your sister left your mind to be replaced with other thoughts of the holiday season, her familiar knock came on your door.
   "(your name)! It's snowing again! That means Jack is here!" You heard her yell.
   You rolled your eyes and closed your laptop with a soft click. You stretched before opening the door to your little sister's smiling face, nearly smothered in a large orange scarf. "(sister's name), Jack Frost is not real. It's okay to be happy about snow, but it's not like some kid controls it."
   Her smile melted into a frown accompanied with those puppy-dog eyes of hers. "But it's true...I've seen him. If you come with me outside, I'm sure-"
   "I'm not going outside. People invented heaters and blankets for a reason," You interrupt. You usually weren't so rude to her, but after hearing her talk about her new friend Jack Frost, you wanted to make it stop.
   Your sister sighed and dropped her head. "Okay..." she replied, her words muffled by the scarf. She shuffled slowly back down the hall as you shut your door.
   You walked back to your bed and sprawled out on your back as the bed springs squeaked beneath you. You began to feel guilty about speaking to your sister so rudely. It's not like you never had imaginary friends before. Sighing, you got up again and pulled on the boots you had by the door. Picking up a heavy jacket and gloves, you opened your door to the hall.
   You immediately regretted your decision when you took the first step into the softly falling snow. Even through the thick fabric of your jacket, you could still feel the biting cold. Your sister's bright pink jacket caught your eye, and you called out to her.
   "(Your name)! You came to play with me!" She exclaimed, trudging over to you through the deep blanket of white. It came all the way up to her knee, and nearly made her trip.
   "Uh...yeah," you said with a small cough, although you were seriously considering going back in.
   "I wish you could see Jack," she said, her smile fading a bit "But I can't find him. Usually he comes...but he's not out here today."
   "That's okay. Who needs some boy to have fun in the snow?" You said behind your chattering teeth.
   "I do." She said, putting a small hand on her hip.
   "Okay. Well. Can you at least have fun with me?" You asked, half hoping she'd say no.
   "Well...I guess so. Want to play hide and go seek?" She asked, the light coming back into her eyes.
   "Sure. I'll go hide first I guess," You said. She always liked to go first, no matter what game was played.
   She nodded with a bright smile and crouched down in the snow. You thought she'd go count behind a tree or something, but that worked too.
    You scanned the area around you while your sister continued counting. There were several trees to hide behind, so you just picked the biggest one you saw at the moment. You doubted you'd be able to blend in with all the white dressed in your black jacket, but you didn't feel like seeking out a better place. Finally making it to the tree, you put your back to it and tried to make yourself as small as possible while you shivered away. You could no longer hear your sister's voice,and you began to notice how quiet it was.
   "(Sister's name)?"
   The voice sliced so suddenly through the silence that you nearly jumped out of your boots. It had definitely been a male voice, but you didn't recognize it at all.
   "(Sister's name)?" The voice called out again, closer this time.
   You covered your mouth with a gloved hand to avoid your breathing to be heard. You didn't know who was there, but you didn't want them finding you or your sister.
   Your sister. He's been calling her name.
   Thoughts of your sister being shoved into a bag and kidnapped by a stranger began to fill your head. Out of sheer need to protect her, you summed up enough courage to call out to the voice. "Who are you?"
   "The question is, who are you?" The voice came, this time above your head.
   You quickly bent down and picked up the first stick your fingers found. Gripping it tightly and holding it above your head, you stepped away from the tree. Finally your eyes met two crystal blue ones peering out of the snow covered branches. "Stay away from me, whoever you are!" You said, trying to make yourself sound assertive.
   You narrowed your eyes, taking in the figure's appearance. He was lounging in the tree as if he had not a care in the world, and his facial expression matched it. His head was topped with hair as white as the snow, and he wore a blue hoodie laced with what appeared to be frost. His legs were covered in a pair of brown pants that appeared to be made of light material, and quite tattered and torn at the bottom. An odd stick that reminded you of a Shepard's crook was clutched in his hand. You also thought it quite odd that he had no socks or shoes on his feet despite the biting cold weather. Had he not been calling your sister's name like a creeper, you might have even thought he was a tiny bit attractive.
   "My, my, violent aren't we?" He chuckled.
   "I can be if I want to!" You shouted. It sounded a lot more threatening in your head.
   He chuckled again, not in the least bit intimidated. "I see."
   Your little conversation soon was interrupted by your younger sister's yelling.
   "(Your name)!" She called, not too far off.
   You locked eyes with the boy as you both heard her voice. You gave him your best glare, daring him to touch her.
   Your little sister finally appeared from behind a tree a small distance away. Seeing you, she ran forward through the snow. "(Your name)!"
   You tore your eyes away from the ice blue ones in the tree to see your sister staring at him. Her smile grew wider and she let out a small giggle.
   "(Your name), you found him. You found Jack."
So...I've been kind of obsessed with Jack Frost and after reading some other Jack FrostXReader stories, I thought I'd try my hand at one :)

This is just part one. I thought I'd split it into two parts as not to make it too long.

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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 You awoke Easter morning to find a small blizzard occurring outside your window, the pale white light spilling into your room.

 "The Easter Bunny sure won't be happy with you, Jack Frost," You laugh to yourself.

 You were the type of girl that lived in her own little fictional world consisting of books, movies, and realms you invented in your head. Often you would drift off when someone was talking to you, and you had been labeled "flighty and unfocused" by many around you. You didn't mind though, because reality wasn't exactly your favorite place to be, and you weren't going to change for anyone.

  You yawned and got out of bed, pondering the subject of mythical creatures like the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. You had been told stories about them as a child, but as you got older the people around you mocked you for still believing. As time passed, you didn't believe as passionately, but the thought that there was a slim chance that they could exist kept you going. After all, everyone needed someone to believe in them.

  You swiftly tied you hair up before going downstairs. It was cold and dark except for the white light from the snow outside shining through the windows. Your parents had decided to spend Easter together by escaping the cold and riding away on a cruise ship headed for the Caribbean. You were the youngest child out of the three children in your family, and your siblings had their own families to spend Easter with.

 You were completely alone, and you loved it.

 You turned the thermostat up, then turned all the lights downstairs on before tuning in to your favorite station of the radio and taking your place in the kitchen. You grabbed a pot from the cupboard and filled it with water, placing it on the stove to heat up while you grabbed a carton of eggs from the fridge.

  After dropping one egg, spilling dye on your shirt, and singing along to quite a few songs on the radio, you had a big bowl of eleven brightly colored eggs, and quite a messy kitchen. You placed your hands on your hips and blew a hair out of your face. There sure was a lot to clean up. With spirits still high, you began to clear off bowls of dye and eggshells off your counter. You were about to turn the sink on to rinse the dishes, when the song playing on the radio got quiet, allowing you to hear something unusual.

  Was that...someone talking?

  Your wonderfully active imagination automatically led you to assume that it was a robber. You quietly tiptoed over to the knife wrack and grabbed the biggest one there, then cautiously switched off the radio. Immediately you could clearly hear the sound, which was indeed a male voice talking, it's source coming from somewhere in your living room.

  "Stupid kangaroo. One little snowflake and he..." The voice trailed off, grumbling to itself.

  You swallowed hard, pointing the knife in front of you threateningly, trying to allow the sword fights you'd seen in movies channel into your actions. However, in reality you were just a girl in her pajamas holding a cheap kitchen knife.

  As you crept closer, you got your first glimpse of your opponent who was crouched beneath your living room window, most of them hidden by your couch. However, you could see white spikes of what appeared to be hair above the arm of the couch. You furrowed your brow in confusion as you crept ever closer.

  "Why do kids even like eggs?" The voice asked itself in it's deep tone.

  You lowered the knife slightly, now certain there was an insane man hiding in your house. You stopped, realizing that the only way to see the full view of him would be to allow him to see you as well. You bit your lip and raised the knife again.

  "You! Who are you?" You asked, trying to sound more assertive than serious.

  The voice stopped talking, but the spikes of hair didn't move.

  "Hey!" You shouted "Get out from behind there!"

  Suddenly two hands pale gripped the arm of the couch, and the face of a teenage boy appeared behind them, looking as confused as you were. His skin was as pale as snow, and his lips seemed to have a blue-ish tint. Beneath a mass of silvery white hair, he had bright blue eyes which were currently studying you intently.

  "Can you...hear me?" He asked tilting his head slightly.

  "Y-Yes," you responded, lowering the knife to your side. He seemed more enchanting than threatening.

  "And...And can you see me!?" He asked, as a small smile crossed his face, revealing pearly white teeth.

  "Of course...but I-"

  Your sentence was cut off as he bounded out from behind the couch with a huge laugh of triumph. His sudden change of movement startled you so much that you dropped the knife with a clatter to the floor. He leaped across the room and threw his arms around you to lift you up and twirl you around, laughing all the while. You were simply surprised too by his actions, and also how cold he was, to do anything. He set you back down and placed his hands on your shoulders, grinning very widely as he nearly shook with pleasure for some unknown reason.

  "You...You believe in me!" He shouted. He looked around with excitement, then back at you, locking his electric eyes onto yours while he bit his lower lip.

  "I don't know...I," You stuttered, trying to get caught up. "Who are you?"

  "Don't you know!? I'm Jack! Jack Frost! I make it snow and freeze and...all that outside!" He rambled pointing his finger to the window. "That was ME! You believe in me!"

  Jack Frost? Could it really be him? That would explain a lot...but it was still a ton to process.

  "Wh-Why are you here?" You manage to ask.

  "Well you see," He said, looking pleased that you'd asked. "I was hiding from the Easter Bunny. I know that sound crazy, but then again, everything is crazy right now!"

  So the Easter Bunny really had been angry with Jack Frost.

  "Crazy..." You echoed.

  He raised his eyebrows as if remembering something, then released you to go back to the couch, granting you the chance to examine him further. He wore a faded blue hoodie, which appeared to be laced with frost around the sleeves and the collar. His legs were covered with a pair of brown pants which seemed to have gone through years of damage. He once again rose up from behind the couch, this time holding a long twisted stick resembling a shepherd's crook.

  "Come with me," He said, grabbing your hand and heading for your front door, dragging you behind him.

  "What are you doing!?" You asked in surprise.

  "We're going to have a little fun," He responded, throwing open the door to let in several snowflakes. He held it open with one hand, while he released yours to get into a slight bow. "After you."

  You gawk at him with wide eyes and an open mouth. He expected you to go out there!?

  When he noticed that you weren't going to budge, he rolled his eyes with a little smile and scooped you up into his arms, although you rambled on in protest.

  "Jack! Put me down! What are you doing!?" You shouted as he stepped out onto your porch, the door closing behind him.

 "Trust me," He said, giving you a look that made you go a little weak with a blush.

 Jack laughed and began to walk down the porch stairs. You let your arms slip around his neck so you wouldn't fall. It was incredibly cold, and you were extremely happy that you had fuzzy socks and warm pajamas on. You also felt lucky that the blizzard had died down to a lazy snowfall. Still, the cold was biting, and several snowflakes flew into your eyes, causing you to keep them closed.

 "What's your name?" You heard Jack ask.

 "(Your name)," You tell him.

 "(Your name) your eyes."

 You slowly opened you eyes to be met with Jack's smiling face. There was something in his expression that was... mischievous.

 "Look down," He said, tightening his grip on you.

 You turned your head away from him to find that you were floating several feet above the trees on the ground. You screamed and buried your face into Jack's jacket.

 "Put me down!" You demanded, your voice muffled from the fabric.

 "Not yet," he said, and you felt cold air rushing past your body.

 The two of you flew for quite some time, while you hid your face in his chest the whole time. However, his body was so cold that it wasn't much better than braving the snow. Finally you felt him land.

 "Hey," he said softly. "I want to show you something."

 You forced yourself to pull away, blinking slowly. You found yourself on a large, frozen mass of ice which appeared to be a lake. Snow-covered trees surrounded you, catching the falling snowflakes on their branches. It seemed peaceful and quiet here underneath the pale blank sky.

 "What is this place?" You asked Jack.

 "It's my home," He said.

 Gently he let you slide down to the ground to place your socked feet on the ice. You could feel the snow starting to melt on to your heels and toes, and you shivered.

 "You live here?" You asked, unwrapping your arms from from his neck and embracing yourself to try and keep warm.

 "It was where...where it started. Where I started," He said, scratching the back of his head. "I don't really know why."

 "So you just appeared?" You asked, curious.

 "Yeah...I'm just glad that," He paused, smiling and averting his eyes to the side. "You can see me. I feel like I have a purpose now."

 You felt a blush rise in your cheeks. You had lived your life inside your head, but now you were experiencing a real fairy tale. You gently touched his elbow and slid your hand down to his hand, taking his hand in your own. He met your eyes again, confusion present in his face as his cheeks turned slightly pink.

 "I'm sure you've always had a purpose," You said with a small smile.

 Jack opened his mouth as if to say something, then closed it again. A faint grin crossed his face and he kissed your forehead softly, his lips sending a burst of cold over your skin.

 "Thank you," He whispered.

 You let out a large shiver, and your teeth began to chatter. Your socks were soaking wet by now, and the snow on your clothes had melted, chilling you to the bone.

 "Oh," Jack said, pulling back from you. "You must be freezing...Here, you can have my jacket." He crossed his hands and began to pull his hoodie off from the bottom.

 "N-No that's really okay...I-I" You stuttered.

 "Don't worry, I don't really get cold," He responded, pulling the Jacket over his head.

 You found yourself gawking at his pale body. His muscles seemed perfectly shaped; not to large, but just enough to tell that he was fit and strong. You swallowed hard and forced your eyes to look at his face. He pulled the jacket over your head, and you allowed your arms to cooperate long enough to slip into the hoodie. It didn't help much since it had been on his freezing cold body, but your body's natural heat soon allowed it to heat you up a bit. You were surprised to see the beautiful frost that laced the sleeves and collar begin to melt.

 "I guess I better get you home," Jack said, scooping you up again while your arms took their place around his neck.

 You felt the wind begin to rush past you, snowflakes biting your cheeks. You buried your face once again into his chest, this time being met with cold, bare skin.

 When you felt him touch solid ground, you suddenly felt sad. Did your adventure have to end now?

 "We're here," You heard him say.

 You sighed and slid to the ground, your wet socks squishing beneath you. Jack held you, helping you to get your balance. The two of your stood there for a minute; Your hands around his neck and his own around your waist.

 "Promise me I'll see you again," You said.

 "I promise," He responded with a small smile.

 "How can I believe you?" You teased.

 " about this," He said, trailing off as he leaned towards you.

 It took you a minute to realize what he was doing, but by the time you figured it out his lips were already on yours, moving slowly. You made a small noise of surprise and pleasure as you kissed him back. He seemed to breath the very essence of winter into your mouth, leaving you with a fresh, cold light sting. He broke away sooner than you would have liked, his tongue darting across his bottom lip.

 "O-Okay, now I believe you," You said with a small laugh.

 "Now, (Your name), you promise me something," He said, leaning his forehead on yours.

 "What's that?" You asked.

 "Never stop believing in me," He said.

 A faint grin crossed you face.

 "I promise."
Here's some more fluff for you guys. Not the best, but you get shirtless Jack so...

I haven't had time to read through this and edit it yet, so sorry for any errors :)

Whew! I finally got time to write! However, I have choir regionals tomorrow, so wish me luck on making it in!
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December 5th, Burgess

"Anything yet?"

You peeked from under your arms and looked at the boy sitting on the floor of your room. Your eyes followed the tennis ball he had been playing with for a while, watching it hit the floor and the wall before landing on Jamie's hand, the cycle repeating itself over and over with a steady rhythm. Your head hit the desk softly after a minute of silence, "Nope. You?"

The bouncing noise stopped, the muffled 'thump' of someone landing on your bed reaching you short afterwards "I think I'm actually going with Sophie's idea…"

You looked up at your cousin, leaning back on your chair and stretching your back (how long have you been sitting there?) "Really?"

"Yeah" He laughed a little and shrugged as much as he could while lying down "Why not? I think he'll like it."

You tried picturing the Easter Bunny wearing one of Sophie's designs –which were resting on a pile on the desk– and only managed to get yourself laughing "Yeah, he probably will." In a swift movement you jumped from your chair and landed face first on your bed, the [f/c] covers messy under the two of you "At least you have a plan…"

And you were damn jealous of your cousin for that.

Normally, having a gift exchange with some friends would be fairly easy –even if you weren't the best at giving presents. A no brainer, all in all. But when Jamie translated your idea of 'friends' into 'the Guardians', everything became as complicated as flying kites during a storm.

I mean, what can you give to someone who has lived long enough to know every corner of the world by memory? Or to someone that can materialize your dreams right in front of you?

But any –and I'm serious when I say any– of the other guardians would have been easier than the one you got.

But your fate was sealed the moment you took out that paper. Really, the small layer of frost on it should have been enough, but it wasn't until you opened it and saw Jack's name written in it that you knew this was going to be nigh impossible.

You had known the Winter Spirit long enough to know what he wouldn't like: Anything even resembling a book was immediately scratched out of the list, along with a new sweater (he really loved that blue hoodie, no matter how many frost patches it had) or anything that would require recharging or electricity to function; he would either be too lazy to go get batteries, or simply grow bored of waiting for it to work again, and the fact that he lived in a forest didn't help that cause.

Anything easily breakable was out of the question (for obvious reasons), and the list went on and on, all your ideas discarded as the hours went by. So now the thing was figuring out what you could give him that he would like.

Easier said than done.

Truth be told, the reason why Jack was the hardest one to get a gift for –besides the fact that he was impatient as a four year old and got bored just a fast– was mostly because of you and you not-so-dumb teenage crush on the white haired sprite.

Ever since you met Jack, something about him seemed different from the other Guardians, but even today you can't really tell what it was; it'd be foolish trying to explain it after five years. It started of fairly normal, really, just a simple (as simple as it gets with Jack, that is) friendship that escalated into the almost sibling-like relationship he has with Jamie. Guess it went sideways somewhere along the way, because by the time you moved in with your cousins two years ago those icy blue eyes could make your cheeks gain heat, or even worse, make you giggle like an idiot.  

You ran a hand through the [h/c] mess you dared call hair, ruffling it up a little and groaning lightly. If you didn't have the two and a half week deadline left, you'd be doomed.

Jamie, knowing of your dilemma, tried to sit up and give you some comfort…

Only to be knocked to the ground by a rather strong gust of freezing air.

'Well, speak of the devil' You greeted the newcomer without looking up, Jamie just able to groan from the floor.

"Jeez guys, don't bother getting up." You could practically hear the smirk in Jack's voice, and were thankful that you were lying face down to hide your goofy smile.

You felt the air around the room move, and before you even had time to wonder, a pair of legs landed on your back. You tapped Jack's knee, his long legs lifting up just long enough to let you get on your side before falling back down on your hip.

Being used as furniture for each other's comfort was routine to you all by now.

"Hey Jack." Jamie finally managed to climb on the bed again, sitting with his back against the wall "What's up?"

"That's what I wanted to ask you two." you propped yourself up with your elbow, raising a brow curiously "I haven't seen either of you in days. Are you like, hibernating or something?" he looked down at you for a moment before looking up at the ceiling.

"No," Jaime had a bit of laughter in his voice, quite contagious by the way "but [f/n] here won't leave the house."

Jack's brows knitted together, and his hands left their spot from behind his head to push himself up. You immediately went back to lying on your stomach, avoiding his gaze at all costs. Jaime took it upon himself to answer Jack's unasked question.

"[y/g] too worried about the whole 'Secret Santa' deal to think of anything else."

"Seriously?" a groan was the only response he got "Come on, this whole thing is supposed to be fun, and as my center dictates, I intend to keep it that way." chest puffed out, he did a heroic pose and you couldn't help but smile. You rested your chin in your palms and looked up at him.

"Is that so?" You asked lazily, unable to keep your smile to yourself.

Jack knew he had you, and with a smile of his own he made the wind turn him around so that he could float upside down by the window. His eyes closed for a second as he hummed a 'mmhmn' and opened the window with his staff "Now come on, the weather its extra nice today thank to yours truly, and it'd be a shame to waste it. Besides, going out might help you get inspired."

You knew he had a point, your [e/c] watching his definition of 'nice weather', which consisted of two feet deep snow and a partially clear sky (it did look like the perfect snowy day, if your opinion counts for anything). There was no way you would ever come up with something for the Winter Spirit by just watching your four walls all day long, but you had been sitting down for so long that you weren't even sure you could walk.

"Alright," you hid your face on one of the pillows that hadn't fallen to the ground and gave them a mumbled "just give me five minutes."

If you looked up now you would see Jamie and Jack sharing a poker face, which soon turned into a smirk before a nice amount of frost was created on the back of your neck. You shot up and looked around in time to see Jack laughing hard enough to fall to the ground, his staff following suit.

"Jack Frost, I'm going to kill you!"

Even if his eyes widened his laughter was still present as he picked up his staff and flew out the window, calling at you over his shoulder with a 'Not if you can't catch me!~' before shouting in joy. Taking your [f/c] scarf and wrapping it around your neck in hopes of melting the ice that covered you from shoulders to ears, you jumped out, thankful as ever to have your room on the first floor of the house, and chased after the Guardian of Fun.


December 23th, North Pole

Finally, after three weeks of raking your brains trying to figure something out, the night of the gift exchange was upon you. Santa's workshop was buzzing with activity, toys that seemed to have life of their own flying around, yetis and elves running all over the place, the later giving the former an even harder time with the burden they already had.

It was almost Christmas after all.

Considering how much North had to do at this time of the year, you all decided to simply give each other your gifts and hang out for a while, much to North's gratitude. At the moment you were all on the room where the globe filled with lights was, talking to one another until Jamie decided that the time for the 'event' as he put it, had come.

The now fourteen year old kid was the unofficial (although no one would say that out loud) planner for the whole thing, organizing, giving you a deadline and even adding a single, unbreakable rule. This last seemed silly at first, but just now you noticed just how much of a genius your cousin could be.

The one rule to this thing was that you could only ask help from one person, and no one else could know who you were giving a gift to. Thanks to that absolutely no one knew who their Secret Santa was, avoiding the typical 'I already know who gives me my gift' that always happens in this things.

Your helper all throughout it had been Jamie. Even if you met Jack with just a few months of difference, your cousin got the chance to spend more time with the Guardian before you moved in with your uncles, making him the best option to help you out. In return you and Sophie had helped him with his present for Bunnymund, much to the girl's excitement.

Your eyes were fixed on the tiny lights that shined around the globe, your heart dropping as a few went out but filling with joy as even more turned on in their place. But even with the hypnotizing lights dancing in front of you, your [e/c] darted to the table filled with gifts on the other side of the room. Some of the presents weren't there, why you didn't know, but yours was among the missing ones.

The whole thing had been Jamie's idea, saying that Jack would enjoy a small 'treasure hunt' if you will; especially if you used some more help to accomplish it. You swallowed hard, hoping and praying that this would work and you wouldn't make a complete fool of yourself tonight.

You had (with some help from your accomplices) managed to get some information from each of the Guardians about Jack, getting far more that you thought you would. From Tooth's opinion on his 'perfectly white teeth' (which are indeed as white as his hair, mind you), to how North saw Jack as almost a son. Some of the things you learned were far more personal than you would have expected, and you were sure that you would deal with snow-related problems for the rest of your life if you dare repeat them.

But even with all that, you still second thoughts yourself about this. You didn't even know how you wanted him to react, and that is quite a lot to say. What if he didn't want it? Man, that'd hurt… you thought, trying to focus on anything but the presents and the white haired Guardian currently flying around with Bunnymund chasing after him.

And good thing you did, because a loud, yet soft buzzing sound filled your ears so quickly you barely had time to react. You managed to pull your [f/c] scarf over your mouth just as Tooth spun you around, her hummingbird-like fairies hovering behind her. Her bright eyes and smile covered your entire line of sight, and it was impossible for you not to blink a few times in surprise.

That's when she noticed your scarf, and with a defeated sigh placed you back on the ground (When on Earth did she get you in the air?), her fairies mimicking her dramatic expression.

"Tooth…" it was so hard to keep the laughter out of your voice, but it was the third time she tried this on the past hour, and it was getting ridiculous.

"I know, I know." she gave you a puppy look, much to your dismay; she could be terribly cute when she wanted too "But they're so nice! I just got carried away…"

You gave her a blank stare, your [e/c] eyes showing no emotion at all as she rubbed her forearm and twisted one of her feathers with her free hand. You gave a small sigh and took a hold of the scarf's edge.

"Just a look, okay?"

She beamed and nodded happily, flying so close to your face that you almost took a step back. Instead of running away from the army of fairies that surrounded you, you pulled down the scarf and, after a moment of silence, smiled as exaggeratedly as you could.

Thousands of little eyes (and a pair of huge violet-pink ones) watched you in awe, a few squeals heard here and there. Tooth got, yet again, carried away, and even though her hands never touched you, she did take some time to tell her fairies why your teeth were so clean.

You rolled your eyes and finally put your lips back together, rubbing your tired cheeks slowly. The things I do for them sometimes… Your eyes suddenly locked with blue ones, a smirk that spoke a hundred words on Jack's lips. Your tired cheeks filled with heat and in that moment you couldn't have felt more embarrassed. Jack laughed under his breath, shaking his head a bit while his eyes lingered on yours.

You covered your face with your hands, but your smile and laughter could be noticed by anyone in the room.

"Oh, how I wish I had a camera." The cold breeze told you of his presence way before he spoke, but the only thing you did to acknowledge him was grunt "What?" Jack laughed out "A nice smile is nothing to be ashamed of."

"Especially as nice as yours!" Tooth chimed in, clearly unaware of your discomfort "I knew you'd follow the advice I gave you last time!" you were lifted from the ground by her for the second time that night, your [e/c] widening at the strength the fairy had to carry you –and shake you– like if you were nothing but a ragdoll. The death hug ended just as fast as it came, your [h/c] hair spiked up and messy from it. Tooth was gone and talking with Sandy before you could even blink.

You turned around, only to see Jack's shoulders slumping playfully "Awww, that's no fair. Where's my hug?"  

You looked at him while combing your [h/l] hair with your fingers, trying to get it back in place "What? Want one?" The small smile that had been at your lips a second ago grew into a full grin, your brows going skywards when Jack pouted and stuffed his hands in the front pocket of his hoodie, all the while nodding shortly. His staff somehow balanced on its own next to the Winter Spirit.

"Awww." You cooed. Now, this was by far the sweetest thing you had seen in your life, that's for sure. He looked at you through his eyelashes, his blue eyes like those of a puppy. His brows made him look pleading and shy. You immediately wrapped your arms around his shoulders, unable to hold back "Come here you~"

He took a small step backwards before standing straighter, and for a brief moment you actually thought we would pull away. After a few tense moments of Jack not moving you let out a sigh, which came out more like a laugh than anything. Being so close to him caused your breath to form white clouds in front of your face. You held him a tad closer, searching for some warmth before you realized he was probably the coldest thing in the entire room, and felt quite dumb for reaching that conclusion just now.

You were about to –in all honesty, quite stupidly– point this out when Jack relaxed into the hug. But even more surprising, his arms wrapped around your waist and refused to let go.

Your brows didn't really know if they wanted to furrow or hit the top of your forehead, actual surprise filling you at the time. You had hugged Jack thousands of times in the past, but this just felt… different.

His nose resting on the crook of your neck only worked to back that last thought up.

You took a glance at him, your [e/c] orbs only able to see some tuffs of white hair from your position, not really knowing what was the best thing to do right now; I mean, should you push him away or…

Screw it.

You let your arms wrap around his neck rather than his shoulders and moved your head until your cheek was resting on his soft hair.

A couple seconds went by before whatever spell had consumed you broke abruptly, and your surroundings came crashing in. Without moving from Jack's grasp, you frantically looked around, your brain half expecting for someone's eyes to lock with yours. Much to your relief, and immediate suspicions, the only one who spared you two a glance was Jamie, his knowing smile saying more than you would like to understand at the time.

Now, either everyone else in the room has amazing acting skills, or they seriously haven't noticed what's going on over here.

Your cousin seemed to sense your nervousness to being watched and clapped his hands, directing all the attention to himself "Alright guys, who's ready for some gift exchange!" Sandy and Tooth –fairies included– rushed to the table, giggling and asking to hand out their presents first.

Before anyone had the chance to wonder you cleared your throat half-heartedly and parted from the Winter Spirit. He shifted slightly, fiddling with his hands for a moment before you decided to break the silence.

"Well," you sighed, for once content with idea of giving Jack his gift "you ready?"

"Are you kidding?" and just like magic, the old carefree Jack was back "I'm always ready when it comes to presents." taking his staff, wind arrived soon afterward to carry him away, but not before he smoothed down a strand of hair you missed after Tooth's hug.


"I must say Sandy, you really outdid yourself this time." if possible, Sandy blushed and gave North a small smile, the rest of you watching the hourglass the former had given to the later. Filled with dream sand, the object would create small images whenever it was turned, showing dreams that went from dolphins to the Guardians themselves.

"Yeah, this is amazing!" Jamie said, his smile growing as the sand inside the glass morphed from a hen on its nest, to a small hummingbird.

Sandy simply waved his hand, cuddling more into the comfortable-looking blanket North had given him a few minutes earlier. What would normally be a very simple thing was actually a collaboration from Jack and North, the blanket decorated with fern-like patterns much like the ones Jack did with his staff (mentioning this last earned you the sexiest wink you've seen), each of them filled with enough dream sand so that Sandy could gain some sort of control over the object, which included, amongst other things, making it appear and disappear at will.

He seemed amazingly pleased with it, considering he wrapped himself in it so many times that it looked like a cocoon.

Actually, everyone looked happy with the gifts that had already been handed out. Jamie had been playing around with his new sled, courtesy of Jack, tapping the ice blades wherever he got the chance. Apparently this ice was 'the finest there is' as Jack put it, and wouldn't melt. It'd also made Jamie's rides faster and smoother, much to the boy's happiness; still a nine year old inside, you guessed.

You were also happy with what you got, the whole thanking Tooth and every single one of her fairies actually not as tedious as you thought. Well, all her fairies but one, but weren't about to point that out just yet. Two more minutes, you decided as the fourth group of fairies came at you from every direction and hugged you as best as they could.

"I'm so glad you liked it, the girls put so much into it that I was thinking it wouldn't count as my gift anymore." the Tooth Fairy let out a small laugh, edging on nervous, and rubbed her arm.

You ruffled up a random fairy's feathers "Tooth, this thing is amazing; how could I not like it?" And amazing it was indeed. The object itself was a dreamcatcher, painted a bright [f/c] color and with a couple of feathers and seashells hanging at the bottom.

Apparently Tooth's fairies brought a lot more than just teeth back home when they got the opportunity.

You smiled at each other, but Tooth's smile turned into a curious frown as she glanced around the room "Hey, have you seen Jack?" sometimes it surprised you what things could slip past Tooth, considering that the missing Guardian had been gone for the past five minutes. That, and the fact that one of her fairies left with him.

You shrugged casually and placed the dreamcathcher back on its box "He went to look for his gift," you swallowed down your nerves and added "and it's about time I go see if he found it."


Your footsteps echoed through the surprisingly empty hallway, your [e/c] eyes scanning every door to find the one you wanted. A playful 'Baby, stop it!' and a laugh made you turn right, the only dark wooden door appearing seconds later.

You glanced inside and saw Jack trying, and failing, to catch Baby Tooth (aka. your second accomplice) who buzzed around the room dragging a small key along with her. You smiled at his annoyed yet clearly amused look and stepped on the doorway without being noticed by the Guardian of Fun.

After a moment, Baby realized you were waiting for her to be done and, with one incredibly sharp turn, made Jack fly into the couch in the room. He looked up and saw your amused eyes, but before he could ask you anything, your little partner in crime landed on your shoulder.

"Thank you Baby T, that'd be all for now." she dropped the key on your hand and, with a final salute, flew away and down the same corridor you came before.

"Wait. You?" Jack rubbed his head, probably from his collision with the couch, and placed his staff on a nearby table, next to the golden piece of paper that read 'Follow me' that Baby Tooth had used to get Jack to chase after her.

"Yup." you twirled the key in your hands before throwing it to a surprised Jack "Took me a while to figure out what to give you, so you better appreciate it." a toothy grin was the last thing you saw before he literally threw himself at the corner you directed him to.

Impatient like a four year old… you chuckled as Jack unlocked a small chest that was on the floor, and held your breath as he looked inside. Even with his back facing you, you could see him tilting his head to the side, pull out what was inside, and instantaneously freeze where he was.

After a moment of tense silence he stood, his back still turned to you, and practically chocked out "How?"

You took a step inside the room, not liking how stiff his shoulders looked "Jamie told me about it and Nor-"

"No," he shook his head to make his point clearer "I… how did you get them?"

Two more steps forward and you were practically able to reach out and touch him "I have my ways." you expected at least a small laugh, but he simply looked down at the object in his hand. You sighed, staring down at your shoes rather than him "Baby Tooth went to the house two weeks ago looking for you to tell you about it, but Tooth got there before I could go get you. She had to make sure they were the right ones before anything."

You pushed a [h/l][h/c] lock out of your face, not really knowing what else to do with your hands, thinking on what exactly could be going through Jack's mind.

You hadn't been there when they took out Pitch Black, and what you knew you had heard from stories, but you had a clear picture of what had happened.

After Tooth's fairies had been able to fly again, they took as many teeth as they could with them and decided to go back for the rest later. But when they returned Pitch had already been attacked by his fearlings, the entrance now blocked by who-knows-how-many tons of rock, not to mention the now master-less NightMares trapped inside.

Throughout the years, some of the bravest fairies managed to dig a hole big enough to sneak out some of the lost teeth, and even if they were doing some considerable progress, there were still some left down there. Their last mission down there had been exactly two weeks ago, with Baby Tooth leading a small team underground.

And that was how Emma Overland Frost's teeth had appeared after five years of being missing.

You knew Jack had asked for them plenty of times, but finally considered them as a lost cause and stopped his pleads to the Tooth Fairy. And now, like out of thin air, his sister's memories were right on his hand.

You stuffed your hands on your pockets, finally giving up on finding a use for them at the time. Jack didn't say a word, so you continued "It took a while for the fairies to convince her, but I guess you just can't say no to that much peer pressure. We have to give them back at some point though, but you can keep them for as long as you want."

Jack looked like a statue, he didn't even seem to be breathing anymore, and you finally sighed in defeat. You tried to keep your voice even, but it was clear you were failing horribly "Or, if you don't want them we can just g-"

Thank God there was a table behind you or Jack would have knocked you both into the ground.

Your eyes went wide for a split second, but softened considerably when you realized Jack was shaking. And being a winter spirit, it clearly wasn't because of the cold. Your arms wrapped around him almost like instinct, mumbled words spilling out of his mouth at a speed that could even compete with how Baby Tooth sounded when she got excited.

You managed to make out a simple 'Thank you' and could have sworn your heart would stop working the way it was supposed to. You held the sobbing Guardian in your arms, his hands holding on to your [2f/c] coat for dear life. You moved back and forth of your heels, rocking you both and doing whatever you could think of to get him to calm down. After some minutes of failed attempts his cries subsided into shuddering breaths.

"Jack…" you pushed him lightly, the frozen tear tracks on his face making your smile soften even more. You pressed your foreheads together, and, unable to help yourself, said the most cliché thing you could think of;

"Merry Christmas, Jack."

Your spirits rose from the ground when a quiet laugh escaped Jack's lips, those blue eyes of his meeting you own [e/c] orbs for what felt like an eternity.

Knowing you'd do something you could regret later on, you put more space between the two of you, squeezing his shoulder before turning around "I'll be waiting for you back with the others, you can…"

"Wait!" an ice-cold hand wrapped around your wrist and spun you around "Don't leave, I…" his hold around the golden container tightened "I don't know if I can…"

"Jack," he looked like he was about to panic, whatever reasons he had were unknown to you "I don't even know if two people can watch a memory at the same time." Damn those eyes that could convince you of anything.

"Me neither," he placed your hands on the cold metal, his relief evident on his face "but it's worth a try." both your fingers hovered over one of the small buttons, neither of you moving "You ready?"

"Shouldn't it be me asking you that?"

"Maybe." his grin came back for a moment, and you gladly returned it "Okay, one, two…" you each pushed on a button, your sight instantly invaded by a bright light.

Flashes of a little girl that you didn't know, but who's resemblance with Jack was clear, played one by one, some too fast to fully comprehend them. You saw her running around with some other children, shuffling closer to a huge bonfire, playing on the snow with a brown haired Jack… then you saw that same Jack falling through ice, Emma's shrieks echoing through your mind painfully. You saw her crying with her mother, laughing as she walked next to a blonde boy, sitting next to a small grave and talking to nobody in special and finally the same blonde boy from before holding her hand sweetly.

The sudden jump back to reality made both Jack and you let go of the pipe-like box, Jack's reflexes the only thing that stopped it from falling to the ground. His entire body started shaking and what looked like the beginning of a brake down, turned into a short laughing fit.

"She..." he started in between laughs "She didn't forget me!" his eyes landed on yours, a total look of disbelief and amazement on his face "I couldn't remember who she was for three hundred years, but she still visited my grave and talked to it."

"Jack…" you started, but got cut off by a pair of arms wrapping around you, your body shaken from one side to the other with a vigorous speed (seriously, what's up with this guys making you feel like a toy?). His laughter was the only thing that made sense in your dizziness, the entire room spinning even after he set you down.

You tried speaking, or in the very least catching your breath, but suddenly lost all ability to.

With a hand tangling in your [h/l][h/c] locks, he pulled you by the back of your neck and crashed your lips together. Your eyes were so wide that it wouldn't have surprised you if they fell right off their sockets.

The kiss itself was improvised, careless, clearly a heat-of-the-moment thing from how happy he was, but you seriously couldn't care less at the time. If someone were to read your thoughts right now, they would probably hear this:


He pulled away far too soon for your liking, your eyes not even having the time to go back to their normal size, and let out a mix between a laugh and a sigh.

"Just… Thank you."

"Yeah, uh…" he looked at your through his lashes, a grin plastered on his handsome face, probably finding your stunned expression amusing. Not liking the idea of being the only confused person in the room –and honestly looking for any excuse to repeat what just happened– you pulled him by the collar of his sweater and reconnected you lips.

You smirked into the kiss, noting how surprised he looked before closing your [e/c] eyes. It took you two a lot longer than last time to finally succumb to the need for air. "You're welcome." was the only thing you could think to say, both of you laughing seconds later.


You finally rejoined the rest of your group, Jack and you walking rather close to each other, and the first thing you saw made Jack's salt and pepper brows go skywards.

Bunnymund was currently trying out what Jamie and Sophie had done for him, and you walked in right in the middle of an explanation.

"…This way you won't freeze your paws when you're out in the snow." your cousin concluded proudly, giving you an almost suggestive look before waving at you "Hey [f/n], where've you guys been?"

"Giving Jack his present." your tone implied that even if it was none of his business, you'd explain him later.

"Really? And where is it?" Tooth chimed in with an almost childlike expression, innocent as ever.

"It's a long story… ummm, Jack, are you alright?" the Guardian of Fun was still staring at Bunnymund, his expression torn between confusion and laughter.

"I don't even know if I want to ask." his voice finally gave ways to the laughter he was holding back, and Bunnymund looked as annoyed as he usually was with Jack, if not a little more.

"Well Frostbite, if you must know, these" he pointed at the, well, 'boots' would be the best way to describe them, that covered his back paws from his shins to the edge of his toes "are my solution to your sabotaging."

"Sabotaging?" Jack wiped a frozen tear of the corner of his eye, his laughter finally going down "You mean a little bit of innocent snow? Come on!" Bunnymund glared at Jack's mocking tone, ready to chase the other Guardian up into the roof if necessary.

"I don't know Jack," you crossed you arms, looking over at the exceptional work your younger cousins had done "they look legit."

"Thank you. See? [f/n] can recognize a good idea when [y/g] sees one." Jack simply gave the Easter Spirit a blank stare, tainted if ever so slightly by a small smirk, and raised his arms in something similar to defeat.

"Alright alright, you got me. Obviously my snow is no match to your all mighty socks." Jamie and you rolled your eye at the same, groaning inwardly "Excuse me for doubting"
Bunnymund huffed in irritation and turned right on his heels to go talk with another one of the Guardians…

Just to slip on a patch of frost that was most defiantly not there four seconds ago. Jack rested his staff on his shoulder and laughed triumphantly "Oh, sorry kangaroo, I thought you were also frost-proof with those on."

You managed no to snort, and simply kept it down into a normal laughing fit "You're mean you know?"

"Yeah," Jack gave you a smirk that could kill, and whispered only for you to hear "but you love it." a wink and a powerful gust of wind later, Jack fled from the angry bunny that chased him around the room, leaving you with an evident blush on your cheeks and a grin on your face.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~EXTENDED ENDING!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

You watched, along with Jack, how Tooth and all her mini replicas all landed on Bunnymund, giving him a dead hug that would leave anyone begging for air. But Bunnymund, being Bunnymund, simply stood as still as he could giving the fairies the best smile he could muster without looking to uncomfortable.

Tooth held the egg-shaped music box she received from the other Guardian like it was the most precious possession she owned, and thanked him one last time with a kiss on the cheek before leaving to show Sandy and North what she got.

"Well ain't that sweet~" Bunnymund gave Jack a glare that could even make the Winter Spirit shiver before walking off after Tooth. You smiled lightly and sighed.

"You know," Jack glanced at you sideways "I'm actually kind of sad that this is all over. I actually enjoyed the whole 'Secret Santa' deal."

His smile grew, but he tried to look as casual as ever while he turned to stand in front of you "Well, I wouldn't say it's over yet." you cocked a brow at him, taking a step back when he stepped forward.

"Whatever do you mean?"

"You see, when we were taking out our papers I kind of, pulled two out by accident…" he rubbed his neck and cleared his throat "and I thought it was only fair to give them both a little something"

Your lower back hit what you knew was the railing on the stairs "How generous of you."

Jack shrugged, his body leaning forward with every inch he advanced "I try." you noted his voice was deeper than usual, making you smile in a strange way.

"So," you leaned back as much as you could, if only to bother him a little "who might this lucky person be?" he caught on quickly and took hold of the railing, one of his arms on either side of you, taking away any chance to escape him.

Not that you wanted to, anyways.

"Uh uh. What do I get in exchange of sharing such vital information with you?" his voice was now low enough to send shivers down your spine, but you did your best to hide it. Your [e/c] eyes looked up as in deep thought, making Jack chuckle in the very back of his throat.

"How 'bout this," your fingers tugged playfully at the front pocket of his sweater "you tell me and I help you out with the gift."

Jack grinned and came so close that you could feel his cold breath on your lips "Fair enough." was all he said before closing the gap between the two of you, frozen lips capturing warm ones.

Your current thoughts?

Best. Gift. Exchange. Ever.
So, this is my collab with :iconsenysky: for the Christmas Contest here: :iconrotg-central:

She was of great help with the whole thing, from beginning to end, and in all honesty this thing wouldn't have turned out without her.

It's the first time either of us tries to do a ReaderX... and hopefully we pulled it of ^^

Oh, something important: In case you felt slightly confused, this: [y/g] is my way of keeping the Reader unisex. It stands for "your gender", and you just add 'he' or 'she' depending on what you are (am I the only one who thinks that making the Reader a female EVERYTIME is annoying?)

So yeah, Merry Christmas, hopefully Jack will visit you and give you guys some snow (Jack why don't you visit my country?!) and wish us luck :D

Comments are highly appreciated.

EDIT 26/12/13: HOLY SHEEP!!! How did this thing get over 10,000 views in only one year!? That's, like, a lot!!!! Thank you so much guys!
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He whirls around, staff at the ready.

A stream of ice whizzes by to your left, narrowly missing you and whatever it is that is carrying you.

Jack takes to the air and chases after you, firing at your kidnapper at windows of opportunity. As the trees get thicker and the forest darker, he calls out your name and you call back in hopes of keeping track of one another.

He’s starting to lose you. You can now only catch glimpses of snow-white hair here and blue-glowing staff there in the darkness, his calls getting more and more distant.

Soon, you see nothing at all besides barely-visible tree trunks.

“Jack?” you call out the best that you can. “JACK?!?”

You begin to panic even more. Where are you being taken? What is going to be done to you? You struggle against the hold on your collar, reaching up to maybe pry apart the grip of whatever is carrying you away.

Your hand meets cold sand.

The creature snorts—much like your average horse—and gallops even faster. You feel yourself lift further off the ground. Looking below you, you realize that you’re flying.

This creature can fly.

Despite the height, you’d rather risk a few broken bones than go wherever it is taking you.

You struggle against it even harder, twisting, turning, and pounding on its snout. You can feel it start to get mad. It redoes its grip, biting harder onto your clothes and even pinching your skin. You yelp at the pain. You can just feel its sharp teeth sink into your flesh. You begin to black out, growing limp as it squeezes at your spinal cord.

In a final effort, you elbow the thing in its powerful chest, letting out a war cry. This must have caught it off-guard, because its grip on you loosens. You feel yourself suddenly descend. Knowing that this is your moment, you hit its snout one last time, twisting yourself as you do.

You feel it completely release you.

You tumble to the forest floor. You were only a few feet from it after you caught the creature by surprise. You’re able to stand up. Good, no broken bones, you think to yourself as you run through a mental self-check. Just a few bruises.

You look around you, senses on guard in case the thing comes back for you. You turn to face the slightest sound.

Come on Jack. Hurry.

In the pitch blackness, you catch a glimmer of night-blue sand and a fiery eye. You raise your fists, taking a ready stance.

I sure could use a little help!

The horse lands in front of you, eyes concentrated on you and hooves pounding the ground in anticipation.

You’re revving to go. You refuse to be scared any longer. “I’m not afraid of you,” you tell the being.

Suddenly, you hear a low, raspy, evil chuckle echo throughout the forest. You glance around you in search of its source.

“Not afraid?” You hear it mock you. It has a slight English accent. A subtle gust of wind blows beside the sand beast. You can just make out a solidified shadow of a tall, slender man stroking its mane. The same voice comes more focused from it this time. “Who is not afraid of nightmares?”

Nightmares? Is that what that thing is called? A Nightmare?

The man chuckles again, sending a chill up your spine. “Beautiful, aren’t they?” The voice becomes more directed at you. “You really should be afraid, you know, when you have the Boogeyman standing before you.”

You take a step back. You feel fear begin to crawl inside you. The Boogeyman? The one that hides under beds and represents all evil in a child’s life? The reason why you had to check under your bed and in your closet every night for monsters, the being behind your childhood fear of the dark?

“There’s no way,” you say under your breath. “There’s no such thing as the Boogeyman. He’s…he’s just a…a myth. You’re a liar!”

“Ah, but haven’t you learned in recent days that myths can be more than just words?”


Your childhood fears begin to come back to you. You start to shiver. You try shaking off the terror but are unsuccessful.

The Nightmare neighs.

“Careful,” the man warns you lightly. “They sense fear. It gets them riled up.”

“What do you want with me?” you manage to say, voice shaking.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” he replies definitively. “You’ll regret the day you ever got yourself involved with Jack Frost.” You see the shadow bend, as if bowing. “The name is Pitch, Pitch Black. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some preparations to make. I’ll let my precious Nightmare take care of you.”

Another breeze tells you that Pitch has left.

You face the Nightmare, feeling far less confident in yourself.

Jack, where are you??

The Nightmare charges.

“JACK!” you yell into the cold forest.

Just as the nightmare is about to come upon you, a blast of ice shoots in front of it, stopping it in its tracks.

“Hey, sandbrain! Over here!”

You and the beast turn towards the voice’s source.

You’ve never been more relieved to see Jack Frost in your life.

He seems to emanate his own light in the dark forest, his staff glowing like a blue torch.

The Nightmare begins to run after him, forgetting entirely about you. Jack takes to the air when it’s a couple feet away. “Haha, missed me!” It turns to face him again, beginning to lift off of the ground.

You whistle and throw a nearby rock at it, which somehow manages to hit it square in what would be its temple. “Hey, don’t forget about me!” It stands back on the ground, its attention now back to you.

You gulp. What have you just done?

A blue-white blast suddenly hits it and it becomes engulfed in ice, eternally frozen like an equestrian statue.

Jack lands, jumping up and down with his fist raised in triumph. “Got it!” He turns to face you, smiling wide. “We got it!”

You run to him and leap into his arms, slinging your arms around his neck. He drops his staff to hug you back. The momentum from your hug makes the two of you twirl around. You’re laughing in unison from joy and relief.

Your feet find the ground again, the two of you still giggling. Your arms still around his cold neck, you look up at him.

“Boy, am I glad to see you,” you tell him, smiling.

“I told you I’d protect you.” He presses you closer to him, leaning in, his nose less than an inch from your own. His is voice now a soft whisper. “Thank you for believing in me.”

And he lays his lips on yours in a tender kiss.
EEEEEP. I LOVE THIS CHAPTER SO MUCH. I had a ton of fun writing it! Jack was there with me the whole time, too, enveloping me in cold even though the heating is on in my house. jasofuasodifjxlkgnfgndblraew. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!
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