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Title: Dancing With Dragons
Pairing: Kagome/OC
Rating: M
Summary: He had been betrayed by his clan when she found him, near death, by the riverbed. Indebted to her for her unnatural kindness, he pledges himself to her as her undying servant, friend, protector, and maybe even…lover. Kagome/OC
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Inuyasha franchise however I do own Ryunosuke and the plot of this fanfic.
Note: This story was inspired while watching the Inuyasha episodes 73 'Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings', 53 'Father's Old Enemy Ryukotsusei'. In these episodes, the plight of Shiori's father struck me in my oh so soft romantic heart and that caused my imagination to soar. The images of him were also very handsome in my opinion and when you bring these two elements together before my eyes my brain goes wild and starts imagining these crazy fanfics. However instead of a bat demon I imagined a dragon!

Chapter One
Fumiko sighed as the servant wiped her brow with a cool, damp cloth.
"It's almost done now, Milady. Hold on." The servant crooned sweetly. Fumiko smiled weakly but it was swept away as another wave of pain assaulted her body and she winced, groaning in pain.
The servant went again to the foot of the bed, waiting patiently for the arrival of the new babe that would soon enter the world. Fumiko whimpered and her belly clenched with the coming contraction. A scream tore through her throat as her hands clenched in her bed sheets and her body tensed as it tried to push the child from her.
"Yuki, can you see it?" She gasped through clenched teeth as the pain ebbed for the moment. She wasn't able to wait for an answer as once again she was hurled into another contraction and her throat clogged with screams.
Yuki's eyes widened as the child began to crown and she hastily grabbed a towel with which to catch the child as it was born. There was a sickly slick sound as the child slid from its mother's womb and for the first time in its life, drew in a breath of air with a shrill scream. Fumiko collapsed back against the bed and lay gasping as Yuki carefully cleaned and wrapped the child in a fresh blanket. Her smile was warm and sincere as she kneeled by the mother's side and offered the babe to her.
"Milady has given birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby boy." Yuki whispered gently as she laid the boy in her arms. But what should have been cries of joy and relief in the mother's eyes there was only horror.
The summons came the hour before the dawn, when the world was still and grey. Yuki shook him roughly from his dreams and Ryunosuke stumbled from his bed, groggy from sleep. "What is it?" He asked gruffly.
Yuki smirked, her red eyes glinting in the candle light. "The lady has given birth to a son; the new Prince of the Southern Dragon Demon Tribe. Congratulations are in order."
Ryunosuke tensed and his eyes narrowed at the impudent wench. He had never liked Yuki. She was a neko slave his father had bought for his mother at the beginning of her pregnancy; a former midwife to her last mistress she was deemed to be useful. However to him she was nothing more than common trash. She was weak and pathetic but what she lacked in strength she made up for in her witty attitude and snide remarks. But she was beneath him, so he paid her no heed and only turned towards the window letting the cool, mountain breeze brush his face. "Yes indeed." He said. "Thank you Yuki, you're dismissed." He tried in vain to keep the growl from leaving his throat but it passed like a whisper over his lips and the young cat demon heard it clearly. This seemed to bring more amusement than fear to her expression and as she turned to go, he didn't miss the snide remark. "It won't be long now."
Faster than she could blink he lunged from the window and his hand struck like lightening across her cheek; leaving long, bleeding gashes in its wake. As her head reeled from the shock of his blow, he came back with a vengeance and he viciously slammed her body against the wall sending a small shelf of books and papers crashing to the floor. He bore his fangs to her and his normally calm violet eyes bled into a deadly crimson that glowed brightly in the dark. The smug look she once held melted away and was replaced by that of utter fear.
"It won't be long until what, Yuki? Would you care to elaborate?" He growled, malice dripping from his words and lashing against her defenses.
"N…n…no milord! I…I..I mean I d-didn't mean anything by it. I…I…" She struggled for the words that would be her salvation but they never came, they eluded her thoughts with the strength of his glare.
His claws dug into the soft flesh of her throat and he tensed further at her pitiful excuse.
"No, I think you did. And I know what you're implying…"
She whimpered and his hand cut her off as he squeezed tighter, her blood dripping over his fingers and staining her collar. Ryunosuke grinned as she struggled for air that he would not give and just as her eyes began to roll back into her head he released her. She dropped heavily to the floor and stared up at him in shock.
"Let this be a lesson to you wench. I'm still the heir, regardless of my new brother." He bent until his breath brushed her nose and his bloodied hand buried itself into her short cropped, yellow hair. She choked and tried desperately to lean as far back as she could heedless of the wall behind her. "Be thankful my mother taught me mercy, now get out." He hissed, standing to watch grimly as she stumbled hastily from the room. After she'd gone, he washed the blood from his hands and dressed quickly in his armor, tying his long, dark hair into a low tail. With that done, he swept from the room and ran quickly down the long corridor. He needed to see his mother.
"Lord Ryuumaru, it is a son."
Ryuumaru sighed from his perch at the window, the rising sun glinting in his deep violet eyes as he smiled. "Were there any…complications?" He asked tilting his head back slightly to the other dragon behind him. He was silent for a moment, almost afraid to utter the words but if he stayed that way too long, then his lord would surely become cross. "Well Takeda?" Ryuumaru asked, his voice changing immediately from smooth and calm to clipped and impatient. Takeda looked away, stared at the wall beside the lord so as not to meet his gaze.
"No…the child is perfectly healthy…" Takeda muttered, his hands clenching at his sides.
Ryuumaru's tension disappeared and he turned again towards the window, his chin tilted high as he smiled in gratitude towards the heavens. He sighed heavily. "Ah, the Gods have truly blessed us then…"
The silence that followed seemed to smother the air and Takeda waited impatiently to be excused, hoping, praying that his orders would not come to pass. He began to fidget, his claws scratching at the insides of his palms until they left little red whelps on his skin.
Finally after an eternity, his lord turned to him, his expression dark and serious. "You know your orders, General Hiroshi." He said.
Takeda hesitated, then slowly nodded. "Yes, my lord."
"Oh my sweet boy, this changes nothing." His mother crooned as she ran smooth fingers through his hair. His head lay in her lap, listening to her soft breathing and gentle words, but they did nothing to sooth the worry that coiled like a writhing snake in his stomach. "You know it does, Mother." He sighed, turning bright violet eyes towards her.
She frowned and continued petting him. Then she smiled, for she so loved his hair. It was red like her own, but unlike hers, it was darker, like rubies or as his father claimed, blood. And it was soft, like downy feathers on new chicks. Her second son was different; his hair was black, like Ryuumaru's. She would have preferred red.
He was delicate her son, her pride and joy. But he was not small anymore. No her darling little one had grown into a man, a handsome man that the girls naturally flocked to. And though she could not help but be annoyed by this fact, she was proud of him. She had raised him, not Ryuumaru, and because of that fact he had grown up right. She'd taught him respect, honor, kindness, and loyalty. Whereas Ryuumaru surely would have raised him in his shadow as he was sure to do with the new little one. She fretted, because she knew this child would be seeped in malice, lust, greed and hate towards those not of the dragon race. He would be a monster, like his father.
Her fingers traced the contours of Ryunosuke's ears and she felt relief bubble in her chest. Once was a time when she regretted this fact that Ryuumaru neglected their son, but now she was glad of it.
"And if it did, would you truly be at a loss?" She asked him.
He pulled away, his face hard. "I am the rightful heir."
She stared at him, her eyes stern and worried. Then she drew him back and kissed his head. "Yes you are, my son."
The hunt left shortly after dawn. The Lord wanted wild boar at the feast tonight. Prince Ryunosuke rode with them, so Takeda had been allowed to join the hunters as well. Uncle Kioshi, Seikon, Yukio, and even Daisuke, his sword master had all come out with them.
These were all men Ryunosuke had grown up with and respected. Takeda had been his friend since childhood.
The forest was rank with the smell of humans.
Ryunosuke stopped beneath a tree and sniffed, his tanned form dappled by shadow. A sigh of piney wind brought the human-scent to him, over fainter smells that spoke of fox and hare, seal and stag, even wolf. Those were human-smells too, he knew; the stink of old skins, dead and sour, near drowned beneath the stronger scents of smoke and blood and rot. Only man stripped the skins from other beasts and wore their hides and hair.
Dragons have no fear of man. Hunger coiled in his belly, and he gave a low growl, calling to his friend, Takeda. As he raced through the trees, his packmates followed hard on his heels. They had caught the scent as well. As he ran, he saw them branch out, disappearing within the surrounding trees. A boar alone was a feeble thing. Big and strong, with good sharp eyes, but dull of ear and deaf to smells. Deer and elk and even hares were faster, bears and wolves fiercer in a fight. But boars in packs were dangerous. As the demons closed on the prey, Ryunosuke  heard the crust of last night's snow breaking under clumsy boar-hooves. The trees had grown icy teeth, snarling down from the bare brown branches. Seikon ripped through the undergrowth, spraying snow. His packmates followed. Up a hill and down the slope beyond, until the wood opened before them and the boar was there. He was large, the size of a baby horse and he grunted and pawed at the frozen earth seeking food. Ryunosuke drew his blade and prepared to attack and suddenly the pack was on him.
The boar ran screeching in fright at the commotion and Ryunosuke turned instinctively to slash at the nearest man. His blade let a long bleeding gash over Seikon's eye down to his jaw but it never slowed him.
Their weapons pierced his flesh and slashed his clothes. He screamed in agony and turned to run. He didn't get far.
So it had come to this. He was to be assassinated for his faults then? His breaths came in harsh gasps as he stumbled through the wood, his blood leaving a trail for his hunters. He cursed.
Daisuke lunged from his left and he drew his sword, penetrating his chest cavity before the man could touch him. He gurgled wetly, groaned and Ryunosuke roughly pushed him off. He fell to the ground with a hard thump but he paid no heed and continued running.
Suddenly, he stopped and braced against a tree as his vision swam and tilted around him. He heard a scream and turned in time to block a blow from Yukio's sword as it raced towards his head. He pushed him back and snarled viciously as he swiped the blade across his chest. Then Yukio fell down dead and Ryunosuke's eyes went blank. Two friends he had been forced to kill now. Two childhood brothers.
He sheathed his blade and stumbled towards the cliff edge ahead of him. The falls rushed below him, roaring loudly in his ears. His breath came in white clouds around him and he watched dizzy as the world tilted again. He heard the crunch of snow behind him and he tensed then turned. Takeda stood there watching him. Ryunosuke looked around; he didn't see his uncle.
"So it's come to this? Takeda, my most trusted friend, is going to slay me at my father's command…" He rasped. Hands clutching his side to stem the blood flow.
"You're not fit to rule. A dragon who cannot even transform is a hindrance to the clan." He said coldly.
Ryunosuke narrowed his eyes. "I thought so, and here after all the others, I had begun to believe you were different." He spat. Takeda's eyes glowed a vicious red and his form swelled, twisted, morphed from man to beast in a matter of seconds and soon, looming above him was a huge, jade, dragon. Takeda roared and it vibrated like the metallic sound of clashing steel over the mountains. Birds took flight from their nests in the trees, animals scurried in fear but Ryunosuke stood firm, fearless.
Suddenly, he went stiff as his Uncle emerged from the tree line. He bowed his head and smiled grimly, then met the dragon's eyes with a look of cold hatred. "No matter where you go, Takeda. No matter what you do. The world isn't big enough to hide from me. This isn't over yet." Ryunosuke growled. He met his uncle's eyes, then Takeda's and as Takeda lunged Ryunosuke flung his body back and over the falls. Takeda roared and watched as his body disappeared in the mists. His eyes searched frantically but the water's mist obscured any sight of the river below. His teeth clenched and his form dissolved back into that of a man.
Why had it come to this?
Kioshi placed a hand on his shoulder.
"What do we tell his lordship? He will want to know of his son's death."
"He went over the precipice. His body was burned and we scattered the remains over the river." Takeda nodded and turned away.
Kioshi stared into the dark depth of the precipice then he too turned and left.
"We're making camp."
"Excuse me?" Kagome was surprised her jaw didn't actually drop all the way to the ground in shock after hearing those words slip from Inuyasha's mouth. Never. Never. And let's not forget, EVER, had the hanyou been the one to suggest they make camp. Usually, drastic measures had to be resorted to in order for the stubborn and relentlessly persistent hanyou to 'allow' the 'puny humans' of their group a chance to rest. To hear him tell them to make camp, especially considering they still had a good three hours of daylight left and a great lead on the location of a Shikon shard, was so baffling Kagome didn't know what to make of it.
"We'll rest here for tonight." He said ignoring her outburst and indicating the small, abandoned hut that lay amidst the circle of trees ahead.
Inuyasha, however, was not keen to elaborate on his reasoning. After telling his group to make camp, he quickly took to the tress of the forest they had been skirting all morning. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the hanyou was trying to lead their group away from something in those trees, but what wasn't known was what, and why.

"Kagome?" Shippo's little voice sounded in her ear, and the young miko looked down to the fox kit clinging to her shoulder. "You don't think it's…?"
The Taijiya's stern voice had Shippo pulling back behind the curtain of Kagome's hair to shield himself from her. And though Sango had simply been trying to keep Kagome from thinking that Inuyasha had gone to find Kikyo, she had already thought as much.
Kagome forced a tight smile and turned to her friends. "It's alright, guys. Let's just make camp. There was a river not too far back. Maybe we'll be able to catch some fish for dinner." Her smile brightened sincerely at the prospect of some downtime. "And I sure could go for a bath."
"Why, yes, Lady Kagome," Miroku agreed full-heartedly. "I was just thinking that a bath would be a lovely idea…"
Miroku's words were cut off abruptly by a jarring impact against his skull. Behind him, her right eye twitching in annoyance, Sango gripped firmly to the handholds of Hiraikotsu, applying ever more pressure against the angled bone to press against the monk's hard head. "Perverted monk," she ground out through clenched teeth. "Is nothing sacred to you?"
"On the contrary, my lovely Sango," Miroku replied smoothly as he inched himself away from the crushing force of her weapon and began rubbing his rapidly bruising skull. "I hold many things sacred…" The way he trailed off, his eyes glossing over in a hazy fog and roaming freely over the curves of her body, was enough to make Sango want to bash him another one.
Unfortunately, though Kagome was tempted to allow her friend a little bit of fun, she also realized that Miroku, while dense, wasn't impervious to the blows Sango leveled him with. And with them having stopped for camp so early, it was all but guaranteed that the impossible lecher was going to make at least one more idiotic gesture before the night was out that would send him early to bed. So, in hopes that she could save Miroku for at least long enough that he might be able to help setting up camp, Kagome turned and started yelling. "Come on, guys," she called over her shoulder. "Let's get going."
After tensing her grip against her weapon minutely, Sango abandoned her thoughts of teaching the monk his lesson and turned stiffly to follow after Kagome. "Kagome?" she asked once she had caught up with her friend. "What about Inuyasha?"
"Inuyasha…" Kagome trailed off for a moment, her sight drifting towards the thick growth of forest trees stretching out in the distance. Why did he always feel the need to hide everything from her? Why couldn't he just trust her enough to tell her when something was bothering him? Did he think she didn't know about Kikyo, or how he felt about her? Did he think she didn't understand? Did he think his secrecy hurt any less than the truth?
A hollow feeling buried itself into the pit of her stomach as Kagome turned her sights ahead of her again. "Inuyasha can find his own dinner," she answered firmly.
A storm was coming and no one anticipated staying in it for long.
The hut was a small, squat, ugly little refuge, falling to pieces from seasons of misuse, but it would do for the night or so until the storm let up. Naked, barren trees loomed above it, shielding it from most of the snow and as they entered, they found that the interior was well intact. Like it was frozen in time from previous inhibitors, a fire pit lay in the middle, small tatami mats surrounding it. A shoji screen separated one half of the house, preserving a small area for privacy.
Kagome set her pack in the corner and rubbed her half frozen fingers together, trying to gather feeling again.
"We'll need wood for a fire. Sango, you and Miroku can get that." Kagome said as she surveyed the little room. The two nodded and left, Sango shooting the monk a quick glance that promised pain if he tried anything perverse.
"Shippo, you and I can get the water and hopefully they won't kill each other before we get back." Kagome said gathering the small kit in her arms with a smile.
"I highly doubt that." He said.
Kagome smiled and pushed the heavy grass mat that served as a door aside to step once again into the frozen wasteland.
Violet eyes closed as the pain became overwhelming, his body shuddering in painful spasms. The freezing water of the stream lapped over his legs and waist where he had managed to half pull himself to shore. Now he clung to the banks, mud soaking into his fine tunic, ruining the rich material. His ears twitched picking up the sound of limbs cracking in the distance. Something was coming, and in his weakened state he would undoubtedly be killed by whatever found him.  Struggling to get into an upright position, his hand clenched, feeling for his sword that wasn't there as he braced himself against the pain. Regardless of the fact that he was not only injured but unarmed, he would not go down without a fight. His violet eyes darkened with the suppressed pain, as he struggled out of the water, the sounds of approaching feet growing closer by the second.
His limbs gave a shuddering jolt and a searing pain shot like electricity through them. Before he knew what was happening, his face was buried in the muck and he was struggling to breath. The fall had done a number on him, regardless of the many gashes and deep wounds his pack mates had inflicted on him. A gaping slit stretched across his chest, stretching from his left collar bone and down above his right hip, nearing gutting him. It still bled, though not as heavily as before, a sign that he was healing. He coughed, spraying the snow beneath him red.
He faintly heard a gasp mere feet in front of him and as he jerked his gaze upwards, his eyes bled to crimson. The fierce growl that ripped through his through throat dissolved into bitter coughs as his gaze found its target. A human girl.
He relaxed only slightly, for while not as dangerous, humans still proposed a threat to any weakened demon.
She stared aghast, as if confused by what he was doing there. Then she foolishly stepped forward, hand outstretched. He gave a warning growl, deep in his throat, primal instincts taking over.
"Kagome, don't!" A small child he noticed resting in her hair cried, tugging at her shirt collar.
Kagome, odd name, but then, humans were fickle creatures.
She ignored the kit, inching forward, her eyes furrowed in concern.
His growl grew and he snapped at him, his teeth clacking with the force. "You'd do well to listen to the whelp wench! Though I may be wounded, I'm certainly not helpless!"
She jumped at his harsh tone and stopped, staring wide eyed at him. To his utter annoyance, his growl turned into a soft whine as he tried to move, jarring the gash on his chest. His claws dug into the snow and blackness crept around his vision.

Kagome wasn't quite sure what to make of this demon. She was surprised to see him there, having sensed him at the last moment and expecting to see...well certainly not this. Part of her expected some ferocious demon to come charging at her demanding that she hand over her jewel shards as per usual but this… He seemed so helpless and though she knew it was foolish, instinct kicked in and she found herself wanting to help this poor creature.
Kagome frowned, the caring side of her rearing its stupid head. She certainly didn't want to kill this already wounded demon.
"I'm not going to hurt you." Kagome said approaching warily, but obviously concerned about this demon's well-being. "Please…let me help you."
By some miracle, she had managed to kneel beside him, but still had yet to touch him for fear of losing a limb.
Ryunosuke blinked heavily, trying to chase away the encroaching darkness and stared at the girl. "Leave me…" His voice was rasping and though he tried in vain to move, the feeling of her warm hand pressing against his arm made him jump. "Woman…" He growled warningly.
"Kagome…" Shippo whimpered.
"You're seriously hurt, you could die. Please…"
Ryunosuke helplessly felt his head drop down into the snow and glared up at her. The words left him and his vision crept into black. The last thing he saw before it consumed him was her shocked visage as she leaned closer, as if attempting to catch him as he fell into unconsciousness.
"Is he…?" Shippo asked peeking from within her hair.
Gently, she placed her fingers against his neck and sighed in relief as she found a faint pulse. "He's alive, but just barely. We have to get him back to camp…"
She whipped around as Inuyasha crashed out of the trees behind her. "Get away from him!"
"Inuyasha!" She yelled as he jerked her back, his fingers digging into the flesh of her arm. "Stop!"
She wrenched her arm free and whipped around, glaring heatedly at his shocked visage. "What's wrong with you? Can't you see he's hurt? We have to help him!" As she tried to turn back to the creature, he growled and pulled her back around to face him. "Do you have any idea who that is?"
She once again pulled her arm free, feeling Shippo jump from her shoulder to the ground, not wanting to be part of the ensuing fight. "He looks like a helpless man who needs medical attention."
"That's Ryunosuke, Prince of the Southern Dragon Demons. Believe me, he ain't helpless in the least!"
"Look at him, he's going to die if we don't do something!" She was shouting now. She didn't know why she was fighting this. Perhaps it was her overwhelming need to help people. Or her overly sentimental heart that always seemed to get in the way of logical thinking. Either way, she wanted, needed to help this man. If she didn't, she knew she'd feel terrible knowing she let a man die, just because of what he was.
"I'm going to help him and if you don't like it, you can just run off again to…"
"I didn't just run off, I was scouting the area because I smelled that bastard! And here I find you, getting yourself into trouble as usual!" He glared at her, his voice taking on a dangerous edge.
She deflated only slightly at the fact that he hadn't run off to Kikyo like she had thought. Kikyo probably wasn't even in the area. Just her own paranoid mind playing tricks again.
"No! I can't let you put yourself in danger…"
Her arm flung back behind her towards the man lying in the cold, red snow and her voice rose to an alarming screech as she screamed. "Does he look dangerous to you!"
In a fit of rage at her unyielding nature, Inuyasha turned and struck out at the nearest object with his claws, which happened to be a large tree. It creaked and fell to the forest floor with a loud crash. Kagome stared steadily ahead, unamused from his tantrum as Shippo clung in fright to her leg. He stood with his back to her, crouched and breathing heavily for a few minutes. During which, Kagome turned and went to sit beside the fallen dragon. She flipped him over assessing his wounds with a critical eye.
Finally, Inuyasha turned and sighed defeated.
"Is he alone?"
Kagome sighed, and turned to him. "Yes, there are no others."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes." She allowed the breathy whisper.
He hesitated and his brow furrowed. "Fine. But only until he's better, then he has to go."
He reached down, lifting the man up onto his shoulders and with her help, carried him back to camp.

Ryunosuke lay still for a moment. A small sound from somewhere nearby convinced him that he was awake. It was daylight, and from the comfort of the soft cloth beneath him, he guessed that he was in a bed and naked between clean sheets. It was beyond his ken how this could be. His chest still ached with a dull, throbbing pain, but when his fingers touched it, he found it snugly wrapped in a neat bandage. Slowly he opened his eyes, and his amazement was complete as he saw the thatched roof of the hut wherein he lay. A slender form dressed in strange clothing moved past the bed, and though her back was turned to him, he recognized the tiny form. He tried to wet his dry, parched lips with the tip of his tongue and called out to her.

"You." His best effort was a hoarse croak.

Kagome turned quickly and hurried to the bedside, her eyes questioning as they searched his face in anxious concern.

"How do you feel?"

"Water." His voice was little more than a rasping whisper.

She nodded and turned retrieving a strange bottle from her pack. Twisting the top, she removed the lid and tipped it against his lips. He opened his eyes to find her watching him closely. Accepting her assistance, he rose slightly and drank deeply to satisfy his burning thirst. The fever was gone, but every muscle in his body ached, and there seemed no ease from the pain
that ebbed and flowed through his chest.

"Would you care for something to eat?" she asked. "There's some soup in the other room, still warm…" She placed the bottle beside her and smiled gently.

He said nothing, still confused by this human's strange generosity. She stood and her footsteps faded as they left the room. When she returned moments later, the thick bean soup, seasoned with wild hare and vegetables she offered him, was accepted with ravenous appreciation. After  Kagome folded a quilt behind his back and fluffed the pillows over the padding, Ryunosuke ate heartily, brushing away her attempt to assist him. When she took the tray away several moments later, he felt much strengthened by the nourishment. Still, he was reminded of his limitations by the piercing pain that stabbed through his chest when he tried to move.

Kagome's face mirrored his grimace. "Still hurts?"

He lightly kneaded the bandage over the wound. "Who are you?" He asked glancing at her.

She blushed slightly in embarrassment at having forgot to introduce herself. "My name's Kagome." She smiled warmly.

"Do you think it wise to take a demon into your home, Kagome?" He asked, watching her coldly for any attempt at betrayal. If she were a spy of his father's or simply a foolish witch bent on binding him, he would catch it. His trust was torn and left behind only dark suspicion and hatred. His muscles twitched beneath their wrappings, itching slightly from the rapid process of his healing. Soon, he would be well enough to leave this place, but until then, he had to bide his time with this wench. Beneath the coverlet, he flexed his fingers. If she dare attack him, be it by sword or spell, he would kill her. "Especially one as powerful as I?"

Kagome frowned and sat back on her haunches as she glared at him ruefully. "You don't look so frightening to me in your condition. With that gash in your torso, I'll wager you're harmless enough, for a few days yet anyway."

She reached forward with nimble fingers to pluck at the bandages. He caught them in a vice like grip and the hair on her arms stood on end from the sudden charge of energy. It popped and whizzed around them and with a start she met his eyes; dark red slits, burning with hatred. "Don't be so sure." He said.

From the other room, there came growls and the soft concerned voice or Miroku. "Kagome? Is everything alright?"

Kagome breathed deep, and released a heavy sigh as she stared down her patient. Gently, she relaxed her grip, dispelling her fear and called back to him. "Yes, everything's fine. I think I just accidently insulted him."

From the corner of her eye, she saw Miroku's silhouette disappear and she gently pried her fingers from his grip. "I'm sorry." She said, almost sighing in relief when his eyes reverted back to their normal shade of lavender. "I didn't mean…"

"Save your excuses, woman, I neither need nor desire them." He groused turning away from her. This woman was no threat. He was well enough to defend himself if need be and she seemed meek enough.

Kagome's lips puckered in annoyance. Great, another self absorbed, you-are-below-me-foolish-human, bastard. Were all demon's this way or was she just that lucky?
Uploaded mostly for storage. My computer has crashed so many times in the past that I'm sick of always loosing and having to re-write this file. This is an ongoing project for me for the past three or so years and it's been changed around and re-written so many times it's pathetic but I just can't bring myself to abandon it completely. It's almost like my baby in a way.

There is a paragraph about midway down that is referenced from A Dance with Dragons. It's my fanfic and believe me I've read far worse from other writers ( People who copy whole books and just change the names) than a paragraph or two from another book.

This is just something for fun and nothing more so people please, don't judge on just that one element. There's more to this than just one little hunting/fight scene.

Anyway, like I said, this isn't a fanfic post and won't be continued and completed anytime soon. It's just something I like to work on in my free time. I will however leave it open instead of putting it in storage so people can read what I got at least.
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Part 2

"Are you feeling better, Twilight Sparkle?" the Princess of the night asked.

"A little bit, Princess, thank you," Twilight allowed, taking a long sip from her glass of water before softly setting it back on the table.

At a glance, it appeared little had changed in the appearance of the group in the twenty minutes since Princess Luna had finished relating Twilight's mishap from the night before.  However, closer inspection would reveal an empty plate that once held a sandwich in front of Big Macintosh and bowls of salad ranging from partially eaten to just a few leaves remaining at Fluttershy, Rarity, and Luna's places.  As for the others, they had opted for refills for their glasses of water, except for Pinkie, whose face remained submerged in her bowl.  Twilight was convinced that the pink pony was somehow breathing through her ears.

"So who wants to go next and tell us their side of what happened last night?" Twilight asked.

"Ladies first," Macintosh said quickly; a little too quickly it seemed to Applejack.  She subtly narrowed her eyes at him, a gaze which he avoided.

Rarity dabbed a napkin to her lips.  "Very well, then.  I shall do my best to recount last night's events with myself, Rainbow, and Pinkie Pie."

"Oh joy," the pegasus groused.

"Now, now, Rainbow dear, you will be relieved to know that your experience last night was not as, ah…colorful as Twilight's."

Said unicorn grumbled.

"Now then, where do I begin?  Hmm…I was carrying Rainbow back to her home with Pinkie Pie, however I forgot one eensy-teensy little detail…"

Rarity gazed up at Rainbow Dash's cloud house, floating a good thirty feet above the ground.

"Ah, yes…I can't fly, can I?"  She sighed morosely, "Oh how I miss those marvelous wings."

Pinkie Pie stumbled to a stop alongside Rarity, her eyes bleary as she blinked hard to clear them.

"How come w-we…"  She yawned hugely.  "How come we've stopped?"

Rarity nodded upward.  "Well, we
were going to drop Rainbow off at her house."

Pinkie looked up at the house through half-lidded eyes.  "I don't think you can reach that high."

"I know that, dear," she said with a roll of her eyes, "I would need quite the boost to get up there."

Pinkie pursed her lips in hard thought for a moment before speaking again with a supportive smile, "You are a good person and ponies say nice things about you."

"I didn't mean a morale boost, Pinkie, I meant a physical one."

"Oh."  The pink pony glanced back up at the house.  "I don't think I'm tall enough either."

Rarity shook her head in amusement.  "Pinkie, dear, I do believe that the alcohol is not allowing you to think straight."

"Thinking straight is boring; thinking sideways is much more fun!"  Pinkie smiled widely before once again yawning.  "But I do get sleepy when I drink and it makes me go through phases.  Like in the first phase I'm tired, but in the second phase I'm tired
and forgetful, third phase I'm back to being just tired…and I think the fourth phase is sleep, but I haven't figured that out yet.  I always wake up before I can."

Rarity nodded, more out of habit than actual understanding, and returned her gaze to Dash's house.  

"Well, if we can't get her up there, then I suppose we'll have to find another place for her to stay for the night."

"Ooo!  She can stay at my place!  I've got enough space in my room for her and I know the Cakes won't mind!"

Rarity cast Pinkie a thoughtful look.  "Hmm…Well, with Sweetie Belle staying with me this week, I don't have a spare bedroom for Rainbow to use anyway.  Thank you, Pinkie Pie, that is most kind of you."

Pinkie tilted her head in confusion.  "What is?"

"Letting Rainbow stay with you, of course."

She gasped excitedly, "Rainbow's staying with me?!  That's super fantabulous…whatever's going on."

Rarity stared at her flatly.  "This is your 'Phase Two', isn't it?"

"Yup!  This is whatever it is that you just said."

"And you're going to be like this for how long?"

"Be like what?"

"Be in Phase Two."

"Who's in Phase Two?"

"You are and it's affecting your memory."

"What's affecting my memory?"

Rarity's patience was steadily wearing thin and she regretted not having one more drink.  "I can see we're not going to get anywhere fast this way."

Pinkie giggled, "We can't get anywhere fast when we're standing still oh wow we're at Rainbow's house!"

A frustrated sigh escaped the unicorn as she rubbed her temples to stave off a headache.  "Let's just get you two to Sugar Cube Corner, shall we?"

"Okie dokie lokie!"  

Pinkie bounced away in the direction of the confectionary shop and Rarity followed close behind, a very much unconscious Rainbow Dash in her gentle telekinetic grip.  Pinkie suddenly stopped and turned around, a cheerful smile on her face.

"Hi, Rarity!  When did you get here?"

"…Celestia, give me strength."

"Ok, I was wondering why you guys took me to Pinkie's place," Dash commented, her eyes now mostly open but quite bloodshot.  "That was a huge shock to me this morning when-"

"Rainbow, don't interrupt," Rarity chided, "You'll ruin the narrative timeline."

Pinkie's head suddenly jolted up out of the bowl, catching everyone's attention.

"'Timeline'?  Time doesn't travel in lines, it travels in circles and that's why clocks are round."

She smiled in self-satisfaction for a moment before face-planting into the bowl once again, splashing the table with water.  

"Anyway," Rarity said after an awkward moment of silence, "To continue…"

"Hi there, Ditzy!"

"That's your mail box, darling," Rarity said wearily as they finally made to the Sugar Cube Corner.  

The trek from Dash's house to the sweets shop seemed like an eternity for Rarity since Pinkie kept stopping every thirty seconds to either say hi or ask where they were supposed to be going.  The occasional stop for a conversation with the random lamp post or bush hadn't helped either.  It was a great relief to know that as soon as she deposited Dash and Pinkie she could go home and get some much needed sleep.  She was further relieved when Pinkie pull out her key without any prompting.

"Phase Three, Pinkie?" she asked hopefully.

The earth pony responded with a yawn.  "Is it?  Guess I forgot Phase Two.  We better get inside before Phase Four starts."

They made their way inside and headed up the stairs to Pinkie's bedroom.  As they neared the top of the stairs, Rarity felt a cold chill run down her spine.  She stopped, Dash floating next to her as she scanned the darkness.  They hadn't turned on any lights for fear of waking Mister and Missus Cake or the twins and the ambient moonlight through the windows allowed them to see well enough to not worry about tripping over anything.  Darkness could still play its tricks, however: shadows seemed to move and waver and everyday objects took on an ethereal appearance.  She swore she saw a figure move out the corner of her eye.  

Rarity knew there was nothing to worry about, it was just shadows and tricks of the light.  There certainly wasn't hideous, glowing-eyed monster hiding around the corner waiting to gobble them up.  Nope, nothing at all.  …Still, a little extra light never hurt anything.  A soft glow emanated from the tip of her horn, casting just enough light for her to make out objects clearly.  She peered around the corner at the top of the stairs…a pair of glowing eyes stared back.  Her throat constricted, choking off a scream.  She froze in terror, the glowing eyes never leaving hers.

"Gummi!" Pinkie bounced past Rarity and picked up the apparition in a hug.  "He came out to meet us!  Isn't that sweet?"

It took a moment, but the unicorn finally recognized the tamed reptilian in the dim light.  She leaned against the corner, heaving a sigh of relief.

Thump! Thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-thud-THUNK!

Rarity winced; she had relaxed a little too much.  Turning to look, she saw Dash's crumpled form resting against the wall at the bottom of the stairs, still unconscious.

"Sorry, Rainbow."

The trio plus Gummi managed to avoid anymore mishaps over the next few minutes as they finally made it to Pinkie's bedroom.  With the aid of proper lighting, Pinkie and Gummi climbed into their respective beds while Rarity lifted Dash onto the couch.  A few blanket tucks and pillow fluffs later, the pegasus was sleeping comfortably.  She trotted over to Pinkie's bed to bid her good night.

"How are you, Pinkie?  Do you need anything?"

"Nopie lopie!" she yawned.  "I've got everything I need.  Thanks for helping me get home."

"It was…minimally difficult, dear, think nothing of it," Rarity said with a smile.

"I just wish I knew how to confirm Phase Four."  She frowned.  "I can't seem to find a way to figure out whether or not Phase Four is really-"

Out like a light.

Rarity chuckled softly headed out of the room, pausing by the door.

"Sweet dreams, Rainbow and Pinkie."

She turned off the light and shut the door, quietly making her way downstairs.  She made sure the door to the shop locked behind her as she left and she finally headed to her own home, smiling in satisfaction at a job well done at getting her charges home safe and (relatively) sound.

"What is it with all the abuse towards me?"  Dash asked nopony in particular.  "Rarity dropped me down the stairs and before that Macintosh shoved me out of my chair!"

"I didn't shove you," the stallion responded indignantly.  "I nudged you."

"And don't even get me started on what happened this morning," she groused.

Silence reigned at the table.  It took her a moment to notice all the expectant stares and smiles directed at her.  She sighed in annoyance.

"And now you guys want me to tell you what happened this morning, don't you?"

"If you did not wish to tell us, then you should not have made mention of it," Luna said, herself wearing the biggest smile at the table.

'She's enjoying this way more than she should,' Dash thought.  "Fine…"

The morning sun lit up Pinkie's bedroom, bathing its contents in a soft, warm glow.  As the ambient light in the room increased, a blanket-covered lump on the couch began to stir.  Dash stretched in an attempt to wake her sleepy muscles, which resulted in a pained groan and ended in her smacking her lips out of habit.  She blanched.

"Bleh…gives a whole new meaning to 'cottonmouth'."

Try as she may to open her eyes, her brain would rebel and clench them shut to keep out the invasive sunlight.  Finally, after a concerted effort, she managed to crack them open.  Everything was fuzzy as she looked around the room to figure out where she was.  A pink blob entered her field of vision and she was forced to squint and lean forward to see it clearly.

"Is that…Pinkie?  Hey, Pinks, uh, I guess that means I slept at your place last night.  Thanks."


Her eyes snapped open at the strange groan.  Pinkie stood before her, mouth agape, eyes vacant and glazed, and a hoof slowly reaching out for her.  


It was then that Dash saw the green mass attached to the side of her friend's head.  Due to her extensive knowledge of sci-fi and horror movies, she recognized the creature immediately.


She tried to get away, but in her hazy mental state, she got tangled in the blanket and fell off the side of the couch, her head hitting the floor, followed by the rest of her, with a resounding thump.  She groaned, her headache - now exacerbated by the light, excitement, and introduction to the floor – was threatening to split her head wide open.  Her eyes opened a crack once again to behold Pinkie standing over her.

"Moorrning Daaashiieee…" she croaked.

The "brain slug" dropped off her head to the floor next to Dash's head.  It regarded her with the same vacant stare as it always did.  There was only one thing Dash could think to say.

"I hate you so much, reptile."

"So yeah, that was my morning," Dash finished.  "Oh, and I threw up for, like, an hour after that before we came over here."

"Aw, I'm sure Gummi didn't mean to scare you, Dashie," Pinkie said, finally finished with her bowl of water.  "He was actually massaging my head because I had a headache and he's really good at getting rid of them.  I wasn't thinking too good when I woke up, either, so that's probably why I sounded like a zombie – not that I'd actually turn into a zombie.  Nope!  Not at all."  Her eyes shifted side to side, avoiding contact with the others.

Luna was too busy giggling to notice as she wrote down the narratives.  The others, both too tired and already used to her strange antics, paid it no mind.

"Wow, RD, no wonder ya said you felt like you were bein' abused," Applejack intoned.

"And I have the bruises to prove it, too!"

The farm pony chuckled and cast a warning glare towards her brother.  "I got treated nice and gentle-like last night…right?"

Macintosh could only grin sheepishly under her glare.
The intoxicated misadventures of our favorite ponies continue as Rarity relates her night's experience with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]

This is shorter than Part 1 and I apologize for taking so long in continuing this, but Real Life has been a bit hectic.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its characters are owned by Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
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Hey you.
Yes you.
You're beautiful.
You may not think so.. Many people don't, but what makes you special is that you're you, and you better not let anyone change you. Ever. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You might express yourself completely different than others or you might appear ordinary butbut your personality will definitely stand out.. If you let yourself stand out(: accept who you are, and you'll feel better about yourself. That's hard to do? Well, everyone's been there at some point in their lives but go. Yes, get up and go. Go find a mirror. Look into it. I'm serious. Spend a few minutes.. Look at your eyes(: what do you like about them? The color.. The shape? Your long, amazing eyelashes? There has to be something you like! Now, look at the rest of your body. Does society judge you for your exterior? If so, I have three magical words that I want you to say anytime someone gets you down.. Or when you're feeling self conscious and unhappy about yourself. 
I am beautiful. 
Say it. Keep saying those three words until it sinks into that totally-awesome mind of yours(: 
Need help with it?
Note me and I'll make you believe it!
Remember, you matter. Don't focus so much on the negativity in life. There is positivity everywhere(: you just gotta look harder, think more.
--Kaylo :heart:
I know too many self conscious people.
It hurts to hear they don't see the beauty I do.
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so beautiful is the pen marking paper,
curves of bold, slender, and jagged lines,
filling itself onto the soul of this white sheet,

filling the paper with each passing day,
permanent, forever engraved
giving everything it has inside it's being
until the ink runs out
reaching to every corner of this once blank sheet,

the ink and the paper are now one,
forever etched into each other's existence.
The actual title is "To My Beautiful Artist: Ink and Paper"
dedicated to my fiance :iconcl1mbingfl0w3r:
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Chapter 17: Realization

"Which one is it Sugarcube?" inquired Applejack looking through the window of the hospital's nursery.

Flim, who stood surround by the five mares, opened his mouth to reply but was instead cut short.

"Oh! Oh! I love guessing games!" Pinkie Pie chirped, her blue eyes scanning the room. "It is that little filly?" A small white unicorn filly stretched and yawned in her crib, red hair peaking out from beneath the blanket pink blanket.

"No," answered Flim grinning like a fool.

"Oh, well it is that one then?" Pinkie enthused, pointing out a blue unicorn colt with a white and blue mane.

"No," Flim said again.

"Okay, I got it for sure this time!" she said and looked thoughtfully at the foals before her.

After a minute of this Rainbow snapped, "Oh Flim would you just tell us already?!"

"Well only because you asked so nicely," he replied, going into the nursery and picking up one of the sleeping bundles. He walked back toward the eagerly awaiting group, the foal nestled safely in the crook of his foreleg. Using his magic he pulled back the edge of the blue blanket so the could get a better look. "This is my son Energy Spark," said Flim, the proud smile never leaving his face.

The ponies crowded around to get a look at the tan colored colt. His purple mane fell towards the right side of his face, a streak of pink and white curled at his neck. His eyes blinked open to reveal a radiant blue.

Cooing and declarations of awe came from the surrounding mares. :He was my next guess," Pinkie Pie commented brightly.

"Hah!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash. "I knew it would be a boy! That's ten bits AJ."

"You were betting on whether he'd be a boy or a girl?" asked Fluttershy. "That doesn't seem very nice."

Flim laughed. "It's okay Fluttershy, really. If I'd have known you two were betting then I'd have joined in; would've lost though since I was convinced it would be a filly."

"I must say I am quite surprised he is an earth pony, and not a unicorn like his parents," said Rarity.

He's not an earth pony," said Flim. "He's a Pegasus.:

"Really," asked Rarity at the same time as Rainbow Dash exclaimed, "Awesome!"

"Now where'd he get that from?" asked Applejack.

"Flim shrugged. "My mother is a Pegasus and my father is a unicorn." Turning he asked, "Rainbow were you able to get that message to Flam?"

"I gave it to Ditzy; I didn't want to miss anything." Realizing her possible mistake she quickly added, "She's gotten much better at direction since the last Winter Wrap Up. I'm sure he'll be here soon."

Flim shook his head and sighed. "You guys should probably go see Twilight, I'm sure she'd like that. Fluttershy why don't you take Spark with? I don't think Twilight has really got to be with him that much yet."

Fluttershy nodded, "Of course. We'll see you later Flim."

As the mares headed towards Twilight's room Flim smiled to himself. Everything seemed to be going perfect.


"Spark!" Twilight cried with a smile as Fluttershy and her friends entered the room.

"Flim thought you might like to see him," said Applejack, while Fluttershy gave the colt to Twilight.

Twilight beamed at her friends, "Isn't he jus amazing? I never though I could be this happy!"

"Of course he is! He's a Pegasus," said Rainbow Dash. "You'll let me teach him how to fly right?"

"Of course, once he's older that is," replied Twilight.

"And I'll help too, flying can be scary," added Fluttershy.

"Can we give her the present now? Can we? Can we?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Present?" asked Twilight.

"Pinkie thought it would be a good idea for the foal to have a present on his birthday," Applejack said smiling. "We all had a hoof in designing it but it was Rarity who put all the pieces together."

"I do hope you like it," said Rarity levitating the package to Twilight's bedside.

"I'm sure we'll love it," she said as she unwrapped it with her magic and held it up for everyone in the room to see.

Hanging in the air was a soft, pale green blanket, patterned with images of a sliced apple and purple sparkles.

"My favorite thing from when I was little was a blanket," commented Rarity.

"We didn't know if it would be a girl or a boy so we decided that green would be the best color," said Fluttershy.

"And I thought it should have your cutie mark, and then AJ said that it should have Flim's on it as well," added Pinkie Pie, Applejack nodding in agreement.

"And I got the cloud fluff that it's made out of. Nothing is softer," boasted Rainbow Dash.

"Oh guys," choked Twilight. "It's beautiful." Looking down at Energy Spark she asked, "What do you think?"

Smiling the tiny foal reached out to grab at the corner of the blanket. It hooked around his hoof and fell into his grasp. "He likes it too," whispered Twilight crying happy tears.


Flim walked outside enjoying the last rays of sunlight. His cheeks had begun to ache, his mouth proudly displaying a smile which showed no sign of fading. All said and done it had been a wonderful day, the most amazing day of his life. Pictures of his son kept flashing in his mind. He reminded him so much like Twilight. So beautiful. So perfect.

"Found him," a voice called from the sky. Flim's green eyes glanced to the sky where he spotted Ditzy, and then his eyes fell back to ground level, where he spotted Flam in the distance.

"Flam!" he called grinning, and starting to trot towards his brother.

"Flim," the stallion called back picking up the pace. "What's wrong? What happened? Is everything okay?"

"No," said Flim pulling up short. "There's nothing wrong. Everything is great! Everything is fantastic!"

"Then why am I here?" Flam inquired

"Twilight had the foal! You've got to come see him! Flam, he is so wonderful!"

Flam grimaced. "Flim I was in the middle of something very important! I am through caring about your mistakes; I want no part in them. You ruined your life when you got that mare pregnant, now I'm holding up our business on my own while you sit on your rump failing at life."

Flim's eyes shot open with shock. "Wh-what's wrong with you Flam?"

"There is nothing wrong with me. I'm speaking the truth of the situation and you are choosing to be ignorant of it."

Anger roiled inside Flim, exploding rapidly. "No," he growled through gritted teeth, narrowing his eyes at his brother. "This mistake is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I could never be happier than I am with my son, with Twilight, with my friends. I'm not sitting on my rump; I'm being a part of life! A part of my family!"

Flam stepped back surprised by his brother's sudden rage.

"I am not the one making the mistake brother. It is you who is making the mistake. You are making a mistake by staying out of your nephew's life!" Flam stopped for a moment then began again fumbling over his words in despair, "How will he grow up without his Uncle Flam?" Flim stomped his hoof in frustration. There was nothing more he could say, nothing more that he could think of to change his brother's mind. If this didn't work, well if this didn't work his relationship with Flam would be over.

Flam stood looked at his hooves, then raised his head and cleared his throat. "Flim," he started then cleared his throat again. "Flim, I- Flim you are right. I was being foolish. And you've grown much wiser since the last time I saw you." Flam offered up a smile and continued, "Besides who would teach this little colt to behave properly if I wasn't around?"

A smile found Flim's face once more as he stepped forward and wrapped his brother in a hug.


Flim walked into the hospital room where Twilight and Energy Spark slept. The sun had set and everypony had just headed for home, allowing the new parents to rest. Energy Spark lay asleep in his crib next to Twilight's bed.
Flim's heart swelled with joy as he looked at the two sleeping ponies. A realization came to him with a jolt of surprise. This is where he belonged. He loved Twilight. The emotion that had tore at him eleven months ago, the emotion that brought him to Twilight and kept him there. The emotion that he had could never understand became clear in that moment. It was love. He loved Twilight.

Gently he pulled the blanket up around Twilight's shoulders and he placed a delicate kiss on her forehead. A small smile appeared on her lips as she rolled over and into a deeper sleep. Flim found a seat on the couch next to Spark's crib and watched his family, together at last.

The End
Alright guys its the end! I loved writing this chapter and you can thank ~AuroranRagewing for this getting out so quickly! He helped me through so rough writers blocked and kept me going strong!

Cover art is done by ~Cartuneslover16

Energy Spark belongs to me!

MLP FIM belongs to Lauren Faust/Hasbro
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Curse of the Werepony 2
Chapter 1:  Confessions.
By Steven Little
My Little Pony is © Hasbro.

        In the late hours of the night, a mighty thunderstorm raged outside the Carousel Boutique.  Rarity, the store's sole proprietor, lied awake in her bed gazing at a picture of herself with a specific purple earth pony stallion with a green mane.  Casually, she looked at the heart shaped frame next to it on her nightstand.  A photograph of a small young green and purple dragon was held within it.  'Oh Spike, why do you always seem to be out of town when I need you the most.'  She thought to herself.

        The blue eyed unicorn mare quickly sat up in her bed when she heard the door to her bedroom slowly creek open.  A white unicorn filly with green eyes and a curly purple and pink mane and tail, poked her head into the room.  "Rarity, are you awake?"  She asked in a whispered tone.

        "Sweetie Belle, it's two in the morning.  What in the name of Luna are you doing still awake at this hour?"

        "I couldn't sleep.  The thunder keeps waking me up."  She said.  The young unicorn scuffed her right front hoof against the floor.  "I was wondering if maybe I could stay here with you tonight?"

        "I see; well the noise is keeping me up as well.  I suppose it would be all right as long as you don't fidget too much."  Rarity said, smiling at her.

        As the filly bounced over to the bed, Rarity lowered the picture of Spike face down.  Sweetie Belle put her head under the blanket at the edge of the bed then climbed up the side and burrowed her way next to Rarity.  The elder unicorn giggled at her antics.  "Hey sis, who's that stallion in the picture over there?"

        "Oh him," She asked nonchalantly.  "He's nopony too important."

        "Then how come you have a picture of him on your nightstand and how come you're kissing him?"  Sweetie Belle asked her suspiciously.

        "He's just a pony I met a couple of months ago.  But he's not around anymore and I don't think he's coming back."  She told her.

        "Why not sis?"  

        Rarity looked away, obviously not wanting to answer the question.  With a heavy sigh she faced the younger unicorn.  "Sweetie Belle, that stallion was and still is very special to me.  However, in a way he doesn't exist anymore.  It's a very complicated story and I don't think you are old enough to understand."

        "Rarity, I'm ten years old.  I'm not dumb."  She said with an upset pout on her face.

        "Oh no no no Sweetie Belle, I would never think you were dumb."  She said hugging her tightly.  "It's just, well; I'm not sure how you'd take it if I told you the truth."

        "How bad can it be?"  The unicorn filly asked.  "I promise I won't freak out or scream or anything if you tell me.  I promise."  She said, crossing her heart with a hoof.

        "I suppose you have a right to know, especially with recent developments."  She admitted.  "Sweetie Belle, you remember a couple of months ago when the girls and I had to go to Canterlot for a few days?"

        "Yeah, you said Spike was sick or something like that and they needed you at the palace."

        "Correct.  But I wasn't entirely truthful with you, Spike wasn't sick; he was bewitched by a terrible curse.  You see; Spike had been turned into a Werepony.

        "A werepony, what's that?"  Sweetie Belle asked confused.

        "A werepony is what happens when a young dragon like Spike is bitten by a pony with pony pox.  At the light of the full moon the dragon changes into a pony.  Twilight didn't mean to bite him when she was sick, it was an accident but that's what happened."

        "That doesn't sound so bad."  She said

        "You don't understand dear.  The stress of changing back and forth form dragon to pony over and over again was too much for Spike's body, and if left untreated, it would have eventually killed him."  Rarity explained.

        "Oh my gosh, that's horrible!  So, does that mean…"

        Rarity picked up the photo and set it between them.  "Yes, the purple stallion in this picture is Spike."

        "He's really cute."  She said bluntly.

        "Yes, I was quite taken with him as well, but I want you to understand.  Spike was always Spike, sort of.  His personality didn't really change."

        "What do you mean sort of?"  She asked.

        "This is the complicated part I was warning you about.  You see, while Spike was a pony his emotions were, how shall we say, overpowering.  When he got sad, he got very sad, when he was happy, he acted a lot like Pinkie, bouncing around and wearing a smile so big, it could light up the night."

        "Uh huh."  Sweetie Belle commented, watching her sister getting lost in the description.

        "But when Spike got mad, that's when he nearly turned into something quite scary."

        "What happened?"  The filly asked.  "He didn't hit you or anything did he?"

        "Absolutely not; actually another pony, a very rude and mean pony tried, to grab me and take me with him but when I told him no, he hit me across the face."  She said touching the almost completely healed bruise on her face.  "Spike went wild.  He thoroughly trounced that stallion in a matter of seconds and when the police came to arrest that other pony Spike told him that if he ever came near me again, he'd kill him.  I was very touched by Spike's gallantry and a little frightened as well."

        "Wow.  So, what happened next?"  The younger unicorn asked.

        "Well, we had dinner and talked, a lot, mostly about me and him.  You see, before I knew Spike had changed into a pony, I had said some very mean things about him.  After a lot of apologizing, Spike forgave me and to be honest we had a very wonderful evening.  He was a perfect gentalstallion the whole time.  We walked through Canterlot and he showed me all the sites that not many ponies get to see.  We stumbled upon a party and we danced together for half the night.  Oh Sweetie Belle, it was so romantic."

        "It sounds like it."  She sighed happily, Rarity's tale playing out in her mind.

        "Spike was getting tired so we stopped at a very nice spot away from prying eyes and we talked some more.  Spike had to make a decision, weather to go back to being a dragon or stay as a pony and risk only living for another ten years or so.  He actually decided to stay as a pony."

        "Really?"  The filly asked.  "But I saw him a couple of days ago when he left the shop.  If he chose to stay a pony, why is he a dragon?"

        "Because I talked him into it," Rarity confessed.  "I couldn't let him do that.  I couldn't let him betray who he is just for me."

        "Wait, what?"  She asked confused.

        "You need to understand Sweetie Belle, Spike and I have uhm.  You see, Spike confessed that he's had more than a crush on me for a long time.  He said that he loved me.  And I realized that while I've been chasing after stallions I've looked over the one boy that makes the others pale in comparison.

        "You're in love with Spike?"  She asked in shock.

        "To put it bluntly, yes, I love him."  Rarity said, picking up the heart shaped picture frame on the nightstand.  She carefully gave it to Sweetie Belle as if it was the most precious thing to her.  "Spike and I shared something wonderful that night.  It's something I don't think I'll ever forget as long as I live."

        "You two had sex?"  The shock was obvious in her voice.

        "I forget sometimes that they already covered sex-ed in your class.  I swear they keep introducing it earlier and earlier.  Oh well.  No Sweetie Belle, we did not have sex.  It was much more than that.  I've never felt that loved in all my life.  And now something's come up and I don't know what to do."

        "What's wrong Sis, you look worried."

        "It's nothing.  It's just, I think, I think I might be pregnant."  Rarity hugged her sister tightly.  "Oh Sweetie Belle, what am I going to do?"

        "Well, Miss Cheerlie said that when ponies think they might be pregnant, they should go to the hospital and have a test done then they'd know for sure.  So maybe tomorrow you should go there and find out."

        "Of course!  Hey, when did you get so smart?"

        "I learned it from you big sis."  Sweetie Belle said, yawning loudly.

        "Oh my, it's so late; we should get some sleep if you're going to come to the hospital with me tomorrow."  Rarity said, placing the pictures back on the nightstand then laying her head against the pillow.

        "Can I really come with you?"  The little unicorn asked with excitement.

        "Absolutely, I'd love to have you with me for this."

        "You're the best big sister ever."  She said snuggling next to her.  "You should probably send mom a letter too just in case.  I miss mom, I wish she were here right now."  She said as she fell asleep.

        Rarity softly stroked Sweetie Belle's mane as tears softly spilled down her cheek.  'Momma's here my darling, I'm sorry to keep the truth from you for so long.  Soon dearest, I promise, as soon as things aren't so stressful, I'll tell you.'


        Rarity and Sweetie Belle strolled into the conservatively furnished lobby of Ponyville General Hospital.  "Good morning Nurse Redheart."

        "Good Morning Sweetie Belle.  What brings you and your sister here today?  I hope you're feeling okay."  The nurse said from behind the reception desk.

        "Oh, it's not me.  Sis here thinks she got herself knocked up so she needs to see a doctor to make sure."  She said cheerfully.

        "Sweetie Belle!"  Rarity shouted in embarrassment.

        Nurse Redheart had nearly turned completely red.  She waved a hoof at the two unicorns.  "It's fine, I've heard much worse.  Is it true though, do you think you're pregnant?"

        "I think so; my estrus is two months overdue.  I don't know what else it could be."

        "I see, Sweetie Belle you'll need to stay here until the doctor has had a chance to examine your sister okay?"

        "Sure thing, I'll just hang out and read.   Have fun sis!"

        The unicorn hung her head in frustration as she followed the nurse back to one of the examination rooms.  "Miss. Rarity, it really is okay.  There's no need to be embarrassed, we handle these sorts of things all the time.  They usually turn out to be false alarms."  Redheart opened the door for her and allowed her to enter.  Wait here and the doctor will be with you shortly.

        Rarity waited for what seemed like forever when the doctor walked in.  The doctor had a brown coat that was mostly hidden by his light green smock.  His curly orange hair was held in a weird shape by his head mirror, almost like a muffin.  The stallion was known as the local pediatrician and apparently he took care of pregnant mares as well. "Good morning Miss. Rarity.  What brings you here today?"  He asked.  

        "I think I'm pregnant sir.  My estrus is two months late."  She informed him.

        "I see.  Well lots of things can cause that.  Not to be too blunt but have you engaged in intercourse lately?"

        Rarity blushed wildly.  "Uhm yes, two and a half months ago."

        "Nothing since?"  He asked.

        "No."  She said.

        "Sorry, I really do not mean to pry but what about before the last occurrence?"

        "It's been a very long time since I've been with a stallion, a little over ten years actually."  Rarity stated emphatically.

        "I see, well, we best have a look.  Please lay on your side and I'll have a listen."  Rarity lay down on the examination table while the doctor put on his stethoscope.  He breathed lightly on the instruments head to take the chill from the metal then placed it against her abdomen.  He moved it around to several places, listening carefully each time.  Finally the doctor stood up and stretched his back.  "No doubt about it, you're pregnant; strong heartbeat too.  I'd say two and a half months is about right.  Would you like to listen?"

        "Can I?"  She asked.

        The doctor put the earpieces in Rarity's ears and placed the head back against her abdomen.  She listened closely, ignoring the various noises her stomach made.  Straining her ears she finally heard it.  'WUB-DUB, WUB-DUB, WUB-DUB'.  

        "As you can hear, a perfectly healthy heart beat.  Now, I don't think I need to tell you but no drinking and if at all possible avoid any kind of noxious fumes from glues, paint or any kind of harsh chemicals.

        "Yes sir, I understand."  She said, sitting up.  "Is there anything else?"

        "Yes, I know of your profession and I want you to try and avoided any kind of strenuous use of your magic.  I've heard how you can use your magic to practically create an entire wardrobe in only a few minutes.  Recent studies have suggested that strenuous use of magic may cause complications."

        "I understand.  I could use a vacation anyway.  It'll give me more time to focus on other matters."  Rarity said.

        "Very good; now I want to see you back in here next month and the month after to track your pregnancy's progression."  The doctor could see concern growing in the mare's expression.  "It's nothing to be concerned about, it's just better to be safe than sorry."

        "I understand.  How does the first Monday of next month work for you?"  She asked him.

        "I'm sure it will be fine.  I'll pencil you in up at the front desk.  Until then, try and take it easy."  The doctor said as he opened the door for her.  "The lobby is down the hall to your left."

        "Thank you again sir."  She said as she walked away from the examination room.  

        Out in the lobby, Sweetie Belle had fallen asleep.  "Sweetie, Sweetie Belle, it's time to go."

        The young unicorn yawned and stretched.  "Hey sis, how'd it go?"

        "You're going to be an aunt."

        "YAY!"  She cheered.

        "Sweetie Belle, I need to run some errands around town so why don't you go play with your friends for a while."  Rarity leaned down and whispered in her ear.  "Please dear, whatever you do, please don't tell anypony about the baby.  I want to talk to Spike about it first.  He deserves to hear about it from me okay?"

        "Okay big sis, I won't say anything, I promise."  She said as she bounced out the door.


        The bell above the door of Sugar Cube Corner rang merrily as Rarity entered the confection store.  Approaching the counter, the unicorn's nose was assaulted by the aroma of the many cakes, pies, muffins, and other pastries that had been freshly baked that morning.  "Good morning Miss Rarity.  What can I do for you today?"  Mr. Cake said as he entered from the kitchen.  Mr. Cake was a tall lanky stallion with a distinct under bite.  His coat was brilliant amber yellow and his mane and tail were light orange that set off his green eyes nicely.

        "Hello sir, I was wondering if Pinkie Pie was here today and if you by any chance might have some strawberry muffins back there."

        "Pinkie's still upstairs, says her Pinkie Sense has been going crazy so we gave her to take the day off."  He told her, placing a basket of muffins on the counter.  "And here you go, we just pulled a whole batch of strawberry muffins out of the oven.  Have as many as you like."

        "Thank you sir."  Rarity scooped up the whole basket and trotted upstairs.

        Pinkie skipped over to her door and opened it after she heard a light knocking.  Hiya Rarity."  She said as her ears flapped like mad and all four of her knees were twitching.

        "Pinkie dear, are you all right?"  She asked concerned.

        "Oh yeah but my pinkie sense is telling me somepony has important news and if I leave my room I might miss the pony who has the really big news for me.  Oh I wonder what it is."  She gasped.  "I wonder if it's a new flavor of sweet like chocolate, pecan, pistachio nut cookie!  Oh wait, that can't be it because I invented that last week."  The pink party pony noticed the basket of muffins on Rarity's back.  "What's with the muffins?"

        "Oh, sorry, I was hungry."  She tried to explain.

        "Yeah, okay but all of them?  I mean you never really eat all the much."

        "I guess I'm just really hungry and I really wanted to talk to you about something."  Rarity said, popping a muffin into her mouth and munching away happily.

        "You're the pony with big news for me?  But I thought you weren't that good at baking so how could you come up with a new cookie recipe?  Unless, maybe it's not cookies, maybe you designed a new line of chef hats or aprons or oh, did you make a special dress for cooking?"

        Rarity put the basket on the ground and ate another muffin, waiting for Pinkie Pie to finish her ramblings.  "Pinkie."

        "Do the hats have ribbons or maybe flowers?"


        "Oh, I hope the dress is all frilly and lacy but the frills might get too close to ovens and catch fire.  You may have to remake it so it's safe for the kitchen."

        "Pinkie Pie!"

        "Yes Rarity?"

        "Pinkie, I'm pregnant."  Rarity told her.

        The pink pony's body returned to its normal state.  "I guess that was it.  Wait, you're pregnant, again?"

        "Yes."  She said casually, eating another muffin.

        "Oh Rarity, I'm so happy for you."  Pinkie Pie said, hugging her tightly.  "So, who's the lucky daddy?"   Pinkie asked.

        Rarity stopped eating mid muffin and set it down.  She looked away from her, unsure of what to say.  The white unicorn blushed slightly and whispered her answer to Pinkie.

        "Could you say that again?  I didn't quite hear you."

        Rarity whispered again, a little louder.

        "One more time?"  Pinkie asked.

        "It's Spike."  Rarity confessed.

        "What?"  She shouted.  "You and cute little Spikie wikie?  But that, that's not even possible; I mean he's only a baby dragon, he's not old enough to well, you know."

        "Well, he was old enough when he was a pony."  Rarity said blushing.

        "Oh.  Ohhhhhhh, I get ya'.  So when you had him all to yourself while he was a pony, you put the moves on him."  Pinkie said smiling, nudging Rarity slightly.

        "So, you're not disappointed?"

        "Disappointed?  Are you crazy?  Rarity, I'm so happy for you!  I've always though you and Spike would hit it off; you're too perfect for each other."

        Rarity smiled in spite of herself.   Ever since I came to Ponyville, for ten years, I've looked for the perfect stallion, that one of kind pony that I could trust with anything.  Who knew my perfect pony would turn out to be a dragon?"

        "Weird huh?  Hey I have a great idea!  Twilight and the others are planning Spike's birthday party at the library; we should go and tell them the good news too!"  Pinkie suggested bouncing around her guest.

        "What, right now?"

        "Sure, no time like the present.  Grab your muffins and let's go."  Pinkie said pulling Rarity out the door with her and down the stairs.


        Back at the library, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy were entertaining the newest visitor to Ponyville, Spike's sister Emerald.  The main area of the library was just that, a library.  On the north wall was a small fireplace but the rest of the walls were covered in bookshelves from the floor to the ceiling.  The west area of the room had a small broad staircase leading to a large area with a table and stools.  This portion of the library was called the nook and was backed by a large bay window.  This spot was where ponies could have a snack while they read or give them room to spread out while studying.  The center of the room had a large sunken area where the main reading table was located.  The pit, as it was called, was lined with couches around its perimeter.  The east wall had a door that led off to the upstairs living quarters and another that led to the kitchen and first floor bathroom.  The four mares sat around the table in the nook talking to their new dragoness friend.

          "So, how you likin' it here in our little town Emerald?"  Applejack asked her.

        "I like it just fine, thank you very much."

        "Oh my, you have such lovely manners."  Fluttershy said.

        "I suppose so.  Part of a dragon's education is comprised of lessons in manners and proper etiquette."  Emerald explained.

        "So they send you to school just to teach you how to curtsy and say thank you?  Sounds lame."

        "Rainbow Dash, that's not a very nice thing to say.  You know, you could benefit from a little of that yourself."  Twilight reprimanded.

        The dragoness laughed.  "Oh Twilight, it's quite all right.  I must agree with Miss Dash though, the lessons did get quite tedious after a while."  She said.  "I'm glad I'm done with it.  The history and geometry lectures I'm attending now are much more interesting."

        Pinkie Pie barged her way into the library with Rarity and her muffins in tow.  "Hiya girls!  I brought Rarity to help plan little Spikie's party."  Rarity and the pink party pony looked up and the green dragoness sitting at the far end of the table.  Emerald's name suited her perfectly.  Her scales were the most perfect emerald green color Rarity had ever seen.  She sat almost half as much taller than the others and her eyes were deep purple in color as well as the spines going down her back.  Unlike Spike however, it appears she walked on all fours instead of upright like her brother.

        "Uh, heh heh.  I'd love to stay but I have something I need to take care of."  Rarity said as she headed towards the door with her basket of muffins.

        "Oh no you don't."  Pinkie said, grabbing hold of Rarity's tail with her teeth and dragging her to the table.

        "Pinkie, if Rarity has other plans you really shouldn't stop her from leaving."  Twilight told her.

        "The only plan she has is to avoid you girls and especially you Miss Dragon."

        "Avoid me?  Have I done something wrong?"  Emerald asked.

        "No, not at all."  Rarity reassured her.

        "Rarity, tell them.  It's nothing to be ashamed of."  Pinkie told her.

        "But."  She hesitated.

        "Rarity, either you tell them or I will."  Pinkie Pie threatened.  "You never made me promise not to, so don't think for one second I won't."

        "Rarity, what's Pinkie babblin' about?  Applejack asked.

        The white unicorn was staring daggers at Pinkie Pie.  She looked around the room; expressions of concern were on the faces of all her friends.  Rarity hung her head and sighed in defeat.  "I'm, I'm pregnant."

        There was a collective gasp around the table.  "Rarity, that's wonderful news."  Twilight said.  "Why wouldn't you want to tell us, were your friends after all?"

        "I wasn't sure if you'd understand."  She said.

        "Just wait, it gets better."  Pinkie said smiling.

        "Pinkie Pie!"  Rarity complained.  "Why do you have to make this so hard?"

        "Uhm Rarity, if you don't mind me asking, I was wondering.  Who's the father?  I never really see you around with anypony."

        "Fluttershy has a point Rarity.  You spend all your time hangin' with us.  When did you find the time to snag yourself a stallion?"  Rainbow Dash asked.

        "It came up rather unexpectedly.  I never thought this would happen.  I didn't plan for it, it just happened."  Rarity looked up at Twilight, tears streaming down her cheeks.  "Twilight, please forgive me.  I didn't mean for this to happen."

        "What's going on Rarity?"  The purple unicorn asked.

        "It's Spike.  Spike is the father."

        "Oh my."  Fluttershy said, trying to hide the blush on her face.

        "Golly."   Applejack said.

        "What!?"  Twilight shouted.

        "You did what, with my baby brother!?"  Emerald shouted equally as loud as Twilight.

        "Wait, wait, so let me get this straight, while Spike was a pony, you jumped his bones?"  Rainbow Dash asked.  "So awesome!"

        "That's not awesome, it's practically molestation!"  Twilight shouted again.  "I know I said you two were good together but I didn't mean anything like this or at least not this soon!"

        "I never thought you'd be the type of pony to take advantage of somepony as innocent as little Spike."  Fluttershy said.

        "It wasn't like that at all.  You all know what happened when Spike and I left the castle that night right?"  Rarity asked, hoping they'd remember.

        "Yeah, you told us.  That big jerk Blue Blood was gettin' fresh with you and hit you, then Spike beat the tar out of him."  Applejack said.

        "Yes, but after that we sort of went on a date.  He was so sweet and a perfect gentlestallion.  He behaved more like a Prince than Blue Blood could ever hope to be.  I treated him to dinner for his gallantry in defending me and later, he took me dancing.  It was so wonderful.  We sat under the stars at the overlook and talked for a while.  He looked into my eyes and I looked into his.  He was so cute and innocent and the things he said to me; nopony has ever said those things to me or touched my heart in the same way.  Oh, it's so hard to describe."  

        Half the mares in attendance sighed at the romantic scene the white unicorn painted for them.  "Wow Rarity.  It sounds like you're really in love with him."

        "I am Fluttershy.  I haven't felt this way in such a long time."  

        "But Rarity, you had to know Spike would return to being a dragon.  Didn't you even consider what might happen?"  Twilight asked her.

        "Of course I knew."  Rarity said, tears falling from her eyes.  "I was there remember?  I helped you seal his form.  I forced him back to the young dragon he was supposed to be and it nearly broke my heart to do it."

        Applejack and Fluttershy walked around the table and hugged her, trying to comfort the emotional unicorn. "It's okay Rarity, we were just a little shocked, that's all."  Fluttershy told her.

        The pregnant mare felt Emerald's claw rest comfortingly on her back.  "Tell me dear, if you say you love my brother so much, why would you do that?  Why would you force him to go back to being a dragon?"

        "I had to.  Spike wanted to stay a pony."  The five other ponies and even Emerald gasped in shock.  "Yes, that was my reaction as well.  He knew it meant only living another ten years or so but he said he'd rather live ten years with me then go back to being a dragon.  I couldn't, I wouldn't let him sacrifice his life for me, and so I made him promise he'd become a dragon again."

        "Oh dear, I think I understand now.  Rarity, you gave up your own happiness just for him."  Fluttershy said.  

        "I'm hoping I don't have to give that up Fluttershy darling.  Even though he isn't a pony anymore, I still love him.  I know some ponies may think it's wrong to love a dragon, let alone one that young but I don't care, I still love him.  It's not because he's a dragon or a pony but because he is who he is.  I'd do anything for my little Spike."

        Emerald lightly patted Rarity on the back.  "Well, I have to give it to my baby brother; he really knows how to pick them."  She chuckled.  "If you want, I'll talk to him about this when he gets back from Canterlot; and Rarity, please don't cry.  You're a good pony and I'm happy you love my brother so much.  He's lucky to have you."

        "I can't say that I'm entirely comfortable with this but it's apparent that you really do have feelings for Spike."  Twilight said.  "With that in mind I'll help out however I can."

        "You can count on me and RD too Rarity!"  Applejack announced.

        "Yeah, we'll help anyway we can."  Rainbow added in.

        "Yay!  This calls for a party!"  Pinkie shouted.

        "I appreciate this, all of you but no. No, I have to do this myself.  If it's going to mean anything at all, I have to be the one to tell Spike that he's going to be a father."
Curse of the Werepony 2
Chapter 1
Rarity has some important news for Spike

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Pillow Thoughts II

Chapter 1
Are you a spy?

The sun shined through the window, filling the little chamber with warm, playful colors. A distant bird was chirping happily, announcing the beginning of spring as the wind kindly caressed the tiny new-born leaves that were decorating the old apple trees.


The blue pegasus lazily opened her eyes, slowly looking around the room. The wooden walls reflected the orange light of the sunrise, as if they were quietly chanting to the rhythm of the clouds, slowly waking up along with the entire farm. A table with a small mirror was resting in a corner, along with a chair and a simple red chest. Rainbow looked at the white, transparent curtains that were swinging slowly, embracing the gentle breeze, as her gaze fell upon the orange pony that was lying next to her, still asleep.

She's so beautiful...

Rainbow let out a small sigh as she looked at her marefriend. It felt so good to finally be able to admit all these thoughts and to freely allow herself to think and explore her own feelings.

She had been working on the farm all winter, helping out with the usual chores to the delight (and surprise) of the Apple Family. The weather was bad for exercises anyway and she would've rather spend time with Applejack as much as she could. At first, it wasn't so difficult to hide their relationship. They did discuss it over and over, if they should reveal it to the Apple Family or not, but ultimately decided that it was best to keep it to themselves. For now.

Both ponies worked hard to keep the farm in shape during the harsh season, each cold day being endured with thoughts of warm embraces at night. Thus, the winter days passed, with Rainbow exiting her room every night, tip-hoof-ing towards Applejack's chamber and spending the night with her. Then, each morning, before the family members woke up, she would've had to go back to her own room and wait to be called down for breakfast. Nopony suspected anything.

Most of the times, Applejack would wake her up. She felt so happy knowing that her own simple presence there was fulfilling the orange pony's dream of waking up to somepony she loved. This morning, however, she was the one enjoying the benefits of watching her marefriend sleep peacefully. They both worked hard the day before and needed their rest.

Gosh, I love how she looks with her hair untied...

She giggled to herself as she remembered how long it took to reach this point. Not to mention how Applejack reacted back then. It didn't seem so long ago and it really wasn't... but, at the same time, it felt like an entire era had been left behind. She placed a foreleg on the earth pony's waist and snuggled in close to her. The faint smell of apples was now so familiar to the pegasus. She could hear Applejack's heartbeat as the orange mare was breathing calmly, her dreams not roaming far away from home.

Rainbow was happy and she just wished that she was making Applejack happy too. She wasn't as good as her marefriend when it came to hard work, but she did her best every time. Besides, after all they've been through, one would think that—

"What are you guys doing?", asked Applebloom as she, apparently, entered the room unnoticed.


Rainbow jumped on the bed, covering herself with the blanket (as if that would help the situation).

"Uh, nothing! We're doing nothing! Nothing at all!", she quickly responded.

"Uhhh, why are you in mah sister's bed?", continued the filly, tilting her head to the right, a gesture that could be found at most Apple Family members.

"I, ummm, I uh...", started Rainbow, while nudging Applejack.

The orange pony woke up and lifted her head off the pillow: "Huh? Wha? What's the matter?"

"Hey, AJ, morning! Heh, funny thing happened, Applebloom wants to know what I'm doing in your bed! Haha, funny, huh?", the pegasus replied, waving her hooves around.

"Ah dunno... tell her...whatever, just....", Applejack yawned and continued, turning to one side, with her back at Rainbow: "Just don't tell her we're bucking or something... ya know..."

Rainbow's face fell with a loud THUD.

The little filly frowned a bit, trying to understand what was going on.

"Applejack... she is right here, in the room, with us!", the pegasus said, through her teeth, faking a fake smile (if that is possible, under stressful conditions).

"Trees!!", yelled Applejack, lifting her upper part of the body at ninety degrees. "Bucking trees! Yeah, you can't buck trees in the bed! Cause, ya know... bed's fer sleepin'! Nothin' else!"

Thank Celestia, she finally got it!, thought Rainbow as both ponies turned towards Applebloom.

"Ooookay... but what are y'all doing then?", asked the filly.

"Nothing! I, uh... I fell!", said Rainbow, trying desperately to come up with an explanation. "I just came here, in this room, this morning and wanted to wake up AJ... when I tripped, on the floor... and fell in the bed!"

To their surprise and half-relief, the young filly started laughing: "Haha, you're funny Rainbow! Nopony is that stupid!"

"Hey! 'tis true!", said Applejack, frowning. "That's how I landed in Rainbow's bed at her place last time I visited!"

"AJ, you're... not... helping!", replied the pegasus through her teeth again, then turned towards Applebloom. "Heh, of course we're kidding... truth is, AJ and I just had some fun last night—"

She paused, thinking that was the worst choice of words possible... but continued nontheless, hoping that the young filly's mind would see and understand the "innocent" version of the story.

"—uh, sharing stories and such! Yup! We talked and talked until we felt sleepy and I don't even remember when I fell asleep. Haha! Imagine my surprise now!", she concluded, looking at the orange pony for support.

"Uh, yeah... what she said!", replied Applejack, promptly.

Applebloom smiled happily: "Awesome! I can't wait to be old enough to have my own slumber parties!"

"You already had slumber parties!", replied the earth pony.

"Oh, that wasn't a slumber party. The Cutie Mark Crusaders worked all night long to find their cutie marks", she paused, remembering why she was there in the first place. "Oh yeah, breakfast's ready! Hurry up or we'll eat all the grilled cheese!" And with that, the filly ran down the stairs, towards the kitchen.

Both ponies let out a loud sigh as they dived back into the pillows.

"That... was freaky", said Rainbow after a while.

"Ah'm sorry ah overslept. Should've woken you in time"

"Nah, it's alright, no harm done. Besides, I did wake up early, sort of... I just thought I had more time to... watch you sleep"

Applejack turned on her side, towards her pegasus.

"You're so beautiful, AJ", said Rainbow, softly.

The orange pony blushed and caressed her marefriend's hair: "Thanks, sugarcube... but not as beautiful as you"

With the ears pricked and ready to catch any sounds (like hooves coming up the stairs and invading their privacy), they shared a quick kiss. "We'll just be more careful next time", said Rainbow as she got out of bed and headed towards the door.

She then quickly turned towards Applejack and asked, alarmed: "You don't think Applebloom will tell anypony, do you?!"


"And then you know what Ah saw?", said the filly, continuing her story as she chewed on another piece of grilled cheese. She didn't have time to swallow the bite as Rainbow was already hovering above the table, talking loud and waving her hooves around, as if she was trying to direct traffic.

"Hey, Big Mac, good morning, wonderful morning isn't it? I love mornings! So, what's for dinner? I mean, breakfast, you! I love food too! Let's talk about food!", she blurted out and quietly took a seat at the table once she was satisfied with her interruption.

Big Mac raised an eyebrow... and that was his only contribution to the discussion. He then returned his gaze to the plate in front of him and continued eating. It wasn't that he didn't listen... he just replied only if he had something relevant to say. As the case was, the plate needed much more attention than the actual table conversation.

Granny Smith was outside, sweeping the porch, not really paying attention to anything else, humming a little song of her own.

Applejack grabbed a chair and sat near Rainbow, with an expression-less face: "Y'all sounded like Pinkie Pie for a second. Which reminds me, I invited the girls over today. We don't have much to do on the farm so Ah figured we could all use some time well spent together"

Rainbow swallowed a bite of grilled cheese and cringed.

"Rarity... too?"

"Rarity too", sighed AJ as she poured herself some apple-cider.

Rarity was their only friend, besides Twilight, who knew about them. Ever since that night when she found out about their relationship, Rarity started surprising them with certain... unexpected presents. From matching tiaras to matching bracelets, from matching galoshes to not-so-matching-unless-you-look-at-them-from-a-certain-angle earrings, all hoofmade from various semi-cheap materials... these presents were a real pain for the couple, especially since they had no use for all this "frou-frou" stuff, but didn't want to hurt Rarity's feelings either. At the same time, they had to be discreet about their relationship, so they asked Twilight to keep all those things at her place, at least for now. The last thing they needed was for Applebloom to find matching lingerie in her sister's bedroom.

And, yes, they received three pairs of... that.

It was understandable, in a way. One of Rarity's dreams was to work her hoof on couple-oriented designs and it just didn't feel right if she didn't work on an actual couple. She understood the entire "be discreet" thing, but how could one support that when the latest design always looked so—

"Gorgeous!", the white unicorn shouted as she just tied the two cape-like-thingies to the necks of Rainbow and Applejack.

It was around 1 PM and their friends entered the main gate. Before anypony could say anything, Rarity was already checking various angles.

"Um, what exactly are these?", asked the orange pony.

"I'm not exactly sure", replied Rarity, as she hovered some weird sparkly thingies in the air. "I'm experimenting"

"Could we do this later? We really just wanna hang out with you guys", intervened Rainbow as she took off her cape. "We just wanna relax and have some fun. Besides...", she continued, approaching the white unicorn and whispering into her ear: "...we shouldn't do this in front of Pinkie and Fluttershy. We haven't told them yet, remember?"

Rarity nodded and smiled. Even so, Rainbow could've sworn that she was just thinking of another dress or... "experiment". The group slowly started walking around the farm and towards the apple trees. The sun was shining and it was a truly beautiful day, perfect for taking long walks or simply relaxing on a bench somewhere and reading. Applejack pointed towards her trees, proudly.

"Yessir, this new batch will be full o' apples in no time!", she said, smiling and trying to ignore the fact that Pinkie was tying balloons to the branches.

"Pinkie, what are you doing?", asked the blue pegasus, being slightly less patient than her marefriend.

"Balloons make anypony happy, so I'm making the trees happy so they give us big juicy yummy apples! A happy tree is a... happy tree!", she replied in her usual cheerful voice. "Besides, they're so bare right now... balloons make them look prettier!"

As the ponies giggled their way through the trees, both Rainbow and Applejack were thinking the same thing. They felt that the situation has changed slightly since they admitted their feelings to each other. The gang was no longer... the gang. Sure, they spent time together, they had fun, nothing changed in the dynamics of the group itself. Stll, the way the couple saw the group was now a bit different. It was no longer "Me and my friends"... it became "Us and our friends".

The mares didn't feel like they were being treated differently. Well, except for the whole "Rarity-is-experimenting-again" part. Still, there was something different about the situation. They wanted to stick together, to go to various places together... if one of them was called for something (for example, when Fluttershy asked Rainbow to help her clear out the sky above her hibernating animals' homes, on a bad snowy day) the other wanted to go too (despite the fact that Applejack can't fly)... and that was a new feeling for both of them.

They felt a certain... need to be around each other, along with a hint of possessiveness towards one another. They talked about it, they shared their feelings directly, with honesty, and figured out that things will balance themselves out in time. After all, they spent just two or three months together. They felt more and more comfortable discussing things that were related to their relationship and, overall, they were both doing quite well, despite all the new ways of seeing things. At least, they thought they were doing well.

Twilight was always there with a good advice or opinion.

"Every couple is different", she told them, whenever they stopped by her treehouse (and there was nopony around). "You just have to figure out, together, what works and what doesn't work for you two"

She also offered them, as usual, a few books on the subject. But where's the fun if you don't experiment yourself? "Besides", she told them, smiling, "you're doing great". Even if it was just a small, polite, reassuring thought... it was really helpful for the couple, since this was all a new territory for them.

Regarding Pinkie and Fluttershy, they both agreed that it was best to postpone the "news". Fluttershy was very sensitive and they needed to figure out if something like that would've bothered her or not. As for Pinkie, well, they just didn't want the entire population of Ponyville to find out if she "accidentally" threw a party in their honor and invited half the town. They will tell her... eventually.

The mane six spent their day together, laughing, enjoying themselves and getting up to date with everypony's lives. Nothing interesting really happened lately, but it was always fun to talk about silly little insignificant things with friends. As the sun was slowly setting, they waved goodbye to the group and started walking towards the farm.

"Hey, AJ?"

"Yeah, sugarcube?", replied the earth pony as night crickets started their tiny symphony around them.

Far away, small groups of fireflies began their nightly routines, as if responding to the sight of the first evening stars that were lighting up the horizon.

"I feel kind of bad that we still need to hide from Fluttershy and Pinkie. And from your family. And from Ponyville. I know we've talked about this... but I'm starting to feel a bit like a spy or something, you know? It's like I infiltrated your house."

"Ah know how you're feeling right now, but all Ah can tell you is that mah family welcomed you with open arms. They can easily pick a good apple from a bad one and, to be honest, ah never saw them being so welcoming to somepony from outside the family. It's almost as if they see you as part of us... and that's no small thing, Rainbow", replied Applejack.

"I know and I'm grateful for that... but it still feels like I'm lying to them... and that you have to lie too because of me."

"Hey, we ain't lying... we're just postponing the truth until they're ready to hear it. It's the right thing to do. Honesty and Loyalty are at their best when they're used to protect the ones you love... As for Pinkie and Fluttershy, Ah'm sure they'll be even more understanding than mah family. We just need time, Rainbow... we'll figure this out. We won't be hidin' forever"

The pegasus smiled at her marefriend. She changed so much, for the better, since they started talking about all their doubts and fears. They both have changed.

Celestia should make a seventh Element of Harmony... Communication.

As they approached the kitchen entrance, they resisted the need to share a kiss, holding it for later.


The family already set up dinner. Things were calm at the farm, so the dinner was calm as well. Nopony really said anything and they all enjoyed their meals and each-other's company.

"Ah think I'm gonna hit the hay", said Applejack, patting Rainbow on her back. "G'night, Rainbow. G'night, everypony"

Everypony wished her "sweet apple dreams" and soon, one by one, they all went to their rooms, except for Granny Smith and Rainbow, who was just finishing up her cup of hot chocolate, as she usually drank every night.

Granny smith cleaned up the last plate from the dinner table and then, with a soft sigh, she turned towards the pegasus.

"Ah'm mighty glad, Rainbow dear, that you are helpin' us with the work around here. Applejack sure is lucky to have a friend like you!", the old mare said, looking directly into the pegasus' eyes.

"Eh... heh... I know, Granny Smith. You already told me that several times", she replied, politely.

"And Ah'm gonna tell you that for as many times as it's necessary. This ain't no easy thing to find... friendship like that. Even so... there is something that I'd like to talk to you about"

Rainbow pricked up her ears. Granny Smith usually told them stories about her youth and funny tales that she heard from other ponies... but she never "talked" about ..."something".

The old mare grabbed a chair and sit down at the table, calmly, while looking straight into the pegasus' eyes. It almost seemed like she didn't blink at all, just to make sure she gets her point across. Granny Smith leaned over the table, placing both her front hooves firmly on top.

Rainbow already forgot about the hot chocolate she was drinking and started wondering if she did something wrong or broke any plates lately. She knew that sometimes she was clumsy but, as far as she remembered, everything was fine. No accidents, no clumsiness lately. Nothing.

Granny Smith squinted her eyes a bit and her smile faded away.

"I heard y'all been sleepin' around with mah grand-daughter"

-End of chapter 1-
I was getting ready to go to bed... then all of a sudden it's 7:18 AM and I have in front of me this chapter.

...what the HAY am I doing?!

Well, as you probably figured it out, this is the sequel to "Pillow Thoughts" (AppleDash), which you can find here:

I suggest you read that one before you read this one, otherwise, you won't really understand much of it : )

I honestly have no idea what's going to happen in this sequel. o.O This is all your fault, fans. You wanted this.
Let's explore it together, shall we?

Link to Pillow Thoughts 2 - Ch.2 [link]


A huge thanks to Flutterbrony for proofreading "Pillow Thoughts" and for offering to proofread this one too.
Applejack vector by ~Terton-the-Shinigami
Rainbow Dash vector by *Takua770
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The Apple family were swamped with ponies clamoring to buy the cider they had spent the past hour making. They wouldn't notice if she slipped away, no one would in this sea of ponies.
Twilight focused a picture of the, what had they called it? Super Speedy Cider Squeezy, in her mind and teleported. She found herself on the side of the road, next to a small cafe, several miles outside of Ponyville. Her eyes immediately picked out the bright red and white mane of one of the brothers.
"Hey!" she called out. The stallion turned around, it was the one without the mustache.
"We're leaving," he replied, "No need for any more trouble." He looked anxious.
"I don't want trouble, I want answers," said Twilight standing her ground.
"And what answers would those be little filly?" asked Flim.
"You're machine. I've never seen anything like it. How does it work? The mix of machinery and magic is amazing!"
A look of surprise crossed the stallion's face, then he smiled. "Well that's a lot of technical talk my dear, how about I explain it over a cup of sparkling cider?"
Twilight walked closer, one cup couldn't hurt, plus she'd get the answers to the questions that had buzzing around her brain ever since the brothers had arrived. "Alright," she said joined him for a cup of cider…
Okay so this is my idea of how Energy Spark [link] was created. Yeah I know its all highly unlikely, but tough luck I love the two of them! And Flam is inside the diner trying to sell the owner cider or something XD.
The awesome Title Cover was made for me by an awesome friend and artist ~Cartuneslover16 Go and watch her epicness!

Prologue: Here!
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5:[link]
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Rainbow Dash sat patiently in the waiting room. It was almost unbearable waiting for the results of Twilight's test, but she could only hope it would be something good. The smell of in the area was sickly sweet. It mad
"Dash..." Twilight said as she exited the room.

"Twilight..." Dash had a worried expression on her face. She didn't know why, but just seemed to be anxious.
"I've got good news and more good news." Twilight said, smiling brightly. 
"Well, tell me!" Dash said, brightening up a bit.
"Firstly, you've been bugging me forever to get it checked and no, like I told you time and time again, I did not get any diseases from you." Twilight said, rolling her eyes.
"Well, it happens! I just didn't want anything bad to happen to you..."
"Well that's nice of you! While I didn't get any nasty infections from you, you did give me one thing..." Twilight said, smiling to herself.
"Wait, I did? Oh nonononononono..." Dash said, starting to panic.
"Yes Dash... you gave me a pregnancy." Twilight said.
"I, huh? Really? That's the best news ever!" Dash said, her eyes opening up. She gave Twilight a huge hug while a few onlookers gave a few uninterested glances.
"I'm going to be a mom in just a few months time but... there's still one thing." Twilight said, frowning. "We still need to tell our friends about this sometime or another." the ponies walked out the exit of the hospital and made their way onto the main street.
"How are we ever going to explain this!" Dash said as they both made their way out of the hospital.
"Well... I'd hate to tell a white lie but it seems I'm left no option." Twilight said, looking  at the sky for inspiration.
"Well... they DO know I've been spending a lot of time with you, ever since Spike left to take care of things in Canterlot... and you've been experimenting with all that advanced magic stuff..." Dash trailed off. 
"I see where you're getting at..." Twilight said. "We need to keep this undercover for now, nopony can no that you made me pregnant... not yet." Twilight said as the couple entered the library. 
"Yeah, for now, we just need to rest. After all, we do have a party to attend tonight." Dash said. "Come on future mommy, let's get you some rest." Dash said, kissing Twilight on the cheek.
"Twilight? Pregnant? Twi and Dashie dating?" Pinkie Pie said, poking her head out the window of the Sugracube Corner; her hears pricked up. "Oh my, sounds serious..."

"And yer sure bout that?" Applejack spat out the cupcake in her mouth in shocked disbelief. The others gathered around the table exchanged stunned glances.
"I heard Twilight talking about as she passed by the Sugarcube corner! I was bored, waiting by the window while a batch of newly baked cupcakes were cooling off, when I overheard their conversation!" Pinkie said, making grand hoof gestures.
"And you're saying, Rainbow Dash made her pregnant?" Rarity said, wondering how on Earth that could have happened.
"Well, I dunno who else Twilight could have been talking to!" Pinkie said. "Anyway, I did hear Twilight going on about some advanced magic she's been practicing... and well, with Spike gone Dash's been to the library many times to help out. Maybe..."
"Oh, the implications of that are simply... eugh..." Rarity said, putting on a look of disgust. "And Twilight and Rainbow Dash... dating you say? My, my, my..." 
"Well umm... if they feel that it's... right for them I um, guess we shouldn't judge them if they want each other in that way." Fluttershy said in a low, almost mumbling tone. 
"Yeah! I think it's great!" Pinkie said enthusiastically. 
"Well they got alot of explainin' to do..." Applejack said defiantly. "I don't like the idea of all this filly fooling one bit." not long after the words had left Applejack's mouth, a few quick raps on the door signaled the arrival of the two.
"Hay guys, sorry we're late! Had to finish off some last minute things, you know, helping Twilight at the library since Spike is gone." Dash said, smiling. 
"Yeah, it's been hectic there! I'm glad to have somepony to help out."
"Haiii Twilight! I heard you're pregnant!" Pinkie blurted out energetically, as she did with most things.
"What..." Twilight's eyes shot open as she looked at Dash. The look on her face was the same pokerface that Twilight had.
"Oh my gosh Twilight, I'm so happy for you and Rainbow Dash and everything, I heard you were dating! Oh, how did Dash get you pregnant, was it magic? Did I mention how excited I am? Because I'm totally super duper excited and I'm so, so, so happy..." Pinkie carried on at 100 miles per hour as the two stood there in the middle of the gaze of Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy...
A continuation of the fanon started in my fic 'Lucky'. No clop this time, just pure shipping and drama! Enjoy this little first part while I work on Battlefield 3 Equestria.

Next Chapter --> ([link])
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Chapter 1
- Glittering Thoughts –

"Ah'm sorry, wha--?"

Applejack turned towards the blue pegasus. This was becoming slightly annoying.

"I uh... I said that you did a fine job.... today, I mean," replied Rainbow Dash. She quickly pointed at the nearest apple tree. "The apples, all gone. Ha! I never knew how you could get them all down... you know, with a single kick."

Applejack tilted her head to the right. This was surpassing annoying, sliding towards worrying.

"Are you sure you're okay, Rainbow? Y'all seem a bit…" She stopped mid-sentence, not really knowing how to continue.

"Okay? Pff, of course I'm okay! I was just... you know..." she said, ending her phrase with a wide, awkward smile. The pegasus shifted a bit, trying to arrange the bag she was carrying so it wouldn't fall off her back.

Applejack frowned a bit, but decided to ignore this altogether. She had plenty of chores to do today and she had no time for Rainbow's silly pranks or less-than-inspired jokes. Without a word, she moved on to the next tree.

"Oh, by the way!" Rainbow continued, a little faster than she would've wanted to. "Twilight asked me to bring you that book about foreign apple trees."

"Uh, thanks... just... put it on the kitchen table over there," replied the cowpony, pointing a hoof in the general direction of the farmhouse.

"Sure thing! I'll let you get back to your work," said the blue pegasus, and then took off, managing to somehow avoid colliding with any branches.

Applejack didn't even look away from her trees. The sun was setting and she wanted to buck as many of them as she could before calling it a day. It would've made it easier tomorrow. Even so, somewhere, in the back of her head, a little thought wouldn't let her fully concentrate on the task at hoof.

The same tiny thought that she was trying to ignore lately. A tiny thought that came with a question attached.
THUD! The tree she bucked shook fiercely and every single apple fell to the ground. If only it would be that easy to shake the thoughts from your mind the same way.


Three tiny knocks on the door stopped Applejack from putting out the candle in her room. Did she forget to do something? She walked towards the door and opened it, only to discover Apple Bloom with a curious look on her face.

"Hey, sis... everythin' okay?" asked the orange pony.

"Yup, all's fine and dandy with me... but Ah'm not so sure about you, big sis," replied the filly, trotting into the room. Applejack blinked once, wondering if she should just send her sister to bed and also, if Apple Bloom will one day altogether ignore knocking and just start invading ponies' personal spaces. She could see it clearly: Cutie Mark Invaders.

"What do you mean?" she asked, cautiously shaking the previous image in her head, as her little sister climbed onto her bed.

"Ah mean... we're special, right? We have, like, superpowers!"

Was this another clever scheme to stay up late or was just Apple Bloom being Apple Bloom? Other thoughts crossed the earth pony's mind, but she found it better to just listen, for now.

"Y'know, when there's something wrong with me, even if Ah don't say anythin', you just know," continued the filly. "So, it's only natural that Ah  know when there's somethin' wrong with you."

Applejack let out a soft giggle. "So that's what this was all about? You don't need to worry, sugarcube. Ah'm fine. Just tired, Ah guess."

Apple Bloom shook her head in disapproval. "Nu-uh. Mah sister may be the greatest sister ever, but y'all have problems too. Also, it's not nice to lie to your lil' sis."

She was right. Applejack sighed and her ears tilted a little to the back of her head.

"This is really not somethin' you should worry about, Apple Bloom. Yeah, Ah have some stuff to figure out... it's really nothin' bad or serious."

"What's it about? Can Ah help?"

Applejack smiled. "Thanks, but Ah think Ah can handle it on mah own."

The candle flickered a little, making the shadows of the two ponies tremble against the dark orange walls. Apple Bloom stood there for a few seconds, then just got up and started walking towards the door.

"If you say so... but you've kind of been handlin' it for the past 3 weeks or so," she continued. "Ah get it if you don't wanna tell me about it, but at least talk to somepony about it."

Applejack frowned a little at those last words. She couldn't just talk about it. She didn't really know what to talk about in the first place.

"I'm always here if y'all wanna talk," said Apple Bloom, giving her sister a great big smile. "G'night, sis."

"Good night, sugarcube," replied the orange pony, as she closed the door.

She didn't like this... all this hiding and confusion. It's not like she didn't trust her family. She just didn't know what to say to them. Her sister was way too young for this kind of talk.

Wait, what kind of talk? That little thought creeped into her mind again. She didn't like thinking about it, but what choice did she have? It just wouldn't go away.

Applejack climbed into bed and blew out the candle. The orange colors now turned into a dark blue pool of thoughts. One by one, like stars, broken pieces of ideas started emerging into the pony's mind.

Maybe Ah could talk to Big Macintosh about it. Or Granny Smith. They both are older and wiser than me... but this ain't no farm-related problem, she thought. This is something... else. Maybe it's something that Rarity would know, since she meets all kinds of ponies every day. Even so, Rarity would probably frown at that kind of thoughts. Well, Ah now Ah am frownin' enough already and I ain't all that sophisticated.

Fluttershy is... not really the best choice. Pinkie has her moments of wisdom, sorta, but this might be too much even for her. Or worse, she could turn it into a party of some sorts.

The orange pony cringed at that thought. She looked up at the ceiling and let out a soft sigh. The night was quiet, the wind was soft... the smell of freshly picked apples was still lingering in the cold air.

Twilight knows stuff, even more than Rarity. She would probably be quiet enough about it. After all, it would probably be like one of those, what does she call 'em... experiments of hers?

...or maybe Ah should just focus on work and forget this whole thing altogether.

"Horseapples," she mumbled, turning to her side and trying to fall asleep, knowing very well that it would surely prove to be the most difficult task of the night, or rather, of the past nights along with this one.


"Horseapples," murmured Rainbow Dash as she rested her head on her cloud-made pillow.

Her home was floating peacefully at the outskirts of Ponyville. It was simple, but cozy. Even at night, the place seemed very welcoming. All over the puffy walls you could see images related to Rainbow's favorite pony bands, shelves with little prizes she won in various flying competitions and, of course, the unmistakable Wonderbolts poster that she had, ever since she was a filly.

Rainbow was always prepared for everything, always ready to spring into action.

I was actually able to talk to the Wonderbolts a few weeks ago at the Grand Galloping Gala, she continued her thoughts. So what's happening to me now?

The pegasus turned to her side, sliding a hoof under the white pillow, her gaze landing upon the brown bag she was carrying a few moments ago. A quick slap over her forehead was unavoidable, as she realized that she forgot to actually put Twilight's book on the table, as instructed by Applejack. How could she have forgotten that? It's like the information didn't even reach her.

"I'll get it to her tomorrow morning," she mumbled as she turned around again. "Or maybe in the afternoon,"  she thought, trying to find a good position to sleep.

Yeah, sleep... that would be something new. Ever since that particular night, she wasn't able to sleep at all. Well, she eventually fell asleep every night, only to wake up feeling very tired and frustrated.

Her thoughts floated a bit towards that night. As much as she tried to understand, nothing really made sense. Everything was going swell, she had fun, she felt great.

So why did I…

Rainbow turned again in her bed, facing one of the windows. It's not like it was something bad.

And I didn't mean to do that.

Still, it never happened before and she's been to many slumber parties.

So why now? ...and why can't I just get over it?

The stars were starting to appear, one by one, glittering silently in the distance. It's nice to have big windows when you're living near Ponyville, since the view can sometimes be breathtaking. Twilight had big windows in her treehouse too, she thought. After all, it was a big treehouse, it needed big windows. It was big enough to hold slumber parties.

Like that one...

Nevermind sleeping. Waking up can influence how somepony starts his or her day. Rainbow was very fussy when it came to waking up.

Warm... so warm... and the sunlight... I could feel the sunlight on my face... she remembered. The warmth, the smell.

She remembered too well.

Especially the sun making Applejack's golden hair glow even brighter, as Rainbow woke up on top of her friend.

- End of Chapter 1 –
Slumber parties can be a blast... but they can also lead to awkward situations.

I know, it's "just another AppleDash fic"... you probably know how it's gonna end. What you never know is how you get there. That's what usually makes a fic interesting.

Let's explore some thoughts together.

Link to chapter 2 - [link]
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