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    this lil cutie i got from *NadopT thanks to faithy <3333
    his name is jack, and he's like .. two feet long / tall.
    he's got no gills, so he can't breathe under water. he has an oxygen mask, and ann oxygen tank strapped to his back. he is that one fish girls / siren / aedanifer's little brother
    pixeled and colored him ye
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Base: ~MiraiNoHana

Lily ~Useful-Toxican


Age: looks to be 23, but is really 446 years old

Date of birth: July 7th, 1566

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian, but slightly bicurious

Race/Ethnicity: Vampire, Cuban-Spanish

Breast Size: Small D

Height: 5'7

Skin: dark brown

Hair: black, but dyed partially pink

Eyes: one eye is blue, the other eye is red

Piercings(?): Ears, she usually wears pearl earrings

Tattoos/Markings(?): none

Love Interest: ~T1ny-T4n1's OC Dahlika

Children(?): one, but the where abouts of her are unknown

Scars(?): on her neck, but it's hidden by the collar she has

Personality: she's usually strict and demanding, sometimes she even gets a little sassy and has an attitude problem, so much so that she gets into fights with other people sometimes, she's very outgoing and loyal as well, she's very trustworthy and caring, but she also has a bit of an anger problem

Bio: she was born as a slave to a very wealthy man, her mother died during child birth and her father had to raise her instead, she soon lived life as a slave and got pregnant herself when she was forced to have sexual intercourse with a relative of the slave owner, she had almost died during childbirth like her mother, when one of the nurses bit her and turned her just before the baby was born, after her daughter was born, she was taken away to be sold as a slave, a foreign vampire named Visago had come to her and had told her that if she would go home with him, and be in charge of protecting the secrets of his torture chamber/stalker like shrine, then she'd be granted freedom, so she did, during the late 1800s they move to America, destroying the evidence of the previous chamber and making a new one on the settlement, to this day Visago's chamber is still standing, and Lily is still in charge of keeping it a secret, however she has deep regret for leaving Europe because of her daughter, whom she eventually discovers is still alive (she eventually gets turned into a vampire when she's 16) and reconnects with her over the internet

Powers/Abilities/Talents: she can sew, she can cook very well, she's also a great dancer too

Weaknesses: she can't go out into the sun, not because she'll turn to dust, but because it'll give her 3rd degree burns (she can however, go if she has a black umbrella with her, but she only does this if she has to), sometimes her anger becomes too much when she's provoked, the key is also her weakness because if she looses that key, she risks her life because if Visago found out, she'd be killed, and anyone harming Dahlika or her daughter would get in the way of her thinking and she blindly charges at the person who had caused the harm to Dahlika or her daughter, she lets anger control her and get in the way, so she winds up getting in danger too

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Base: ~MotorolaL

Zatel (c) *Useful-Toxican

"What more can I say?"

yep c: more Zatel u gaiz

I drew this while I was in second period, cause second period was an entire 90 minutes of NOTHING
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Base: ~Rabbot-Bases

Ayane (c) ~LolcatPixelsAWYE

I hope I didn't get her TOO wrong I know I got her hair wrong, but I was using a chibi reference so SHHHH I think this looks like complete crap ;; BUT I hope that she likes it anyway ; x ;
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Base: ~zipple

Sven (c) ~Useful-Toxican

Adopted from *T1ny-T4n1

Sven Norman

Age: Appears to be 24, but really is 29

Birthdate: May 18th, 1938

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Race/Ethnicity: Vampire, quarter French, quarter Italian, and half Dutch

Height: 5'11

Skin: Pale as fuck

Eyes: Red

Hair: Blonde

Piercings(?): None, he has somewhat of a low pain tolerance

Tattoos/Markings(?): Bite mark on his neck from where his dad turned him

Love Interest(?): he had one, but she died

Children(?): Quinn Norman

Personality: He's kind and loving, but like his sister Maru, he acts rude and condesending at times, he's the shoulder that Maru cries on most of the time, when he is standing up for his family members or people he cares about, he can be a bit cocky and arrogant, and ready to fight anyone, which he uses these fights that he gets into to filter out his anger against his family for disowning Maru (and Cuno too, but mainly Maru)

Bio: Sven was born to a Vampire father, and a human mother, just like Maru, however his mother was Dutch, and a half vampire, so he was more vampire than he was human, unlike his sister, when his sister and brother are disowned by his entire family because Cuno and Maru are only half vampire and can't digest blood, he went to leave and his father said he was an acception, that he didn't have to leave with those "disgraces", even though he loved his father, he adored his sister and brother more, so he declined and told his father that he was going to go with Maru and Cuno, because if they can't be apart of the family, he can't be either, so he leaves and goes over to his house, where Maru stays, Cuno went to go live with his cousin, he has problems with Cuno because of the fact that Cuno was never there for Maru, like he is for her, Sven understands why he isn't, but still can't understand it sometimes, later on in his life he meets Michelle, a French woman, who was a vampire, they fell in love and they had their first child, who is named Quinn
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Base: ~zipple

Ai/Alyssa (c) *Useful-Toxican


Age: 17

Birth Date: August 7th, 1995

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, American

Chest Size: C

Height: 5'3

Skin: Fair

Hair: Reddish-Orange

Eyes: Green

Piercings(?): only on her ears

Tattoos/Markings(?): Scars from her mother's abuse

Love Intrest(?): Vince, who is her fiancee

Children(?): None yet, but plans on having children soon

Personality: very country, clueless, and kindhearted, but when provoked enough, she's a monster

Bio: Ai is a clueless little country girl from Louisiana, who moved to Kansas (which is where Yumi, Yuki, Abby, Lily, and the rest of the band live) where she met Yumi, whom she had met when she was only six years old, they are both a year apart from each other, and get along really well, though shortly after Ai turned 16, she couldn't stand to be around her mother because she was a cocaine/heroine/crack/meth whore, who would always come home fucked up on the following drugs, or would take the drugs home and do them there, she despised her mother because of the fact that she would've had a younger brother had she not have been an addict, because six months in the pregnancy Ai's mother got so fucked up on drugs, that the baby died, and had to be delivered dead, so she left her home and went to live with Yumi, abandoning her original name, which was Alyssa, and changing her name to Ai, she's really sensitive about the subject of drugs, because of her mother, she won't even allow people to joke/talk about doing Cocaine/heroine/crack/meth, because it makes her think of her mother, and it makes her so angry that she cries because she feels that her mother doesn't care about her or herself enough to stop doing them
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Base: ~alexpc901

Chelsi (c) *Useful-Toxican

yeah . v . a collab I did randomly with Jizz
I'll have more info on Chelsi once I give her a bio and all that happy good crap
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Base: ~zipple

Jae-sun (c) *Useful-Toxican

Adopted from =Dotiii


Age: 17

Birth Date: September 30th, 1995

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Race/Ethnicity: Korean, Asian

Height: 5'6

Skin: Moderate

Eyes: Light brown

Hair: Brown

Piercings(?): None

Tattoos/Markings(?): he has a scar on his shoulder where he had to get it sewn up

Love Interest(?): None yet

Children(?): None, but he wants to have kids

Personality: he's the laid back and outgoing kind of guy, he's smart but he's a bit of a goof ball, if he was any character, he'd be the comic relief character, always the class clown, and never really takes anything seriously, however if its serious enough, he'll put his usual antics to a halt, and begin to get serious, he's not rebellious or anything of the sort like his cousins Yuki and Yumi are, however he just likes to goof off and be immature for a little while longer

Bio: Most of his childhood was spent with his grandparents due to the fact that when he was eight years old, his mother and father got into a car crash and were both killed on impact, Jae-sun was the only one to survive, and his father's parents decided to raise him as their own, he suffers from post traumatic stress because of the event of his parent's death, and he sometimes envies other people who's parents are both still alive, he tries making the best of his situation by at least trying to smile, however mention about you hating your parents, for no good reason, he'll flip out on you

Likes: Cats, Korean pop, food from other cultures, soda, American rap music (sometimes), and the computer

Dislikes: rude people, sometimes people in general, Lucky Star, and the taste of Dr. Pepper
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Base: :dev13lack-rose:

Oceanus (c) *Useful-Toxican

an adopted babby from *3-a-m <3 I had decided to name her Oceanus because fuck yeah


Age: appears to be 19

Gender: Female

Race/Ethnicity: Sea Witch, UNDER DA SEA

Breast Size: B-24

Height: 5'7

Skin: blue-ish green

Hair: different shades of blue, ANKLE LENGTH

Eyes: Purple

Piercings(?): None yet

Tattoos/Markings(?): she wears make-up but not often

Powers/Abilities: She's learning how to black magic, and she can some what shape shift

Personality: Bratty, childish, short tempered, Narcissistic, however she can be helpful sometimes
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Base by =BlackfyreValyrian

So i have this hair tutorial I was working on about a few weeks ago that I sort of stopped but want to get back to working on, and these two were the first things that were done in the tutorial haha.

Maya for ponytails and then Gwen's OC Mordi for neat buns. Hopefully i'll finish this tut soon so I can put up everyone's styles.
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