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DA Artists Vol.12

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 5:50 AM
Demonborn by davepalumboVodianoi - Level 3 by gerezonBlind Witch by firatsolhanUnder the bridge by trejoeeee
The Depths by BawarnerSea Creature by OrmIrianSketh 53 by wagner19Dull Blade by ianllanas
High Guild of Antiopia by FesbraaKasumi Goto by Nash-ArtzFungi by fantasioShadow warrior unleashed by PabloFernandezArtwrk
Unknown thing by highdarktemplarPersonal Concept: The prisoner 5 by pierreloyvetChaos and Alchemy cover by ChrisRaflames and ashes by anndr
Prison by aditya777The Devil of Turhan by trocknDracula - Cover by BeatrizMartinVidalReady To Release The Shackles by ART-BY-DOC
:thumb339118112:The Sanctuary by MyNameIsSwannSethi I by FedericoMusettiBio-Submarine - DeepWars Cover - Greys by Carpet-Crawler
Light Stream by francis-livingstonLaunch by KidiamLittle red riding hood by nkabutoStrangers by Grethchen
In The Dead of Winter by YatzentyOn the Way Home by CadeBennettcan you play with me? by Mummy-feiJourney to the Temple by asong0116
Treetop House by ltramaralSuccubus by va-sily1city stone by Dye-EvolveIILondon street by nkabuto
sadness by LhianneThe Screaming Sea by nina-YAngel of Destruction II by Dark-Angel669Anchors by Julie-de-Waroquier
Fields Of Gold by Dani-Owergoor.: Drowning in sorrow :. by Pure-Poison89Masking Feelings by LuLebelJourney Into The Unknown by MachiavelliCro
Triste danza by ElenaDudina:thumb261650351:.: Web of Lies :. by J-u-d-a-sElevatorLift by KyaWolfwritten
You are my sweetest downfall by iNeedChemicalXWhite Queen by VoodicaLADY OVERDOSE by GesellDarkness inside by Smth-Strange
:thumb332842327::thumb331812577:Strange ways by MikkoLagerstedt nj6pYKK1-M by MartaSyrko
who is the fariest of the all by SlevinAaronLate at night by MikkoLagerstedtXibalba by stupidHippoPre-hide by SimoneKazemier
:thumb334407440:acrobat by lisans:thumb338986381:Autumn by Alannah-Hawker
:thumb334407799:aves557 by redbeard31The legend by woxysDay 27 - Fox wings by MonsterBrand

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YES FINALLY!! now that we have reached 10 members i know i know it's a bit too small but we might not know we'll get more members through this..:D



:bulletblue:you MUST be a member of this group
:bulletblue:you need to fave this journal to let other people know
:bulletblue:MUST place the entry in the contest folder
:bulletblue:the entry must be yours

:star: ~WHAT ABOUT?~

:bulletgreen:the contest will be about novels(quite obvious) all you need to do is submit a drawing of your most favorite book character might be traditional or digital it should only be one character

:star: ~PRIZES~
:bulletpink:1st place: 25 points:iconpointsplz:
                   be a contributor
                   a llama
:bulletpink:2nd place:10 points:iconpointsplz:
                   :+fav: on your deviantations
                   a llama

:bulletpink:3rd place:5 points:iconpointsplz:
                   a llama

:star: ~DEADLINE~
:bulletpurple:as long as we have 10 or more entries or if possible july 1st :D

:star: if you have any questions, clarifications or if you are interested pls comment below :star:
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Realm-of-Fantasy is helping promote this contest, though we are not hosting it.

This contest is being held by manic-goose
Full blog and details found here:…

I am holding my seventh annual coloring contest from the start of June until September first. This year is special because not only are there great prizes and several ways to win something, but I have six sets of lines available for people to color.  Special notes about the contest include the following:

The grand prize winner will get art supplies, enough points for a three month subscription, a dA T-shirt, art requests, features, llamas and more.

There is also a prize given out to a young artist winner, which is someone who is fifteen or younger.

Other prizes will go to a popular vote winner, and a first place winner for each line art.

To see a full list of prizes, click here: -->…

All entries will be judged based on a strict criteria, and at the end of the contest, all contestants can view their scores and get feedback on their entry.

Below are the lines for the contest, remember you can enter up to three times.

Little Red and Wolf by FalseDelusion Beauty and the Beast complex lines by WingedGenesis5 The Six Swans by shirua Cyber Works by manic-goose Butterfly Dragonfly by manic-goose Elegant by manic-goose

To visit the contest home page and read more about the contest, click here: -->…
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Tumblrs: and ask-your-king-denmark.tumblr.c…

Warning: selfcest
have to know: Demark1P is a vampire right now, thanks to a magic!anon

:bulletred: Denmark1p:

W-Wa.. Whaaat! B-b-But wouldn't that be wierd?! Uhh.. I'm really hungry.. BUT WAIT UHHH!?!

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:

I know you need it…. I don't want to die by hunger or something.
I love your clothes~<3

:bulletred: Denmark1p

Y-Y-you d-do smell nice.. Uh-hm.. WHATDOIDOOO!?! uuh! .. UUUUHHH!!

*hugs* Oh GOD!! This is too intense.. I can't do IIT!!

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:
*hugs back and whispers*</p>

*leans closer to neck*

:bulletred: Denmark1p:
Wait, W-What!? are you gonna-

Hnngh! E-ehh!

T-This Is.. Well.. I-I guess I should just get it over with?.. okay.. Here I go!

Gah! I really needed that, Thank you! wait- What is this?! I feel wierd! *poof*

This king is hungry! I shall go feast on the Innocent, and claim whats rightfully mine! My LEGO kingdom! Move over!

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:
You're so sexy now….

I want you to suck me more~

or you may fuck me too

:bulletred: Denmark1p:

Why are you just standing there?! BOW FOR YOUR KING. And kiss my boots while you're at it, they need cleaning.

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:

*kneels down to boots*

*kisses it*

*starts to lick it*

:bulletred: Denmark1p:

Do your job well, peasant.

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:

:bulletred: Denmark1p:

I uh.. uhm.. UUHHH..

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:

Call me anytime you need me for something.

:bulletred: Denmark1p:
Y-Yeah.. S-sure..

:bulletblack: Denmark2p:
*stands up and pats his twin's shoulder*

Thanks for reading~
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Back with a bang and CONTEST

Fri May 18, 2012, 10:09 PM

DREAMORCHID Updated journal on the contest.  Midnight tonight pacific coast time, start wrapping them up if you want in. :la:

I joined Deviant Art I few years back bright eyed and hopeful.  I tried to show case some talent I felt I had and over a period gained a handful of friends.  Like most folks in the last several years the hard times came  and  with that I slowly faded away from this friendly art community.  With some help from friends we reopen DreamOrchid's doors with a new website (, official DreamOrchid face book page (…), and even a twitter account.  Please feel free to like us if you wish.  With all this said I'm back with a bang.  I decided since I hit 20k views and with the renewal of a subscription to throw a contest.  If anyone wishes to donate prizes to the list please send me a note and I'll add your prizes.  Yes you can donate prizes and still enter.  DreamOrchid's team members will be the judges of your beautiful pieces of work.  


The contest can be from line art to a painting (digital or traditional). You can enter up to three pictures. While you don't have to pick from the list (since they're just suggestions), the drawing must fit a fantasy scenario, person or creature.  A hint will be to try to incorporate a scene along with a fantasy character.   You can do either evil or good.  Also this MUST be original design and artwork (we're avid art fans of fantasy and know a lot of work out there so don't plagiarizer someone).  Also we will disqualify any thing that looks exactly like a dark elf from WOW, Lineage II, or any other game.  I really would like to see originality in this and I'm excited to see what people can come up with.  If it looks like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell that's not being original. All work also must be yours.  Yes you can have a collaboration with another artist as long as they're listed too.  The deadline will be July 18th.   We don't mind  less then conservative outfits but please keep nudity down.  Entries also have to be new entries on Deviant Art.  When you submit your art please link this contest in your description of it and send me a note on it so I can add it to the feature area and fav.

Example scenes:
A bustling street in a dwarven town
An elf archer stalking its prey
An orcish blacksmith at work
A lizardman caravan
A dark elven alchemist at work
A feline hybrid human at play in a field of tall grass
A heard of Pegasus grazing
A human attempting to train a dragon
A bar brawl with a Minotaur
A human militia fighting a troll
A shady pub where dark dealings happen
A castle siege
An elven castle in the distance as a stranger looks upon on it.
A female warrior in full plate armor being cheered on by the crowd from winning the battle.
A church scene with a priest proceeding over an arrange marriage between a human and an elf.
Dark castles with black dragons flying above.
A fairy village with a fairy returning home.
A sea battle with pirates and sea creatures.
A Mermaid discovering a human (mermaid does not have to fit the usual mermaid look)

Of course, these are just suggestions and you can take it any direction you want.
A twist could be to draw a character, and then what that character is looking at.  We also LOVE cities,  architecture, landscapes, and fantasy woods.

1st PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $200 or 16,000 points
DraconaVampira2 Semi-Realism drawings of up to 3 characters each, and 1 Full Body fully shaded with detailed background of 1 character. (3 pictures all together)

2nd PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $100 or 8,000 points
DraconaVampira A Full body fully shaded with detailed background of up to 2 characters, and 1 Half body fully shaded with detailed background. (2 pictures together)

3rd PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $50 or 4,000 points
DraconaVampira A Full body fully shaded with detailed background of 1 character and a fully shaded chibi.  

There's nothing to Fear by UndeadKitty13 This Is How The World Ends by Ospreyghost13 But Fear itself by UndeadKitty13 The Bringer of good News by ChristianGerth The Adventure Begins by KKylimos Jade's Dragon by eveningstars242

As to my friends I'm sorry for the long absence and I look forward to hearing from all of you.  I hope you check out my gallery while you stop in, new website, and my company's facebook page.  :D


Featuring the lovely AlexandraKnickel while I wait on submissions to start coming in.
. Demon Princess . by AlexandraKnickel .Twillight Priestess. by AlexandraKnickel Fairy Gossip by AlexandraKnickel Bloodelf by AlexandraKnickel Fairy by AlexandraKnickel . Lament . by AlexandraKnickel


:iconbelle-art: :iconeliteartists: :iconavaloncommunity: :iconworld-imaginary: :icondigitalmixedmedia: :icondigital-artists: :icondigital-art-club: :iconbestcollection: :icondigital-photo: :iconnikon-photographers: :iconbeautiful-photos: :iconunknowntalents: :iconimanipulate: :iconselftaughtartist:


My First Stamp by CoNfUsEd-ThInKeR Nikon D90 Stamp by CroWelsh Photoshop cs3 Stamp by klakier666  Be Unique Stamp by GoodiesForYou Gypsy- Stamp by FireLilyAMG Harley Quinn Stamp by IchiseGossip girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject Dark Samus Stamp by NegaZero Brawl: Metroid Fan Stamp by WolfTwilight Alice by renatalmar I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle Create Your Dream v2 Stamp by barefootphotosPhotographer v3 Stamp by barefootphotos Bokeh Stamp by barefootphotosI luff chocolate by prosaix MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Cake Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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Reminder: Less than a week left to favorite/comment the article!

The June feature is up!…

Favorite and/or comment (either is fine and both will count!) the article and have your name entered into a raffle to win a slot on next month's feature!

Stay awesome, you guys! :wave:

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

We need Contributors and Co-Founders. If you have spare time, please do not hesitate to note the group! As an added bonus, Contributors have a weekly submission limit of 10 Deviations!

But please do not note us if you are:

:bulletblue: Unwilling to catalog deviants
:bulletblue: Unable to check messages at least twice a week
:bulletblue: Unable/willing to take extra time with deviation submissions to doublecheck viability

We also need Co-Founders to help with:

:bulletblue: Front Page Favorites Features (Deviants In Need)
:bulletblue: Monthly Articles
:bulletblue: Group Tumblr/Twitter Account Upkeep

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

:star:Deviants In Immediate Need:star:

:bulletblack: Sonala
Commission Info
This deviant needs to return to her home country, France, but does not currently have the funds to do so. She needs to sell at least 40 drawings before the end of June so she can go home, otherwise she will be without a place to live.

:bulletblack: Katsunyah
Commission Info
This user desperately needs funds to pay rent and bills, especially on items kept in a storage unit. Commissions are their only source of income as of yet; the highest price is $10 USD. Please check them out.

Commission Information
"I'm going to see an increase in apartment expenses since my roommate is back home for the summer and won't be splitting the expenses with me. I'm also moving and need to rent out a van or truck. Lastly I need help with food and student loans. I do sketches and colored portraits or illustrations. Sketches average $6-16 and colored work can start at $20 for something very basic but can go up to $50 or so for very detailed work."

Commission Information
"I can not find a job and commissions are my sole income for everything from rent to milk. my commissions start at 5$ and my highest is about 20$ USD"

Commission Info
"I currently can't pay for my schooling. I don't have a job so commissions are basically my only source of income at the moment. I don't have enough money in the bank to pay for my tuition let alone for my living expenses."

Commission Info
" I need to earn some money as quick as possible to help out my friend financially. Basically, she has to pay her university loans, she does not have enough money to afford her psychologist for treatment, needs to buy a better charger/laptop, and other stuff. Her current financial status is not the best and her parents are the same, I think."

Commission Info
"Me and My boyfriend need it. Right now we have about 16 USD Left for food.. I can Explain it.. I have gone to an art school before. A school you have to pay for. It costed 6688 USD(converted from NOK) every semester we go there. I quitted after the first semester. But I still have to pay for it though. I've recently moved to Sweden with my Boyfriend. He goes to School So we dont get any money from That. Now it's almost summer. The hardest time to get work. And this is gonna keep Going to the end of summer vacation :C And 16 USD Is NOT enough Dx "

Commission Info
"Summer's coming around the corner and I don't have enough money for food or rent, I have an Iguana to feed, bills to pay and I can't find a job anywhere, all the other students have already eaten them up I suppose. I'm willing to work very hard and fast if anyone is interested my commissions, all my prices are negotiable depending what you're after, I cant go too low in respect to US dollars though, because I end up losing value when they're converted into pounds. I really need your help guys."

Commission Info
"My mother was diagnosed with RA and hasn't been able to work because of it. I want to raise at least $900 to help her with the bills, so every little bit helps. My prices range from $4 to $10."

Commission Info
"My problem is that I really need to buy a new computer. Its over 8 years old now, and will die soon what means a stop for all my arts. Also in october I will start studying illustration and 3d, and for that I need a computer which can deal with such programs, but these start at 2000€ what I as student, can't bring up."

Commission Info
The user needs commissions for school expenses, books, bills, and related living expenses. They are unable to get work because they are in college.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do you need commissions for school expenses, rent, bills, or any other vitals? Note the group with your situation; we'll be happy to give you a front-page feature whenever possible!

We can also feature you on these sites! Just contact us and we will reblog/retweet your work!

Group Tumblr (Feel free to submit to the blog!):
Group Twitter:!/PPCommissioners

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

You can donate Points in exchange for a feature on our blog!

The Values
25 pt. - 1 Week Feature
50 pt. - 2 Week Feature
75 pt. - 3 Week Feature
100 pt. - 1 Month Feature

To donate points, simply visit AnimeVSReality's profile and donate to the pool there, either anonymously or not. You may also optionally, after donating, note either the group or AnimeVSReality with up to 3 works you would like featured in your slot. Should we not receive the note from you, we'll just go through your newer works and choose a few. :) To avoid extensive loading time, there will only be 10 feature slots at any given time. Should there be space restrictions when you donate, you will be added to the blog as soon as another feature expires, with no subtraction from your own length of featured time.  

Slots Remaining: 6

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Tutorials and techniques

Thu Jul 7, 2011, 5:07 PM
Quite a lot of people keep asking me for tutorials and to be honest I see no point in creating yet another strip on how to paint skin/clothes/light/carrots/whatever. There are so many of them out there that it would be simply a waste of time to sit and basically copy what's already been told.
Instead, I've decided to make a compilation of different tutorials and charts that I personally use to learn how to paint.
The most important thing you need to learn even before starting to read a tutorial is that all walk-throughs are meant for you to understand how things work. My point is that after reading and later practicing a tutorial called 'how to paint a glass duck' you should be able to paint not only a glass duck but also anything else made of glass. You should concentrate on understanding the rules and patterns instead of trying to copy what you see on the image. Otherwise you'll end up knowing how to paint only a few things from only one perspective and one lightning pattern.
Hope you find my collection useful!

Poses, composition and perspective
Pose tutorial by shingworksGuide to Movement1:Flexibility by MajnounaTutorial 12 ImagInAction by AquaSixioPerspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orianPerspective + Composition Pt.2 by fox-orianComposition 1 by photo-classComposition 2 by photo-class
Colour theory, selection and mixing VS light
Tutorial 10 How to have six' with colours by AquaSixioBlending Tutorial by acidlullabyColour Theory in a Nutshell by MajnounaA Note on Light and Colour by toerningGradient Tutorial by damie-mGlobal Lighting Tutorial by Angelus-Tenebraecolor selection by oioneHow I See Color - A Tutorial by purplekecleon
Human anatomy
Abdomination: How to draw beef by CoelasquidHand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- by QinniFacial structure tutorial 1 by DayDawnDuskFacial structure 2-Eyes by DayDawnDuskLadies Tutorial by shingworksFellas Tutorial by shingworksHand tutorial by shingworksFoot tutorial by shingworksBig Guide to Drawing the Body by MajnounaDrawing Feet by MajnounaThoughts on Wings by UzloEmotions and Facial Expression by MajnounaBTB head studies by LiolEye Tutorial Resource by ConceptCookie
Romanticfae's Skin Tutorial by RomanticFaeSKIN: a tutorial - Part 1 by navateSKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 by navateWhat Skin Colors? by SmirtouilleSkin Color Swatches by DeviantNep
Animal anatomy
Drawing Birds part 1 by MajnounaTutorial on creature design. by Rodrigo-VegaCanine v. Feline Anatomy Tut. by DaesiyBasic Animal Anatomy by MajnounaAnimal Anatomy - Cats Part 1 by akeliMotion Reference 03 by ArnaTornwolf
Details and special effects
How to Draw Cloth - The Basics by JaneMereA Fur Tutorial: Part 1 by CoyoteMangeA Fur Tutorial: Part 2 by CoyoteMangeVarious elements - tutorial by MinnaSundbergrefraction by oione patterned fabrics by oioneBoiling from inside by oionehow to create ice by oione
Photoshop functions, tools and tricks
Tutorial 6 Brush the difficulties away by AquaSixioWorking faster in Photoshop by DuffzillaTutorial: Preparing Lineart by Shinerai:thumb211053856:Photoshop Brushes Part One by ceruleanviiHow to paint gold tutorial by ConceptCookie
Walkthroughs to study
'Object Lesson' Walk Through by drakTutorial 5 Many are calling for help by AquaSixioTutorial 3 Let the sun shine in by AquaSixioLong Tutorial is Long by TastesLikeAnyapaint breakdown by leventepDigital Painting Tutorial by DianaeInatten - steps by eilidhSLAVIC WARRIOR - Lesson PART1 by Sephiroth-ArtChronos process by Verehin

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MLP:FIM Style Pony Video tutorial Part 1

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2012, 4:09 PM
My Gallery My webcomic/manga My Tumblr My thanks to you all My Twitter

So I finally got around to fixing up the video.


If you decide to start drawing, keep in mind that your not going to be great at it when you first try. Believe me I couldn't draw ponies to save my life, but I keep at it and look at me now.

Don't give up, as long as you keep it up you'll soon be drawing ponies in no time. Also don't treat art as a chore, have fun with it.

Also use References to help you out, don't be ashamed to use them. Also check out this link for helpful pony anatomy sketches…

Also please read this journal
Some Tips For Young ArtistsSince Equestria Daily is doing their Artist Training Grounds and many young artists out there are starting to feel their oats, I thought it'd be a good time to get some of these thoughts out on the internet, for no other reason than to reference them when I'm asked about art advice later. If you're going to try a hoof at drawing, there is a wealth of information available to you out there. Instead, I'll try to make a note of some of the things that very few art tutorials seem to mention.
1) Almost anyone can draw - yes, even you. Anyone with full command of a hand or two can draw. When you start, your drawings will not be great, but they will satisfy you. Keep going. That stodgy old advice about the thousand bad drawings is true. We don't admire well-rounded artists for being prodigies; we admire the effort they've put into honing their craft. Don't expect to develop quickly; take your time and pace yourself. Anyone can draw, but only the patient and tenacious can draw really well.

It may be long but it will help you understand what every artist goes through, so your not alone.

My best tip for you is, never give up, attempt to draw something at least once a day, don't get discourage. You can do it, but you have to try first.  

Happy Drawing, stay strong everypony/everybody.

Image Hosted by
D3...Ponies don't purr
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This is for you DashieFan1(from and the rest of the people reading my little story.

So yeah the next chapter in "All that is Fair Part 1" has been taking some time to complete. I am going to tell you why, it has been taking so frakkin long.

I last updated the story back in December during my last winter break from college. By last I mean that as the last winter break of my undergraduate career. After that I focused on completing my senior thesis. That included completing my experiments and writing up the results,write a grant, and I also prepared three different presentations of my work. This took me to Graduation at the end of May.

I know I should have put my story on Hiatus but I was scared that I would lose some you. I didn't complete drop the story I would work on it here and there. Then I had a little bit of time before my family, friends and fiancee showed up so I reviewed what i had done in those five months. To make it short I didn't like what I had written for the next Chapter. So I spent the last month rewriting it all.

As it stands right now I have complete all rewrite for what I had done and it in a form I can agree with. It only leaves two final since until it is complete and then it is off to my editor so you all can read it easily.

Also my style of writing is a bit different. I don't just sit an type it all out on a computer in the first go. I write down the rough draft in a note book. Then I type it up make adjustments as I go. It take a bit longer for me to produce the works. It allows me to revisit my work so it can be the best it possible can be.

Also I worked on a few pieces of art work (as you can see her on DA) and I also got a bunch of ideas for stories, a tumblr, and something big (More on that later. Check my Deviantart for those updates).

One other thing. Life has been slapping me about. My family has been keeping me busy and so has the hunt for a job for last month.

Thanks for patients and readership. I hope to get it to my editor soon. It should be out to you by the turn of the month.

Thanks for reading my long winded rant. Now time to get back to work.
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