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ok so i decided to draw princess luna because she is cool
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So. Luna Journal! :iconlunashrugplz: I think the moon came out pretty well, considering. :p

See it in action here.

Luna icon is from :iconblackm3sh:. Clicking on the credit link will take you to the deviation.
Mini-Gallery code originally comes from :iconthespook:, but I've modified it a till I was happy with it.

Links are colored, hovering over them will make them change color (blue to violet).
Width is adjustable.

There is an interesting feature in CSS called Opacity. If you use it, you can make things transparent! So when you hover over the thumbnails, they pop from 0.5 to full strength! :omg: The fun has been doubled!

HTML Codes:
Headers: h3 (i.e. < h3 > Luna Is Best Pony< /h3 >)
Feature Box: h4 (i.e. < h4 > :thumbnail: :thumbnail: :thumbnail: < /h4 >

Free to use!

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Points only! .
Thanks  please  bid in  the  comments

7, 5, 3, 2, 1, 6  (Closed)
4 (Open  ,  5 points  Each )

Base: Blood Tained  Soul
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inspired by the awesome song "hijo de la luna" from mecano

this is a link for an english translation

Luna is as always my favorite <3 :D
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used meme maker: [link]
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At long bloody last, here's my contribution for the Brony Thank You Fund Calendar! I can't even put into actual words how excited I am about all the incredible art that even more incredible friends of mine have contributed to the effort! I'm just honored (and more than a little lucky!) to be counted among their number!

If you can, please consider parting with $15 and $5 shipping to get your very own calendar! Proceeds go towards establishing an animation scholarship at the California University of Arts. A good cause, a calendar filled with lovely arty things- you can't lose! Check the linkage here and git you one!

And while you're busy clicking on things check out the brilliant, amazing, unbelievably awesome contributors to the calendar!







Toxic Mario- [link]
(OH COME ON! Only a set number of thumbnails? Bad form, Deviant Art!)

AutobotGirl- [link]

Other artists include John Joseco, Tsitra360, and my very own better half, Mr. Kitties!
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Adopted from Pony-Paradice (who you should go watch by the way) a while ago...
The orginal is how I got her, and this is my redesign somewhat. I used her moms hairstyle as inspiration for her mane and Tail.
Orginal sheet here -->…

Belle Cacao (c)AariannaD

Foal Base by O.o help?
Other base by Twiily-Bases
MLP (c) Hasbro

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Made by :icontheodoresfan: NOT ME I just love it so much XD I need to use it as my ID
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:star: Rules Please Read :star:

:bulletred: Please make a new comment for each bid! Don't reply to the most recent bidder.
:bulletorange: Please use the Premium content option once you have won your pony unless we say otherwise.
:bulletyellow: Points or can be paypal.
:bulletgreen: Bidding will last until Thursday evening 8 P.M. (Eastern Time)
:bulletblue: You can change name, gender, race, appearance, cutie mark, age etc. Once purchased, the character is completely yours just don't change it too much to the point where it is not recognizable. 
:bulletpurple: You’re free to humanise them as well.
:bulletpink: Please credit at least upon first usage.
:bulletorange: No refunds after service is provided once you adopt these ponies and you are satisfied with them at the time you purchase a refund will not be issued all sales of these ponies are final you may however return them to us or give them away to others 
:bulletyellow: Please DO NOT hit the purchase button without our consent if you wish to purchase a pony via autobuy you MUST leave a comment saying "autobuy" or "AB" and wait for us to tell you that you have won the pony before purchasing do not hit the button before we have told you that you have won, this is to avoid confusion
:bulletgreen: You Have 10 hours to pay once you have won your pony if you do not pay with in the 10 hour range the pony will be put back up for auction once more.
:bulletblue: We no do not hold ponies.
:bulletorange: If you are unsure if you are going to want the pony or you do not have the points please do not bid!


:star: Additional Messages: :star:

:bulletred: Hidden comments are comment clean up
:bulletorange: Please do not copy the ideas we have used in our gallery
:bulletyellow: You have permission to upload this image in your gallery ONCE YOU HAVE WON the auction just please credit that we have created the adoptable.
:bulletgreen: Please ask if you wish to breed the pony


:star: Bidding :star:

You must bid 10 :points: OR higher no where underneath that. And we will also tell you when you have been outbidded.

:bulletred: Starting Bid: 100 (OR) $1.00 USD :points:
:bulletred: Autobuy: 2200 (OR) $22 USD :points: HIGH PRICE TO ENCOURAGE BIDDING

Owner: Hyperion-inc

Base: The base was drawn by us

Do Not re-create Adult Electro Ponies or any other form of any species in our galleries please we very work hard on our adopables!!

Comments disabled by owner.


I saw many in here really wanted me to make a luna skin or upload the one i already made ^^

So i just choose to upload this one 8D Gonna make it easy ^^

And yes the Journal is FREE for everyone to use :la:

Any problems, tell me ^^

:bulletblue: Pictures from *egophiliac , *palestorm and *Equestria-Prevails
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