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Pyramid head with squeegee slinging action!!! Click around him to find clips from Mystery Science Theater's "DR.Z" skit slowed down!

I was just trying out the tablet again and drew this. Then later on i added sounds. I wanted to draw him with the great knife...but i can't draw it so i put a squeegee instead. WOW BITCH! WOW!

Pyramid Head (c) Konami.
Quotes (c) Best Brains inc.
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This doll i made using one png sheet with different parts. Art made in PS
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Use arrow buttons to navigate. Sometimes left click twice. Sorry I'm not a action script guru...
Here You see part of "team project". Our goal is to create full 3D dragon model bur first we need to know what are looking for.
Author of the concept is very well known Natolil ([link]). I only redraw it by my stroke. And painted it three times because we are looking for the optimal variant of the color.
We don't know name of dragon yet. Known that belongs to the genus of spikers.

Strzałki przerzucają między obrazkami, czasem kliknijcie w lewą x2, nie potrafiłem tego przewalczyć w action scrypcie. Programowanie nie jest moją domeną.
Mam zaszczyt zaprezentować tu cząstkę wielkiego projektu grupowego, którego celem jest stworzenie trójwymiarowego modelu smoka. Zanim to jednak następi musimy wiedzieć czego szukamy. W toku prac nad projektem wybraliśmy jeden z pomysłów szeroko znanej Natoli ([link]). Powyższy lineart to jedynie moj przeróbka oryginalnego konceptu. Oczywiście pomalowałem go też parę razy, gdyż ciągle szukamy optymalnej i ciekawej wersji kolorystycznej. Kolorowy smok będzie stanowił wytyczną dla stworzenia cyfrowej skóry dla smoka, czyli trójwymiarowych tekstur.
Szczegóły projektu z najdziesz na stronie: [link]
Jeśli masz ochotę przyłączyć się do naszego przedsięwzięcia, chętnie przyjmiemy Cię i wtajemniczymy w nasz spisek...
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A darknut chilling by the fire after a hard days work. Just look at his little relaxed face. I drew and animated this using Flash.
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Heya Doodz

I started working on this a long time ago...decided to finish it up tonight...its probably one of my favories...

There are over 15 animations ^_^ have fun finding them all!

Music is done by Steven Gurevitz of 2002 Studios [link]

have fun and enjoy!



oh man... a DD .. thanx guys! heres a map to all the animations for anyone who gives up on hunting for them all

--edits again--
oh man... :iconvanessanon: wrote this super cute poem about the crazy shoe..i love it! you should all read it! :D

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe;
and Oh what a shoe! (let me tell you!)
With even a swimming pool in the roof –
Come by and see – I swear it’s the truth!
Once, it was true, she had lots of kids
Who spent a lot of time in their beds.
But whence they had grown
She spared no expense –
The children had gone,
She could now invest!
She invested her funds to do up her shoe
And hired a handyman to help too!
She would not be sad in her now empty nest –
Since her shoe was now one of the best!
And she isn’t lonely – don’t worry about that,
She now has some birds as well as a cat!
I have found what they say – it is true –
This old woman REALLY LIVES in this shoe!
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Finally! Here at last is the final product of the past semester's work in Barry Zundel's 3D Animation class. This took over 80 hours total to model, texture, rig, and animate. Good times in the 3D Lab...

His name is Krepe (pronounced like "creep"). He's been around for a long time. The first time I drew him was back in 2004. When I was 15. He had a tail back then.

(Autodesk Maya - textures painted in Photoshop)
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Good day boys and girls! :)

So these are some of decorations I drew and animated for the game called Immortals. You could check it out here [link] .

I appreciate any feedback or critiques!

Everything is vector, done with Adobe Flash CS 5.5 C:


Some more animations you may like :)
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Our Memories, the Pirates' Heart

A gift for my girlfriend bday, Pixeling ocean globe music box! :aww:

This's another one which I tried my best to do. Pixel art is very fun to do but also drain a tons of time! ;v;

To did this animated pixel art in this while I've so busy from college activities took me 4 days to complete this one. I'm so tired but I'm glad that it finished in time of my gf birthday (17th June). And also happy how it turn out too! :love::love:

hope you like this one! ^ ^

Tool Used
- Photoshop (draw all)
- Flash (added music)

Music : Saishuu Heiki Kanojo - 18 - Sayonara (Music Box)
Art work (C) *Porforever

For only gif version (no music), here :D

Ahhhh, thank you so much for a DD!!! I'm gonna cry! :iconasdfghplz::iconasdfghplz:
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Well, this took me about an hour a half, or two hours, some would call that a quick sketch, but I don't really know what to chose. I don't think it is totaly finished (with details and stuff) but it still looks very nice.
I sure would like to see that ship in real life =D

well, i've tried out detailing this little sucker. After two years =D
Well hopefully its an improvement =D

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It was pointed out to me by a fellow deviant that smart objects in photoshop are quite awesome and that I should try them out sometime.

I set out this evening to verify..

and sure enough these things are just about perfect for what I have in mind. ..thats what I get for ignoring the nuts and bolts of the program for so long..

Thanks to ~Cube-Pix !



35 frames at 12fps, painted / animated in photoshop, assembled in flash.
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