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This is my half of the TARDIS Day gift exchange, for 2009. The cover is a copy of Tom Swift and the Flying Lab, which is sort of applicable because the Flying Lab is kind of like a TARDIS. See? See? Really, they just didn't have a hard cover copy of the Time Machine. XD

What's inside?

Page 1: A cool moire pattern effect that kind of looks like the 'howl-arounds' from Classic Doctor Who. (ooooo-WEEEEE-oooooooo)

Page 2: The Doctor and Donna are running for their life from a cyberman, the Master (Delgado, of course!), and daleks. There's also a yeti in the art, and the Loch Ness Monster. Each character is behind a door that has something to do with them, and the Doctor starts at the TARDIS and stops at Bessie.

Page 3: From 'The Girl in the Fireplace'. We've got Reinette and the Doctor, with Rose, the horse, and Mickey. (Who's a little difficult to see.)

Page 4: This is from Blink. There are two weeping angels attacking the TARDIS. It lifts up to show Sally Sparrow and Larry hiding inside.

Page 5: An interpretation of The Doctor Dances. Yes, I know that Brannigan and Valerie also aren't in this episode, but they're awesome and would cut quite a rug. Jack is also more of his Torchwood self than the Doctor Dances one.

And that's it! :)

Posted about it over on my journal.
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Vaiper and The Green Clouds - Karo šokis
Official music video

Denis Emery [link]
Mark Splinter [link]
Vaiper Despotin [link]

Vaiper Despotin [link]

Vimeo [link]
Youtube [link]
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He is a freaking singing pony! WHAT THE #&~% ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?! :smoking:

:pissedoff: HE IS ALSO ON FREAKING YOUTUBE! :pissedoff: (With better freaking lip syncing as well!)

Special thanks to MLP Animators :iconglamourkat: and :iconmisssinger: for getting me motivated! I love you guys!! :iconepiclaplz:

So yeah, this is my first flash animation using Macromedia Flash 8 Pro! Hope y'all like!! I actually can't believe I got this done in time before our flight to Brunei! We just got back from the Philippines last week too... :faint: I had to do it though! I couldn't wait! Your love, encouragement, and sheer awesomeness is just to darn motivating!! :salute:

If any of y'all are interested, I can post a quick written tutorial of an easy way I learned to animate. It is pretty basic now but I am still learning. :blushes:

OK, that's pretty much it. I will try to stay as active as I can, just know that I love you all and will have some more time this winter to reply to all my messages... (I hope... ^^; )

MLP:FiM © HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
Singin' Pony © ME :P
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