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And the finished painting! the sketch--------

I don't want to put comment ballons , so I repeat what they said:

Belren: If your mom knows about Mister Dwalin made you a tattoo, would cut the beards of us both...
Kili: Ha ha ha, you did`nt see Fili`s tattoo. Totally worth it!

Belren the dwarf Thorin's wife------

I hope you like it, please: SORRY for my english XD
Terminé de pintarlo!! el boceto: ----------

Belren: Si tu mamá se entera que el señor Dwalin te hizo un tatuaje, los colagará de las barbas a los dos...
Kili: ha ha ha y no viste el tatuaje que le hizo a Fili, pero valió la pena...

Belren la enana esposa de Thorin------ :thumb359889428: :thumb367283552: :thumb367090839: :thumb362774107:
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For :iconminispris:


Name: Celeste (or "Ceelie" to her friends ^^ )

Stage: First

Gender: Female

Height: 1 foot 6 inches


❤Frangipani <3 (but also most other flowers)

❤Warm weather


❤Asking questions




✗ Deep Water ( well...more like she's afraid of it, since she can't swim very well Q.Q )

✗ Nightmares ( she can't tell when they're real or not xD )

✗ Super hot weather/places

✗ Meat

✗ Being sick

✗ Being excluded or ignored


★Softly-spoken: She's not overtly cheery or loud xD there's a certain spaciness or vagueness to the way she speaks.

★ Very inquisitive: Celeste is a very curious little thing xD she'll constantly ask questions (usually "Why?" or "How?") so she can learn new things. Which probably can get annoying XD

★ Naive: She can be somewhat naive, as she tends to believe most of what she's told most of the time. She's pretty trusting, and doesn't really understand the concept of lying.

★Kind: Celeste is always willing to do her best to help others sometimes even if it means putting others before herself.

★Bold: There isn't much that frightens her (apart from scary nightmares or deep water). She tends to be pretty laid-back and she kinda lives in her own little world, so she's not really easily scared.

Additional Info:

*She doesn't really sing, but she can play a pan flute

*When she's very excited or curious about something, she tends to forget about personal boundaries XD (i.e. she'll be up in yo grill)

*She likes to tell people random fact/things she's learnt, however they may not always be accurate (and can often be ridiculous) as people don't always tell her the truth xD


May add more later/make changes ovo
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For my latest costume I'm gonna need a clean, stretchable version of the Skull Saders Emblem, so I took it into flash and went to town. Looks pretty spiffy if you ask me.

Skull Saders (c) Oh! Great
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So I decided that I will make a series of the kittens in the colors...

I will also be doing one for each month... and the final months being the complimentary colors. Since I made that choice, I decided that I had to make the April month an Easter One, and since Easter is just around the corner, I went ahead and made a second one in a row... though you can after these expect to see them, one a month (except for January, which will be fit in whenever since I do not already have a January.

These are the others I have already. Enjoy.

Kittens Calendar: [link]
Three Kittens Mug: [link]
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Already finished the painting, I'm happy ^ _ ^

Here the beautiful Princess Dis, and her children, the princess of Erebor, I drew a nice florencian dress with , I wanted to show that although they are in exile dwarf ladies are glamorous, feminine and proud of their race . Dis has dark hair like her brother.

With this drawing I want to thank all the people that follow me, commenting and collect my artwork.

I invite you to visit my gallery ^ _ ^ '

and sorry for my aweful english... ó_ò
Ya lo terminé de pintar, estoy contenta ^_^

Aquí la hermosa Princesa Dis, y sus dos niños, la única enana que se conoce, la dibujé con un lindo vestido Florentino, quise mostrar que aunque estén en el exilio las damas enanas son glamorosas , femeninas y orgullosas de su pueblo. Dis tiene el cabello muy oscuro como el de su hermano.

Con éste dibujo quiero agradecer a toda la gente que me sigue, que comenta y colecciona mis ilustraciones.

Los invito a visitar mi galería ^_^'
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This beautiful brunette gets very nervous to Fili ...

I am very happy ,my good friend Korigaz [link] is writing a fanfic about my character because I'm notwrite well in any language XD
I love made this trade!

Here you can see the two fan fics of Korigaz : [link]

The incredible background of the drawing is [link]
Esta bellísima morena pone muy nervioso a Fili...

Estoy muy contenta por que mi buena amiga Korigaz [link] está escribiendo el fanfic de mi personaje por que yo directamente no se escribir bien en ningún idioma XD
Este trade me encantó :D

Acá pueden ver los dos fan fics de Kora: [link]

el increíble fondo del dibujo es de---------- [link]
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Making these my new stickers for cons :) Sold only as a set, I plan to add more characters later, but for now I'm pushin' for time!

You can buy them here:

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(HQ) Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 3 monsters whose original names are "Obelisk the Tormentor", "The Winged Dragon of Ra", and "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. The Special Summon of this card cannot be negated. The player that Special Summons this card wins the Duel.
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PORCO ROSSO (Kurenai no Buta) by Studio Ghibli, 1992

Happy Birthday!:iconpresentplz:

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