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This is a journal. It's where I write about stuff that I think random people on the internet might want to hear about for some reason.

A little while ago, I read a book called The Leaderless Revolution: How Ordinary People will Take Power and Change Politics in the 21st Century by Carne Ross, a former member of the British Foreign Office and delegate of the UK mission to the UN who left his job after seeing how so-called "representatives" represent themselves and  the interests of their biggest supporters (such as multinational corporations) rather than the people of the society who elected them or who they were appointed to represent. Ross believes that this removal of agency from the people themselves to representatives, and the alienation it causes, is responsible for much of the conflict in the world. Therefore, he supports a leaderless consensus-based directly democratic government, i.e., anarchism. He gives precedents for this type of government in societies from pre-industrial tribes to the anarchist communes of Spain in the 1930s, the latter being the subject of George Orwell's panegyric Homage to Catalonia showing how an anarchist society could work. Funny thing is that Ross, despite being radical, does not seem to be treated as such, as seen from the fact that he advertised his book on The Colbert Report which is watched by thousands and thousands of Americans.

Then I went to an Occupy encampment and collected a large number of anarchism-related zines, one of which was titled "Anarchism, Or The Revolutionary Movement Of The Twenty-first Century" which was a reprint of an article written by the anarchist academic David Graeber and first published on ZNet, a much more radically leftist information channel than The Colbert Report. Though from looking at the two works I realized that they were remarkably similar in message, that the revolutionary movement of  the 21st century would not be one of the many branches of Marxism, as seen in the many sectarian vanguard parties all trying to get to the same end but bitterly arguing about the means, but in anarchism which does not have the same problems with sectarianism as communism often does.

While there are possibly dozens of forms of communist ideology (Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Luxemburgism, DeLeonism, Trotskyism, Stalinsim, Maoism, Guevarism, etc.) there are really only three general types of anarchism in terms of political ideology: left (social anarchism) right (anarcho-capitalism) and green (green anarchism and anarcho-primitivism). There's other anarchist tendencies, such as anarcha-feminism, queer anarchism, and anarcho-pacifism, but they're more about challenging specific parts of the current system (such as patriarchy, heterosexism, and militarism respectively) rather than focusing on general left-right politics (though at least from my experiences those three tendencies tend to be on the left).

Therefore, there's often significant unity among anarchists that is not found as much among communists. And unlike at least some communists we do not have the same problem of trying to defend autocratic regimes such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela under Chavez, Libya under Gadaffi, China under Mao, and of course the Soviet Union. Many of our societal precedents (Paris Commune, Anarchist Catalonia, Free Territory, etc.) rather than being chipped away at gradually until they inevitably collapsed, were instead brutally and violently suppressed, sometimes even by communists who thought that the people weren't ready to manage themselves.

If it were not for being brutally suppressed, these mass societies could have had some significant potential. But we will never know unless we can make a society and ensure that it will not be suppressed. State socialism with its central planning and its lack of worker's self-management has continuously failed and has just about always, if not always, ended up becoming authoritarian and corrupt. It is time for a new approach. Instead of the communism of the 20th century, it is time to look back at the failed state socialist experiments and look to an anarchist alternative for the 21st century and beyond.

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In _____ We Trust

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 4:13 AM
In response to a recent petition, the phrase "In God We Trust" will stay on US currency.  The reasoning included these points:

"While the President strongly supports every American's right to religious freedom and the separation of church and state, that does not mean there's no role for religion in the public square."


"A sense of proportion should also guide those who police the boundaries between church and state. Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation - context matters.

"That's why President Obama supports the use of the words "under God' in our Pledge of Allegiance and "In God we Trust' on our currency and as our national motto. These phrases represent the important role religion plays in American public life, while we continue to recognize and protect the rights of secular Americans. As the President said in his inaugural address, "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers." We're proud of that heritage, and the strength it brings to our great country."

My argument is this: If we are, as the president says, a nation of multiple faiths and non-believers, then choosing to put only the monotheistic reference to "God" on our currency does not adequately represent the country's diversity.  Instead, this petition asks that the terms "Gods," "Goddess," "Logic," be considered alongside "God."

I understand that this is a petty issue, and that even if it gets enough signatures it will likely not succeed in what it aims to do.  But the purpose of this petition is to make a point: In God We Trust is unconstitutional.  We are not all monotheistic Jews/Christians/Muslims.  

I would greatly appreciate it if you could sign and/or pass along this petition to whoever you can.  Thank you!

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"Come on Ber! Tell uss where you go every day!" Mathis pestered Berwald again. Berwald shook his head.

"Pleasse tell me?" Tino slithered up to him.

"Sstay out of my business," he glared and slithered off. Yes they were nagas, and Berwald had a secret. Usually he would tell every thing to his best friend, Tino, but when it came to her, he would take no chances. He quickly made his way through the forest and to its edge, stopping behind the tree line and looking out at a lone willow tree in a field of flowers. He saw her out line, his heart skipped a beat and slithered from behind the trees going to her.

"What iss he doing? He'ss vulnerable out there!" Tino hissed softly, watching his friend go out into the opening.

"Shhh!" Mathis hissed at Tino, "there'ss a human out there!" Mathis climbed a tree to get a better view of what was happening.

(Y/n) heard rustling in the grass around her and looked in the direction that the sound was coming from, "Ber..? is that you?" she softly called out. Berwald wrapped his tail around the tree and pulled her into a gentle embrace. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his torso.

"hello, (Y/n)," Ber kissed her forehead. Mathis slithered down from the tree.

"Why is he not eating her?" Mathis hissed.

"Maybe he likes her," Lukas wrapped the tip of his tail around Mathis's neck and pulled him back away from the edge of the forest.

"What took you so long?" (Y/n) looked away from him, "I thought you weren't coming."

"My friendss were pesstering me," he unwound his tail and wrapped it around her.

"There are more like you?" she asked softly and felt his soft, warm scales.

"Ja, but they would try to eat you," he frowned and his tail wrapped around her more. Nothing made him more angry than the thought of his friends trying to hurt her.

"Ber? Are you ok?" (Y/n) laid her head on his chest, making him break his chain of thought.

"Ja," he smiled.

"What do you look like?" She softly asked, looking away, embarrassed. She had known him for almost a year and she had no idea what he looked like, and only recently he had told her that he was a naga.

"I have blond hair and blue eyes.." He said burring his face into her (h/c) hair.

"What color is your tail?" her voice was barely above a whisper.

"Black, dark blue, light blue and yellow. I have some thing for you," he nuzzled her neck a little and she felt some thing small go around her neck.

"What is it..?" she touched the side of her neck and felt a small chain, following it with her fingers she felt a small heart shaped thing hanging from the chain. She smiled and giggled.

"and.. there's something I want to ask ya.." He paused for a moment, "Become m' mate..?" she looked shocked but then she smiled, tilted her head up at him and nodded.

The others had been watching them the whole time. They were all shocked at what they were watching. Tino gasped when Berwald kissed (Y/n).

"So that's his secret?" Mathis hissed and glared at the two, "I think it's time the girl meets the king..." He slithered toward the two under the willow tree.



Part one: you is here~

Part two:…

Part three:…

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first of the vigil by nebezial

so, this july i am starting death vigil, published by image/top cow. it will be a monthly series limited to three 8-issue arcs, so there is a definitive ending. with this i have learned some of the things about publishing independent comics, and i am planning a video  with some tips after i summarize my experiences. hopefully it will prove helpful for others to get their stuff published

but apparently rule 1 is promote preorders.  preorders are crucial for independent books as they define  the print  runs, and are crucial to the sucess of the book.. so.. as my  far more experienced friends told me to do....

death vigil is preorderable ...pretty much in any place or webstore that carries  US comics. 

you can find an extensive preview to issue 1 and much more here…

now, for some frequently asked questions

what about ravine? ron marz assured me that he will be done with his part of the work this weekend , so with just a bit luck we are sending book 2 to print next week. in fact once we do...i will make a big announcement here, alongside a bit of a surprise :)... A HEFTY..HEFTY SURPRISE

 what about twitch? ah yes...twitch. here is the deal, kickstarting  books like these is  a tricky business, complicated , anfd loaded with calculations... so here is pretty much how this stands
if death vigil is successful i get a free pass to go with twitch, no kickstarter no nothing, a full green light... so it pretty much stands on my shoulders and relies on my abilities as a storyteller to  capture the attention of the reader...

i have done this on some who knows XD

with some luck i will go full  self written material... and then well...i have fun plans. 

oh and next week video+audio tutorials coming. set everything up and just gotta clear everything from my backlog till this wednesday so my ranty accented english can grace your ears...TILL THEY BLEED!!!!! XD

Oh also , next week we'll be doing second round of  features, but more on that when i post that journal :)

okay after people asking ans suggesting, so here are some online shops that offer preorders on death vigil, more to come as this is jsut the ones i googled now, feel free to drop me   some links if you find more, i'll get more from my  peeps at top cow on monday

directly from top cow store…

online shops…………

for europe i personally have  been buying from archonia so i know them to be very reliable and professional, if you know any other webstore  feel free to tell me :)

more updates to come 
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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 22, 2014, 12:36 PM

No features today. For once in my life here on DA, this time i want to show all my true love to all people who are supporting me here. Only a few are doing it since i joined DA, some of them never wrote a comment, but always faved every single new work. The rest always do it, so is cool, because im always curious to know what people feel watching it, from the images to the concepts.

But the real thank you is for all the people who hate my guts. Not here, well, here there´re a lot of arrogant assholes, or people who seem to have a lot of free time and are always ready to write stupid critics without a base, etc etc.... the funny ones.

If you know me, i really never give a fuck about good or bad comments, faves, views... Numbers are... numbers. Today is a great day for me, because finally, after a hard working year, i made real a dream. Life so strange, the 2012 was so hard for me, no money to pay bills, i was so close to be a homeless, sometimes i had to choose to spent my money for to eat... or to paint. Last year change it all. Now im feel so lucky to live the life i always wanted to live, paying my bills making all the things i love, after years of trying it so hard.

So thank you, motherfuckers. All the haters, all the people who doubt me, all the people who tried to make money with my stuff, the liars, the industry, all the judges of contests who told me i´ll never sell my stuff painting that horrible and disgusting things.

You all fail. Without your help, maybe i stopped to paint years ago. Thanks to all the punks who made me feel at home and gave me the values of the do it yourself, the spirit of rebellion and the FUCK YOU attitude. Thanks to all the dj´s from the Bronx who created a culture from nothing, a real inspiration. Thanks to the graffiti writers of my hood for let me know art. And thank you, money, for let me know you´re the real devil and i dont need you for to be happy and made me see the meaning of life and show me how beautiful life can be.

I feel so good today. Maybe i´ve never felt so good in my life. So.. time  to celebrate it.

If you´ve readed it all, please check this one…

and you´ll understand better what im talking about. Cheers.

Keep on rocking my brothers and sisters.


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TG Animation - 'The Ghost Bride'

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 8, 2013, 11:54 AM
This is a first, but due to technical reasons I wasn't able to make a Flash version of this animation. Don't worry though because the YouTube version works fine.

"It really sucks to have you car break down in the middle of nowhere, especially when the only house around is a haunted mansion. Most people have the common sense to avoid a house as creepy as this place, but this guy is willing to go in. Predictably, trouble awaits him inside..."

"The Ghost Bride" is my third commission for Mako :iconmsmako:. I hope you like it, and I'm sorry about not having the Flash version this time.

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 3:47 PM


Perdido by NLAnipy    Two Ballerinas by vee209    EUPHORIA by ZenSi    Thread And Bone by troybrooks

:thumb331340993:    innocence lost by imagist    halloween by imagist    The Generator by vee209

Trinity by ZenSi    Cosmic connection by OdeliaToder    In progress by blind-awakening    Borrowed Time by danverkys

Gentlemen by GrimFay    'Til Death by GrimFay    Spiders by 09alex    the hours of dissolution by Inextremiss

The Slow Descent into Dementia
Bound and left for the beasts,
what awaits is no end
No shade finds my flesh,
and the catching fibers
are slowly burnt to a crisp
And such a darkness,
the vision of my eyes,
Whatever lies ahead
The rotting time,
The old home of my mind...
the dust and asbestos
that corrodes
what fragments remain.
left for my demons-
I'm simply waiting for time
to drag me away and down,
for the rotting feast...
to begin waiting
for this life
to fade away
with every bite.
    The Devout, The Divine, The Deceased
Three are they,
Of Heavenly origin.
Governed by the Highest Throne,
and led by the Horsemen.
Devout are the Grim Trinity.
As death has never ceased
So true to the cause are they...
By cursed and divine blades.
The Patrons of the Deceased and Dying...
and of those related to the involved.
Divine by right is the Angel...
Unholy by cause is the Demon...
Leader by title is the Nephilim.
By them are taken souls guided,
Through them are souls
released or enslaved.
    The White Morgue
Watching, my eyes saw the swaying limbs
thin and starved by winter winds...
Dancing, like moving cracks on the window,
Through which I did stare.
Imagine, the image so morbid above as I gazed.
unnerving to the anchoring blood,
drying up within the veins of my limbs,
much like the branches that sliced the air...
The roots dug deep into my back,
and the anchored blood began to freeze...
My vessels, destroyed by glaciers,
of icy blood, that once flowed.
The travesty, of the bullet plunged into my heart,
whose beat slows, and withers and fades.
Too and so soon, the loss of my life...
Now I play the game of patience...
    Ignorance is Fear
What knowing have you
of what you speak?
The rotten fruit from which
you've bitten and consumed,
has truly brought to you
the seeds of idiocy.
What have you done,
to comprehend such words as provocative?
As pure and professional
are the letters that I form to art.
Doubt I that you
know a significant thing.
The ignorance you so proclaim,
is the fear from which you flee.
You dread whatever is misunderstood,
and without reason do you lash outward
with teeth and claw,
like some rabid beast, tormented by disease.
In the end, the clarity has marked
that yours is the feeble mind.
Yours is the debate of madness,
and the indecency of your own nature.
In the end, you know nothing,
because you are nothing.

Rainy day face by MSCajax    SnM by MSCajax    L P Z by MSCajax      Street art 2 : fuck this shit by zy0n  

Blow Your Mind by NataliaRak    Hood by PaulMellender    Carapace by alifann    Feed yourself... by Tephillah

Minimal. by lyky90    The Ghosts by MyVictorianSecret      Minimal Poster by lyky90    One Big Happy Family by GrimFay

Tattoo 184 by xxxMDKxxx    The Bloody Doll tattoo by Sharuzen        Day Of The Dead Girl by xXDarkReignXx


- THE MASTERPIECES:      My Angel by MiSt-Stavi    Four by kim-fairy2

- THE QUOTE:  Most powerful weapon by Yokufo

Special props to the SCI-FAN-HORROR  group for create a special folder for to share this journals, YOU ALL ROCK.  The next journal will be a special feature from artists of that awesome group, thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- BLEEDING THROUGH " Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire"…


- NORTT " Graven + Doden"…

- EVOKEN " Vestigial Fear"…

- PLAGUE PLENTY "When Death Wrote"…



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Spreading like a disease

Tue Jul 9, 2013, 6:35 AM

Since a lot of people kept asking, here's a few other places on the web where you can find me:


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Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've hosted a contest... so why not make one now? This one is a bit of a special contest! Read on for the information if you're interested <3


So for this, you have to draw a picture of these two;

Manatee and Itaska Ref Sheets by Northernhearts

in the arctic, doing anything! They could be playing in the snow, looking through a seal hole, watching the northern lights, running away from polar bears, you name it! xD The point of this is to add your pictures to the AMV I am going to be making over the next couple months. (the pictures will be during the instrumental parts in the song). How there will be winners is I will pick the top 3 that I love the most and they will get the prizes, but everyone who enters gets a point prize at the end! All pictures entered in this contest will be added to the AMV.

I don't want to reveal the song that the AMV is going to be for at the moment due to people copying ;n; cc knows it hehe All I'm going to say is it's slow and descriptive and also very beautiful, so try to put some emotion into your pictures! <3

If you have any other questions comment below and I'll be sure to answer them for ya! c: Now onto the rules~



- You can submit as many entries as you want

- Anyone can enter! c:

- Comment below saying that you're entering and I'll add you to the list so that I can keep track

- It's not permitted but I would love if you would spread this contest around a bit so more people can enter ;u; through journals or something hehe ;v;

- please try to get your entry/entries in by the due date! C: (April 15th)

- No limit to the amount of entrants



1st Place - 250:points:, 2 animated journal dolls, one transparent background character pic, and one full picture

2nd Place - 100:points:, 1 animated journal doll, one transparent background character pic

3rd Place - 50:points:, one transparent background character pic, 1 animated journal doll

4th Place - 25:points:,  1 animated journal doll




1. Galaxy-Pup -
2. BubblestarTheCat -
3. ChilledCollie -
4. Meybaline
5. CCMacoroni
6. Arooooo -
7. Psychotic-Mutt
8. Windowing
9. koscha
10. Miineh -
11. xXBrowniepupsXx
12. SilverOrcaaKitty17
13. flamingbeast999
14. kristalthewolfe
15. scatteredSparks
16. Ryvix
17. Icepath39 -
18. AusieOtterPie -
19. mistywren -…
20. Rosiethewolf
21. Clovis-thecutestcat -
22. m00nstuck
23. XnUclEaR-LaZeRX
24. Dark-Angel-Rin
25. Skylar-Wolf
26. girraFIG -
27. m00nstuck -
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oh yeah, and here's Aiden Turner aka Kili mostly naked:

*thinking* smells like Fili...

...but where the fuck is he?!
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