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Ein - III The Empress
Holly - XI Justice
Carrier - XV The Devil
Dominic - IV The Emperor

I generally paint a lot of colourful things so I decided to try and work with something a bit less so ??? although I guess this is still pretty saturated /wipes my tears

Struggled so much you don't understand
Major Arcana... VT folks... :icondeadbodyplz: rolls away omg
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Thanks, guys! It's been great fun.
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Kohl and Meru hunting dora * - *;

Yuki - A collaborative effort between the lovely :iconfaithom: and I!
My internet has been awful these past few days, so unfortunately file transfer has been an unexpectedly large hurdle;;;... it was quite a journey - even though I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome I am proud of our combined efforts and wholly enjoyed it!

Thanks for drawing with me and putting up with my awful art quirks, Fai! :iconocryplz:;;;




WHICH SHOULD EXPLAIN WHY THIS LOOKS RATHER DIFFERENT (as in, better) from my usual pieces ahahahahaha. Cough how to hold all of my tricore feels but for a slightly more coherent artist comment... Yuki and I spent a lot of time doing monster battles in Tricore for the elusive Doradora Egg (which we never got wheezes) and... lumber (CRINGES AT THE WORD LUMBER!!) but we've been planning on doing a collaboration for a while now, so this seemed like an appropriate occasion to put a piece together! The mysterious creature hulking in the front is a 200 HP fire dragon being slammed by the spell "Cry me a River!". AH THE MEMORIES. :iconmilly-fox:


Kohl (the boyo) :iconyukihomu:
Meruru (the girlie) me
"Cry me a river!" And other awesome spell names @ Remi
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For :iconeyeballing:! ;; v ;; uguhufgufh////
Sorry for the wait!!

; ~ ; ) their OC Xiu with my OC Lau ;;;; o<-<;;; He is a writer! I hope he can write her some love stories.

Thank you for having me ////
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Happy Birthday, Shu!!

; v ; )/

a small birthday present for my precious precious friend ////
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v-very vaguely tricore twoshot * ~ *))
For the lovely ~Saawaa and ~Hikazio!

I know I didn't ask you for this but I wanted to surprise you with something a little nice - so I tried to draw some durper sops!! Thank you for the lovely art!!

sorry liberties taken I can't draw xiang
or piper but

I hope you like it! I love you! ////

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I hadn't drawn Starlock yet so here's a painting of him -
:icongtthplz: what a badass man...

Starlock belongs to :iconjackettt:
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:iconureshiiplz: I feel the need to redo my black rock shooter group picture again and again.... I finished this for Overload last month =v=;;

perhaps I will draw the anime designs at some point ;v;!

This time it wasn't a blob painting, but perhaps I am better suited for lines after all :icongtthplz:
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; v ;

I keep telling myself to draw godoka properly sometime! I'll try again later on, this will be a print at Overload this year ////


Hope to see you there!
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Y'all best not touch my plants, or I'll feed you to them for dinner.
Resident bull-chan to Gavin's rhino jk --

Name: Dominic Barton
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Country: Kandera
Element: Earth
Faction: Quasers
Rank: Commander (NPC)
STR 215 / MAG 75 / VIT 110 / SPD 60 / SPE 10/
Weapon: (Teres) - Normally holstered as a flame-imbued gun, but assembles fully as an arm cannon. Heavy duty, and approximately 20lb when together.
Engineered to discharge highly explosive balls of blue fire and mana, it can be either attached to the mechanism on his arm or be shot as a gun. It has a long-lasting battery partly contributing to the weight of the gun and is very sturdy.

:iconmingtearsplz: It looks dopey, but is usually disassembled. The mechanism on his arm is on wait, acting as a form of armour until he deems it necessary to unlock it; his arm usually hides behind his somewhat tattered Commander's cape.

Vessel: Modified airship (Nirva)

Expertise: A human tank. Dominic has more resilience than even his airship on a good day, and relies on his heavy muscled frame and explosively powered arm cannon to do damage. Despite being reckless with his attacks he can take a great many hits making him an excellent meatshield, and will fall back on his earth magic only if necessary.

Comparatively slow, but has high defense and physical strength to make up for it.

foul-mouthed | blunt | violent | proud | selfish | fierce | brave | empathetic

Not one to mince words or even be tactful for that matter, Dominic has a rather foul tongue and equally foul mood. He is unpleasant to speak to and seems to be unable to grasp average social relations, particularly with females.
On the very rare occasion that one gains his trust, he will defend them with all of his strength. He is difficult to approach or even get close to for that matter, but he does show some affection for people he values in his awkward, bumbling way.

He is very insincere both to himself and others, but much more observant than one would generally assume from his unintelligent manner of speech and demeanour. There is no one that is particularly close to him aside from perhaps the sprite living in his garden and his prized plants, and currently he's quite content with that.


Brought up on a farm in Kandera, his father grew plant-beast hybrids in a greenhouse and used them as extra labour in the local work-force, or sold them as tools for gardening and fertilizing. From a young age he was taught to utilize his magic to help nurture plants and cultivate the earth, which is why Dominic sometimes struggles to use his magic for attacking purposes.

As a boy he was a bit of a troublemaker, also using his magic to set the weird and unusual plants on unsuspecting people to pass the time... smh what a fucking troll

At the ripe age of fourteen his village was invaded and plundered by a group of sky pirates - setting fire to and destroying his hometown and his father along with it. Instead of cursing them however he ended up joining them, finding it somewhat exhilarating that something other than his lifestyle of unconventional gardening had come along- and there was actually not much choice for him, as otherwise he would have likely perished in the ruined village. Realising that the boy had the potential to be a good pirate, the head commander took Dominic under his wing and taught him how to build and shoot a gun, how to steal from others, how to defend himself. Dominic looked to him as a surrogate father-figure to replace his own.

Ten years down the road he had gained command of his own airship and returned to Kandera, rebuilding his garden in the depts of the Nirva, his trusty vessel. Living a very selfish life he became a man for hire, digging himself in difficult quests for high-paying customers. Killing who he had to, destroying whatever he wanted to. As a mercenary he learned to take pleasure in working alone, and yet he often reminisced of his younger days under the wing of a tight band of sky pirates and wondered if he should likewise form such a group... somewhere along the way he encountered Starlock, and the rest is history. After joining the Quasers he ended up clawing his way up to Commander rank, however he has a reputation for leaving destruction in his wake so tends not to show his face around if he can help it.


Somewhere very deep down, Dominic feels embittered about the sudden loss of his father and so shows a begrudging respect for figures like Starlock. It doesn't seem to stop his foul language, however. Although he thinks that Starlock is too soft on his recruits, he secretly hopes to find someone to take under his wing just like his old commander had done for him. Note /begrudging/ respect...

Dom doesn't have much luck with women, and so gets a tad edgy with anyone he deems attractive - however as a commander he will not hesitate to crush down anyone who shows him disrespect, male or female. Discipline is mandatory for recruits and officers, and he automatically refuses to see anyone of that level as an equal. If you speak out of line, he will not hesitate to kill you. If you don't speak out of line, he will probably still deck you.
In general he's an overbearing, rude asshole.

He is surprisingly loyal to Starlock, despite all of the smacktalk that ends up directed his way he behaves akin to a guard dog being scolded. Dominic doesn't care much for the jobs he is assigned, but does Starlock's dirty work regardless.

Extra info:

- Passably smarter than Gavin

- He's fairly good when it comes to machines and mechanics, but is often too lazy to fix things himself. :iconlulfaceplz:

- Enjoys his time in his own personal rainforest greenhouse.

- Later in life adopted his surname from his previous ship commander, as an act of accepting his new identity.

- Right-handed, but has a steadier left hand.

Skill: Virtus flare
Either with arm cannon engaged or gun alone, he releases a fierce barrage of blue fireballs compressed with mana that explode like ordnance upon contact.
Due to limited settings he can only control the fire to some degree but hey, it's great for setting things on fire.

Skill: Sybaris
Defensive flame barrier, done by firing his gun at a flatter setting to disperse mana rather than contain it. Burns up any approaching projectiles, and unfortunately anyone within radius.
It can last up to 20 minutes in one go, but he must withdraw the flame after that or risk letting his gun overheat.

Special: Allevia Evae
Sets himself ablaze in a massive burst of both offense and defense, allowing reckless surpassing of his physical limits. The limiter on his gun is removed and his strength virtually doubles, but use does incredible damage to his body and the flames may leave him blind for up to two days.

:iconlazepoolplz: sops I'm sorry for his everything
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