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Still on progress....^^:
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*EDIT AGAIN* haha i changed it up a bit so now it loops fur shur hurhurhur *shot*

*EDIT* If i doesn't loop for you (like it does me lol) just download it!!!

omg this was SO fun to make (and watch lol) I just had to
make one after recently becoming a fan of Russia

Original [link]
where to download and listen to the song [link]
Tutorial on how to make your very own! [link]

Original dance concept belongs to :iconyuumei:
Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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Oh good lord, I might get in trouble for this. Basically the creation of this relied on many people (I.E the ones in the credits), but I haven't asked their permission to put this online - or even create it. In other words, I might get attacked suddenly by angry people, and if so I'll take it offline.

Needless to say, thanks to each and every one of you for the content of this movie. :salute:


Thanks to my pal Shin Metzen :iconshin-metzen: for reminding me about this. I spent a day making it, then totally forgot. It was going to be an extra in SRW SWF II but I restarted that, and so this can be released now.

Any SRW fan will get this instantly. Please enjoy the work of those who helped create this song. :D


Note as of 2007:
This was made and uploaded many moons before the US localization of the SRT Original Generation games, a time when not many of us were sure what the characters' names were meant to be. In any case, please forgive the incorrect naming of the characters; you know who they are anyway! :D

I would go back and edit, but there was an incident and Ingram now has the .fla files.
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:iconmiimochi: told me to make this @u@
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Original by: :iconyuumei: [link]

I did it today, tomorrow no school, I wanted make a game but I was desperate, that's how I imagine my Mexico in Hetalia (OTL) this is the first time I do a little animation as well and I'm pecking at Flash, but I like as shown: 3

I hope Gobernación not multe me D8

Mexican Powaaaaa :la::la::la::la:

Plz comment :shakefist:



Original: :iconyuumei: [link]

Lo hice hoy, como mañana no hay clases quería hacer un juego dress up desde ayer pero me desesperé y mejor hice esto, así es como me imagino a México en Hetalia (uy si, que pinche original) como sea, me costó mucho trabajo porque es la primera vez que hago una animación así y como apenas estoy picandole al Flash pues peor aún, pero me gusta como se ve :3 Si, ya se que no todos los mexicanos somos de ese tono de piel, pero es que se me pasó ajustarle el color y orz... bueno algún día lo arreglaré

*Le quería poner un perrito Chihuahua en la cabeza pero el hijo de su perra chihuahueña no me salió ¬¬

Espero que Gobernación no me multe D8

Que lo disfruten :woohoo:

Plz comment :shakefist:

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EDIT : OK its not waterbending, kamehameha or anything.... JUST A NO-STORYBOARD ON-THE-SPOT random animation that I made by looking at myself doing the same action in a mirror!!!!!

This is only 1 percent flash! XD

ALL of the frames were drawn in Photoshop, flash was used only for the preloader

Weeeeeee after such a long time, I finally got to do something digital xD
I was at my friends place for about 5 hrs and i used that time to create a simple LOOPING 2D animation!!!
Hope you like it!
Technical Details
--35 frames
--inspired from Ryan Woodward's "thought of you"
--PreLoader Error corrected by =mercipher and ~Whirlwind93

izanagi aadi | ARTworks 2013

My fb page | PLEASE LIKE XD

Some more animations

OK now the next digital art will be only in March Mid! XD
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I made this for you for Valentine's Day!
I hope you enjoy it Gen you're the best.

Also people who aren't Gen can enjoy it too.
This is a Silly short animation based off the Game:
Don't Starve! (go buy it)
I don't think Wilson and Willow are Siblings
,but if you do... well, this animation isn't implying much!!!

Happy Valentine's day everyone.
-klei entertainment
-Emily and Roland
-Liz and Ian
-James and Irene
-Joe an Steph!
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yet another animation for my classmate
Ritsu from K-on bored to death by...I honestly dont know.
I dont really watch the show, I just animate the requested parts ^__^. But if I get some free time maybe Ill start watching it.

anyways, enjoy :)

be sure to check out my other k-on animations!

Note: I've already watched it ^_^ pretty cool show
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Note: it may seems like it's very slow in the begining but just wait a little and it gets faster. If that doesn't work just Refresh :]

Okey, animation is not for me :P

ffffffffffffffffuuuu~ this took me foreva'!! (or at least the whole afternoon |D)
my ass is killing me, my eyes are red and i think he looks weird, lol
But well, i made it for !Frugele C:
because i know how much she loves Ivan :'D ...
yeah, she loves him so bad D8
(also, she's the only one i know who wants to rape him, lol)
hope you like it! :iconffffukolkolplz:

and well, this thing was made thanks to `yuumei meme:…
and the music is from here…

Another versions on dA:………

APH (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Comments disabled by owner.
little experiment with handwriting in C4D.

Cinema4D + Photoshop + VirtualDub

don't throw the envelope away, it's worth millions $$$ :D

:heart: Thank you for all the comments and favs, really appreciated :heart:

this was was also suggested for a DD by :rose::iconmonaparvin::rose:
C4D project workspace->
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