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...with a little Star Trek on the side. (I chose races that didn't change the outline of the bodies... except for the Vorta, but I'm hoping you can figure out where human ears go.)

More sketches from Pose Maniacs: [link]

You're welcome to use these as references, but please don't copy them into anything.

First: [link]
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More quick sketchy anatomuuuu practice... :iconimdeadplz: I actually drew a few more females this time...

Anyway some poses are from pose maniacs and some are made up...I am sure you can tell which is which lol! :dummy: ...and if you can't....:iconexcellentplz:
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I'll get day...

All drawn at work in my sketch book ;D

Some quick anatomu stuff :icondeyedplz:
Few were referenced from pose maniacs. That site is awesome if you wanna practise male and female anatomy and poses! :D

I seem to only draw one body type...:iconimthinkingplz: very very skinny musclely guys...OTL

I need VARIETY! AMG! :iconamgplz:
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More practice stuff from work :icondeyedplz:

Also I haven't gotten to all the fiddly muscles in the legs so if you spot errors...OTL its because I dunno what I am doing...

More fanarts are on the way! :iconmoarplz:

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Full length figure studies. If I can get away with it, I usually just avoid drawing legs or find some means to cover them up. I'm very guilty of that ^^; Hope I get used to them eventually.

References (C) =vishstudio
Texture (C) ~bashcorpo
Artwork (C) Steph 2012
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EDIT- PLEASE READ: Many have you asked where I got the references for the poses. Some of them are original but most of them are from [link] . I didn't originally credit back to the site because it is a site which collects stock photos, so it wouldn't do the original artists much justice. If you recognize any of your poses, please comment below and let me know (I have a good memory of the ones I used). In any case .. I don't have enough confidence in my art ability to do a female version, sorry.

List of stock artists who helped:
- *DaeStock


... The amount of practice I did in a span of two days.

Anyway, I suppose you guys can use this as reference if you /want/ ... but I wouldn't really recommend it because I am not too sure on my anatomy, tbh.

Should I do a female version? y/n?

Off to practice some more!

Pose ref:
Body types:
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I am touching up on a few things :) Specially the lifting arms part..

More tips? yes?

Like I always say dividing stuff up always makes it easier to remember. Do it piece by piece. Learn the basic shapes then when you are comfortable go to the next level and learn how the muscles join. Then all the fiddly bits. Always good to have an anatomy book with you and also draw from real life and photographs so you can see variance in the human form.

I only drew one body type here though it will still have the foundation for any body type. This one I use in particular...well because I like drawing it :iconteheplz: and also it shows all the muscle structures XD

Practice practice practice :'D

I am having weird urges to start a fan service series...:icondatassplz:...again....

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This is what I do at work all day.... :iconomgewplz:

Learn the anatomuuuus! I brought my trusty anatomy book to learn all those bones and muscles >.> Stringy arms are still giving me grief though..specially the lower portion of the arm... those muscles are so complicated? whyyyyyyyyy????!!!!

So what have I learnt? I usually have trouble with the part where the clavicle makes an indent on the skin on the shoulder. But since I know where the bone is now it will be easier to get it in the right place ;) Refer to the top left corner.


Tip of the day? get an anatomy book OTL they really are helpful.
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Some arms desuuuuuu...:icondeyedplz:

Muscly man arms that is! I need to draw more feminine arms >.> I draw arms a lot don't I?

Just mentioning the red outlined drawing aren't muscle structure, they are just the shapes I use to plan the arm. Like I said in my other tips sheets, dividing anatomy up into shapes makes it much easier to draw consistently ;) Using a reference doesn't hurt either. Studying from real life is the best way to set a foundation for anatomy, then simplifying it into what ever style you like.

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Request from: ...uh. A few people

Female hand: Kelly :iconglitterprincess11:
Male hand: Ian :iconthreewisellamas:

Lol they felt sooo awkward >.>

Holding Paintbrush: [link]
Holding Mug: [link]
Holding Champagne Glass 1: [link]
Holding Champagne Glass 2 (Back): [link]
Holding Champagne Glass 3 (Perspective): [link]
Reaching: [link]
Wielding: [link]
Classical: [link]
Various/Misc: [link]
Perspective/Foreshortening 1: [link]
Perspective/Foreshortening 2: [link]
Holding Hands 1: You are viewing it!
Holding Hands 2: [link]
Gripping Shoulder/Forearm: [link]
Gripping Stomach: [link]
Gripping Ledge/Shirt: [link]
Gripping Chair Arm: [link]
Holding Gun:

-You can use the image in any way you want, a portion of it or the whole thing, it doesn't matter to me.
-Credit me
-As long as you credit me, you can make prints of your artwork that uses my stock, or post to other sites (let me know via comment or note though please so I know what site)
-Don't use for hateful purposes
-You don't have to tell me before you use it, but link me when you are done (I will fave your deviation!)
-Faves are obviously not required, but super appreciated
-If you use as a reference only for things like pose or lighting (in other words, you aren't trying to make your artwork look like my photo) then you do not have to credit me, but I still want to see your artwork when you're done! If you are using it as a reference and are trying to make it look like my photo, then I still expect credit
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