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Contest! Girl with a Flower

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 21, 2011, 8:38 PM
    :rose:Girl with a Flower Contest:rose: News Article Hello Everyone :wave: I haven't hosted a contest in a long time, so I figured I would host a little contest since I have some points. :D The objective is simple. Draw a girl with a flower! It can be one flower or it can be many. It can just be a simple flower in the hair, a flower incorporated into her jewelry, a flowery pattern on clothing, a flower tattoo design, a flowery background, or she can simply just be holding a flower. It's up to you. Let's just see what beautiful art you can make with this idea. Here are some great examples by some amazing artists-… :bulletblue:R U L E S:bulletblue: (Please read all these rules, if you still have questions, leave a comment :D)
  • You may make a drawing or painting and it may be made either traditionally, digitally, or a mix of both.
  • It can be one flower or it can be many. Your work just must contain a girl with a flower.
  • One entry per person.
  • Entries must be new. (uploaded on or after 10/21/11)
  • No deviations that need a mature content filter will be accepted.  Also no blood, gore, or other frightening imagery.
  • To enter, upload your piece to dA and please put a link to this journal in your artist's comments (the text section under your deviation) and say you are entering the contest. Then note me with a link to your piece.
  • :bulletblue:D E A D L I N E:bulletblue: November 14th, 2011 (11:59 EST) :bulletblue:P R I Z E S:bulletblue: (Please let me know if you would like to donate a feature or other prize to the winners. It would be very much appreciated :aww:) Three winners will be chosen based on how aesthetically pleasing the pieces are and they will each receive these prizes: :bulletpink: 400 dA Points :points: :bulletpink: 65 dA Points from llamablaster :points: :bulletpink: Feature from gabbyd70 Kachumi sabanna JDarnell Crazypurplebat :bulletblue:E N T R I E S:bulletblue: -->… Today I logged on and had 16 new notes and 23 new entries! Wowza! lol I'm so happy to see lots of people joining. But I think it will be difficult for me to continue posting all entries here in my journal, so I have started this collection for the contest. :)
    I'm excited to see some beautiful art! :D I hope everyone who joins will have fun. Make it less about winning, and more about making a piece of art that you are happy with and that you enjoy creating. :iconblush--plz:

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Don't know what to draw?
Staring at the blank wall?
Staring at the paper with a pencil in hand?
Staring at the ceiling(hoping for a ninja)?
Staring at the corner(hoping for Pedobear)?
All of the above are random.
Simply don't know WHAT TO DRAW?

Well, I've been hearing(or maybe 'reading' is a better term) a lot of excuses and one of them being 'art block' for not knowing what to draw. Read on and maybe you can find some way to know what to draw. c:


If you don't know what to draw, maybe you're having a lack of inspiration. Try brainstorming if you're feeling your creative juices are flowing. If you think they froze, maybe you should try watching a good movie that's your cup of tea. Watching anime, western movies, eastern movies(like Chinese/Korean dramas), reading a good ol' book, manga or maybe a portrait shall suffice for lack of inspiration.


Having a bad day that you can't even seem to think for something? Try listening to some soothing music, have a relaxing bath and/or eat chocolates. Soothing music and a relaxing bath is proven that it can release stress while chocolate is proven to be able to make a person feel happy if they eat it.


Can't think straight? Too tired to even think? Overload of homework/work? Well, take a nap or mediate(?). Try to relax, daydream and think of something you like(animals, your lover, family, etc). You'll bound to have something pop up into your mind sooner or later.


Absolutely do not think negatively. Thinking you suck at something(be it poses, females, males, anatomy) makes the creative juices stop its flow. I have experienced this countless of times, thinking I am not good enough and it doesn't give me any idea to draw.


Drawing too much? Try going into another perspective of art like painting, photography, writing(literature), sculpting and the likes. If you think 'maybe I can do that' or 'I would like to try it', go for it. Don't hold back. You might discover a hidden talent, who knows. ;)


Don't draw that style too much. If you use the anime/manga drawing style, try a cartoon style that fits you. If you use realism, try going for surreal plus vice versa and so on. Always try for new things, you might like it.


Mix and jumble up words together. What I do is;
'person', 'activity'(is or was) and 'item'.
I jumble em' up and I get; '(person)A Queen' '(activity)is bashing' '(item)an apple'. Imagine it and try to draw it. See what you did and if its funny, laugh at it. :lol:


Conquer art block if you do have it. Conquering it and make it disappear. Now now, I'm sure dA news have a few articles on 'conquering art block', am I right?


This isn't much of a step in any way but, good luck to you and I salute for your achievement if you manage to draw something. :salute: Oh and before I forget, be sure not to give up! Remember, staring at something isn't that helpful. What you can and want to draw depends on you.

... And that sums up all of it. I usually use some of these ways to conquer my "don't know what to draw" phase. I hope this helped you in some way. :lol: And hopefully its counted useful.
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Lit Cosmetics Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2012, 8:47 AM

For those of you who don't follow me on facebook, this is probably new to you! But I'm having a little giveaway! I've posted a video of it, so please watch and favourite/comment this for your chance to win SPARKLES!

  • Listening to: Green Day... always Green Day
  • Reading: The word Reading:
  • Watching: Youtube videos!
  • Playing: Nuffin
  • Eating: Dinner soon...ish?
  • Drinking: Pop!
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:bulletgreen: EDIT: The Album version leaked!  SO MUCH BETTER than the Radio (clean) version:…

Green Day released a new single today on BBC radio in the UK:  KILL THE DJ!
Of course, it's been recorded and placed on YouTube.

:bulletgreen: You can listen to the radio version here:…

This song was also played last week at Green Day's surprise show at the Echoplex in LA (I had the pleasure of being there! :heart:)
Of course, it was recorded and placed on YouTube.

:bulletgreen: You can listen to the LIVE version here:…

The single version should be available to purchase and download soon!

:bulletgreen: Also, everyone remember that the Oh Love music video will be released on MTV Wednesday (August 15th) at 7:49pm

So exciting!!!!  :heart:
What do you guys think?!

~Kelly Fox
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Sketchbook Pro 6

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 31, 2012, 12:04 AM

So most of you know that I'm a Sketchbook Pro user. 

A few days back, Autodesk released Sketchbook Pro 6, and I think this is the version that's going to make a lot of people who have YET to experience Sketchbook Pro in full, or haven't really given the past versions a chance, switch over to making it their digital drawing software of choice; heck, even their PAINTING software of choice.

We still have the cleverly-designed user interface, that makes it easy on the eyes and mind when we're brainstorming and sketching. With the handful of new tools introduced, we still have a clutter-free drawing environment, and man, there's some awesome tools this time around. I'll go down the list:

The Brush Library 

The main brush toolbar itself has a click-and-drag function, allowing you to store all your often-used brushes in each of the "lanes". You then can click the button on the upper-right and then a full cabinet of all your brushes, the ones that came with and the ones you create yourself, and you can pick between them. You can even make customize your own brush sets and name them however you like based on the project you're working on, style of drawing/painting, etc. And they're all accessible through that one "cabinet". GANGSTA.

The French Curve

My fellow Sketchbook Pro users, we all love the ruler and ellipse tools that made it easy for us to plot down perspective and draw circles and curves with ease. Autodesk took it a step forward and brought in the French Curve, which will allow you to plot down those tough curves and strokes and draw them with ease. Pretty self-explanatory.

Color Randomizer, Size Opacity Randomizer, Rotation/Spacing Randomizer

Now this one is pretty interesting. I always loved Sketchbook Pro's brush creation capabilities (I used it to create zipper brushes, chain brushes, etc. within seconds). There's now randomizers you can preset on each of your brushes. This helps big time with painting and strokes and can make your rendering sessions pretty interesting. You can now randomize Hue, Saturation, Brightness, as well as Size, Opacity, Rotation, and Spacing. All those strokes above were done with the same brush.

Steady Stroke

This one is the pinnacle feature for users who don't own Cintiqs and only have Intuos and regular graphic tablets. I know SAI had this for a while, as well as Manga Studio. It's a stroke stabilizer that you can control accordingly based on your strokes. It definitely makes drawing line art a cinch. Since Sketchbook Pro already has smooth and natural drawing algorithms built in, this feature makes it even better for those who are looking for smoother strokes. I won't say I find myself using this often since I use a Cintiq to draw and pretty much have good control over my strokes, but for those long curves and lines zoomed out super far, I may find myself using it. Again, it's a big help for regular tablet users.

Synthetic Paint

Now Sketchbook Pro has brushes where it emulates traditional media. Your "paint" can now fade as you stroke and blend between colors already plotted down. Combined with the ability of Sketchbook Pro's robust brush creation system, you can do some gnarly stuff now without switching between programs.

Smudge (Blender)

Now there's a smudge tool, but it isn't your standard smudge tool that just gives off ugly rendering, now it's own brush where you can blend between colors, so it's actually a Blender, a tool that I've been long wishing for on Sketchbook Pro. I'm definitely going to be digital painting a lot in Sketchbook Pro even moreso now. 


Sketchbook Pro is even more snappy than the previous iterations. It's still a lightweight program, not taking much RAM consumption at all. Little things like controlling layer opacity switches & zooming and resizing are all much more fluid in response. Even switching between layers is like switching layers on Photoshop. The UI design is even more sharper and classier. It's much faster. It also can handle larger files much easier now, whether before it would start chugging on 300 DPI, 11x17 images the more you put into it. Wonderful. 

You also have the updated Layer Box and the new Color Puck! The Layer Box now makes it easy to change Layer Blending modes and adding new layers, though I'm still used to doing the click-and-flick motions for adding layers and changing modes. For those familiar with Sketchbook Pro, the Brush Puck allows you to change the brush size or opacity on the fly, without opening cluttered menus and interfaces. Now you can do this with color, when you click and drag, you can range it between brightness. And when you click it, a small color picker pops up. GENIUS.

End Verdict: If you guys have hesitated to try it out in the past, I suggest giving it a whirl on this version. I believe there is something for every artist in the way they use it. It's now only 60 BUCKS so there should be no reason for peeps not to try it, ($30 for upgrades and if you own a Mac, you can currently get it starting for $30 as a deal). Personally speaking, Autodesk just re-solidified my choice in using Sketchbook Pro as my number one digital drawing tool of choice. I always loved the organic quality to using it, and this update keeps feeding that love. =)

Favs with comments by KaleidoKittlesChrono Trigger by ImFeelingStampityCintiq Stamp by sighthoundladyFinal Fantasy VI by darkdisciple-stampsfinal fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91STAMP - Simon -SPOILER- by Furuba-FangirlRival Schools -United by Fate- by IceVallejoPower Stone by IceVallejoFoX Hound II stamp by DeviantSithSkies of Arcadia stamp by StareonSonic Fan Stamp by XX-Midnightsf_stamp by KetsuoTategamiSSF4 Stamp by RobaatoMegaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTartMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalphaSBP Stamp by KaitouHyuuga
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Check out the Kickstarter for the Starfighter Visual Novel, Eclipse:


Also you can always find me at :



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Project Educate: Typography Tutorials

Thu Mar 29, 2012, 12:45 PM

Typography Tutorials

Today I want to highlight some of the Typography Tutorials you can find in Stock & Resources on dA.


Tutorials with a focus on terminology.
Typeface Anatomy: A Brief by fiveless Anatomy of Typography by YordanH Anatomy of Type by l1901 typogrpahy : what is by awakenasleep

Basic Tools

Explanations on how to use Typography Tools in various graphic programs.
Photoshop Typography by R727 Typography Basics andReference by inspiredcreativity How to make an easy logo by GKgfx


Artists sharing the way to their final artwork.
:thumb202655228: That's how it goes by NeedMoreArtZ Design Process: PJ art by gomedia BK text walkthrough by DekuOnFire

Effect Tutorials

These tutorials explain some visual effects that can be applied to achieve a certain effect with your text.
Quick Turorial - Broken Text by mauricioestrella How to make pixel text by vanmall Golden Text with Layer Styles by kuschelirmel-stock :thumb191449494: :thumb106982083: Tut typography by Benjamin75


Here the main focus lies on how to use tools to a certain effect.
Chinese Calligraphy Tutorial 1 by Electric-Raichu Chinese Calligraphy Tutorial 2 by Electric-Raichu Typography Portrait Tutorial by lVlorf3us Illustrator Techniques lb by adventfont Medieval tutorial by beard5

My Previous TextArt TIPS articles

Text Art Tips #1As new partner in crime for your Text Art Gallery Moderator Sander-Seto i thought it was time to write a News Article about Text Art.
Maybe the Text Art Tips will turn into a series of articles.
What can you expect? My aim is to give you some tips on how to improve your Text Art.
So, Here Are Some Tips To Help You Improve Your Text Art
Take your time!
Really, dont rush any artwork you are doing. Especially in Text Art it is easy to just add a line of text to a canvas and you think you're done. This is not the case. Try different things, experiment with colors, with font sizes, textures, canvas sizes, kerning and and and. Just don't be done in 5 min.
Don't let the Font do the Artwork for you!
While Grunge Fonts like Bleeding Cowboy or Typewriter From Hell look interesting and exciting, you really shouldn't use them for your artworks. They are mainly just easy and lazy to use. You can achieve way better resu
Text Art Tips #2Yay, i made the second article in the series :la:
Check out: Text Art Tips #1 to read more tips :)
So, Here Are More Tips On How To Improve Your Text Art
How Many Fonts To Use?
So, you got a font library with 5482 fonts. Nice! We all have and want such a library :B But just because you have 5482 fonts, it doesnt mean you should use all of them in one artwork.
Of course, this scenario is unrealistic. But you've all seen an artwork with more than 10 fonts. Most of them don't look good. And there are other ways of working with words that look different from each other.
You Could Try To Use Different Styles From One Font.
For example Gill Sans offers  7 different styles. And Georgia offers 4 styles. Walkway even offers 31 (!) styles :omg:
That's really a lot of possible fonts to use in one artwork. And the good thing about that? You have a big variety of fonts, t
Text Art Tips #3[This is an updated article! Nothing new yet, sorry.]
Finally the third news article in my TextArtTIPS Series!
Check out the previous issues Text Art Tips #1 & Text Art Tips #2
Third Set of Tips On How To Improve Your Text Art & Typography
Script Fonts

A script font in capitals is almost impossible to read.

Comic style fonts work in Capitals.
Script, or chirographic,  fonts can give your artwork a nice personal or realistic touch. But there are some things you may want to pay attention to, when it comes to using them.
Most importantly: do not use Capitals!
Traditional script fonts have big and with swashes decorated uppercase letters. Writing in capitals makes your text unreadable and it does not look goo

Thank you for reading!

:iconprojecteducate: :iconcommunityrelations:

   Only by fostering a facility with the vocabulary of your artistic medium of choice, can you begin to really free yourself to be open to being creative with it.

   The size of that vocabulary is another matter, and that’s about growth, improvement and development. These are important as well, and intricately linked to creativity, in parallel (more on that in a future article). But first let’s talk simply about the genesis aspect of art.

   Remember when you were in high school, doodling in the margins of your notebooks? Ballpoint pen and edges of blue-lined notebooks, with half an ear listening to the lesson of the day? There was a familiarity in that setting, and ease that you moved through when you sketched these throwaway doodles. Every once in a while you’d accidentally make one that you’d really like, and you’d save that scrap of paper with notes on American History melding into the lines of a drawing of your D&D character.

   This was a setting where you were listening to the impulses of your right brain, and drawing simply for the pleasure of making marks on the page and seeing where that took you. There was no self-criticism, no editing. If it wasn’t a good piece, it didn’t matter. There were more pages to fill. More margins to doodle on.

   These past two weeks I’ve been studying in a flamenco workshop on rhythmic improvisation. “Creativity is moving towards something,” Holly Shaw says, and I realized this is a mantra that is not only for dancers and choreographers, but applicable (and key!) to other artistic disciplines. It’s how I view my own creative process, especially within the past year.

   You can’t pull yourself into a creative space when you are constantly negating what your impulse puts on the table. As artists, we often talk of Inspiration. We name our inspiration: our Muse. And as wonderful, romantic, and exhilarating as it can be when we click and know definitively that the Muse is moving through our bodies, energizing our arms and down through our fingertips; it is equally as devastating when she is definitively NOT present. Or when we can’t hear her quiet whisper over the roar of our frustrations, doubts and self-edits.

   To name her and give her such overwhelming power over our ability to create, puts an incredible pressure onto creativity. It sets the process of art-making into a binary all-or-nothing scale to judge success. And too often this mentality results in the creative gears shuddering to a screeching halt, as we’re too afraid to lift a pencil and mar the white page with an uninspired scrawl. Or at least, what we perceive will be uninspired because the expectations are too high.

   Don’t get me wrong — when the Muse makes her presence known with an aria, flashing lights and firecrackers, it’s the most amazing thing to experience! But that’s not always the creative space we inhabit. Sometimes she sits down next to you and quietly sips her tea and offers a few pointers here and there. And you have to open yourself to be able to appreciate and catch those moments and not be to crippled to notice her by your own lofty expectations.

   Analogies aside, what do I mean in practical application?

   We all have our varying levels of ability with our chosen art form and medium. This is our vocabulary.

   As a flamenco dancer, my vocabulary consists of the ways I move my arms, my marking steps, my rhythms and counter-rhythms with my shoes, my palmas (clapping) — these and more are the language I use to paint a choreography.

   As a visual artist, my vocabulary consists of sketching with pencil, my ability to draw from life and to see where shadows and light meet, drawing figures, drawing poses I am familiar with, drawing from reference, color values, complimentary color schemes, thumbnail compositions, understanding how wet media moves on paper and what happens when I tilt my page or drop texturing mediums into paint.  

   Expanding your vocabulary is crucial to develop as an artist. We never stop learning. We never stop looking for the next step to take.

   But when you create, whatever your vocabulary range is at that moment, THAT is the sphere that you are free to move in, and to explore with comfort. Within this zone is where you are most likely to come across your Muse. From there, she might lead you onto an expedition outside of your range. If she does, follow her. Don’t stop yourself with doubts and hate: “Oh, that arm looks so wrong. That color looks strange next to Blue. I spilled some water on the page and now everything is bleeding into a mess.” These lead to dead-ends. Instead, explore where those mistakes can lead you. Sometimes they can become the best part of a painting.

   And if not, there’s always the next piece. Being an artist isn’t about creating something and then just sitting on your laurels forever. It’s about the constant process of creation. One thing only leads to the next. It’s about the joy and love-hate-relationship we have with creating. In a way, a painting is simply a visual record of a struggle and a dance that we had at that moment of its conception. Each stroke of the brush and line of the pen is a footprint along an unending journey.

   So doodle for the joy of it. Sketch. Participate in drawing challenges, or in your local urban sketching groups. Go to a life-drawing class. Even within the constraints of professional expectations, create your thumbnails and sketches for your art-director, but don’t hate your discarded efforts after the art-director has selected one; save them and maybe one of them speaks to you on a personal level that was not right for the project, but is right for you. Make time to do personal pieces. Never start painting until you know what it is about this piece in front of you that really excites you, that element that gives you a reason to paint, even if it’s just the curl of a tree branch, the expression on a face, or if the only thing you see in it is an opportunity to expand your artistic vocabulary.
Now, go away and draw. My Muse is complaining that her tea is growing cold.

About inspiration, dance, art, and the creative process.

More ramblings like this at my blog:…
And at facebook:
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