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I recently start to watch *BlastedKing because of their awesome TF2 artwork~
I really love *BlastedKing's Sassy Sniper Oc named Sydney. So! I made some fan art, with my Own Scout OC named Damon.
Sorry for Damon's blunt-ness x'D
I Also hope I got Sydney attitude right!
I came across *BlastedKing when I saw that =DrunkenFangschrecke was cosplaying as the Sassy Sniper himself.

Also posted this on mah Tumblr: [link]
So yeah, here, have some fanart.
Back to commissions.. -rolls away-
Damon the Scout + Art (c) Me~ =NekoMellow
Sydney (c) *BlastedKing
Feb 21, 2013 1:35AM
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I DO NOT SUPPORT THESE SHIPPINGS!!! (i dont support any mlp fim ships)

First come, first serve :iconspikeshrugplz:
Please dont complain if you dont get any adopts (you can always request one though) :iconvinylscratchshrugplz:
Please use the adopts you buy, dont leave them in the dust :3 :iconscrewballshrugplz:
DONT STEAL MY DESIGNS EITHER!!! :iconlunappleshrugplz:

1. LightningDash- Sold
2. Tridence- Sold
3. Chrylestia- Sold
4. OC x Nightmare Moon- Sold

(Im taking shipping adopt requests!! feel free to request any!!) ((cannonxcannon cannonxoc ocxoc is okay!! :D))

Base: :iconsarahmfighter: [link]
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1, 20 points OPEN
2, 15 points CLOSED
3, 10 points CLOSED

Here are the rules!
You may not re-sell it. Just give it back to me if you don't want it anymore. I will put it back up for adoption.
I can put on hold for 24 hours.
One per person only.
You don't have to credit me but please don't claim as your own.
You must send points, before you take them.

Just comment bellow which one you want and send your points! Then they're all yours!

Enjoy! More to come! Aminagi~

!Copyright Lineart is not mine!
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Name: Blaze Heart
Specie: Unicorn
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female/Mare

A little about her
She born in a little village with her mother, father and big brother. She was addopted but she never knew that until she was an teenager.

When she start to learn how to control her magic she accidentally born her village. Her big brother take care of her a couple of years but he could't take care of her and him so he left her in an orphanage when she was 7 years old.

She get her cutie mark when she was 8 years old. When she discover that she can control the fire. She was really rude with the other fillies in the orphanage. One she decide to leave the orphanage because she hate that place, she used to feel so alone. She travel days and one day she enter to the everfree forest and get lost. She was so scared and she start to cry. When she feel that nobody will find her a beutiful blue mare found her. It was Princess Luna and she rescued her.

Luna take care of her a couple of days and then she take her to the orphanage again. Blaze wanted to saty with Luna forever so she ask to her to be her student. Luna went to talk with Celestia and she say that it would be a good idea to have a student. Since that day Blaze live in canterlot.

When she discovered and old photo where she and her big brother were playing she decide to found her old family no matter what. She still remember her big brother but she can't remember her parents.


All the bases used are by *SelenaEde

Blaze Heart (c) ME
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:star::star: 80 Point Adoptables :star::star:

Left column: Earth Pony
Middle column: Unicorn
Right column: Pegasus

How it works:


If you want ONE of these ponies ( that's right, only one each! ), send me a Note with the Subject Title Pony Adopt Set 1, then fill out the following:

Pony Name: *which one do you want?*
Personality: *what are they like?*

First comes first serve!! Given that you fill out the above as stated. If I do not reply, then it simply means you didn't get it :( Sorry! If I find the first person to do everything correctly, I will conform that they have been accepted to make the adoption and may make the payment in points. I will then send a image of the creature to you ( which is one of the ones in this very deviation ), thus making its design yours to keep!

Enjoy~ :heart:


Adopted by :iconlesketchy:
Pony Name: FeatherSpark
Personality: Very dedicated to what she does, strong willed, protective, brave and loyal.

Adopted by :iconlipstainedpoison:
Pony Name: ToxicRain
Personality: She can be kind of ignorant, cold and blunt from time to time, though she is actually very shy.

Adopted by :iconrainbowcrisp:
Pony Name: MoonStar
Personality: Her heart is usually in the right place, but she tends to come across as arrogant with her sarcastic and matter of fact way of speaking.

Adopted by :iconthatdarnartist:
Pony Name: PixelHeart
Personality: Adventerous and artistic. She always loves to try new things and make new friends. She tried her best to be kind to everyone, and although she seems very social and loud, there are times where she can be shy too.
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This set of Adoptables is dedicated to all those who are and have served for the U.S. military. Thank you for your service.

It's on a First Come First Serve Basis
Each cheetah is 50 points (Right now this is set, no price changes right now please)
Comment below if you wish to adopt (Please dont ask for one if you dont intend to pay the points)
Wait for me to reply and when I give the okay you can send the points to the donation box on my home page. Once I check that they sent okay, it's all yours!

#1: Open (Male) Based off the ARMY
#2: Open (Male) Based off the NAVY
#3: Open (Male) Based off the MARINES
#4: Sold to skyworthy (Based off the AIR FORCE)
#5: Sold to skyworthy (Based off the SPECIAL OPS)

*Give me credit for the design (Don't say that you created the design)
*Don't resell it, if you no longer want it tell me and I can take it back for you
*Please, Please, draw them. They need some lovin'! <3
*Accessories may be added

*Colors taken from their actuall uniforms!*

Lineart by: [link]
Designs by: Me! :)
Thanks for adopting!
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:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:THIS IS AN CLOSED DTA.
GO THERE:[link]
Thanks for all the entries,good job for everyone who wons,and the ones who didn't,don't be sad...always will have the next time :meow: and also, 'bad comments' will be ignored..thanks ~

First Draw to Adopt Ponies from that account..C: so yup ~
The deadline is February 25th... :3 so yeah..

Rules For Participating -

:bulletred: You can Draw for two or more ponies;
:bulletred: You Can't change the gender of them;
:bulletred: You can't change the specie;
:bulletred: You can't Use bases,all the art have to be done by you ;
:bulletred: All the entries must be linked back to me,So I can see them.. :|
:bulletred: You can Draw the pony with an OC Already of your;
:bulletred: You Can't send to me a entry for someone else,YOU have to make the entry ok?!
:bulletred: Digital AND Traditional art are accepted :)
:bulletred:Entries will only be accepted until February 24th,2013.
:bulletred: Type MELONS. in the comments for participate,Because with that,I will know you read those rules.

You Entry Have to :

:bulletred:Have and Background history for the pony,or at least,an profile like I do in my OCs ([link]) But I really will prefer Background Histories.
:bulletred: A Cutie mark,and the explanation about how she gets the cutie mark and how it's related with the special talent; But Actually,I think the cutie mark is optional in the number #2,but still you have to say what she 'do in her life'

Special infformations about the ponies:

:bulletred: Pink,Purple and Yellow earth pony (#1)

-Her mane do have that 'messy yellow things',and her mane almost time covers her left eye;
- she looks like A adventurer,is that true? if is,how this is up on her backstory?

Entires: :iconskybrushthepegasus: ([link])
:iconalexiwakefildwolf: [link]

:bulletred: Blue,Black Doll Unicorn (#2)

- She is and Doll,But how this happen? She was an doll who gets alive,or a normal pony who gets an curse maybe? ;
- Her eyes bleed too,But only when she is in pain or sad;
-She is Evil,Or she is good but looks really evil? What she do,and where she leaves?
-Cutie mark is Optional.

:icondeviledhalo: ([link])
:icongrimdarkelusive: [link]
:iconlolimawesomeatstuff: [link]

:bulletred:Brown,Blonde and pink Pegasus (#3)

-She is Blind ,and you can't change it;
-So she is this affect her life? What she do to be so happy like she is? her scarf have any 'special history'?;
-She was born Blind,or she be blind after some years?if she do,HOW and WHY she become a blind?.

Entries: :iconjess4horses: ([link])
:icondanciggirl34561: ([link])

Credit time ~

Ponies desings (c) :iconanaxhedgecat: / :iconanax-adoptsbases:
All the ponies Bases (c) :iconselenaede:
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EDIT you can only get 1 pony for trade unless you have something I really want

yea shipping.
I want :strike:ponies:strike: points

download for best view
if two people want the same pony, the pony will go to auction
anything goes for the custom poines. ocXcannon ocXoc cannonXcannon femaleXfemale femaleXmale maleXmale you get the gist
credit me for the design
aint got the :points: ? I will look at art/adopt trades
change whatever you want, just make sure to credit me for the original design
comment with the following details:
yup, that's it. feel free to ad other details to that if you like, like name or personality

1: fluttershyXrarity CLOSED :iconshikatey:
2: pinkieXguard CLOSED :iconmaddieadopts:
3: soranXcherrie CLOSED :iconqueenie-pie:
4: soranXdash CLOSED :iconverisaw:
5: derpyXmac HOLD 5 :points: :iconstar4567980:
6: docterXharvest HOLD 4 :points: :iconstar4567980:
7: candyXrainbow CLOSED :iconmatrixpotato:
8: rarityXdoc HOLD 3 :points: :icondryroutetodevon:
9: carrotXmac CLOSED :iconnikki148:
10: carrotXAJ CLOSED :iconnikki148:
MINE tiger lilly
11: junebugXbonbon OPEN 5 :points: :icon:
12: pinkieXsparkle OPEN 5 :points: :icon:
13: macXcherrie CLOSED :iconblues-eyes:
14: discorded shyXmac HOLD 5 :points: :iconpikachu1089:
15: CUSTOM OPEN 5 :points: :icon:
16: soranXdash CLOSED :iconmusicforrush:
17: cherrXdash OPEN 5 :points: :icon:
18: dashXpinkie CLOSED :iconpeppermintbowtie:
19: pinkieXcherrie CLOSED :iconqueenie-pie:
20: docXcherrie OPEN 3 :points: :icon:
21: docXcherrie CLOSED :iconbothersomekitsune:
22: cherrieXpie CLOSED :iconbothersomekitsune:
23: derpyXdoc OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
24: lyraXbonbon HOLD 3 :points: :iconstar4567980:
25: lyraXbonbon CLOSED :iconxerans:
26: lyraXbonbon CLOSED :iconbothersomekitsune:
27: discorded shyXmac HOLS 5 :points: :iconpikachu1089:
28: daine pieXmac HOLD 6 :points: :iconstar4567980:
29: flutterXmac CLOSED :icontigerprincesskaitlyn: like
30: flutterXmac HOLD 7 :points: :iconpikachu1089:
31: soranXdash CLOSED :icondownpourpony:
32: soranXspitfire CLOSED :icondownpourpony:
33: twiXdash CLOSED :iconbeckyartfan:
34: scrachXsoran CLOSED :iconaskbloodydash:
35: lyraXbon CLOSED :iconmoonfeather42:
36: rarityXbon OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
37: docterXtwilight CLOSED :iconhybrid-kitty:
38: macXcherrie OPEN 5 :points: :icon:
39: rainbowXdoc HOLD 5 :points: :iconifartrainbows2:
40: spitfireXdash CLOSED :iconhalosadoptions:
41: spitfireXsoran CLOSED :iconsammclean:
42: flutterXdoc TAKEN :iconnikki148:
43: cadinceXshining mine
44: vinalXoctiv mine
45: derpyXdoc mine
46: daine pieXmac OPEN 3 :points: :icon:
47: bluebloodXrarity OPEN 5 :points: :icon:
48: derpyXdoc CLOSED :iconshroomehtehponeh:
49: lunaXcadince CLOSED :iconaskbloodydash:
50: CUSTOM CLOSED :iconhybrid-kitty: Doctor X Luna
51: CUSTOM HOLD CLOSED :iconh-t0wn: braeburn x big mac
52: CUSTOM CLOSED :iconh-t0wn: royal guard x lightning streak
53: CUSTOM CLOSED :iconh-t0wn: king sombra x prince blueblood
54: CUSTOM OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
55: CUSTOM OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
56: CUSTOM OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
57: CUSTOM OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
58: CUSTOM OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
59: CUSTOM OPEN 7 :points: :icon:
60 : custom batch (contains 10 ponies) CLOSED :iconturtledove45:
61 : custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 15 :points: :icon:
62: custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 20 :points: :icon:
63: custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 20 :points: :icon:
64: custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 25 :points: :icon:
65: custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 25 :points: :icon:
66: custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 30 :points: :icon:
67: custom batch (contains 10 ponies) OPEN 30 :points: :icon:

all bases by the AWESOME :iconselenaede:
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• Create a Journal Advertising this Contest :)
• Join the group and submit your entries here ---> :icondraw-adopt-monthly:
• Have Fun :D

Rules of the DTA:


:bulletgreen: Give them a cutie mark + accessories
:bulletgreen: Have them be any sexual orientation
:bulletgreen: Change their age
:bulletgreen: Try out for both of them, you can only win one though!
:bulletgreen: Create a backstory + Name


:bulletred: Change their Gender
:bulletred: Change their species!
:bulletred: Use bases! This is a big NO-NO

ENDS Thursday February 28th. All entries must be entered at 6:00 PM PST! Anything after that will not be accepted

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YupYup! I think im guna do these every year c:
-Note to self, date your pictures in the new year-

Black Meme (c)
Art (c) Me c:
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