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I thought I'd post this one up while I still like it, because it's actually quite old and I just know if I wait for a few months I'll probably despise it. If I was a normal person, which just so you know, I'm not, I would just post up things right when I draw them. However, I tend to wait a few centuries until my queue of pictures is exploding.

I guess it's good in a way. At least I always have something to post. (Even tho a good number of them are just super fugly and I don't want to post them so I just totally don't post them and keep posting my newer stuff. WOW I'M AWESOME.)

Anyway. So as you may or may not know, for the past while, I've been trying to practice on things that I want to get better with. (Which obviously makes sense, because isn't that what artists try and attempt to do?) One thing that I really want to get better at drawing are backgrounds. Like, real backgrounds. I think I'm fine with nature and things. I've never really had a problem drawing nature and stuff like that.

But OH MY GAWD I cannot tell you how IRRITATING it is for me to draw buildings, or the interiors of buildings. It's not that I find it difficult. It's just...

Do you ever draw from a reference, and then look at what you drew, and then what your reference looks like, and just scream and throw a massive tantrum and just give up and tell yourself you are a terrible artist that will never amount to anything? That's basically what it's like for me to draw buildings. Honestly, I'm a self taught artist, and I never really had any formal art training. I never went to school to learn perspective and crap like that, so I just draw things how I've learned them over time. Sure, I took art all throughout school, but honestly you don't learn much, at least not in the schools I've gone to. (Altho I did get to do a lot of fun projects....) One of the things that I never really practiced when I was first drawing stuff when I was a youngin' WAY BACK WHEN because I'm super old now, was basically buildings and interiors and the like. I really regret it. As a young artist, I was more focused on getting anatomy and stuff like that right, and developing a style. Which is actually kinda good because it would piss me off more if I couldn't draw characters right. XD So. Anyway. Drawing buildings and things is just so frustrating for me and I just feel like I never draw them right. The thing I learned about drawing things such as that, however, is that I really should just learn to be patient. (Honestly? I have NO PATIENCE. At work and stuff I'm the most patient person ever, but with most things I'm very impatient.) So anyway. I guess the best we can do is practice. I've gotten much better with them over the past few years but...yeah. I'm not DaVinci. (I mean seriously, that guy was a freakin' genious when it came to painting. I'd love to know how he did all the freaky things he did with his paintings.....)

So... This drawing was done simply to practice such things. This was actually done a very long while ago, actually according to the date I scanned it in on my computer, sometime in April of last year. My goal was to draw something, that was inside of a building, so like, a living room or something, and make it look half decent. So I decided to draw a picture of Melanie, along with her little Milo the Cat, just writing stuff. Ftt. Nah, actually not just writing stuff. She's OBVIOUSLY writing Mac smut.

Melanie: :iconmadlynotimpressedplz: I swear to God Imma gonna -

Notice how she doesn't deny that she's NOT writing Mac smut.

Melanie: *attempts to destroy me with a blunt object*

Anyway. Melanie is all into writing and stuff, so I thought of just drawing her writing things, or something. She's always trying to come up with real news stories and stuff for work, because she wants to be a new reporter/caster and/or journalist at her job but her boss is always really frazzled and never listens to her ideas and stuff for news and whatnot. XD So maybe she's writing some really awesome news article.

Or she's writing, you know, Mac smut. (I mean theres an awful lot of papers there for it JUST to be a simple news article.) Of course, she's probably going to change all the names and stuff when she tries to get it published, so that it's not too obvious she's writing Mac smut, but I assure you it'll be the next raunchy bestseller.

*once again I see a blunt object trying to destroy me*

I don't know why I decided to add Milo there. Her lap just seemed so empty without a kitteh there. Granted, he actually looks really bad and awkward, and I couldn't get his chunky little body right, but the good thing is that cats are capable of bending in impossible ways to fit where they want to. I assure you that he has a neck. It's just...discaboobulated right now. And no writer is complete with a cup of coffee/tea next to them! :D (Yes, that red thing there is supposed to be tea or coffee.) I don't know why there are so many pens on the table. Apparently Melanie needs more than one pen to write. Kinda reminds me of myself, actually. I seriously bring extra pens and pencils with me everywhere. I have at least three or four of them in my work pencil kit. Because you never know when a cheapass dollar store pen is going to run out of ink.

So I guess they are supposed to be in the dining room of the house. I'm weird and like to imagine what my characters living spaces look like (Does that make me a creeper? I haven't decided yet.)... Melanie and friends' house is supposed to be really nice and kinda modernesque I guess. Even tho I usually find modern houses a little boring, I just thought they probably would own something with a lot of updated and fun appliances and stuff. I guess that big white block thing on the wall over there was supposed to be these glass doors. That was the intent anyway. The part to the right of the picture is supposed to be the start of a living room. The thing there, on the wall... I think initially that was supposed to be a window, but I made it a picture instead. It looks dumb tho because it has Jess buildings (AKA buildings that are total fails.) and stuff on it, so it looks very windowy, but whatever. And that green thing peeking out there. No, thats not a snot monster. It's a plant.

That is pretty much the worst plant I've ever drawn. Just pretend it's not there, please. XD

Really tho, I'm happy with how the foreground stuff turned out... So the table, the books...stuff like that. How cute, she even has a Macbook, so she can write her Macsmut!

Melanie: I hate you. :iconomgewplz:

Since this is an older picture, her nose is a bit off. (Again with me and my characters noses.) It's supposed to be bigger, not all dainty and stuff. Actually it's kinda the right size but it should be I honestly don't know how to say what I'm trying to say. But anyway. I know the laptop kinda looks like it's made out of plasticene but it's not. It's supposed to be...plastic...or metal..or...whatever the hell they make laptops out of. (I know you are all trying to read whatever is one the paper there to see if it really is Macsmut. But it's just random scribbles to emphasize small writing...It remains a secret as to what she is writing.)

(But we all know it is Macsmut tho.)

Those chairs were a pain in the ass to do. I PURPOSELY made the chairs more exciting instead of giving them solid backs. So I decided to have the chairs have little vertical pieces of wood on the back to make it that much more of a pain in the ass to draw for practice. The back of the chair that Mello's sitting on looks kinda demented, and doesn't really look right, but I tried anyway. Again, this is kinda old, and I honestly think I've improved with backgrounds.

I no longer draw snot monster trees, and my chairs actually look a little less like Pee Wee Hermans talking chair. (That black thing there underneath Snotty is supposed to be a couch or a chair or something.)

You know. Whenever I really like a picture, why is it that I ALWAYS have like 80 thousand things that I complain about it? I really don't understand.

And AS PER USUAL my scanner decided it was going to have some Scanner PMS when it scanned this picture, so here we see yet another miserable scan. The black on this is scanned...REALLY BAD. I have no idea WHY my scanner scans black so horrible. The scan is very grainy, and if you haven't noticed yet, there is also an annoying vertical line in the center of the picture, which, at the time this was scanned, was my scanners thing it liked to do to ruin my pictures. It hasn't done a vertical line like that in recent pictures (it has much more things it likes to use to destroy my pictures, and my life.) Infact, anything that is black in this picture looks like it's, I dunno! Glowing or something! What the hell, Scanner? Why do you do this to me??? The original does not look like this. I always thought my scanner was secretly in love with Melanie (which is why it always scans Maccy's pictures SO TERRIBLE.) but now I'm starting tho think that it broke up with her or something.

Either that or he's jealous because Melanie is, you know, writing Macsmut.

Am I the only one who actually thinks that concept of Macsmut is hysterical? I honestly want to write it just to see how incredibly stupid it would be.

So yes. That's why scanner scan's Mac all weird because my scanner is in love with Melanie, but Melanie is writing Macsmut all the time. I'VE TOTALLY FIGURED IT OUT.


...But you write it some of the time? :iconhurrhurrplz:

*large blunt object attempts to murder me*

Anyway. So yes, an old picture. But I still like it, so I thought I'd post it. It shows progress anyway. I guess the only way for me to really get better is to just keep practicing. I might just do some pictures of just buildings and stuff, no matter how boring I find them to draw... XD

Alright everyone! Who wants to play "What do you think Mel's Macsmut story is called?" I'm going with "Mac Down Under" (Only because I'm listening to "Down Under" by Men at Work right nao XD)!

Melanie: I really do hate you. There are no words for my hatred towards you.

*pats her on the head* You're so adorable.

Anyway, just Melanie writing stuff! WITH HELP FROM HER KITTEH! Kitteh's always offer their help. (Because keeping your lap warm as you do your daily things is a necessity of life.)

Melanie and Milo here are to Jess Ratte :D
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Commission for Zyrena on FA of her raccoon/red panda character. I had fun with this one! I hope you like it,
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For :iconsuperultramariofan:

I tried painting with real colors again.
I think it looks good. o.0
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40cm / 15.7 inch from the top of her halo to the bottom of her base

Her head is made from a museum quality artificial Short Eared Owl skull from BoneClones, realistic glass eyes, individual lashes, and English viscose braided hair with a metal halo.
She wears a beautiful lace mantilla on her head (sewed to her hair).
Her body is sculpted from Creative paper clay over a messing rod and tube skeleton covered with Aves apoxie for durability.
She is wearing lace underwear and stockings underneath her dupioni silk pleated dress with double sleeves.
In her hands she is holding a faux pearl Paternoster rosary.
The wooden base is painted with high quality acrylics and then decorated with mosaic tiles, faux pearls, and golden trimmings.
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a young woman escapes that capture of a mad scientist...

but not without consequence...

messing around with some custom made brushes in this one
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This picture was done the 5 th march. Sorry to be quite absent on Deviant art but my moving and stuff makes me work hard and only post on Fur Affinity by lack of time.
A little picture that I did for warm up during livestream. I just moved few month ago in Lyon. Far away from my parents house. In flatshare with my friend Keja and some other people. YAY
I was waiting this for 3 years ! In the past I had to stop my studies and come back to my parents. After a lot of work to improve my art and make a living with what I draw. I can finally move to my own place again. A real city with people. I was so lost in fields in the north.. It was kinda depressing.
Thanks for the support of everyone !

And if you wonder I’m for the Horde AND the Alliance. But I prefer my horde tee-shirt cause red :3

This is the first picture ever that I did in my new flat. In fact I was quite stressed to not inspired (I can't draw when I'm at friends or guest somewhere sometimes.. yeah strange) So I did this picture to.. be sure I was comfortable in my new workspace ! XD
The character in the background is my friend kagemaru :3

Now I'm very well installed and working hard at arting ^w^

Comments, favs are appreciated and always welcome !
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Me and :iconageaus: trying a new Kind of Bananas with 100% more flavour and 100% more ADN Replacement Option. With a Taste for going Ape.

I'll need to bought new pencils, i'm running out of some colors. Also i'll separate the good pencils from the bad ones hoping my next drawings would be better colored due to that <<
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"Little darlin' I feel the ice is slowly meltin'
Little darlin' it seems like years since it's been clear
Here come the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right " - George Harrison, The Beatles

A red panda in cute winter clothing, with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds to warm her back...

I'm happy with the colors I chose, and especially with her whiskers.

Another little painting for FC - Inks and acrylics on 5"x5" Gessobord.
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now that that is out of the way^^

havn't done a real furry in a long time.

this is a commission for :iconruffyluv: took me a while but i hope he likes it^^

thanx again for the money^^
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"How did I gain weight?!"

I decided I should maybe go for one more picture of Jay having a rather...large belly on him, so to say. This picture was basically made for pure fun and laughs. Didn't really put too much effort into it. Sorry if he looks like he's leaning a bit and the smudges. My fault. Oh, and I added a bit of muscles in his arms to match his structure a bit more...and I also added some railings to make it less empty.

(Also, if you don't know what those 3 things are near his stomach, if you've seen some anime and what not, they're basically showing where Jay's focusing his view on)

Basically, Jay's shocked about actually showing visible weight, since he's rather careful. Y'see, Jay, unlike most dragons, prefers not to stuff his face at all, even if it's his favorite food(s). He just eats enough to get him through the day (or a little less than enough. Varies...). Reasons being is that:

a. He think gaining weight is going to slow him down.
b. Fat isn't all that him at least.
c. He doesn't want to end up like a certain fat-ass dragon... (no offense) ^^;

So, how did Jay gain that weight if he's careful (or even too cautious) about what and how he eats? Maybe someone stuffed him in his sleep? Injected him with something to accelerate his growth in fat? Who knows? Either way, you would expect Jay to lose that weight as quick as possible without hesitation. Good luck, Jay. XP

Jay & Artwork © Me!
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