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Bilba Baggins was just a simple hobbit. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened anymore. She lived all alone in her kindly little hobbit hole in peace. She had grown up in her home and planned to die there as well. She had in fact missed her home, Bag End, when she had married many years previously. Her husband was quiet the dull, well respected hobbit. Bilba on the other hand had quiet the adventurous side to her. A side that made her dear mother, Belladonna Took, overjoyed with pride till the day she died.
Bilba and her husband had divorced, technically, years ago when she had gotten pregnant and he accused her of being a harlot and left her.  That’s when Bilba had returned to Bag End and with the help of her mother, her father had died in the winter, and the guiding hand of Gandalf the Grey, a wizard that had been a family friend for years. When Danny was born, Bilba vowed to take care of him and love him forever. As did Belladonna.
The other Hobbits of the Shire believed her ex-husbands lies and turned their gazes as she walked by. It disheartened her, especially when poor Danny started getting made fun of by other Hobbit children. It was horrible that she couldn’t even protect her own son from the cruelty of hobbit children. The worst was when Belladonna had fallen ill and none of the hobbit healers would see her. When Bilba had finally gotten her to a healer in Bree, there was no saving her, no longer any hope of healing.
After the loss of her mother, her rock in some cases, poor Bilba had fallen into a depression. Normally Hobbit are happy and “jolly” (if you know what I mean) creatures. Once a situation is worse enough for a Hobbit to fall into such a dark state, there is almost always no way to save them from such. Bilba had grown sad and skinny, but she pasted and smile of happiness to her face for Danny. He would not lose the only person in his life because of her being a little sad.
So on Bilba struggled for a few years. Every day she’d pull herself out of bed and start her and Danny’s breakfast. She go to Danny and wake her sleeping angle then feed him and return him to his room so he could dress for school. Once he would leave, she would retire to her room and hide, wallowing in her own little darkness for a few hours. Then she would get herself dressed and get started with cleaning and getting her garden taken care of. When Danny would return, she would fake her smiles and do as normal hobbits should. Danny would do his homework then help Bilba with dinner. After eating the mother and son would retire to the living room where she would read to him as he dosed off then send him off to bed. Her tears were left to the times when she was truly alone. No one was to know of her breaking heart.
On a day, what must have been centuries ago, she heard word of the fall of a might kingdom in lands far from her own. She felt pity for those poor lost souls of the fallen land. She wondered how the survivors were fairing, if there were any. She thought of the mothers and fathers who had lost their children, the brothers and sisters separated by death, husbands and wives having to continue without their one and only. She wondered if the fall of the kingdom would have any effect on The Shire.
It wasn’t until a week later that the effect of the fall came. A man, well….dwarf, had been seen wandering the borders of Hobbiton. Bilba had heard rumor of such and ran out to find Danny. Danny had an adventurous side that Bilba and his late grandmother had adorded deeply. However, being an outcast to his fellow Hobbit children meant that he would always be adventuring alone. Bilba had dashed fast to find her son.
“MAMA!!!!” she heard him cry.
Bilba's heart skipped a beat and her blood boiled. Anger and fear took her as she flew to the sound of his cry. When she arrived to his aid, Danny was lying on the ground, cold and bloody. He was dead.
She dropped to her knees and cried out as she held her child close.
‘Who’ she wondered, ‘Who could have done such a thing?’
She heard a sound and snapped her head up to see. Through the tears in her eyes she saw a man standing before her. Not just any man, a dwarf. His hair mainly black, yet greying with age. His clothes showed he was of importance, but not important enough in her eyes. For his robes were drenched in blood, Danny’s blood. His crystal eyes were red with unshed tears as he gazed down at the she-hobbit and bloody child.
“What have you done?” she whispered, her voice breaking.
He said no words to respond to her. He only continued to stare. A fury Bilba had never remembered corsed through as she screamed.
His eyes met hers and he opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again. What could be said to a mother when you just murdered her child? He open and closed his mouth several more times before speaking.
“I am Thrain, son of Thror and I-“
“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHO YOU ARE!” she interrupted.
He looked to the boy for a long while, and then eventually met the mothers gaze once more.
“I am so deeply sorry.” He whispered before running off into the setting sun.
There Bilba was left, holding her ice cold son. The very last shard of her heart, of her sanity was gone. Never would she forget this pain in her heart. Never would she forget the beast that took her baby from her.
She had buried her son alone, only Gandalf the Grey stood by her as Danny was lowered into the earth. Her heart was gone. There was no point to living, no point to breathing, no point to anything. She would have ended it right there and let her body fall to be by her son forever, but she was undeserving. She didn’t deserve the peacefulness of death. She would never deserve to walk alongside her angle boy and sweet mother on the clouds of heaven. It was her fault Danny had died in such a way. If she hadn’t been so proud and supportive of his adventurousness, he would never have been in those woods when that god awful dwarf had been.  Never would she forgive those monsters. Never would she forget.
AU - Bilba Baggins becomes a mother and loses her only child at the hand of the missing heir of Erebor, Thrain. This is the last time he is ever seen. Years after this incident Gandalf goes to his dear friend asking her to join in an adventure, even though she has vowed to never adventure or even think of such things after believe that it is why her son was killed. What will happen when Bilba learns that the dwarf who took the life of her child, has one of his own and she is excepted to listen to him?

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I dont own any Characters from the Hobbit. Only the ones I make up are mine. AKA Danny is my creation as is the husband.
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I wake up blinded by the sunlight
Only to realize absence of life's delight
Everyone yearning for brightness
In this place enclosed in darkness

The piercing pain,
The woeful cries
The thirst for greater wealth
To achieve a better health

Families tenuous of starvation
Parents and children seeking direction
Each district secretly wanting insurrection
Against the Capitol's greedy agitation

Iridescent competition for survival created,
Controlling life for entertainment started
All of us longing for an end to this rapture
No longer wanting to suffer from this seizure

This dystopia encased in obscurity
Residents being absorbed by vanity
Can this really be reality?
Why is it devoured in catastrophe?
What caused us to give birth to human bestiality?
This is a poem I made a month ago for English class, which is dedicated to the trilogy, "The Hunger Games," written by Suzanne Collins.
It is according to Katniss Everdeen's perspective.
I just thought I'd share it here on dA since I never use my blogspot anymore xD...

~I wrote this while listening to Epik High :3
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A is for brave Aragorn whom Arwen did admire

B is for the Balrog and dear Bilbo of the Shire

C is for the courage of the heroes in the story

D for the Dead Marshes, which the hobbitses found gory

E is for Lord Elrond and the Elvish clan he leads

F is for young Frodo and his mighty, noble deeds

G is for ol' Gandalf, little Gimili and (yuck!) Gollum

H is for Helms Deep and the battle at the bottom

I is for Isildur, too bad he kept the ring

J is jubilation at the return of the King

K is for dark Khazad-dum, where orcish evil lies

L is for *sigh* Legolas, what dreamy, crystal eyes

M is for Meriadoc, known as Merry by his friends

N is for the Nazgul, nasty creatures to the end

O is for Osgiliath, the mighty, broken city

P for Peregrin (Pippin) Took's insatiable curiosity

Q is for the quiet way of life back at Bag End

R for peaceful Rivendell and the Rohhirim that Rohan sends

S is for good Samwise, and Shelob whom he slew
        (not to mention Saruman and Sauron and their crew)

T is for tall Treebeard and his grand arboreal features

U is for the Uruk'Hai, those nasty vile creatures

V is for the victory won as the lava scorched the Ring

W for Weathertop where Frodo fell before the Witch-King

X is for the many, many x-tras in the cast

Y is for the yesteryear of Middle Earth, now past

Z is for New Zealand, where they filmed all the action
       and now that I have seen the films... "Long Live Peter Jackson!!"
for Elora.

written after late night/early morning twice-on-the-day-it-premiered viewings of LOTR: Return of the King
sleep depravation will really screw with you mind
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When the darkness comes
When the shadows return
Six lights will awake
Guided by their friendship
With the power of
Harmony within them
Together they will
Bring an end to evil

Honesty will fight against any lies
Kindness will aid those overwhelmed by anger
Laughter will wither all sadness away
Generosity will help those in need
Loyalty will strike bravery into the hearts
Magic will then make everything complete!

Rise forth once more
(once more)
O Lights!

O Harmony!

With the sun and moon guiding their way
They will always prevail!

Brave ones
Fear not
You'll find your way!
Lift us through
Our goal
lies ahead
In souls and hearts!

Rise forth once more
(once more)
O Lights!
Spirits of Harmony

When the darkness comes
When the shadows return
Six lights will awake
Guided by their friendship
With the power of
Harmony within them
Together they will
Bring an end to evil!

Honesty will help stand us firm as mountains
Kindness will save us from the sorrow and despair
Laughter will wash away every tear and frown
Generosity will never let us down
Loyalty will not abandon friends in need
Magic then will make everything complete!

Rise forth once more
(once more)
O Lights!

O Harmony!

Nothing is impossible for them
When they will all head in!

Our path
We shall find
strength in friendship today!
It's our way
Lead on
shunning wrong
Unite as one!

Rise forth once more
(once more)
O Lights!
Harmony restored on this day!

May the power of friendship always
Be with you!
These are the lyrics for my latest PMV that is meant to be a sort of tribute to the Mane Six and the Elements of Harmony.

You can watch the video with these lyrics here:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro / :iconfyre-flye:
Picture by :iconalicehumansacrifice1:
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so beautiful is the pen marking paper,
curves of bold, slender, and jagged lines,
filling itself onto the soul of this white sheet,

filling the paper with each passing day,
permanent, forever engraved
giving everything it has inside it's being
until the ink runs out
reaching to every corner of this once blank sheet,

the ink and the paper are now one,
forever etched into each other's existence.
The actual title is "To My Beautiful Artist: Ink and Paper"
dedicated to my fiance :iconcl1mbingfl0w3r:
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10 Downing Street,


SW1A 2AA                                                          

Dear Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg,

I am writing to you today to discuss an issue which, speaking on behalf of the British public, many find bothersome. I am, of course, referring to the deficit. Now, I am fully aware of the fact that you must have already received hundreds, if not thousands of letters from people nationwide expressing concern about the tremendous debt our country faces. However, I urge you not to discard this letter, as this letter contains a valuable thing, something I doubt you will find in the majority of the other letters you receive: a solution.

It has come to my attention that society today is extraordinarily careless with coins and general spare change. I myself, when clearing out my room last week, managed to find precisely £5.32 down the side of my bed- goodness knows how much I might find if I search behind sofas or in the pockets of coats or jackets I no longer use. I'd guess around £10 at least, and I consider myself to be especially careful with my spare change! After this discovery, I came to the conclusion that if the entirety of the UK population were to take time to collect any spare coins they find around the house, and pooled it together into one final figure, a significant amount of the deficit could be cut. Not only would this make people generally more considerate about where they leave their pennies, it would also save you, the coalition, from making some of the cuts you were planning to announce during the Spending Review. Smiles all round, I believe.

Of course this would still leave a significant proportion of the deficit uncut. I have, however, also got this covered. The public seems to have no objection to tossing their change into fountains- but what purpose does this serve other than the imaginary granting of a tourist's wish? As an experienced fountain-wisher, I can assure you that no matter how many times I've thrown two pence pieces into various fountains nationwide my wishes have not been granted- I've wasted my money, and my garden has still not opened a portal to an ancient civilisation in an alternate universe. My point being, Britain's fountains must be laden with spare change, spare change which is neither wanted nor used. I thoroughly believe that if we were to gather all of the change thrown into our fountains and water features (I would like to note that many display ponds in garden centers are also used as a shoddy replacement for wishing wells), it could amount to a surprisingly large figure which could, again, be used to cut the deficit. This seems to be a very happy solution. Clean fountains, smaller debt, people may even come to the realisation that by wishing into a fountain they are in fact living a lie.

To conclude, the solution to putting an end to your governmental woes is as simple as sticking your hand down the side of the sofa and collecting your lost one pence pieces, and allowing the public to once again see the tiled floor of the fountains at Trafalgar Square.
Yours sincerely,
Elise Gallois, A-level student and aspiring tycoon.
Silly old letter I wrote to the Prime Minister and his lapdog a few months ago.
I sent it, but as of yet, I've had no response.
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Observe the world around
But do not try to control it
You cannot control what has its own pace
You can only observe and change within

Observe the mindless people
Understand their actions and thoughts
Observe the clouds in their dance
Observe your pain and learn from it

With plain observation comes pure knowledge
Of things how they are without your judgment
Effort to control gives an illusion that you change
The world that is unchangeable and out of reach

Give in to the truths you see
Without prejudice know what's real
Without fear read the mind of god
And see yourself in his face
Rather than spending energy on trying to control, we could really spend it much wiser..
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Alice: North Italy (him in a dress just looks...right XD)

White Rabbit: Germany (freaking out about being late is so totally him...Christ, I'm turning into Poland here...O.O)

Alice's Unnamed Sister: South Italy

Drink labelled "Drink Me": France (you can imagine him drawling sexual innuendo at Alice while she tries to find a way through the tiny door XD)

March Hare (because the hare originates from England): England

Mad Hatter: America

Field Mouse In Teapot (who no one pays the slightest bit attention to): Canada

Cheshire Cat (the grinning enigma bastard): Prussia

Caterpillar (druggie): The Netherlands

Three Playing Cards ("We're painting the roses red! We're painting the roses red!"): The Baltic Trio

Queen of Hearts (psycho bitch): Belarus

King of Hearts (timid and terrified of his wife): Russia

Court Jury: ...Everybody else XP
I've been having the Alice in Wonderland (Disney animated movie) lines in my head all day XD Particularly the Caterpillar's lines. I remember laughing my head off at him when I was a kid. Then Netherlands came to mind, and this happened!

I don't know about you, but I can so see Netherlands dozing on a mushroom smoking a hookah and drawling "Whhhoo....aaare...yyouuu??" and singing "O...E...I...A...O...E...I...O...UUUUU...." XDDD

APH (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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An essay for a friend
Ian McBride

We think we're strong.

We think we're immortal.

We are not.

Today, Friday, February 10, I learned that a close friend of mine from Middle School killed himself. He jumped from the third story of my school to his immediate death. I went to lunch, like any other day and saw a massive crowd in my usual hang-out area.

"Another fight, jeez," I muttered as I passed through the crowd. As I progressed, another friend of mine came out in tears, obviously having seen the body. She informed me of the jump, but was unaware of who he was.

I turned around, to avoid seeing the body. Despite my physical desire to avoid it, some little part of me thought I should see it. I thought I needed to see it. That it was important I see this. I thought to myself "Well, what happened? I mean what REALLY happened?" I went to Walgreens to take my mind off it.

Coming back to school with a Coke and a box of "sweethearts" (those chalky crap valentine's candies sold this time of year (I was actually planning to go on a date that night, but this made things a little different)) in hand and was directed to the football field. At this point, the story changed sporadically and it was never clear what really happened. But later today, I learned the truth.

I went on facebook to get the thoughts about death out of my head, but as words were cast about the incident, I began to try and glean whatever information I could from students.

"It was a girl."

"It was a boy."

"It was a freshman."

"It was a sophomore."

"Her name was Kiersten."

"His name was Drew."

That's about where I stopped. The name "Drew" rang true in my head for a few seconds, and I proceeded to corroborate the information I had gathered. As I talked to more people, and got confirmation from teachers, I learned it really was Drew. MY friend, Drew.

I never really had a lot of thoughts about death. It always seemed far away and distant. I never expected death to happen around me, even if it already had. My first introduction to the concept of death was at the age of seven. My hamster died in my hands. My second was in seventh grade, a boy died from a heart defect while playing basketball. None of these, thinking back on it, truly affected me. I mean, I thought about how these people and animals would never walk this earth again, but I never felt true grief for long.

Anyhow, back to Drew. Drew and I became friends in eighth grade. I had friends who were in eighth grade when I was in seventh and they had gone on to high school. I was alone, I had nobody. I only saw one of these friends on the weekends and the others I rarely saw. I ended up hanging out at the top of the amphitheatre, alone. Drew and I had talked and became acquaintances, seeing as Drew hung out at the top as well. He welcomed me into his group and I hung out with him almost every day. We became friends.

Drew was fun, he was random and hilarious, and he was a good friend. Yet, as most friendships do, when high school came we drifted apart. I went back to the friends I had and he stayed with his. I returned to the group of friends I missed. Drew went on to football, and I went to books. He went to the socially affluent people at school, and I went with my kind: "The Rejects," "The Nerds," "The Losers." Drew and I went our separate ways and it stayed that way.

Drew and I had the same English 9 class Freshman Year. We talked more at that time, but we never really hung out again as friends. We just saw each other. We were acquaintances again. The last time I saw him was passing period today. We nodded at one another and went our separate ways, as acquaintances do. I wish I had known, I might have been able to do something. I could have done something.

Drew made time for me, even though had little in common. I just wish I had made more time for him.

We think we are strong.

We think we are immortal.

Drew is.

Drew Ferraro
My friend, Drew Ferraro, killed himself today. The words down here aren't worth reading, just read the essay.
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Steve and Tony walk hand in hand into the orphanage. They were greeted by a kind middle age lady with brunette hair. "Hi you must be Mr. and Mr. Stark-Rogers. Come in come in" she says as he opens the door wider to let her guests in. The place was pretty worn down, scratches on the floor, marks on the wall and some of the ceiling is peeling. Kids were running all around the house. The lady puts his arm out of from of them. "Hi. Please call me Ms. Stanley" she says with a smile. "Hi I'm Steve and this is my husband Tony" Steve says while he shakes her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you" Tony says as he then shakes her hand. "Well let's go into my office and talk about the type of kid you want to adopt" Ms. Stanley grins as she leads the couple more into the house.

A few hours later they narrowed the choices to three little children. A five year old blonde hair girl name Cassandra, a little 6 year old brunette boy name Peter and another boy who is 7 years old name Jack. "Well do you want to meet them all before you make your final decision?" The lady asks. "Of course" Steve says with a smile. "Very well then, I'll go and get Cassandra or what she likes to be called Cassie" Ms. Stanley says before she leaves the office.

A couple minutes later Ms. Stanley comes back to the office with Cassie holding her hand. "Mr. and Mr. Stark-Rogers meet Cassie" she says as she brings the little girl towards the couple. Steve smiles at her. "Hi Cassie. I'm Steve and this is my husband Tony" Steve says. The girl looks at them both with odd expressions. "I want a mommy and a daddy not two daddies!" She yells. The couple look taken aback. "Cassie that is not how we treat people who want to adopt you!" Ms. Stanley yells back. Cassie screams in irritation "Get away from me. I don't want you to adopt me!" she screams before she runs out of the office. "I'll go calm her down. I'm so sorry" Ms. Stanley says before she runs after her. Steve looks at Tony who stares back at him in shock. "Well that was unexpected" Tony says with a chuckle. Steve glares at Tony. "This is serious Tony. What if the boys feel the same way? What will happen then?" Steve says in a solemn tone. Tony gives him a serious look. "Let's just hope it doesn't" Tony says as he grabs his husband's hand.

Another couple minutes passed and Ms. Stanley came back with a teary eyed Cassandra. "Now say you're sorry Cassie" Ms. Stanley said sternly as she dragged the little girl towards the couple. "I'm sorry" Cassie says with a grunt. "Okay now run along" Ms. Stanley says as she opens the door and lets her out. She then shuts it and looks at the couple. "I'm so sorry for that. I didn't know she would react that way. That was really rude of her. I'm really sorry" Ms. Stanley says apologetically. Steve waves his hand at her. "It's okay Ms. Stanley. We understand that our situation is different than most adoptive parents" Steve explains. Ms. Stanley gives them a small smile. "Thanks for understanding and again I'm sorry" she says. Steve smiles back. "Let's just meet the next kid" Tony says. "I'll bring him in" she says as she then walks out of the office.

The door opens moments later with Ms. Stanley holding hands with a young boy. "This is Jack. Say hello Jack" she says as she brings the boy closer to his potential parents. "Hi Jack" Steve says with a smile. "Hey Jack" Tony says with a smile and a wave. The little boy approaches Steve and Tony with a menacing smile. "Hi Daddies" Jack says. Steve's heart warms up. "Tony did you hear that. He called us Daddies" Steve says with a happy smile. Jack comes up to Steve and gives him a hug. Steve stands up from his chair to give him a proper hug back. The boy grins evilly as he then slickly steals Steve's wallet from his back pocket. Tony sitting behind Steve watches the whole incident discreetly. He then grabs the kid's hand. "Look what we have here" he says as he shows Steve's wallet in Jack's hands to his husband and Ms. Stanley. "JACK!" Ms. Stanley yells, shocked. Jack smiles innocently. Tony then grabs the wallet from his hand, gives it back to his husband and releases Jack's hand from his grasp. "I can't believe this. Jack you're going to get a punishment. Let's go. I'm taking you to your room right now. I'm so sorry again. I didn't know he would be so rude. I'll be right back" Ms. Stanley says before she grabs Jack's hand and takes him out of the room.

"What is wrong with these kids these days?" Steve says in a distraught. Tony shakes his head. "I don't know Steve. Let's hope this next kid is normal" he says. The door suddenly opens and Ms. Stanley walks in. "I'm so sorry about that. That is not how Jack usually acts. I'm really sorry" Ms. Stanley apologizes again. Tony gets up from his chair. " I have enough of these delinquents. Come on Steve. We're going to find another orphanage" Tony yelled as he tried to grab Steve's hand. Steve stood up angerly and pushed Tony back down on his chair. "Tony you're overeating they're just kids. Now calm down. We still have another kid to see. Isn't that right Ms. Stanley?" He asked. Ms. Stanley nodded head. "Yes you do." Tony rolled his eyes. "Fine but is there anything wrong with this kid?" he asked. Steve gave his husband a glare. "Peter is a quite shy little boy and well he has a little bad luck with his past parents" she explains. Steve rose an eyebrow. "What kind of bad luck?" he asked. "Well all off his past parents died within the 6 months he was with them" Ms. Stanley says sadly. "He thinks he is cursed. I tried to tell him otherwise but he doesn't believe me. That's why he hesitant and shy to meet new potential parents" She adds. Tony and Steve look at her with sad eyes. "That's horrible" Steve says. Tony takes his husband's hand. "Well we're going to break that curse. We would like to see him" he says with a small smile. Steve smiled at what his husband said and nodded his head. Ms. Stanley smiled softly at the couple. "I'll go and get him. I'll be right back" she says before she walks out of the room. "I like this kid already" Tony says with a smile. Steve rolls his eyes. "You haven't even met him Tony" he says. "Well he thinks he is cursed. I find that rather amusing" Tony says as he smirks. Steve playfully hits husband shoulder. "Tony! That's not amusing. It's sad!" Steve says with a hint of anger. Tony was about to whip out a witty reply when the door suddenly opens.

Ms. Stanley walks in with a small brunette boy hiding behind her. "This is Peter" she says as she tries to pull him out from behind her legs. Peter holds tightly onto Ms. Stanley's skirt and doesn't budge. "Hi Peter" Steve says with a smile. "See Peter. They're nice people" Ms. Stanley says to try and comfort the shy boy." I don't want them to die" Peter says softly from behind her. Steve and Tony frown. After a few minutes an idea popped in Tony's mind. He then grin as he pointed at his shirt to show Steve what he meant. "Good idea Tony" Steve said as he smiled back at him. Ms. Stanley looked at them confused. Tony grinned at her before he then walked toward the little boy and kneeled down in front of him. He then unbutton his shirt to show Peter his arc reactor. "Look Peter. This is my heart. I made it myself. It is very strong you see" he said as he knocked on it. It made a noise that surprised Peter. "See? I am going to live a long time with this strong heart" Tony says with a smile. He then points to his husband. "And Steve there, did you know that he is already 80 years old but he still looks that young? He will live a long time too. We promise Peter that we'll live a long time" he explains. Peter walk out of from behind Ms. Stanley's leg and walks closer to Tony. "You promise?" he asked softly. Tony grins as he took his pinky and curled it against Peter's. "I pinky promise" he says. Peter grins widely. He wraps his arms around Tony's neck and lays his head against his shoulder. "I want you to be my new daddy then" he whispers into Tony's ear. Tony holds him tightly before he carries him off the ground and walks toward his husband who was getting teary eyed. "Well lucky for you Peter you get two daddies" Tony says as he approaches Steve. Peter looked at Tony in disbelief. "Two daddies?" the boy asked in surprised. Steve smiled as he then grabbed Peter from Tony's arms. "Yes two daddies. I'm going to be your daddy too" he says as he touches his nose. Peter giggled. "I like this family" he said happily before he wrapped his arms around Steve's neck. Steve couldn't help but cry tears of joy as he held his 'now' son in his arms. Tony kissed his husband's cheek before whispering in his ear. "He's ours Steve. He's our son". He then wrapped his arms around his husband and son and pulled them into a hug.
I got this prompt on tumblr :P

Anonymous asked you:
Prompting time: Peter has lived with 5 different sets of adoptive parent, all of whom have died. Here come Steve and Tony who want to adopt him, but Peter says that they shouldn’t because he believes that he’s cursed to be alone and that if anyone gets close to him, they’ll die. Steve and Tony want to prove him wrong. Peter is 6-8 at the time.
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