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new oc!
well i had him for a while already but lost intrest into finishing this pic. and now i finally finished it.

this is juan. he is the stalker of kekoa.
juan strongly believes kekoa is his soulmate (she doesnt believe it at all) and had made it a normal ocassion to every year try to steal kekoa when taeral and asura are away on a business meeting. he is super quick and his power is speed.
the last time tought he was captured and was in prison. he did pick the lock locke made tougth and just randomly walked out to find kekoa again.
he listens to everyword kekoa tells him. and for that reason is left to roam free, but still is kept an eye on to see if he would be material to join. (wich will be locke's team if he did)

kekoa in this matter, doesnt like the attention she gets XD and is hiding from him when he is close enough.

:iconpineapple36:, tell me if i forgot somthing XD i had all his info in my head but that was long ago.
base: :iconbunnystick: *bunnystick

juan: :iconoolittlepinkyoo:
kekoa: :iconpineapple36:
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ive decided to doll a full body doll of celine~ gave her another hairstyle as well.

celine is cyryl's mother (cecil)

not really anything else to say

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i decided to do a pair again XD i love the design of these two.
alice and victoria~

but~.. it seems i was in a dress mood.
hope thats okey -w-

i love both those dresses
sadly every bg i came up with didnt suit there or was messed up. so i decided for a blank one.

alice and victoria: [link]

Alice belongs to UpB, Lana :UriPixelBananas:
Victoria Hale belongs to UpB, Asa :iconuripixelbananas:
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Come to me, children, and follow my way,
into the world of Darkness and Magic.
With all my power, I'll show you the way,
to all of your dreams, hopes, and illusions.


this is erin. she is the second daugther of grimm and loki and there 3rd child.

gabriel tought it was funny (some weird sense of humor he has) to make loki pregnant again just to scare them.

:bulletred: erin's personelity is kinda relaxed.
she is really curious. and whatever spikes her intrest, she will look at.
she likes to observe other people or things but not get involved at any cost.

:bulletblack: she is a dreamer and is mostly lost in her won world staring at nothing in practicular until somthing spikes her intrest again.

:bulletred: she's a mommy's kid and likes to stay close to eather parent.

:bulletblack: she really looks up to her sister and alway's say's she wants to marry her brother later. (wich he finds quite funny)

:bulletred: she doesnt like other people and mostly ignores them. acting like they are not there or just not speaking to them. staring at them mostly freaks them out,

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leave it up to iris to drag falyn into the snow

x-mas present for :iconpineapple36:

hope you like it

it seems iris likes building snowman with more then 2 eyes

iris belogns to :iconoolittlepinkyoo:
falyn belongs to :iconpineapple36:

base 1:[link]
base 2:[link]
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a younger abelle~
even before she joined edrics gang.
and when she was still only into males.

so lots of one nigth stands. >x> seeing thats how abelle was before she got with nuada.
and lots of "role playing" she still has a closet full of outfits from her younger day's (wich nuada knows to well and mostly are to small for abelle, not that they werent to small when she was younger so.)
she finds it a waste to trow out XD

so a younger abelle~

base: [link]
abelle belongs to me (and nuada)
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a picture of the hall family~
seeing hiroshi and alessa arent married yet i didnt place her in it VxV also i had no idea if she had changed styles etc. or nor. but dont worry alessa!! you still belong in hereee

kaede,ichiro,keiji,mizuki,hiroshi,yuu and katashi

funny thing is. there hight doesnt match there age difrence.

hiroshi is the father
ichiro is the oldest
then keiji

base males: [link]
base female:[link]
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PIPRIII~~~~~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! (one more day and you're exerly a birthday girl but here!!! 

gosh i love Fabio;s eyes... seriously   but his hair... kills me everytime i draw it. and this is only the second time XD i can;t get him to look as handsome as she draws him damnit!!! 

no lionels hand isnt just lingering there, he was holding fabio;s chin before they turned their heads to look from under the blankets
Lionel belongs to :iconoolittlepinkyoo: 
Fabio belongs to :iconpipirii: (Lionel: what do you mean!!?? he is all MINE!) 

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meet NoŽl the son of loki and grimm~ their fourth child

its a christmas child~ so the perfect present<3

he has loki;'s skin and eye colour and part of grimm;s haircolour~

a little white lion

i dont have much to say about him yet , aside from me wanting to keep him small forever XD

loki belongs to :iconoolittlepinkyoo:
grimm belongs to :iconbloody-scarlett:
NoŽl belogns to loki and grimm (me!!!)
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and it hurts so bad"


i wanted to draw emely again. =w=
emely is a half phoenix. her father (a phoenix) raped her mother (a blue bird) wich created emely.
more info here:[link]

emely has her wings out. but seeing she is only half they burn her badly and she cant fly with them trough the pain. (burns on shoulders)

her eyes changed sligthly (adding gold) after the first time she died and rebirthed)

why these clothing? i have no idea. maybe somebody found it fnny to dress ehr in it and force her wings out,.
she herself doesnt know how to even do that.

also. emely hated the dark and is extremely scared for it.

(im not sure if the eye shadow will stay permanentyl or only come out when her wings are out)

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