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You had to get out.

You ran out the front door of your house, slamming it fiercely behind you. The icy-cold wind pounded against your face, causing your nose to easily turn red, but you didn't care. The neighborhood was dark, dimly lit by the several streetlamps that lined the sidewalk.

Perfect. Nobody would've questioned your actions.

You took off running down the street, everything moving past you in a blur. Your (h/c) hair flew behind you, strands of it beating against your face. You didn't care where you were running. All you wanted to do was get away. Get away from the frustrating life that surrounded you.

You continued dashing down the street at an incredible speed, your heart beating rapidly and your breath coming out quick and shallow. There has been so much emotion that built up inside you for these past few months. You had gone too long without trying to release them. All you wanted to do was to run off to someplace where there would've been nobody around, a place where you could've expressed your feelings in peace.

Ever since you became a country, there had been a heavy price for you to pay, a price that resulted in great deals of frustration and stress. The work that you had to do for your boss was endless and very, very time-consuming, you had to constantly worry about when the next meetings were going to be, you had to make sure all of your files were organized—which they hardly were—and you often stood awake into the hours of dawn finishing any incomplete work. You barely had time to take even five minutes of rest, barely able to get enough proper sleep. All of this stress and exhaustion made you angry—angry at the world for letting you get into this mess of a life, angry at your boss for giving you so much work, angry at yourself for even becoming a country in the first place.

You just wanted to get away for one night, get away from the work, the stress, the exhaustion, the frustration, and have a few hours to yourself. In peace. Without your boss, or anyone else to disturb you.

You continued running until you left your neighborhood and approached what appeared to be the woods. You paused in front of it, squinting to get a better view of what lay ahead of you. Nobody seemed to go in these woods, and it would've been the perfect place for you to get some alone time.

You sighed, taking a brief look at your neighborhood behind you before you entered the woods. Slowly, you walked through it, keeping alert for any suspicious movements or potential threats. Overall, this place didn't seem to be that harmful, but it was still a little creepy. The air here felt fresh and clean compared to back home. Being surrounded by nature gave you a sense of calm. You liked this place.

You continued walking until you approached a wide tree. You stopped at its base, looking up at the leaves and branches above you. You always used to climb trees when you were smaller, but you didn't feel like now was the appropriate time.

You clenched your fists before you pounded them against the tree, cursing at everything that caused you trouble in your life.

"Why is my life so crappy?" you asked loudly to no one. "Why can't it just be easier?"

At that moment, you felt a pair of eyes watching you behind a nearby bush. Instantly, you drew your fists away from the tree and whipped around, eyes darting from side to side. Is someone watching me?

You pressed your back against the tree, your breath coming out deep, slow, and silent. Your heartbeat quickened when you spotted a pair of tiny violet eyes staring back at you.

You took a step forward, regretting not bringing a flashlight. "W-Who's there?" you asked, your voice slightly trembling although you tried your hardest to hide it. You bent forward and grasped a nearby stick, holding out in front of you defensively.

A few more seconds passed until the eyes blinked before a tiny figure stepped out of the bush and into the moonlight, staring up at you with sad eyes.

"Oh," you said quietly as you dropped your stick, hearing it fall to the ground and cause fallen leaves to rustle. This tiny figure didn't seem to be harmful. You had been expecting a wolf or coyote or something of the sort, but that wasn't it at all. Stood in front of you instead was a tiny boy who appeared to be barely up to your knees in height. He had blonde hair, with a single strand that stuck out and looped into a curl, white, ruffled clothing that had various kinds of debris clinging onto it, and in his arms was a cream colored teddy bear. His violet eyes stared up at you with an expression mixed with sadness and loneliness, instantly making your heart melt.

He's just a baby and he's here all alone in the woods! you thought, your heart racing in concern. The two of you stood there a few yards away, staring at each other. You didn't know what to do. Here you were, hoping to escape your home and into the woods to get some peace and quiet, and instead you find a child. On closer inspection, you noticed that he was shivering with fear and cold.

I have to help him… you thought to yourself as seconds ticked by and the both of you stood still. You knew that any false move you made would've scared him and cause him to run away, so you had to be careful.

You let out a tiny smile, staring at the child with a warm, friendly expression. "Hi, there!" you said cheerfully, trying to get him to understand that you weren't going to hurt him.

In response, the boy hugged the bear closer to his chest. "H-Hello…" he murmured, his voice trembling and soft.

You got down on your knees so that you were more or less level with him. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you," you said quietly. "What are you doing here in the woods all by yourself?"

A few more seconds of silence passed, and you noticed tears glistening on the edges of the little boy's eyes. "I…I don't know…" he said so quietly that you were barely able to hear him.

You stood back up and took a few more steps closer so that you were a few feet away from him before you got back down on your knees. Your sudden closeness caused him to take a few steps back, but he did not run away. "Do you know how you got here?" you asked the boy gently.

He slowly shook his head. "N-No…. When I opened my eyes I was already here."

Could it be that he's a country…? you wondered to yourself. You looked down at the boy and smiled. "What's your name?"

A few more seconds of silence passed before the boy buried his face in the teddy bear. "…I don't know," he whimpered.

You stared at him, pity filling your eyes as you gently wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into a hug, concerned at how cold he felt. The sudden action made him grow tense, so you gently massaged his back with one hand to comfort him. "I'm sorry," you murmured. "I'm _____. If you want, I can give you a name."

The boy lifted his head to look up at you, his eyes quickly filling with excitement. "R-Really?"

You looked down at him warmly. "Of course." A few more moments passed as you studied his face carefully. You weren't good with names, and you wanted to name this kid something that was original and fitting. "I'll call you Matthew," you said after a few more moments passed.

"Yay!" he said happily as he wrapped his tiny arms around you. You smiled, thankful that you had finally gotten his trust.

A few more seconds of silence passed before you heard Matthew give off a tiny cough.

"Oh, are you sick?" you asked in concern as you pulled away from the hug just enough so that you were able to look at him properly.

Matthew sniffed. "I…don't know…"

You smiled before you patted the top of his head. "Don't worry. I can take care of you if you'd like."

He looked up at you in surprise. "You will?" he squeaked in disbelief.

You chuckled. "Of course. Besides, I can't just leave you here in the woods all alone."

In return, Matthew buried his face in your shirt and asked, "_____, c-can I call you Mama…?"

You smiled before you pressed your nose against his soft hair. "Of course, Mattie."

A few more moments of silence passed before you finally decided to head back home. You stood up, cradling Matthew in your arms, before you spotted his teddy bear lying on the ground, figuring he must've dropped it when he had hugged you.

You smiled to yourself before you picked the bear up from the ground and began walking out of the woods and back home. The night was now clear, the moon lighting up your path. You looked down at Matthew, who had by now fallen asleep in your arms, his breath coming out soft and light.

He's so cute~! you thought as you briefly watched him sleep before you set your gaze back in front of you. Somehow, meeting this cute little boy in the woods made you forget all about your stressful life. But now that you remembered it, you figured that it would've been a lot easier to handle. Hopefully taking care of Matthew meant that you would've gotten to skip a few meetings and lay off the paperwork. But now with somebody there to help you deal with your stressful life, you felt some of the weight being lifted from your shoulders.

You paused at the entrance to your house, feeling the cool wind blow through your hair. You once again looked down at Matthew, still sleeping peacefully in your arms. Now you had a new responsibility—the job of taking care of a little child, just like a mother. You had a feeling that it wouldn't have been as hard as doing paperwork for your boss or going to meetings.

Don't worry, Matthew, you thought to yourself. I'll always be here to take care of you.'re so CUTEEEE~ :iconblushplz:

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

Heh, I realized that I don't write a lot of oneshots, so I thought I'd make one with Canada c:

I do not own the preview image~ o-o
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-Cough-      *sniffle*    -Cough-

You continued making these little sickly sounds as you groggily looked up, the living room appearing to be dimmer by the second. Feeling very drowsy and tired, your eyelids began to close more and more on their own and you let your legs dangle limply as your carrier opened the door and brought you inside, signaling that you were almost to your destination.  

Delicately lying you down onto your bed and tucking you under the soft, cotton sheets, the gentle blond settled down beside you as he took in the sight in front of him.

Red nose, coughing fits, constant drowsiness--

He lightly brought his hand over to your currently warm forehead but pulled back rather quickly.

-And make that a high temperature that could cook pancakes in no time.

"Oh maple…" He finally murmured under his breath and continued to look down at you worriedly.

You sniffled as you peered back up and let out additional coughs that made your throat ache more.

He sighed lightly and soon walked over to your door. Looking back at your worried face and ill form in bed, he paused before continuing, "Don't worry, _____. Daddy will be right back." He assured you and soon closed the door after him.

In a few minutes, a handful of supplies were bundled in Matthew's arms and now laid out on top of your nightstand.  You saw a sippy cup with an orangey color inside, your stuffed polar bear, Kuma, a tissue box, and- wait. What was THAT?

Suddenly your half-closed eyes widened as they realized it was what you absolutely dreaded most:


You shuddered just looking at it and hissed at the bottle. Matthew noticed this and softly pleaded, "Please take it, _____, you need this to get better." You pulled back stubbornly as he approached you with a spoon filled with the pink medicine. He sighed and knelt down beside your bed to reach your eye level better and started urging you more. "Please, at least one sip. For me..." his calm violet eyes looked at you wearily. You finally gave in and shut your eyes tight, allowing the bitter, cherry-flavored syrup to stream down your throat. Pulling back up immediately, you saw your father smile gratefully, making you reluctantly smile as well.
"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" He took the spoon filled with the deadly pink liquid away from you and watched you slowly nod.

"It should make you feel better shortly. But until then, I really need you to rest." He gazed back at you and noticed you meekly pulling the bed sheets up to your nose.

"You know, if you ever need to, _____, you could always use your nightlight." Matthew motioned to the little, adorable maple-leaf nightlight plugged near the side of your bed.

"But… Uncle Aly makes fun of me for using a nightlight and said that I won't grow up to be a hero like him if I'm afraid of things, like the dark or the booger man…" you trailed off.

Matthew carefully stifled a chuckle, soon lowering the sheets from your face and gently brought it down midway across your arms. "Would you like to know a secret, _____?" He smiled, getting a very interested nod in response. Signaling for you to come closer, you leaned in forward as he whispered, "Your uncle Al was also afraid of the dark when we were younger. Maybe even more scared than you're feeling now." Pausing, he continued, "Hmm.. if I recall correctly, he actually had a superman nightlight right next to his bed."


"Yes," Matthew started chuckling lightly, "Don't tell him I said this, but…. he even used to wet the bed when we were children."

Now giggling uncontrollably, you were soon accompanied by Matthew laughing along with you, happy to make you feel better whilst guiltily laughing at his brother's expense during his early childhood, bed-wetting days.

After both of your laughter died down, Matthew started stroking your hair lightly. "You don't ever have to be afraid of the dark, ____. Al is too silly to know what a strong, little girl I have here and how brave you really are." Reaching for the fluffy polar bear, he tucked it in beside you and added softly, "Besides, the Bogeyman would never go after someone so adorable and sweet."

Pretty soon Matthew knelt down in front of the wall outlet, plugging in the cutely-designed nightlight. He watched you relax a bit, soon feeling very safe and rid of any trace of fear.

Suddenly, the friendly Canadian gazed down at his watch and saw it was now currently your bedtime. "Well I guess it's time to go to bed now.." Matthew stated, yawning a bit himself. Heading towards the light switch, he smiled warmly and quietly said, "Good night, sweetheart. Sweet dreams."

"Wait..! Daddy, could you please stay here with me?"
"Of course, sweetie." he smiled and turned the switch off, leaving the small nightlight to glow light red. Taking a seat on the other side of the bed, Matthew watched you snuggle softly against your warm bed and snow-light polar bear, slowly drifting into sleep.

'Get well soon, my mini maple leaf.'

- - - - - - - - - -

You awoke the next morning, pleasantly greeted by rays of sunlight peeking through your window and plenty of sleep that made you feel a bit better from yesterday. Not to mention the delightful smell of freshly made pancakes coming from downstairs filled your little nostrils. Suddenly feeling hungry, you slowly wandered down the carpet stairs with your polar bear clutched in your arm, making your way to the living room.

"Daddy?" you poked your head into the small kitchen nearby and spotted your father finishing his breakfast.
He looked up abruptly and smiled, but still had a concerned look in his eyes. "Yes, _____? Are you feeling better?"

"I think so. But now I'm hungry…" you announced while clutching onto your stomach for emphasize. "My tummy needs food..!"

Chuckling, Matthew got up from where he was seated and walked over to refrigerator, guiding you to follow along.
"Would you like some pancakes? I can start a new batch for you." He smiled thoughtfully.

"Yes!!" you exclaimed. You could never get tired of his warm fluffs of heaven.

"Would you like to help?" He asked when he noticed you soon standing a bit awkwardly, playing with the hems of your sleeves.  You now started nodded up and down excitedly instead. Smiling at his little helper, Matthew headed towards the refrigerator; you following in suite after you left Kuma on a chair, seated at the living room table.

You suddenly paused as you realized something. "But.. how can I help?"

"Hm.. do you want to help out with the ingredients?"

"Okay!" you chimed as you went over to the fridge and rummaged through it while Matthew fetched a pan and other important necessities for making pancakes.

He turned around, pleasantly surprised as he saw you with pancake mix in one hand and a bag of M&M's in the other.

"I see we're having a colorful breakfast this morning." He chuckled. "Okay, now that we have what we need, it's time to start making pancakes."

"Daddy, I can't see anything from down here."

"Okay, on the count of three… one, two, and three..!" Matthew playfully lifted you up, allowing you to help stir and sprinkle the M&M's onto the pancake batter placed on the counter.

Matthew then flipped the pancakes and placed them on a plate. You both took a bite, enjoying the little bursts of chocolate coming from the pancakes. You even offered them to your loyal polar bear, who seemed to be enjoying it as well.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, breaking the pleasant silence going on in the kitchen. Without another second to spare, the door abruptly burst open.

"Hey Mattie! What's up, little dudette?"  You and Matthew were both greeted by your uncle, who seemed to sense the pancakes from a huge distance away.

"What'cha guys got there?" A goofy smile spread onto his face.

"M&M pancakes.."
"Ooh, can I have some??" Al asked, practically drooling at the sight and scent of the colorfully spotted pancakes.

"No way, Bed Wetter!" you cried out.

Matthew couldn't control his laughter this time as he saw the look on Al's face. It was absolutely priceless.

A creative cook and a threat to his brother. Matthew let out a happy smile, feeling very proud of his mini maple leaf.
This is an entry for fairytailrox98 's contest. Sorry if there are any mistakes or parts that are boring, etc. I sorta rushed through this..

I don't own anything, and sadly not the pancakes in this story D:
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You opened the front door quietly with your foot, realizing that you had failed to lock it after you ran out of the house. Still holding a sleeping Matthew in your arms, you stepped into darkness and tried to shut the door behind you as slowly and quietly as possible, though you winced when it closed with a rather loud bang. You held your breath, squinting in the dark to make out Matthew, checking for any signs of the noise disturbing him. All he did was shift slightly in place as he continued sleeping, making you relieved that he wasn't startled.

As soon as you walked into your living room, you held him in one arm while your other hand searched for a light source. Once you finally located a light switch, you flicked it on, instantly filling the room with brightness.

You looked around the room briefly before shaking your head in disapproval. There were papers scattered all over the place, and several cups of half-empty coffee were crowded on the coffee table. This was definitely not a place that was organized enough to care for a child.

You looked down at Matthew, still sleeping peacefully in your arms, and sighed. "It's not going to be easy taking care of you when my house looks like a tornado swept through it."

Your exhausted voice was enough to rid him of his sleep. Matthew let out a tiny moan before he opened both of his eyes and looked up at you in confusion. You had a startled look on your face, and cursed yourself from being so loud in front of him.

"Ma…ma?" he said, his tiny, sleepy voice making your heart melt. "Where are we?"

"Oh, you're awake, Mattie," you said to him gently as you brushed strands of hair from his face. "We're at my house."

You felt him squirm in your arms, turning around so that he was able to look at the living room. "Mama, this place looks messy…."

You sighed before you ruffled Matthew's hair. "I know. That's why after you get better, I'll clean it up as soon as possible."

Matthew craned his neck to look up at you, his irresistible violet eyes staring deep into your (e/c) ones. "I can help you clean up, Mama."

Your eyes widened in surprise. "Really? You're so small…do you think you can handle it?"

Matthew nodded before he buried his face in your shirt. "I-I can try…"

You smiled. "That would be wonderful. Thank you, Mattie."

With one hand still holding on tightly to Matthew's stuffed bear, you walked past the living room, up the stairs, and down the hall, opening the door to the bathroom. You looked down at Matthew to make sure he wasn't sleeping before you set him down on the floor and knelt down in front of him.

"Are you ready for a bath, Matthew?" you asked him sweetly.

In return, he only shook his head and pulled his bear closer to his chest, letting out a tiny yawn. "I'm tired…"

You sighed. "I know. I promise I'll put you to sleep after I give you a bath and find you some clean clothes to wear."

Before Matthew could've made any other objections, you took the bottom edges of his long ruffled shirt and pulled it up over his head before tossing it in the sink to be washed later. You took off his shoes, socks, and whatever kinds of clothing he had left before you gently placed him in the bathtub and turned on the water.

Once you noticed Matthew shifting in discomfort, you gently patted his head. "Don't worry," you said soothingly. "There's nothing to be uncomfortable about."

He nodded, but pulled his bear even closer to his chest. You sighed as you grasped his arms. "Matthew, do you mind letting me take your bear for the night? I promise I'll give it back to you once I wash it."

In the short amount of time that passed since you had met the child, you knew that he was very attached to the bear. He seemed a little hesitant, so you added, "I'm not going to do anything bad to it. All I'll do is clean it up and give it back to you good as new."

It took a few more seconds of hesitation before Matthew quietly nodded and slowly extended his arms out toward you, the bear grasped tightly in his hands.

"Thank you, Mattie," you said sweetly as you grasped the bear and turned around before tossing it in the sink with his other dirty clothes.

You were amazed at how obedient Matthew was. Throughout the whole time that you gave him a bath, he didn't complain once. In face, the only sounds he ever made were either a yawn, sneeze, or cough. Since you had no baby shampoo, you had to wash his hair with your own, hoping that it wouldn't have caused anything unusual to go on with his hair. You felt like a real mother, standing there cleaning up a dirty child. By the time you were done with the bath, Matthew was clean and fresh, looking a lot better than he did when you found him.

He continued to stand there in the bathtub and you hauled yourself back up on your feet and grabbed two towels hanging on a rack on the wall. You approached Matthew with a towel in each hand, setting one of them down on the floor. You used the first towel to scrub Matthew's hair dry, and the second one to dry the rest of his body, wrapping the towel around him once you were finished.

As soon as you lifted Matthew out of the bathtub, making sure that his towel was wrapped securely around him, you stood back up, looking down at him and scratching your chin in thought.

"Is something wrong, Mama?" Matthew asked after a few more moments of silence passed.

You snapped your fingers as the idea hit you. "Oh, that's right! I have to find some clothes for you." You turned around, approaching the door and fiercely opening it. Just as you were about to step out of the bathroom, you looked back at Matthew, who was staring at you in confusion. "You just stay put, Mattie," you said to him sweetly. "I'll be right back." Even though he seemed pretty obedient based on his behavior when you gave him a bath, the last thing you wanted was him running around the house naked.

You ran to the bedroom, opening the door and frantically darting your head from side to side. Where the hell were you going to find baby clothes!? There had to be some pairs that you saved from your youth, but where were they?

You dashed to the closet and threw open the door, looking for any possible place where you might've kept things from when you were a child. You shoved old shoe boxes, bags, and other things out of the way, trying to locate the small crate that held some of your childhood belongings. You found it in the very corner of the closet, layers upon layers of dust covering it after years of being untouched.

You smiled as you grabbed the crate by its handles and hauled it out of the closet, grunting as you set it down on the floor past the mess you managed to make. You brushed some of the dust off of the contents of the crate with your hand, sneezing as it tickled your nose.

Once most of the dust was off, your eyes settled on several bags, each one containing different items such as clothes, toys, and books.

You opened the bag that held your baby clothes and began sorting through it, trying to find a pair that didn't seem to girly. It took some time, but you were finally able to find a white ruffled shirt and ruffled shorts, similar to the clothes that Matthew wore when you first met him.

You grabbed the clothes and, leaving the mess behind, dashed out of the bedroom, down the hallway, and fiercely opened the door to the bathroom, relieved to find Matthew in the exact same place that he was in when you left.

"Mattie, I brought you some clothes," you said cheerfully as you approached him. On closer inspection, you were able to notice that his balance became a little unstable, and his eyes were only half open.

He must really be exhausted…you thought as you knelt down beside him.

"Let's see if these clothes will fit on you," you said softly to Matthew, and he nodded before you began dressing him. As soon as the clothes were on him, you made sure to examine him on all sides, making sure that everything properly fit. The clothes were slightly baggy, but you figured that it was caused by him being underfed and skinnier than he should've been.

"You look so adorable," you murmured to Matthew as you kissed the top of his hair, the sweet smell of the hair shampoo taking over your senses.

In reply, Matthew let out a yawn before he coughed again. "I'm tired, Mama…"

"I know…" you murmured before you put his towel back on the rack that it hung from before. You picked him up, feeling him bury his face in your shirt, before you carried him out of the bathroom and to your bedroom.

Walking over to your bed, you gently set Matthew down on top of the covers and tucked him in, making sure that his head was rested comfortably on the pillow. He was so tiny, so there was just enough room for the both of you to sleep in the bed comfortably.

You briefly checked Matthew's forehead, instantly snatching your hand away when you found that he was burning with fever. You bit your lip, reminding yourself that you still had to cure him of his sickness. But now it was really late, and he was exhausted as well as you.

"Goodnight, Mattie," you murmured softly as you kissed his forehead, pulling the covers up over him until they went up to his chin.

"Goodnight, Mama…" Matthew replied quietly as he slowly closed his eyes and quietly drifted off to sleep.

You continued watching him sleep for the next few minutes before you got up and walked towards the door, shutting off the light. Although your eyelids felt like heavyweights, you still had to wash Matthew's clothes and his teddy bear.

You approached the bathroom and turned on the light before you walked in front of the sink and looked at your reflection in the mirror. You had heavy bags under your eyes from countless nights of little to no sleep, your hair was a mess, and your eyes were bleary with exhaustion. In terms of cleanliness, Matthew looked better than you.

As soon as you were done washing Matthew's clothes, you hung them on the towel rack to dry, and set his bear on the windowsill for the sunlight to dry it the next morning. After taking a bath and switching into your pajamas, you quietly entered the bedroom once again, silently approaching your bed and burying yourself under the covers.

You were able to feel Matthew's presence next to you, and you gently pulled him towards you and protectively wrapped your arms around him. Judging by his breathing and the way he fidgeted every few minutes, you figured that his sleep was restless. You also had a tough time sleeping whenever you were sick, but he seemed to complain a lot less than you.

As you quietly drifted off to sleep, you knew that your life of being a mother had officially begun.
So, here is chapter 2 of what I had originally planned on being a oneshot, for all you people who wanted me to write more :dummy:

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

I do not own the preview image .-.
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A few months had passed since the meeting where you and Matthew met America, and you started coming up with various ways to try and get Matthew's mind off of becoming a country. You took him to various exotic places in your country, took him on many short vacations whenever you had the chance, and always tried to keep him occupied with something other than thinking about how it was "mandatory" for him to represent a country when it was more or less clear to you that that wasn't what he would've wanted.

One morning, just a few days before the next meeting, you lay in your bed, your eyes exhausted with sleep. For some reason you weren't able to figure out, throughout the past few months, you started doing less work and began sleeping more. It seemed like you were getting at least seven hours of sleep a night, when before, it had been hard for you to sleep for more than four.

You covered your mouth with your hand and yawned, sitting up in bed before you rubbed sleep from your closed eyes. Once you removed your hand from your face and opened your eyes, you turned your head to look at the digital clock on your nightstand, smiling to yourself when you realized that it was already a bit past eight in the morning.

You sat in bed for a few more minutes, several thoughts running through your mind. Matthew seemed to be getting better throughout the past few days. He became less depressed, he actually started to smile more often than not, and he met your gaze when he talked to you instead of keeping it focused on the ground. At this rate, within a few more months, you hoped that he would've gotten over the fact that he was a country and would've started acting normal again.

You were about to get out of bed before you heard quick, heavy footsteps approach the door to your room. You froze, eyes widening in panic and heartbeat rapid.

"Mom!" you heard someone yell, and you figured it was Matthew. But his voice was a little bit…different.

"M-Matthew?" you yelled back as you heard the footsteps grow louder. "What—"

Before you had the chance to finish your question, the door to your room burst open, and at the sight of the person standing at the doorway, it took all your strength to prevent your jaw from dropping. There, at the doorway, stood a fully grown man with short, wavy blond hair, a curly ahoge, and violet eyes. This time, you weren't fooled about who this person really was.

"M-Matthew!?" you gasped, your voice filled with shock.

"M-Mom, is that you?" Matthew said, his voice hushed and filled with panic as he squinted.

You forced your breathing to slow down and took a deep breath before you replied. "Matthew, is that you?"

"Yes, Mom," Matthew said as he pressed the palm of his hand against the door. He frowned as he continued to squint. "Where are you…?"

You felt your eyes widen in panic. "Mattie…y-you can't see?"

"No, I can," Matthew replied hastily. "I-It's just that…everything is blurry…"

"Oh," you murmured. After a few more seconds of silence passed, you cleared your throat, trying to get rid of your shock. "I-I'm on my bed."

Matthew nodded before he rubbed his eyes with both hands before he blinked a few times and slowly made his way towards you, his hands extended out in front of him. When he was finally within reach, you extended your own hands and grasped his before you pulled him down next to you on your bed.

"Can you see me a little better, Mattie?" you asked him sweetly as he continued frowning at you.

"A-A little…" Matthew replied quietly. "But…for some reason I can't see as clearly as I did yesterday, and…you look shorter."

"Hold on, Matthew," you said as you tightened your grip on his hands. "Let me think for a few seconds." Throughout the next few moments of silence that passed, you took the time to examine Matthew thoroughly. He was now fully grown. In fact, he looked to be the same height as you. He was no longer the preteen who you tried to cheer up months before. This was a person who looked like he was capable of feeding himself, taking care of himself, living by himself…independent.

You quickly took that thought out of your mind and instead focused on something that you found a bit disturbing. Now that Matthew developed into a fully grown person, you thought he actually looked a bit…cute, and not in the way he was when he was just a baby. Due to his sudden growth, Matthew's clothes were once again torn, and as soon as you realized this, a blush quickly made its way to your cheeks.

"Um…" you murmured after a few more seconds passed. Finally, you let out an exhausted sigh as you rubbed the back of your neck with your hand. "Mattie…it seems that you've…grown up again."

"What?" Matthew asked, his voice filled with shock. He suddenly started to fumble with his tiny clothes as he let out a flustered groan. "H-How do I look?"

"You look like a…a man…" you murmured as a tiny smile came to your lips. "A man who needs new clothes and glasses."

"W-Will I be growing any more, Mom?" Matthew asked, an edge of panic to his voice.

You placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "I believe not. Once a country grows into an adult, it will be a very, very long time before they grow again."

"Oh…" Matthew said softly before he drifted his gaze down to his hands, which were rested on his lap.

At that moment, out of the corner of your eye you were able to spot a large ball of white fluff enter the room. You shifted your head so that your gaze rested on Mr. Kumajiro, looking the same as always, as he crawled over to your bed and began clawing at your covers.

"Mr. Kumachiku, is that you?" Matthew asked as he looked down at the ball of fur.

When the bear didn't reply, you smiled. "Yes, Mattie, that is Mr. Kumajiro."

Matthew bent forward so that he was able to grasp Kuma and lifted the bear onto his lap, where he gently began stroking his fur. "It feels weird not being able to see you properly, Mr. Kumajori," he said as he continued to stroke the polar bear's soft fur.

In reply, Mr. Kumajiro lifted his head so that his black, beady gaze met Matthew's. "Who are you?" he asked, his voice the same as always.

Matthew paused from stroking the bear's fur and let his hand drop back down to his side before he closed his eyes and sighed. "I-I'm Matthew…" A few more seconds passed before he slowly opened his eyes and hopelessly looked down at Kumajiro. "Mr. Kumahika, why can't you remember who I am?"

In response, Mr. Kumajiro brushed a paw across his forehead before he shrugged. "It's hard to tell who you are. You should try being different."

"B-But aren't I already different?" Matthew asked, his voice dropping so low that it was barely a whisper. "I age differently than normal people, I'm supposed to represent a country, which is something normal people don't do, I have a responsibility that is much bigger than the average person—"

"Why don't I prepare breakfast for the both of you?" you asked loudly as you placed both hands on Matthew's shoulders, trying hard to quickly change the subject. "Matthew, since you can't see, I can make breakfast for you and Mr. Kumajiro. While the both of you eat, I can go out into town and get you some new clothes. When I come back, I can take you out so we can get your eyes checked and give you eyeglasses."

After you bought a few pairs of clothes you figured would fit Matthew and he put some on, you took him out into town to get him some glasses. It took a while of searching and getting his eyes checked, but you were finally able to present him with an adequate pair of eyeglasses.

Now, you held them tightly between your fingers, Matthew staring expectantly at you. "Okay Mattie, are you ready to try these on?" Matthew nodded, and you lifted the glasses and carefully placed them on him.

Matthew, who had his eyes closed, now slowly opened his eyes, and his gaze instantly brightened.

"Can you see?" you asked him expectantly.

He nodded, a smile coming to his face. "I can see everything perfectly now. Thanks, Mom."

You smiled as you led him out the door. "No problem, Mattie."

As the both of you were walking home, Matthew looked at you, nervousness flickering in his eyes. When you saw his intent gaze upon you, you stopped walking, and turned your head so that your gaze met his. "Mattie, is something wrong?"

Matthew cleared his throat before he stared down at the ground and began fiddling with his fingers. "Well, Mom…I would've really felt a bit better if you stopped calling me Mattie…"

Your eyes widened in surprise. "What for?"

He looked up at you and a tiny frown came to his face. "Well, to me, that name sounds childish, and well, you know, I'm not a child anymore."

A few moments passed in silence, you staring at Matthew with your mouth slightly open, before you drifted your gaze down to the ground. "Um…of course, M-Matthew."

He nodded. "Thanks, Mom."

The both of you continued your walk with several thoughts running through your mind. Matthew no longer allowed you to call him the name that you did ever since you first found him in the woods many years ago, and the thought pierced your heart.

That was when you realized that Matthew was really, truly, no longer a child.
M-Mattie...? :iconcraiplz:


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Papa America x Mama Reader x Child Canada: My Burger
"MOMMY!!"  You turn around to see your son Matthew in tears running up to you.  "Mattie, are you okay?  What happened?"  "Da-dy he's be-ing mean to me-e."  "WHAT?  ALFRED!"  With his name being called by you he came out of nowhere o you and Matthew.  "What is it ______ darling?  Not to fear THE HERO ME is here!"  "Alfred!  Why is Mattie crying?"  "AHAHAHA, I don't know."  Matthew turns to you "Mommy, he tried giving me the gross sandwich!"  "WHAT?" Alfred said shockingly.  "I'll have you know it's a Hamburger and it's The Greatest thing in the next to your sexy mother and heroes!"  They 'bickered' back and forth a bit before you had to step in.  "Enough!  Alfred go to that corner and Matthew, go to the other one.  You're both in time out."  You left the room and the two quickly went to their designated corner.  "Daddy, is Mommy really mad at us?"  Alfred took a moment to think the situation over.  In his mind nothing was wrong.  "No, Mommy just needs some time to herself."  "Oh, okay."  Five minutes went by and their stomachs growled.  "Boy a burger would be great right about now!"  "I want pancakes!"  Alfred looked at his son and a plan came into mind.  "Matt, I want you to cry and say sorry to Mommy!  Then I'll also say sorry.  That way we can get out of this and eat!"  Matthew follows his Daddy's plan and begins to cry.  "_______!  Honey!  Matthew's crying!  _______!"  You rush into the room and see Matthew crying in the corner you assigned him.  "Mattie!"  Matt turned to you "Mommy!  I'm sorry I made you upset and I promise I won't EVEN do it again!  Mommy please forgive me!"  You pull Matthew into a warm hug.  "Mattie, I forgive you!  Mommy didn't mean to make you cry."
Alfred was at the kitchen table with a burger in hand, Matthew was waiting for _____ to finish up with his pancakes and sausage patty.  You finish cooking and handed Matthew a hot plate of food and a bottle of 100% Pure Maple Syrup.  "Thanks Mommy!" he said showing you a smile.  "You're very welcome Mattie!"  He was about to dig in when an idea hit him.  Matthew carefully arranged his meal and looked at it with glee.  "Mommy!  Daddy!  Look what I made!"  You and Alfred stop what you're doing and look at the creation on your son's plate.  He took a sausage patty, placed it between two pancakes and used the maple syrup as ketchup.  "Aww~"  "That's my boy!"  In the end, each boy had his own burger.
Daddy America x Mommy Reader x Child Canada: My Burger
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I do NOT own Hetalia.... Hidekaz Himaruya does.
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It felt like your heart had been smashed into a million tiny pieces. It felt like all of the breath had been knocked out of your lungs. It felt like you had been punched in the stomach with the force of a thousand bulls. You had suddenly forgotten how to move, how to breathe, how to speak, how to do anything except stare into the fierce, determined eyes of the person who had been under your protection for all these years…your baby.

"W-What…?" you asked in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Matthew sighed before he dropped his gaze down to his hands. "I said I want to be independent."

"Why?" you asked in the same voice, feeling your throat clog with emotion.

"Because I want to go and live on my own and take the responsibilities of a country," he said, determination filling his voice to the point where it was a pain for you to listen. He lifted his gaze so that it once again met yours, and you tried your hardest not to flinch. "I've been thinking about making this decision for a really long time. Ever since you told me that I age just like a person who represents a country, I thought that it was my job to go out and live on my own in order to fulfill that job. And since I'm grown up and can do many things by myself, I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to start living on my own and finally represent a country."

You let out something of a chocking sound as you continued to stare at Matthew. "B-But Matthew," you whispered, "you don't have to do this...."

"No, mom," Matthew said defiantly. "I want to do this. I want to do what I think is right and become a country."

"But becoming a country doesn't mean going out and living on your own," you objected quietly as you tried to do whatever you could've to convince Matthew that he was making the wrong decision.

"Well, to me it does," Matthew protested, his voice no longer as quiet as it was when he first began talking. "If I become a country, there's no way I can handle the responsibility and work with the presence of someone else. It will be too distracting."

"Are you saying that I…distract you?" you asked, trying hard to keep your voice from shaking.

"No, mom," Matthew said as he shook his head. "I'm saying that if I want to be a country, I have to go out and start a new life with new responsibilities."

"But being a country doesn't mean going out to live on your own," you repeated, your voice on the edge of desperation. "I mean, look at America. He's a country, but I bet he's still living with England. You can be a country and still be under my care. You don't have to leave, Matthew." You let out a weak smile despite the depression that slowly took over your body.

Matthew shook his head again. "That's not how I see it, mom. Besides, that was some time ago, when America was still a kid and not completely independent. Maybe he changed his mind."

"Or maybe he didn't," you said softly, clenching your hands into fists.

He shrugged. "Either way, what America does shouldn't have to affect what I do. I want to be independent and start my own life as a country."

Your eyes widened. "But Matthew, you said a while ago that since America was a country at such a young age, it meant that you had to become a country, too."

Matthew nodded. "Yeah, but I was thinking about becoming a country even before I met America. He just convinced me that it was the right thing to do. And now that I'm grown up, I can become a country and live on my own."

"Matthew, please," you said desperately as you rested your hands on his lap, digging your nails into the fabric of his pants. "I don't want you to leave. Do you know how much I cared for you and did all I could to protect you? You had done so many wonderful things to me, and I don't want to go back to the depressing life I had before I found you. I promised myself that I would've always been here to protect you. You can't just leave without even thinking about how much this is going to hurt me…!"

"I understand, mom," Matthew said quietly. "But nothing you say will convince me to change my mind about becoming a country. I've thought about this for a really long time, and I've decided that this is what I want to do. I'm sorry." His gaze continued to burn into yours, and you were able to notice determination and a bit of sadness mixing in his eyes. But mostly, it was the ambition of becoming a country and living up to its responsibilities.

As you continued to meet Matthew's gaze, you felt like you were on the verge of crying. Your chest tightened as well as your throat, and you felt your lower lip quiver as the edges of your eyes began to fill with tears. But just as you felt you were about to break down and cry, a trigger came inside you that made all of your sadness disappear. Your tears vanished, the tension in your body released, and the sad gaze that you were giving Matthew was quickly replaced with an emotion towards him that you had never experienced before until now.


"Fine," you snarled as you stood up and began to back away towards the door. "You can become independent for all I care!" you yelled as you pointed a finger at him. "But I just want you to know that I'll no longer protect you! You can go out and break my heart if you think that's going to make things better for you, but if you're ever in need of help, I just want you to know that I won't be there for you!"

A long moment of silence passed, you breathing heavily with your eyes blazing in anger and your hands clenched into fists and dropped down to your sides, while Matthew looked at you, eyes wide in surprise, and his expression changed from determined to guilty.

Right in the middle of the silence, Mr. Kumajiro lifted his head so that he was looking directly at Matthew and asked, "Who are you?" But neither you nor Matthew paid any attention to him.

"But mom," Matthew began slowly, "I—"

"Shut up," you growled before you turned your head away and waved your hand at him dismissively. "Just go pack your things. I don't want to look at your face anymore."

Before Matthew had the chance to reply, you stomped out of the room and fiercely shut the door behind you, not even bothering to wince at the loud slamming noise.


Where had I gone wrong? That was the question that was on your mind. What had you done that made Matthew want to become independent? Looking back at the course of events that happened, you realized that it had been England who had convinced you to tell Matthew that he was a country. You figured that if you didn't tell him that he was a country, you could've easily came up with some other excuse as to why he aged that way, such as a genetic mutation. And since he was young at the time, he would've believed you.

But no. Of course you had to listen to England and end up making one of the worst decisions in your life.

You held the door to your house open with one hand that gripped it tightly, your nails raking the paint of the door. In front of you on the porch stood Matthew, all of his things packed in numerous suitcases that were set on the floor next to him. He had Mr. Kumajiro in his arms, who continued washing himself.

"So…" Matthew began quietly. "I guess this is, uh…goodbye, mom."

"Yeah, whatever," you said flatly, your voice colder than the chilliest winter. "Go off on your own and become a country if that makes you feel better about yourself. But I want you to know that there has never been a single moment throughout these few years that I have once regretted bringing you home from the woods and taking care of you. And if you ever find that living on your own is not as great as you expected and you want me to be there for you, don't think that I would bring you into my house if you decide to come back."

Matthew sighed desolately before he looked down at his feet. "Okay," he said quietly. A few more moments of silence passed before he looked back up at you and met your gaze. "But mom, I want you to know that even though I'm leaving, I'll still always love y—"

But he never got the chance to finish his sentence before you slammed the door in his face with such force that it caused the whole house to shake. You growled to yourself before you hastily walked over to the couch and threw yourself facedown on it. You blindly reached out for the nearest pillow and let it cover your face before you started crying louder than you ever had before.

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

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Your eyes widened in shock and you jumped up in surprise, gasping when you rolled over and fell off the bed and onto the floor face-down. You let out a moan as pain spread through your jaw, and you slowly closed your eyes. A few seconds of silence passed before you opened your eyes and let out a grunt as you sat up into a sitting position through trembling arms.

Slowly, you crawled over to the bed and placed your hand on the edge, slowly lifting yourself just enough so that you were able to see the creature sitting on your bed, still casually washing its fur despite the occurrence of you suddenly falling off the bed.

You felt your heart beat loudly in your chest as you continued to stare at what was sitting on your bed. You breathing was quick and ragged, and you dared not to make a sound for fear that the thing would've sprang out at you and scratched you in one swift blow.

The first thought you had in your mind at the sight of a living polar bear sitting on your bed was to beat it with something. But you had no usable weapons in your room, so there was no way to get the bear unconscious. The second thought you had in your mind was how on earth the bear even managed to get into your room.

Is another ice age happening already?! you thought with a panic. No, you instantly crossed that thought out. Ice ages don't happen overnight. You narrowed your eyes as you continued to stare at the bear as it washed its paw, eyes closed in contentment. You let out a tiny gasp as soon as you realized that it was Matthew's bear. Holy crap, his bear's alive! Was it alive this whole time without you being aware of it? How did it survive being put in the washing machine? And if it wasn't alive before, how did it come to life now?!

"Ma…ma?" a tiny voice asked from your bed, and you instantly shifted your gaze to meet Matthew, who was rubbing sleep from his eyes as he propped himself up with his elbow.

You gave him a nervous smile. "Oh…g-good morning, Mattie!"

Matthew removed his hand from his eyes and looked at you confusingly. "Mama, why are you on the floor?"

You let out a nervous chuckle. "I-I fell. You don't have to worry. I'm fine." Slowly, trying to keep as far away from the bear as possible, you climbed back up in bed, covering your mouth with your hand as you let out a tiny yawn.

Matthew slowly nodded before his gaze drifted to the bear. His eyes widened in surprise, and his gaze instantly filled with excitement. "My bear!" he squeaked as he crawled over to the polar bear and instantly buried his face in it, causing it to stop washing itself and look down at him in confusion.

"Matthew, get away from that thing!" you hissed, extending a hand towards him. "You don't know what it might do to you!"

Matthew lifted his head from the bear and looked at you. "But Mama, it's alive."

"I know that," you growled. "That's why you have to get away from it before it hurts you."

The bear shifted in place before it moved its gaze from Matthew to you, instantly making your heart rate increase. But instead of attacking or making some other kind of movement, it only moved its gaze back to Matthew. "Who are you?"

Matthew let out a gasp in excitement when, at the same time, you let out a shriek in surprise before you toppled over the bed, hitting the back of your head on the floor. You closed your eyes and let out a low moan as you felt the world spin around you, and you shakily lifted a hand and rubbed the back of your throbbing head.

Matthew didn't even pay attention to the fact that you once again fell off the bed, and instead said, "It can talk! Mama, my bear can talk!"

It can talk? How the hell can it talk?! You let out another moan before you propped yourself up on both elbows and shakily got to your feet, resting both hands against the edge of the bed for support. You took deep, long breaths, your eyes still wide in shock as you stared at the supernatural bear. "H-How can it talk…?" you asked wearily.

Matthew looked at you, his eyes sparkling in excitement. "I don't know, but it's so cool!"

"C-Cool…?" you echoed as you stared at the bear, at Matthew, then back at the bear. "How can you say that this is cool when we have a polar bear in the house?"

The bear drifted its gaze to you before it asked again, "Who are you?" Its voice was slightly high-pitched, a little squeaky. A voice that you admitted you were never expecting out of a talking polar bear.

You took a deep breath and attempted to straighten your wrinkled clothes. "I'm _____," you said before you sat back on the bed and patted Matthew's head. "And this is Matthew."

The bear looked at you, and what seemed to be a look of understanding came across its face. It was hard to tell, since its eyes were like little black beads and its expression was more or less unreadable. As it drifted its gaze back to Matthew, it once again asked, "Who are you?"

You groaned before you pulled Matthew away from the bear and onto your lap despite his protests. "Matthew. This is Matthew. Get it in your little polar bear head. Now if you don't mind my asking, what are you doing here, and how can you talk?"

The polar bear licked its paw and rubbed it across its head before it answered, "I don't know how I got here. When I opened my eyes, I was already here." It gave a simple shrug of its shoulders before it went back to washing itself.

You slowly leaned forward and placed one hand on the bed, inching a little closer to the bear. "H-How can you talk?"

The bear removed its paw from its mouth before it shrugged once again. "I don't know. When I opened my eyes, I could talk."

"Heh…" you muttered, watching as the bear resumed washing itself. If it was going to give you vague answers, then fine.

You felt Matthew squirm in your arms. "Oh, oh! Mama, can we name him? Please, can we?"

You looked down at him as a look of surprise came across your face. "Name it? B-But why?"

He looked up at you, excitement sparkling in his eyes, once again making your heart melt. "Because if it can talk and if it's alive, it deserves a name just like all of us!"

You had to admit that Matthew did have a point. You let out a sigh in defeat. "Okay, Mattie. What do you think we should name him?"

Matthew squirmed out of your arms before he crawled over to the bear and wrapped his arms around it. "I think we should name it Mr. Kimi…Kuma…" He frowned as he removed his hands from the bear and lifted his gaze up to the ceiling in thought.

"What about Mr. Kumajiro?" you suggested as you looked at Matthew before you drifted your gaze uncertainly back to the bear.

Matthew's gaze brightened before he dropped it back down to the bear. "Yeah!" he said in excitement before he once again threw his arms on top of it and pulled it close to him. "I'll name him Mr. Kumakichi!"

You chuckled before you crawled over to Matthew and the bear and began stroking the little boy's hair. "No, Mattie. It's Mr. Kumajiro. Ku-ma-ji-ro."

Matthew looked up at you as a serious look crossed his face. "That's what I said, Mama. Mr. Kumakiku."

You smiled in amusement, figuring that Matthew still needed a while to get used to saying Mr. Kumajiro's name properly. You once again shifted your gaze uncertainly to the bear. Slowly, you extended a hand out towards it and lightly stroked the bear's soft fur before instantly snatching your hand back.

Matthew giggled before he buried his face in the bear's fur. "Don't worry, Mama," he said, his voice muffled through the fur. "Mr. Kumajimo's not going to hurt you."

You nodded slowly before you once again drifted your gaze back to Mr. Kumajiro, who by now had fallen asleep. You once again extended a hand towards him until you were able to brush his soft fur. You paused, waiting a few seconds for any reactions. When all was silent, you resumed stroking his fur, your hand trembling less than it had when you first touched him.

Hey, his fur's softer than I thought…You smiled as you closed your eyes, feeling the fluffiness of the bear's fur under your fingertips. Suddenly, a thought came to mind that instantly made you let out a gasp and your eyes widen in shock as you drew your hand away from Mr. Kumajiro's fur.

"Mama, what's wrong?" Matthew asked as he lifted his head from the bear to look up at you, his eyes sparkling with worry.

You bit your lip before you rand both hands through your hair. "Crap…" you muttered so quietly that Matthew wasn't able to hear. More loudly, you said, "Mattie, I have two things that I now have to take care of— you and Mr. Kumajiro over here. How am I supposed to know how to take care of an actual polar bear?"

"I can help you take care of Mr. Kumamitchi, Mama," Matthew said as he continued to look at you. "I can help you clean and wash his fur, feed him, send him to sleep…"

You moaned before you lifted your gaze to look at the calm, sleeping bear. "Okay. Okay. Let's take this one step at a time. Polar bears eat some kind of fish, right?" When Matthew nodded, you continued. "The grocery store a few blocks away carries tuna, I believe. Let's try feeding Mr. Kumajiro some tuna and see what happens. Okay, Mattie?"

"Okay, Mama," Matthew replied before he buried his face in the polar bear's fur once again. You realized this meant that you had to make another trip to the grocery store.

"Now, Mattie," you said as you climbed out of bed and headed towards the door, "I'm going to go a few blocks down to the store to get some tuna for Mr. Kumajiro. I can trust you not to run off anywhere. You'll be a good boy and stay right where you are until I get back, okay?"

"Yes, Mama," was the reply, and after you took a shower, brushed your teeth, prepared breakfast for you and Matthew, and put on your clothes, you hurried out the door. You tried to let this trip to the store take up the least amount of time as possible so Matthew wouldn't have to be alone in the house with the bear for long.

By the time you returned home, you had bought five cans of tuna. Normally, to satisfy a polar bear, you would've bought at least twenty, maybe more. But you didn't know whether or not he was going to like the tuna, so you made sure not to spend too much.

When you arrived in the bedroom, you felt your heart melt and you smiled as you saw Matthew sleeping on Mr. Kumajiro, his tiny hands grasping the bear's fluffy fur. You quietly approached the two before you gently nudged Mr. Kumajiro, causing him to open his eyes and lift his head to look at you.

"Are you _____?" he asked before he slowly sat up in bed and began washing his fur, causing Matthew to slide off of him and onto the bed sheets, still asleep.

You smiled and nodded. "That's right."

"I'm hungry," Mr. Kumajiro said before he removed his paw from his face and looked at you expectantly.

You smiled before you opened the can of tuna and directed it towards him. "Well, good news, Mr. Kumajiro. I brought you some tuna. Try it and see if you like it."

You held out the can of tuna as the polar bear ate, finishing the whole thing in a matter of seconds. As soon as it was empty, he lifted his head to look up at you and licked his lips. "Do you have any more?"

You took that as a good sign and opened up the next can of tuna, watching in amusement as Mr. Kumajiro hastily ate, once again finishing the can in only a matter of seconds. Since he was much smaller than the average polar bear, he was able to eat a lot less than you expected. He declared that he was full by the time he ate the fourth can of tuna.

Right about then, you heard the phone ring from the living room, causing you to let out a groan as you set the empty cans of tuna down on your dresser and walked out of the room, down the hall, and into the living room. When you arrived, the phone was still ringing, so you hastily picked it up and pressed it to your ear.

"Hello?" you asked, your voice slightly weary with exhaustion.

"Good to hear that you picked up, _____." It was England. God, why was he always calling you?

You let out a sigh in exasperation. "What do you want? Are you calling me to inform me about another meeting?"

"Yes, to make sure that you are aware of your job as a country," England replied simply, causing you to growl.

"I do not need to be reminded of what I already know I have to do!" you said loudly. "I can look after myself, you know!"

England chuckled. "Well, if you can look after yourself, you would've showed up to the previous meetings instead of making up excuses to skip them."

You groaned when you realized that there was no possible comeback for you to make. A few moments of silence passed before you decided to ask, "Hey England, how would you react if I brought a talking polar bear to a meeting?"

A few more moments passed before he sighed. "_____, I believed you about Matthew, but this is just nonsense. There is no possible way for a polar bear to talk, let alone find the opportunity and time to bring it to a meeting."

You smirked. "Oh, really? Well, we'll see about that…"

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

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Don't worry, Matthew. I'll always be here to take care of you.

That was the thought, the promise that had been stuck in your head for the next months that followed. That promise had been made when you first led him home from the woods. He was still a tiny, fragile, sweet little baby back then, and he had fallen asleep in your arms. You had thought that he would've been under your care forever, but you were terribly wrong.

Throughout the days, weeks, and months after Matthew left, you had found yourself swarmed by depression. You hardly, if ever, left your room, and your house had an unusual feeling of loneliness that you had not experienced since before Matthew began living with you. You missed his presence in your life. You missed Mr. Kumajiro. You missed everything about Matthew, except his ambition at becoming independent. Your boss had given you an amount of paperwork that was much larger than usual, but you absolutely refused to do anything. You were constantly locked away in your house, thinking about the past.

I would never leave you, Mom. I promise that even when I'll be grown up, I'll still live with you. That promise had been made by no other person than Matthew himself. He had promised that he would've stayed with you forever, even when he was grown up. He promised. It was a promise that he had never lived up to, and he had broken it. Just thinking about that promise made you grow even sadder and angrier than you were before.

You were angry. Angry at Matthew for breaking his promise and leaving you. Angry at the world for allowing him to leave. Angry at England for convincing you to tell Matthew that he was a country and then allowing him to have all these thoughts at becoming independent. Angry at yourself for having found him in the woods all those years ago and putting all these wonderful memories in your head only to have them shattered after he had left you.

With all this depression, sadness, and anger taking over you and your life, you were very reluctant to leave your house when you found out that there was a world meeting you had to attend in two days. You didn't want to go anywhere at the moment. You didn't want to leave your depressing atmosphere and let others know of your miserable life just by looking at the exhausted expression on your face. But you knew that you had to go. You were already missing enough meetings throughout your life, and you didn't want to let Matthew's independence stop you.

Matthew. Of course, you figured that you probably would've seen him at the meeting. You didn't even want to look at him anymore. You knew very well that as soon as you would've made eye contact with him, all your emotions would've been released, right in front of everyone. That was the last thing you wanted to happen. You just had to try your best to hide your emotions as much as possible and you would've been fine.

When you arrived in the building where the meeting was held and opened the door to the meeting room, you looked around to find that nobody was there. Perfect. Maybe there would've been time for you to release your emotions there in private before someone else actually entered the room.

After examining the room a little while more, you felt your eyes slightly widen in surprise when you realized that there was someone else in the room, sitting in one of the chairs. You shifted your gaze so that it was able to settle on England, who had his chin in his hand as he absently tapped his pen against the table, a miserable expression on his face. You mentally grinned when you realized that he hadn't noticed your entry into the room. By this point, you seriously felt like yelling at him for all the trouble he caused you. And now seemed like the perfect time and place to do it.

Quietly, you approached England before you were standing directly behind him. He still didn't seem to notice your presence, and you finally clenched your hands into fists and took a deep breath.

"This is all your fault!" you yelled loudly, causing England to jump in surprise before turning around to look up at you with slightly wide eyes. You looked down to meet his gaze, and before he had the chance to reply, you continued, angrily pointing a finger at him. "You were the one who caused all of this! You were the one to convince me to tell Matthew that he represented a country, and look at what happened to us now! He felt that it was his responsibility to become a country and become independent, and he...he left me! He left me without feeling any sadness at all, and he never even told me that he loved me! And do you have any idea of how heartbroken I was? I lay in my bed for days, constantly thinking about the past, constantly wishing that things would've been different, and asking myself over and over why the hell I had to listen to you and not come up with some other excuse as to why he aged so differently. I could've easily told him that it was a genetic mutation or some kind of birth defect, and I know for a fact that he would've believed it and not have all these crazy ideas of leaving me just to become a damn country! If I had the chance to go through all of this again, I never would've listened to you! I would've just come up with my own excuse for his slow age, and he never would've had to leave me! He never would've had to break my heart and leave me in pieces! He would've still been living with me, bringing me happiness every day, and making me thankful that I never listened to you and caused things to go wrong! But of course I just had to do what you told me and make things worse for myself!"

You finished, and when you were done you stood there, your hands clenched into fists and dropped down to your sides, taking deep breaths as you continued to stare at England with what seemed like all the hatred in the world.

A few seconds passed in silence before the shock in his face switched back to misery and he turned around and resumed tapping his pen against the table. "Oh...sorry," he muttered, his voice so quiet that you were barely able to hear him.

"What?" you asked. "After all the misery you had put into my life, all you can say is 'sorry'? After all the trouble you caused me, all the sadness, all the depression, the only thing that you could've ever hoped to say is 'sorry'? I was honestly expecting something much more apologetic than—"

"Listen, _____, I don't want to talk right now," England said quietly, interrupting you from your rant as he rested his head in his arms.

"Huh?" you asked as you stood upright and all the anger left your body. You stared at him in confusion before you finally found the strength to speak again. "Wh...What's wrong?"

"Why does it matter to you, anyway?" England asked bitterly. "After all, you said that you hate me for all the trouble I put into your life."

"Oh...I'm sorry," you said quietly. It was only a second later when you realized that that was a stupid thing to say, but you didn't feel like taking it back. You approached the chair next to England and sat down before you rested your arm on the table. "If you tell me what's bothering you, I might be able to make things better." You realized that that was a stupid thing to say as well, but by this point, you really didn't care about what England had done to your life.

He sighed before he finally lifted his head from his arms and stared down at the table, the misery on his face only getting greater. "A-America...he...." He broke off as soon as he felt his voice crack, and he put his face in his hands.

"America?" you asked, confusion filling your eyes. "What about America?"

"He...he left me...." That was the only thing England managed to say before he broke down into tears, his body shaking as he cried into his hands.

You, however, didn't feel like comforting him. "Well, now at least you know how I feel," you said bitterly. "Now you know what it's like to have someone you loved and cared for leave you."

A few minutes passed as you sat there with your arms crossed as you stared angrily down at the table. Finally, England was able to compose himself and he took a deep breath after he removed his hands from his face and sat upright, wiping any stray tears away from his eyes. "Y-You're right," he said quietly after a few seconds of silence. "I...I'm really sorry, _____. If I had known that this was going to happen I never would've told you to tell Matthew that he represented a country." A few moments passed in silence before he shifted his gaze so that he was looking at you. "Can you forgive me?"

You lifted your gaze to look up at him, and your eyes locked with his. You were still a bit upset for listening to England and for all the misery that he had put you in, but now you realized that he was going through exactly the same thing as you, so there was no point in staying angry. Still, if you hadn't listened to him, Matthew would've been living with you right now.

But just before you were about to reply, you heard the door open and close and footsteps quietly make their way towards the table. "Oh, good morning England, _____," a voice said quietly.

England removed his gaze from you and looked up at the person standing in front of the table. "Oh...good morning, Canada."

Canada? At that, you turned around so that you were able to look up at the person. You could've sworn that you almost had a heart attack when you saw Matthew, wearing a formal tan suit as he stood there holding Mr. Kumajiro in his arms. You felt your throat slowly tighten when you realized that now he no longer even called you his mother. And apparently, he had fulfilled his dream of becoming a country and now represented Canada.

You quickly stood up from your seat, your expression darkening as you harshly made your way towards the door. "I'm going to go get some water," you said loudly, a hint of anger in your tone.

As you passed Matthew, you were aware of the slightly guilty and longing expression he was giving you. "_____," he began. "I—"

"No!" you yelled, not even bothering to look back at him as you opened the door, stepped out into the hallway, and fiercely slammed it shut, causing the walls to shake. You broke off into a run, not even bothering to look at where you were heading, until you finally stopped in front of the door to a bathroom. You opened it and quickly made your way inside. It was dark and the room was pretty small, but you didn't care. You closed the door and locked it before you pressed your back against the wall farthest from it before you buried your face in your hands and began to cry.


Months had passed since Matthew became independent from you. For the first few meetings you went to, you found it hard to look at Matthew and not feel like you were going to break down into tears. But pretty soon, you learned how to handle your emotions better. Now, you no longer felt the sadness, misery, and depression that you had for the first few months after he left you. Now, the only emotion that you ever felt towards him was bitter coldness. You still hated him for leaving you, and you wanted him out of your life as much as possible.

Still, a part of you wished that Matthew still lived with you, and was still there to greet you every morning, and was still there to tell you he loved you. But whenever you had those kinds of thoughts, you quickly pushed them away. You wanted to prove to everyone, especially to yourself, that you no longer needed Matthew in your life to keep you happy.

Matthew, on the other hand, had his feelings begin to change. He no longer felt that ambition to get away from you as he once had. He realized that living on his own and representing a country was not as great as he thought, and he began to miss you. He missed your presence, he missed how you always used to care for him when he was sick, he missed how you were always there to protect him and feed him and dress him and provide him everything he could've ever wanted to make him happy. Whenever he looked at you, he found it hard to believe that you were the same person that cared for him when he was younger. He missed how you were always sweet and loving to him, and he hated how you were always cold and bitter to him now.

But whenever Matthew tried to explain this to you, you always turned him down by either yelling at him or running away from him. Pretty soon, you were ignoring him.

But it wasn't just you that didn't pay attention to him. Almost everyone who he ever attended a meeting with hardly seemed to notice him. It was as if he was invisible. Even Kumajiro wasn't able to remember who he was, and he never did. Matthew wished more than anything in the world that things would've been different. He wished that he didn't listen to himself and never became independent, because now, you were treating him like he was a stranger and not the baby that you used to care for all those years ago.

The truth was that the both of you wanted each other in your lives again. But there never came a time when either of you were able to explain it, and you were gone from each other's lives forever.

The End

Gah, I can't believe this story went from a oneshot to a sixteenshot...I'm glad all y'all convinced me to keep writing this thing. o-o

Anyway, thank you everyone for reading, and I hope you enjoyed...maybe.....

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

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Ever since Matthew grew up, your life changed in ways that you never expected. Apparently, Matthew decided that he was too old to sleep with you anymore, so you had to reserve a room especially for him. Thankfully, you already had a guest room, so you just gave him that. You became upset at his decision to quit sleeping with you, and you often found yourself lonely every night when you realized that baby Matthew wasn't there for you to wrap your arms around him anymore. Eventually, you got used to it. Even though Matthew was no longer sleeping with you, you were thankful for the fact that he was still living with you at all.

That wasn't the only change that took place. Since Matthew had grown, so did his stomach, and you had to spend more money on food for him to eat. Kumajiro, however, stayed exactly the same as he did when Matthew was still a baby. You were relieved that his appetite hadn't doubled the way Matthew's did.

It also seemed like meetings had been occurring a lot more frequently. It wasn't a week after Matthew had grown into a 10 year old that you had to go to yet another meeting.

Although you hated to admit it, you began to think that what France had said the previous meeting was right. First, you bring along a baby. Then, a talking polar bear. Now, that same baby coming in as a 10 year old just three weeks after he came to the last meeting looking like he was only a few years old. It seemed like people might be talking about you and your crazy life for a while.

If there was one thing that was good about Matthew growing up so quickly, it was that he caused you less stress in the morning of a meeting. Usually, you found yourself busy with brushing his teeth, getting him dressed, and making his breakfast. Now, he was able to do all of those things on his own, leaving you with plenty of time to get ready.

On the morning of the meeting while Matthew was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for himself and Mr. Kumajiro, you sat on your bed, looking over the papers that you were planning on bringing with you to the meeting. It was just page after page of boring notes. Life didn't seem fun at all.

Just then, an idea suddenly popped into your brain, and it made your heart rate increase. You knew that countries such as yourself had a slow growth rate in general, but had the ability to change their appearance by a few years just overnight. If others realized that the same thing happened to Matthew, they might suspect that it was likely that he represented a country.

We'll see what happens at the meeting, you thought as you lifted your bag up onto your lap and stuffed your folder inside.


You paused in front of the door to the meeting room, gripping your bag uneasily with both hands. You had not seen a single country on your way to the room, so you figured that you had arrived early, a thought that had made you nervous and surprised. Usually, you never arrived this early to a meeting. You didn't want Matthew to get bored just waiting for everyone else to arrive.

"Mom, is something wrong?" Matthew asked as he took a few steps forward so that he was directly next to you. He looked up at you, and once you saw him staring at you intently, your eyes widened as you turned your head to meet his gaze.

"O-Oh, I'm fine…" you said as you rubbed the back of your neck with your hand. "I-I guess we arrived a little bit early, that's all."

Matthew nodded slowly before he shifted his gaze down to look at Mr. Kumajiro, who was wrapped tightly in his arms. "Okay, that's fine."

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before you grasped the door handle and slowly opened the door. Once you felt that it was opened a good amount, you took a few steps forward and slowly opened your eyes. You expected no one to be seated in any of the chairs, but instead, you saw something a whole lot worse.

There, sitting in one of the chairs was no other person than France, leaning back in his seat with his feet rested against the table, eyes closed in contentment, a smirk on his face as he twirled a strand of hair with his finger. You guessed that he was probably thinking about something, which immediately made you come to the conclusion that you didn't want to know what he was thinking about.

You felt your heart pulse in shock once you realized that you, Matthew, Kuma, and France were the only ones in the room. You knew that this fact was going to result in a bad effect. Honestly, the last person in the whole world who you wanted to deal with at the moment was France.

Thankful that France didn't see you, you sharply turned on your heel and made your way towards the door. "Let's go, Matthew," you muttered under your breath as you kept your head lowered.

Matthew watched as you headed towards the door and looked at you in confusion. "Mom, why are we—"

Too late. France had heard the voice of someone in the room, and he opened his eyes and turned his head so that he was looking at the door, his smirk widening when he saw you freeze in place. "Ah, well if it isn't the lovely _____!" he said a bit too cheerfully.

Shit, you thought as you slapped your arms to your sides and clenched your fists. You were able to hear the scraping of France's chair as he stood up and walked over to you, placing his arm around your shoulder and causing you to flinch.

"What caused you to come here so early?" he smirked as he felt you struggle in his grasp. "This is certainly something new for you, isn't it, _____?"

You growled. "What did I say about what was going to happen to you if you didn't leave me alone?"

France chuckled. "You always get tense so easily, _____. But don't worry; I'm not going to bother you for long. I only want to ask you a simple question."

"Please, try your hardest not to keep it sexual," you muttered as you crossed your arms and stared down at the ground.

"I only wanted to know if you had brought along Matthieu and that talking polar bear with you this time," France said, the smirk never leaving his face. "Because of course, it would be cruel to leave a child and a living polar bear alone in a house."

You sighed and closed your eyes in exhaustion and irritation before an awkward silence filled the room. You were able to hear someone coughing, and both you and France turned your heads to the side so that the both of you were looking straight at Matthew, who was staring at the ground as he shifted in place uncomfortably.

France's face brightened at the sight of the boy. "Oh, _____, I didn't know you were taking care of another child." He was about to approach Matthew, but you stopped him by fiercely grabbing his shoulder with your hand and digging your fingers into the fabric of his suit.

"Actually," you said, your voice low and icily calm, "that is Matthew. The baby I brought with me to the meeting previously."

France stared at you and raised an eyebrow in surprise before he shifted his gaze back to Matthew, who was staring at the wall with a prominent blush on his cheeks. A few more seconds of silence passed before France let out one of his perverted laughs.

"Oh, _____, I never knew that kids had the ability to grow up so quickly," he smirked as he removed himself from your tight grasp and approached Matthew, who was staring up at him fearfully as he started slowly backing away.

"Hold it right there," you said loudly as you ran up to Matthew and turned around to face France, shielding the boy from apparent danger. You glared at France as he stared at you intensely, his eyes gleaming with interest. You raised a finger and pointed it at him. "I never gave you instructions to go pedo on him, and you know it."

France smirked before he once again began twirling a strand of hair with his finger. "Oh, but _____, I never said to you that I was going to rape him."

"Don't try to act like I'm stupid," you growled. "I can see it in your eyes. I am not letting you get anywhere near Matthew."

"Um, Mom…" Matthew said quietly from his spot behind you. "What's a pedo…?"

You sighed in exasperation before you briefly turned your head around to look at him. "I'll tell you later, Mattie," you said calmly before you turned your irritated gaze back to France. "Now, listen to me. If you even think about getting anywhere near Matthew, I swear to God that I'll give you an injury so bad that you'll be bedridden for a decade."

France raised his hands in mock surrender as he began to back away. "Whatever you say, _____," he said with a wink before he left the room and closed the door behind him, leaving you and Matthew standing there silently.

The silence continued to stretch, with you staring angrily at the door, your hands clenched into fists at your sides, and Matthew standing a few feet behind you, looking at you worriedly. The quietness continued to last until Mr. Kumajiro lifted his head to look up at Matthew and asked, "Who are you?"

He sighed as he closed his eyes. "I'm Matthew," he said softly.


As the meeting progressed, you noticed that a lot of people were staring at Matthew, who was sitting in the seat next to you instead of on your lap. You would've been staring at him too, if you knew that the last time you had seen him three weeks ago, he was just a tiny baby, and now he was a full grown kid.

Once break was finally called, you took Matthew's hand and began to lead him out the door, but were stopped when you felt someone's hand firmly rest on your shoulder. You froze, thinking that it was France, and whipped your head around to face the person next to you. Instead of France, you found England staring at you with a serious and urgent look on his face. That was when you knew he wanted to speak to you.

Although you were relieved that the person who wanted your attention wasn't France, you were still a bit irritated. "What is it?" you asked England, a slight hint of annoyance detectable in your voice.

He removed his hand from your shoulder and narrowed his eyes. "I need to speak to you about something important. In private."

You bit your lip as you drifted your gaze down to Matthew, who was staring at you in confusion. You smiled. "Mattie, can you do me a favor and wait here while I go have a talk?"

Matthew nodded and took a seat in one of the empty chairs, leaving you and England to walk a good enough distance away from him until the two of you were out of earshot.

"What is it?" you asked quietly as you glared at England. You didn't like him wasting your time. In fact, you didn't like anyone wasting your time.

England briefly drifted his gaze over to Matthew before it once again met yours. "_____, are you aware of the fact that Matthew might represent a country?"

You were, but instead, you asked, "Why do you ask?"

England lowered his voice. "I've noticed his abnormal growth rate. A regular person doesn't look exactly the same for a whole year and then suddenly change in terms of growth in only three weeks."

You rubbed the back of your neck with your hand. "Actually, he'd grown overnight."

England raised an eyebrow. "Overnight?" When you nodded, he drifted his gaze down to the floor and pressed a finger to his chin in thought. "It would be likely that he represents a country. The problem is, we won't be able to figure out which one."

"Does he have to decide on his own?" you asked quietly.

England lifted his gaze so that it met yours. "If he chooses to represent one, then yes."

You tilted your head to one side. "How are we going to tell him?"

England sighed before he crossed his arms and drifted his gaze to the wall. "I'm afraid you'll have to tell him on your own."

You pointed a finger at yourself and your eyes widened in surprise. "Me?"

England looked back at you as a tiny smile came to his lips. "Well, of course. You are the one taking care of him, and he does refer to you as his mother, after all. It only makes sense that you tell him."

You shot a quick look at Matthew sitting in his seat, playing with Mr. Kumajiro, before you turned your gaze back to England. "But…what if he's too young?"

England rolled his eyes as he leaned against the wall. "_____, nobody is ever too young to become a country."

A few more moments of silence passed when you found that you had lost the ability to reply. Finally, you sighed. "Fine, England. I'll tell him."

He nodded in approval before he started making his way toward the door, you staring back at him with a frown. So much for saying goodbye.

You ran a hand through your hair and briefly looked down at the ground before you slowly approached Matthew with your hands clasped together behind your back.

"What was that about, Mom?" he asked softly, looking up at you when you paused in front of his chair.

You gave him a weak smile. "I'll tell you when we get home."

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

I do not own the preview image .-.
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You woke up the next morning to the feeling of something burning against your shoulder. You gasped as you quickly sat upright, rubbing your shoulder with one hand to cool it down. You looked around, trying to make sense of what happened to your room. There were shoeboxes, bags, and several other things scattered on the floor next to your open closet door.

You sighed before you rubbed sleep from your eyes with one hand. That was actually the first time in months you got over three hours of sleep, and you wanted nothing more than to curl up under the covers and fall asleep again.

However, what confused you the most was the presence of someone else in your bed. Slowly, you turned your head to the side and almost gasped when you saw Matthew sleeping next to you. As if it came in a giant wave, all of the memories of yesterday entered your head. You smiled as you continued watching him sleep, thinking about how adorable he looked. However, you felt a small twinge of concern grow inside you when you noticed that Matthew was breathing heavily and raggedly through his mouth.

You remembered that he had a fever when you first met him. Suddenly, you wondered if the burning sensation you felt in your shoulder when you woke up was actually Matthew's forehead pressed against yours. That seemed like a likely possibility.

You groaned before you carefully climbed out of bed, trying not to disturb Matthew from his sleep. As you brushed your teeth and took a shower, you wondered about how you were going to treat his cold. Of course, you always knew how to treat your own colds whenever you got them, but as for a baby…you weren't so sure. You didn't dare try using your medicine on him. You figured that some warm soup might've been able to help.

After you got out of the bathroom and began preparing your breakfast as well as Matthew's soup, you were aware of a tiny wail coming from the bedroom. You turned your head towards the kitchen door, holding your breath. Sure enough, that same wail came again a few seconds later.

You sighed as you left the soup to heat on the stove before you exited the kitchen and entered your room. There you saw Matthew, clinging desperately onto the covers, tears falling freely down his face.

"Matthew!" you said as you approached him and sat down on the bed next to him. He looked up at you depressingly as you wiped tears away from his face. "What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?"

Matthew sniffed before replied. "Ma…ma…I thought you left me…"

You frowned as you began stroking his soft hair. "Why would you think that?"

He crawled up onto your lap and buried his face in your shirt. "I woke up and you weren't there. I thought you were gone and left me all alone…" A small whimper escaped him as he began crying into your shirt.

"Oh…" you murmured before you wrapped your arms around Matthew and lifted him so that he was able to bury his face in your shoulder. You continued cradling him slowly as you gently massaged his back. "Matthew, I promise I would never leave you. I wouldn't  have taken you home after I found you in the woods if I was just going to abandon you the next morning."

Matthew sniffed again before he weakly lifted his head from your shirt and met your reassuring gaze. "R-Really?"

You smiled, once again feelings your heart melt at his cuteness. You kissed his forehead. "Of course. I would never be that cruel as to leave an innocent, sick baby all by himself, would I?"

"N-No…" Matthew murmured before he dropped his gaze to his hands.

"Exactly," you said as you ruffled his hair. You grasped him by his sides and set him back down on the bed. When he looked up at you, you asked him, "Would you like something to eat, Mattie?"

In response, Matthew shook his head, grasped the covers, and pulled them close to his chest. "N-No…I'm not really hungry…"

You sighed. You never had an appetite when you were sick. But this was a baby that needed food no matter what. You frowned. "How are you feeling?"

Matthew wiped his nose with his sleeve. "I-I can't breathe through my nose at all, my head feels funny, my throat tickles when I breathe, and I'm cold…."

You leaned towards him so that both of your faces were just inches away from each other. "I'll tell you what, Mattie. If you want to get better, you're going to have to eat something, even if you're not hungry. I made some soup just for you that will help you feel better. Do you want to get rid of your sickness?"

Matthew wiped his nose with his sleeve again before he slowly nodded.

"Then you need to eat the soup," you said to him firmly.

"Okay, Mama…" Matthew murmured before he buried himself under the covers and poked his head out to look at you expectantly.

You smiled as you ruffled his hair, thankful that he was so calm and obedient, even when he was sick. "Good boy. I'll be right back."

Thankfully the soup was already heated up when you arrived in the kitchen. You poured some of it into a bowl before you carefully carried it back to your bedroom. When you arrived, you found Matthew curled up under the covers, his eyes only half open.

You smiled before you set the bowl of soup down on the nightstand next to the bed and walked up to the window. You opened it, instantly feeling yourself relax when you felt cool air beat against your face.

You approached the bed and gently sat down on the edge. You took the bowl on the nightstand and put it in your lap before you turned to face Matthew, who looked like he was just about to fall asleep. You smiled before you gently nudged him.

"Wake up, Mattie," you said softly. "I brought soup for you."

Matthew looked up at you before he let out a tiny yawn and rubbed his eyes before he sat up in bed. You looked down at the bowl of soup in your lap and grasped the spoon, taking a spoonful and directing it towards Matthew.

"Open wide," you gently said to him, and he obediently did so, allowing you to place the spoon in his mouth for him to eat the soup.

The whole feeding went by without any problems until Matthew said, "Mama, I'm full…"

You frowned before you looked down at the bowl in your lap. There was still a good amount of the soup left, and you didn't want it to go to waste. You looked back up at Matthew, who had switched from his sitting position and was now lying down again, his head rested on the pillow. "Are you sure you can't eat any more?"

He gave a weak shake of his head before he slowly closed his eyes. "I'm tired…"

You smiled before you set the bowl back down on your nightstand and leaned towards Matthew before you kissed his forehead. "I know. So how about you go to sleep and I'll wake you up again for some more soup later on?"

"Okay, Mama…" Matthew said quietly, and you watched as his breathing slowly evened and he drifted off to sleep. You continued to watch him, thinking about how your life was going to change now that you were going to take care of a child. You hadn't done any of the work that was required by your boss today, but you didn't mind at all. Somehow, taking care of Matthew gave you a sense of calm. He was just so adorable…he didn't give you any trouble at all! He didn't throw tantrums, he didn't cause a mess, he didn't complain, and he always did everything that you asked him to. Part of the reason you never even wanted to have kids was because they were always going to be so fussy. Well, you were wrong. Taking care of Matthew was like nothing you had ever expected.

You were interrupted from your train of thoughts when the phone rang from the living room. You cursed at the noise, hoping that it wouldn't have disturbed Matthew. Quickly and quietly, you walked out of the bedroom and softly shut the door behind you before you walked down to the living room.

You dodged past papers that were scattered on the floor as well as trying not to step on several pens before you finally reached the phone located on your coffee table.

"Hello?" you said as soon as you picked it up and turned it on.

"_____!" you were able to recognize the annoyed voice of England. "Where were you?"

You tilted your head to one side in confusion. "What do you mean where was I?" you asked in the same tone as his.

You heard England groan through the phone. "_____, did you not know that there was a world meeting today?"

You blinked, your eyes filling with surprise. "There was?"

England sighed. "_____, you have been notified about this meeting for the past several weeks. What have you been doing that caused you to skip it?"

For the next few seconds, you were silent. You had completely forgotten about the meeting despite all the notices in advance. You guessed that taking care of Matthew caused you to become forgetful of things that happen in your daily life. But if you told England that you were taking care of a child, he probably wasn't going to believe you.

"Um…" your gaze drifted off to a half empty cup of coffee on the edge of the coffee table. "What if I told you that I forgot there was a meeting today because my mind is so focused on taking care of a sick baby that I found in the woods in the middle of the night?"

England sighed again. "_____, you know better than to make up excuses. It is your responsibility as a country to attend a conference whenever you are required to."

You rolled your eyes in exasperation. "Okay, England. I promise I'll try not to skip another meeting again."

"You better," England said, and he hung up without giving you the chance to say goodbye.

You sighed before you put the phone back down in its original spot, feeling a hint of amusement grow inside you and cause you to become surprised. Usually when you were informed that you had skipped a meeting, you would've been pulling your hair, banging on the walls, scattering papers all over the floor in frustration. But now, you seemed a little relieved, and you wondered why.

As you walked away from the living room and entered your room once again, you were delighted to find that Matthew was still asleep. You silently approached him and carefully sat down on the edge of the bed before you began stroking his soft hair.

You weren't even aware when Matthew's eyes slowly fluttered open. "Ma…ma? Who were you talking to?" he asked quietly.

You looked down at him, surprised that he had woken up. You smiled before you kissed his forehead. "A…friend of mine. Don't worry, everything is fine. Just go back to sleep."

Matthew did as he was told, and as soon as his breathing was even and you knew that he was asleep, you resumed quietly watching him. Seeing him sleeping there so calmly made you feel calm, and you had no idea why. Maybe his emotions were contagious. But either way, you were glad that having him live with you made your life easier. You were no longer as stressed as you used to be, and cared a lot less about doing work or going to meetings.

All you cared about was Matthew, and how much he was able to change your life in less than a day.
England...what's with the attitude? >:I

Link to the rest of the chapters are here: [link]

I do not own the preview image .-.
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