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How it's made: My Fresh daily doodle~
The finished version is here: [link]

I for one thought i won't finish it, so i saved a few steps. When i finished it, started retouching and i realized that i saved these for just-in-case moments.

I am not sure these will help you much, but it's how you must think:

:bulletwhite: Sketch
:bulletwhite: Block in
:bulletwhite: Blend
:bulletwhite: Refine

And to this, if you're working with a reference like me, i grayscale the reference image and take a GOOD look at it. I look at the values, the darkest, the brightest (and you'll be surprises, that not always you get it right, when viewing in colour) i look at the texture, i look, for example, at the dots on the apple: how are they actually made? they're this layer of dark dots, brighter lines over there, darker lines over here, and so on :)

About the brushes that i used, only the standard hard, round one.
:bulletwhite: I did the sketch with 100% on 100% (opacity, flow) with just pen pressure to it's shape (other dynamics was turned of, ok!? )
:bulletwhite: Blocked in with the same setting as above, just varied the opacity to 96%
:bulletwhite: Blending was done with an 83% opacity
:bulletwhite: Refining, and some more smooth blending was done with the same settings as above, just that i set other dynamics to pen pressure.
In no case have i messed with the spacing or others..that is all.

Here ya go folks, for the ones that asked me ;)
And now you have no excuse to try one of these babies too!! :D

:iconk-atrina: Katrina!! I'm waiting for your apple!! YOU KNOW I AM~ :innocent:
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Update 19.03.2013

Small improvements.

Update 04.03.2013

Started to make it all from scratch in order to improve quality and make it better, and added more features. Those new features are for PAL mainly since I live in Spain, but I'm working on NTSC features also. :)

So those new features are:
ˇ Updated PEGI graphics in front cover
ˇ Added PEGI Ratings on back cover
ˇ Added PlayStation Move bar in front cover
ˇ Improved spine design with new features
ˇ Added PAL game and network features
ˇ Added PAL Move features
ˇ You can edit all the text since the font used is Arial -WARNING!! Some text uses Helvética font.-
ˇ Almost everything is hidable

Update 16.04.2012

ˇ Added Game Features on backside
ˇ Added Region logo on spine

First release 29.09.2010

I made a template for the PlayStation 3 games, this one is based on the new releases, wich includes the following features:

ˇ Front PlayStation 3 logo
ˇ Only for PlayStation / PSN logo
ˇ All PEGI ratings
ˇ All ESRB ratings
ˇ Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-HD Master Audio logos (In white and black variations)
ˇ Back copyright text for both NTSC and PAL regions (In white and black variatons)

You can move or hide anything. 3224x1760 resolution with 300 ppi.

Hope you like it.
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Aero Glass HD PNG Clipart/Texture made from scratch
Клипарт/текстура Стекло Aero HD PNG, сделан с нуля

Note: Better use with "Linear Light" blending mode
Примечание: Лучше использовать с режимом наложения "Линейный свет"

28 May, 2013
Update: 29 May, 2013
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this is just a quick little trick for clip studio paint (and manga studio)! ah gomen if i'm the last to find out about this but in case anyone else is like me sweats... i made a quick tutorial....!! i hope it's helpful!


  • fiddling with “color margin” in the brush settings will change how well it goes over the lineart. the lower it is, there may be slight gaps between your colors and your lines. fiddle with it until you get what you like!
  • while this trick makes it so you don’t need to be as precise laying in your colors, you still need to be a bit gentle with the brush. don’t go too crazy.
  • you can make as many layers for your colors as you want (i just used one for this tutorial)! however i’m fairly sure you can only make one reference layer at a time.
  • i’m sure you can use this trick for other purposes (to help with shading, etc), so this is just a basic tutorial to show how it works!
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Sui generis is a Latin phrase meaning "of its own genus or species," and is used in Spanish to denote that what applied is of a genus or species unique and exceptional. The term was created by the scholastic philosophy to indicate an idea, an entity or a reality that can not be included in a broader concept, namely that this is something unique in its kind.

:D High Quality :D
10 in set! :D
Visit my galery: [link]
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Power Morpher as seen in Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Season 2 and onwards had the black lighting bolts.

The Power Morphers used in the show were actually the Dino Buckler toys, with Power Ranger labels pasted over them. The gold Z sticker came pre-applied with the buckler, which can be seen in the first episode of MMPR.

Check out my profile for the Dino and Dragon Buckler version!

Updated version of the template can be found here <da:thumb id="508421080">
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- 40 100x100 cuts

The original 1037x778 textures these were cropped from can be found here.
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Fanmade! Feel free to use without asking! Please share and leave a comment if you like it! =) (Smile)
*as long as this is just a "Fan-made" of copyrighted product "Sword Art Online", you can use this for personal use only, e.g. fan-made works of "Sword Art Online". No commercial use.

Download all fonts here! :…
*The download link on the right side of this current page is only for 1 font "SAO UI Regular".
*The letter "n" is flipped horizontal in "Welcome Message" version.
*And the letter "W" is different between UI and "Welcome Message".

Please also check my other works! :
Sword Art Online - Vector Graphics _ All in one.:…

If you use this font, please link here if you can!
Please press the "+Watch" button in order to receive the update notification!…

2014/01_12 - v1.000 - Finally, big update is here!!
2014/01_12 - v1.001 - Improved regular fonts.
2014/01_12 - v1.002 - Improved all fonts, the letter "Ą".
2014/01_14 - v1.010 - Improved all fonts, added more letters, improved the letter "!".
2014/01_14 - v1.011 - Fixed problem of SAO UI Regular.
2014/01_14 - v1.012 - Improved all fonts, improved the letter "1".
2014/01_16 - v1.100 - Added greek letters and some cyrillic letters and "⁎†‡". Improved the letters "$%*7?@ Xx¢©®×Ββ". Improved some bold letters.
2014/01_16 - v1.110 - Added more cyrillic letters and more apostrophie. Improved the letters "ΘΩμ".
2014/01_17 - v1.120 - Improved the "dot accent" and the letter "ĺ" of Regular fonts. Improved "hook" and the letters "ΏДΘѲ℡™" etc. Added the letters "…‥⋯".
2014/01_17 - v1.121 - Improved the cyrillic letters "ЎУФф".
2014/01_20 - v1.200 - Added more letters. Improved the letters "XxiÌÍÎÏìíîïΠπχЭэЦЩλμ¢Đſ©®!?" etc.
2014/02_12 - v2.000 - Improved a lot.
2014/03_21 - v3.000 - Improved the letters "%¼½¾þξ‰‱⁄". Removed the letters "!?_".
2014/03_22 - v3.100 - Improved the letter "&".
2014/08_11 - v3.200 - Improved. Added another version. Added letters "U+201A" and "U+201E".

!"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~¡¢£¤ ¥¦§¨©ª«¬­®¯°±²³´µ¶·¸¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö÷øùúûüýþÿĀāĂ㥹ĆćĈĉĊċČčĎďĐđĒēĔĕĖėĘęĚěĜĝĞğĠġĢģĤĥĦħĨĩĪīĬĭĮįİıIJijĴĵĶķĸĹĺĻļĽľĿŀŁłŃńŅņŇňʼnŊŋŌōŎŏŐőŒœŔŕŖŗŘřŚśŜŝŞşŠšŢţŤťŦŧŨũŪūŬŭŮůŰűŲųŴŵŶŷŸŹźŻżŽžſƒƓƠơƯưǂǍǎǏǐǑǒǓǔǕǖǗǘǙǚǛǜǢǣǦǧǨǩǰǴǵǸǹǺǻǼǽǾǿȘșȚțɐɑɒɓɔɘəɛɜɡɢɥɦɧɨɩɪɫɯɰɱɲɳɴɵɶɷɸɹɺɻʀʁʃʄʅʇʊʌʍʎʏʙʜʞʟʬʹʺʻʼʽˆˇˉ˘˙˚˛˜˝ˮ;΄΅Ά·ΈΉΊΌΎΏΐΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩΪΫάέήίΰαβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρςστυφχψωϊϋόύώϑϒϓϔϕϖϚϛϲϳЀЁЂЃЄЅІЇЈЉЊЋЌЍЎЏАБВГДЕЖЗИЙКЛМНОПРСТУФХЦЧШЩЪЫЬЭЮЯабвгдежзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюяѐёђѓєѕіїјљњћќѝўџѠѡѢѣѤѥѦѧѨѩѪѫѬѭѮѯѰѱѲѳѴѵѶѷѸѹѺѻѼѽѾѿҀҁ҂҃ҐґҒғҔҕҖҗҘҙҚқҜҝҞҟҠҡҢңҤҥҦҧҨҩҪҫҬҭҮүҰұҲҳҴҵҶҷҸҹҺһҼҽҾҿӀӁӂӃӄӅӆӇӈӉӊӋӌӍӎӏӐӑӒӓӔӕӖӗӘәӚӛӜӝӞӟӠӡӢӣӤӥӦӧӨөӪӫӬӭӮӯӰӱӲӳӴӵӶӷӸӹӺӻӼӽӾӿԀԁԌԍԐԑԒԓ ฿ ᴇḀḁḾḿṲṳṴṵẀẁẂẃẄẅẞẠạẢảẤấẦầẨẩẪẫẬậẮắẰằẲẳẴẵẶặẸẹẺẻẼẽẾếỀềỂểỄễỆệỈỉỊịỌọỎỏỐốỒồỔổỖỗỘộỚớỜờỞởỠỡỢợỤụỦủỨứỪừỬửỮữỰựỲỳỴỵỶỷỸỹὍὰάὲέ‘’‚‛“”„‟†‡•․‥… ‰‱⁄⁎₩€₲₵№℗℡™℻ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤⅥⅦⅧⅨⅩⅪⅫⅬⅭⅮⅯⅰⅱⅲⅳⅴⅵⅶⅷⅸⅹⅺⅻⅼⅽⅾⅿ−≠⋯ 【】〒ꞈ꞉꞊Ꞌꞌ'()`
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Dug this out of my PC folders, made this a while ago when I got my mitts on the FFX Ultimania Omega book. Made these fonts using the typography images in said book.

There are AlBhed, Spiran, and Yevon fonts.

If you want to write in Albhed use this reference

A - E // N - R
B - P // O - Y
C - S // P - B
D - T // Q - W
E - I // R - H
F - W // S - M
G - K // T - D
H - N // U - O
I - U//V - F
J - V // W - X
K - G // X - Q
L - C // Y - A
M - L // Z - G

For the Yevon font, keep in mind that like Japanese kanji, some of the letters can represent whole words.
Example: A = Yevon , Z = Sin, I = Ice, F = Fire, etc.

Also there are 4 directional glyphs which I shoehorned in.
They are represented by...
"+" = North
"=" = South
"<" = West
">" = East

Select Download to get the Zip file. Enjoy them!

The fonts are copyright to SquareEnix and are from Final Fantasy X
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This is the official application for the Borealis Region rp group. It's pretty straight-forward, personal section you just need to fill in properly. The info section is a free area for you to: write a blurb, list personality traits, additional drawing space, whatever you need. And then CLEARLY select trainer type so we know which category to sort the character.

DO NOTE the six pokéball silhouettes at the bottom of the info section. It would be preferred if you used the miniature pixel icons of your Pokémon (i.e., the little jumping icons you see in your party in-game), which you can right-click and save off Bulbapedia or if you need forme/gender specific ones you're better off getting them from Serebii by going into their dex entry. In the cases of shiny/minor color mods you can recolor it on your own or ask me personally, I don't mind.  

The template is on a secondary layer so you're free to change the background of your app to personalize it as long as the information and character on it are visible. The main character reference should be a FULLBODY, no exceptions.

VETERAN TRAINERS will be the only applications with a Pokémon to start out with, NEW TRAINERS should be Pokémon-less. As a New Trainer, when you send in your application for review and a celestially destined starter is generated please add the icon to your application before submitting it to the gallery (you do not have to draw in your starter before submitting but if you want to you can).

This download includes: light version, dark version, transparent information tables.
Here are links to the flattened files if you prefer that:

This is the written portion of the application, be sure to proofread and correct errors before submitting. DO NOT edit the core content like deleting sections of required information or refusing to answer; you may however add additional information as you see fit. It also doesn't have to be in this exact format if you want to make stylized choices, just be sure that it includes all of the info needed.

Age: (10+)
Birthdate: (We work on a 12-month calendar, also include zodiac [aries, taurus, scorpio, ect])
Hometown: (Can be from any location, canon or from Borealis)
Occupation: (Doesn't have to be simple like 'trainer' or 'coordinator' nor singular, have fun with it)
Type of Trainer: (New or Veteran)
Favorite Type: (Only select one type)
Least Favorite Type: (Only select one type)
Personality: (A bullet list of traits are acceptable)
History: (A bullet list of events are NOT acceptable)
Inventory: (Items, Badges, ect of the likes that you've gained from events and so on. Be sure to link it with your entry for said event so that we can confirm you actual acquired said item.)
Extra: (Can include just about anything that isn't mentioned)

Pokemon template is below (feel free at add more details like personality or appearance but refrain from getting rid of the core profile):

OT: (The original trainer; if a Celestially Destined starter please put 'Prof. Larix' if veteran trainer also mention it's your starter. if the pkmn was traded to you please list the character's name and the username of the character's player)
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