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Basic Spices for Vallina Text
Here are Basic, and Most of the ways that you can Change up a Text submission on DA.  I suggest that unless you are overly found of Uploading another format (other then Text)   That you Use the Enter Text Button, when uploading/submitting your writings.   There is two main Reasons for this.  
1. You do not have to worry about any special conversions or Loss of formatting, when you type it it. It will show up nearly as how you type it in.  With no Wonky Characters.
2.  This is the big one.  You CAN EDIT  your submission, directly on the sight if you want/need to.  
2a.  This Extends into Submissions that have already been posted to a group(without any needed screening), and Does work on groups where Submissions are requires to be screened first, and does not strain your limit of group submissions.      DO NOT ABUSE THIS,  ALOT OF PEOPLE WILL
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iPenguin - iPilot Part 1
It was just an ordinary day at Puzzleton. Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. But our principal was laughing while looking at a sheet of paper, which must've been funny. Then Miss Rowland came in through the door, and our Principal put his paper down on his desk.
"Skipper, get in here, right now." Miss Rowland ordered.
I came in after I heard her snapping.
"Have a seat." Principal Gradstein told him.
I walked over and sat in the chair facing left.
"So, I understand you put some flyers up all over the school." Gradstein commented.
"Yes, I did." Skipper replied.
"Why would you photodock my head onto the body of a cheetah?" Miss Rowland asked.
"Well, I..." Skipper was about to explain until Principal Gradstein interrupted.
"Cheetah?" Principal Gradstein wondered. "Oh no, no, no, she made you a hippotamus."
"No no, she's a cheetah. A hippo has thigher thighs and a wider sound." Skipper corrected.
"Does it matter?" Miss Rowland interrupted Principal Gradstein. "I think we should ca
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V7 link by Mirousensei V7 link :iconmirousensei:Mirousensei 0 7 More Like This
Twice The Problem Part 1
It was another fine day in the zoo. Everyone but Skipper was inside the HQ doing their normal thing, Kowalski making another invention and Rico adoring his girlfriend doll, except for me. I was doing nothing because I did all the things I wanted to do.
Me: Today's so boring. I don't know what I should do. I need to start thinking of things and activities to do.
Kowalski: Sweet! The Puzzler-Blocker is complete!
Rico: Oh yeah!
Kowalski: Now, I just need the right tester.
I decided to hop out of the HQ and into the Reptile House to think of something.
Me: There should be something I should do today. Hmm, maybe I should... nahh, I already done that.
I kept thinking of something to do until Alice walked in and saw me standing right below there.
Me: Uh-oh
Alice: Ah, what is a penguin doing in the Reptile House? He must've had something, like Reptilemonesia.
Me: Reptilemonesia?
Alice held me and carried me to the zoo hospital. Meanwhile, back at the HQ, Kowalski was just finishing up testing
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Trapped Part 2
Skipper went through one door, Kowalski went through the second door, and Rico went through the third.
"Hello? Anyone here." Skipper walked around slowly.
"Private? You in here?" Kowalski wondered.
"Hmm." Rico walked around the room. All rooms were dark, with no light around. But Skipper, Kowalski and Rico had flashlights with them. They shined their light at the walls to see if there were any clues. But none were there. Rico was using the Private whistle to contact me. Kowalski built it so anywhere I was, he could contact me. I must've heard Rico come in through the door I went in, because he somehow regurgitated the whistle, and he blew it. Skipper, me and Kowalski somehow managed to hear it, because the doors were left wide open.
"The Private Whistle! Who could be using it?" Skipper and Kowalski both said. Rico waited for me to say something, and when I said something, it was loud enough Skipper and Kowalski could hear it.
"Uh, huh? What? Hello?" I didn't know who blew the whistle,
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