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In _____ We Trust

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 4:13 AM
In response to a recent petition, the phrase "In God We Trust" will stay on US currency.  The reasoning included these points:

"While the President strongly supports every American's right to religious freedom and the separation of church and state, that does not mean there's no role for religion in the public square."


"A sense of proportion should also guide those who police the boundaries between church and state. Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation - context matters.

"That's why President Obama supports the use of the words "under God' in our Pledge of Allegiance and "In God we Trust' on our currency and as our national motto. These phrases represent the important role religion plays in American public life, while we continue to recognize and protect the rights of secular Americans. As the President said in his inaugural address, "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers." We're proud of that heritage, and the strength it brings to our great country."

My argument is this: If we are, as the president says, a nation of multiple faiths and non-believers, then choosing to put only the monotheistic reference to "God" on our currency does not adequately represent the country's diversity.  Instead, this petition asks that the terms "Gods," "Goddess," "Logic," be considered alongside "God."

I understand that this is a petty issue, and that even if it gets enough signatures it will likely not succeed in what it aims to do.  But the purpose of this petition is to make a point: In God We Trust is unconstitutional.  We are not all monotheistic Jews/Christians/Muslims.  

I would greatly appreciate it if you could sign and/or pass along this petition to whoever you can.  Thank you!

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 23, 2013, 5:52 AM

First of it all, i want to show all my gratitude to all the people who are supporting my crap and my music last day, to know some people have Mister 13 folder on their mp3 players and Iphones is so amazing to me. Holy shit thank you. After the dead of my computer i thought to start again would be so slow and painful but you can fuck with a badass. So finally iŽve a release date in October for my first offical album, some comissions running and my book will be released as soon as my lazy printer will give to me a date for to start. So you know, the end is the beginning.

Second volume of Ghost Among Us and another Mighty Balls volume soon, this time some old funk-jazz-blues-soul songs with a modern vibe.

To all the people who ask for my Facebook, my apologies for that, if you know me you know i dont have account and my opinion of the social networks.

After some crazy request of from where find the inspiration for my art, i decided to use my journals for to continue supporting artists and to post some interesting shit to understand from where comes my dark crap. So i think the best wayt to start is with the GodŽs helmet, maybe the way to understand the paranormal phenomena, the religions and... how weŽre and why we act, why some people choose art and why some other people choose to be a fucker ( i mean a politician).

The God Helmet is a popular name given to a laboratory apparatus more correctly called the "Koren Helmet", after Stanley Koren of Laurentian University's Neuroscience Department, who built it according to specifications provided by Dr. M.A. Persinger, it's director.

Used as a research tool to investigate the brain's role in religious and mystic experiences, the Koren Helmet has been given the name God Helmet. A few Journalists gave it this name when they learned that some people had visions of God while participating in Koren Helmet experiments. The name has stuck.

The Koren Helmet applies complex (having an irregular shape) magnetic signals to the head of the person who is wearing it. The fields don't work by inducing current in the brain. They have patterns that bear information, and magnetic fields that appear from the electrical activity in the brain pick up the information.

It's a field-to-field interaction, and not current induction. The fields pass into the brain, unaffected by the scalp or skull, because there is no such thing as a magnetic insulator. Nothing can block a magnetic field 1 2. Some psychologists, not understanding this, have mistakenly claimed that the fields used in the God Helmet aren't strong enough to reach the brain. Magnetic fields pass "through all head structures with no attenuation and can stimulate the brain without discomfort" reference.

The Koren Helmet is connected to a PC computer through a 'black box' that cycles the signals through four coils on each side of the head, above over the place where the temporal lobes of the brain meet the parietal lobes. This is the area of the brain many researchers feel is the source of spiritual and religious experiences link.

This illustration shows how the signal shifts from one coil to the next. This is a side view. There is also another set of coils working on the other side. The two coils at the top are no longer used.

The sessions are done in an Acoustic Chamber - a completely silent room. A large part of the temporal lobes ongoing activity is dedicated to monitoring ambient sound. The temporal lobes are the source of religious and mystic experiences, so that silence helps a great deal in creating them in the lab. The same chamber also has a layer of electromagnetic insulation, so that the ambient energy emitted from lab equipment, cell phone towers, and computer monitors is screened out. Because magnetic fields can still pass through this fields screen (a Faraday Cage), the God Helmet research has included some interesting discoveries about the earth's magnetic field.

The God Helmet was not specifically designed to elicit visions of God, but to test several of Persinger's hypotheses about brain function. The first of these is the Vectorial Hemisphericity Hypothesis, which proposes that the human sense of self has two components, one on each side of the brain, that ordinarily work together but in which the left hemisphere is usually dominant. Persinger argues that the two hemispheres make different contributions to a single sense of self, but under certain conditions can appear as two separate 'selves'. Persinger and Koren designed the God Helmet in an attempt to create conditions in which contributions to the sense of self from both cerebral hemispheres is disrupted.

The second experimental hypothesis was that when communication between the left and right senses of self is disturbed, as they report it is while wearing the God Helmet, the usually-subordinate 'self' in the right hemisphere intrudes into the awareness of the left-hemispheric dominant self, causing what Persinger refers to as "interhemispheric intrusions".

The third hypothesis was that "visitor experiences" could be explained by such "interhemispheric intrusions" caused by a disruption in "vectorial hemisphericity". Persinger theorises that many paranormal experiences,feelings of having lived past lives, felt presences of non-physical beings, ghosts, muses, and other "spiritual beings", are examples of interhemispheric intrusions.

The God Helmet experiments were also intended, though not specifically designed (see above), to validate the idea that religious and mystic experiences are artifacts of temporal lobe function.

Most reports from Persinger's lab consist of people sensing "presences"; people often interpreted these to be that of angels, a deceased being known to the subject, or a group of beings of some kind. There have also been reports in which the participant has experienced what they perceive as God. Persinger reports that "at least" 80 percent of his participants experience a presence beside them in the room, whilst about one percent report an experience of "God", and others report less evocative experiences of "another consciousness or sentient being".

In December 2004 Nature reported that a group of Swedish researchers led by Pehr Granqvist, a psychologist at Uppsala University in Sweden, had attempted to replicate Persinger's experiments under double-blind conditions, and were not able to reproduce the effect. The study was published in Neuroscience Letters in 2005. Granqvist et al concluded that the presence or absence of the magnetic field had no relationship with any religious or spiritual experience reported by the participants, but was predicted entirely by their suggestibility and personality traits. Persinger, however, takes issue with the Swedish attempts to replicate his work. "They didn't replicate it, not even close," he says. He argues that the Swedish group did not expose the subjects to magnetic fields for long enough to produce an effect. Granqvist et al. respond that Persinger agreed with their proposed methodology beforehand and they stand by their replication.

The theoretical basis for the God helmet, especially the connection between temporal lobe function and mystic experiences, has also been questioned.

You can listen some stuff about it here…

Some videos………

My apoligies for the long text, if youŽll read it all iŽll respect you forever.

Keep on rocking you fuckers!!! :D

The soundstrack of the journal is.....…

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So... wow... My inbox has been exploding all week. I've been completely floored by the response to my little graphic story about Disqord.

I've gotten so many wonderful, beautiful, comments! I read them all, even if I do not respond to each one. I am so moved that so many people found my little story so interesting! Really, it makes me all glowy to know that I was able to hit the artistic nail on the head. Nothing is more satisfying to an artist than knowing that their work "got to people".

Many of you understood exactly what I was aiming for, and that makes me happiest of all!
Knowing that I was able to communicate my artistic vision (with a fan comic!) feels so triumphant. As I posted each page, I would read the comments and keep them in mind when painting the next page... I would put extra effort into emphasizing certain points and ideas of mine to help better communicate them. Really, all of your comments truly helped me to hone my idea and inspire me to keep up with the work. So thank you!

And just to summarize my thoughts about my idea of Disqord:
The narrative is from Disqord's perspective, and it must be read as such. You need to place yourself into his head, and to think as he does... Even monsters have a logic of their own. Celestia appeared callous and cold, but you are seeing her through his eyes... not yours. Narrative is an important thing to remember. Another important element, is that his scorned love is not the core of his evil... he was always evil--he is the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. He is the "disrupter" of balance while Celestia is its protector... they could never be together. They must exist together, but they cannot be together.
Part of Disqord's tragedy is that, even if he wanted to redeem himself-- if he wanted to be a "good guy"... he never can. It is not his Inner Nature, and so he is forever plagued by his own internal Chaos. He possess a need and desire for love and balance (and Celestia represents both), but it is something that he can never have... because he is the spirit of discord. No matter how much he loves Celestia, he loves Chaos more--and he always, first and foremost: a villain.

Anyways... Just...Wow... I'm still just amazed. I've never had a response to my work quite like this. How inspiring!

And to top it all off?
The newest episode and conclusion to Disqord's return... does not upset my headcanon! My crazy interpretation of his character and his backstory... still fits! Lucky me!
But I chalk that up to John de Lancie being awesome and the writers being amazing... they are the ones who created a character that had the amazing potential to be expanded upon. I love it.
If anything, I'd even say that the newest episode supports my theory that he's actually MUCH more evil than some people think... Switching night and day like that? Sleep deprivation is one of the oldest torture tricks in the book. Also, his turning to stone looked... painful (and just how I imagined).

I am one happy pony right now, let me tell you. What an amazing week, really... Being in art school is a lot of grind work and drills (and don't get wrong, I enjoy the hard work); but to be able to do something fun with my "pony-headcanon/fanon" and then get such an amazing response is just incredible. It makes me so excited, because I just can't wait to create more art! I feel like a little pony whose just discovered their special talent and gotten their cutie mark (though I don't know what mine would be... probably a tablet stylus, heh).

The Disqord story is concluded, so I won't be adding anything more to it. But--I sincerely plan to make more (different) graphic stories when I have the time. I have many ideas for the characters, and I would love to share them with this amazing fandom.  

Bronies... you're all just amazing. Really. Truly inspiring.


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TG Animation - 'The Ghost Bride'

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 8, 2013, 11:54 AM
This is a first, but due to technical reasons I wasn't able to make a Flash version of this animation. Don't worry though because the YouTube version works fine.

"It really sucks to have you car break down in the middle of nowhere, especially when the only house around is a haunted mansion. Most people have the common sense to avoid a house as creepy as this place, but this guy is willing to go in. Predictably, trouble awaits him inside..."

"The Ghost Bride" is my third commission for Mako :iconmsmako:. I hope you like it, and I'm sorry about not having the Flash version this time.

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first of the vigil by nebezial

so, this july i am starting death vigil, published by image/top cow. it will be a monthly series limited to three 8-issue arcs, so there is a definitive ending. with this i have learned some of the things about publishing independent comics, and i am planning a video  with some tips after i summarize my experiences. hopefully it will prove helpful for others to get their stuff published

but apparently rule 1 is promote preorders.  preorders are crucial for independent books as they define  the print  runs, and are crucial to the sucess of the book.. so.. as my  far more experienced friends told me to do....

death vigil is preorderable ...pretty much in any place or webstore that carries  US comics. 

you can find an extensive preview to issue 1 and much more here…

now, for some frequently asked questions

what about ravine? ron marz assured me that he will be done with his part of the work this weekend , so with just a bit luck we are sending book 2 to print next week. in fact once we do...i will make a big announcement here, alongside a bit of a surprise :)... A HEFTY..HEFTY SURPRISE

 what about twitch? ah yes...twitch. here is the deal, kickstarting  books like these is  a tricky business, complicated , anfd loaded with calculations... so here is pretty much how this stands
if death vigil is successful i get a free pass to go with twitch, no kickstarter no nothing, a full green light... so it pretty much stands on my shoulders and relies on my abilities as a storyteller to  capture the attention of the reader...

i have done this on some who knows XD

with some luck i will go full  self written material... and then well...i have fun plans. 

oh and next week video+audio tutorials coming. set everything up and just gotta clear everything from my backlog till this wednesday so my ranty accented english can grace your ears...TILL THEY BLEED!!!!! XD

Oh also , next week we'll be doing second round of  features, but more on that when i post that journal :)

okay after people asking ans suggesting, so here are some online shops that offer preorders on death vigil, more to come as this is jsut the ones i googled now, feel free to drop me   some links if you find more, i'll get more from my  peeps at top cow on monday

directly from top cow store…

online shops…………

for europe i personally have  been buying from archonia so i know them to be very reliable and professional, if you know any other webstore  feel free to tell me :)

more updates to come 
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So on tumblr today I found this person that said there going to run a livestream of the new episode of Sherlock this sunday at 8:30 PM GMT on January 8, 2012 here:

Now I'm going to be out all day Sunday so I can't post video and download links right away. So if any of you find links could you please put them in the comments here for other's to find them. Thanks SO much! :)

New link to watch Sherlock…

EDIT: On Johns blog there was a video uploaded but only people in the UK can see it. If you live outside the UK you can see it here:…

We just reached 3,000 members!! :heart:

Oh and kodou-e sent me a link to this Sherlock project. For more info go here :
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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 3:47 PM


Perdido by NLAnipy    Two Ballerinas by vee209    EUPHORIA by ZenSi    Thread And Bone by troybrooks

:thumb331340993:    innocence lost by imagist    halloween by imagist    The Generator by vee209

Trinity by ZenSi    Cosmic connection by OdeliaToder    In progress by blind-awakening    Borrowed Time by danverkys

Gentlemen by GrimFay    'Til Death by GrimFay    Spiders by 09alex    the hours of dissolution by Inextremiss

The Slow Descent into Dementia
Bound and left for the beasts,
what awaits is no end
No shade finds my flesh,
and the catching fibers
are slowly burnt to a crisp
And such a darkness,
the vision of my eyes,
Whatever lies ahead
The rotting time,
The old home of my mind...
the dust and asbestos
that corrodes
what fragments remain.
left for my demons-
I'm simply waiting for time
to drag me away and down,
for the rotting feast...
to begin waiting
for this life
to fade away
with every bite.
    The Devout, The Divine, The Deceased
Three are they,
Of Heavenly origin.
Governed by the Highest Throne,
and led by the Horsemen.
Devout are the Grim Trinity.
As death has never ceased
So true to the cause are they...
By cursed and divine blades.
The Patrons of the Deceased and Dying...
and of those related to the involved.
Divine by right is the Angel...
Unholy by cause is the Demon...
Leader by title is the Nephilim.
By them are taken souls guided,
Through them are souls
released or enslaved.
    The White Morgue
Watching, my eyes saw the swaying limbs
thin and starved by winter winds...
Dancing, like moving cracks on the window,
Through which I did stare.
Imagine, the image so morbid above as I gazed.
unnerving to the anchoring blood,
drying up within the veins of my limbs,
much like the branches that sliced the air...
The roots dug deep into my back,
and the anchored blood began to freeze...
My vessels, destroyed by glaciers,
of icy blood, that once flowed.
The travesty, of the bullet plunged into my heart,
whose beat slows, and withers and fades.
Too and so soon, the loss of my life...
Now I play the game of patience...
    Ignorance is Fear
What knowing have you
of what you speak?
The rotten fruit from which
you've bitten and consumed,
has truly brought to you
the seeds of idiocy.
What have you done,
to comprehend such words as provocative?
As pure and professional
are the letters that I form to art.
Doubt I that you
know a significant thing.
The ignorance you so proclaim,
is the fear from which you flee.
You dread whatever is misunderstood,
and without reason do you lash outward
with teeth and claw,
like some rabid beast, tormented by disease.
In the end, the clarity has marked
that yours is the feeble mind.
Yours is the debate of madness,
and the indecency of your own nature.
In the end, you know nothing,
because you are nothing.

Rainy day face by MSCajax    SnM by MSCajax    L P Z by MSCajax      Street art 2 : fuck this shit by zy0n  

Blow Your Mind by NataliaRak    Hood by PaulMellender    Carapace by alifann    Feed yourself... by Tephillah

Minimal. by lyky90    The Ghosts by MyVictorianSecret      Minimal Poster by lyky90    One Big Happy Family by GrimFay

Tattoo 184 by xxxMDKxxx    The Bloody Doll tattoo by Sharuzen    BLEEDING DEAD HEAD tattoo flash by oldSkullLovebyMW    Day Of The Dead Girl by xXDarkReignXx


- THE MASTERPIECES:      My Angel by MiSt-Stavi    Four by kim-fairy2

- THE QUOTE:  Most powerful weapon by Yokufo

Special props to the SCI-FAN-HORROR  group for create a special folder for to share this journals, YOU ALL ROCK.  The next journal will be a special feature from artists of that awesome group, thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- BLEEDING THROUGH " Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire"…


- NORTT " Graven + Doden"…

- EVOKEN " Vestigial Fear"…

- PLAGUE PLENTY "When Death Wrote"…



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"Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground."—Prof. Albus Dumbledore

Early life becomes an exploration of invisible parameters, circles beyond circles, as one pushes out to test the boundaries of safety. There is one’s bedroom, one’s home, neighborhood, school and town, state and nation. Early on, maps become important documents – declarations of being and rights and privileges. In the art world, throughout history, maps have been a constant measure of human progress, from the Phoenecians recording their trade routes over 2000 years ago, or pre-Columbian times in which maps pictured the world as a flat chessboard balanced atop huge elephants or whales, the oceans spilling over the edges as waterfalls in infinite space – to the latest details of the surface of Mars, courtesy of the Curiosity probe. There’s something beyond the purely practical in always knowing where you’re at, look no further the mania of checking in with digital GPS devices. Somehow, just knowing you have a map in your pocket to guide you, maybe even one that speaks to you is a kind of a liberating power over the common frustrations of life.

The opening credits of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” features a massive raised relief map of the series’ warring kingdoms. In genre fiction, maps of the mythic lands in which the stories take place have always been a special enjoyment. From finding the Garden of Eden, to elaborate maps guiding Indy on his quest for the Holy Grail, or the map of “Hyborian Times” sketched out by Robert E. Howard to better immerse you in the wanderings of his barbarian hero Conan, storytellers have always known that there’s something about the “authentification” of seeing a map that can make even the most dubious quest seem real.

Mythical Maps are currently enjoying a resurgence in our favorite videogames, detailed 3D virtual "maps" upon which the mayhem of Call of Duty, Skyrim, and Gears of War are played out, are things of wonder in and of themselves. The DLC cry of “new maps” has become the call that new magical killing fields are at the ready to be tested for their vicarious thrill-potential. Where once explorers sought out maps to the Fountain of Youth or the gold-paved streets of El Dorado, today’s adventurers seek out the perfect multiplayer map.

Let us celebrate the imagination of our mythic mapmakers on deviantART.

From our shared common knowledge of the islands and coves within Peter's Neverland, to the navigation of the Dothraki Sea, to the celestial cartography of hidden maps to unknown worlds within the stars above us, mythical maps have carved out a space for themselves right along side, and just as important as, the maps based on a “knowable” earth. The importance of a map to any fantasy story reader is the key, the literal base anchoring the fantasy, to be referred to over and over again as a story unfolds. So much background information, and so much added story texture, can be conveyed to a reader through the art of a carefully thought out and executed map.

A small part in each of us is the sense of where we are not only physically but psychically and spiritually. Whether real or not, a great map tells a great story. One could argue that a masterful cartographer must be a skilled storyteller as well. As we create our mental maps of the fantasy realms we prefer to inhabit as part of our existence in the sometimes mundane world, let us celebrate the imagination of our mythic mapmakers on deviantART.

QuestionsFor the Reader

  1. What’s your favorite map of a fictional land?
  2. Do you think the increasing similarity of “cosmic” maps as created for videogames and superhero movies is dulling our collective sense for adventure?
  3. Which videogame maps do the best job of totally immersing you in another world?
  4. Is there an actual map hanging anywhere in your home, and what is it of?

One's geographical sense of place within the world is one of childhood's important components of that inner puzzle that contributes to ones sense of identity.Early life becomes an exploration of invisible parameters, circles beyond circles, as one pushes out to test the boundaries of safety. There is one's bedroom, one's home, neighborhood, school and town, state and nation. Early on, maps become important documents – declarations of being and rights and privileges. In the art world, throughout history, maps have been a constant measure of human progress, from the Phoenecians recording their trade routes over 2000 years ago, or pre-Columbian times in which maps pictured the world as a flat chessboard balanced atop huge elephants or whales, the oceans spilling over the edges as waterfalls in infinite space – to the latest details of the surface of Mars, courtesy of the Curiosity probe.

Writers: techgnotic
Designers: marioluevanos

For more article like this, visit depthRADIUS
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Odyssey Propulsion

Wed Nov 7, 2012, 1:06 PM

Artists, Writers, Poets, Deviants.

We want you!

Odyssey II is the second mass collaboration event to be conceived on deviantART this time under the watchful gaze and guiding hand of none other than Clive Barker - - the master of fantastical narratives. The result will be published next year in digital and traditional book form. 

Read about the Project and participate in the creative event of the new millennium (before it ends, of course, with the apocalypse). Here is the current prompt inspired by the latest Odyssey II chapter chosen by Clive. 

Prompt for Chapter 4

The invasion like no other is on, and we are witness with players whose unique perspectives and goals open up a world of possibilities.  This invasion is viral, like other plagues of our times, but the virus is sentient and Paul battles to free his body not just of a deadly encroaching poison but possession by a growing evolving parasite of unknown origin.  Does he presently bear within his own body his “son” – or his cannibalistic assassin?   His only ally, a savage young woman named Maya who is ostensibly warring against the secret viral invasion, may be suffering possession, perhaps unknown even to herself. And the possessing intelligence may be the “sister” of the alien being whose spawn now grows inside Paul, a spawn she would for unknown reason seek to destroy (anonymously).

Chapter Four demands plotting and propulsion!  Who are these sisters and where do they come from, with one launching a viral invasion against humanity and one, perhaps, fighting her?  Is Maya possessed or still in control of her full faculties – just what these are and whom she works for not yet revealed to us. And what of Paul’s untenable mental and physical situation?  He occupies that space from which mad seers, monsters and heroes are born (and sacrificed). The wildest elements have been whipped into our Storytellers’ cauldron.  Now let’s crank our thinking brains to turbo-puree and cook up something palatable to the most discerning of connoisseurs of mystery and imagination.

Odyssey II is on

And it takes up in sheer propulsion and creativity where the kaleidoscopic narrative of Odyssey I climactically shattered so enjoyably at midnight of this last New Year’s Eve past!  The call has gone out to deviantART deviants and other writers, poets, artists and short filmmakers to take the helm of the this rapidly spinning just barely under control story and, with benefit of their artist’s eyes and creative souls, bring together one magnificent tale from a worldwide team of collaborators.

SUBMIT Chapter 4 Literature →

SUBMIT Chapter 3 Artwork →

Recent Odyssey II Submissions

Odyssey Chapter 1 by Micha-vom-Wald    Odyssey Ch. 2 Art by smjblessing

YOU CAN CALL ME MAYA - Odyssey II by DANNY-DED    Chapter 2 - London Fog by littlecrow

The Underground by HansNomad    Maya by AlNiCo-ism


Drawn Together"–a fit!  A seizure!  There must be some kind of police report!"
"Sir, any such information would be confidential.  But there has been no report of anyone having a 'fit' or 'seizure' this morning.  Now, please step aside!"
"No, no.  I'm sorry."  Paul backed away, suddenly aware that the queue behind him was becoming a small, angry crowd.  A policeman stood nearby, radio held to his lips.  Someone coughed, "Nutter," as he staggered away from the kiosk and up towards the London streets.
He scanned the crowd surging into the station, hoping to see the shock of red hair and the deep brown of the jacket.  A hand gripped his left forearm.
"Is he here?  Did you find him?"  A man, maybe fifty, stared at Paul with pleading, mud-colored eyes.  The close-cropped, salt-and-pepper hair and hangdog features sparked Paul's memory: it was the man with the belt.  The wo
    Odyssey II Submission: Chapter OneCHAPTER ONE: WORLD'S END
God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. – J.M. Barrie
    The young redhaired woman was admiring herself in a full-length mirror. The vintage dress she was modeling reflected her fondness for the antique. She still laughed to think of how as a teenager she'd wandered from Victoria Station all the way down to the World's End area of the King's Road, somehow naively thinking that some glittering remnant of a 1960s storefront would magically appear.
    A casual observer might have placed her in her late 20s or early 30s, with a sly smile that suggested a rare intelligence bubbling just below the surface. It was there to note or no; most did not and would discover that they'd badly misjudged her abilities. There were countless fresh-faced office boys who, upon attempting to engage her in some local gossip or office smut, found themselves galloping away with their tails (or other parts) between
    ConvergencePaul hid behind the darkness of his eyelids summoning the courage and strength to open them.  The pain in his head was clearing but he watched the room spin as the churning in his stomach made him retch.
"Good to see you awake."
The voice snapped Paul from his delirium and he pushed himself to sitting. A frightfully well-dressed man sat in a large leather chair near the foot of the bed.
"Who the fuck are you? Paul demanded.
"I'm Doctor Bailey." he said.
Paul fought back the urge to vomit as he scratched at the IV needle taped to his arm.
"Where am I? How long have I been here?"
"It's rather...complicated." Bailey replied. "You collapsed on the pavement in front of your hotel. You were taken to hospital and we've been looking after you."
Paul didn't like the doctor's hesitation. There was a malevolence in Bailey's voice that kept Paul's heart and mind racing.
"A little over a fortnight."
Paul was on the verge of panic. He wanted to scream - to RUN<
    Patient/ Doctor ConfidentialityPaul leaned against the bathroom wall as the room seemed to tilt. He tried to climb out of the shower, gripping frantically at the shower curtain but fell to the floor. Chyme bubbled up in the back of his throat as his body was racked with deep convulsions. A deep pain seared through his leg. He fought to keep his eyes focused on something. Anything.
There was a scream. And the outline of a black, patent-leather heel.
When Paul awoke he was in a brightly lit room, a tube running out of the crook in his arm. There was a faint muttering of voices, pattering feet, and a beeping noise. The pain in his leg had subsided to a dull ache. He glanced around the room. The tube in is his arm was connected to a drip bag hanging on a metal rack; it was filled with a cloudy-white liquid.
He was about to reach up and take the bag down to inspect it when some rustling made him halt. Behind a bleach white curtain he could see another cot, and that someone was stirring. There came a low guttural sound. T

Odyssey II Chapter 2He stopped in front of the hotel. The man could feel that his chosen was up there. Yes, that human who had so kindly lain him on his lap and allowed him to give him The Gift. He would spread it and be a perfect catalyst, this man.
The plan was proceeding perfectly. Everything would run smoothly, so long as the human survived this change that he was undergoing. Of course, he had no doubt the human would. As he'd gone through the seizure that came with passing on The Gift, the red-haired man had sensed the human's strength. He knew this would work.
However... If they decided to intervene...
No they were completely unaware.
Better get moving anyway, he thought.
Without hesitation, the red-headed man advanced towards the building, his heart beating rapidly as he crossed the threshold into the lobby. He could hear his chosen human's heart beating rapidly. His slight smile turned to a grin, and his eyes flashed a bright silver. Yes, this was it.
    Chapter 3 - Mommy...The bed was a hard and uncomfortable addition to his nausea. The Proxitol sat in his system like the flu. He wished he had the flu. When he was a kid the flu meant undivided attention from his mother. She would sing and comfort him until he was all better.
His hand went to his hip above the warm rash. It seemed hard to believe he's harboring alien life, let alone sentient alien life. He rubbed it. Was this thing sentient?
"H...hello?" He said, pausing for an answer. "Can you hear me? Are you alive? Do you understand my words?" There was still no answer.
Maybe it was asleep, or better yet, whoever these people are got it wrong. This isn't an alien, it's just some rash from the hotel sheets. He let his hand fall down by his side, and tried to ignore everything. He tried to sit up. The alien moved. For half a second he was sure he imagined it, but then it moved again.
Paul jumped off the bed. The alien thing moved! What if it wanted to eat him? He felt like jumping out of his skin and lea
    Symbiote, if You Please"Paul?  This is your name?"
He looked at Maya first, but no, the voice couldn't have come from her.  This one was much deeper, a man's he thought.  He craned his neck, looking to put a body to this disembodied speaker.
"Paul, listen to me.  Do not respond to me, or they may take action against us.  If they knew I was speaking to you, they would not hesitate to kill us both on the spot."
Paul held his breath.  It couldn't be.  Was the voice coming… from inside his head?
The voice went on.  "I understand your confusion but there isn't much time.  These people, the ones who have captured us, they will not allow you to leave here.  They mean to keep you here Paul, so that they can study me."
This was too much.  Paul could hardly piece together what the lady, Maya, had said.  A sentient organism had taken up residence inside him?  And now it was talking to h
    Free at LastLewis felt a lot better now that he'd released it. Having a symbiotic parasite growing inside of you is not the best feeling in the world.
It hadn't taken Maya long to locate him. She said she hadn't been off the trail of the creature inside him since she'd first encountered it three years ago. It was her job to fight off the invasion that was taking place right under our noses and inside our bodies.
It was a big circle, someone puked on him then he puked on someone else.
But the guy he puked on in the tube wouldn't be releasing the poison to anyone else. Maya had handpicked him while they were waiting for the train. 'See if you can get it on him,' she told him. 'He'll make a good host and will carry the strain to term so I can finally stop all this running around and chasing one person after another.' Then she handed him the ipecac.
They weren't even sure what the thing was. They said that it started out in a lab somewhere. Terrorists with an expensive chemistry set had combined DNA f

THE ARTIST'S OIL PLAGUE - Odyssey II by DANNY-DED    Prologue - Watched by littlecrow    odysessy - prologue by popicok

Into the crowd (Original print) by Nomad613

Underground Odyssey by Apollomidnight    Odyssey II prologue by Devin-Francisco

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In the LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Contest, we asked you to create a complete customization of Lightning in a first-of-its-kind challenge. The three winners were selected by none other than Final Fantasy legend, Tetsuya Nomura. Not only did the winners get their art displayed in a billboard on the deviantART homepage, but they will also receive $1,000 USD, a LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII customized Xbox360, an assortment of memorabilia associated with the game, and a signed original sketch from main character designer, Tetsuya Nomura. We would like to congratulate our winners and thank everyone who participated in this contest.


At first glance it looks like a CG, and it has a level of quality that makes it look like it was captured as a screenshot. While there were many heroic costumes for Lightning, I was drawn to the femininity of this costume and her hairstyle.


With one look I was hooked. The costume itself is sophisticated, and it's also very well done as an illustration. The background that reminded me of the Japanese flag (Hinomaru) matched well with the piece and was beautiful. As an artist, when I look at different works of art, I think to myself "If it were up to me, I would do it differently," but that thought didn't cross my mind once when I saw this picture.


It's wonderful as an illustration, but in addition to that, the artist drew in both the front and back views, so I felt the artist's clear intent when they created this piece. The red and blue color scheme was very beautiful, too.

In the LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Contest, we asked you to create a customization of Lightning in a unique challenge. The three winners were selected by Final Fantasy legend, Tetsuya Nomura. The winning entries were featured on the deviantART homepage, and each winner will also receive $1,000 USD, an original sketch from Tetsuya Nomura and more. See who took home the prizes!
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