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Kogn (c) me
вентр хотел поучаствовать во флешмобе со сладостями.. [link] ну короче все опять запорол, и вот вам вместо этого мясцо.

да, она в этой форме немного не в себе. интеллект на уровне животного>_<
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The last illustration of 2012. I did the image just for fun, now is time to vacations :) I will stop one month :))))))
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EDIT: And the winner is ~AspenRaey for $100!

I.... I actually ended up really liking this one LMAO I might just have to make one for myself later :iconpapmingplz:

:bulletred: The minimum bidding increment for each is $5
:bulletred: Only bids made in the comments below, in the correct area will be accepted. No notes please.
:bulletred: Bidders are expected to have the money they bid ready to send by the time the auction is over.
:bulletred: Once you win a bid, you will gain ownership of the character and their design. Feel free to add or change any of their information to better suit your tastes.
:bulletred: You may not trace, copy or resell any of my adoptable designs. 
:bulletred: Bidders MUST be able to pay with paypal.
:bulletred: Prices are in USD (US Dollars)
:bulletred: Once purchased, the adoptables will be posted without the watermark for their new owners.
:bulletred: HAPPY BIDDING!

Starting Bid: $20

Pony ~AspenRaey
Art BentoStars/Melissa Lee
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sorry, i haven't been drawing alot lately so i decided to post something old. i don't remember who it was supposed to be, but i liked the expression so, oh well :)
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thanks for participating, will be noting everyone soon~

lines + ideas by phee, colours by me!!

Moonlight Sonata works as a voice actress in a scare house. Her talents are highly respected, but there are some who would say her wolf howl is a little too realistic...
Saddle Stitch creates some of the most briliant Halloween costumes this side of Canterlot. Just where did she learn to sew that well?
Sweet Tooth's spooky treats are absolutely delicious... but why doesn't anyone ever see her eat her own creations?

:star: BIDDING STARTS AT $10 AUD :star:
autobuy: n/a

Please make a new comment to bid instead of replying to the previous bidder!
so, the comments will look like this:
(bid here)
    (comment one)
    (comment two)
this is just so i can keep track of bids ;v; if you want me to notify you when you're outbid i'd be more than happy.

:bulletblue: I take Paypal only! I do not take point offers.
:bulletpink: Bidding will last until 10 pm AEST (sydney time), Friday (01/11).
:bulletblue: You can change name, gender, race, appearance, cutie mark etc. Once purchased, the character is completely yours (you’re free to humanise them as well).
:bulletblue: Upon purchase you'll receive a larger, unwatermarked version of the pony! Unfortunately we cannot provide larger sized cute mark images at this time.
:bulletpink: NO BID RETRACTING! once placed, it's final!
:bulletblue: PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU CAN PAY WITHIN 48 HOURS thank you uwu
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How To Train Your Dragon stamp #4
Made with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0
How To Train Your Dragon © DreamWorks/Cressida Cowell ect
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Just because Llamahog Gertrude Bicknevis III is safe and sound back at home in Los Angeles, doesn't mean you can't bring home a little Llamahog too. Download our brand new Llamahog wallpaper and enjoy the cross-bred beauty all year long. Happy Llamahog Day!

2560x1600, iPhone (640x960) and iPad (1024x1024) are included in the .ZIP file.
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I might make this a new species (closed) too ^-^
Ball jointed doll, the crystals in there chests are their life source and most treasured item, they are genderless and are genuinely quite shy, they like nice clothes and tend to dislike being alone.And dont really like to wear shoes they tend to wear socks on just go it bare foot
would people take customs of these for $10 i really enjoyed drawing this so i was wondering~

Highest Bidder -@Rokita-Adopts
starting bid : $8
min increase: $1
Autobuy : $50

Please comment under the BID HERE comment (reply) below 

Closes on the  25/1/14 - 10-30pm
Ill update an hour before closing 
No reselling please, comment if you are interested. You can use them for whatever once sold. Please ask if you want to use it for anything related to selling merch etc, please pay in USD and pay the service fee my paypal is If you have any questions just ask.
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Well, here's my first stamp. :3 Much thanks to :iconkabrotti: for making the stamp template. Personally, I think Nami's the most interesting and unique out of all the bachelorettes in Harvest Moon, which is why she's my favorite. She is a bit cold and insecure towards you at first, but if you give her some time and patience, she'll warm up to you. That and...
Muffy- Too bubbly and ditzy for me. Sorry Muffy fans. Also she can be pretty prissy when placed in a situation that involves getting her hands dirty (wiping dirty tables, farm work, etc.) and if the farmer gives her a "bad gift" or says the wrong thing. Also too much of a flirt, who wants a "big strong man to take care of her". :/ Yeah... not my type.
Celia- She's alright. Nice, helpful, "down to earth". Also, I heard she helps out on the farm if you marry her. But... no offense, she's pretty much one of those cliche girls who are "kind, simple, and hardworking" that ends up with the handsome prince. Also I heard if you marry her, and if you don't work at all, she still doesn't leave you... -.-;
Lumina- Pedophilia anyone??? XD
Any Nami fans like myself feel free to use this. ;P
Stamp Template (c) :iconkabrotti:
Nami (c) Natsume
Nami Stamp (c) Me (Complements to Photoshop)
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