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I was really bored... :meow:

Art © me.
Amy Rose © SEGA
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I just added a background to my drawing 'Sexy Amy' which came out really nice.
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Hi, guys! :wave: I FINALLY got time to post another thing today, although it's 10:15 P.M. :shrug: XD

This was mainly about the hate of Amy. People hate her mainly for the following reasons:

1) Voice
Um, I don't see how her voice is annoying, but she IS 12 still. Don't forget, this is why they hate poor old Jet, too!

2) Annoying as hell
Don't forget, once again, she is 12. I know your not used to seeing 12-year-old girls chasing boys along the street, but wouldn't you think a girl would be at least a LITTLE crazy about a boy? When I was fucking NINE I loved this boy. I loved him for 2 or 3 years but then stopped because he said he didn't care about me and called me a little annoying ass BITCH in 3rd grade when I never even freaking TALKED to him. He was my friend during the middle of 3rd grade to the 1st part of 4th grade and then we weren't friends anymore for some reason, but I liked him still. Maybe it was because we were in different classes. Great, I just made myself sad again. :'(

3) Panty-shots
But that's not really a good reason to hate her. In Sonic Adventure DX and Adventure 2, you see this a LOT. I have 2 battle and be her VSing Elijah and when were snowboarding, BOOM! There it is! Still not a good reason XD

4) The ultimate reason......SONAMY
They hate Sonamy AND Amy. Fantards/Fanbrats are annoying. Like, how is this really a reason? In fact, some SonAmy haters say SonAmy is PEDOPHILIA. How the fuck is this possible if they're only 3 fucking years apart? Oh ok, so some people think Shadow and Amy isn't and Sonic and Amy is. :unimpressed: SHADOW IS FUCKING 50 AND AMY IS 12! Still think SonAmy is pedophilia? Guess not. =P Haha.

5) Sally
I HATE hearing people saying, "Sally came first and Amy is not canon, Sally is, GET OVER IT!" I'm not saying names or I'll get reported. Actually, they're technically the SAME FREAKIN CHARACTER. Amy, before Sonic CD, was going to be called, "Princess Sally". But then they changed it. And Sally is ARCHIE, not SEGA. Amy is SEGA, not ARCHIE. Sally hasn't even been in any Sonic game. Just because Sonic is in Archie doesn't mean all the other Archie characters (Example: Nicole, Sally, Rotor, Jules, etc.) are automatically Sonic characters. And in the comments, if I see ANTHING about fucking Sonic Spinball, I'll just block that comment! :meow: XD

Base is not mine. It belongs to :iconalexisvsamy:, but she moved. Just click on her icon and see where she moved to because I'm lazy :) XD

And in the back is a Sonic and a really crappy Sally! :D XD

Amy Rose (c) :iconsegaplz:/:iconsonicteamplz:

Sonic The Hedgehog (c) :iconsegaplz:/:iconsonicteamplz:

Sally Acorn (c) Archie/Archie Comics

Wait! There's more! XD

6) She's a stalker
What. The. FUCKIE. You know why she always wants to see Sonic? To check if he's OK. Just because every time she sees him and she does a super glomp on him doesn't mean she's a stalker. XD

7) She's the color PINK
Pink. PINK. PINK?!?!? Seriously? I shouldn't even have to explain this one! Why would you hate someone because of there color? You don't see me doing this, "OMG SALLY IZ SO UGLY BECUZ SHESZ THE COLOR BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!1111" LMFAO XD

8) She's blind
You know what? This is so retarded. Remember in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle when she hugged Shadow? You say she's blind. Well Sonic got arrested because they thought that was Sonic stealing a Chaos Emerald which Shadow did. Amy isn't the only one. Also, In Sonic 06, when she hugged Silver, (keep in mind that this happened when it wasn't light outside), she thought that was Sonic. Silver was looking for him because he thought Sonic was The Iblis Trigger. Notice Amy SEES that it's someone else after a couple of seconds that it's NOT Sonic and she's not a retard because she wasn't saying stuff like, "Come on Sonic (Which is really Silver)! Were missing our date!" She also asked what his name was. At least she didn't think that was Sonic for the rest of the time. In the night time, sometimes silver/white things look blue because of the night sky. That's what Silver looked like a little at that time.
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Sonic the Hedgehog
Princess Elise
Shadow the Hedgehog
Silver the Hedgehog
Miles Tails Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Amy Rose
Blaze the Cat
Rouge the Bat
E-123 Omega

Dr. Eggman
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EDIT 6/21 3:08 PM: Added tears XD
The Top 9 Words fanbrats use to say how they hate Amy.

But the word above her head is the most used. I love Amy

And oter underrated Sonic Characters like Silver and Jet mostly. Amy is the most underrated Sonic girl I guess :shrug: Jet is the most underrated boy, with Silver in second. And maybe Big in third.

Poor guys :iconfloatingheartplz: :iconcoolamyplz: :iconjetthehawkplz: :iconsilverthehedgehogplz: :iconfloatingheartplz: I love all of you! :iconaawplz:

All characters mentioned (c) SEGA/Sonic Team
Art (c) :iconsonamyartist: ~sonamyartist
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Amy Rose Wallpaper
Hope you like it ^^


Art by ~Kyunae
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I'm glad to be riding on the "Sonic Boom" bandwagon right now.

Amy's outfit for the show kinda reminds me of Sakura from "Naruto," hence I put cherry blossom trees in the background. Honestly, I would LOVE to wear that minidress.

Amy Rose (c) SEGA/Sonic Team

Made with Photofiltre
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:D esta es una de mis mejores desviaciones :D
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Hihihi. :wave: After watching Tennengon III fashion custom armor now we turn our eyes on Family Picture. :) Well!Today we go for Fanart of movies and games.So what type of movies and games art I pick for Family Picture it was games and it has appear recently. :giggle:

So behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the game I pick today will be Sonic the Hedgehog again. :giggle: So this time we go for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Sonic Heroes again?No this time we go for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and this place has appear in month very early in Crossover Gallery.Today I go for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. :nod: This base on Sonic the Hedgehog I pick the stage Wave Ocean. :clap: Yes!Wave Ocean my crossover art it has appear once in here Sea Against Water.

Yes!This one is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 starting stage and like Seaside Hill it always the first mission for Sonic games are base on seaside one. :nod: Ok!Now down with the characters area.

:pointr: Villains Forces:

:bulletblack: Dr. Eggman

:bulletblack: Mephiles the Dark

:bulletblack: Egg Gunner

:pointr: Team Heroes:

:bulletwhite: Sonic the Hedgehog

:bulletwhite: Silver the Hedgehog

:bulletwhite: Shadow the Hedgehog

:bulletwhite: Knuckles the Echidna

:bulletwhite: Amy Rose

:bulletwhite: Blaze the Cat

:bulletwhite: Rouge the Bat

:bulletwhite: E-123 Omega

:bulletwhite: Princess Elise

:bulletwhite: Tails

In Wave Ocean stage Silver,Knuckles and Elise didn’t appear in this place but I add them in for fun only or just consider it got room in and Elise is the only human in good side I draw in Sonic series so far. :nod: Like Ice Cap Zone and Seaside Hill they are the first part of the series I made in this year.

Currently listening to: Soleanna Castle Town from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. [link]

:wave: Well! :wave: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with this :la: and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Dr Eggman,Mephiles the Dark,Egg Gunner,Sonic the Hedgehog,Silver the Hedgehog,Shadow the Hedgehog,Knuckles the Echidna,Amy Rose,Blaze the Cat,Rouge the Bat,E-123 Omega,Princess Elise and Tails from Sonic Series

Custom design from Sonic Series

Soleanna Castle Town soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 © Sega
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