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i'm not really good at rendering ._.
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Moved to scraps in order to not interfere with my Recent folder! >.<

Introducing Bau! :iconbluesparklesplz::iconbluesparklesplz:

This cutie belongs to :iconseekinglucidity:
She wanted something similar to my Ruru icon for her Tokyo Mew Mew bot.

This time he has a little tail wag to go along with it~
Once again, I hope you like it Nikki and thank you for the commission!

This icon is not free to use for the public.
Please do not copy, edit, or use this as a base without my direct permission.

MSPaint, Photoshop CS5
Bau *SeekingLucidity
Artwork ~IgneousRocks
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Not actually my first lol. I've done a couple of doodles/sketches before this. Anyway this is my first attempt to make a kinda CG art, and yes I know it's not that good orz

That's my OC ichan haha XD
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Non ho resistito XD Ho dovuto disegnarli....mi sono piaciuti da morire!!!!!!!! XD Soprattutto il cavallo! E lo ammetto...dopo aver visto questo film ho dovuto far scendere al secondo posto nel mio indice di gradiemento personale il principe Filippo e il suo cavallo XD

A fast scketch of new Disney's movie 'Tangled'
I love it so much! ** Hope you like it! ^^
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Ahh so this year I totally tried to improve my digital art XD
My older watchers would know that I only started digital art last year, sometime around October when I got my very first tablet. At first I was just drawing flat out like vanilla but then I soon learned about settings and adjusting them, customizing my brushes and pen, ah I feel like I've learned so much this year already when I haven't :iconpapmingplz:

January Ahhh lots of rps in ANTI-FACTION ahaha those were the days I totally spent the whole day on dA XD This was for one of the events~
February I don't usually draw things according to Seasons but lol I actually did make a Valentine's special this year. Ah Seiya~
March An art trade with someone fab Cyberised ehue still gonne be one of my most cherished works XD I also did a lot of livestreaming back then omg o<-<
April A raffle prize haha I was surprised with the amount of new watchers when I launched my first art raffle ahaha
May After the raffle, some people asked me to open commissions and so I did. Ah it felt great to actually earn money from doing something I love <3 Made me realize that I didn't want my profession to be centered on art though XD
June Ahh around this time I decided to contribute contest prizes because I always got art block lol
July Another OTP art ahah I was so into that then XD
August&September Lots of crap happened to me around this time, like my family moved again and personal issues piled up, so I didn't post much, and if I did, it kinda looked like crap XD 
October I got my shizz together and remembered that I should be kind to just about anybody when I remembered Garry from Ib. I started to watch playthroughs again and God was it good to be back to who I was XD
November Around this time, I had some weird ass dream about the Great Flood and Saint Raphael and Asmodeus. I was raised in a CAtholic school so some biblical stories are really screwed into my head, that's probably why I had that dream lol but I ended up making OCs out of them and shipped them ahhh who's going to hell? MEEEEE
December Hahhh so around this time last year, I was also obsessed with DRAMAtical Murder and for some reason I decided to redownload it on my new computer and welp we can guess what happened next XD I got back into again hence the fan art that will probably continue on to early 2015 lol

Anyway thanks for the making this year fab~! I really gained, lost, but most importantly learned a lot this year and I'd really like to give a shout out to all mah buds <33333
SousekiTerraAtlasSinclairMishierruBoshiBae IcyBii Ginsukera-vi NotLucy YKajitaka iynponMirrae PlatinaSi daiichu UsagiBunnsNaddilluCionKeiastaMy-fated-person
I wanted to write some individual messaging to you guys but I don't want to be cheesy and awkward so um-- This message goes out to everybody who's stuck with me this~~! <3

Let's just move forward together and meet 2015 head ON~~! *war screeeeEEECH*
HAPPY NEW YEARSSSS (wow so early of me hahaah //slapped)

And if I forgot to mention anyone, you should know who you are, bab //winkwonk
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Sorry for the late gift~ xD
I hope you like it!
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I needed to redo Carlin. Here is is.
Now with 50% more shota.
I did it in a K-ON style, and the ref was of Yui from K-ON, but the eyes are colored like Free!
He now has all green hair, because that black shit was getting annoying to do and I didn't want to.

So like, Carlin's hair is naturally wavy/curly-ish, but he used to straighten it, but then he got his school daddio Fillieli, and since Fillieli's hair is that wavy thing, Carlin stopped straighten his hair so he could look more like Fillieli because he is a role model in his life.
He also brunt his ear on the straightening iron and is now kinda scared of them, what a pussy.

I brunt my ear on a curling iron when I was 8 and now I'm scared of them, I have no room to talk.

Now with new information:
Name: Carlin Caribbean
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Class: Rainband
Instrument: Flute
Talents: Being hella shota
Grade: 9th
Birthday: September 19th

• Nevermind. He's still gay. Gay shota boy.
• He is a year older.
• Different birth month.
• Height and weight gain.
• I think he must of hit puberty or something.
• He's more outgoing, and isn't clumsy, but is a scaredy cat.

Rainband - kakuzu-chan12
Carlin - This bitch
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for :iconblacksparklesplz::iconfelutiahime::iconblacksparklesplz:
Thanks felu bby for always been so patient and so kind with me when i knew you were at my ls i was really happy /)///v///( love love you!!
Thanks for everything you've done to me your just too gentle and amazing person i feel unworthy omg sdflksjd //touches
also thanks for everyone who came a the LS!!
Felutia (c) =Felutiahime
art (c) me
do not use/copy/edit my art.
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woo okieee~ so i tried to draw in the anime style of hetalia~~
I am a dummy! i love how she came out
the whole template thingy was cause i saw NerdyJones used it and she got
it from kamillyanna from this pic so i thought it was cool and used it too ;;v;; i hope you don't mind tho...
im working on that rp ask account thingy La la la la

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-san
template thingy belongs to kamillyanna
here: Antarctica refrence look guide by xTickie-Tockx 

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