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Here's my little dreaming artist! ^^

Name- Ever Graceling

Gender- Female

Age- Seventeen

Birthday- July Seventh

Job- Selling her art and working at the animal shelter.

Pets- She has a cute little white kitten with gray flecks named Ashes and a black and white boarder collie named Sky.

Hobbies- Painting, drawing, sketching, oil painting, all other art styles, listening to music, horse back riding, dancing in the rain with iPhone playing music, laying in the grass in the park, writing, reading, playing and learning to play musical instruments, and other stuff I'll list later.

Likes- Sunny or rainy days, seeing the bright side of things, smiling, helping others, making friends, being nice, feeling free, sweets, animals, swimming, watching clouds, watching the stars.

Dislikes- Assholes, jerks, being mean, people picking on others, monotone people, uncreative people, plain people, staying inside or sitting still too long, people taking away her art or supplies, animal abusers, people abusers.

Personality- Ever is actually a very nice girl. Despite what she likes and dislikes, she's not a bubbly person. She's just always trying to get people to smile. She hates when people are mean or rude. Even though she doesn't look very strong, she will kick your ass if you hurt her loved ones or an animal. She'll intervene if she sees someone being bullied, even if it gets her beat up. She smiles through it the whole time too.

She's a very artsy person. She loves any and every type of art. Most of the time, where ever she goes, she'll have paint on her. She dreams of moving to France one day and have an artist loft so she can sell her art, or just be a famous artist. She wishes to own her own art gallery if ever possible. Her room has a wall that's just a window looking out over the city from a hill side, and it's filled with painting, sketches, and drawings. Everything you can think of to do with art. She also has a window seat on the other wall, and a walk out deck.

When she's upset, she'll just smile until she can be alone and then stare off into space listening to her music, or creating more art for her room or selling. It's the only real thing that can calm her down.

History- She's always had a hard time communicating with others. The main reason because she can't talk. She was born mute. But she always found a way to cope by pouring her feelings into art. She also found a love for learning musical instruments. She currently plays the acoustic guitar, the clarinet, and the flute. Music is also an art. She has a loving family, but they don't exactly put in the effort to figure out what she's trying to say all the time. It makes her feel lonely. She was recently transferred to a new school, so she's dealing with some issues... bullies.

Base Creator- ~xRozen-Basesx
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☀ Name: Hayden Rowtag
☀ Age: 67 looks in his 20's
☀ Gender: Male
☀ Sexual Orientation: Straight
☀ Tribe: Hinnorphen 
☀ Rank: Glîr ( Dweller / villager )
☀ Spirit: Komodo Dragon
☀ Magic Element: Fire
☀ Magic Ability:
- Fire breath ( Can shoot fire balls 10 ft in the air or become a straight up flame-thrower )
- Flame Retardant ( He is not affected by fire or lava what-so-ever. He even takes an occasional dip in the lava pools of Dwin'rae to 'let off some steam'
- Lava ( He can boil 3 ft of the earth beneath him )

☀ Personaility:
Agressive | Pompous | A bit lazy | Charming ( in an obnoxious sort of way ) | Kind to children ( often acts like one himself ) | Constantly hungry | Momma's boy | Good heart and will help anyone who's in a bind

    Hayden is a very aggressive, territorial guy with a horrible temper. He gets offended quite easily and he'll definitely let you know it. Hayden is pompous. He thinks so highly of himself, and will often show off or underestimate his opponents. He's a very playful guy, but he's very lazy. He will trick you into doing things for him with his "charm and wits". In fact, he fails on most attempts because he doesn't have any. He's really just a big kid. He loves doing childish things like pulling pranks, sneaking up on sleeping animals, and chasing things. Also, he is almost always hungry and eats more than you'd think was elvishly possible. Partly because his mother created that monstrous appetite. She's always making him eat. But all-in-all Hayden is good to the core and will help anyone who's in a bind ( well, nearly everyone. Except people he doesn't like ).

☀ Background: 
     Hayden doesn't have much of a background yet, as his life is really just starting out. He grew up the son of a Shaman and Dweller, in the household of Rowtag. His mother and father loved him very much, but when he became of age to start training, his father wanted him to become a warrior. He had a constant reign on Hayden and didn't let him play too much. So Hayden kinda makes up for that today. No, he's not a warrior... yet. He gave up after a while ( too much work; not enough play ). But the main reason as to why he gave up, is his father passed away. His family is prone to heart attacks on his father's side, and so it just happened one day. He misses his father very much, but he knows he still has his mother and dotes on her. He has no current love interest, other than his sword his father gave him a while back. That's his baby don't touch. 

☀ How does your character feel about certain tribes?  
    He honestly doesn't care either way. Although, he gets a bad feeling about the Baug Tribe, but who doesn't? 

☀ Extra:
Is a personal incubator for those around him ( He's hot to the touch )
Pink eyes
Hûl is seen mounted on his altar in his hut 
Pheasant feathers because it's his favorite food
Fox tails because they remind him of his dad
Rowtag means Sun God

☀ Relationships: Bullet; Pink Crush | Bullet; Green Friend | Bullet; White Acquaintance | Bullet; Black Enemy
Bullet; White  Osturra
Bullet; White  Nemirel
Bullet; Pink  Enaela ( Elaena? )

☀ RP style: Paragraphs and notes, comments, or chatrooms

☀ Level: 1

☀Theme song ( s ): Starfall - Two Steps from Hell…
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I wanted to make a mannequin base inspired from some little style art! I was expecting something so much better from myself but it apparently didn't work. But that is alright!! Because i can always make it again and make it look cooler!

original base is original, credit if used!!
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My second OC Tobuki!:heart:

Name: Kobato Tobuki (こばと・トブキ)
Age: 16 years old
Height: 162 ,Weight: 45.2

Kobato Tobuki is a Sasuke's affiant since they are childhood. In really she is a daughter in a big rich family in Hi no Kuni but she doesn't like her life. So she go to told her Father that she want to be a Ninja of Konoha. And then, her father had asked Sasuke to take care of Tobuki. Tobuki started to be a Medical-nin like Sakura and Ino and she can do not bad. Tobuki very close friend with Tenten and Lee because she always training with them.

hope you like her (:

Tobuki (c) me
Naruto (c) Kishimoto

:iconkobato-tobuki: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:
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Human Name: Chiara Vargas
Nation Name: Regione Autonoma Siciliana/Sicilian Autonomous Region
Capital: Palermo (Which is her 'heart')
Language: Sicilian (lu sicilianu, Italian: lingua siciliana, also known as Siculu or Calabro-Sicilian)
Relations: Carthage, Ancient Greece, Romano, Italy.
Age: Her Appearance is 22-25 But, is a lot older than that.
Birthday: March the 17th, in correspondence with the formation of the ‘Kingdom of Italy’.
National Flower: Carnation
Height: 5'3'' (she's smaller than her brothers, and also due to being a relivately small island)
Weight: 123bs ((Rather lightweight, as seen here))
Extra: She is older than Romano and Italy.

See picture above.

She has an extremely bad temper (symbolising Mount Etna being on the island of Sicily, the largest active volcano in Europe), and the smallest of things can set her off. She does however, have her moments, which are extremely rare for her. But she usually maintains an grumpy temper. She doesn't have that many friends, but she couldn't care less about that.

She also, like her brother, is rather tsundere. She has issues showing her true feelings for people, and is rather awkward when it comes to admitting things, such as love. She finds herself often not knowing how to say things, and has trouble reacting to many situations. She usually shows herself as harsh, tough, and stubborn. But half the things she says is hardly ever true, such as 'i hate you', for example.

She really can be rather competitive, especially when it comes to challenges. Though half the time, she looses these.

She is also a bit of a flirt, not as much as her brothers, but she knows how to charm. She usually flirts, and is rather sly when she does so. She sees this rather harmless, and likes to do so.

Some more information about the autonomous region of Sicily:

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; along with surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy, the Regione Autonoma Siciliana (Sicilian Autonomous Region).

Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean. It extends from the tip of the Apennine peninsula from which it is separated only by the narrow Strait of Messina, towards the North African coast. Its most prominent landmark is Mount Etna, which is at 3,320 m (10,890 ft) the tallest active volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate, this means that her attitude symbolizes this, she's rather hot-headed, and has a very bad temper, which symbolizes these.

Earliest Archeological evidence of human

The earliest archeological evidence of human dwelling on the island dates from 8000 BC. At around 750 BC, Sicily became a Greek colony and for the next 600 years it was the site of the Greek-Punic and Roman-Punic wars, which ended with the Roman destruction of Carthage. After the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, Sicily often changed hands, and during the early Middle Ages it was ruled in turn by the Vandals, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans. Later on, the Kingdom of Sicily lasted between 1130 and 1816, subordinated to the crowns of Aragon, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and finally the Bourbons, as the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. It was united with the rest of Italy in 1860, but a subsequent economic collapse led to a wave of emigration, separatism, and the emergence of the Mafia, whose criminal activities pose problems to this day. After the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946, Sicily was given special status as an autonomous region.

Sicily has a rich and unique culture, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature, cuisine, architecture and language. Sicily also holds importance for archeological and ancient sites such as the Necropolis of Pantalica, the Valley of the Temples and Selinunte. This is why she likes singing, dancing, painting and cooking. Though she doesn't have the time to do this often.

The Sicilian economy is diversified. The agriculture sector is significant with citrus fruits, olives and olive oil, grapes and wine. Tourism and real estate are economically important for the island. Still, with the gross domestic product per capita at around €17,000, it stands at only two-thirds of the European Union average and is one of the least developed regions of Italy.

Sicily has long been noted for its fertile soil due to the volcanic eruptions in the past and present. The island is still known for its pleasant climate and natural beauty. It has a long, hot growing season, but summer droughts are frequent. Agriculture is the chief economic activity but has long been hampered by absentee ownership, primitive methods of cultivation, and inadequate irrigation. The establishment (1950) of the now-defunct Cassa per il Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy Development Fund) by the national government led to land ownership reforms, an increase in the amount of land available for cultivation and the general development of the island's economy. However, the Mafia, which is still influential, has hindered governmental efforts to institute reforms in the region, and Sicily continues to have an extremely low per capita income and high unemployment, although many work under the table, or have unreported jobs with no pension. Billions of euros have been infused in Sicily to bring the region up to current times. Prices rose 500% and many families decided to move back to the family residences to be able to afford to live. Although policies have begun to change, there is a large group of people that also rely on the revenue from NAS Sigonella, the American naval air station that is situated near Catania.

She is rather unhappy with her economy as of now, and is attempting to change this.

History of Sicily

Ancient tribes
The original inhabitants of Sicily were three defined groups of the Ancient peoples of Italy. The most prominent and by far the earliest of these was the Sicani, who were claimed by Thucydides to have arrived from the Iberian Peninsula (perhaps Catalonia).
Important historical evidence has been discovered in the form of cave drawings by the Sicani, dated from the end of the Pleistocene epoch, around 8000 BC. The arrival of the first humans is correlated with extinction of dwarf hippos and dwarf elephants. The Elymians, thought to be from the Aegean Sea, were the next tribe to migrate to join the Sicanians on Sicily.Although there is no evidence of any wars between the tribes, when the Elymians settled in the north-west corner of the island, the Sicanians moved across eastwards. From mainland Italy, thought to originally have been Ligures from Liguria, came the Sicels in 1200 BC; forcing the Sicanians to move back across Sicily settling in the middle of the islandOther minor Italic groups who settled in Sicily were the Ausones (Aeolian Islands, Milazzo) and the Morgetes (Morgantina). There are many studies of genetic records which show inhabitants of various parts of the Mediterranean Basin mixed with the oldest inhabitants of Sicily. Among these were Egyptian, Phoenician, and Iberian.The Phoenicians also were early settlers before the Greeks

Greek and Roman period
About 750 BC, the Greeks began to live in Sicily (Sikelia), establishing many important settlements. The most important colony was Syracuse; other significant ones were Akragas, Selinunte, Gela, Himera, and Zancle. The native Sicani and Sicel peoples were absorbed by the Hellenic culture with relative ease, and the area was part of Magna Graecia along with the rest of southern Italy, which the Greeks had also colonised. Sicily was very fertile, and the introduction of olives and grape vines flourished, creating a great deal of profitable trading;a significant part of Greek culture on the island was that of Greek religion and many temples were built across Sicily, such as the Valley of the Temples at AgrigentoPolitics on the island was intertwined with that of Greece; Syracuse became desired by the Athenians, who during the Peloponnesian War set out on the Sicilian Expedition. Syracuse gained Sparta and Corinth as allies, and as a result the Athenian expedition was defeated. The Athenian army and ships were destroyed, with most of the survivors being sold into slaveryWhile Greek Syracuse controlled much of Sicily, there were a few Carthaginian colonies in the far west of the island. When the two cultures began to clash, the Greek-Punic wars erupted, the longest wars of antiquity. Greece began to make peace with the Roman Republic in 262 BC and the Romans sought to annex Sicily as its republic's first province. Rome intervened in the First Punic War, crushing Carthage so that by 242 BC Sicily had become the first Roman province outside of the Italian Peninsula.The Second Punic War, in which Archimedes was murdered, saw Carthage trying to take Sicily from the Roman Republic. They failed and this time Rome was even more unrelenting in the annihilation of the invaders; during 210 BC the Roman consul M. Valerian, told the Roman Senate that "no Carthaginian remains in Sicily".Sicily served a level of high importance for the Romans as it acted as the empire's granary. It was divided into two quaestorships, in the form of Syracuse to the east and Lilybaeum to the west.Although under Augustus some attempt was made to introduce the Latin language to the island, Sicily was allowed to remain largely Greek in a cultural sense, rather than a complete cultural Romanisation.When Verres became governor of Sicily, the once prosperous and contented people were put into sharp decline. In 70 BC, noted figure Cicero condemned the misgovernment of Verres in his oration In Verrem.The island was used as a base of power numerous times, being occupied by slave insurgents during the First and Second Servile Wars, and by Sextus Pompey during the Sicilian revolt. Christianity first appeared in Sicily during the years following AD 200; between this time and AD 313 when Constantine the Great finally lifted the prohibition on Christianity, a significant number of Sicilians became martyrs such as Agatha, Christina, Lucy, Euplius and many more. Christianity grew rapidly in Sicily during the next two centuries. The period of history during which Sicily was a Roman province lasted for around 700 years in total.

The flag:

It is characterized by the presence of the triskelion (trinacria) in its middle, the (winged) head of Medusa and three wheat ears. The three bent legs allegedly represent the three points of the triangular shape of the island of Sicily itself.The flag is bisected diagonally into regions colored red and yellow, red representing the municipality of Palermo, yellow representing Corleone, which in medieval times was an agricultural city of renown The symbol is also known as the trinacria, which is also an ancient name of Sicily.


Romano: They're rather close, they do clash, due to temper issues. But she's often seen with him due to preference. She also find's him more logical than Veneziano.

Italy: She's alright around him. But their relations as such are rather strained, due to mafia and such. Most of her soldiers were also given to Italy in WWII, and he basically gave them up to the Allies, causing more complications for her.

Germany: Strained. They've shared rulers, so she knows him, but not much. She also dislikes the fact there's been invasions due to him, and most of her soldiers were killed off in Africa in WWII due to his foolishness, leaving her unprotected and vulnerable to the Allies. They're currently neutral to each other.

Spain: They're simply friends, she knew him, and lived with him before her brothers. They get along somewhat well, but Sicily can get somewhat agitated by him sometimes. They often chat, and share a snack.

America: Once rather heavily situated due to mafia with him, but they've always been friends. He does, however, get on her nerves due to his hero complex, and annoying attitude at times.

[More relation suggestions are very welcome, as this OC needs work]

Other info:

:bulletyellow: She hates being referred to as 'Italian' instead of 'Sicilian', as it gets on her nerves quite a bit.
:bulletred: Just because she's in the mafia, doesn't mean she enjoys it.
:bulletyellow: She hates how her economy is going.
:bulletred: She loves to harvest tomatoes, cook, and go fishing.
:bulletyellow: When Somalia was under control of Italy and Romano, Sicily loved to take care of her, and thought of her as her own daughter.
:bulletred: She rather likes singing to herself, but will be rather embarrassed if anyone hears her do so.
:bulletyellow: Another hobby of hers is dancing, and painting.
[i accept other suggestions also :)]
Sicily done -w-~

Chiara, Nekotalia version and mochi version (C) myself
base (C) :iconheartfelt-dreamer:
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EDIT: I'm making #4 set price b/c I'm really not happy with how it turned out tbh

Starting bid: 500 :points: / $5.00
Min increase: 50 :points: / $0.50
Autobuy: 3000 :points: / $30.00
Auction ends: April 12th
:star: Please respond to the "bid here" comment and keep track of the bids for I will not alert you if someone bids higher!

3. SOLD - AB
4. [SOLD]


Please make sure to read and understand the rules—it’s not a long list but I do enforce them ;v; 

Base: len-ki
Designs: Ethereallity
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 10 :points: each. no biggie
symbol is for you to find.


I used :devsaria-adopts: base thing (only for hair on number 1 )
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Fionna is my favourite character to draw, ever.
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Presenting the second Walking Dead OC, Mei Ling 

Mei Ling was a simple student of a Foreign Exchange Program. Born of Chinese and Korean descent. Her hair is actually naturally black, she only dyed it. The purple eventually will fade.
While fluent in English, she had only lived in America for barely under a year when the Sickness came.
She was forced to shoot her charter family, three children included when they turned.

Mei Ling is actually still in shock from the ordeal, she loved her charter family dearly.

- Mei Ling is usually armed with a Shotgun.
- She is trilingual; being fluent in Cantonese, Korean, and English.
- Mei Ling was born in Busan, South Korea [Second Largest City in SK] but was raised in Hong Kong.

Mei Ling was adopted from WindowToYourEye
Base by Milkie-Moo
Walking Dead Series © Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard
Mei Ling and Pixel © MapleBeer-Shipper
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Kirban for :iconmoondogjc:, who asked me to design her a new OC based on a few dogs/canines she gave me.

This hybrid is based on a Large Munsterlander (fur length and tail, minor markings on the facel), a Maned Wolf (general anatomy, some markings), and an African Wild Dog (markings and ears)

I really enjoyed designing this, I might design more hybrids in the future. c:

Art/Design (c) =Magickie
Charcter: *MoonDogJc
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