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And here it is my latest art. This time I really wished to draw something different and something which can show the best of my skills. I never worked this long time over any art of mine before.

He is Derex my beloved character who is also God of death which I hope can be seen in the atmosphere and also in the symbols I used well. He has great powers but behind them he is a sensitive and carring character with much input in his doings and works. He is ruling over a whole dimension but compared to some bigger powers he is still just a smaller one.

I would love to say thank you to all of my friends who supported me in this work and offered helpful ideas and advices :heart:

Details about this drawing you can see here:
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This is my contribution to the next volume of the collective artbook Necromancia. There was my favourite theme: Versus and I'm really thankful and honored that I could participate in the book T3T

Wip: Some wips by Azzedar-san

:star: About the character

Name: Azzedar
Race: Wood half-elf
Age: 38
Height: 180 cms
Caste: Warrior
Weapons: Guan dao (mithril, magical one), daggers, throwing knives, (sometimes bow) + he has a magical tiger
Attitude: Natural good/ Chaotic evil (dissociative identity disorder)



The Natural good character does the best a human being can do. His object in life is helping others. He’s good to others in a way that he doesn’t commit himself to the social order or the power or against them.

The Chaotic evil character can do anything forced by his own greed, hatred, or desire for destruction. He’s hot-blooded, lewd, high-handedly violent and unpredictable. He simply aims for anyone, who he meets. Azzedar is cruel and knows no mercy in this state. If he’s commited to spreading evil and chaos, he becomes much worse. Chaotic evil characters can work in team only if they have to do it.
He’s one of the most dangerous characters because not only does he want to destroy life and beauty, but to abolish the order in which they are based on.


Specials, markings:

:bulletgreen: Immune to poisons
:bulletgreen: He can fight blindly
:bulletgreen: His back is full of scars by whip
:bulletgreen: He can speak drow language
:bulletgreen: Long-suffering / insistent / unwavering


:bulletorange: Always hungry
:bulletorange: Afraid of spiders
:bulletorange: He is underdog against sorcerers
:bulletorange: He can lose control easily
:bulletorange: Another self has formed in him and the new one can get over mental and physical pains and appears when his mind is unable to confrontate with stress. This self locks the feelings so he doesn't like, or hate things he is just the way he is. He doesn't feel wounds, so he can't understand when he will die or why he can't move if he is injured badly... And when his normal self returns he can feel all the pains.
:bulletorange: He can't remember what he has done when he has been in chaotic evil personality. But his evil personality can remember everything.


:star: Abilities :star:

Weapon master: he can use everything found during fight

Agility: He can change his position by seconds in 100 meters. He disappears from others' sight to appear elsewhere. He doesn't use it often because it eats his energy.

Telepathy: Communication of ideas and thoughts directly from one person's mind to another's without the use of hearing, or sight.

:bulletblue: Abilities what are used by evil Azz only:

Black Blade: When the blade changes black a very deep darkness comes from it. This darkness expands on the area for hours and both of them have to fight blindly. His chaotic evil personality can use it ^^;

Soul Wave: He uses a magical wind attack with the naginata which slices his enemies into pieces. He can use this attack only if he is in chaotic evil personality. This attack takes away a lot of energy from him so he can't use it often, for he falls unconscious very fast.

Energy shield: Magical protection by his weapon.


Special thanks to :iconvidagr: who helped me during this project
Thank you for :iconponchounette: and :iconvanrah: for the publication
And thank you everybody who bought the book for the support ^_____^
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Luna loves to molest sexy men XDDDD She also wanted to pay off old scores

The lineart:

Atrwork by :iconlunareth:
Coloring by :iconazzedar-san:
Characters belong to :iconlunareth::iconazzedar-san:
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It's a birthday gift to :iconlunareth: :giggle: Damarthe is a badass character who doesn't take care of things xDDDDD He just carries Luna to "punish" her because she is a really bad girl. :iconheheplz: Belive me, she is. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I know hope you'll like it, baby :D

Thank you for the concept to *vidagr :iconembarrasedplz:

Luna belongs to *Lunareth
Dam belongs to me
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Birthday gift for :iconfullanime:

"Every day here you come walking
I hold my tongue, I don't do much talking
You say you're happy and you're doin' fine
Well go ahead, baby, I got plenty of time
Sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie"

They have spent some times together while they had to solve a problem with a sorcerer who wanted to revenge himself on Azz. Both characters have pair (Shinju is with Yuuki and Azz is with Olivia :)) so they aren't lovers but very close friends who would have been able to die for save each other ^^

I hope you'll like it, dear :hug:

Shinju belongs to *FullAnime
Azz belongs to me
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today is :iconazzedar-san:'s birthday so I made her a gift. I was in real trouble to figure it out what should I draw her...but then :iconmau-acheron: helped me out, thank you :)

The character belongs to =Azzedar-san, you can read more about him here:

hope you like it son o3o
have a good day :D

Thanks for the help to these two bitches -3- :icontatsu87: and :iconbetti357:

And another birthday picture from my friend:
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Soooooo, :iconlunareth:'s idea, that we need to made these cute little V-cards about our characters for Valentine :D It was a really cool idea, and well, I don't have too much time to make a more difficult picture for that day, so I hope, you will love that quick picture about her >///<
I hope, you guys have a really great day! :la:
So, would you like to kidnap Olivia? xD

Picture and character (c) :iconmau-acheron:
Other cute cards:
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Birthday gift for :iconmau-acheron:

I worked on this picture very much and I was able to catch the feeling after several versions. xDDD I mean coloring. ^^; But it turned out effective I think. :la: I wanted to draw something telling. I also would express my thoughts in a lyrics:

"Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around come around no more
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around I'll let you feel the burn
Think twice before you touch my girl
Come around no more"


I got it from Mau by an accident, it was funny, lol, fail

Yeah I will fight as always but this time not only for myself ;)

Thank you for the concept and advises for *vidagr!! Also thank you for *Lunareth who also was disturbed by my wips XDDDDDDDDDD

I hope you'll like it I really tried my best *3*

Olivia belongs to :iconmau-acheron:
Azz belongs to me



Boldog szülinapot, Mau!!!! <3

Akartam valami nagyon menőt. Hát jól megszopattam magam a cél érdekében (főleg színezésben), de úgy érzem, elértem a kellő hatást. xDD A fene hitte, hogy vihar lesz, olyan szép napsütésben indultunk neki, és mivel vonzom a bajt, még fura árnyak is leselkednek ránk, de ne félj bébi, legyakok érted bárkit. Aki csak csúnyán néz a csajomra, az megvizsgálhatja közelebbről ezt a szép, faragott fegyvert. (A Pálcavégi pengerágó halált) Avagy lásd feljebb a dalszöveget, amihez nem vagyok elég költői lefordítani. Lényeg a lényeg, hogy come on! Ő az enyém...

Remélem, tetszik :3
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For =Mau-Acheron
They're our ocs.

I was inspirated by `Saimain's works :love:

Olivia belongs to =Mau-Acheron
Azz belongs to me
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Summer time with friends :heart:

Its probably not my best work but i made it with my heart. When my new digital tablet arrived i decided to make something for some of my friends here :D (Though there were a lot more characters i wanted to draw duh Q3Q) But it still were nearly too much :"D I advice to click on 'download image" to get full size.

The theme is how a summer vacation would look with them.
Layla (top left corner dark elven lady) enjoys the vacation like a boss, Luna her childhood best friend a little more less, she cant stand heat and too much sunshine so she's suffering, but there are those yummy ice creams and cold watermelons. But maybe stealing watermelons from Rógish wasn't the best idea, he seems really angry O_O What is that golden spear?? Maybe he pick up Posseidons spear instead of his own pitchfork? (((Ki más lenne gumicsizmában a strandon? Tuti nem az eladott termények után vette az új arany vasvilláját)))
Dam is angry because Azz stepped on his sand-castle accidentally while looked Olivia's booty (anyway that little sand castle in front of the big majestic one is Azz's sand castle...and the big one with dragon is Dam's...just to make it clear), so now he's drowning him into the water (look at Dam's little green sand shovel, aint he cuuute? :love: -->/me not care Azz at allXDDD) Luckily Dam recognized Rógish, so maybe Azz can survive. (((I'm not sure if he's saving the women of his heart from the angry farmer, or wants to spare the watermelons for cooking. )))
Olivia also came to the rescue of her love :D Lets hope the swimming-ring will be enough to avoid Azz's water death.
You can also see Salamon and Orcoo the two casanovas of our team trying to impress the girls
AND NOW INSERT MUSIC HERE: [link] Listen to this while looking at them XDDDD Im not sure if Eani and Enna like the guys show or not, i WOULD like them though haha :D:D Sal and Orcoo are very sexy in my oppinion :D
In the background Kain , Luna's twin brother is fishing, and Nardael is also coming with Jákob to join up the "party" (((Szigorúan szalmakalapban és magas UV faktoros naptejjel az orrukon, nehogy a szentésgtelen Nap megkapja!)))

Oh and there are two pets on the left side of the picture, Gülüke, Olivia's owl gryphon , and Csipi, Dam's fighter chicken :D

I hope all you like it! Now im back to finish works today!

Layla (c) :iconlaylanargothrond:
Luna and Zain (c) :iconlunareth:
Rógish (c) :iconkistithen:
Dam and Azz (c) :iconazzedar-san:
Olivia and Salamon(c) :iconmau-acheron:
Orcoo (c) :iconorcoo:
Eani (c) :iconel-niphrendil:
Enna (c) :iconcubur:
Nardael (c) :iconmokocsolya:
Jákob (c) :iconludwigmeszter:
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