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Just a few fully finished jawsets we completed and sent out last week. :)

Left to right:
Fully finished fox (pink gums, bone colored teeth, minor tooth airbrushing)
Fully finished k9 x 2 (pink gums, bone colored teeth, gum and teeth airbrushing)
Fully finished feline (Black gums, bone colored teeth, tooth airbrushing)

We are open for commissions for these! They can be found in our webstore along with prices and sizes. :)
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Latest commission finished 10/9/11 for a wolf/fox hybrid named Kitsune. I will be uploading a more detailed shot of the head shortly. Video: [link]

Features my new k9 resin blank with 2 types of fur, DF camel and SY light gold.
wolf taxidermy jawset
4cm 3D green painted LED eyes
airbrushed nose marking
Moving jaw
hair fluff
med k9 silicone nose
fan in muzzle
ear piercings
- I couldn't model this suit because it was too small for me!

wrist length paws shaved down with wrists left fluffy.
small anthro k9 pawpads
small k9 plastic claws

tail: stuffed with polifil with elastic belt loops

feet: built on shoes
feral k9 pawpads
large k9 claws
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This is Denali, my young fennec/red fox boy. I had fun making the padding to change my body shape for this one (widened shoulders and got rid of the hour glass figure.)

Denali is my first full suit. He's actually a compilation of Jax Bat's work (head and tail), and my own work (body, padding, hands, feet, eye remake).

I forget who took this shot (If you did, please let me know so I can credit!).

Costume belongs to Katie Mathew, please do not alter or reproduce this shot.
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This was a :iconsharpe19: Resin mask that i finished.

the face remained mostly untouched.
things I did:
replaced jawset with cougar taxidermy jaw (painted)
drilled nose hole and repainted
made led resin eyes and painted
added blue led whiskers
replace elastic in moving jaw
re-furred bottom jaw
filled ram horns with expanding ridged foam, cut to size
painted and varnished horns
made back hood from spandex
glued custom wefts of krylon hair
hot glued black and turquoise hair 5hrs work.
adjusted head elastic and padded interior for comfort.

I dont normally finish heads from other artist nor do i fur heads for people, this was a special case only.

First Lion mask and im very excited with the results and hope to take on more in the future ^-^

For :iconvampiresin:

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Entry for a draw to adopt :D

Had fun with the pose since I havnt done one like this before, some stuff is a little off I think but otherwise it came out ok. I'm really happy with completion times for my latest work, I'm getting faster while still being able to produce the same quality.

Art (c) SchneckenBeckons
Character currently belongs to :iconcwadopts:
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Mask features:
cast/dyed resin eyes
tear duct vision
sensitive moving jaw
taxidermy cougar jawset md.
.90mm fishing line whiskers
model magic tongue
ultra light sculpty clay nose covered in spray rubber.

i cant say enough how fantastic this mask turned out and the whiskers really pop against the black fur. Its also the most comfortable mask I have made with excellent tear duct vision.

Heres a video: [link]
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...well, sort of! All of these are handsewn, the snow leopard is 28 linear feet of seams, the red panda is 25, and I never measured the raccoon >w< That's about half a bodysuit worth, and many many hours of hand sewing!

They all still need belt loops, but I'm done for today!

(I would have airbrushed a couple more, but apparently fireworks are legal here, and people behind and next to me have been setting them off all day >.< I grew up in Phoenix, so that sound=gunshots to me, and makes me very jumpy...)
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A new feline resin base! I will be selling these. :)

Fits a 22" inch initially but it can be heat formed to fit up to a 24" head. The nose CAN be used for the finished head, it sticks out far enough and is completely textured. Otherwise it can be popped out and replaced with a silicone nose or something, which I also can make. ^^

Will fit a cut down med cougar jawset

I can sell these two different ways: Cut and uncut. Either right out of the mold, or cut out like this one.

Uncut: $85
Cut: $100
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I've seen many many digitigrade legs/fursuits, some have looked amazing but all too often I see people suffering from the same problem; incorrect padding. So I decided to show you a breakdown of how my digi-legs in my WindWolf fursuit work.

Be aware though that this isn't the definitive way to make digi-legs though as there are many other ways that can work well, this is just the method I have been taught and the method that I have seen good results from.  I hope this little spur-of-the-moment tutorial can be helpful to you in making your own fursuit!
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Showing the progress made on the Gold Wolf 'Kitsune's head; this is using my brand new k9 resin blank, and I replaced the nose with a medium silicone k9 nose, installed 4cm 3D LED eyes with apoxie eyelids, and a wolf taxidermy jawset from vandykes that has been cut down to fit. A fan is also installed in the muzzle area behind the nose to bring in extra air so plenty of ventilation and good vision as well! You can see exactly where the person looks out from this shot.

Next step is foaming!
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