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The Doctor & The TARDIS - 2011

Photo taken by Jeff Johnson.
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This is a commissioned set of seven Egyptian Masks for a local customer. Familiar faces are Anubis, Horus and Thoth (center row). New designs for this set are Osiris (top center) and three of the Four Sons of Horus: Hapi (bottom left), Duamutef (bottom center) and Kebhsenuf (bottom right).

All seven masks are my original designs and made of leather, hand carved, shaped and painted with acrylics.
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chakra tribal necklace

more pictures and info soon @ >> [link] and >>>
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I have Pocket Krakens back in stock ( for now) if anyone is interested --> [link] :)
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commission bag
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Here is a totally cute WoW custom I did. I still have another one to upload, but that will have to wait until a little later today.

:bulletblack: Join my Group! #Artistic-Gaming
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Quick! Who was a fully functional, anatomically correct android long before a former cop named Gene Roddenberry came up with a series called Star Trek?

Right! It's R. Daneel Olivaw, who is the most commonly appearing character of the most prolific writer, Issac Asimov. (He was also the original Robocop, when you think about it.)

To learn more, I recommend the Robot Trilogy (The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn, and Robots and Empire) and the Foundation Series (in chronological order: Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation, Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation, Foundation's Edge, Foundation and Earth). :iconnaoplz:

This plushie was made as a prize donation to :iconasimov-club:


R. Daneel "stands" approximately 16" tall. Materials used include Loops and Threads Impeccable in aran; Caron Simply Soft in ocean, soft white, and sunshine; Red Heart Soft Yarn in toast; buttons and tulip paint.

Closeup picture: [link]

Reference used was a paperback cover of Caves of Steel: [link]

And of course (c) to Asimov. Duh. :|
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i ablosutly love this little guy, this was my first attempt at making this cutie. though i do have to admit it was fun yet a pain in my a$$! i will be making more of these cuties for people to buy just send me a note for more info on commisions.

medium: sculpeyIII, 2 resued bottle cap, crystal clear spray
time: 3+ hours

Murloc (c) and owned by World of Warcraft
Sculpture made made by :iconreptiviteartist: as fanart
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For :iconconlangers:

Materials: graphing paper, pen, my noodle
Time: way less time then it took me to get around to posting it
Conlang: Guhan
Conscript: Gahasoka
Content: curry beef recipe
Word Count: english, idk, idc; guhan, 108

For this I created these words/phrases*:

Grill- busai
Boil- mamekedai
Sauté- ritekei te saa
Fry- ritekei
Simmer- mamekedai sune
Slice- degoroi nae
Chop- degoroi, ekaroi
Dice- ekaroi pela
Mince- ekaroi pelijis
Bake- dokeekoi
Cook- mekedai

Spiced- far
Bite-sized- ke peoru simi rupa

recipe- kotaura
chunk- eka
blade- seta
knife- de
skillet- najadoke
pot- tora
pan- ovato
stove, oven- doke
oil- saa
celery- selari
pepper- kara
onion- turi
garlic- ja
seasoning- fara
milk- leta

Pol. polite
Pl. plural
P. present tense
Pass. passive voice
C. counting unit
Imp. imperative
PosComp. positive comparative
O. object
Inf. infinitive

If I overlooked any, let me know.

a-satel far
Pol.beef seasoned
beef seasoned
Curry Beef


una turi, degol-o-ji nae
one onion cut.P.Pass thin
one onion (diced )
one onion, diced

debea hal kara vere, ekal-o-ji pela
half of pepper green chop.P.Pass small
half of (green pepper) (diced )
half a green pepper, diced

una-asil selari, degol-o-ji
one-C celery cut.P.Pass
(one rib of) celery (chopped)
one rib of celery, chopped

ade-avapa ja, baful-o-ji
two-C garlic crush.P.Pass
(two cloves) garlic crushed
two cloves of garlic, crushed

upi hal Lon-don buroil
C of London broil
(a pound) of London broil
a pound of London Broil

tugulupa hal saa
ladle of oil
tablespoon of oil
tbsp of oil

debea for tugu hal sodia-selari (oto: sodia, simi amelo)
half of spoon of celery salt or salt like like
half a teasoon celery salt or salt (to taste )
half a tspn of celery salt (alternatively: salt, to taste)

debea for tugu hal falas hal alo-a hal paum-kin
half of spoon of spices of pie.Pl of pumpkin
half a teaspoon (pumpkin pie spice )
half a tspn of pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice)

(sinamon, jaipal, jin-jir, kurudu)
cinnamon nutmeg ginger allspice

una-agu leta
one.C milk
one cup of milk

Degoro-l na-is turi-n. Ekaro-l pela kara-nu-ku vere
cut.Imp thin-PosComp onion.O chop.Imp small pepper.O.and green
(Thinly slice ) onion (dice ) (green pepper and)
Thinly slice the onion. Dice the green pepper and

selari-n. Nugo-l na najadoke te ja-s ia-s-en
celery.O put.Imp in skillet with garlic-Pl vegetable.Pl.O
celery Put in skillet with garlic (all vegetables
celery. Put all the vegetables in the skillet with garlic

la so riteke-l te saa. Degoro-l hona ega-s
all and fry.Imp with oil cut.Imp into piece.Pl
) and (sauté ) Cut into pieces
and sauté. Cut the beef into

aser-is-agar die ke peoru simi rupa a-satel-en.
some.CompPos.Comp -- as size like bite Pol.beef.O
slightly more than -- (bite-sized ) beef
slightly larger than bite-sized chunks.

Gouse-l ia-s-en, aditu-l a-satel-en. Mekeda-l karisi
move.Imp vegetable.Pl.O add.Imp Pol.beef.O cook.Imp almost
Move aside vegetables add beef Cook almost
Push the vegetables to the side, add the beef. Cook the beef until

ito banas-o, te-l teneha na najadoke umela-s-en
until finish.P mix.Imp together in skillet thing.Pl.O
until is finished Mix together in skillet things
almost done. Mix everything together in the skillet

so aditu-l leta-nu-ku fala-s-en. Mamekeda-l karisi so
and add.Imp milk.O.and spice.Pl.O boil.Imp almost and
and add milk and spices Boil almost and
and add the milk and spices. Bring almost to a boil

pole-l mameked-ai sune tebu mo oto sefe geno-a.
allow.Imp boil.Inf slow for ten or fifteen minute.Pl
allow (to simmer ) for ten or fifteen minutes
and allow it to simmer for ten or fifteen minutes.

Rapara-l simi amel-o fara-n. Fute-l simi vanat-o ba
adjust.Imp like like.P flavor.O serve.Imp like want.P with
Adjust (to taste) seasoning Serve (as desired ) with
Adjust seasoning to taste. Serve with your choice

el-usa-ku ia-s ula-n.
grain.Pl.and vegetable.Pl it.O
grains and vegetables it
of grain and vegetables.

*I also made the recipe, and I've only made it once, at about 1/3 scale, so I don't promise the results of this ...although, what I had was good.
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For my big brother and my sweet sister-in-law. They just had their one-year anniversary~ :heart:

This one took a very long time - the architectural background element alone took upwards of eight hours - but the happy couple liked it, so it was worth the work.  :) My favorite paper in this one is the pale yellow used for the bride's hair!

Sketch version!…
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