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How To Summon the Dark Priest Cthulhu

Ten Easy Steps to Awaken Your Very Own Eldritch Horror

   Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what strange, unearthly phantoms seeped down from them in aeons past? Ever wanted to prove your worth to the entire world and simultaneously erase the stain of humanity from its surface? Ever had an overwhelming urge to seek out the forbidden knowledge posessed by those who cannot be named? Well, now you can do all these things, and many more! Great Cthulhu, the High Priest of the horrific Elder Gods, lies dreaming in the sunken city at the bottom of the primal ocean, and now the power to raise him from his ancient slumber is in your hands! Just follow these easy instructions to the letter, and you'll be singlehandedly responsible for the demolition of everything pure in the universe in no time!

1. Find ye the Necronomicon.

This step is often difficult, as the Necronomicon, written by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, is rather a pain to try and locate. According to H P Lovecraft, there are only a few copies in existence, most of which are kept under lock and key by those who would try to stop you from unleashing unwholesome blasphemies on the world (heaven knows why). A good place to look is in New England's Miskatonic University, although exact directions to the university are sadly not forthcoming.

2. Study ye the Necronomicon.

One of the simpler steps. This should present little trouble once you have acquired a copy, although rumours abound that it is often written in odd dialects, and may require some studying of various other occult books as well. A very thorough understanding of the mysteries locked within the eldritch book is absolutely essential for the success of your summoning, but mind that its mind-shattering contents don't drive you utterly mad - at least, not too mad to perform the rest of the ritual.

3. Find ye the Cthulhu Cult.

According to legend, a secret cult exists, spanning the entire globe, whose initiates perform hideous rituals and sacrifices to appease the Elder Gods, who hold the great Cthulhu as their high priest. It is unclear how to gain entrance to this cult should one succeed in discovering it, but most sources agree it is probably very painful.

4. Worship ye the High Priest Cthulhu.

Dead Cthulhu lies sleeping in the submerged city of R'lyeh, but before you can attempt to awaken him, it's best if you first prove your intentions to his vast dreamlike consciousness. Cthulhu will be much more likely to spare your pathetic soul if you bow down and perform obeisance to a carven image of him for several years before initiating the necessary rituals. As you will see, several years are most likely required to obtain the proper conditions for such a summoning anyway, so you might as well do something worthwhile with your time.

5. Remain ye alive for the duration of the Worship.

A key step. Many people have failed at this step by simply forgetting the cardinal rule of the occult: let other people do your dirty work for you. You'll hardly be in a good position to summon any High Priests if your spleen has been carried into the netherworld by the infamous Yog-Sothoth as retribution for the time you bungled the ritual of awakening the dead from dust. It's always good to initiate several complete idiots to perform most of your rituals for you. Countless dark wizards and demonologists have forgotten to take this into account, and have paid dearly.

6. Keep ye the Worship a Secret.

This is another very important step, and again, many people have failed here by exciting too much attention from the authorities. It's best not to keep your laboratory in the house where you live (especially if you still live with your parents) because the strange odours and evil noises that are sure to emanate from it at all hours are a little suspicious in the eyes of the general populace. Don't forget as well that not all your potential enemies are of this world. Remember, the Old Ones who created life on this planet waged a vicious war against the Spawn of Great Cthulhu in the terrible ages before mankind existed. It's entirely possible that they will try and intervene unless the rituals are attempted covertly and discreetly.

7. Wait ye for the Stars to be Aligned.

Not a hard step, but a time-consuming one. There isn't much one can do at this step but wait around until the stars form the eldritch, disturbing patterns described in your Necronomicon. You'll know when the stars are right by the disturbing nightmares that you, your peers, and most likely every mildly insane person on the planet will suddenly complain about. With any luck, this step will occur in your lifetime - although if it doesn't you can always take the necessary steps to ensure that one of your descendants discovers your ancient notes and foolishly revives you from the ashes of your portrait.

8. Find ye the Sunken City of R'lyeh.

This shouldn't be too difficult as long as you've got the alignment of the stars right. According to legend, Dark Priest Cthulhu sleeps in the chambers of an enormous sunken city, built aeons before man crawled from the trees, and this city is due to return to the surface of our world when the stars are aligned. Unfortunately, you won't have very long to find R'lyeh, because it sinks again once the stars restore their natural patterns. Acquiring a boat before this step is attempted is a very good idea. Look in the Pacific Ocean mainly. You'll know when you've found it, trust me.

9. Perform ye the Rituals and Awaken ye the Dark One.

The climax of any dark summoning is, of course, the ritual, painstakingly chanted from your Necronomicon in the midst of unholy circles and sputtering black candles. Observe great care in getting the whole thing right, however - we all know the terrible consequences of having a sore throat or the hiccups whilst attempting bizarre, blasphemous chants. The ritual will probably drain your strength and leave you vulnerable for complete and utter loss of sanity, but don't worry. In a little while, everyone else will be insane too.

10. Watch in manic terror as the spawn ye hath unleashed proceeds to strip the earth of all that is good and wholesome, and turns it into an insane breeding ground for gibbering horrors from the nether regions of frozen space.

This is the easiest step. Watch and enjoy! The only difficulty lies both in persuading the Dark Priest you have summoned to spare your pitiful flesh from the harvest, and keeping yourself sane as everything around you is crushed in the wake of a tide of overwhelming horror. Of course, you could always just go with the flow and run around screaming in your underpants until your soul is devoured.

   That's it! That's all you need to accomplish before the entire world can be devoured and held under the sway of amorphous monstrocities from nether regions of chaos! As always in meddling with the occult, however, be sure to always keep in mind that whatever you do and whoever you unleash, you will always end up paying for it with your tasty sweet soul.

   Good luck, and don't forget:

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"
Whoa, something different this time! I was looking through my rather ample collection of prose, and found this little fella hiding in a dusty corner of My Documents, gathering dust and gibbering to itself in tongues unheard by mankind. And I couldn't resist putting it on here.

Everyone's a Lovecraft fan, right? RIGHT!? At least some knowledge of his work is necessary to fully appreciate this - so if you've never heard of the man, you've got some reading to do.

Cthulhu and his wacky mythos are copyright Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and not me.
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Now the night has come
Close your eyes
Take your bed

Now the war is won
Count your ears
Rest your head

Now the forge is black
Wet your paws
Wash your face

Now your warband’s back
Stow your arms
Slow your pace

Now your order’s gave
Aim it true
Aim it deep

Now is filled your grave
Rest your song
Go to sleep
Charr are tough almost as a rule, but cubs are still cubs, and a dam or a primus is going to have sleepless ones to deal with. And since singing comes up surprisingly often in charr lore... here are eighteen lines I churned out to a tune I thought up. All while bored on and off for a few hours and post it on deviantART WHY NOT.
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*everyone sits down at the bar, glaring at each other, as Telma pours each competitor a shot of straight scotch*

Dark Link: *grins, points at Link* You're going down, green bean.

Link: *glares back* Bring it on, darky. *does a double-take* AND DON'T CALL ME GREEN BEAN!

Vaati: Would you rather we call you "Fairy Boy"? *snickers and high-fives Dark Link*

Zelda: *rolls eyes* Please. The only "Fairy Boy" here is Tingle.

Tingle: Why, thank you! *beams happily*

Ganondorf: Bah. I'll beat ALL you pathetic twerps.

Midna: *smiles in that creepy way of hers* ...Said the guy who got beaten by a dude wearing tights and a skirt.

Ganondorf: Why you...! *fumes*


Dark Link: Yeah, right. *jabs Zant with his elbow* What do you think?

Zant: NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *head spins around like a top*

Dark Link: O_o ...Forget I asked you anything...

Skull Kid: *clears throat, and stands up on the bar* All right everyone, enough monkey business, let's get this show on the road. Telma will be keeping the shots coming, and I'll be refereeing.

Zelda: What? How come YOU get to be the one refereeing?

Skull Kid: *knocks on Majora's Mask with his fist* Because I have a mask superglued to my face and CAN'T drink. And besides, "your majesty"... I'M TEN!

Zelda: Oh. -_-;

Midna: Oh for... THIS STINKS! I have to do this stupid contest in my cursed form, so I'm, like, 3 feet tall! *points at the Skull Kid* I was counting on YOU to even up the field!

Skull Kid: *rolls eyes* Well EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME, twilight princess!

Zelda: Whoa, deja vu...

Skull Kid: *clears throat again* Anyway, here's the rules. You all must remain seated at your stools at all times. Anyone who gets too tipsy to remain seated and falls off is out. Last one still seated wins. You can trash talk all you want, but if there's any intentional physical contact, you're out automatically. *looks around* Everybody got that? *everyone else nods* Good. On your marks... *everyone braces themselves* Get set... *everyone grabs their shot glasses* ...SLAM!!!

*With the Skull Kid's cry of "SLAM!", everyone threw down their first shot of scotch and prepared for the next. Well, almost everyone.*

Tingle: *due to his small size, loses his balance with the shot glass and spills the whole thing all over himself* Oh, confound it! Now I'm soaked! *Telma hands him a new shot of scotch* Ah! Many thanks, my good dear! *this time he does it right, and downs the whole shot* O_O Fire... pain... burning... *eyes roll up into his head, and he tips over, falling onto the floor with a loud "Plop!"*

Skull Kid: Tingle's out! First one down!

Dark Link: *stares down at Tingle* Pffft. Shmuck. *throws down another shot*

Zant: *still hasn't drank his first shot yet, is staring blankly at it in his hand*

Vaati: *looks at Zant after downing another shot* C'mon Zant, hurry up! You're falling behind! Get with the program!

Zant: Ah? *looks at Vaati, then looks back at the shot again* Nya! *pours it in his left ear*

Ganondorf: >_< No, you idiot! Your mouth! You're supposed to drink it! *speaks as though talking to a one-year-old* DRINK. IT.

Zant: Wah? *gets another shot from Telma* Ah! *this time he puts it to his lips and throws his head back... but he does it too fast, and the scotch goes straight up his nose instead* O_O WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *leaps up from his stool and starts running around in circles, flailing his arms like a turkey trying to take flight, until he runs face-first into the wall, knocking himself unconscious*

Skull Kid: Zant's out! That's two!

Midna: *rolls her eyes* Moron...

*by now, most of the competitors have gotten several shots down, and are starting to feel it*
Link: *throws down another shot, then pauses before going after the next one* Ooh... I feel... tingly... *glances over at Zelda*

Zelda: *is gracefully extending her pinky finger as she downs a shot, then daintily dabs her lips with a napkin before downing another shot... and another... and another... she still shows no signs of even having a buzz yet*

Link: Wha...? Zelda, how...? How are...? *is flabbergasted*

Zelda: *downs yet another shot, then glances over at Link, grinning devilishly* Oh, didn't I mention it? My father keeps a big wine cellar in part of the castle basement. *without breaking eye contact with Link, she effortlessly downs another shot and smiles*

Link: O_o Uh oh...

*several more rounds go by, and it's starting to get to everyone, especially Midna*

Midna: *with her small size, is getting blitzed fast and wobbling on her seat* Uh... *glances over at Dark Link* Ya know, +hic+ you're kinda hot...

Dark Link: Er... What?

Midna: Yeah, you just +hic+ bend over, and I'll ride you like a wolf.

Dark Link: *spews out a shot he was in the middle of drinking* o_O Excuse me?

Midna: *laughs for no apparent reason, then turns her head gear around backward so its covering her face; she also holds up her arms and wiggles her fingers* Booooooooo! I'm a ReDead! I wanna +hic+ EAT YOUR BRAINS! +hic+ ... Hey, where'd ya go? *feels around on her face for an opening, then loses her balance and tips off the stool onto the floor* +CLUNK!+

Skull Kid: Midna's gone down! *chuckles* I knew she wouldn't make it...

Ganondorf: *has a big goofy smile on his face, then he raises his shot glass, and starts singing off key* I'm Henry the eighth, I am! Henry the eighth I am, I am.

Vaati: *joins in, also off key* I got married to the widow next door! She's been married seven times before...

Ganondorf: *laughs uproariously, then slaps Vaati on the back in celebration*

Vaati: *is smaller than Ganondorf, so he winds up flying off his stool and under the bar*

Skull Kid: Violation! Ganondorf, you're out! And Vaati, you lost your seat, so you're out too!

Ganondorf: *frowns, points at the Skull Kid, speaks very slurred* Hey, you can't talk to me +hic+ like that! I'm the friggin' king of darkness! I'm +hic+ the lord of evil and chickens and poodles and... urgh... *gurgles, then slumps forward, slamming his head face-first into the bar* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Vaati: *suddenly realizes where he is, speaks from under the bar* Aw, +hic+ crud! I'm out, ain't I? I'm out and... *pauses* Ooh, look, +hic+ dust bunnies! *laughs*

Dark Link: *is starting to look a bit unsteady* I'm... still gonna beat you, green bean.

Link: *now looks VERY sloshed, wobbling all over the place* Hey! I said +hic+ not to call me green bean! And besides... *points to Ganondorf* I kicked his butt... *points to Vaati* I kicked his butt... *points to Dark Link* And by golly, +hic+ I'm gonna kick YOUR butt! *pauses* No matter HOW many clones of yourself you make!

Dark Link: Huh? *thinks for a moment, still unsteady* Wait, +hic+ how many of me do you see?

Link: Um... *looks like he's trying to count, but his eyes don't seem to be focusing* Uh... eight.

Dark Link: *cracks a grin, then laughs drunkenly and throws down another shot*

Link: You won't +hic+ beat me! *tries to take another drink too, but throws his head back too far and falls off his stool*

Skull Kid: O_O THE HERO OF TIME IS DOWN! THE HERO OF TIME IS DOWN! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! It's down to just Dark Link and Zelda now!

Zelda: *just finished throwing down another shot, grabs the edge of the bar to steady herself* >.< Room... Spinning...

Dark Link: *laughs drunkenly, almost falls off his stool, but grabs onto it to right himself just in time* You're +hic+ history, princess!

Vaati: *still under the bar* Yeah, Dark Link! Win one for the +hic+ villains!

Zelda: *looks very dizzy, has her eyes squinted shut, then starts thinking to herself* <C'mon Zelda, you can't let him win! You've gotta think of something! I can't use any spells, that would count as touching him, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I cheated... C'mon, you're not the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom for nothing! THINK!> *pauses, thinking through her liquor-loaded mind, then her eyes snap open* <Wait! That's it! That's the answer!> *looks over at Dark Link, bats her eyes seductively, then speaks in a sing-song voice* Oh, darky!

Dark Link: *wobbling badly, looks like he'll fall over at any moment* Eh? *looks over at Zelda, forcing his eyes to focus*

Zelda: *turns to face him, then grins, and partially pulls up her skirt, showing him some leg*

Dark Link: O_O *does a spurting anime nosebleed, then flails his arms around and falls off his stool*
Zelda: *grins, then quickly lets her skirt down again*

Skull Kid: And Dark Link goes down! Da winna is... Princess Zelda!

Zelda: *makes a "V" sign with one hand while she throws down a victory shot with her other hand, then she slips off her stool and falls to the floor; girlish giggling is heard*

Skull Kid: Darn heroes won again... *grumbles*

Telma: *clears her throat, looks at the Skull Kid* So, who's going to clean this up?

Skull Kid: *anime sweatdrop*

No, you didn't read the title wrong. A bunch of characters from the LoZ universe have gathered together in answer to a competitive drinking challenge. Why am I doing this, you ask? Simple... BECAUSE I CAN!!! *cackles madly* Let the insanity begin! WARNING: Be ready for EXTREME weirdness!

Setting: Telma's bar

Characters: (LoZ:TP Link, Zelda, Midna, Zant, and Ganondorf) (LoZ:OoT Dark Link) (LoZ:MC Vaati) (LoZ:MM Skull Kid and Tingle)

This one is written in a script-like manner, since it seems to suit the humor better.

Slight warning for some language, but not enough to warrant a filter.

"The Legend of Zelda" and all related characters and elements are the property of Nintendo.
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Summary: After hearing unexpected news, a pregnant Rainbow Dash must repair broken amends and grow as a friend, a mare, and a mother.

A/N I can't believe I'm doing this storyline…

I'm still warming up to the MLP fanfic community, so please be easy on me :-) And if you have any critiques, let me know (but no flames. Please. Open fires are bad for the environment). A/N

Any mare could sense it. She had been in denial, of course, but had to be struck with the truth of reality eventually. Her body swayed with the frequent waving of the locomotive as her eyes gawked into her own reflection of the window to the side. It was one of her worst habits. Procrastinating. Was it that she was truly lazy? It didn't seem so in this situation; fear and confusion arrested her. Hearing muffled laughter from outside the door, Rainbow pushed herself from the bed and stumbled to open the doorknob. The giggles grew louder as she steered down the hallway, spotting Big Macintosh in the corner looking in the other direction as he chuckled to himself. After making eye contact as a greeting, she following his gaze to the adjacent walkway. Applebloom squealed merrily as her older sister pinned her fore hooves down to the ground.

"Now yer gonna get it!" she exclaimed, rubbing her head against the young filly's stomach. She pleaded for Applejack to stop due to her ticklish behavior. "Not 'til ya tell me where ya hid mah hat!"

"I've never seen them like this," Rainbow mustered, leaning closer to the robust stallion.

"A big brother couldn't ask for more," he replied casually, grinning slightly.

"It's…it's in… t-the…kitchen," Applebloom panted, gasping for air, "Underneath the table!"

"So I got it outta ya, huh?" the blonde teased, bringing her younger sibling to her hooves, "Alright, that's enough horseplay. Time fer ya tah get tah sleep!" Applebloom began to embark on her rebellious attitude on curfews but she glanced over to Big Macintosh and back to Applejack. Her ribbon bow tying her mane together drooped as she headed over to her room before she was ceased by a kiss on the cheek by the orange horse. "G'night, sugarcube."

"Nighty night," she yawned, strolling over to her brother.

"Sweet dreams," he said, wrapping a leg around her.

"See ya, RD." Rainbow wished her a good night's sleep as she advanced towards Applejack who was now heading in the direction of the kitchen.

"Hey, I need to talk to you," she alerted quietly, catching up to her friend.

"Sure thing," the country filly replied, "What's up?"

"I've found something out this afternoon and I-I want to talk to you, alone. I-it's pretty heavy stuff." She took a second to recollect her thoughts and recall the events earlier in the day while she took a deep breath.
Annoying little brat.

The winged pony listened to the screams of a young colt in irritation as she impatiently waited for her physician. The mother's attempts to console her offspring failed as his pitch grew louder and higher whenever the doctor presented a new syringe. Even offering the yelling patient lollipops didn't seem to quiet him down.

How many vaccines does that little guy even need? Rainbow Dash thought to herself, leaning over slightly to spy on the doorway across the hall. Snapping out of her thoughts, she turned to the ajar door swinging open, revealing her doctor. The auburn pony looked through her folder as she sat down at her desk. She blew her graying strands from her eyes while glancing at the cyan Pegasus.

"Hello, Ms. Dash," she greeted, smiling, "How are you today?" Faint wrinkles formed by her eyes and around her mouth. They gave a warm, almost motherly appearance which made it effortless for Rainbow to draw near her and open up.

"Better than the colt down there," she joked half-heartedly, flinching at another one of his shrieks.

"So you were here last week for your check up," the doctor announced, flipping through her papers, "And you told me that you had experienced some irregular symptoms last time. Would you mind repeating those for me again, just for the record?"

"Well," Rainbow began, clearing her throat, "I'm a very active pony, as you know. I've been in the Wonderbolts for quite a while now and as being a major athlete and star, I have a very extensive workout routine." Humility was unknown to her. "But lately, I've been having heart problems. Not like heart problems, like I'm gonna die or anything, but just out-of-the-ordinary things."

"Uh huh," she murmured, taking notes, "And what do you mean by that?"

"It was kinda beating funny. Like, all weird and stuff…"

"Heart palpitations," she clarified, writing her words down, "Anything else?"

"I've felt sick."


"Yeah," Rainbow replied, glaring at the ceiling to figure out what to say. The colt was really getting under her skin but it was now the mother's obnoxious singing that frustrated Rainbow. Those lullaby's were anything but soothing. "Like the usual stuff."

"Headaches, soreness, congestion, indigestion, nausea…?"

"All of that," Rainbow agreed, watching her scribble on her paper. "And they haven't gotten any better, doc."  

"Alright, well, I have your results, dear," she responded, setting down her pen to look at her patient, Rainbow slanted foreword slightly, straining to pick up her words. She saw the doctor's mouth form words that were drained out by the fussing colt, the melodic screeches of the mother, and now the animated voices that came out of his doctor's sock puppets that only scared the young pony. Finally, Rainbow flew up and slammed the door harder than she intended to.

"Sorry," she apologized sheepishly, lowering back onto her bench. "C-could you repeat that again?"

"I said the test came back positive. You're in-foal." The senior pony was unaware of Rainbow's distressed reaction. "Looking at my data, your progesterone levels increased drastically--along with your progesterone--which explains the heart palpitations. The nausea and indigestion are usual signs of pregnancy. After the doctors in the labs noticed your levels, they ran your urine and blood tests and came back as positive. The nurse who check your heartbeat earlier this appointment verified with me that she did in fact hear another pulse in you. Tell me, sweetie, how far along do you think you are?"

"I-I'm not sure." That was a lie. About four months and seventeen days, exactly.

In-foal. With the word ringing in her ears, the Wonderbolt could only blink as she watched the doctor hand her pamphlets. "Here are some booklets for starters to inform you what to expect during your pregnancy. This one includes the growth of your foal and how you might feel during certain stages. And this one is about recommended exercises that you should do in order to make the birthing process easier for you and your foal. Now this one here is the first months of parenthood and what you should expect as a new mother…" She opened them to reveal the information and pictures inside for Rainbow to see. Her words weren't registering with the cyan Pegasus and her voice grew muffled with Rainbow's own disbelief.

"This isn't happening," she muttered, her eyes shifting from the doctor to the pile of papers, "Can't be. Not now." She reburied her face into her hooves and drew them to her hairline, pushing back her bangs. The older mare furrowed her eyebrows as she observed the apprehensive pony. A small 'oh' escaped the medical pony's mouth. Pulling out something from her drawer, she held it out from Rainbow to grab. A picture of two pegasi were on the cover page, one of each gender. The couple held a baby unicorn whose eyes seemed to bore into Rainbow's magenta ones. Over their heads read yellow text that spelled out "Adoption". The physician's cool, quiet voice caused her to jerk her head up.

"If you have any further questions about agencies or the process…"

"What are you getting at?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"I'm not getting at anything. I've dealt with many young mare's in your position before, Ms. Dash. If you aren't ready for the foal, I'm sure there's somepony who is. It's always an option." Hesitating to say something, Rainbow blew her mane out of her eyes.

"I needa get outta here," she stammered, grabbing all the pamphlets and tucking them under her foreleg absently.

"R-rainbow," she called out, "Where are you going? This appointment isn't finished yet." The panicking pony struggled with the doorknob until she finally twisted it and sped out. "Ms. Dash!" the doctor called out, galloping towards the hallway, "Ms. Dash!" Her rainbow winds traveled from the room through the hallways and out the door, causing the secretary to awaken. Outside the building, Rainbow paused quickly to survey her surroundings. Nobody she knew was nearby and come to think of it, not many pegasi were out in the usually busy Cloudsdale. Beginning to hover, she held her arms even tighter to her sides to prevent the brochures from slipping.

How could she have let this happen? There were stories that she had always heard about young mares in the same position as her. She knew what her friends and society would think of her.  Celestia knows that she had made the same judgments.  However, she was now in the hot seat. But she wasn't careless or naïve or irresponsible…

Or was she?

She remembered looking into his emerald orbs as the warmth of the sun seeped through her fur. A smile brushed across her face as he spoke to her, his words drenched charmingly with his drawl. There were green fields everywhere that were dappled by small groups of flowers. Even when living in Cloudsdale, their air couldn't compare to the freshness of the meadows in his hometown. She couldn't exact what they were talking about or whether she even conversed. He lead her to his barn, she remembered, to get…something. The large amounts of hay excited her. She never saw so many stacks of hay in her life! Rolling in the fodder, the young stallion joined her, challenging her a race to the top. What sounded simple enough turned into a series of slipping with failed clutches to pull themselves to the peak. Eventually, with extra motivation, resulted in the female pony to touch the crest of the haystack. As she glided down the pile, she pulled on her counterpart's blonde tail with him rolling down with her. Their guffaws continued after she landed on her back with his hooves by each side of her neck. After a long glimpse, he leaned down to peck her on the lips and slowly drew back. It seemed as if the were the only two ponies on that land.

No matter how many times she played the scene in her head, there seemed to be a new element added to the story that she must've forgotten. Whether it was something in the setting or a certain emotion she felt or-

"Ow!" she cursed, rubbing her forehead that she smacked against the front door of her home. She had forgotten how close her house was from the doctor's. Grabbing the pamphlets from her arms while landing, she placed them under her wing and squeezed it tightly to her side. Breathing a sigh, she opened the door anticipating for a good rest. Only to her shock, for familiar ponies greeted her at the threshold.

"SURPRISE!" they all shouted. Her wings flickered out slightly in fright and pulled themselves back in to prevent the leaflets from falling out.

"Happy second year anniversary of joining THE WONDERBOLTS!" the pink mare squealed, throwing confetti in her face. "Did we surprise ya? Huhuhhuh?"

"Wait, how, what, uh," Rainbow spat out, her thoughts clouding her mind.

"I told you guys she would be surprised! I knew that today, this day, was your second anniversary of joining the Wonderbolts by this," Pinkie Pie explained, digging though her bag to pull out a book, "The day that you joined the Wonderbolts, I wrote it down because I knew that I would have to celebrate the anniversary parties and I wanted to know when to celebrate them. I mean, who ever heard of somebody celebrating something when it's not the right day?"

"Pinkie that…actually makes a lot of sense," Rainbow admitted, not even thinking about how they got into her place or, truthfully, even caring how they got into her place.

"I'm sorry that we couldn't make it last year," Twilight began, bringing her friend into her own home, "but I've finally come up with the perfect walking-on-clouds spell that will last for the rest of the day!" She turned to the sports pony, her voice lowered. "We know how busy you are in Cloudsdale, so we understand why it may not be the most lenient of times for you to come all the way down Ponyville."

"Wow, that's very sweet of you guys," she cooed, snapping back into her previous alarmed state, "But I-I can't have you guys over. Not right now, maybe we can-"

"I can't wait for you to open my present, darling," Rarity declared obliviously, "I think you'll just love it." The pallid unicorn slinked to Rainbow and whispered, "There are two spa tickets in this envelope. One for you and one for a dear friend, if you get my idea."

"Guys, really, I'd love for you to stay but-" Hold up. One, two, three, four ponies. "Where's Applejack?"

"She has a family reunion that she's packing up for," Fluttershy updated, playing with Tank, "The train will be leaving this afternoon, b-but she wishes you a happy anniversary and wishes that she could be here. She also left you this." Fluttershy handed her a small box with apple wrapping paper.

"Oh another family reunion?" Rarity interjected, drinking from the punch bowl that she carefully inspected (with no Gummy in sight), "Didn't she have one of those a few weeks back?"

"Yes, but t-this is for her other side of the family," Fulltershy clarified ducking her head somewhat.

"Back on topic," Twilight cut in, holding up a cup of juice, "Here's to Rainbow Dash! For two great years and many more to cherish!"

"Heh heh, yeah…" The lavender unicorn dropped her face lightly but returned to a smirk.

"Hey, where's that classic Rainbow confidence?"

"Oh it's here, somewhere," she nervously assured, compressing her wings firmer against her sides.

"Alright, enough chit-chat!" Pinkie exclaimed, popping out of the couch cushions, "Lets PAAAAAAR-TAY!" As the girls grouped around the record player and swayed to the music, Rainbow awkwardly stood in the middle. "C'mon, you call that dancing? Geesh my own grandmother can go better than that!"

"Actually, I'm kinda hungry," she blurted, racing to the party table. Anything to avoid moving too much. Although, the pastries looked very appetizing. Extremely appetizing. Boy, the Cakes have certainly outdone themselves this time.

"But Dashie, you always have the best moves!" complained Pinkie.

"You certainly aren't acting like yourself today," Twilight pointed out with concern.

"I'm fine, really!"

"I got it!" Pinkie proclaimed, holding up a scarf, "Pin the tail on the pony! You love that game, doncha Rainbow?" Covering her eyes and ignoring her protests, Pinkie began to tie the scarf as she reminisced. "You're the best at this game. Hey, remember when Twilight pinned the tail on the wrong wall? Or when Spike gave it a try and actually fell down the stairs? Poor little guy!" She broke into giggles as she braced her arms on Rainbow's shoulders. "Alright! Now that your blindfold is nice and secure, time to do my super-duper-trooper-loopty-doopty-Pinkie-style-spinner-winner!"

"Wait, Pinkie, n-" Wind filled her ears as she whirled. She heard the other ponies chant her name as she caught balance from the self-tornado she had trapped herself in. Stumbling over her legs from the lack of balance, she let out a yelp as she tripped on a piece of furniture. Her back crashed against the wall as she felt her wings pop open in alertness. There was an unmistakable sound of papers plummeting to the ground.

A/N: So… sorry that the doctor's visit sounded bogus. I've never had any experience with these things
Yes, some shipping. Yes, some character development and a teensy bit of angst. Plenty of friendship and family. Don't worry there'll be humor, too. Maybe some sappy moments...

Well, just read it and find out. :iconrdsoawesomeplz:

Chapter two: [link]
Three: [link]
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Five: [link]
Six: [link]
Seven: [link]
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Nine: [link]
Ten: [link]
Eleven: [link]
Twelve: [link]
Fourteen: [link]
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Chapter 2: Sit and Weight

Jake stirred awake, feeling his body still in its dragon form. He yawned and moved slowly, working the kinks out of his back. The mattress wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was better than the concrete floor.
It was the next day after the changes had first started. Jakes Grandfather had taken him down to the harbor and led him to a warehouse just inside the waterfront. Inside crates of all sizes had been stacked up to the ceiling, nearly filling the room save for a small office area which Jakes Grandfather had told him he’d be sleeping in.

“G, are you serious?” Jake had said at the time, falling back to his slang out of habit, “There isn’t even enough room to swing a skateboard, let alone stand up.”
“Do not worry young one,” Jakes Grandfather had noted patiently, “By the end of tomorrow, you won’t have to worry about sleeping in there. But you must swear to me, that no matter what happens, you will not leave this building until the changes are done.”
“Swear it.” Jakes Grandfather looked dead serious.
Jake sighed. “Alright I swear.”
“Good, Fu Dog will check on you now and then, and I’ll tell your friends you’ll be here. However, you might not want them seeing you soon.”
Jake looked like he was about to ask what his Grandfather meant. But the look that was returned to him said both ‘you’ll see in time’ and ‘don’t bother asking’. So Jake just closed his mouth and nodded.

Now it was the next day. Jake squeezed his larger size out of the small office area and stood up, looking at the boxes. There was a note on the nearest one. It looked like an order form at first, but Jakes dragon eyes picked up the magically written lines of writing on it as well. Fu’s work no doubt.
Hey Jake,
This ordeal is not going to be an easy one, though Gramps has said some dragons actually enjoy it. But for some reason he wont tell me why. Sometimes I think he acts all mysterious just to seem cool.
Anyway, all these boxes are part of the changes you’ll be going through. I can’t say much more, but Gramps told me to tell you to just relax and let what happens happen; you’ll be fine in the end. Maybe even better then before. But you just have to let your dragon body do what it wants to.
See you later kid. Enjoy.

Jake looked over the boxes stacked floor to ceiling, each maybe half his size.
“All these for me? Geez, I wonder what’s in them?”
Jake shrugged and figured he might as well see. Digging his claws into the nearest box, he ripped the top off. Instantly his nose was assaulted with the smell of sugar in all its forms. Inside the box seemed to be a form of every candy treat ever produced and every fattening snack food ever made.
Unsure what to make of it, Jake tore open another crate to discover the same contents. And the third after that was the same. In no time, Jake realized that every box in the whole room was filled with enough sweets to keep a town’s dentist in the black for years.
Jakes first inclination was to gag at so many sweets, but oddly enough his stomach rumbled slightly.
“Must be time for breakfast.” Jake muttered. But seeing as how he couldn’t leave the building, and the crates only offered junk food, Jake selected out a candy bar and bit into it. “Ugh, candy for breakfast.” he muttered.
But strangely enough, it wasn’t as bad as he had thought. So he took another piece of candy and chomped it down too. His mind wandered as he ate, wondering about the changes he’d be going through. Obviously the first was enhanced hunger if he could stomach candy for breakfast, but he couldn’t figure out why. It wouldn’t be much of an asset in the outside world.
Jake was suddenly brought up short in his musings as he found his clawed hand couldn’t reach the candy. Jake was shocked to discover that without thinking he’d eaten more than half the contents of the crate. But that shouldn’t have stopped him from being able to reach it. Jake reached further and then felt why.
His stomach was pressing against the side of the crate.
Pulling back, Jake stifled a yelp as his once toned dragon belly scales bowed outwards into a round gut as big as a beach ball. Jake hefted and poked and rolled it, but couldn’t get over the fact that it was all him. It was soft and smooth, his scales gently stretching over the rounded surface. And only the slightest creases showed at his sides signifying his new weight he carried in his gut.
Jake was just about to panic when he remembered what his Grandpa had said. The day after Tomorrow would be February 29th, the day when all magical creatures pooled their magic to turn back time. Jake couldn’t remember though if his Grandpa had said it would be turned back one day or more, but looking at all the crates of candy and feeling his stomach growl again, Jake reasoned that Gramps and Fu wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him.
So Jake grabbed an armful of candy and began exploring the warehouse while he munched on it. Thankfully, despite there not being much unoccupied by the boxes of junk food, Jake discovered a small portable TV some Guard must’ve left behind. It wasn’t perfect reception, but Jake dragged it back to the boxes and sat back to eat as he flipped around.

It was a couple hours later when Jake had to get up to pull another crate closer to keep going. He staggered a bit as he felt his legs had thickened out a good deal. His behind and tail too sagged with added rolls of flab that hung heavily off his body. He had even felt a second chin sagging down over his neck at this point.
So, as he dragged the crate back to where he’d been sitting. He was still feeling uncomfortable about this unnatural hunger, but he trusted his grandpa and Fu. So he sat back on the empty crate he’d been using as a seat… only to have it smashed to splintery bits under his new weight.
Jake sat up quickly. He wasn’t in any pain after that tumble, and he knew dragon scales couldn’t get splinters like human skin could. So over all he was ok. In fact such a drop had caused his whole body to shake all over, and Jake was a little confused and surprised to find it actually felt good.
Shaking his head (and causing more rolling motions in his flabby body) Jake pulled the TV closer and up ended a few crates nearby for more food.

The sun was low in the afternoon sky when Jake next came out of the trance of the situation. It happened when he realized he could no longer see the TV. It took a lot of effort to stand up this time, but it was obvious why when he finally got to his clawed feet.
Jake was huge.
His stomach hung past his knees, thick and covered in rolls of fat. His scales were stretched wide, but also saw that there were many layers of scales under them, taking up the space left between the stretched outermost layer. His thick legs were bigger around than his whole dragon body had been before all this. His arms were nearly as thick and sagged down almost to covering his fat claws. His rear was big enough to fill a park bench and his tail was, if anything, thicker than either his legs or arms and covered in rolls. His neck was thick with at least three extra chins and huge cheeks rolled down to rest where his shoulders used to be.
Jake felt like he should have felt mortified for his huge size, but somehow every movement at this size felt wonderful. He also knew that after sitting down next time he might not be able to stand. Surprisingly though, he found that the remainder of the crates had already been unwrapped and poured into this huge funnel like device that had a tube the stretched to near where he’d been sitting.
Jake found this a bit disturbing not to have noticed it. But then, with how out of it he’d been, he supposed Fu might have entered the building and set it up. With a deep blush he realized also that, if that was true, his friends might have visited him and he wouldn’t have noticed.
His stomach growled again, this time nearly matching a lion’s roar in volume. Jake blushed even more and dragged the large hose over to where he’d been sitting. The drop to the floor this time almost caused the whole building to shake, despite it being a concrete floor, and yet Jake didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. Jake lifted the hose to his mouth and enjoyed the weight and rubbing from all the flab on his arms as he stuck it in his, thanks to his massive cheeks and chins, seemingly tiny maw. The flow started almost at once and Jake just let himself dissolve into his increasing fat folds….

It was a while after the sun had set when Jake awoke this time, stars were just starting to appear in the sky as he looked up through the skylight over head.
Surprisingly close too.
Jake tried to move and found such a feat was impossible. His arms were buried in rolls somewhere along his sides, his legs weight down by untold tons of flab. Even his head wed held in place by numerous chins and cheeks bigger than the mattress he’d slept on the night before.
Jake tried to shift again and found he felt something rubbing the distant pars of hid form, and he realized with a start it was the walls of the warehouse! He was completely filling the whole building!
That thought sent him over the edge; his mind reeled at thoughts of being to massive. It’s hard to say what happened to Jake from such a realization, especially since he didn’t know himself and nobody else was present. But near as can be known, he literally passed out again from the feelings coming from such a massively huge and flab filled body.
And as Jake lay unconscious, the clock passed midnight and his dragon body shifted gears, preparing for the next step of this change…

End Part 2
Supprise! ^_^
Been a long time comming but I finaly got off my ass and finished this chapter. This is the one I'm sure most of you have been 'weight'ing for. The Weight Gain chapter of this little series.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, while it doesn't matter which you readers visualize, I visualize Jake from the first season of the show. His dragon form looked a lot better then in my opinion. But again, you readers pick which of the two you like better. I just thought I should say it so you might see it how I saw it when I wrote the story.
Feel free to compare here if you want.
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TF High Chapter 16: Howling Mad

"ABSOLUTLY NOT!" Coach Grey yelled as he stood in the school's doorway. "I can't let any unauthorized persons on school ground!, "But it's of the utmost importance that we talk to Principle Miller right away!" Peggy replied. "No can do, unless you're a student or faculty I can't let you in without an appointment!" Coach Grey said for what had been about the 5th time in the last 10 minutes. "But Miss. Perkins wouldn't make an appointment for us, couldn't you jus…" "Let me handle this Peggy" Brandi interrupted, "Now look here you sorry excuse for a substitute! The transformations here are getting worse and worse, and you won't be able to stop them if we don't talk to Miss Miller, so why don't you just back off and…"

"NO, no one gets in without an appointment", Coach Grey started again "Now scram before I…", "That's quite enough MrRrr. Grey!" said a authoritative, and rather annoyed sounding, voice from behind Coach Grey. Turning round the group found themselves looking at the half lioness like form of Principle Miller. "Let them through, I've learned to listen more to Miss Hound after recent events, if she knows something I would like too as well. Well come on now you two to my office."

"But, But Principle Miller, this is extremely against standard protocol, they haven't even filed an appointment request yet!" "Well then you can take care of it for them? Rrrright?!?" "Right Ma'am…" Coach Grey replied, as she and the two girls began walking down the hall. Coach Grey turned and started walking towards the office.

Walking down the halls during class was a nice break; the constant outbreak of tranformees was beginning to strain him. He really cared about these students but he was just not the man he use to be, not as young, or fast or strong. Finally reaching the office he walked up to Jenny Perkins' desk. "I need a appointment form." He said gruffly. "How do you ask?" Perkins asked ask she pulled her thick eye glasses to the end of her nose in order to look up at Coach Grey, the same way a movie librarian would.

"May I have a form?" Coach Grey asked again. "Say please" Miss Perkins replied. "Please…" Coach Grey hissed. "Here you are." Miss Perkins said as she past him the paper, but seeming to catch something and grabbed at his hand. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Coach Grey demanded. "I'm sorry it's just I read palms as a hobby, and yours is very interesting." "For goodness sake let go!" Coach Grey ordered. "Fine don't let me warn you about the danger." "Please I don't believe in that hocus pocus. Now if you'll excuse me I have a form to fill out." Coach Grey said as he began to walk away, but even as he did so he heard Miss Perkins call after him, "Beware the changing moon, Beware!"

It took several hours for Coach Grey to finish the form, it was getting dark by the time he had finished most of it. "This is exactly why I didn't get into office work." He said to himself, as he stood up to stretch. "Finally done, I guess I should turn this in though I expect Jenny has already gone ho…" There was a sudden metallic sounding crash from outside, "What the hell was that?" Rushing out side Coach Grey finds a toppled trash can in the faint, cloud covered, moonlight. Trash covers the ground and the can itself seems fairly well dented by the fall.

"Dang vandals" Coach Grey says as he begins picking up the trash. A wrapper here, a bottle there, suddenly he hears a rustle in the bushes behind him. He jumps up "WHO'S THERE?!?" He asks. There is no reply, walking towards the bush Coach Grey calls out again, "Who's there?" There is still no reply, though the bush shakes again. Upon reaching the bush Coach Grey suddenly shoots his arm inside to try and capture the Vandal but instead is met with a bite from a pair of sharp canine fangs.

He yells in pain as he pulls his now bloody hand back, and stumbles back into the open, he clinches his hand to try and stop the bleeding, but it is of little use in the pale light. Suddenly the clouds begin to part, and the full moon is now visible. As the new light illuminates the area more and more, Coach Grey begins to feel the pain lessening more and more, but even so he knows something is not right.

Looking at his hand he understands what is wrong. The area that had once been a bloody wolf bite was now covered in thickening grey fur. "What the hell?!?" Coach Grey yells as the fur begins to spread across his now changing arm and hand. His fingers become more paw like as the nails thicken into a set of black claws. His arm muscles begin so swell as the fur reached his torso. As it spreads his body begins to reform into that of a well tuned hybrid his muscles grow, his heart races, and bones shift into a half canine fashion.

Coach Grey could not think clearly, not so much due to pain, though that was a big factor, but more due to the shock of it. His spine began to shift one segment after the other, as it took a more canine shape, and upon reaching the bottom a new tail began to grow causing his seat pants to finally rip. The fur had covered his now muscular legs and clawed foot-paws. The fur began crawling up his neck to his head, as it covered his face it began to push out cause him to crouch down clutching it in pain.     

Coach Grey felt his new muzzle form as the pain slowly faded, looking up to the moon he found himself giving out an uncontrollable howl, which lasted several minutes before he finally dashed off to with the impulse to begin his hunt…

The following morning at Travis Fortmasion High school, the students were surprised to find a half wolf coach Grey sleeping in the gymnasium with a rabbit leg still sticking out of his mouth. "Coach Grey?" Chester asked as he tried to wake him, "Coach Grey Are you okay?" Coach Grey woke, his eyes still adjusting to the light. "Oh hello Chester" he said dropping the leg from his mouth. "Coach Grey what happened to you?" Chester asked. "Oh nothing serious just one hell of a night, don't worry about it though it should only be a problem every month or so." "Well," Chester began again, "at least you'll have a great look for the Halloween party, is there anything I can do for you?" "Yes, yes there is." Coach Grey said as he sat up. "Well what is it?" Chester asked. "Could you please go get me some pants?" Coach grey Replied.

Well like teacher like student I guess, I'll see you next time on TF High…
This has a light Halloween theme for the month. It's arguably the most classic TF of the bunch, and deals with the Coach Grey character.

This TF was mainly influenced by my brothers favorite animal so I think it's fair it I dedicate it to him.

I hope you enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween!

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"Well, I don't see you making that long walk down to Sugarcube Corner!"

Big Macintosh still had Caramel's words in his head even as he worked harder to ignore them. It was not that Caramel was wrong. Mac wanted to ask Pinkie Pie out for a while now, but he never quite figured out how. At least that excuse satisfied him until today. He knew how to ask Pinkie out on a date. The problem was that he could never think of an excuse to go and ask her out. He tried offering to take the Cakes their daily apple shipment, but Applejack would always insist on it so she could visit with Pinkie for a bit. Mac would never deny his little sister any chance to spend time with her friends, and seeing her leave the farm occasionally to have fun was always welcome.

Today was different. If Caramel could pony up and bring himself to ask Applejack out, then he should be able to do the same. 'I'll go one this fence is finished,' he promised himself. He was content to content to allow himself this excuse and for a while, he forgot all about Pinkie. That did not last long when Applejack arrived.

"Hey where's Caramel?"

"Ain't here."

"Well ah can see that," Applejack said, "Ya know where he is now?"

"Nope," Mac said, "I sent him off to find you cause he had something he needed to ask ya."

Applejack shifted nervously, "Yeah that's why ah'm here. Just making sure I heard him right. Kind of an odd question wasn' it?"

"You're an awful liar, sis," Mac said, "I ain't telling you. You just get the question from Caramel."

"Fine," Applejack said, "He's probably in his room readin' or somethin'."

"Eeyup," said Mac and continued working on the fence smiling as his sister left in search for Caramel.

Mac let out a heavy sigh, "Well, ah've put it off for long enough." Before he could change his mind, he began walking towards Sugarcube Corner. The warm summer sun along with a cool breeze did wonders to dry his coat, but he knew that arriving to ask Pinkie out smelling of work would be a bad idea. 'Fine. I'll take a quick bath, but ah'm doin' this.'

The walk back to the house was not long, and Mac kept going through his mind about what he would tell Pinkie. He was never one for jokes or even small talk, but the quiet stallion knew that Pinkie would carry the conversation. Mac laughed to himself, "If conversations were bricks, that pony could carry the world on her back."

His returned to Caramel and his challenge. Mac's thought went back to when he told Caramel about his feelings for Pinkie.

Caramel and Mac worked the fields as usual, but that day was slower going than normal. Small talk made the work go smoother.

"It's a hot one today, ain't it Mac?"


Caramel and Mac continued their fieldwork in silence once more. Caramel sighed, "You know Mac, I don't mind working with you, but you really need to work on your conversation skills." The brown stallion kicked a rock to the side, "Did Applejack have fun at Pinkie's party?"


"That can't be the only thing you say, Mac. I have an idea. Is there anypony that you have your eye on?"


Caramel laughed, "Ok, now who is it?"

Mac continued to till the soil, but he stopped a few feet further ahead, "Pinkie."

"What was that?"

Mac let out a small sigh, "Pinkie Pie."

"Really? You know, I would thought that-"

"Don't say it."

"What? I just thought that-"




"No need to get mad. I'm just saying that you're both quiet, and I've heard ponies mention that you would make a cute couple."

Mac groaned, "Look, ah'm not saying that ah don' like her. She's friendly and all, but I don' think that we'd be as good a fit as ponies think. Ah mean, whatever happened to 'opposites attract'?"

Mac shook his head to get rid of the memories. He was unable to convince Caramel that he was not interested in Fluttershy as more than a friend, but Mac was undeterred. Today he would ask Pinkie Pie out.

Nearing the Apple Family home, Mac saw his baby sister, Applebloom, playing in a mud puddle. The large stallion, quite adept at stealth, snuck up to his sister and playfully knocked her over.


Mac had a good laugh as his sister flailed about in the mud, but he still gave her a helping hoof.

"Mac," Applebloom sputtered, "What's the big idea?"

"Sorry, sis. Ah couldn' help mahself. Ya ain't hurt now are you?"

Applebloom shook her coat and mane as clean as best she could, and she made certain that she got mud on Macintosh. "There. Serves ya right."

"Ah guess so." The two enjoyed a laugh, "Alright sis, we should get you fed. I hafta get cleaned up. Got some business to take care of in Ponyville."

The yellow filly's ears perked up, "What kinda business?"

"Somethin' important over at Sugarcube Corner, and before you ask, ah'm sorry but you can't come."

The filly sat down in the dirt, "Aww why not?"

The red stallion put his sister onto his back and entered the house. As they entered the kitchen, he placed Applebloom on the table. He grabbed a washcloth and began to wash the some of the mud off the filly. Mac smiled at his sister, "Sorry, but this won't be much fun for ya. You know that if I could take ya, I would."

Applebloom took the washcloth and tossed it into the hamper. She nodded and said, "Ok big brother. Don't worry 'bout makin' me anything ta eat."

Before Mac could say anything, Applebloom was out the door. Within moments, he heard the familiar sound of the filly jumping back into the mud puddle. Macintosh found it cute and enjoyed a chuckled at his sister's fun.

He entered the bathroom and filled the tub. Sitting down, he was expecting to get cleaned up quickly. That is until his eyes caught sight of a pink hairbrush.

That hairbrush was his birthday gift from Pinkie Pie the year before. He was working the fields as usual, but this year the rest of his family had to take a trip to Fillydelphia to settle a shipping dispute. Mac did not mind, so he set to work plowing the fields to get them ready for planting later that week. He worked most of the morning in quiet comfort when a soft but distinct hopping sound could be heard. Not even bothering to stop he simply said, "Mornin' Pinkie."

"Gosh, Big Mac, I can never sneak up to you." The pink pony kept hopping toward the quiet stallion and stopped right in front of him. "What're you doing?"

"Just getting the ground ready, so when Applejack gets back from Fillydelphia we can get the saplings planted."

"I see. Need any help?"

"I appreciate the offer Pinkie, but it's simple work. Something to take mah mind off of being a year older." Within moments, he realized his mistake, though it could be said that it was intentional.

Pinkie Pie jumped into the air, stayed there longer than she should have, and dove into Mac, "Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?"

"It's no big deal. I just don' wanna fuss ponies."

A sharp gasp escaped Pinkie, "No big deal? It certainly is a big deal. We need to make you a birthday party!" Before Mac could utter a word of protest, Pinkie had pulled a large satchel from, somewhere. She smiled at Mac, "Don't you worry. I got it all under control. It's a good thing I keep emergency party supplies one me at all times."

"About that. Just where do you keep those supplies?"

Pinkie tilted her head, "I don't understand. Anyway, I'll get everything set up in the barn. Be there in one hour." She placed her face up to Mac's, "One hour." She then took off in a pink streak to the barn and both doors slammed shut behind her.

'I sure wish I could have told her that I don't have a watch. I'll just finish up this patch. That should take about an hour.' Mac quietly continued his work plowing the field, but his mind was on the pink pony that had given up whatever plans she had to make a party for him. It was a touching gesture and he certainly did not want to be rude.

He finished the plowing faster than it should have taken, and he slowly made his way to the barn.

'Should I knock? It's my barn, but what if Pinkie's still getting everything ready?'

Still staring at the barn door trying to figure out what to do he said, "I guess y'all are done decorating?"

"Shoot! I thought I had you." Pinkie began to open the door and stopped, "How do you always catch me?"

Mac smiled, "It's a secret."

"Aww, tell me. Please."

Mac looked into those blue eyes and felt his heart melt. He shook his head and gave up, "If'n you really wanna know, I can smell ya. You always smell like sweets."

Pinkie stared at Mac, "So you can smell me coming?"


Pinkie smelled herself, but she stopped when Mac nudged her.

"Ah didn' say you stink or smell bad. It's like that friend a yours, Rarity. I can smell her too, but she always smells like perfume or something fancy that doesn' seem to fit here. You smell like cakes and treats, and it's a nice smell. Ah didn' mean any offense, and ah apologize if ah did."

Pinkie smiled, "No need to be sorry." She threw the barn doors open, "Now let's party!"

Mac walked inside the barn and was awed. The entire barn was decorated with banners, balloons, and there even was a birthday cake for him. He slowly walked inside and could not help tear up over the kind gesture from this pony that he did not know well.

"Thank you."

Pinkie smiled, "Don't mention it! It's what friends are for. Now let the fun begin!"

The party itself was a blur in Mac's memory, and the only thing that stood out was the pink pony. It was only Mac and Pinkie Pie there, and a few times she asked if he was bored. He tried to assure her that he was having the most fun that he could remember, and she took him at his word. She was able to get him to dance with her, but in the back of Mac's mind, he knew that this could not last.

Sure enough, Pinkie began to clean up, but Mac stopped her. Her warm smile made him feel like a million bits, and she gave him a box. It was not wrapped, and she apologized that she did not have time to find a good present.

Mac took the box telling her that he would be happy with whatever was in there. He opened it and saw the hairbrush. He began laughing and was soon joined by Pinkie.

"Whattcha thinkin' bout big brother?"

Snapping back to the present, Mac found himself still in the tub and his baby sister looking at him curiously. He smiled, "Just lettin' mah mind wander. Can ya pass me that towel?"

"Sure thing. Ah just came in cause the girls want to try a little crusadin' before dinner." She placed the towel next to the tub and left the bathroom.

Mac quickly finished getting cleaned up and dried himself. He slowly made his way out of the house, and walked even slower towards the entrance to the farm. Upon reaching the Sweet Apple Acres entrance, he realized that in a way this was a point of no return. He could turn around and get back to work, or keep walking down that road to ask out a pony that might not even be interested in him.

In the space of a few moments, he began walking towards Ponyville. His mind was set, and he would see this through. Anxiousness caused him to want to increase his speed, but he kept to a walk for fear of arriving smelling of sweat.

He arrived at the town limits, and he felt relieved that there were not many ponies out and about. Having made many deliveries to Sugarcube Corner, he knew the way and arrived just as ponies finished their lunches. 'Seems like ah'll be able to talk to Pinkie alone,' he thought with relief.

Quickly scanning the room, he saw Pinkie wiping down a counter. He walked slowly up to her and said, "Afternoon Pinkie. Can ah have some pie?"

Pinkie smiled, "Absolutely! What kind do you want? We have apple, peach, cherry, razzleberry, blueberry, lemon, key lime, cheesecake. You know it's funny that cheesecake is called a cake but you make it like a pie. I mean, a pie is crust, filling crust, right? And cake is frosting, cake, and whatever gets burned by the pan. Cheesecake doesn't do that. It's just super yummy filling and crust. So what can I get for you?"

"Ah'll have a slice of cheesecake if ya don' mind."

"One slice of cheesecake coming up." Pinkie hopped into the kitchen and returned with a plate. She cute a slice of cheesecake and poured some milk into a glass. "There you go. You know it's funny that ponies call cheesecake a cake even though you make it like a pie."

Mac nodded and took a bite out of the cheesecake. "This is mighty good, Pinkie. You make this yourself?"

Pinkie blushed, "Yeah, I made the pies this morning, but what I really want to do is bake some of the tougher recipes." She sat down, grabbed a fork, and took a bite from Mac's cheesecake. "There are some really good recipes that the Cakes use on special occasions, and I'd really like to try making some. I know I can do it." She looked at Mac, "What do you think?"

The quiet stallion took a breath and said, "Well, ah reckon that if'n you keep workin' hard, the Cakes will see that you deserve a chance to come up with some new recipes that they can use."

"But, I never said anything about-"

"Ya didn' have to. Ah can tell. Ya wanna be a baker and try creating new treats for ponies to enjoy." He put a hoof on Pinkie's shoulder, "Just give it some time, and ah know you'll get your chance."

Pinkie blushed and looked down on the plate, "Oh no! I ate your cake! I'm so super-duper sorry. I'll get you another slice."

"Don' worry about it, Pinkie. If it bothered me, ah would've stopped you."

"So you're not mad?"

"Nope." Mac took a drink from his glass, "There's a reason why ah came over. There's something ah need to ask you."

Pinkie pulled up a stool and sat down, "Sure Mac. What's up?"

Mac cleared his throat, "Ah was wondering if you had any plans for tonight."

Pinkie giggled, "Do I look like a pony with a plan?" She looked up, "Do I have any plans? Hmm, I don't think so." She shook her head and smiled, "Nope. No plans."

"Good cause ah was wondering if you would like to go to dinner with me tonight."

"Like, a date?"


Pinkie looked up and tapped her chin with a hoof, "Hm." She looked at Mac who was sitting quietly. She looked up again and said a bit louder, "Hmmm." Once again, she looked at the stallion who remained as loud as a statue. She tapped her chin harder and said loudly, "Hmmmmmm." Pinkie turned to Mac, "You're just going to wait until I answer aren't you?"

"Ah got all day, and you're worth waitin' on."

Pinkie blushed, "Gee, thanks. Ok it's a date!" She stood up and looked around, "What do we do now?"

"What do ya mean?"

"I mean do we shake hooves or hug?"

Mac laughed, "Ah'll take a hug, but only if ya'll are comfortable with it. Ain' about ta force you to do something ya don' want to."

"Thanks Mac!" Pinkie leaned over the counter and gave Mac a small hug. "What do you have planned for right now?"

"Haven't thought that far ahead. Ah was too worried that you would turn me down to think of anything."

"You were worried?"


"Aww! Okay then. We just need to think up something to do until dinner."

"Don't you have work to do here first?"

Pinkie took Mac's glass and placed it on the counter behind her, "Not really. The lunch rush is done. Right now, I would look for Dashie or Fluttershy. Usually Dashie since she's harder to find."

"For the challenge, right?"

"Exactly!" Pinkie leaned into the kitchen and yelled, "Mr. Cake, Big Macintosh asked me out on a date. Can I take the rest of the day off?"

Though thought to be impossible, Mac turned noticeably redder.

A hearty laugh emerged from the kitchen, "Sure thing Pinkie. Have fun."

Pinkie walked around the counter and stared at Mac, "Are you alright? You look, redder."

Mac cleared his throat, "Eeyup. I'm fine. Uh, so what would you like to do?"

"I dunno. Let's just see what the day brings. Sound good?"

Mac smiled, "Eeyup."

Pinkie gave Mac a hug and stretched a leg out to the distance, "Adventure awaits!"

"Let's just start with a walk."

"Okie dokie."

The two ponies left Sugarcube Corner, and before they could pick a direction, Pinkie began bouncing to the south.

'Looks like ah'll have mah hooves full,' Mac thought to himself. He ran up behind Pinkie, lowered his head, and scooped the pink pony onto his back. Mac laughed as Pinkie squealed.

"Wee! Okay Mac, lead the way."

The red stallion decided to take a stroll throughout Ponyville. He enjoyed the feeling of Pinkie Pie lying on his back, and he wanted to treat her to a great day.

Their first stop was a flower vendor. Mac smiled at the pony, "Howdy Lilly."

She smiled at the pair and said, "Hello Macintosh. Care for some roses?"

"No thanks. How about some wildflowers?"

"Are you sure?"

"Eeyup." Mac placed some bits on the stall and lifted a small bouquet of wildflowers to Pinkie.

"Ooh, pretty." She sniffed the flowers and added, "Are they for me?"


"Oh thanks Mac." Pinkie grabbed the flowers and jumped off of Mac's back. "I can walk."

The two continued their walk through Ponyville, and soon found themselves near Carousel Boutique. Sweetie Belle was sitting on a bench drawing a picture. Pinkie hopped up to the filly, "Hey Sweetie Belle! What're you drawing?"

The filly looked up at Pinkie, "Hey Pinkie. I'm just doing a drawing of Scootaloo and Applebloom. I think it's coming out pretty good." She slid the picture over to Pinkie.

Pinkie looked at the drawing and said, "It looks good."

Mac grabbed the picture and turned it right side up.

Pinkie laughed, "Ooh. Oops."

Sweetie Belle glared at Pinkie and took the drawing back, "So what are you and Big Mac doing?"

"Oh we're just wasting time until dinner."

"Pinkie ah'm not sure you wanna say that so loudly."

"Why's that Mac? What's the worst that could happen? I mean we're just waiting for our date."

Mac immediately brought a hoof to his face because he knew that within moments a white unicorn would rush out of the boutique and begin to ask them about their date. To his surprise, Rarity did not exit the boutique. He let out a sigh of relief and turned around only to wind up facing Rarity.

"Did I just hear somepony say something about a date?"

Pinkie hopped next to Mac, "Hiya Rarity! Yup, Mac asked me out to dinner, so we're just waiting until it's time to eat."

Rarity smiled at the two, "Well, this is simply wonderful. I for one thought that you and Fluttershy would be a better fit, but who am I to question matters of the heart? It chooses who it will."

Mac cleared his throat, "Well, it was nice talking to you Rarity, but ah reckon that we should-"

"Nonsense! I must hear about the whirlwind courtship that must be occurring right now." Rarity turned to Sweetie Belle, "Oh that's a lovely drawing. Scootaloo and Applebloom are coming along nicely, but could you do me a favor and set some tea out for Pinkie and Macintosh?"

"Sure thing, sis." The filly hopped off the bench and trotted inside towards the kitchen.

Once Sweetie Belle was out of sight Rarity leaned to Pinkie and Mac, "To be quite honest, they look like blobs, but I learned to guess from the colors she uses." She levitated the drawing, "Another masterpiece for the wall."

"I thought you didn't like it."

"Pinkie, whether I like it or not is irrelevant. What matters is that I don't stifle her creativity. Our parents encouraged me to pursue my passion, and I intend to make certain that Sweetie Belle has the same opportunity. Please, come in."

Mac let out a quiet sigh and followed Pinkie inside. He was grateful that Pinkie was there to carry the conversation, or so he thought.

Once the new couple sat at the table, Rarity turned to Mac, "Tell me, just when did you fall for Pinkie?"

"Last year on my birthday."

Rarity leaned closer, "And?"

Mac glanced at Pinkie who was also eager to hear the story. "It was when Pinkie threw the birthday party for me."

Pinkie tapped her chin with a hoof, "Party?"

"Ah don' expect you to remember, Pinkie. It was just one out of many parties you had."

"Nonononono. This is important." Pinkie jumped up, "Now I remember! You were working the field and I threw you a party in the barn."

Rarity giggled, "What kind of party Pinkie?"

"Oh pretty standard one. There were balloons, streamers, and Mac even danced with me."

"Macintosh? That Macintosh danced with you?"

"Yup, and boy was it tough to get him to. He just sat there. I thought he was bored."

"Pinkie ah wasn't bored. I'm just not used to spending time with ponies, and it was a lot of fun dancin' with ya."

"I still need to get you a better gift."

"No need. I still have the brush."

Pinkie blushed, "You still do?"

Mac smiled, "Eeyup."

Rarity took a sip of tea, "Tell me Macintosh, what spurred you to ask Pinkie out?"

"Caramel sorta challenged me to do it on account that ah kept draggin' mah heels. Ah reckon right now he already told Applejack how he feels about her."

Rarity squealed, "Caramel likes Applejack? Oh, that's so adorable. It seems everypony is finding love." She put a hoof to her cheek, "Will I ever find love?"

"Ah think ya will, Rarity. It just takes finding somepony that makes you feel really special."

Rarity smiled and suddenly squealed again, "Ooh, idea! Macintosh, I am going to have to ask you to leave and return in a few hours." She turned to Pinkie, "I have to get you ready for your date."

"Aww. I wanted to hang out with Mac."

"I know Pinkie, but this is your first date. We must ensure that it is perfect." Rarity smiled at Macintosh, "Please go down to the café in the town square and get a table for tonight. I imagine that by the time you return, Pinkie will be ready for your date."

Mac nodded slowly, "If you say so, Rarity. This ok with you Pinkie?"

Pinkie smiled, "It's ok. I'll see you later!"


Mac left the boutique and slowly walked to the town square to the café. He gave the hostess a warm smile, "Afternoon. I would like to reserve a table for two tonight."

The hostess smiled, "Certainly. Under what name?"


The hostess wrote down on a sheet of paper, "Very well. I have a table for you at five this evening. Is that alright?"

"That's fine."

"Wonderful. I will see you tonight."

Mac nodded and made his way back to the boutique. The clock tower read half past four, so Mac hurried his pace. When he arrived, Rarity was outside, and when she moved to the side, Mac was floored.

Pinkie was wearing a pinkie candy themed dress. It had a glimmer to it that gave it the appearance of powdered sugar. Rarity managed to style her mane and made her makeup subtly. However, none of that mattered since all Mac could think while looking at Pinkie was, gorgeous.

"Well, I know that Macintosh approves," Rarity said with a giggle. She gently nudged Pinkie toward the red stallion, "Now go on you two, and have a great time."

"Thanks Rarity. Let's go Mac." Pinkie began hopping towards the square.

Rarity was about to protest but Mac stopped her.

"Shouldn't try and change her too much. Ah didn' fall for Pinkie cause of a dress." He smiled at Rarity and ran to catch up to Pinkie.

"Pinkie, are you comfortable?"

"Yeah, it's just that I don't dress up that often. Do you like it?"

"You're beautiful, Pinkie. I thought so before I asked you out."

Pinkie blushed and leaned against Mac, and the two arrived at the café.

The hostess smiled at them, "Apple? Party of two?"


"Right this way please."

Pinkie and Mac were seated at a small table that had a lit candle. The hostess levitated a menu to Mac, "Whenever you're ready sir."

Mac looked over the menu nervously. His worry that he would order something that Pinkie would not like was clear.

Pinkie put a hoof on his, "Just order whatever. Trust me, I'll eat it and love it." She gave him a large grin.

Mac relaxed, "Ok Pinkie." He turned to the hostess, "Ah'll have a large order of hay fries, and mah friend-"

"Date," Pinkie interrupted sticking her tongue out at him.

Mac smiled, "Eeyup. Mah date will have the seasonal fruit salad, and could you add the apple-honey sauce?"

"Of course. If you'll excuse me?" The hostess gathered the menus and went to the kitchen.

"Mac," Pinkie said quietly, "Are you sure you want to get me that salad? Fluttershy told me about this place when Rarity treated her to lunch once, and she said it was really expensive."

Mac smiled, "Don' worry bout it Pinkie. You are worth every bit."

"Thanks Mac, but I don't want you to spend so much on me. I'm not used to it."

The waiter arrived with their drinks, and Mac raised his glass, "Well then, here's to two farm ponies. Simple things bring us the most joy."

Pinkie nodded and lifted her glass, "Yup. There is nothing better than making ponies happy."

They both took a sip from their glasses. "Looks like the foods ready."

Sure enough, the waiter arrived with both plates, "Enjoy." The waiter bowed his head and returned to the kitchen.

"This looks so yummy. Thank you Mackie."

Mac smiled, "You're welcome Pinkie." He chuckled, "Can't think of a good nickname for ya."

"That's ok. Some ponies don't have the knack for it."

"Don't make me call you Di," Mac said before he was hit with a cherry.

"My sister Inkie used to call me that."

"Then ah think we found your new nickname," Mac said with a smile.

"Call me that again and you're gonna be wearing this salad." Pinkie's eyes narrowed.

"Whatever you say…"

Pinkie slowly picked up her plate.

Mac smiled, "Pinkie."

Pinkie laughed, "I don't need a nickname anyway. Pinkie is just fine."


Both ponies ate their meals in silence, and Mac settled the check. The walk back to Sugarcube Corner was quiet.

"I need to help the Cakes close up, but I had a really good time."

"Me too Pinkie."

Pinkie turned to enter the store, but she was stopped by Mac.

"Pinkie, will it be alright if I were to see you again?"

Pinkie smiled, "I'd love to."

Mac nodded, "May I give you a kiss goodbye?"

Pinkie's heart fluttered, "Uh, sure." She closed her eyes and lightly pursed her lips. Her face flushed red when she felt Mac kiss her on her cheek. She opened her eyes and gently rubbed her cheek. "Thank you Mac."

"I'll stop by tomorrow, and we can go to lunch. I think ah'll treat you to a home cooked meal." He nodded and turned to return to Sweet Apple Acres.

Pinkie entered Sugarcube Corner, and she did not hear the Cakes' questions about her date. She slowly made her way upstairs to get her apron, but all the way up there, she was trying to figure out what she was feeling.

She recognized the feeling. She was happy. Except this was a new kind of happy. This was not a fresh baked batch of cupcakes happy. Or even throwing a friend a surprise party happy. It was not even 'falling down the stairs and finding some bits on the bottom step' kind of happy.

All Pinkie knew as she placed her hoof to her cheek was that she never wanted this new kind of happiness to fade away.
This is my stab at Pinkie Pie/Big Mac ship. I'm fairly happy with it.

This is perhaps the first time I used a flashback, two in fact, and I think I did them fairly well.

This story goes along with "Down Manehattan" It can be found here: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro (c)
Words are mine.
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I wake up blinded by the sunlight
Only to realize absence of life's delight
Everyone yearning for brightness
In this place enclosed in darkness

The piercing pain,
The woeful cries
The thirst for greater wealth
To achieve a better health

Families tenuous of starvation
Parents and children seeking direction
Each district secretly wanting insurrection
Against the Capitol's greedy agitation

Iridescent competition for survival created,
Controlling life for entertainment started
All of us longing for an end to this rapture
No longer wanting to suffer from this seizure

This dystopia encased in obscurity
Residents being absorbed by vanity
Can this really be reality?
Why is it devoured in catastrophe?
What caused us to give birth to human bestiality?
This is a poem I made a month ago for English class, which is dedicated to the trilogy, "The Hunger Games," written by Suzanne Collins.
It is according to Katniss Everdeen's perspective.
I just thought I'd share it here on dA since I never use my blogspot anymore xD...

~I wrote this while listening to Epik High :3
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New Life part 4

There were only two days left before school would start. I had spent the last couple days hanging out with my friends and getting used to my new body. It finally felt completely natural to me. Seeing myself in the mirror was no longer a shock. I was even getting used to being tall, which was quite a surprise considering I was two feet taller than I used to be.
After getting ready, I decided it was time to finally start showing myself to people. I would start with my friends' parents.
I sauntered over to the house phone. Before I could even pick it up, it rang. It was, amazingly, Burning Hope High School. I listened to the recording. Apparently it had been decided that "in light of recent events, Burning Hope High School will furthermore be known simply as Hope High School." Also, the first week back would be special. Each day we would get to wear something different; apparently they wanted to try to lighten the mood of the first few days. The first day was Costume Day. After all, it wasn't long after Halloween, so it seemed appropriate. After that, there was Pajama Day, School Spirit Day, Mismatched Day, and Hat Day. I thought that was a crazy lineup. Then I realized that I just got a call from the school. Only students still on the roster got calls. Apparently, they hadn't taken off the presumed dead off the roster. I hung up the phone, cutting off announcements about progress reports and other things we had been talking about before the accident.
I forgot about calling friends until the phone rang. It was Mark.
"Yo! What's up?" I asked casually.
"You get the school message?"
"Yeah. Apparently I'm still on the roster at the moment."
He laughed. "Just what we need at school. Dead people walking. Anyway, I had a couple thoughts. One, you should show yourself to my parents, and maybe even Matt's and Chris's. Two, you will fit right in come Monday if people actually wear costumes!"
I tried to suppress a laugh and ended up snorting.
"You know, showing myself to the gang's parents wouldn't be such a bad idea. Actually, I was going to suggest that."
"Great minds think alike." He laughed evilly.
"Hey, think you could round everybody up at your house at, say, 1:00?"
"Sure. Can your mom come?"
"No, she's out shopping."
"Well, ok then. I'll see you at 1."
"See ya!"
I listened for a moment as the phone clicked. Then I hung up also. I checked my watch. It was noon already. I went up half a flight of carpeted stairs to a large room placed above the garage. I used it as my game room. I went over to the old TV sitting on a ledge. I turned it on along with my Xbox 360, and popped Halo 3 in. I sat down on a blue recliner, moving my tail around to get comfortable. I started playing Campaign with a few skulls on.
I checked my watch as I died for the 7th time. It was 12:36. Since it was about a five to ten minute flight to Mark's, I decided to make my way there and get there early to hide myself.
I walked outside and took off. Flying was rapidly becoming easier and faster for me, but it was no less fun than when I first flew. I delighted in feeling the air blowing by me, the sun on my scales, and the spectacular view on this clear sunny day.
I saw Mark's house below me, and went straight down, dive-bombing at what had to be at least a hundred and eighty miles per hour. I loved straight dives- it's quite the rush.
I straightened out at the last second and touched down in the yard. Mark was already waiting for me. I checked my watch- 12:40. It was a new record for me.
"Hey, my parents are already inside. Everyone else is on their way, and will be here on time. I already briefed my parents, but I didn't tell them that you are a dragon now."
"Thanks, you're a lifesaver man," I said, gratitude infusing my voice.
"No problem. You'd do the same if it was me. And you know what I just realized?"
"You're voice is only a little deeper and rougher than it was before."
"You just realized that?" I said dryly.
"Yup," he said, turning to go inside. "You should wait in the garage. I'll come get you when it's time."
I nodded affirmation when he looked at me for a response. We went our separate ways. The day was surprisingly warm, about 70 or so degrees, so Mark's garage door was already open. "Airing out," would be his dad's term. I went in and sat in the shadows. I sat cross-legged and began to meditate. I tuned out the world around me.
It didn't feel like very long before I heard Mark call, "Kyle, get in here!"
I stood up. I looked toward the open door, a rectangle of light.
"People," I called, "Please do not scream when you see me."
"Just get up here Kyle!" I heard Mark's dad shout. He sounded impatient.
I stepped into the light.
Part 4.

It's time to start revealing myself to the world.
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    I do not own the rights to any of the characters that appear in my little story. Now I do not claim I can tell a story nearly as well as J.K. Rowling (if I could I'd be a millionaire). The best I can do is all I can offer. I hope that you will be entertained.

Harry Potter
And The
Mists Of Avalon Pt. 3

           Story: Kim West                                     
           Editing: Autumn Winters

     A new day begins as we enter Diagon Alley, a marketplace for witches and wizards.  It is a magical world of wonder, delight, and sometimes danger. You see there are things lurking within the shadows. Things that are both nasty and terrible. They have escaped from the wizard prison known as Azkaban. No, these are not mere prisoners who escaped; these are dementors, my friends. Vile creatures that torment prisoners by taking all positive spirit and hope away, and can swallow your very soul leaving you worse than dead. This is known as "The Kiss Of Death," and they will strike anyone at any time without warning. It matters not to them about such concepts of good and evil. The five dementors did strike only a few hours ago, a poor wrinkly old witch by the name of Roberta Prissywillow. Members of The Ministry Of Magic arrived on the scene.

     "Poor woman never had a chance," said Perrywinkle.
     His partner Grimmerfinch studied the woman, who was essentially just a living corpse at this point.

     Grimmerfinch spoke softly, "Did she have any friends or family?"

     "We're looking into it, but so far nothing. Most people we talked to said that she was just a crazy old bat that really made a nuisance of herself. Many of them think that she finally snapped when they found her like this."

     "Good, let them believe that for now. I don't want people to start panicking."

     Perrywinkle looked uneasy. "Shouldn't we warn people that…"

     Grimmerfinch's eyes flashed. "That What? That five dementors are running loose and we can't control them, that even if we manage to find them we have no way of stopping them. Oh and don't forget for one moment that we will probably end up just like her if we happen to surround them!" Grimmerfinch yelled in frustration, "Is that what you were about to suggest?"

     Perrywinkle looked down at his shoes. "No, I suppose telling the public wouldn't help matters much."

     "The Ministry should have never used those things in the first place," said Grimmerfinch as he handed his partner a bit of a smoke.


     On to other parts of Diagon Alley, to be precise Flourish and Blotts. This is where many students buy school supplies such as black cauldrons, spell books, and potions. Not all of Hogwarts' young students came to shop however. Ginny Weasley, for example, had wondered off on her own, she had far more important things on her mind than mere shopping. She, instead, wanted to find somewhere private in which to try out a necklace -a certain necklace she just happened to steal…ah…borrow from Becky.

     Ginny eyed the piece of jewelry in its protective case as if it were a p          iece of candy. "It's not fair that Becky has such big round boobies and I'm just as flat as you please." Ginny then grinned. "Not anymore…now that I have you, MY PRECIOUS."

     Ginny opened the case and put on the necklace. She didn't really notice anything, even though changes were certainly taking place. She definitely became curvy in all the right places. Her breasts grew until they were the same size as Becky's fine bosom; legs became slightly longer and more graceful; hips, thighs, and rear filled out rather nicely as well.

      Ginny sighed to herself in a soft sexy voice. "Maybe the magic has worn off."

     Just then, a light flashed and temporarily blinded her.

     "Wow, your soooo pretty. I just had to take your picture. I hope you don't mind? I always seem to forget to ask before taking pictures. By the way, what's your name? Do you go to Hogwarts? I go to Hogwarts. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Colin Creevey. Did I already ask you what your name was? I'm sorry I forgot, it's a nasty habit of…"

     "Wait! Please let me say something!" Ginny shouted at Colin.

     The blond haired boy stood sheepishly in front of Ginny holding his prized possession in his hands which was his camera of course. He was never seen without the bloody thing. It was like it was a part of his body like an extra arm.

     "Now then, did you just mention that I was pretty?" asked Ginny.

     Colin stood silent and looked somewhat nervous.

     Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes. "You may speak now."

     "Is this a trick question? I don't understand. A very pretty girl like yourself is wondering why I would say she's pretty?" Colin's eyes grew wide, "Are you a Weasley? Did Fred and George put you up to this?"

     "I'm Ginny…Ginny Weasley, and Fred and George would never let me be part of one of their pranks."

     "Ginny Weasley, you say?

     "Yes, why do you look so confused?"

     "You've changed quite a bit over the summer, that's all I've got to say."

     Ginny looked down at herself and gasped. "I'VE GOT BOOBIES, REALLY BIG BOOBIES."

      She smiled as she looked at the rest of herself. It had worked. The necklace transformed the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

     Ginny looked at Colin and simply shrugged. "Uh…well, I guess eating all the right kinds of foods and daily exercise certainly did the trick then? What can I say?"

      As incredible as it may seem, Colin was apparently gullible enough to believe what Ginny had said, or was it, perhaps, the fact that Colin's eyes were suddenly focused on something else besides Ginny's newfound beauty.

      "Oh my, that's a beautiful necklace you're wearing. Do you mind if I have a closer look? Perhaps even take a macro shot of it?"  

     Ginny scratched her head a moment; she wanted to say "no," that there was something rather dangerous about letting him have it. Try as she might though, she simply could not remember why boys should not touch this particular necklace, so she handed Colin her treasure for him to behold.

     "This is incredible, it must be worth a fortune," said Colin as he began to glow pink.

       Ginny watched as the blond boy began changing into a cute, petite girl with blonde curly hair. Ginny suddenly remembered why she didn't want Colin to touch Becky's necklace. She couldn't say anything now, it was too late. Colin's transformation was complete.

     "Ah, do you mind if I had that back? I have to be…ah...some place…uhmm…right now," Ginny said somewhat nervously.

     Colin Looked up and handed Ginny the necklace back. "Sure thing…uhmm…Ginny?"

     "Do you mind if we went on a date sometime?"

     Ginny blushed. "Uh…not right away, Colin…perhaps in a couple of months."

     Just as she was in the process of running away she noticed Holly, Becky, and Hermione heading right for her. "Oh no, this is defiantly not good," she thought to herself.

     "Hey, isn't that your necklace that girl has in her hand? Hermione asked Becky.


     "I'm sorry, Becky, I was just borrowing it. I meant to ask you, but for some reason it simply slipped my mind."

     "Holey Cricket! It's Ginny!" Hermione gasped as she noticed Ginny's new form - gasped with a bit of envy I might add.

     Becky was about to yell some more when Colin began taking more pictures. This time she pointed her camera in Holly's direction. The flash momentarily blinded everyone.

     "Wow! Holly Potter! I'm sorry; I just had to take your picture. You may not remember me but I'm your biggest fan. My name is Colin Creevey and I go to Hog…"

     "Hang on a moment! What did you say your name was?" Holly asked with unease.

     "Colin Creevey, I'm Gryffindor just like you, but I suppose you wouldn't remember someone…"

     "Ginny, you let him touch that necklace didn't you?" Holly accused.

     "Uh…yeah…I suppose." Ginny said sheepishly.

     "Oh my, you are in trouble now," Becky sighed, "When mum finds out you turned Colin into a girl she's really going to flip."

     Colin looked down at her body just then. "I'm a what?"


     Colin was so shocked at what she saw that she did the unthinkable. She let go of her camera. It quickly fell to the ground, breaking into tiny bits. It lay in ruin as it crackled and fizzled. Colin's eyes grew wide in shock and yes, in horror as well, over the sudden, tragic loss of her greatest treasure.


     The whole store could hear this scream. She continued to scream as she ran away. Everyone stayed clear of her apparent rampage as she went in search of her mommy.

     "That went well." Holly said calmly.

     Becky kicked the rubble a bit with her shoe. "Do you think it can be fixed?'

     "There's only one way to find out," Hermione said as she pointed her wand at the broken camera, "I always wanted to try this spell I read in Film Magicians Weekly."

     "Why would you bother reading that? You're not a film person." Holly said scratching her head.

     "She'll read the ingredients off of a bubblegum wrapper if you let her. You know that as well I do." Becky replied smugly.

     Hermione paid no attention to Becky as she flicked her wand.


     Suddenly the pile of rubble became a small tornado as it whirled about the floor. After several moments, the tornado dissipated leaving a shiny new camera behind. It began to hop about the floor, and then it jumped high into the air, and then it landed in the waiting hands of a smiling Hermione.

     "Uh…Hermione, I don't think Colin's camera was magical before." Becky said nervously.

     "Well it certainly is now, isn't it?" Holly said as she watched the camera purr in contentment.

     Hermione simply rolled her eyes. "You wanted me to fix the camera and so I did, besides I think it's rather cute now the way it is."

     "What if the Ministry…"

     "Oh please, whose father enchanted a certain car not too long ago?"

     "Yes but…"

     "And who took that certain car for a joy ride all the way to Hogwarts?"

     "Hey that wasn't a joy ride I'll have you know!" Becky huffed.

     "I agree, we nearly died at least twice on that little adventure." Holly added.

     "Very well, I won't argue further on the subject." Hermione turned to face Becky. "Does the camera stay or do I turn it back into a pile of junk?"

     The camera started to shiver and whine in a rather pathetic way. All eyes were on Becky at that moment.

      "Please Becky! Don't kill it!" Ginny pleaded.

     Becky grumbled. "Oh bloody hell! I can't take this anymore! We'll find Colin and give her back that thing, alright?"

     Ginny smiled and hugged her sister, who slowly hugged back and smiled her own smile.

     "You better find mum quickly before she finds out what happed on her own." Becky told Ginny.

     Ginny nodded and soon she ran out of the store in search of her mum.  

     "I swear, that girl is becoming a bloody menace." Becky said shaking her head.

     "I don't know, I'd say she's just trying to be more like her big sister." Holly replied with a bit of a smile.

     Becky gave Holly a dirty look but said nothing.

     "We better get moving if were ever going to catch up to Colin." Hermione told the others.

      So the three of them headed off in the direction they last saw Colin when they ran into Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.

     Malfoy bowed to Holly. "Ah, if it isn't the lovely Miss Holly Potter."
     Crabbe and Goyle laughed aloud and nearly fell to the ground.
     Holly was seething with anger. "Out of my way Malfoy, or I'll knock your block off!"

     Holly pushed passed Malfoy hoping that he wouldn't call her bluff. She wasn't sure she'd be able to take him in her current condition. All she wanted, at this point, was to get away from the teasing.

     "No! Wait! Come back!" Malfoy called out.

     "Grow up, Malfoy!' shouted Becky as she and Hermione chased after their friend.

     Malfoy turned to face Crabbe and Goyle who were still busy laughing to notice that he was furious with them.


     Crabbe and Goyle stopped laughing.

     Malfoy clenched his fists. "You made my poor, sweet Holly think I was mocking her."

     His sidekicks looked at him as if they were a bit confused. I could not say whether they thought Malfoy had suddenly gone insane or that they simply were trying to figure out what imbecilic meant. Alas, the world may never know. In any case, Malfoy was defiantly frustrated at the turn of events. He knew that Holly would never trust him, and why should she? Malfoy had always been enemies with Harry, so why would things change now?

     Becky and Hermione tried in vain to look for their fellow Gryffindor, but she was nowhere to be seen. Holly, in fact, had made her way into a dark alley. Did I say the word dark? Why yes, I believe I did say dark. Do you remember I mentioned something about five dementors roaming freely? Well, Holly managed, quite nicely, to find the very alley in which they were roaming freely. They, in turn, discovered her and promptly began moving toward her.

     Holly backed away. "Oh no, this is not good."

     She ran in the opposite direction as fast as she could. One of the dementors just missed grabbing her arm by a fraction of an inch. As she ran, she began to wonder why she had not fainted. In the past, as Harry, he would do exactly that whenever those nasty things came lurking near. Holly did not have time to ponder this because she was being surrounded by the dementors. People cried out in terror when they saw the creatures.


     "Oh my! That poor girl!"

     Becky and Hermione heard the shouts and saw their friend being surrounded. They tried to rush in and rescue her, but people in the crowd refused to let them.

     "Let us go! That's our friend!" cried Hermione.

     "She needs our help!" growled Becky.

     One of the people holding them said," No dearies, it's too late for your friend."

     Another added, "You'd only be throwing your lives away."

     The dementors were upon Holly. One of them grabbed her by the arm but quickly let go, screaming in agony as it did so. Then red, glowing cracks of light formed on its hand. The red cracks soon spread, covering the entire creature's body. It flailed about until the red light expanded from its body for a moment, then, with a flash, it imploded taking the creature with it. The other four dementors suddenly backed off sensing that the tables had turned. It was they who had become the hunted. They tried to get away but found that they were frozen in their tracks; a bright light shone forth from Holly, engulfing the four as she floated in mid air.

     She looked down upon them and said in a commanding voice, "Evil creatures of the night, be gone from my sight."

     Inhuman cries rang out as the light simply faded the dementors into nothingness, soon after, the light faded and Holly slowly floated to the ground. The crowd let go of Becky and Hermione and they rushed to the side of their friend.

     "How did you do that?" asked a stunned Becky.

     "I…think…" Holly murmured.

     "Let's find someplace where we can talk, and you can get a bit of rest," Hermione said as she and Becky helped Holly.

     Suddenly a curly-haired blonde broke free of the gathering crowd. She sped up to the three girls with wonder and awe in her eyes. She was quickly followed by a rather nervous, middle-aged woman.

     "Holly! That…was…incredible!"

     "Hi Colin, I'm glad your alright." Holly looked up at the woman standing next to Colin. "I presume you must be Colin's mother."

     "Yes I am, and you must be Holly Potter. My son…uh…daughter idolizes you and from what I just saw I can see why."

    Becky stepped forward just then. "Sorry about Colin turning into a girl and all, but it's not permanent. Colin should become a boy again in three months time; that is if he doesn't have…"

     Hermione interrupted Becky at that point. "Hey! Colin, guess what I have for you!"

      She presented Colin with her camera, which leaped into the air and landed quite safely in Colin's hands. She looked at it with the bright, shiny eyes of a child waking up Christmas morning to find the perfect present to love and cherish.


     Before anyone could answer she spun around to face Holly. "Please, can I take your picture with me?"

      Colin's camera suddenly floated out of Colin's hands and positioned itself for the best possible angle it could manage. Meanwhile Colin had joined Holly's side and was smiling a big bright smile.

      "Uh, sure", said Holly as the camera flashed.

      "Wow, this is a neat way to take pictures," giggled Colin as the camera suddenly zoomed about taking various pictures of Hermione, Becky, and finally the crowd.

       "Colin dear, don't you think that's enough pictures for one day?"

     "Ah, but mom", Colin whined in the universal whine all children seem to make to their parents. Her mother simply smiled at her new daughter knowing that her child was happy, healthy, and safe. They both waved goodbye to the three girls.

     Holly, Becky, and Hermione waved back for a few moments, but then they soon moved toward the crowd which had no intention of blocking their way. Somewhere in the deep, dark shadows lurked a figure. It was "He Who Must Not Be Named." He watched his dementors suffer defeat with ease, and I can tell you he looked worried.

     "It appears I'm going to have to come up with some stronger allies if I am going to neutralize that little…" his words trailed off as he watched Holly Potter leave.  

     The three girls made their way to Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. They sat down with ice cream. Becky and Hermione tried to order a huge amount of chocolate ice cream for Holly to consume, but she shook her head indicating that she did not want any.

     "I want strawberry," Holly said firmly.

     "But…what about…the dementors?" stammered Becky.

     "Yes, you must counteract the effects they must have had on you." Hermione added.

     "I'm just tired from the fight, but I'm not sick. Come to think of it, they did not effect me in the least," Holly smiled just then, "I didn't feel like fainting the entire time they were attacking me."

     The three of them sat down at a table with their ice cream and silence grew as they began the task of eating. Holly had strawberry while Becky and Hermione had chocolate. In fact a great many of the crowd that had witnessed the defeat of the dementors had come into the parlor to order chocolate ice cream; everyone felt somewhat ill, While Holly might not have felt any effects from the dementors her friends definitely felt the need for healing powers that only chocolate seemed to possess.    

     Holly looked at her friends and sighed, "I suppose explanations are in order."

     Becky snorted, "That's an understatement! No less than five dementors attacked you, and you simply wiped them out of existence. Yeah, I'd say that might need explaining."

     "I honestly don't know how I managed that. One moment I was me, the next moment I became something more."

     "What do you mean?" asked Hermione.

     "Something happened to me when I was close to dying in the hospital. I had a vision of a woman who called herself The Goddess. She gave me certain choices about my future. She said something about joining her sisterhood, but at the time I had thought it was just a silly dream."

     "So you think this vision had something to do with what just happed now?" asked Becky.

     "It's a start, when we get to Hogwarts we can start researching this Goddess."

     "You mean the Library; spending countless hours in there for what? Can't we have a normal school year for once?" pleaded Becky.

     "Spending time in the Library should be a normal part of every student's school year. I'll have you know…"

     "Hold on, I haven't told you everything about what happened to me out there just now."

    "Like what?" asked Becky.

     "Yes please, Miss Potter. I, for one, am extremely curious about this whole incident. After all, it's not every day a teenage witch manages to do what is considered impossible."

     Holly turned to see Cornelius Fudge standing by her side with his arms crossed. Two other members of The Ministry of Magic were present as well. She did not welcome them in the least, because last year Fudge made it very clear that he thought Holly had lied about Voldemort coming back during The Triwizard Tournament.

     Holly simply smiled at Fudge and said, "It is a comfort to know that The Ministry keeps such control over their dementors these days."

     Fudge looked rather furious at that comment. "You will come with me now, young lady. You will tell me everything you know, and you will respect your elders. Do I make myself clear?"

    Holly stood up and faced Fudge. "Unless you are charging me with destroying those abominations that tried to attack me, I'm afraid I'm not going anywhere with you. Oh, by the way, Mr. Fudge, not that you would believe me, but your dementors were under the control of Lord Voldemort who commanded them to hunt me down."

    Many wizards and witches who were listening intently to the conversation that Holly and Fudge were having let out audible gasps at the mention of the name Voldemort. Others choked on their chocolate ice cream.

    Fudge's eyes flashed. "What proof do you have that he had anything to do with your attack?'

    "I sensed his presence."

    Fudge laughed. "You sensed him did you? Well finally some hard evidence."

     "There's more, Voldemort is planning something big. If he isn't stopped, many people will die.

     "You're determined to promote mass hysteria no matter what the cost. All you seem to care about is getting your blasted name in the paper"

     "Miss Potter. Could we get a few words and pictures with you?"

     Holly saw the photographer from the Daily Prophet who had taken her picture at the hospital. Apparently he had been promoted to reporter as well.

     "Miss Potter has nothing to say at this time. She is being taken under protective custody until further notice," Fudge told the reporter.

   "Yes, and against my will I might add," Holly said smiling.

   The reporter quickly took down the quote and then snapped a picture in Fudge's direction.

    "Is that true, Mr. Fudge?"

    Fudge's face turned red. "Why no…of course not. Miss Potter misunderstood what we meant to say."

     "Then I'm free to go then?" asked Holly sweetly.

     "I…no…what I mean is…what if you're attacked again?"

     "I think can take care of myself, but thank you for caring." Holly said as she was about to leave.

     "How about answering some questions, Miss Potter?"

     "I'm sorry but I've been accused of promoting mass hysteria in order to get my name in the paper. Any questions you may have; please refer them to Mr. Fudge. I'm confident he will tell you everything you need to know about this matter in a calm, professional manor."

   Holly waved to an angry Mr. Fudge. He had no choice but to let her go. To do otherwise now would invite the media and public opinion to consider whether he might be better suited to an early retirement.


     Later that night both Ginny and Becky were to face the eventual wrath of their mum. Although Mrs. Weasley was rather upset when she found out what Ginny did to herself and Colin; she remained relatively calm. The Creevey Family had not wanted to make an issue of it which certainly made things less tense, however Ginny still received several hours worth of lectures, which she did not seem to appreciate in the least. Becky also heard an ear full about being more careful with her necklace. She promised she would keep it under lock and key from now on, which was the only way for her to keep the bloody thing. Any more mischief and the necklace would be taken away forever.

    The days passed without further incident. The talk about what happened to Holly with the dementors had died down, but students at Hogwarts continued to avoid contact with her just the same. It was not until Malfoy's repeated attempts to woo Holly that students began to gradually think of her as just another student. Malfoy constantly pestered the poor girl and yet she hadn't done a thing to harm a hair on his head. Many figured they were certainly safe from Holly if she wouldn't even harm someone who obviously needed a good kick in the rear at the very least.   

     All this was minor of course, as the main news was the arrival of Viktor Krum to Hogwarts. Speculation ran rampant about what house The Sorting Hat would place him in. Viktor played in The World Quidditch Championship last summer, and even though he caught The Golden Snitch, his team managed to lose the match. Still, any house team who had him as their seeker would be a force to be reckoned with. Even Gryffindor talked openly about replacing Holly with him instead. She tried not to let this get to her by thinking of other things. What those things were she had no idea. She grew more nervous until the time had arrived. The Sorting Hat normally dealt with first year students the first night they arrived at the school, but Viktor  being a seventh year was certainly entitled to his own Sorting Ceremony.

     "Viktor Krum."

     The great Hall grew silent as Krum walked up to the front of the room. Professor McGonagall placed the hat upon his head.

     "Hah!...A foreign exchange student. Don't get too many of those," The Sorting Hat rumbled, "Ah, I know…Ravenclaw!"

     The Ravenclaw Table went wild, they cheered as if they already won the house cup. Over at the Gryffindor table Holly was breathing a sigh of relief. She loved the game of Quidditch and really didn't want to give it up.

     "Bad news Holly, it looks like you're still our seeker," George Weasley chided.

     "Just be glad we're not the ones who have to fly against him," Fred Weasley added.

     Holly smiled. "I love challenges. You should know that by now."

     The following days began to fall into a somewhat normal routine for Holly. Attend classes and be stalked by Malfoy. Go to the Library and be stalked by Malfoy. Go to Quidditch practice and have Malfoy gawking at her the entire session. It was getting to the point where the only moments of peace were in the girl's restroom and the Gryffindor Common Room.

     "I'm telling you, I think I'd rather have a Malfoy who hated my guts than one who keeps following me around like a lovesick puppy." Holly said as she paced back and forth.

     "You know you could try to maybe…"

     Holly interrupted Becky. "Don't say it. Don't ever say it to me or anyone else. The very thought of me and him….UGHH!…YUCK!"

     "Perhaps dating another boy would help you get rid of Malfoy" Hermione said causally as she was reading a book.

     "Yeah boys can be quite nice if you give them a chance," blurted Becky

     Both Holly and Hermione looked at Becky as she said this. She stood there kind of wishing she hadn't opened her mouth just then.

     Holly smiled. "I was wondering when you would bring this up."

     "Wha..what do you mean?" Becky tried to say innocently.

    "Oh come clean already. The whole school knows you and Neville have been seeing each other." Hermione said with a certain smugness.

     "We have not…I mean…it was…"Becky sighed, "Oh bloody hell. Yeah I'm seeing Neville. He's really a sweet lovable teddy bear when you get to know him, a bit on the clumsy side of things, but still a sweet boy."

     "Oh, you have it bad for him," Hermione said grinning.

     "We think you and Neville make a smashing couple. We we're curious just how serious it was," said Holly.

     "He's asked me to go with him to the dance next Friday. I really want to go with him."

     "So what's the problem?" asked Holly.

      Becky wouldn't answer, though she turned pale and sad.

     "I think I know. Your time as a girl is just about up, isn't it", Hermione replied.

     "Yeah…It .is," Becky said almost in tears, "I don't want to go back to being Ron Weasley. It's hard to think of myself that way."

     "Perhaps if you and Neville would…"

     It was Becky's turn to interrupt Holly. "No, I couldn't do that to Neville. If I'm with someone, it should be for the right reasons. I don't want to ever look back and wonder if I did it because I just wanted to stay female."

     Hermione went over to hug Becky. "Look we will find a way for you to stay the way you are if that is what you want."

      "YES! PLEASE! ANYTHING!" Becky exclaimed hugging back with all her might.

      "Alright then, you can stop squeezing me. I need to breath now," Hermione said to a very grateful Becky.


     While this was happening let us now consider Draco Malfoy for a moment. Everyday he was being rejected by Holly. He was becoming a laughingstock around school. Even Crabbe and Goyle stopped hanging around him. Malfoy was beginning to get desperate; he just had to find some way to make Holly fall in love with him. That's it; make her fall in love. He would go see Snape and get a potion to make Holly fall in love. Malfoy quickly headed for Snape's office. He knocked on his door.

     "Yes, what is it?" asked Professor Snape as he opened his door.

     "Uh…Professor Snape?"

     "Ah, Mr. Malfoy what can I do for you?"

     "You see sir, I have this problem and I was wondering if you could help me?"

     Snape smiled and straighten up a bit. "Depends on what you want, my dear boy."

     "I want to make someone fall in love with me."

      "Ah well, just make sure you're the one who's bewitching her mind and not the other way around." Snape said with a toothy grin.

     Malfoy looked confused. "Why would I want to be bewitched?"

     Snape shook his head and sighed. "Never mind, who may I ask is the girl you wish to control?"

     Malfoy blushed. "Holly…Holly Potter, sir."

     Snape's smile quickly faded. "Let me get this straight. You want Holly Potter to fall in love with you?"

     "Yes sir, can you help me?"

     Snape cleared his throat, "First of all it is against school policy to inflict spells or potions on students and or faculty against their will. Doing so may result in immediate expulsion. Second, Holly Potter has many friends who will notice any drastic changes in her behavior. Miss Granger's overdeveloped brain would easily figure out what happened and have you in Dumbledore's office in no time. And speaking of Dumbledore, he has gone to great lengths to protect Potter. I would suggest not making him upset with you."

     "But I'm in love with her," pleaded Malfoy.

     Snape sighed, "Let me give you some advice. All women are poison. Many marriages and relationships have ruined men's lives. Trust me; I know what I'm talking about. Oh, it starts out innocent enough, but then they ask and later demand for things. They want rings, dresses, trips to France, and even CHILDREN! It never ends, because no matter how much you give them, they always want more."

     "Holly's not like that."

     Snape laughed out loud. "Oh yes she is, my poor deluded boy. Potter has become one of them; there's no doubt about that. She hasn't done a thing and she already has you wrapped around her little finger."

     "I don't care what you say. She and I are meant to be together. I just know it."

     "A water-buffalo has a better chance with Holly Potter than you do. No offense of course," said Snape as he tried hard not to laugh again.

     And so Malfoy must content himself with stalking Holly Potter for the time being. As for Holly, she had been looking forward to visiting Hogsmead for the weekend break. It was a chance for many of the students to get away from the school and hang out at the wizard village. It was also an opportunity for some to arrange dates to the upcoming dance next Friday. Becky for example went off with Neville extra early so they could plan out their big date. This left Holly and Hermione to themselves for the day, which meant avoiding Malfoy while at the same time trying to have fun. Holly took her invisibility cloak to throw him off the track. This was quite effective in making Malfoy extremely frustrated. Somehow this made Holly feel better about her situation. While running around Holly and Hermione did meet up briefly with Becky and Neville. The two were holding hands and smiling as they approached.

     "Well it looks like you two are having a grand time together," Holly said smiling.

     "Yeah it's been positively dreamy." Becky said as she hugged Neville.

     "Uh…Holly, Viktor Krum was asking about you. Have you seen him?" Neville asked.

     Holly shook her head. "Why no, I haven't. I wonder what he could want with me."

     "Who knows, the guy barely says anything at all at school, but he did seem intent on finding you," Neville replied.

     Neville and Becky made their farewells and they were once again off having fun together.

     "So you want to get some butterbeer and have a bit of a rest?" asked Holly.

     "Sounds good to me," Hermione replied nodding her head.
      The two girls headed off to seek refreshment at the local tavern. They ordered their drinks and sat down at a table to drink them. As they did so Malfoy showed up at that moment. Holly looked somewhat upset when she saw him standing next to her.

     "Leave me alone, Malfoy."

     "Please, my love…"

     "Don't call me that. We're not a couple and never will be one. Get that through your head."
      Holly stood up and was about to leave when Malfoy took hold of her arm.

     Holly's eyes flashed. "LET GO OF ME NOW!"

     "Please, what do I have to do to get you to like me?" Malfoy pleaded.

     Malfoy felt a powerful grip on his shoulder. He let go of Holly as he cried out in pain. As he recovered he spun around to see Viktor Krum.

     "You vill treat the young lady vith respect," Viktor told Malfoy as he held his wand in Malfoy's direction.

     Malfoy wanted to say something but knew he didn't have any sort of advantage. He grumbled as he rubbed his sore shoulder and slowly made his way out of the tavern. When he was gone Holly turned to face Viktor.

     "I want to thank you for helping me just now."

     Viktor shuffled his feet for a moment and looked down. "You are velcome…I…I vill leave you now."

     "Wait, I was told you wanted to see me. Please sit down with us and we can talk."

     Viktor looked into Holly's eyes. "It vould be inappropriate for me to ask you after vat has happened to you."

     Holly smiled. "Nonsense, ask me anything you want. I'll even treat you to a butterbeer. It is the least I can do."

     Viktor bowed. "I accept your kindness. I vas vondering if you vould mind attending the dance vith me?"
      This was something that Holly was not expecting at all. She thought about it for a moment and felt she could not refuse Viktor. It would crush his ego, and it was obvious that it took a lot for him to express himself in front of a girl.

      "I would love to go to the dance with you."

     Viktor smiled a big smile. "Thank you…I…ah…I did not vant it to look like I vas taking advantage of this situation. In your eyes I did not vant you to think I vas like Draco in any vay."

     Holly giggled out loud. "Trust me Viktor; you are nothing like Draco Malfoy. You're far too sweet to be anything like him."

     Viktor bowed again and was off to get some refreshments.

     "So it looks like you may have a new boyfriend." Hermione grinned.

     "Hold on, it's only one date. That doesn't make him my boyfriend."

     "We'll see, time will tell." Hermione said as she sipped her butterbeer.

This ends part three of this story.
I'm not sure what you mean by this?
Part three has Holly discovering she has more powers than she did before. The illustration for this part is Malfoy making himself most unwelcome as far as Holly is concerned. Too many things really to talk about.
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