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[CONTEST] $80+ worth of prizes (Ended)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 6, 2013, 2:24 AM

:iconmkat7::iconbayneezone::iconshikafy: are holding a contest to draw our OCs!

:star::star:-->The contest has ended . We are now currently in a judging process. :star::star:

Rules are simple:

:bulletgreen: Pick the OC(s) you'd like to draw. If you are drawing multiple, only draw them with the characters from the same group.
:bulletgreen: Do not use bases or traces, original work only, and should be made FOR the contest.
:bulletgreen: Keep them in character.
:bulletgreen: There will be 3 categories in this contest
- 3 characters in a single picture
- 2 characters in a single picture
- 1 character in a single picture

:bulletgreen: You may submit one per category.
:bulletgreen: Submissions should be a form of visual arts, that is traditional or digital in any style of your choosing.
:bulletgreen: You do not have to tell us if you are planning on participating, simply link the deviation in comments and we'll eventually find it.
:bulletgreen:If there are less than 10 entries for any one category, the contest in that category will not continue and the entries will be merged into another category.


+ Relationships

Group 1 -

Hiems Mansion

Frank - Noodles - Morgan

Click here for information about their relationship.

Group 2 -

Heart Shrine Village Travelers

Nagisa - Ubume - Koemi

Click here for information about their relationship.

Group 3 -

Random Group of Traveling Weirdos

Criminal - Hoichi - Yusataka

Click here for information about their relationship.


Three prizes for 1st – 3rd place for all three characters in one picture:

1st place:

• $25 Paypal
• 1 year Premium Membership (or :points: equivalent)
• Digital art from Shikafy
• Clean artwork from BayneezOne
• Random art from Taminki
• Halfbody coloured sketch from MayaNara
• Fullbody with simple bg hyuga-hime
• Drawing from ToaTepsak
• Full body coloured from Pho3nixX08
• Coloured Bust from Honoka--chan
• Coloured Halfbody from Kuuru-kun
• Drawing from isupportomnom
• 200 :points: from Jyukai-Koudan
• The satisfaction you made us happy :'>

2nd place:

• 3 month Premium Membership (or :points: equivalent)
• Full body from Shikafy
• Clean sketch from BayneezOne
• Halfbody coloured sketch from MayaNara
• Fullbody coloured (w/o background) from WhipCrack
• Drawing from ToaTepsak
• Headshot from Pho3nixX08
• Coloured Bust from Honoka--chan
• 150 :points: from Jyukai-Koudan

3rd place:

• 1 month Premium Membership (or :points: equivalent)
• Pixel or Chibi from Shikafy
• Sketch from BayneezOne
• Halfbody coloured sketch from MayaNara
• Drawing from ToaTepsak
• Headshot from Pho3nixX08
• Coloured Bust from Honoka--chan
• 50 :points: from Jyukai-Koudan

Two prizes for 1st and 2nd place for two characters in one picture:

1st place:

• 6 month Premium Membership (or :points: equivalent)
• Full body drawing from Shikafy
• Clean sketch from BayneezOne
• Fullbody (coloured w/o background) from Lelzzy
• Half-body (w/o background) from Lu-chan11
• Coloured Chibi from Dofuuhua
• Coloured Bust from Kuumone
• Coloured Bust from Honoka--chan
• Drawing from ToaTepsak
• 100 :points: from Jyukai-Koudan
• 50 :points: from Deidarakitty

2nd place:

• 1 month Premium Membership (or :points: equivalent)
• Pixel or Chibi from Shikafy
• Sketch from BayneezOne
• Half-body (w/o background) from Lu-chan11
• Coloured Bust from Kuumone
• Coloured Bust from Honoka--chan
• Drawing from ToaTepsak
• 50 :points: from Jyukai-Koudan
• 50 :points: from Deidarakitty

One prize for 1st place for 1 character in one picture:

• 3 month Premium Membership (or :points: equivalent)
• Pixel or Chibi from Shikafy
• Sketch from BayneezOne
• Coloured Chibi from thatone-kid
• Coloured Chibi from Dofuuhua
• Quickie Cartoon from EmperialMausi
• Drawing from ToaTepsak
• Coloured Bust from Honoka--chan
• 220 :points: from CuteKoi2903
• 50 :points: from Jyukai-Koudan

Honorable mentions will get featured and 100 :points:
* All winners will be featured on our profiles

Thanks sooooo much for the people who contributed prizes :iconlazypoolplz:

We will be judging based on scores from 1-10 for individual categories. The judges will be :iconmkat7::iconbayneezone::iconshikafy: and we'll use actual math to fairly judge the winners of the contest.

• Creativity (40%)
• Aesthetics (20%)
• Character likeness (20%)
• Effort (20%)

If there are any questions or concerns, you can note any of the judges or leave a comment.

End date:

March 5th

at .....well. Timezones are too hard to figure out, so on that day sometime. xD

And most importantly, have fun!

You can check out all the contest entries here

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Profile | Commissions Info | Gallery

My dear friends! This is my second time to organize art contest. Last year the competition was great: was more than a hundred persons, and not less than 50 members who have passed the work. The magnificent arts and an incredible amount of ideas and imagination, as well as the means of their implementation.
I would like to repeat his stunning success, and from that moment I announce Art Contest 2013 is open!
I promise you even more prizes, art prizes and more valuable - cash & point prizes. A variety of promotional gifts. And, of course, participation of guaranteed prizes!

This year's competition will be judged several judges, where the winner will be chosen by a vote, and the results will be submitted and posted in the shortest possible time.

The list of judges:
1. Aria Linara
2. Shadow
3. Agniya
4. IzaPug

A little about the topics.
Last year's and my personal experience has shown that for talented man insufficiently one or two topics. He needs space to "flight", but we need some concreteness. After weighing the "pros" and "cons" I have created four wonderful themes.

1. Roads. What do you associated with the word "road"? Personally for me - it's the joy of distant travel, unity, interesting places and landscapes of incredible beauty. I would like to know what it means to you is the road. Drow anyone of my characters and if you wanted any from judges characters.
Aru`s reference sheet by LowerSunMeliongoliah by LowerSun=Bridget-Amelia's Reference Sheet 2013= by LowerSun=Tapashi`s Reference Sheet 2012= by LowerSun

2. Friends forever. I, Agniya and Shadow best friends. In this topic draw us together. May be this is been weekend on villa or shopping.
Aru`s reference sheet by LowerSunReference Sheet for Shadow 2012 by Shadow--TwilightAgniya Reference Sheet 2012 by Agniya-fox

3. Stylization. I'm giving you a chance to come up with their own theme, but you have to style it. What is a pastiche? Pastiche - is a fitting image for a well-defined criteria. Stylization may be stylistic (decorative forms) and colored (for example, you can choose 3 colors and perform all work in these three colors). Make sure to include the topic title and / or the type of styling.
Aru`s reference sheet by LowerSunMeliongoliah by LowerSun=Bridget-Amelia's Reference Sheet 2013= by LowerSun=Tapashi`s Reference Sheet 2012= by LowerSun

4. The fourth theme is different from all previous ones, though, because will be given a very broad field for the imagination. The bottom line is that it gives you large number of characters, you just have to choose one of my own and any number of characters of the characters judges. I have to say that you can draw anything you want and the number of characters in one picture is not limited.
Aru`s reference sheet by LowerSunMeliongoliah by LowerSun=Bridget-Amelia's Reference Sheet 2013= by LowerSun=Tapashi`s Reference Sheet 2012= by LowerSunReference Sheet for Shadow 2012 by Shadow--TwilightRocky-Dock refsheet RUS by Shadow--TwilightPug by IzaPugDeath Panther by IzaPugFlorest Guardian by IzaPugAgniya Reference Sheet 2012 by Agniya-fox

On the note.
I, Shadow and Agniya are the best of friends, and all other judges is my friends and acquaintances.
Basically, all my characters are as close to nature and, therefore, the habitat is corresponding.
If you do not know what type of performance to choose, then choose what you do best. We do not have any particular preference. Digital can win as well as working in a traditional style.
Friends do not delay contest "for later." The sooner you draw the job, the better. We will have more time to admire your work
Welcomed comments to work; explanation of the plot.

Deadline. Dec 01.13 20:00 GMT

With the participation necessary.
1.Watch me, because you must watching the news, changes and results.
2. Send a request to this journal or Note.
3. Under the work or in their comments to her, write the theme you have chosen.
4. Upon completion of the work, submit it in your gallery.
5. In Note, on a wall or in a journal to send a URL of the work.

More information about prizes.

1st Place
$60 / 5000:points:
Art prizes from judges
Watches and llamas from judges

2nd Place
$20 / 1500:points:
Art prizes from judges
Watches and llamas from judges

3rd Place
$10 / 800:points:
Art prizes from judges
Watches and llamas from judges

4th Place
$5 / 300:points:
Art prizes from judges
Watches and llamas from judges

5th Place
$2 / 100:points:
Art prizes from judges
Watches and llamas from judges

Sympathy prize of the contest organizer.
Watches and llamas from judges

People's choice prize.
Watches and llamas from judges

The Prize for the best performance.
Watches and llamas from judges

The prize for the best idea.
Watches and llamas from judges

If does not reach 200 participants, the prizes are halved, except for additional awards and nominations.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
I wish all the participants good luck! May the most worthy!

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Hosted by - :iconrne-stables:

START: APRIL 10th 2014 // ENDS: JUNE 10 2014

This is a tournament for All Draft breeds. Must be a draft horse breed/type
Fantasy Breeds allowed - No powers. No wings.


SIGN UPS // APRIL 10th - April 18th
You must have a sign up entry - This is will be a standing image of your horse in full jousting gear + rider in armor.
RNE Stables Hosts a Joust! by TintedGreen
Form for Sign Ups:
Horse Name:
Horse Ref:
Horse Breed:
Stable: (if you have one)

Fortis Miles - Joust Contest by Blackbiene Cedany and Cineras - Ready to Joust by Midnitella Phantasma Jousting Sign Up Entry by AngelicMoments

2 week allotted time for each to complete the Picture

There are 8 slots (or more - there just has to be an even number of Contenders)
Once all the signs ups are in  - we will roll for your opponent. (


PERSON 1                                                                                    PERSON 5
------------ WINNER ROUND 1                              WINNER ROUND 1 -----------
PERSON 2                                                                                    PERSON 6
-------------------------------- FINAL BATTLE --------------------------------
PERSON 3                                                                                    PERSON 7
------------ WINNER ROUND 1                              WINNER ROUND 1 -----------
PERSON 4                                                                                    PERSON 8 


After the bracket has been filled out - The entrants will be posted in this journal - as well as their art.
Your Sign up entry will be used to keep track of your fights. so you MUST draw a signup entry.

So person A would draw Example:…
And Person B would draw the same (but flipped) 
These images must be flipped because I will be using them to announce the winners for each round

This could also be a "Starting" Image.
-- Rider sizing up his opposition.
-- Getting ready to charge.
-- any cool rearing scene from a knights tale.

Then it will be judged (comparing your gallery to your entry)
-- Coloring & Shading
-- Background
-- Horse & Rider in full gear
-- putting your opponent in your image adds extra points

Each Fight has 2 weeks to complete your entry. Failure to complete an entry is considered a forfeit. 

Dont Have a Drafty Beast? I will allow you to rent any of the following ponies:
-- More to be added when I complete their refs

But you will use my Stable tack - I will note you with those options

  RNE Brutum by TintedGreen RNE Caligo by TintedGreen 009 RNE Priabus by TintedGreen

Currently Rented out Horses:
DutchDefqon & B-69 RNE CARNIS by TintedGreen 


GRAND CHAMPION -  Final Bracket winner

500 pts

Reserve Champion - Final Bracket, opposing contender.

350 pts

Runner Up -  Round 1 Winners

50 pts

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Design contest!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 8:11 AM
Profile | Gallery | Youtube

EDIT; To browse entry's ---->…

Looking for people who like to design characters...

So what I'm looking for is;


- Emo/Scene character
- Red/ Tan OR Black/ greys for the main colour  something along the lines of this colour ---> - Red/ Tan for the main colour or this pallette is nice (…) OR   something along the lines of this colour --->… or this --->…
- Feel free to use Grey browns whites and blacks...
- Lots of accessories!
- Quite complex design
- Interesting eye markings (If you draw the hair over the eyes please draw a seperate head so I can see the face markings x'D)
- Female or male!
- I like chequered patterns...

Note; I will keep the design that place first, second and third. All other designs can be sold or kept by the designer

EDIT; I've added some colour pallettes I like... check them out? YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THEM -.- But I like them x'D………………………………

Please try to have a go! Will make me feel special <3

So the due date is; 15th April 2012
The due date may change depending on if everytone has the right amount of time


If you can donate some prizes I will love you forever!

1st place gets-
-Icon from abandons
- A fullbody from sweaterkitty
-a traditional media request, of any medium (except sculpture) of this newly generated OC in an interactive setting with the contest winner's OC in a style, pose, and place of the winner's choice. The original work will be mailed to the winner after completion, if the winner so chooses from WaruiJaNai
-watch from mangojellygirl
-Llama from mangojellygirl
- 2 pictures with little BG and shading from me-Liisa
- full body color+shaded from Shinju-Tsukuda
-2 Fakescreenshots
-Watch if im not watching you
-10 faves
-Llama if I haven't already
- 1 Fullbody, detail, bg, and shading from lonepaws

2nd place gets-
-Icon from abandons
- A chibi
-Watch if im not watching you
-5 faves
-Llama if I haven't already
- 1 Headshot, Detail, bg, and Shading from lonepaws
-Llama from mangojellygirl

3rd place gets-
- 2 Chibi, Detail, Gradient BG and shading from lonepaws
-Llama from mangojellygirl

Hope you all join!
Comment if you are, and post me a link of your entry <333

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Kohu's Summer Contest! [CLOSED, judging!]

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 9, 2013, 12:37 PM
Update on September 16th: This contest is closed! I'm currently judging, and will have the results no later than Wednesday of this week. :) Thanks so much for participating everyone, there are a ton of amazing entries!

Update on August 30th: A few people have been asking, so the contest has been extended to September 15th. Please get your entries in by then! Also, I've added a couple more prizes to the main art contest.

Update on June 27th: This is still open, about two months left to enter. :3 I'm going to keep trying to work on refs of other characters, but in case I don't get around to it, I'll probably be doing another contest eventually anyway. ;3 So please don't wait on other refs to enter (it takes me so long to do them, lol, I = slow]. If there's a character you really want to do that isn't there, you can check out the next contest. :3 Also, I have re-opened the advertising contest, so check it out! You can win art. :) 

Update on June 8th: Still working on refs, hope to have more hammered out in the next few weeks after I finish my last two commissions and make some headway 
on collabs.

Update on May 23rd: I decided to increase the prices/prizes a little. :)

Alright, both contests are open - the art contest, and the character design contest!

It's summer, and I've wanted to do a contest for awhile now, so here you go! :3  The contest begins now! There are two main art contests - a general art contest, where you draw one or more of my characters, and a character design contest, where you design a character for me. <3 There is also an advertising contest. 

I'll be adding more characters in the coming weeks, so don't fret if you don't see someone you want to draw yet. I'm redoing some of the character designs that I had originally (Ua, Ragai, Ari, etc.) so if you want to draw anyone except those listed below, please wait until I finish their new references. 

If you  have a question, please ask, and I can try to add it to the list of info below or start a FAQ if I need to. 

Art Contest Prizes
First place $75* and a 3-character colored fullbody picture with background
Second place $35* and a 2-character colored fullbody picture with background
Third place $20* and a 1-character colored fullbody picture with background
Fourth place $15* and a 1-character colored fullbody picture with background
Fifth place/sixth place/seventh place $10 and a 2-character colored headshot with background
Honorable mentions (currently 6) 1-character colored headshot with background + dA :points:
Everyone who enters A free feature at the end of the contest + dA :points:

Character Design Contest Prizes:
Character design contest winners (currently 6) 1-character colored bustshot
Everyone who enters A free feature at the end of the contest. 

*Please note that I only send money via Paypal. If you'd rather get dA points instead of the $, I can convert them. :)

Prize Info: 
  1. For artwork - I can try drawing any kind of animal, but I'm pretty poor at humans, though I can certainly try to do them. Bear in mind that I will not draw anything above PG-13. 
  2. You may enter more than once, and you can win more than one prize. 
  3. The number of honorable mentions will depend upon how many individuals enter the contest. Starting out, there will be 3 honorable mention slots. Honorable mentions will also get dA :points: (a pool of 3,000 :points: will be split between however many honorable mentions there end up being). 
  4. Everyone who enters the main contest (not the character design contest) and does not win a main prize will get to split a pool of 1,000 dA :points:
  5. The number of character design contest winners will also depend on how many individuals enter the contest/how many designs I really like. Starting out, there will be 6 slots. 
  6. The prizes might go up depending on number and quality of entries. Closer to the end of the contest, I might also try to purchase some commission slots from other artists around dA for prizes. 

Deadline Info: 
  1. These contests will begin on April 12, 2013. 
  2. Deadline for these contests is September 1st, 2013. It may be extended by one week after the end date if people are still working on their contest entries, but you must note me beforehand to let me know you'd like an extension. 

Art Contest Info: 
  1. For the art contest, draw one or more of my characters (listed below).
  2. I like all kinds of art (digital/traditional/etc.) so you can do anything, I don't have a preference for style, you can do anything (cartoon, realism, semi-realism, etc.). Writing entries are not accepted, however, sorry! 
  3. You may enter more than once, and you can win more than one prize.
  4. You may enter pictures that have more than one character, but please don't cross stories (for example, Kohu now has her own story, so please don't draw her with Tumoja/Ashki/Ari/etc.). I will be adding more characters as I finalize their looks. 
  5. I will be judging based on artistic quality and creativity. 
  6. If you have any other questions, comment here or note me please. I will be adding more characters over the summer as I draw more of them, so don't fret if a character you want to draw doesn't appear here yet - I'm still working on their reference! 
  7. To enter, send me a NOTE with a link to your picture, and state whether you're entering the art contest or the character design contest. You MUST post on DA so that I can link to the thumbnail. Please don't put the image into DA storage.
Character Design Contest info
  1. For the character design contest, design me an original character! It doesn't have to be for any particular story. 
  2. I like all kinds of art (digital/traditional/etc.) so you can do anything, I don't have a preference for style, you can do anything (cartoon, realism, semi-realism, etc.). Writing entries are not accepted, however, sorry! 
  3. You may enter more than once, and you can win more than one prize.
  4. I will be judging based on the character designs I like the best. :>
  5. I tend to prefer natural designs, but a little bright/non-natural color is fine too.
  6. I would like to see normal species (lions, tigers, dogs, cats, antelope, etc.). Some fantasy species (unicorns, dragons) are also fine. No personal made-up species, please, and no anthros, just regular animals. 
  7. Extra accessories (necklaces, bracelets, etc.) are all fine. 
  8. You may use bases to design the character, it doesn't need unique lineart unless you'd really like to. 
  9. If you win the contest, I get rights to the character. If you don't win the contest, you're free to sell or keep your unused design. 
  10. To enter, send me a NOTE with a link to your picture, and state whether you're entering the art contest or the character design contest. You MUST post on DA so that I can link to the thumbnail. Please don't put the image into DA storage.

Advertising rules and prizes:
  1. Advertising contest - Opening #2: Closed.
  2. Ends: Sunday, June 30th, at 6 PM EST. I will then use a random number generator online to pick a winner(s), and post the screencap of that.
  3. Please read all rules before posting.
  4. To enter, post a journal advertising the contest, then please post a comment in this journal with a link to your advertisement. You don't have to feature me ... I just would like a link to this contest journal. :) Then I'll put your name in a raffle for art. 
  5. The number of winners will depend on the number of entries I get. Right now (since there are no entries), there will be 1 winner. You will get a single-character bookmark with minimal background (like this:…. I won't be printing out/sending the bookmarks, sorry; I'm still in the process of figuring out how to do this. But you can certainly print out the image when you get it for your own use!
  6. The number of tickets you get is exactly the # of watchers you have at the time that I see your advertising journal. 
  7. Tickets (CLOSED):
    1. 1-30: Sunidelite
    2. 31-1893: KanuTGL
    3. 1894-2146: AleuWolfess
    4. 2147-2250: Agmen12
  8. WINNER: (KanuTGL!]


Inheritance Characters

Setting: Africa. The Lion King III: Inheritance is a fan story that continues after the events of The Lion King I and The Lion King II. Obviously the Pridelands are one of the main settings for the story; the hyenas live deep in a desert just outside one of the mountain borders. I'll add a few more places a little later when I add more characters. You may draw the characters with some of the TLK characters too (Kovu, Kiara, Simba, Nala, etc.). :> 

Character #1: Fura
The daughter of Shenzi, Fura nurses a bitter hatred towards Simba and the Pridelanders after she saw her mother pulled down by the 'brutes' before her very eyes. After a little mishap with the Pridelanders' heir, Kopa, Fura flees with her clan to the relative safety of the desert. There, she grooms her daughters, Ua and Siha, to ultimately return to the Pridelands and reclaim their birthright. Fura clearly favors the eldest, Ua, the stronger and far more outgoing cub. Such obvious favoritism is slowly but surely inciting a very dangerous rivalry between the siblings as Siha grows desperate under the torments of her brutal, spoiled sister.  
Reference pictures: Inheritance - Prologue Page 1 by kohu-arts  [Cub image coming soon]

Character #2: Tumoja
The eldest son of Kovu and Kiara, Tumoja is next in line for the Pridelands throne. The trouble is, the heir - who is, sadly, the 'runt' of the litter - is too shy, sweet, reserved ... and something of a coward. Although they love him, his father Kovu and even his grandfather Simba are worried about his ability to take over the throne, with all the pressures a ruling King must deal with. Worse, his younger brother Ari teases him at every chance he can get, partly out of jealousy over what Tumoja will one day become. Eventually, his sibling's taunts and his father's doubts drive an adolescent Tumoja to run away from home during a time of rising conflict in the Pridelands. 
Reference pictures: Inheritance Reference - Tumoja [Cub] by kohu-arts (Adult image coming soon)

Character #3:  Ashki and Zeze
The youngest child of Kovu and Kiara, and their only daughter, Ashki is the the intelligent, logical one of the family. Unlike Tumoja, she is more than capable of sticking up for herself, and tends to express exasperation with her older brother Ari and her cousins' antics. Preferring the company of Zazu's only daughter, Zeze, over her rambunctious and often bickering siblings and cousins, Ashki is more often found roaming around the lands, learning all she can about other creatures and  making friends in the unlikeliest of places. She occasionally has a tendency to express a know-it-all attitude, but her heart is in the right place. 
Reference pictures: Ashki and Zeze by kohu-arts [Adult images coming soon]

Character #4: Coming soon. 

Messengers Characters

Setting: Post-apocalyptic Morocco, around 5024 A.D. 

Character #1: Coming soon.

Kohu's Story (no name yet) Characters

Setting: This story isn't very well fleshed out yet, but it has a great deal of Tibetan and Chinese influences - think snow, cherry blossoms, pavilions, mountains! 

Character #1: Kohu
Very shy, very quiet, very unsure of herself. More coming soon as I work on her story. :3 She has two main pelt colors - one a 'winter' pelt that's more grayscale in color, and a 'summer' pelt that's a bit more warm-gray in coloration (and her nose has a splash of paler pink to it with her summer pelt). 
Reference picture (winter pelt): Kohu Reference by kohu-arts Tibetan Mountains by DolphyDolphiana
Reference picture (summer pelt): Why Do You Have To Be So Cute, Kohu? by ShimiArt

Character #2: Coming soon. 

I think that's it! Please read everything before you note me with a question. :> 

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edit: ok so no more entered will be accepted at this time, if you posted a design and i asked you to change it you have 24 hours to get it up to passing terms with the rules before judging starts, good luck!!

EDIT: ok, so were don't to the last hour left to enter, I just wanna make it clear that entries must be submitted here, in comment for for the entry to be counted at all. if it is nt submitted here in comment form then there is no way for me to find or let you know that stuff on it needs to be changed. ALSO if you post your entry before midnight and i tell you that stuff needs to be changed, you can change and update your entry after midnight, this is totally fine and understandable, just don't wait like... several days to update it since I'm gonna start judging this weekend and be announcing winners soon after, please keep this in mind (lets say please make edits and submit updated entered within 24 hours from the time i ask for it to be changed, i thin that is reasonable)

EDIT NOV 7TH: please make sure to get your enteries in by tonight midnight southern CA time!! that is when entries close and judging starts!!

edit2: decided from the poll votes to extend the contest 1 week, making the new deadline november 7th at midnight.

edit: added a little fade examples guide for how finkx body fades work, with what is ok/not ok. Let me know if you still have any questions!! I am happy to answer them c:
I have decided to do a make your own finkx contest!!!


-you must draw and upload an image of your finkx entry to DA so I can add it to the contest folder
-Please follow the rules for the species (finkxes that don't follow the rules will not be counted in the contest and will not be allowed to be made official or to win)
-3 entries max, though only 1 of your finkx entries will be able to win.
-common, and uncommon traits are fair game, but finkxes can only have up to 2 rare traits and 1 mutation or super rare trait.
-Please no halloween themed finkxes, I already have a list of halloween finkxes I'm going to be making that have their own special stuff going on, having one that is fall theemed is ok though (or pretty much any other theme out there, finkxes can have any colors and theme so don't limit yourself to just fall because its october lol)
-Please post a link to your entry here on this journal so I can find it easily and don't miss it for the contest. I will ignore any links sent via note or other method.
-feel free to post questions here! especially so that if someone else has the same question they can see the answer in the comments (I'll feature comments with questions and their answers to make them easier to find)
-finkxes that are made official wether by winning or paying the fee at the end of the contest can only be traded or sold for the same amount that the fee to make then official was.
-Absolutely no tracing or copying of anyone else's art or characters, If i catch anyone copying stuff from others they will be blacklisted from the contest and possibly from further myo/custom/auction events if it is really bad.
-please follow my TOS

(please no glitched contract finkxes for this contest)


common, uncommon and rare trait sheet, also body types: (remember, traits can be mixed together!! you don't have to stick to just one traits appearance as long as it doesn't exceed the rare/mutation/super rare trait limit!)
+SPECIAL WING/EAR NOTE: the markings and colors of the inner wings and the inner ears pretty much always match, they also usually have the same edge type as the ears. I also wanted to make a quick note that inner ears usually have some sort of lacy or interesting design on the inside of them (see finkx examples for examples) and they don't have soft fades on the inside of their ears, but segmented gradients are fine.
Finkx Traits by Aviator33 Finkx Body Types by Aviator33 Finkx Fade Examples Dos And Donts by Aviator33 <<FADE EXAMPLES PLEASE LOOK
Super rare and mutation trait sheet:
 Finkx Super Rare Traits and Mutations by Aviator33

MYO finkx contest ends OCTOBER 31st NOVEMBER 7th at midnight southern CA time! so please get your entries uploaded by then.

depending on how many enteries there are will depend on how many winners there will be, but probably around 1-3 winners per 10 entries~

WINNERS WILL GET THEIR FINKX OFFICIAL FOR FREE and also have the option of adding one more rare/super rare/mutation trait to their finkx! they can also have a little doodle headshot if they like of their new finkx (same style as this)

Any designs that don't win will be able to be made official for a fee, probably around 20$-30$ (will be solidified later) (the fee will only be accepted through PAYPAL)


have fun and good luck!!
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Tips for Being Recognized on deviantART

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 10:46 AM
Hover a question to see the answer

Skin by pjuk

~~ So it' so occurred to me that many deviants here on this site still have no idea how to be noticed for their talent, art and ideas. So I'm going to offer a few tips I found useful.. I hope you enjoy this.. And remember.. These are all just from personal experience.. I do not know how much it'll pertain to each individual, but I hope some still help!.... So let's get started! :iconba-kyunplz:  

Recognize and be Recognized!
All of us as deviants do enjoy recognition in their artwork. Taking time to browse other artist's gallery or message stacks and :+fav: artwork that jumps out at you makes people feel good and encourages them! Also, in doing this simple action, most people take the time to view your page, say thank you and even gift :llama: badges! And you never know.. They just might like what they see! You can never :+fav: too much of people's wonderful art!

Don't Just :+fav: and Run!
While :+fav:-ing is a great, quick way to show appreciation for other artist's hard work, just looking at the thumbnails isn't probably what the artist was going for. Art is meant to be viewed in full view! So click on that thumbnail and really take a moment to pour over the deviation, read the artist's comments, and offer your own comments. deviantART was built on the foundation of sharing art and offering praise, advice and critique. Taking 5 minutes to write a thoughtful, in depth comment as opposed to "cool, cute or nice" or just not commenting at all, will probably make somebody feel really good and smile! Thoughtful comments are what people strive for on their art. Think about it, an artists probably spends an average of 1-2 days, give or take a few days, on their artwork, why not take 5 simple minutes out of your life to acknowledge it? :iconyea-plz:

A :+devwatch:aholic!
If you like someone's art.. For goodness sake :+devwatch: them! Don't get lazy! It takes but 3 seconds to click that button! This simple action shows you're willing to support them in their future art. And be active as well.. We all know once in a while deviantART becomes slow.. Well when that happens hop onto your favorite artist's page and see what they're up to! :iconcutehiplz:

Fanart is Art!
What I've noticed is that people who draw fanart, and not just replications of pictures already existing, but art of canon characters with their own twist, seem to gain popularity quickly! Now don't get me wrong, I'm more of a fan of original art myself, but I do enjoy seeing interesting pictures of my favorite Vocaloids, Anime/Manga characters, book/movie characters ect! Fanart is a great lead way into being noticed, and there are tons of great artists out there who draw both canon characters and original art! So go out there and be a fan of something! :iconsmile-luplz:

Home, Sweet Group!
You might of already guessed it, but submitting art to groups is an amazing way to have your art recognized! Groups were designed to be a commonplace for people who share the same interests as you! There is a multitude of groups, with various interests and likes! From Anime groups, to OC groups, to Writing groups, to groups for all art in general there is sure to be at least one group that suits you and your likes! You can find groups by going to deviantART's scroll down menu and going to the little :house: icon that says Groups! Submit to groups often and don't be afraid to expand the kind of groups you join! :iconyuiswayplz:

No Secret Admirerers here!
If you find you stumble across artists who are particularly inspiring to you.. Tell them! No, not just "I Like your art" :iconorekihuhplz: Seriously.. It's meaningless! No, write a deep, thoughtful and heart felt comment for them! They may be popular, but they're still people and do have feelings! There are not many artists here that feel they're 'too good to reply' so dont be afraid.. comment and tell them how you feel about them and their art! :iconkairiaww-plz:

Turn off those Stacks!
Message Stacks! Turn off the little Stack annotation so you see all of the deviations that come separately! That way you're more likely to see art that catches your eye! You get used to it after awhile and find it to be actually very helpful! :iconclannadsmileplz:

I don't like spam.. I'm a vegetarian.
While art is loved and accepted here, please don't spam us with sketches, WIPS or linearts (unless of course it's for a commission or something of that sort). Thats what your Scrapbook is for! :iconforcesmileplz: Submit your beautiful finished art! While WIPS are always fun to see, we dont want to be overwhelmed with them!

Be Active on this Site!
deviantART offers many opportunities to become an active member here! Contests, polls, discussions.. Everything! Seize the opportunities!Not only does deviantART host multiple contests and stuff, but so do groups and fellow deviants! What can it hurt to join? You've got a shot at winning prizes and an opportunity to expand your skills! The more people see you around, the more likely you'll get acknowledgement. My daddy always said "You ain't gettin' a tan hiding inside all day." ... :iconyuihuhplz: Actually no he never said that |D wat :iconheplz:

Sugar and Spice It's Important to be Nice!
:iconislapyouplz: Sorry for the lame title... But it's very important to be nice!:iconchibikylesocuteplz: Show kindness and genuineness to your fellow deviants! Being rude, mean and cold is not a very approachable attitude. Being nice entices people to get to know you and your art more! :iconizayawinkplz:

Make friends and Be yourself!
"A friend is worth ten thousand fans. ~ Unknown" This statement rings with truth! Whats better than a website that you can share what you love doing, and meet people who love what you love too! A kitten jumping out of a cake in a bikini... *cough* With some sexy male stripper- I-I mean.. Nothing of course :iconmiradafijaplz: //dies This ties back with commenting and being nice! Just talk to people! Be yourself and don't be afraid to be silly! :iconflirtwinkplz: People like to laugh! There are so many great people here! Just dont be afraid to talk with them! :iconrubcheeksplz:

Sharing is Caring!
So, you've heeded these tips and you've become well known among your group of friends and watchers! But the thing is, you know a friend with amazing art and talent.. But they're shy *coughorlazycough*. How to get them more recognition? Well this is a little tricky, first, perhaps link them to this journal :iconrightneplz:, next, features! You've seen them everywhere.. Feature journals, feature spots on deviant's pages, features in groups! Try to spread the word about them, feature them on your page and suggest them to be featured! Also, you may suggest your friend's art for  DD's! If you do not know how to suggest a Daily deviation here's how: :iconsexythumbplz:

Don't get discourgaed.. These things take time!
Please, please, please do not fret so much about being "popular" as much as improving! deviantART is not a place for being subjugated into "popular" and "average" artists... Everyone has a unique style and everyone can become great artists.. You just have to put time, effort and practice into it! Don't worry! You'll get better over the years.. Just keep doing what you love and everything will fall into place... :iconmoewinkplz:

So. Much. Pain.. :iconimfaintingplz: Haha this took 2 and a half hours to put together... So I hope you find this somewhat useful! Please, please, don't be mean! This is meant to help people, and its only based off personal experience. But if you feel like your tip deserves to be up here, and it isn't already, feel free to comment and I'll most likely put it up here! :iconrightneplz: Thank you for reading.. And have a great day! I hope this helps! ~~ :iconchibikyleloveplz: And remember~~

deviantART loves you! :heart:

Kthanksbye :iconhakasenyanniplz:

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:heart: Acts of Random Kindness Contest

Winner: Mommy-of-Ein

My Kindness Quilt by Mommy-of-Ein
Please see the prizes you will be receiving at the bottom of this journal.

Unfortunately, even with a month-long extension, most participants were unable to finish their quilts. With that issue, does anyone have any suggestions for how we should approach or run the next Kindness Quilt Contest?

:star: The Contest Specifics

Start date: November 1
End date: December 31
Quilts accepted: After October 15
Gallery: ARK Quilt 2012
Category: Community Projects / Projects & Clubs / The Kindness Quilt
Voting begins: January 1
Voting ends: January 15
Winners announced: by January 20
Subject matter: Family Memories or Winter Holidays
Resources: Quilt Pack and Quilt Square
Submission Requirements: Must be in the form of a quilt AND tell a story. Quilts accepted in sizes 3x3 and 4x4 (3x3 demo quilt - if you are adventurous enough to do a 5x5, we will accept those too). Quilts must be positive, no thought/talk bubbles, must not use anything against dA rules, must credit all resources properly and may not be a group collaboration. Any visual medium can be used to create the quilt squares (photography, digital, craft, traditional, manipulations, etc). Fanart IS accepted. Bases ARE NOT accepted unless you can link to the original base showing it is not against dA rules (many traced bases are - judges will be picky when it comes to use of resources). ONE submission per participant. Participants need not be a member of deviantHEART.

:heart: Judging and Judges

:bulletpurple: Judges
:iconilantiis: :iconhardrockangel: :iconastrikos: :iconnamenotrequired: :iconrubykinomoto: :iconjamminjo:

:bulletpurple: Judging Parameters
Judges will be judging on creativity, impact of the story, establishment of mood and artistic improvement of the chosen visual medium. While entries must display some artistic knowledge, artistic style and ability will not be pitted against other artists. Instead, for the purposes of artistic improvement, each participants art will be judged against the most recent art in their gallery that is the same type as their quilt. So if an artist uses photographs to create their quilt, judges will look at the most recently submitted photographs in their gallery to see if they tried to improve upon their technique for this contest.

:star: Prizes

:winner: Winner
♥ Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
♥ 3-month premium sub (or point equivalent) from deviantHEART
♥ Features from deviantHEART, iLantiis, Unframed-Nature dAWishingWell ...
♥ 300 points from iLantiis
♥ Custom shirt by iLantiis (design & rules)

:heart: The Demo Quilt

This is a quilt ^^
A Love Story Kindness Quilt: ARK Project by iLantiis

Graphics © iLantiis
dAmn #devheart
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Yusch People! This is another Oc I adopted (Still changed a lot of things).
I Named her Momoko, but she prefers Momo or Tama.
I already had written some Informations in the Picture about her.
But now I'll explane some more infos about her.
Momoko is transexuell.
She is a Girl but she feels like she was born in the wrong body.
That's the reason she ties off her chest (to have a flat chest). Her naturall hair colour is brown, but she dyed some parts of her hair blond.
She has a weakness for Alcohol.Formerly she drank a lot of it to come to terms with her transexuellity.
Also she feels attracted to woman. So no Men would have a chance on her.
Her formerly Village is Kiri Gakure, but now she is a tramper and hikes from Village to Village. So she isn't sedentary.
Momoko gots the Jonin rank but she prefers not to fight people except she has no alternative nor choice to dodge them.
I could Imagine her as a Calm, dominant Person.Not shy.
Her element will be Suiton. Her strengths will be more into Ninjutsu.
And she is also Single.

That's all I got for now.



Wanna join My Fc?:iconsabaku-no-kira-fc:

Naruto,Momoko(c) Masashi Kishimoto
Art,Momoko (c) *Kira-Nibi-Power
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Back to commissions!! ^^ even though i only have like... 2 more to go xD
Commission by: :iconxxbadmancexx: the person who told me to open commissions :P

my attempt at a girl. :O it came out ok ^^ Kasumi's style reminds me of one direction and all the.. london..-ness xD
i just hope i got the style right *^*
i didnt know what you wanted for the background so i kept it blank U.U i will change it if you want:D because i definitely can!
i hope you like it *0* and we still have that collab we wanted to do :D
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