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How To Summon the Dark Priest Cthulhu

Ten Easy Steps to Awaken Your Very Own Eldritch Horror

   Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what strange, unearthly phantoms seeped down from them in aeons past? Ever wanted to prove your worth to the entire world and simultaneously erase the stain of humanity from its surface? Ever had an overwhelming urge to seek out the forbidden knowledge posessed by those who cannot be named? Well, now you can do all these things, and many more! Great Cthulhu, the High Priest of the horrific Elder Gods, lies dreaming in the sunken city at the bottom of the primal ocean, and now the power to raise him from his ancient slumber is in your hands! Just follow these easy instructions to the letter, and you'll be singlehandedly responsible for the demolition of everything pure in the universe in no time!

1. Find ye the Necronomicon.

This step is often difficult, as the Necronomicon, written by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, is rather a pain to try and locate. According to H P Lovecraft, there are only a few copies in existence, most of which are kept under lock and key by those who would try to stop you from unleashing unwholesome blasphemies on the world (heaven knows why). A good place to look is in New England's Miskatonic University, although exact directions to the university are sadly not forthcoming.

2. Study ye the Necronomicon.

One of the simpler steps. This should present little trouble once you have acquired a copy, although rumours abound that it is often written in odd dialects, and may require some studying of various other occult books as well. A very thorough understanding of the mysteries locked within the eldritch book is absolutely essential for the success of your summoning, but mind that its mind-shattering contents don't drive you utterly mad - at least, not too mad to perform the rest of the ritual.

3. Find ye the Cthulhu Cult.

According to legend, a secret cult exists, spanning the entire globe, whose initiates perform hideous rituals and sacrifices to appease the Elder Gods, who hold the great Cthulhu as their high priest. It is unclear how to gain entrance to this cult should one succeed in discovering it, but most sources agree it is probably very painful.

4. Worship ye the High Priest Cthulhu.

Dead Cthulhu lies sleeping in the submerged city of R'lyeh, but before you can attempt to awaken him, it's best if you first prove your intentions to his vast dreamlike consciousness. Cthulhu will be much more likely to spare your pathetic soul if you bow down and perform obeisance to a carven image of him for several years before initiating the necessary rituals. As you will see, several years are most likely required to obtain the proper conditions for such a summoning anyway, so you might as well do something worthwhile with your time.

5. Remain ye alive for the duration of the Worship.

A key step. Many people have failed at this step by simply forgetting the cardinal rule of the occult: let other people do your dirty work for you. You'll hardly be in a good position to summon any High Priests if your spleen has been carried into the netherworld by the infamous Yog-Sothoth as retribution for the time you bungled the ritual of awakening the dead from dust. It's always good to initiate several complete idiots to perform most of your rituals for you. Countless dark wizards and demonologists have forgotten to take this into account, and have paid dearly.

6. Keep ye the Worship a Secret.

This is another very important step, and again, many people have failed here by exciting too much attention from the authorities. It's best not to keep your laboratory in the house where you live (especially if you still live with your parents) because the strange odours and evil noises that are sure to emanate from it at all hours are a little suspicious in the eyes of the general populace. Don't forget as well that not all your potential enemies are of this world. Remember, the Old Ones who created life on this planet waged a vicious war against the Spawn of Great Cthulhu in the terrible ages before mankind existed. It's entirely possible that they will try and intervene unless the rituals are attempted covertly and discreetly.

7. Wait ye for the Stars to be Aligned.

Not a hard step, but a time-consuming one. There isn't much one can do at this step but wait around until the stars form the eldritch, disturbing patterns described in your Necronomicon. You'll know when the stars are right by the disturbing nightmares that you, your peers, and most likely every mildly insane person on the planet will suddenly complain about. With any luck, this step will occur in your lifetime - although if it doesn't you can always take the necessary steps to ensure that one of your descendants discovers your ancient notes and foolishly revives you from the ashes of your portrait.

8. Find ye the Sunken City of R'lyeh.

This shouldn't be too difficult as long as you've got the alignment of the stars right. According to legend, Dark Priest Cthulhu sleeps in the chambers of an enormous sunken city, built aeons before man crawled from the trees, and this city is due to return to the surface of our world when the stars are aligned. Unfortunately, you won't have very long to find R'lyeh, because it sinks again once the stars restore their natural patterns. Acquiring a boat before this step is attempted is a very good idea. Look in the Pacific Ocean mainly. You'll know when you've found it, trust me.

9. Perform ye the Rituals and Awaken ye the Dark One.

The climax of any dark summoning is, of course, the ritual, painstakingly chanted from your Necronomicon in the midst of unholy circles and sputtering black candles. Observe great care in getting the whole thing right, however - we all know the terrible consequences of having a sore throat or the hiccups whilst attempting bizarre, blasphemous chants. The ritual will probably drain your strength and leave you vulnerable for complete and utter loss of sanity, but don't worry. In a little while, everyone else will be insane too.

10. Watch in manic terror as the spawn ye hath unleashed proceeds to strip the earth of all that is good and wholesome, and turns it into an insane breeding ground for gibbering horrors from the nether regions of frozen space.

This is the easiest step. Watch and enjoy! The only difficulty lies both in persuading the Dark Priest you have summoned to spare your pitiful flesh from the harvest, and keeping yourself sane as everything around you is crushed in the wake of a tide of overwhelming horror. Of course, you could always just go with the flow and run around screaming in your underpants until your soul is devoured.

   That's it! That's all you need to accomplish before the entire world can be devoured and held under the sway of amorphous monstrocities from nether regions of chaos! As always in meddling with the occult, however, be sure to always keep in mind that whatever you do and whoever you unleash, you will always end up paying for it with your tasty sweet soul.

   Good luck, and don't forget:

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"
Whoa, something different this time! I was looking through my rather ample collection of prose, and found this little fella hiding in a dusty corner of My Documents, gathering dust and gibbering to itself in tongues unheard by mankind. And I couldn't resist putting it on here.

Everyone's a Lovecraft fan, right? RIGHT!? At least some knowledge of his work is necessary to fully appreciate this - so if you've never heard of the man, you've got some reading to do.

Cthulhu and his wacky mythos are copyright Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and not me.
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Chapter 2: Sit and Weight

Jake stirred awake, feeling his body still in its dragon form. He yawned and moved slowly, working the kinks out of his back. The mattress wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was better than the concrete floor.
It was the next day after the changes had first started. Jakes Grandfather had taken him down to the harbor and led him to a warehouse just inside the waterfront. Inside crates of all sizes had been stacked up to the ceiling, nearly filling the room save for a small office area which Jakes Grandfather had told him he’d be sleeping in.

“G, are you serious?” Jake had said at the time, falling back to his slang out of habit, “There isn’t even enough room to swing a skateboard, let alone stand up.”
“Do not worry young one,” Jakes Grandfather had noted patiently, “By the end of tomorrow, you won’t have to worry about sleeping in there. But you must swear to me, that no matter what happens, you will not leave this building until the changes are done.”
“Swear it.” Jakes Grandfather looked dead serious.
Jake sighed. “Alright I swear.”
“Good, Fu Dog will check on you now and then, and I’ll tell your friends you’ll be here. However, you might not want them seeing you soon.”
Jake looked like he was about to ask what his Grandfather meant. But the look that was returned to him said both ‘you’ll see in time’ and ‘don’t bother asking’. So Jake just closed his mouth and nodded.

Now it was the next day. Jake squeezed his larger size out of the small office area and stood up, looking at the boxes. There was a note on the nearest one. It looked like an order form at first, but Jakes dragon eyes picked up the magically written lines of writing on it as well. Fu’s work no doubt.
Hey Jake,
This ordeal is not going to be an easy one, though Gramps has said some dragons actually enjoy it. But for some reason he wont tell me why. Sometimes I think he acts all mysterious just to seem cool.
Anyway, all these boxes are part of the changes you’ll be going through. I can’t say much more, but Gramps told me to tell you to just relax and let what happens happen; you’ll be fine in the end. Maybe even better then before. But you just have to let your dragon body do what it wants to.
See you later kid. Enjoy.

Jake looked over the boxes stacked floor to ceiling, each maybe half his size.
“All these for me? Geez, I wonder what’s in them?”
Jake shrugged and figured he might as well see. Digging his claws into the nearest box, he ripped the top off. Instantly his nose was assaulted with the smell of sugar in all its forms. Inside the box seemed to be a form of every candy treat ever produced and every fattening snack food ever made.
Unsure what to make of it, Jake tore open another crate to discover the same contents. And the third after that was the same. In no time, Jake realized that every box in the whole room was filled with enough sweets to keep a town’s dentist in the black for years.
Jakes first inclination was to gag at so many sweets, but oddly enough his stomach rumbled slightly.
“Must be time for breakfast.” Jake muttered. But seeing as how he couldn’t leave the building, and the crates only offered junk food, Jake selected out a candy bar and bit into it. “Ugh, candy for breakfast.” he muttered.
But strangely enough, it wasn’t as bad as he had thought. So he took another piece of candy and chomped it down too. His mind wandered as he ate, wondering about the changes he’d be going through. Obviously the first was enhanced hunger if he could stomach candy for breakfast, but he couldn’t figure out why. It wouldn’t be much of an asset in the outside world.
Jake was suddenly brought up short in his musings as he found his clawed hand couldn’t reach the candy. Jake was shocked to discover that without thinking he’d eaten more than half the contents of the crate. But that shouldn’t have stopped him from being able to reach it. Jake reached further and then felt why.
His stomach was pressing against the side of the crate.
Pulling back, Jake stifled a yelp as his once toned dragon belly scales bowed outwards into a round gut as big as a beach ball. Jake hefted and poked and rolled it, but couldn’t get over the fact that it was all him. It was soft and smooth, his scales gently stretching over the rounded surface. And only the slightest creases showed at his sides signifying his new weight he carried in his gut.
Jake was just about to panic when he remembered what his Grandpa had said. The day after Tomorrow would be February 29th, the day when all magical creatures pooled their magic to turn back time. Jake couldn’t remember though if his Grandpa had said it would be turned back one day or more, but looking at all the crates of candy and feeling his stomach growl again, Jake reasoned that Gramps and Fu wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him.
So Jake grabbed an armful of candy and began exploring the warehouse while he munched on it. Thankfully, despite there not being much unoccupied by the boxes of junk food, Jake discovered a small portable TV some Guard must’ve left behind. It wasn’t perfect reception, but Jake dragged it back to the boxes and sat back to eat as he flipped around.

It was a couple hours later when Jake had to get up to pull another crate closer to keep going. He staggered a bit as he felt his legs had thickened out a good deal. His behind and tail too sagged with added rolls of flab that hung heavily off his body. He had even felt a second chin sagging down over his neck at this point.
So, as he dragged the crate back to where he’d been sitting. He was still feeling uncomfortable about this unnatural hunger, but he trusted his grandpa and Fu. So he sat back on the empty crate he’d been using as a seat… only to have it smashed to splintery bits under his new weight.
Jake sat up quickly. He wasn’t in any pain after that tumble, and he knew dragon scales couldn’t get splinters like human skin could. So over all he was ok. In fact such a drop had caused his whole body to shake all over, and Jake was a little confused and surprised to find it actually felt good.
Shaking his head (and causing more rolling motions in his flabby body) Jake pulled the TV closer and up ended a few crates nearby for more food.

The sun was low in the afternoon sky when Jake next came out of the trance of the situation. It happened when he realized he could no longer see the TV. It took a lot of effort to stand up this time, but it was obvious why when he finally got to his clawed feet.
Jake was huge.
His stomach hung past his knees, thick and covered in rolls of fat. His scales were stretched wide, but also saw that there were many layers of scales under them, taking up the space left between the stretched outermost layer. His thick legs were bigger around than his whole dragon body had been before all this. His arms were nearly as thick and sagged down almost to covering his fat claws. His rear was big enough to fill a park bench and his tail was, if anything, thicker than either his legs or arms and covered in rolls. His neck was thick with at least three extra chins and huge cheeks rolled down to rest where his shoulders used to be.
Jake felt like he should have felt mortified for his huge size, but somehow every movement at this size felt wonderful. He also knew that after sitting down next time he might not be able to stand. Surprisingly though, he found that the remainder of the crates had already been unwrapped and poured into this huge funnel like device that had a tube the stretched to near where he’d been sitting.
Jake found this a bit disturbing not to have noticed it. But then, with how out of it he’d been, he supposed Fu might have entered the building and set it up. With a deep blush he realized also that, if that was true, his friends might have visited him and he wouldn’t have noticed.
His stomach growled again, this time nearly matching a lion’s roar in volume. Jake blushed even more and dragged the large hose over to where he’d been sitting. The drop to the floor this time almost caused the whole building to shake, despite it being a concrete floor, and yet Jake didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. Jake lifted the hose to his mouth and enjoyed the weight and rubbing from all the flab on his arms as he stuck it in his, thanks to his massive cheeks and chins, seemingly tiny maw. The flow started almost at once and Jake just let himself dissolve into his increasing fat folds….

It was a while after the sun had set when Jake awoke this time, stars were just starting to appear in the sky as he looked up through the skylight over head.
Surprisingly close too.
Jake tried to move and found such a feat was impossible. His arms were buried in rolls somewhere along his sides, his legs weight down by untold tons of flab. Even his head wed held in place by numerous chins and cheeks bigger than the mattress he’d slept on the night before.
Jake tried to shift again and found he felt something rubbing the distant pars of hid form, and he realized with a start it was the walls of the warehouse! He was completely filling the whole building!
That thought sent him over the edge; his mind reeled at thoughts of being to massive. It’s hard to say what happened to Jake from such a realization, especially since he didn’t know himself and nobody else was present. But near as can be known, he literally passed out again from the feelings coming from such a massively huge and flab filled body.
And as Jake lay unconscious, the clock passed midnight and his dragon body shifted gears, preparing for the next step of this change…

End Part 2
Supprise! ^_^
Been a long time comming but I finaly got off my ass and finished this chapter. This is the one I'm sure most of you have been 'weight'ing for. The Weight Gain chapter of this little series.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, while it doesn't matter which you readers visualize, I visualize Jake from the first season of the show. His dragon form looked a lot better then in my opinion. But again, you readers pick which of the two you like better. I just thought I should say it so you might see it how I saw it when I wrote the story.
Feel free to compare here if you want.
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I wake up blinded by the sunlight
Only to realize absence of life's delight
Everyone yearning for brightness
In this place enclosed in darkness

The piercing pain,
The woeful cries
The thirst for greater wealth
To achieve a better health

Families tenuous of starvation
Parents and children seeking direction
Each district secretly wanting insurrection
Against the Capitol's greedy agitation

Iridescent competition for survival created,
Controlling life for entertainment started
All of us longing for an end to this rapture
No longer wanting to suffer from this seizure

This dystopia encased in obscurity
Residents being absorbed by vanity
Can this really be reality?
Why is it devoured in catastrophe?
What caused us to give birth to human bestiality?
This is a poem I made a month ago for English class, which is dedicated to the trilogy, "The Hunger Games," written by Suzanne Collins.
It is according to Katniss Everdeen's perspective.
I just thought I'd share it here on dA since I never use my blogspot anymore xD...

~I wrote this while listening to Epik High :3
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  "Where have you been?!" cried Spike, his tail twitching with anger, but his shoulders sagging with relief. Twilight sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes with a hoof.  
  "What's wrong Spike?" she looked around. Her bed was still tucked made from the day before, but it was slightly rumpled, as she had fallen asleep, without getting under the blanket. The first rays of sun blinked through the windows.
  "What's wrong?! We couldn't find you anywhere, that's what's wrong! We've been searching for you since noon yesterday!"
  "I'm a grown pony, Spike. I don't need to let everyone know what I'm doing and where I am going," Twilight grumbled. She didn't remember much from last night, she just knew that her eyes were stinging and her head pounding. Twilight walked to the bathroom and turned on the water. Looking in the mirror she found a warped reflection staring back at her. Her mane stuck out in all directions, there were circles under her eyes, and she had a scratch on her ear. She splashed her face with the icy water.
  "Don't walk away!" Spike shouted from behind her, "I'm yelling at you!"
  "I'm aware that you are yelling at me."
  "Fine! Be that way, I'm going to go tell our friends that you're alright!" and he stomped out.
  Twilight sighed with relief. She was glad to have the little dragon off her case, especially when she was feeling like a pile of manure. She made herself a cup of coffee, not even bothering to doctor it. It tasted horrible, but it woke her up.
  What had happened last night? She remembered going to talk to the Brothers, and the cup of cider, but after that it all kind of blurred together. The cider she had had the day before was much stronger than the stuff she had occasionally sipped on in Canterlot.
She finished the coffee, shuddered at the taste, and headed back to the bathroom to get ready for the day, feeling horrible was no excuse for not working. Luckily Rarity has insisted on showing Twilight a few spells, for those late nights and especially bad mane days. They came in handy now.
  As she finished up a wave of guilt washed over her. She hadn't meant to be mean to Spike, she was just tired was all, tired with a horrible headache. She'd better go and apologize to him before going on with her work.
  "I'll be back shortly Owlicious, if you can get my supplies ordered before heading to bed," she said. Owlicious' large round eyes followed her, and if she didn't know better she'd say the bird looked angry at her.
  She paused a moment letting her eyes adjust to the bright, bright sun. Twilight stepped outside of the library, straightening her posture before heading out to make right with her friends.
  She made it a couple houses down before her name was shouted. Twilight whipped around seeing no one, and then she looked up. Above her flew the pale gray Pegasus with a yellow mane, and an array of bubbles for a cutie mark.
  "You made your friends sick with fear Twilight Sparkle!" said Derpy her lower lip sticking out in a pout, one eye focused on Twilight the other towards the sky, "I'd throw a muffin at you but that would be a waste of a muffin. That wasn't very nice of you to scare them like that."
  "I'm sorry Derpy, I didn't mean to!" she replied with all the sincerity she truly felt, "I just needed to a take a walk, to think, I didn't want to bother anyone with all of them so busy. And I just kinda got lost. And when I got home it was just so late and I was just so tired I didn't mean to get mad at him and…" Twilight's voice just kept rising as she got more stressed. And then he was interrupted by a voice from behind
I gotta say I was only planning "How It Works," being a oneshot fanfic, but after the reception it got? Well all I can say it is my most popular work ever! I truly want to thank all you readers for being so awesome! And if you can't tell she's got a bit of a hangover XD. Gosh I can honestly say I am just THRILLED right now! You guys are fantastic! I hope to upload the next chapter tomorrow!

Also you guys better go check out ~Cartuneslover16 Who made the absolutely epic title cover! Go and watch her I command you!
A full view of the title picture can be found here: [link]

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 1: Here!
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5:[link]

All characters belong to Hasbro and the creators of MLP: FIM
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Maybe Lovecraft was right,

As laying awake I shiver,

The invisible beastly faces,

That leer, unknowable, in the night.

He who said that the greatest sensation

Was that screaming terror that surrounds

Humans in the coal-black places

As they know they have no control over creation.

And while the good lie asleep in bed,

The sorcerers who were hidden escape,

Praising Gods beyond the soul’s capability,

To understand, as to be saved is to be lead.

While those who froth in madness scream,

Of things that were beyond their understanding,

Their dead eyes glaring back the reflections of eternity

And they know that nothing is as it should seem.

And from this blinding, choking bleakness,

One should find the reason to hope,

But no, all that is left is things beyond things,

Manipulating human stupidity and weakness.

As here a little child I stand,

On the edge of something so horrifically vast

That no man or woman can glare into it and return,

With soul intact from that dark land.

Fumbling around in the dark, men keep

No council to help them stay on the path,

Drowning in dreams we can finally see,

That visited Lovecraft in his sleep.
Poem four out of my poetry booklet. It's dedicated to H.P Lovecraft, the horror writer I adore. I am terrified of it.

H.P Lovecraft and his works (C) Himself

The poem (c) me.
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Dawn was fast approaching in Ponyville, with everypony still asleep... except for one.

In a clearing not far from Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie stood next to a large contraption while leafing through a hard-bound book. Eventually, she found what she was looking for, and closed it, reading the title on its cover once more: "Winged Species of Equestria."

It would serve her well. Then again, most the books she borrowed from Twilight usually did.

After placing the book inside the contraption's side basket, she hopped on its seat, placed her hind hooves on its pedals, and used them for their intended purpose. The contraption's wheels turned, allowing her to roll, as she steered straight ahead with her front hooves, first along a smooth meadow, and then down a speed-yielding hill.

Once she was satisfied with her acceleration, she made sure the path before her was clear, and then moved one front hoof from the vehicle's secondary controls. With a pull of levers, the adjustments she had recently made to the machine shifted into action. Rotor blades on the top and tail spun, giving her lift, and soon, she was airborne.

Now, for the final test. Another shift of levers... and she was able to turn to her heart's content. Left, right, down, higher still... no angle, no direction, was denied her.


Pinkie Pie sighed in relief, her first destination already clear in her mind.

"All systems go," she whispered to herself. "Just you wait, Dashie. I'll save you..."

With a gleeful cackle, she flew off into the sunrise.


Later that morning...


Rarity dashed in as soon as Twilight Sparkle answered her door, and clutched her in her forelegs. "I came as soon as I got word! Are you all right? Emotionally, I mean, it didn't sound like you were physically attacked, or-" She stopped and froze. "Oh my gosh, were you?"

Twilight gently pulled back and giggled. "Rarity, I'm fine. It's not nearly as bad as all that." She looked at the small crowd of ponies that Rarity had just joined. "Okay, I think that's everyone. Let's take roll. Applejack?"


"Don't call me "'m", I'm hardly old enough. Rarity?"

"Ready and waiting, Mademoiselle Sparkle!"

"Errr... wow, thanks. Fluttershy?"

"Oh! I, um... I-"

"Got it! Aaaaand Pinkie Pie."

"Pinkie?" asked Rarity.

Twilight nodded. "She wanted in. Says she's been having problems even predating yours."

Rarity did a double-take. "You don't say? Color me curious, then! I do so wonder what could offset her..."

"Oh, hang on, I just remembered," said Applejack. "Pinkie left this in my mailbox this mornin'. Envelope said to give it to you when I got here."

"Let's see it." Twilight took the letter from Applejack's offering mouth, magically unwrapped and unfolded it, and read.

"Dear Twilight: I got your call for the meeting, but I have something really really Really Really REALLY REALLY important to take care of! I promise I'll be there as soon as I can, but please, start without me! In my place, I've already made your house as totally festive as possible, so it'll feel like I'm there even when I'm not! Kisses and Smiles, Pinkie Pie."

Twilight looked up from the letter. "'Festive?'"

All ponies present looked above and around themselves, and were greeted with balloons and streamers completely spread around Twilight's living room.

"Um... how long have those been there?" asked Fluttershy.

"I... I don't know," said a bewildered Twilight. "I... for crying out loud, I live here, how did she-"

"S'just Pinkie bein' Pinkie," said Applejack. "Best not to pay it no mind. You'll go loopy otherwise."

Twilight sighed and motioned for everypony present to sit. "I guess you're right. Okay, so, secret meeting. I'm sure you already know why, since this was originally Rarity's idea. Simply put, strange things are happening in Ponyville, and I want to put a stop to it."

Twilight's eyes narrowed.

"Which means we've got to figure out what to do... about Rainbow Dash."


Rarity smiled as she put the finishing touches to Rainbow Dash's weekly Pegasus Special--a full intense grooming of her mane, tail, coat and wings. "All done, Dash! You can get up now." She became slightly giddy when she saw Rainbow Dash smile--Rarity had learned that this was the part her clients loved the most.

"Really? Awesome, thanks Rarity!" Rainbow Dash rose to all fours, went to the mirror, and examined herself. Seconds later, her face twisted into a small frown. "Hmmm..."

Quick as a shot, Rarity noticed that something was amiss. "Something the matter?" she asked her friend.

Dash continued to hem and haw as she slowly spun around in front of the mirror. Finally, after some time, she said, "You missed a spot on the left part of my mane. Buuuuuut I'll make do."

Rarity gasped in shock. "Oh, did I? Curses! Hang on, then, I shall correct the error posthaste!"

Instead of walking back to Rarity, however, Rainbow Dash flew towards the door. She looked back at the boutique's central grooming station with slanted eyebrows and a sneer that Rarity had hardly ever seen on the blue pegasus. "Nah. With me, you only get one chance. See ya."

Rarity blinked, taken slightly aback. What? What was all this, now? "Then won't you at least say 'thank you' as per common courtesy before you leave?"

Dash's sneer persisted. "I only give out thanks for one hundred percent jobs. Stuff that's as perfect as I am. And that's if I'm in a good mood. You want someone to shower you with kisses?" She nodded her head towards a corner of the house. "Talk to your cat!"

At that, Rarity cast a sideways glance at Opalescence, who hissed, instantly nipping such thoughts in the bud. She looked back at Rainbow Dash, her perspective of the young flyer quickly changing with each passing second. Her muzzle turned towards the ceiling. Challenge Rarity in the art of indignance, would she? She knew not what she was getting herself into! "Hmph! Well then, perhaps I will simply begin charging for my services from this point onward."

"Do what you gotta." Dash took a cursory look around the boutique, and snickered. "Then again, from the sloppy looks of this place, I'm betting you need my charity."

Rarity gasped, placing her hoof to her heart in genuine offense! "Well, I never!..."

Dash outright laughed. "Exactly your problem, I'd say! So long, sister!"

And she zoomed off, leaving Rarity at the peak of frustration. Rarity galloped to her window, calling out after her.

"Dash! Rainbow Dash, you come back here right now, you... you..." She stopped yelling, defeated. "I swear! You think you know a pony!..."


"And you say this was a couple of weeks ago, right?" Twilight asked as she took notes in a pad.

Rarity nodded. "Yes, nearly. We've avoided each other since. She didn't show up for what would have been last week's appointment. I suppose that was a relief--I'm somewhat wary of a future conflict."

"Well, I sure wouldn't mind gettin' into one with her," Applejack said, slamming a hoof on the floor. "Y'all know what she did just last week?..."


"Aaaaand... there," Applejack said as she finished putting the last of the icing on the cake she'd been baking at Sugarcube Corner. "So glad Mr. and Mrs. Cake had those extra ingredients in stock. Everypony's gonna love the special spices in this one!"

"Hey, Applejack!" A smiling Rainbow Dash flew in through a nearby window, then focused on the cake. "Oh, wow, I've been following that smell from halfway across town! I've been herding clouds all morning and I need calories! Let me at it!" Seconds later, the cake was in her hooves.

Applejack quickly held up her hoof in denial. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Sorry, Rainbow Dash, no can do. I need that cake for today's Apple Family Gathering."

Rainbow was nonplussed. "So make another one."

"Th-that'll set the party back an hour! And even then, you'd have to pay for the stuff that went into it!"

"What? Pinkie Pie rarely pays, if ever!"

Applejack chuckled. "Oh, c'mon now, sugarcube. You and I both know she does. Just with cheap labor, s'all..."

"What, and I don't?"


Applejack found herself forced to step back as Rainbow Dash abruptly got in her face.

"After all I've done for Ponyville since I got here? Managing the weather, using my speed to save ponies from danger more times than any of us can count, helping to save the world..." Rainbow Dash scowled. "Shoot, I've even had to give up part of myself for you guys, haven't I? Otherwise I just wouldn't measure up to Ponyville's niceness standards. Now tell me, where's the fairness in that?"

"Wh-..." Applejack gasped, clearly having been thrown for a loop by the sudden outburst. Her response, however, was soft, muted, almost... hurt? "Rainbow... darlin', I don't think that's quite fair to say. Is something wrong?"

Applejack stared at Rainbow Dash, waiting for a response, and for a second, those words seemed to reach her. Dash's face softened. Her eyes widened. Applejack met them, trying to find some rhyme or reason for the events currently taking place...

...and then Angry Dash was back.

"Pfft. I don't want this stupid cake anyway. Pretty sure it's terrible. You want it?" With the cake in one hoof, she reared back. "Go fetch!"

"Rainbow Dash, no!" Applejack cried out as the cake sailed out the window and landed on the grass, unsalvageable. Two seconds later, she saw red. "All right, now see here, little missy, that was downright uncalled for! I don't care no more what your issues are, it's time somepony taught you the ins and outs of re-"

It took her that long to realize she was speaking to an empty room.


With a tearful growl, Applejack galloped off to Rarity's.


While the "secret meeting" continued below, Pinkie Pie was still high above Equestria, fighting the fatigue inherent in the practice of wingless flight.

However, she knew she couldn't give up now. She reached into her basket, pulled out a triple-decker-icing cupcake, and gulped it down in one go. Almost immediately, she gained her fifth wind, and soared higher as her pedaling hooves brought her back to cruising speed.

Just then, overhead, she heard a confident screech from another flyer, soaring over her, moving faster than her, doing loop-de-loops every so often... probably just to taunt her.

"Show-off," Pinkie said, continuing to pedal.

Still, she let it be, because that flyer's presence served to reassure her that everything was going according to plan...


"In all my days livin' here, I ain't never seen Dash get that uppity!" Applejack took a few moments to calm down, then said, "Still, if I saw her again, I wouldn't knock her out straight away. She seemed a bit... I dunno... disturbed. An' I wanna know why." She looked towards Twilight Sparkle. "What about you, Twilight? Y'all didn't agree to this meeting until today."

Twilight Sparkle sighed. "I know. but I didn't see enough evidence that something might be really wrong before. One bad day can happen to anypony. Two warrants keeping a close eye on her. But... last night..."

"'Last night?'" Rarity echoed, cocking an eyebrow.

"Well, yes." Twilight's eyes took on a cold, faraway gaze, her body shivering as she prepared to recollect something she really didn't want to--at least not so soon. But she had no choice. "I'd invited Rainbow Dash on one of my stargazing balloon rides..."


The moon shone high as Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash shared a leisurely ride in the former's balloon. As far as Twilight was concerned, the skyscape was absolutely perfect tonight, with millions of celestial bodies dotting anywhere and everywhere one could look in the distance. And here she was, prepared to capture glimpses of them all with her basket-mounted telescope.

Wait... was that a shooting star? No, it was... several of them, all in different directions! Twilight was on cloud nine... or failing that, she was pretty sure she could see it from this height.

She only hoped Rainbow Dash was having as much fun right now as she was.

"...this is so slow. Why'd you even bring me on this again?"

"Remember when you took me through that thunderstorm? That was one of the most interesting things that's ever happened to me. It was dangerous, but... fulfilling and educational. So I wanted to share with you what makes me happiest."

"Oh, okay." Rainbow Dash paused. "So... when does the 'interesting' part start?"

Twilight stiffened a bit, but resolved to keep her optimism. "Right now," she said. "This is the real reason I brought you up here..."

Twilight pointed in a direction, and soon enough, shining waves of color appeared in the sky for miles around. They sported nearly all the hues of the rainbow, but instead of keeping static, they danced in the sky, moving across it as if professionally choreographed. By itself, the display was enough to make both present forget all about the rest of the sky's wonders for a good minute.

"I give you... the aurora borealis," said Twilight, as the two ponies gasped at the sight.

"Oh, wow," said Rainbow Dash, now remembering. "You've been keeping up on Cloudsdale's schedule! They haven't made one of these for almost a year!"

"That's right. We've never seen one this close to Ponyville, so when I got word of it, I knew I had to bring you." She turned to face Dash directly, and met her eyes, intoning softly. "A rainbow in the night, beautiful and bright..."

"I..." Rainbow Dash fought her blush as best she could, but failed miserably in the wake of the violet unicorn's smile.

Satisfied, Twilight turned her gaze back to the phenomenon before them. "I envy you pegasus ponies sometimes. You have the option to slow down every once in a while and appreciate the wonders above, wherever and whenever you find them."

"It gets old faster than you'd think," said Rainbow Dash after a few moments.

That did it. Twilight was officially concerned and annoyed at the same time. "Look, Rainbow, I've heard you've been having some problems lately. If you want to talk about it, I'm here. I set up this ride because I felt like doing something nice for you. You're the one who said we could 'hang' any time I gave you a call, right?"

"Y... yeah," said Dash, "it's true. And I appreciate you remembering that. But... look, things were stacked against you from the beginning. It's not your fault."

"What's not my fault?"

"It's just..." Rainbow Dash was visibly fighting for the right words. "I've realized something since a few weeks ago. You're slow, Twilight. Way too slow for me. Everyone in Ponyville is! I can't hang. Not anymore."

"Rainbow, I-"

"Exactly! That's just it! I can't be 'Dash' around anypony here!" Her statement made, she sighed, and flew out of the balloon. "I can only be 'Rainbow.'"

And before Twilight could protest, she was gone.


"Oh, Twilight," Rarity said with a gasp. "No wonder you summoned the rest of us. Something deeper clearly lies at the core of all this. Still, you must be as beside yourself with frustration as we are!"

"Actually, no, I'm not mad at her. But just the same, that..." Twilight exhaled sharply. "...sort of came out of nowhere. Anyway, before confronting her, I think we should first analyze her words, to try to find out what she meant by-"

A knock was heard at Twilight's door just then, with a letter slipping through the mail slot.

"-huh?" Twilight grabbed the envelope. "It's addressed to the four of us. From Pinkie. She says she's figured out what was wrong with Rainbow Dash--and she did it all without decimals. She wants us to meet her at the edge of town!"

"Well, that's just great," said Applejack. "Would it have killed her to explain things just a mite more there?"

"'P.S.: Sorry, AJ, no time,'" Twilight said, finishing the rest of the letter out loud.

"Celestia-danged certifiably-crazy party-pony..." Applejack muttered under her breath.

"Come on, everypony," said Twilight in her best leadership voice. "We've got no time to lose! And we should probably also think of our own plan, in case whatever Pinkie's is fails!"


It was now late afternoon, and dark, rumbling clouds surrounded Rainbow Dash's castle in the sky. Said castle was also floating far higher above Ponyville than usual.

Probably to scare ponies away, Pinkie Pie thought to herself as she landed her vehicle on the cloud mass connected to the estate. She gingerly placed one hoof on the cloud, making double-sure it would support her before fully getting out.

No sooner had she done so, though, than a voice from inside the castle shakily shouted, "Wh-who's there?"

"Special delivery," said Pinkie Pie, taking out a sheet of paper. "I've got one order of smiles here for a 'Dash, Rainbow.' Know if she's around?"

"!" said the voice, which was clearly Rainbow Dash's--still, Pinkie decided to humor her. She'd had a feeling this would happen.

"'Kay! Well, I'll just stay here until she shows up, if that's all right with you."

"No, it's not. Go home alr--wait, Pinkie Pie? You're not a pegasus. How are you even here?"

Pinkie Pie patted the flying machine she'd arrived on. "Pinkie Flyer, Version 2.0. Made a few improvements. Twice as sturdy, holds three times as many snacks! And we're both here because Twilight's cloud-walking spell lasts way longer than we all thought it would."

Silence for a few seconds. Then Rainbow Dash flew out of a window to get a look. She looked quite the worse for wear; her mane was disheveled, her coat not much better off, and she wore an ever-present stern look on her face. After looking Pinkie and her Flyer over, she said, "Well, I can still eject you the old-fashioned way. So go home before I do! I've got sleep to catch up on." She flew back in the house.

Pinkie Pie waited for a while, then, once she was sure there was no other way, reached for the book she'd brought with her. She opened to a bookmarked page, and began to read as loud as she could:

"'Winged Species of Equestria, Chapter 6: The Griffon. Of all of Equestria's flighted beings, the griffon is one of the most powerful, and by far the most aggressive. Its makeup of lion and eagle, kings of both the land and sky, give it an air of arrogance, unrivaled in scope, and impossible to tame! Because of this, and due to conflicts throughout Equestria's  history, friendship bonds between civilized ponies and primal griffons are said to be impossi'--whoa!" Pinkie Pie cried out as she found herself being airlifted by a now very angry pegasus.

"Pinkie, what are you doing?" said Rainbow Dash. "Why are you reading me that tripe?"

"What?" said Pinkie, smiling to mask her fear. "You don't like brushing up on social studies?"

"No, I don't!" shouted Rainbow Dash, and the storm clouds above rumbled again in accompaniment. "Not like that! That book's got it all wrong! They're not all like that! And if it weren't for you, I'd still be able to prove it!"

"Funny thing," said Pinkie, fighting off the slightest twinge of guilt. "Here's your chance."

"What are you--gah!" Rainbow Dash found herself struck hard from the side, and she fell to the cloud mass beside her castle, dazed. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie was still being airlifted, but this time by a set of talons rather than hooves. She was shuttled into the castle, and placed safely on Rainbow Dash's bed.

"Thanks," said Pinkie, looking up at the griffon who'd just saved her.

"Don't bother. You're a moron, you know that?" said the griffon. "Way too many of you ponies are. I can't believe you let Dash get to this point after a whole month!" She stretched a wing towards outside, where the storm had finally begun to grow stronger and more intense.

"Look, we can all chew each other out later," said Pinkie. "But can you help now?"

"Tch. I'll do what I can, but no promises!" The griffon flew outside to where Rainbow Dash was just regaining her senses, and waited for her to rise to her level.

Once Rainbow Dash did so, and saw who had blindsided her earlier, she could barely believe her eyes. She flew a little closer, just to make sure she was seeing straight:


"Yep," said the griffon. "It's me. I told you to come see me again. Why didn't you? Were you really that serious about dumping me for Ponyville?"

"Gilda," Rainbow Dash slowly said again, a toothy grin appearing across her muzzle as lightning flashed overhead. "Finally. You. Me. Now."

"Dash? What's gotten into... whoa, it's worse than I thought."

Gilda braced herself. If her words weren't reaching Dash, then that meant there was only one way to communicate with her now. Something they'd done before, but only in desperate times. Only when it was really called for.

Only when they'd had the worst of arguments.

"All right, Dash. We both know what you need." Gilda spread her wings in beckoning. "Think you can finally take me? Then come on, girl! Let's see what you've got!"

As she flew towards Gilda with her strongest cry and one hoof outstretched, it was clear that Rainbow Dash intended to do just that...
Original Synopsis:
Shortly after a party that went terribly wrong, Rainbow Dash begins acting in ways nopony ever expected! Now it's up to both a current and an old friend of Dash's to make sense of things... before Rainbow Dash has no friends left!

What Is This?:
Chapter 1 (of a planned 3) of Blunder and Lightning, wherein a starring pegasus and one-shot griffon are reunited! Will Ponyville survive the event?
Contains references to Lightning Round, Slipstream and Lightning Ride, for the curious.
Also assumes "Sonic Rainboom" happened before "Griffon the Brush-Off" in Friendship is Magic's timeline.

Dear Princess Celestia:
Once again I find myself out of my sphere of comfort, and working with vaguely dramatic elements! I hope this doesn't crash and burn too badly. ^^; But press on I shall!

Text by Bookish Delight, 2010-2011. My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro, not to me. This is done completely bereft of profit.
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    I do not own the rights to any of the characters that appear in my little story. Now I do not claim I can tell a story nearly as well as J.K. Rowling (if I could I'd be a millionaire). The best I can do is all I can offer. I hope that you will be entertained.

Holly Potter
And The
Mists of Avalon Pt. 1

           Story: Kim West                                             
           Editing: Autumn Winters

     It was a dark and stormy night. Evil filled the night air, making even the bravest of men think twice about venturing forth into its depths. Vile magic brewed up this billowing banshee of a storm. Only one man (if you can call him such) could have conjured up such a treacherous thing. His name you ask? Surely you know that "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" would kill me on the spot if I risked uttering his you-know-what. If that happened, then this story would only be this paragraph in length.


     Right! Where was I? Dark, stormy, evil…ah yes, the purpose of this storm was to hide what would happen next. The rain crashed down on the homes of Privet Drive the hardest, and in particular upon the home of the Dursleys. Inside this house was cold, dark, dank, and pure misery. It was something that I could not possibly describe in words that the human mind might comprehend. Needless to say, everyone in the household shivered, too cold to move, too cold to even notice that someone had just entered, trespassing, if you will, on their premises. Not quite human, not even really made of flesh and blood was this intruder. He made his way up the stairs and slithered his way into the master bedroom where Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were trying (rather unsuccessfully) to get some sleep. A figure now took shape as it loomed over the bed.

"You," it hissed, "Caretakers of Harry Potter!"

    Both Dursleys shot upright as if they had been prodded by the devil's own pitchfork. They looked upon the dark figure at the foot of their bed. Two bright green eyes stared back at them, narrowing, and seemingly piercing into the Dursley's very souls.

  "Wha…What do you want?"  Mr. Dursley's voice wavered.

  "I wish to rid myself of that annoying little brat who has ruined my plans time after time until now I am almost a laughing-stock!"

     The Dursleys thought that it would be very hard indeed to think of this demon as a laughing stock. They simply nodded as this thing continued its tirade.

"But tonight, all that will change. It must change, for every year that passes makes Harry Potter more powerful. If he is not checked, soon he will surpass even my power. Tonight he will be checked.

     The cloudy figure stopped and looked upon the Dursleys. It was focusing its attention upon them; this made them even more uncomfortable, if that were possible.

"I have placed a very special curse upon young Mr. Potter. When he wakes in the morning I want you to utter the following:"

     "Femulato Mugulatem." The figure's voice grew low and malevolent, with a sinister sibilance more terrifying than even its demonic visage.

     The vile evil creature thingy pressed forward. "Say it as many times as is necessary, and Harry Potter will change into a Muggle just like the two of you."

     Vernon Dursley's jaw remained open unable to move despite repeated attempts. Petunia Dursley did regain enough of her composure to speak up.

"Are you trying to tell us that Harry won't be a wizard anymore if we say this chant for you?"

"YESSSSSSSS", hissed the vile, evil, creature, thingy.

"Why not do it yourself? Why us? We're not magical", Vernon Dursley finally piped in.

"IT MUST BE MUGGLE!" shouted the creature, which almost caused The Dursleys to have a heart attack. The creature quickly regained its composure and continued.

"It must be done by non-magic people such as you for the curse to work properly. If I performed the curse myself, it could be undone by others of my kind. However, if you do this for me; the boy that I know you hate shall become a non-magic girl of no relation to you. It will become permanent so that no witch or wizard will be able to break the spell. After it is done, you may do with the girl what you wish. Throw her out on the streets, or perhaps even make her your servant girl".

   The cloudlike creature began to move away but turned to face the Dursleys once more.

"Oh, I should mention that if you refuse me I shall be forced to kill you. I should also mention that I was the one who killed Harry's parents. Oh, and not to put too fine a point on it, but they had a much better chance against me than you two do. No pressure, just food for thought".

     And with that, the cloud disappeared, leaving a pair of bright green eyes behind. They seemed to be smiling them as they faded into nothingness.

     The Dursleys just sat there for the longest time not knowing what to do. It certainly wasn't a nightmare because they BOTH were awake and had experienced the same thing, so it certainly wasn't a nightmare (however much they may have wished that it had been). No, the Dursleys would get no sleep that night.

     While that was happening, poor Harry was deep in sleep, but it was a terrible sort of sleep; the kind where you know that it's a dream, but can't seem to ever wake up no matter what you might do. While the dreams were indeed strange, they all seemed to have one common theme. Oh they started out normal, but at some point it would just go plain wonky. For example, one dream had Harry in the kitchen cooking breakfast as usual for the Dursleys when all of a sudden his chest started feeling sort of weird. He looked down and saw his chest starting to swell and balloon in size until he had a nice pair of breasts to be looking at. Harry was so shocked at what he just saw that he almost dropped Dudley's plate on the floor.

     "What the?!" Harry exclaimed.


     Harry was about to reply when he suddenly felt his rear expand. As it did so his pants changed into a short frilly little skirt. Then, Harry's hair sprang down to his shoulders. He became shorter, delicate, and more feminine by the moment until at last Harry looked and acted like the cutest little French maid you ever had the pleasure of seeing.

      "Ooooh! I am soooo very sorry. It will never happen again", said Harry in a soft sexy voice.

     On and on it went with Harry somehow changing into a girl in each vision, but that really wasn't the nightmare part of it. No, every girl he turned into was a Muggle. That was far more terrifying to Harry: Not to be able to practice magic. No Ron, no Hermione, NO HOGWARTS! Then there was one dream in which he was at the train station and saw Ron and Hermione about to enter the secret passage to Platform Nine and Three-quarters. He ran to them

     "Ron! Hermione! Wait for me!" Harry said in a rather high-pitched voice.

     They both turned to look at who called out to them.

     "Yes, can we help you, miss?"  Ron asked.

     And before Harry could reply his body started to change, his hair flowed into blonde curly hair, then came a rather ample bosom, which jiggled with every movement.

     "Oh, no! You have to help me! Hermione, do a counterspell!" Harry pleaded as his hips widened.

     "Come on Hermione, we're going to be late," grumbled Ron.

      They both ignored Harry who had just finished changing into an adorable girl who looked and sounded as if she was from Southern California.

     "Like, wait for me!"

     Harry ran full steam into the pillar marking platforms 9 and 10.
Unfortunately, the secret passage was now blocked to her; only those who had magic within them could enter. Harry was now a blonde Muggle girl sitting on her rear and rubbing her head while people gathered around her. Amongst the babbling of the crowd Harry began to hear a familiar sound. Faint at first but it gradually grew stronger as it made the nightmare go away. The sound that Harry was hearing was his owl, Hedwig, who had managed to finally wake her master from slumber.

"Yes Hedwig. I'm awake now. Please give me a moment", yawned Harry as he slowly stretched

     Upon hearing her master's voice Hedwig suddenly started flapping her wings wildly and rattling her cage as if she were half crazed.

     "Okay, I'll let you out; just calm down, or you'll get us both into trouble."

     Hedwig settled down, but it was clear to Harry that she was troubled about something. He picked up the cage and walked over to the window in his room and opened it as well as the cage. As soon as this was done, Hedwig shot out from cage and out the window. So fast did Hedwig fly, that she could no longer be seen in the nearby sky. Let me say at this point that the dear, snowy white owl wasn't in a great need to find a restroom. No, she sensed powerful, evil, and even diabolical magic poised to strike her young master. She knew that she had little time to waste as she tried to find someone who could help.

     "Wow, I've never seen her fly so fast"

     "Harry! Come down here at once!"

     "I think Hedwig had the right idea", mumbled Harry.

     Harry made his way downstairs to see a very tired Uncle
Vernon and Aunt Petunia, Harry stood before them waiting for whatever punishment they decided they were going to give him today. Just then however Dudley came bounding down the stairs.

     "What's going on? WHERE'S MY BREAKFAST!" Dudley bellowed.

     "In a moment son, just as soon as we deal with Harry." Uncle
Vernon said menacingly.

     Usually Dudley would be screaming bloody murder about delaying his destiny with breakfast, but this was punishment for his favorite ugh... well let's just say he rather enjoys seeing Harry get into trouble. It's what he lives for (that is) next to eating everything in sight.

       "Well, get on with it then." Aunt Petunia prodded her husband.

     Uncle Vernon looked rather pale as if he were going to get very sick, finally though he turned to face Harry. "Oh well, here goes then, Femalotto Mundanium!"

     Harry Looked at his Uncle for a moment and then scratched his head. "That sounded like a magic spell," Harry thought to himself. "But that can't be right, can it? Surely Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia know they aren't able to cast spells."

     "Idiot! Can't you remember anything!" Aunt Petunia shouted, "It's pronounced FEMULATO MUGULATEM!"

     The words crashed upon Harry like a raging lightning storm.
The whole house itself shuddered and the air grew as thick as soup. Harry doubled over in the most horrible pain he had ever experienced. Screaming in shear agony, the young boy's cries were enough to put a banshee to shame. Not that he could notice, but Harry's body was starting to change as he writhed on the floor. He became shorter; bones, muscles, and joints crackled, popped, and squished this way and that. His body was being shifted like clay, settling down only after a bit. You could see that subtle changes had been done. His body was rounder, softer, and more feminine. Harry lay on the floor trying desperately to gulp in air.

     "Again! Do it again, mum!" shouted Dudley in joyful glee.

     "Please…stop," gasped Harry weakly.

     "I'll stop when you're finished changing", sneered Aunt Petunia.

     "Don't you think the boy has suffered enough?" Asked Uncle Vernon.

     Aunt Petunia turned to her husband while pointing her finger at Harry. "You heard that thing last night. If we don't do what it says we'll end up dead. YOU DON'T WANT THAT, DO YOU!?"

     "No dear", said Uncle Vernon meekly.

     "Besides he can't stay half-finished like that. He would be an even bigger freak than he was before." Aunt Petunia rationalized.

     "I suppose your right, but what if we end up killing him?"

     "Don't be silly, if the first one didn't kill him, then the next two or three won't. Now stand back."


     Just then a brilliant flash of light flooded the room. In the next moment, the room had filled to the brim with Weasleys. All of them had their wands out and each of those glowed in various colors.

     "Just what is going on here?" demanded Mr. Weasley as he pointed his wand dangerously close to Uncle Vernon's face.

     "It's not how it looks." said Uncle Vernon as he slowly backed away from the wand pointed at him.

     "Harry!" shouted Ron as he rushed to his friend.

     Mrs. Weasley rushed over as well to what could be done. She looked down in horror to see poor Harry shivering and shaking. He was sweat-drenched and on the threshold of death's door. She quickly turned to George and Fred.

     "Take your brother home now."

     They obeyed their mum because they knew the tone of her voice when she was royally pissed off, and (I'll tell you this in all honesty) she sounded ten times worse than that, and felt at least a hundred times worse than even that. None of this however mattered in the least. No, not one bit because she had to see that Harry was rushed off to receive emergency care as soon as possible; she teleported herself and Harry in that very instant. That left Mr. Weasley alone with the Dursleys, a fact that made The Dursleys somewhat nervous to say the least.

     "You have some explaining to do and it better be good. You do not want to experience what our prison system is like firsthand" Mr. Weasley said as he narrowed his eyes.

     "Now see here..."

     "NO! DO NOT TEMPT ME, MR. DURSLEY!" Mr Weasley's eyes flashed with anger, fiercer than ever before. This rare display of powerful, negative emotion in a seemingly otherwise calm man made the Dursleys even more frightened than they had been before.

     "You will come with me, you WILL comply, and you will receive due process."

     With that said, the Dursleys disappeared with Mr. Weasley, leaving #4 Privet drive ever so lonely.
I decided to dust off an old fanfic I wrote back when “Goblet of Fire” had just come out. Part 1 starts off roughly after J.K.’s fourth book if anybody is thinking in terms of story time line. Those who are extreme Potter fans have the over all knowledge of how things eventually ended for Rowling’s Potter, but this story diverges into its own mythos so to speak. You may or may not enjoy it, but it didn’t cost you anything to read, and you didn’t have to find space on your book shelf for it either. Things to consider when making comments.

Here is the illustration that belongs to this part of the story:

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Heather Granger
By Doomedmaster

it was summer vacation after second  year and Hermione had asked harry if he wanted to come with her family on holiday his relatives said "yes" so Harry want with the Granger family to there holiday house near a beach
"Thanks moine, you're a life saver "  Harry said as he and Hermione were walking on the beach
"You're welcome Harry" Hermione said before stopping  why'll looking at him "Harry can I ask you something" she asked receiving a nod "well I found this new spell and I want to try it, but the problem is it might be forever" she said looking at him
"I could help, just tel me what I need to do" he said looking at her
"It's called a 'new life' spell or you have to do is stand there and picture a family or someone you want to be related to" she said looking at him
"Sounds simple, ok let's do it" Harry said looking around noticing no one near bye
"ok ready" she said looking at him as he nodded "from one life to another" she said at him as he stated to glow bright just as it started it stopped Hermione looked at were her best friend was only to see a girl about her age and height with shoulder length brown hair, green eyes wearing a blue skirt, a black top with a white short sleeve button up shirt over it
"Harry is that you, what family did you picture" she asked looking at him no her
"Yours, I guess were twins now, oh why I'm I a girl" Harry asked looking down at her new body
"Because I was suppose to have a twin but she died" Hermione said looking at her
"well then everything worked out" Harry said walking over to her "you get a twin, and I get a loving family" she said hugging her friend turned twin "but what's my name now" she asked  
"Hermione, Heather lunch" Miss Granger call over the hill at her twin daughters not knowing a minute ago she only had one
"Well problem solved lunch time, coming sis" Heather said walked off with her twin sister
ok another harry/hermione fusion story
oh and the top picture belongs to this story

caption can be found here [link]

again harry and everyone in this story belong to J.K
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    I do not own the rights to any of the characters that appear in my little story. Now I do not claim I can tell a story nearly as well as J.K. Rowling (if I could I'd be a millionaire). The best I can do is all I can offer. I hope that you will be entertained.

Harry Potter
And The
Mists Of Avalon Pt.5

          Story: Kim West                                     
          Editing: Autumn Winters

     That weekend Malfoy remained hidden in the Slytherin Girls' Dormitory; Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode were hovering around her like two hungry vultures in dire need of a tasty snack.

     Malfoy sneered at them. "Go away! Hee haw!"

     The two girls began to giggle when they heard Malfoy bray before them.

     "Ah, come on Draco, we know you aren't exactly yourself right now," said Pansy.

     This was an attempt by Pansy to try to calm Malfoy down but all it managed to do was make Millicent burst out laughing. This made Malfoy so extremely furious that she began to bray uncontrollably, bending over while she did so. Pansy gave Millicent a dirty look; this wasn't how she wanted this to turn out at all.

     "What I meant to say was you need to borrow some clothes now that you have...umm...changed."

     Malfoy's face twitched a bit when she thought about the prospect of wearing skirts, blouses, and even lacy UNDERTHINGS.

     "I refuse to wear skirts and stuff like some...FRUITCAKE! Potter and Weasley might like that sort of thing but not me!" Malfoy huffed.

     "Potter and Weasley are girls, just as you are now, my dear GIRL! And for you information fruitcakes do not wear skirts and stuff. GIRLS DO! IS THAT PERFECTLY CLEAR, MISSY?"  shouted Pansy.

     "Yeah, and not to mention that it's against school rules for girls to wear a boy's uniform," Millicent added.

     "But I'm a boy! I'm a Heeee HAAAAAW!" Malfoy pleaded.
     "You're a girl, who's made a you-know-what out of yourself. Get used to that fact or Dumbledore may just send you home packing." Pansy continued her argument.

     "Not to mention you may end up taking away even more Slytherin points away from us," Millicent said smiling.

     Pansy gave Millicent another dirty look. "Will you stop mentioning things or I swear you will regret it."

     Millicent kept quiet while Pansy handed Malfoy some of her clothes.

     "Do you need help putting on your new clothes?" Pansy asked.

     Malfoy's eyes widened. "No! I'm not letting a couple of girls see me NAKED!"

     Pansy's eyes rolled. "Why? You don't have anything that we haven't got ourselves."

     "Well, how about those long ears, light fur, and..." Millicent burst out laughing. "DONKEY TAIL!"

      "Millicent! You're not helping one bit!" Pansy said scolding her friend.

      Needless to say this went on for quite a while with the three arguing this detail and that. Finally however Malfoy did consent to allow Pansy to help her get dressed but insisted that Millicent leave because of her constant laughter and finger pointing. This was particularly embarrassing when it was discovered that all of the skirts and panties Malfoy would have to wear needed to have holes for her tail to be put through.

     The weekend soon passed, and Monday became a reality. For Malfoy it was sheer misery, as she had to endure all of the staring, pointing, and laughing. Every class, the students would whisper behind her back thinking that she could not hear what they said, but she did hear every word spoken. Her ears were like fine-tuned radar dishes swiveling this way and that and were able to pick up the slightest noise whether she wanted them to or not. Then, there was the little matter of what to name her; Draco refused to be called by a girl's name so the students began referring to her simply as "Donkey." She also had to have all her new skirts be specially fitted so her tail could be free to swish about. She even quit her Quidditch team because of the constant jeering she was getting.

    I don't believe I mentioned the game Quidditch all that much. All four houses compete with each other playing this rather unique game. The house that wins the most games wins The House Cup and bragging rights until next year. The standings currently are as follows: Gryffindor and Ravenclaw have both beaten Slytherin and Hufflepuff. They have yet to play each other and both currently remain undefeated. Slytherin has only managed to beat Hufflepuff and is completely out of the running for The House Cup. Hufflepuff has lost to everyone and is also out of the running.
     The game itself is fairly simple, catch the golden snitch and two things happen: you score one hundred and fifty points and the game ends. It is possible to win the game without catching the snitch, but that is very rare. There are three types of balls in this game. They are the quaffle, the bludger, and of course the golden snitch. The quaffle can be used to score ten points through the opponent's metal rings but that is somewhat a waste of time, in my opinion. The bludger flies around trying to bash into anything in its path; seekers have to be careful not to be hit by it because they will end up in the hospital right quick. Holly and Viktor are the seekers for today's match. Only seekers are allowed to chase the snitch and catch it. I could go on at great length about rules, regulations, and various positions but I believe that won't be necessary, as you will soon see.

     Holly swung on her broomstick while she mentally prepared herself for the game. She had plenty of success with her Firebolt, it was the best and fastest broom you could buy for playing Quidditch. It was her pride and joy as she soared into the sky knowing that nothing could beat it except, of course, another Firebolt. Viktor had one as well, and not only that, but he had played in The Quidditch World Cup as well. No one expected her to win against Viktor today, not even her own teammates. In a strange way, this took away a certain amount of pressure from her. Still, Holly thought to herself that if she managed to win, it would really be something. She smiled to herself, knowing that doing the impossible is what she was best at.

     Both teams swarmed around the stadium while Madam Hooch opened the box holding the various balls. The snitch sprang into the air, zipping this way and that, before disappearing altogether.

     "Now, I want a clean game from all of you."

     Holly smirked, thinking how many times she had heard Madam Hooch say those words. The only ones who needed to hear them weren't even playing today. She giggled to herself as the quaffle was released thus starting the game officially. Holly flew high into the air hoping to get lucky and spot the snitch before Viktor.

     Luck was not with her however when Viktor suddenly screamed into a power dive. Holly noticed this and gave hot pursuit. Soon they were flying straight to the ground at speeds so fast that...well let's just say it was fast enough to kill them if they impacted onto the surface.  Each pulled out of their dive at the very last second. It was then Holly realized there was no snitch to be seen. Viktor pulled his famous Wronski Feint on her, and she fell for it! She swung around to face Viktor who was grinning back at her like a wild man.

     "Vonderful, Holly Potter, you fly almost as vell as me."

     Holly smiled. "What do you mean almost? I'm going to..."

     Holly didn't finish her remark because she noticed the real snitch fly past. She took off at high speed followed closely by Viktor. The snitch made all sorts of impossible maneuvers, which the seekers matched perfectly. They looped, flipped, and dove until many people watching felt rather dizzy. The aerial acrobatics were simply amazing to behold. Many of the players from both sides actually stopped playing in order to watch these two fly. Just when it looked like Viktor would catch the snitch, an alarm rang out, signaling the cancellation of the match.

     "Everyone, please do not panic. Hogwarts is under attack by forces unknown. Students please return to your dormitories at once. Teachers will join me in ridding ourselves of these invaders," Dumbledore addressed the stadium with the announcer's microphone.

     "Albus, those are Death Eaters," whispered Professor McGonagall into Dumbledore's ear.

     "You and I know this, but I do not wish for the whole student body to know, it would cause even more panic than we have now, Minerva."

     Entering the stadium were mountain trolls, dementors, and in the air were dragons with Death Eaters riding on top of them.

      "Mountain trolls, dementors, and dragons, oh my!" Becky said out loud.

     Hermione just shook her head. "Say something useful, or don't say anything at all."

     "How about this, 'join me now or die'?" Voldemort hissed.

     Becky and Hermione were surrounded, and they were helpless. Now I must say that this is one sneaky villain, he rationalized that no one would notice a simple abduction while the entire school was under attack.

     "What do you want with us?" Hermione struggled, held by two Death Eaters.

      "You and your witless friend here mean nothing to me. You are merely bait," Voldemort said, laughing an evil laugh.

      While this was happening, Holly raced toward the dragons with Viktor following behind her.

      "Vat are you doing?"

      "I'm going to try to reason with the dragons," Holly said calmly.


      "I have to try, Viktor."

       Holly flew faster toward four dragons; they noticed her and one of them charged. She made mental contact with the creature and with the other three as well. Soon, all four began to slowly drift to the ground despite the efforts of their riders to keep them up in the air. They landed on the ground and each dragon promptly decided to take a nap. The four angry Death Eaters dismounted their dragons and made their way through the chaos that was all about them.

     Viktor flew beside Holly with a look of wonder upon his face. "How did you do that?"

     Holly smiled. "I'll explain later."

     Suddenly, a blast of hot, streaming fire blew directly toward Viktor. He managed to almost avoid most of it. He swerved, but not enough; his shoulder and arm were hit by the blast. He cried out in pain and he fell off his broom. Holly cried out as well, sending out a wave of energy that made everything seem to stop in time. She held out her hand and guided Viktor's body safely to the ground. Soon, time seemed to return to normal while she turned and faced ten dragons. She commanded them to fly to the ground to take a nap, which they did quite nicely.

     "Potter! Come down and play with me won't you? Your friends seem to think that their lives are in danger!" Voldemort shouted.

     Holly looked down at the field and saw both Becky and Hermione being held by Voldemort's thugs. He moved toward Becky and held out his wand.


     Holly instantly zoomed at full speed toward Voldemort. She could see Becky writhing on the ground in horrible pain. This made Holly angry. This made her very angry indeed. Voldemort smiled while pointing his wand at the ballistic Holly.


     A fiery, red streak shot out of Voldemort's wand striking Holly dead on.  There was a massive explosion, which caused many to cry out knowing no one could possibly survive that. Oh come on, you don't actually believe that this would be the end of Holly Potter, do you? I mean, it would be a rather crummy way to end the story. Well not to worry, when the smoke began to clear, it revealed a very much alive Holly Potter. Her clothes were badly torn and burned, while she, herself, remained untouched by the explosion. Her broomstick was vaporized but she remained in the air, hovering with a bright, white light surrounding her. She descended to the ground to face her mortal enemy.

     "Impressive, but then again I already knew you've become more powerful since the last time we met."

     "Leave my friends alone, you filthy maggot!"

     Voldemort's eyes flashed. "They have served my purpose. I could care less whether they live or die. You are the one I want dead, and I will see that done this very day!"

     Voldemort took out what looked like a lamp and he rubbed it. Within moments, a billowing cloud issued forth from the mouth of the lamp. The cloud soon took the shape of a genie; he towered over Holly while folding his massive arms.

     "Whatever powers you may have, Miss Potter, they are no match for my genie. You see I killed many and risked much to get him, for he is probably the most powerful genie the world has ever seen. Even more powerful than Aladdin's fabled genie, I would imagine."

     "You're not going to keep up with this talking are you? Either wish for something, or let me go back to bed," the genie grumbled.

     Holly was concentrating with all her might to wish she and Voldemort would end up on Avalon.

    "Be quite! I am the master!" Voldemort snapped.

     At that moment, everything started to twist and swirl about. Then there was a loud pop. Holly, Voldemort, Becky, Hermione, and the genie all disappeared into thin air. The Death Eaters noticed that their master had vanished, and they sensed that the tide had somehow turned against them. They began to make a hasty retreat while the dementors and trolls continued to attack.

     "Expecto Patronum!" shouted Dumbledore.

     A gigantic white lion issued forth from his wand. It rushed toward the dementors, who backed away from it and eventually were driven completely away.

     "Imobulus!" shouted Professor McGonagall pointing her wand at a group of mountain trolls that were chasing some students. The trolls, of course, froze right in their tracks.

     "Reducio!" shouted Professor Snape pointing his wand at about ten trolls who shrunk to the size of tiny pixies.

     On and on it went as the invasion force was eventually taken care of. There were still four dragons loose in the air however. They were circling about the castle, causing destruction of walls and turrets. That is, of course, until Hagrid came near enough to them and did his best imitation of a baby dragon in distress. His call had apparently had immediate results because all four dragons were female, and they had all been recent mothers as well. They each roared and became too wild for their riders to control. Some of The Death Eaters fell to the ground to what might be their own deaths; others however, did have brooms which they used to make their getaway.

     Hagrid smiled and he made another call to the dragons, which made them calm down. Each one soon landed near the giant and he gently patted each one on the snout.

    "It's gonna be alright now," Hagrid told the dragons in a soothing tone.

      Out of all of the magical creatures Hagrid has cared for over the years, dragons were by far his favorite. He knew more about dragons, and how to best treat them, than even the finest trainers in Romania.


     Crash, bang, and the world fades into darkness; then, the light of day is known once again. The green, bountiful earth is all about. Nature in its most pure splendor, the way it was in the days before mankind. This is what Holly, Becky and Hermione saw before them. Not that Becky could really appreciate anything except for the excruciating pain. Voldemort's curse had not let up on the poor girl in the least. Holly moved to her friend and put her hand on Becky's forehead.

     "Be healed now, and feel pain no more." Holly said quietly.

     With these words spoken, Becky suddenly glowed for a moment; then, her crying and shaking began to fade away. She sat up and looked at Holly.

     "Looks like you're getting the hang of your new powers."

     "I suppose, but I wouldn't want to test them against that genie. I think that we should get back to Hogwarts before Voldemort realizes what happened."

      "You won't get any arguments from me," Becky said.


      Holly turned to see in the distance a giant sized Voldemort, who was apparently still in the process of growing. He was tossing trees about while occasionally throwing extremely powerful bolts of energy that exploded upon the fertile earth leaving huge, lifeless craters behind. It was horrifying to watch. Holly felt dizzy because the life forces were being drained away from the life-giving-earth. She could also feel Voldemort's life force growing incredibly strong with each passing moment.

     "We have to leave now." Hermione told Holly.

     Holly nodded in agreement as she concentrated on returning to Hogwarts or what was left of it. Nothing seemed to happen, so she tried again. Nothing still, except that this time she ended up with a headache. Hermione was about to ask what was taking so long when Voldemort came crashing through into the clearing and spotted them. His genie was hovering close behind him.

     "Ah, there you are, you naughty little girl. I was going to wish my genie would kill you but then I thought about wishing to kill you myself." Voldemort grinned. "That wish made me more powerful than I could have possibly imagined. Die, knowing that you were responsible for the evil that is me."

     Voldemort threw an enormous energy bolt at the three girls. Holly managed to barely deflect it with a protective sphere that partially collapsed. Part of that bolt did however, make it through and struck Holly. She screamed and she nearly fell to her knees.

     "I...can't take...another one like that." Holly said trying to catch her breath.

     "Can we panic now?" Becky said to no one in particular.

     "Holly, try calling The Goddess. Maybe she'll hear you and help us." Hermione suggested.

     "I'll try," Holly said weakly.

     Another huge blast came hurtling toward them while Holly prayed. The blast almost made contact, but then it suddenly crackled and fizzled away into thin air. Then a shimmering glow appeared before Holly and Voldemort, and after a bit it took the shape of a woman. Not just a woman, but The Goddess herself stood, looking somewhat upset.  

     "Tom Riddle, you will do no further harm."

     "No one calls me that!" Voldemort shouted trying to hurl another bolt at The Goddess. Nothing happened except that he shrank down to his normal height. Voldemort began showing a hint of fear while turning to face his genie.

     "I wish to destroy her!"

     "Genies must serve their masters, this much is true. I give you now the free will to choose a new path. You can remain a genie and face defeat if you try to do battle with a GODDESS." The Goddess paused. "Or another choice might be to give up being a genie and give up having to constantly serve masters like him for all eternity."


     The genie pondered for a moment.



     "I said no, you are no longer my master. What use is all my power if all I can do with it is grant petty wishes to the likes of YOU." The genie turned to face The Goddess. "But for me to live my life as a mortal. To do what I wish, whatever that may be. That would be truly magical."

     "You understand that, if I make you mortal, it will be as a female."

     "Gender matters little to me, it is freedom and freedom alone I cherish above all else." The genie said bowing to The Goddess.

     A swirling mass of energy flowed around the genie. Within moments, a transformed woman stood in front of The Goddess. She had black shiny hair that went down to her narrow waist. Her skin was silky smooth in texture and had a dark, creamy tan complexion. Oh, and her big, dark, olive eyes were indeed ravishing to behold. The dark-haired woman smiled as she felt her body with her hands, she moved them along its contours for the first time.

    "I correct myself, oh wondrous Goddess. I find my new gender matters greatly to me. I find it most pleasing to me indeed."

     "I am glad that you are pleased. Go now with my blessings to the new life that awaits you."

     The dark-haired woman sparkled away into thin air.

     "Now, where was I?"

     "AVRA KADAVRA!"  Voldemort yelled waving his wand at The Goddess.

     "Ah yes, now I remember." The Goddess said she turning her attention to the evil wizard. "I am very disappointed in you, Tom. All you seem to care about is death and destruction."

     "OH SHUT UP, AND KILL ME NOW! It is better for me to die than to hear your endless prattle about how I could've been another goodie-two-shoes like Dumbledore! Just thinking about him makes me want to puke!" Voldemort hissed defiantly.

     "You act just like a spoiled little child in need of a lesson. You have brought this upon yourself, young lady."

     Before Voldemort could say a word, a pink mist surrounded him. He immediately shrank in height. He, no she wore a frilly little dress that came down to her knees. Her wand was soon covered with all sorts of sparkly jewelry and at the end of it was changed into kind of a heart-shaped jewel. Her hair changed into a brightly colored pink, and her eyes were extremely big and sparkly.  She tried to look angry but could not pull it off because she just looked too cute and adorable.

     "I am Lord Voldymalt, and in the name of the moon I shall punish you!" mean Voldemort's eyes went wide, and then she gasped; her hands quickly covered her mouth not wanting to believe what she had just said. Then, tears began to form and she started to cry.

      "I WANT MY MOMMY!"

     "I return you to your mother, Serena...hush now and think only happy thoughts."

      Soon the rather strange, pink-haired girl disappeared, presumably to be with its..uh..I mean her mother.

       "She did not look quite human to me," Holly said calmly.

      "Perhaps she's some sort of mutant fairy with big, sparkly eyes." Becky suggested.

     "I transferred Voldemort's living essence and placed it into a fictional character by the name of Chibi Moon. She is a part of an animated television series called Sailor Moon." The Goddess smiled. "Do you not remember what took place in The Chamber of Secrets, Holly Potter?"

     Holly thought a moment. "Yes, I defeated Voldemort."

     "You defeated Voldemort as he was when he attended Hogwarts. Voldemort preserved himself in the pages of a diary. What I did to him just now was not that different of a fate. All that was Voldemort has now been preserved within a fictional character of my choosing." The Goddess sighed, "And I see that you three still look confused. Is there something else that you wish to ask me?"

     The three girls looked at each other for a moment and then faced The Goddess once more, speaking almost at the same time.

         Hermione asked, "You watch television?"

         Then Holly asked, "You watch cartoons?"   

         Finally Becky asked, "What's television?"  

     "Yes I watch television; just because I 'm a deity doesn't mean I must exist like a hermit. As far as cartoons are concerned, Japanese Animation is watched by young and old alike.  In fact I've changed quite a few middle-aged men into women who have told me they simply can't get enough of 'Sailor Moon' and 'Ranma 1/2'," The Goddess told the three girls.

       "Yeah, but what's television?" Becky asked again.

      "I'll explain later," Holly told Becky.

       "Holly Potter, you have managed to turn my lovely Avalon into a war zone." The Goddess shook her head but never really frowned upon Holly. "I must tell you that the reason you could not leave earlier was that I would not permit it. Avalon is not a prison. It is a place of worship. Always remember that, little one."

     "I apologize to you, Rhiannon." Holly said as she curtsied.   

     "Rhiannon...yes that is what they used to call me." The Goddess said softly. " I was also Blodeuwedd, Arianrhod, Cerridwen, Branwen, and so many others as well. Simply call me "The Goddess," young one, and I shall hear your prayers. Names, in the long run, mean little for I am a part of all women whether they know it or not."

     "No offense, but we left Hogwarts just when it was being attacked. I think we need to think about returning." Hermione suggested.

     "The invaders have been dealt with, but yes I agree that it is time you returned to your school."

      Soon Holly, Hermione, and Becky were whisked back, while The Goddess tended to her beloved Avalon.


    There in Dumbledore's office were Dumbledore himself and a lady with shocking pink hair with purple stripes. She looked out of breath and sat down in a chair in front of The Headmaster. She was skinny but was definitely in shape to do whatever was necessary. What that would be I can not say at this time, but let me assure you, she is someone who can take care of herself.

    "I received your message and came to you without anybody noticing."

    "Ah, Tonks, I have never doubted your abilities. I trust you've seen the damage to the school and have heard the latest."

"Yeah, a couple of those Death Eaters that died falling off those dragons had escaped from Azkaban. The inside word was that the dragons were stolen from Romania about two months ago. Nobody is talking about that publicly by the way. Fudge still seems to think covering things up is the only way to go, and with Voldemort gone he may be right."

      "Oh, I would not be too sure of that, Tonks. There are ways for Voldemort to return, but that is not what concerns me at the moment."

     "Just what is this all about, Albus? I thought everything was turning out to be a happy ending."

    "If only that were so, but alas we are not in some story to be read to children for their amusement. We are living in dangerous times. I wish for you to keep an eye on Holly Potter for a while."

      "Holly Potter? You don't think she…I mean she can't still be in trouble, can she?" Tonks asked, looking somewhat horrified.

      "I believe you know the answer to that question even before you asked it. Whether Voldemort is truly gone does not matter. He had many followers who may try to do away with the child, and I fear they will strike knowing she may have let her guard down, so to speak."

     "And how long am I supposed to play babysitter?"

      "Oh, I have a feeling it will not be for long. I would suggest you keep on your highest alert. I am rather found of Miss Potter and I should like to see her grow into a fine witch."

      "Not to worry, Albus, I am a professional; besides I hear she wants to become an Auror like yours truly. You have to look out for your own, and she's one I wouldn't mind seeing on my team someday."

      Tonks stood up and smiled at Dumbledore as she suddenly changed into a small, first year, male student who apparently looked like he was from Gryffindor. The clothes that Tonks was wearing had very special magical properties that allowed them to morph into whatever the person wished them to be. He waved goodbye and skipped out of the office. Dumbledore did not smile back because he was too focused on the cloudy future that lay ahead. He stood up and moved toward the window overlooking the school grounds below. He could see what remained of the stadium and he sighed deeply thinking of it, the students, and the simple business of living in this magical mess of a world.

    Hogwarts itself sustained some external damage, but certainly not enough to prevent it from operating. There were several students requiring medical attention. Most of these were simple cuts and abrasions. Surprisingly, there were no deaths, which were indeed a cause for celebration. And as for Viktor Krum, he made a complete recovery and was soon hugging a rather relieved Holly. They, in fact, spent quite a bit of time in the last few days of the school year with each other.
     Alas, the last day of the school year had finally made its appearance. Holly, Hermione, and Becky were sitting in their usual spots at the dinner table in the Great Hall. They were busy talking about the recent events that had taken place.

     "They actually lost Mrs. Dursley?" Becky asked giggling.

     "Yeah, her evaluations weren't going too well, so they were forced to punish her. Apparently they transfigured her into a rat and she promptly escaped. They've been looking for her for a week now but haven't found a trace of her," Holly replied.

     "What about Mr. Dursley?" Hermione asked.

     "When he found out about his wife, he snapped to the point where he actually believes he's a little boy. All of his memories of his life are simply gone now. They've been trying to bring him back to normal, but so they haven't had much success."

     "I just have to ask." Becky grinned. "What happened to Dudley?"

     Holly tried not to smile. "Well, she seems to be perfectly happy being Darla. When she was told about her parents, she did cry and sulk. They consoled her for a bit and she seems to have come through all right."

     "So are they going to turn her back to normal?"

     "That's just it, they wanted to do just that but she refused. She told them that she wanted to make a fresh new start with her life. I personally never thought changing Dudley into a girl would be any sort of improvement, but that's what seems to have happened. Darla is a model student whose grades are top notch, and she is extremely popular with her classmates and her faculty as well."

      "That doesn't surprise me in the least. Why, just look at Becky for example; when she was Ron, there was no end to the trouble and mischief that was done." Hermione paused for a moment, "But as soon as Ron became Becky...she's...well..."

     Becky started to give Hermione a dirty look. "Well?"

     Hermione smiled weakly. "I guess that was a bad comparison."

     Becky was fuming. "You did that on purpose you did!"

     Holly spoke up before her two friends ended up in a catfight.

      "The important thing to remember is that I won't have to put up with the Dursleys anymore." Holly faced Becky. "I can't thank your mum and dad enough for letting me stay over at your place for the entire summer."

     "Well with Voldymalt gone and Dumbledore giving the go ahead, we all agreed...well...we've always felt that you were part of the family." Becky said smiling ear to ear.

     "What about Ginny?' Holly asked.

     "Just give her some time to accept the fact that Harry is now Holly. Who knows, she may come to think of you as the sister she never had. I know that she's starting to think of me that way."

     Suddenly, the ringing of crystal glass was heard throughout the hall. Everyone grew quiet as Dumbledore cleared his throat to make his speech to the assembly.

     "Another year, and Hogwarts still stands the test of time. We are battered, but we are not beaten. Hogwarts remains for you students of the present as well as for those of the future."

     There was a round of applause from all of the tables. Dumbledore waited patiently until it died down before continuing.

     "Normally about this time, I would be announcing the winner of The House Cup. As you know, the last Quidditch match between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor had to be cancelled due to the invasion force. Our stadium is still a complete and total wreck, and it will take most of the summer to repair."

     The room began to buzz with talk about what this might mean.

    "I can't see why it can't be repaired completely by magic. I mean just wave a bunch of wands and shout "Repairo!" How hard can that be?" asked Becky.

    "Not everything can be repaired by magic alone Becky. For example, Snape sneers at the idea of using wands in his "Potions" class. You must mix, stir, and add ingredients in a precise manor to make a proper potion." Hermione lectured to Becky.

     Becky was about to argue some more When Professor Dumbledoe began clearing his throat, which immediately made the room become silent.

     "Please calm down: I have consulted with both houses at some great length over this. Everyone has come to the following agreement. The House Cup will be awarded to both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I believe that this is a first in Hogwarts history, if I'm not mistaken. Regardless, this is the judgment and so it will be done."

     Dumbledore clapped his hands, and the banners for both houses appeared from the ceiling.  The whole room erupted in applause, and hats flew into the air. The celebration continued for several hours after that. The party in both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw later that night allowed both houses to share both of their common rooms. This was something that was rarely done, but it did give a chance for both Holly and Viktor to celebrate together.

     "So vat vould you say if I visited you during the summer break?" Asked Viktor.

     "I would say that you better if you know what's good for you, Mr. Krum," Holly said, giggling, and then she gave Viktor a huge kiss. They kissed and hugged, laughed, and had a good time.

      Eventually all good things must come to an end. Students slowly melted back into their dormitories.
     With bags packed and students getting on board The Hogwarts Express, the time for goodbyes draws near. While Holly, Becky, and Hermione stood near the train they noticed Malfoy walk by. He, yes he has been turned back to his normal, nasty, little self.

     A student, I think it might have been Seamus, called out. "Hey Donkey! What happened to your ears?"

     Malfoy's face became red with anger but he did not stop to seek out the caller. He quickly retreated into the depths of the train where he hoped he would find a nice quiet place to hide from everyone during the trip home.

     Becky wanted to call out to Donkey...uh... Malfoy, but both Holly and Hermione stopped her from doing so. Neither one wanted to see another fight take place between the two.

     "All aboard!"

     The three girls turned to see Hagrid lumbering toward them.

     "Well, I see you girls have waited to say goodbye to me."

     The three ran up to the gentle giant and hugged him. This lasted for several minutes and only separated when they heard the train whistle signaling the preparation of the train for departure.

     "You three take care now," Hagrid told them.

     "We will."
     "See ya next year."

     "You can count on it."

     The three went aboard the train. Hagrid stood there waving to them as they disappeared from his sight. He continued to wave until the train churned and bellowed its way down the tracks. Soon, it disappeared from his sight. Hagrid then turned and made his way to his home where he went to relax and have his dinner.

Part 5 is the culmination of the epic battle between good and evil.
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In a small town several hundred miles outside the city limits of Konoha Village...

A thick blanket of gray smoke lingered along the ceiling of the tiny bar as a pair of cloaked figures stepped inside. The establishment was essentially empty, except for a group of people speaking quietly amongst themselves in the back. Taking their seats at the counter, the taller of the two figures gave a curt nod to the bartender, and was soon handed a miniature-sized glass of alcohol. Pulling back the hood of the cloak, the person's face was revealed; it was a woman who appeared to be around her early 30s, with sky-blue eyes, curly black hair that ran down to her shoulders and a small oval-shaped scar was evident on her right cheek. She steadily brought the edge of the glass to her lips and felt a sense of relief as the cold drink slide down her aching throat. Her companion was also female, albeit much younger and far less comfortable with the current setting. Her left hand was buried deep into her pocket, fidgeting with something. She did not remove her hood.

"...You're not going to have a drink?" asked the older woman.

The girl shook her head.

"Yeah, I suppose not. You're not old enough to drink this kind of stuff anyway. I just really needed some alcohol, though, before we got down to helps me think straight. I was cursed with the inability to get experience the pleasures of being drunk off my ass, but I don't know why...ah, well...might as well enjoy the taste..."

"Can you...can you please stop talking?"


The girl raised her right hand to reveal two small, yet thick, envelopes. The envelopes both had a different name written on them; 'HINATA' and 'SAKURA'. Once she was handed them, the woman tore open the envelopes and removed their contents. There were photos of the two women, as well as sheets of paper containing large amounts of information regarding them, including their addresses, the names of friends and family, likes and dislikes, and even where they will most likely be during the day and at what times. The woman's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

"Whoa...this is quite alot of intel you gathered up for this request of yours, little missy," she stated with a weak chuckle as she placed the photos and papers back into the envelopes and shoved them into her own pocket. The girl sighed.

"I've already told you just what it is that I wish for you to do..."

"Do you mind telling me why you want me to do this?"

Even though her client's expression was hidden by her cloak, it was obvious to the woman that she was now blushing furiously in response to the question. "P-Please...just...just do it...! I've already paid you, so please do it!" she begged. The woman rolled her eyes and gave the girl a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"Alright! I won't ask any more questions! Just let me finish my drink, and then we'll head straight to Konoha Village!"

"I need to get back there before my parents find out I'm not in my bed..."

"Oh! You're even more of a naughty girl than I thought! Ha ha!"


The next day, in the busy streets of Konoha...

Haruno Sakura let out a yawn as she stretched her arms high over her head. Things have been pretty dull in her life lately. There haven't been any missions worth her time for a long while, Naruto and Kakashi were on their own round of missions, and Tsunade was far too busy dealing with her duties as Fifth Hokage to teach her any new techniques, so the pink-haired girl decided to just hang around town for the day and check out the local shops. However, as a new shipment of products (mainly food) for sale had arrived last night, the marketplace was bustling with more life than usually seen.

'Man, it's crowded...' Sakura thought, effortlessly gliding past large groups of civilians without bumping into them. It was thanks to her extraordinary ninja training that she was capable of performing this feat. However, her surroundings quickly became too packed, and she felt herself being pushed around this way and that. Suddenly, a pair of young boys running by, laughing happily as they played, knocked against Sakura's leg so hard that she nearly lost her balance. She was about to reprimand them, but they had already vanished within the forest of people that filled the busy streets.

It was only a few seconds later that Sakura found herself feeling a little peckish. This feeling quickly turned into full-blown hunger pains.

"Oooh...maybe that light breakfast I had this morning wasn't a good idea...I need something to eat, and fast!"

Looking around, Sakura instantly spotted the local ramen stand, the Ichiraku Ramen Bar, on the other side of the street; she wasn't much of a ramen fan (unlike Naruto), but a little of it never hurt anyone. She could practically smell the broth from where she was. The pink-haired kunoichi hurriedly made her way over to the small, wooden shack, and as she brushed aside the drapes in front of it, she was confronted with the sound of a mighty belch that seemed totally unbecoming for the one responsible of releasing it: Hinata Hyuga, a former classmate and fellow kunoichi of Konoha.

"Oh...oh my...excuse me..." Hinata's naturally round face lit up a bright shade of scarlet as she covered her mouth with her hands. Sakura wasn't sure why, but the girl looked somewhat puffier around the middle than before.

"Ha ha ha! Don't worry about it, girl! I'm quite pleased that you find my ramen so delicious that you'd eat eleven whole bowls of it! Not even my daughter Ayame can stomach that much! She's certainly trying, though!" the chef, Teuchi, proclaimed with a beaming smile on his lips. Several empty bowls of ramen sat beside him, containing what remained of Hinata's last ten meals.

"I can still afford a few more of your house specials, if you're...if you're willing to make them again...I'm very hungry...about five of them, please..." Hinata murmured in the quietest of voices, but still audible.

"Ho ho! Anything for my new best customer! Four house specials, coming up! But first..." Without warning, Teuchi pulled out a camera and snapped a photo of the bewildered Hinata's face. He made a mental note to replace the photo of Naruto on his 'BEST CUSTOMER' wall with Hinata's once he got the film developed. He soon disappeared into the kitchen.

Deciding to finally step further inside, Sakura slowly walked up to the counter and took a seat beside Hinata, who was rubbing her stomach clockwise in anticipation for more ramen. Sakura's eyes casually brought themselves over towards Hinata's form, looking her up and down. Hinata's once-flat stomach had inflated to about the size of a basketball after having eaten so much food already, and her pants were clinging tightly to the soft curves of her hips. Even her chest looked bigger, and her bottom was sticking out over the edge of the seat just slightly. The Hyuga girl didn't seem the least bit bothered by it, however. Sakura wondered if she should point this out, but instead she decided to start up casual conversation.

"H-Hey, Hinata...fancy seeing you here,"

"Oh! Sakura! I-I'm sorry! I didn't even notice you until now! I'm really sorry! Please...please forgive me!" Despite her increased appetite, Hinata was still a very sensitive girl.

"It's fine, it's fine! I just came in, anyway! I was a bit surprised to hear you ate eleven bowls of ramen all by yourself, though..."

Hinata blushed. "Y-Yeah...well...I dunno why, but I was just walking through town when I suddenly felt so hungry, like you wouldn't believe...I needed to eat something...and then I saw this place, and I remembered how Naruto liked coming here, so I figured it was probably good...and it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined...!" She broke out into a grin at the end, causing a faint double chin to form over her neck.

"Is the ramen here really that good? Because I'm feeling really hungry too, and I happened to be passing by-"

" should really try the house special, Sakura! It's amazing! I can order you a bowl of it, if you'd like; I have alot of money from completing many missions over the past few months!" Hinata's nervous stutter seemed to disappear when she spoke so delightedly about the food, Sakura noted. She was interested in trying out this ramen, though, although she was still concerned about Hinata's chunkier state.

"I guess I'll give it a try, but I'll pay for it; no need for you to waste your hard-earned money on me."

"I insist!"

"Well, you sure?"

Hinata nodded.

"...Fine...just one bowl, though..."

Five and a half hours of eating later, Sakura and Hinata staggered out of the ramen stand, cradling their swollen bellies as they belched in unison. The streets of Konoha were far less crowded now that everyone's shopping had been done, so the two girls were not troubled with any large crowds, fortunately enough. The air had become filled with a variety of delicious, tempting smells as many late-day restaurants and diners were opening for business. Sakura let out another belch before surveying the 'damage' done to their bodies after eating so much.

All in all, Hinata had ended up slurping down twenty-seven large bowls of hot ramen into her gullet. Her favorite purple jacket had been unzipped all the way below her chest, allowing her taut, aching gut to bulge about two out in front of her. Each careful step she took caused her tummy's contents to slosh about noisily. Her cherubic face was drenched with sweat and her cheeks were flushed, and her double chin was more defined. Her arms, fingers and feet were fatter, too. Love-handles had started to form. There were multiple rips along her pants, where her bubbling flesh has already begun to leak out. Her hefty butt-cheeks lazily shuffled back and forth on their own in precise timing with her movements. Her breasts were larger, but not as much as one would expect. She could be compared to a balloon filled with too much air, and just the slightest prodding would cause her to pop.

Sakura had not eaten nearly as much as Hinata, but that one helping of ramen she intended to eat ended up being the first of eight whole bowls. Her new pot belly felt as hard as stone when she pressed her fingers against it. Her shorts were feeling awfully tight, and she had to pick at it several times to keep it from riding up into the crack of her bum. Her chest felt a tad heavier too. Nevertheless, Hinata was definitely the more adipose one of the two girls.

"So...urp...where should we go now, Sakura?" Hinata asked; she was impossibly oblivious to her increasing girth. Sakura didn't seem to think much of it anymore, either. She looked much more relaxed than earlier that same day.

"I dunno...all of that ramen really filled me, I'm so stuffed..." Sakura gave her belly a gentle pat.

"I've heard that many of the other establishments around this part of town serve really good food, too, and it's all very cheap!" remarked Hinata. She paused for a moment to cut loose a tiny fart.

Sakura gasped, exclaiming, "Whoa!'re not actually still hungry, are you?!"

"Err..." Hinata put on a sheepish grin, "M-Maybe just a little?"

Sakura fell silent for about five seconds, and then she burst out laughing. " that the pain in my belly has gone away, I think I can still pack away some more food myself!" she wiped a tear from her eye. She put her hands on her hips, and although her fingers sunk deeply into her flabby muffin-top, she paid it no mind. Like in a trance, Sakura's thoughts were all focused around her stomach, and she was only interested in eating more food with her friend Hinata by her side. She even felt jealous that the Hyuga girl was so much bigger than her. She wanted more food...and more of herself!

"Let's go eat, Hinata!"


Moving as fast as they could, which was not very due to the extra blubber they were carrying, Sakura and Hinata began their night on the town together. They made sure to stop at every eatery in town, and see if they could try extra-large portions of everything on the menu. They helped themselves to entire pizza pies loaded up with various toppings, thick juicy slabs of steak, beef and pork, over-sized bowls of delicious ice cream, pounds upon pounds of freshly-made sushi, deep-fried chicken and turkey, baskets of fries and barrels of soda, pastas from around the globe, the occasional salad or two...generally anything that was edible found its way into the gaping maws of the expanding kunoichi. There didn't seem to be any end in sight to their gluttony as they continued to eat, and eat, and eat. It was both a sensual and a frightening sight to behold.

Meanwhile, at that same time, the girls were being carefully watched from afar by a certain female ninja-for-hire. Ever since the binge at Ichiraku's, she had been monitoring Sakura and Hinata's progress into obesity quite closely. Currently, the woman had been waiting for them to come out from Toro's All-You-Can-Eat Buffet for the past two hours.

"Heh heh heh," Running a hand over her oval-shaped scar and through her curly black locks, the shady kunoichi Dia chuckled softly, "Everything is working out perfectly...those two girls have become total pigs! The special hunger-inducing, mind-warping seal I had placed on them won't wear off until they can't eat anymore, and by that point they'll both be nearly immobile! Ha ha!!"

Night would soon fall upon Konoha, but the fun was just beginning...
I know a majority of you don't really care about my personal thoughts on the matter, but I just felt like I should clear up a few things anyway to be on the safe side:

1. I did purposely avoid having to write eating scenes since I'm not very good at making that kind of scenario and I don't really like it too much myself, so I apology for anyone disappointed by that, whoever you may be.

2. I know I've written many Naruto WG fics before, and this kind of "plotline" is a bit repetitive of me, but there are just not many believable ways to make weight gain happen without having the characters either be tricked into it through special means or being out-of-character, since no ninja would ever allow himself or herself to become obese and be unable to fulfill their duties. Original wg fiction is much easier, since you have control over every aspect. Besides, just how many of you read a story about a female character getting fat for the PLOT, anyway? This is sort of just practice for me to get better, and some parts I am not perfectly happy with, but they will be accepted for now as I can not think of any alternatives at the moment. I'm not entirely cured of my writer's block just yet.

3. I kind of owe this to :iconokamialpha: since he's done alot of stuff for me in the past concerning WG-centered writing, and to make up for the drabbles he's made for me. He requested these two gaining weight. This will probably be my last Naruto WG fic for a very long time

4. This is part 1 of 2.

5. Takes place in the Shippuden-verse, for obvious reasons.
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