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And another one, because I'm really throwing them out fast!

Lucky Ponies are so easy to draw, and even more lucky I had so many of these outlines scaned already.
This is the cast of Final Fantasy XIII, and for once I managed to have the three Pony Tribes all balanced again! Or had, until I added Serah and Dajh. Oh well, I did manage on the XIII-2 picture that's coming up right after the next one...
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Tidus and yuna pony version.
Character design from My Little Pony Friendship is magic.
Tidus and Yuna are from FF X by Square Enix.

Obviously, yuna is an unicorn, she has magic! UU
I wanted to draw their clothes too, but in the end I decided to do them "naked" to show their cutie marks.
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Custom pony of Sephiroth from the video game Final Fantasy VII, only this particular design is of his Dissidia attire.


Pony base is an engineered pose- body of the core 7 clone pose, and head from a dynamic pose.

Full body repaint in flesh tone acrylics, eyes carefully hand-painted in realism textures to capture Sephiroth’s expression.

Mane/tail are re-rooted in dollyhair in the colors marshmallow, raincloud, arctic frost and nickel. Bangs lightly (yet permanently) styled with my hair gel method.

Pants are hand-sewn from a black cotton material. Boots and mid-drift are crafted from thick black leather, detailed with silver strips of leather.
Trench coat is hand-sewn from thin black deer skin leather. Buttons and detailing are sewn on, bead work strung on floral wire accents the belts and the right front leg. He has a partial white wing tucked under the train of his coat; wing is crafted from white leather, yellow sheer lace material, purple tattered leather and purple feathers.

Belt adornment is crafted from metal pieces from a clock. Detailed with rhinestones. Wing pendant on belt is a wing I cut off of a generation 3 McDonald’s rearing Starsong pony. I painted the wing in various grays, silvers and a metallic white acrylic pigment then pierced a hole in it and put a metal ring through the hole to attach a silver chain that connects to the rest of the belt. Detailed in rhinestones.

Shoulder armor is constructed from thick black leather. I then put some detail on it with hemp cording (cut into pieces) then painted over the entire pieces with various gray and silver acrylic pigments. Finished with rhinestones and a cerulean chain.
Navy blue sheer material adorns the right front leg below the armor.

Wing is crafted starting with a thick wire frame. I then sewed thick black leather around the frame, then glued black feathers over the leather; embellished it in various rhinestones and two shades of blue chain.

Sword has a wire base of which I glued two sides of silver leather to make the blade, then glued two stiff pieces of white leather together for the handle. Thick black plastic is used for the hilt, and I finished it off by wrapping black ribbon around the handle.
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Custom mlp of Lady Summoner Yuna from the Play Station 2 video game Final Fantasy X.

Pony base is an engineered pose. Body of a dynamic running pose, and the head of the pink g3 unicorn.

Full body repaint in a custom blend of acrylics.

Eyes layered and textured in acrylics (I always include metallic paints in for depth) and glitter acrylics to the irises of the eyes.
Yuna is half Al Bhed and half Yevon, so she has one blue eye and one green eye. (Silly Squeenix!)

Her mane and tail are re-rooted in authentic Hasbro pony doll hair in the colors of devil's food, hazel nut, and golden sand.

Her outfit is entirely hand-sewn: a dark navy blue floral fabric for her skirt, the length of it was doubled over twice and half the average length I'd use for a skirt, I iron and pleated it, then spread it back out and applied the vine and purple flower details in acrylics, using a toothpick. One of those things where after it's done I sit back and go " did I do that again?" XD

Her white wrap and sleeves are white ribbon detailed in a thin cotton string, navy blue ribbon/thread. Obi is yellow bias tape with green, blue, pink acrylic detailing, a beige rope, and I hand-crafted the orange flower out of authentic deer skin leather, detailed in orange and brown acrylics bead tassels are threaded through with wire after I punched holes in the flower with a leather puncher.

Bead details are wired into the pony, and are antique beads from the 1920's. A few of them I hand-pained in yellow and metallic pewter acrylics because I'm crazy about details like that. Blue hair tassels are waternixie pony doll hair.

Her boots are authentic real deer skin leather.

Bracelets and necklace are fastened on with wire, and some of the beads used on them are the antique ones from the 1920's and the rest are new. The long silver beads on the bracelet are real silver.

Her summoning staff is a wooden dowel I painted in metallic pewter, blue, brown and red acrylics. I carved a hole in the bottom of it, pushed the pin in where the black hemp cord is fastened to and an antique bead decorates the bottom.

The head of the staff is flash aluminum metal of which I drew the patterns out on card stock, then traced them onto the sheet metal then cut them out. I carved the end of the staff in half so the metal would set into the wooden dowel. Detailed the head of the staff with metallic blue acrylics.

for sale for $125.00
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This one was difficult xDDD Ponies don't suit Afros :'D

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Yes, more ponies.. Confound them of their adorableness.

But this is not Kingdom Hearts that it's crossing over with this time, but instead another video game; Final Fantasy XIII.

I will try to explain about it as much as I can, but it will get long and complicated, and possibly even a little inaccurate.

The story takes place on two worlds; Cocoon, and Gran Pulse. They both are ruled by these beings with god-like powers known as the Fal'cie. The Fal'cie often take servents in human beings who will inturn call themselve, L'cie, and must complete a task when they recieve the powers of a Fal'cie.

by completing this task, called a 'Focus', they will be turned into crystal and, "Gain Eternal life", with really just translates into being asleep as a crystal statue for a few centuries before waking up again.

The main character, Claire "Lightning" Farron tries to save her sister Serah, who was turned into a L'cie, but ends up becoming a L'cie herself, along with five others, as they are all given the same focus; Destroy Cocoon.

Lightning is devastated by this and seperates herself from the group, but from eachother they learn to find a way to change their focus into saving Cocoon... and that's all I will tell you. It gets a lot deeper and complicated then what I just explained, but if you are interested and do not have the proper console to play it yourself, then follow this link; [link]

Now for the characters, going from Left to right;

Claire "Lightning" Farron, Hope Estheim, Snow Villiers, Sazh Katzroy, Oerba Yun Fang, and Oerba Dia Vanille.

Final Fantasy XIII (c) Square Enix
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
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The character Lightning as presented in the Play Station 3 video game Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns: Dead Dunes.

I browsed through her alternate outfits, and this one was the one that was most intriguing to me and I wasn't really "feeling" her other two outfits.

My Little Pony base is a generation 1 Sweet Heart Sister pose. I switched the heads of two different poses to make a “custom engineered” dynamic alternate pose.

Full body repaint job is hand-painted in flesh tone acrylics. Eyes hand-painted in acrylics.

Mane and tail are re-rooted on RetrodollsUS saran hair in the colors Candy Floss and Pink Champagne combined with RetrodollUS’s nylon hair in the colors Decadence and Oyster.
Mane permanently styled in my hair gel method.

Started off with the black shoes. Crafted from genuine black leather. Pant legs are brown leather detailed with hemp and acrylics. Thigh armor is tan-colored leather with gold bias tape sewn along the edges, detailed in hemp. Painted tattoos on Lightning’s hip and inner hind leg are hand-painted in metallic pewter acrylic paint.
Black thong under-garment is thin black leather with a crushed velvet mini skirt hand-sewn from a pinkish material. Black garment has two dark green leather straps emerging from the tops with gold buckles shaped from gold wire via pliers.
Next outfit layer is the shirt. Started off with the camouflage. Bordered the hems with hemp. Gray zipper adorns one side with a sheer silk ribbon sash with a purple bead topped with a light green rhine stone Gorilla-glued over top.
Left shoulders have two layers of leather layered, both lined with hemp. Top layer is dark green leather, lower layer is black., detailed with gold metal rhinestones.
Below this, is a isolated white hand-sewn sleeve with a black strip of suede lined with hemp, detailed in gold metallic rhinestones.

White side of the shirt is hand-sewn from a thick cotton material, red strip detail is plastic sewn to the shirt, all hems lined with the hemp.
Neck collar is the same white cotton material. Inside the collar is a layer of lavender bias tape with a brown collar lined with hemp, finished off with a amber-colored broach Gorilla-glued at the front.
Goggles are cut from black leather, painted in silver acrylic paint.
Shoulder armor is dark green leather with strips of black suede sewn, lined with hemp. At the bottom is a layer of thin brown fabric with a tattered cream-colored material over a layer of black cob web trim.
Red/black belt is two strips of black suede strips with red hemp fasted over top, with a joining piece of black leather near the buckle which is constructed of silver wire shaped by pliers. Silver rhinestones top this off.

Front legs are adorned with gloves/wrist wraps crafted from thin black leather.

~~~~For sale $145.00.~~~~
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HOLYSHITHOLYSHITHOLYSHIT!!!!!!!! :iconexcitedplz:

*faints* ...I was so worried this was going to end in disaster, but holy shit, I atleast managed it decent enough. I feel like I did it half-assed, but I don't fucking care, so long as I got it done finally.

So here you have it, Final Fantasy XIII characters, as Crystal Ponies!

Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magix (c) Hasbro


Edit: Made some switches of species on half the ponies you see before you. Lightning is now a Pegasus, Hope is now a Unicorn, and Sazh and Dajh are both Earth ponies.

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This custom Zack pony is made from a engineered pose of a G3 Core 7 pony body, and the head is either from a Wysteria or Sparkleworks pose. (I put the pose together in like November, so I can't quite remember....)
Zack's eyes are done in my eye enlargement method that I'm developing, and he's re-haired in black magick, hematite, and the brand new pacific ocean pony hair.
His outfit is entirely hand-sewn, his boots and gloves are faux leather, the brown straps are custom-dyed leather, with various textures and sizes of leather pieced together for the entire strap pieces.
His shoulder armor is sculpted with a little bit of leather work.
Hair styled with Mod Podge.

He's for sale, but only paired with Aeris.
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~~~~~FOR SALE FOR $95.00~~~~~


Trivia you MUST know:
The widely known name for this God form of Sephiroth, is "Safer Sephiroth".
Sounds slightly awkward, doesn't it?
That's because the name "Safer" is a mis-translation of the word "Seraph".
Once I learned this, it made 100% more sense.
Seraph means a 6-winged being that's just under God. "Safer" Sephiroth has 6 wings,
and an embelished halo contraption behind his head. Also, "Ultima, the High Seraph" esper
from Final Fantasy XII, has 6 wings as well.


Some of you may recognize this character since I've made him twice before in January.
Over-time I looked at him more and more sickly, as I kept noticing things about him that
bugged I've been itching to make a newer one. @_____@
Here's the old pics:
Sephiroth by LightningSilver-ManaSafer Sephi by LightningSilver-Mana

The first one I made, has "standing up" problems. I accidentally used a wire that wasn't
strong enough to hold him up, so the first one is a floppy mess.
On the new one, I made sure I used heavy-duty wire. I designed a contraption out of the
wire that kind of resembles a "egg beater", made four of them, and attached them to each
of his legs. He's very sturdy, and stands on his own.
Seraph Sephiroth is made of 3 ponies. XD I had to use a legless body from one, a
one-legged torso from one of the "ugly" poses, and a head from a pose with a straight-forward head.
He's re-haired with white witch and virgin snow (or white snow and virgin witch? Mmmm'yes....)
pony hair, and I made sure I stayed away from fluffy feathers this time around. XD
I also want to perfect his hair style. The dramatic sharp bangs are a huge challenge, but I'll
get them right some day. And I wanted to aim to give his eyes more depth, so I had to stray away
from the original pony eye shape, and make sure I got his eyebrows as close to his eyes as possible.

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