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The "Spot em all" challenge is up and we have a winner, artist Penfolio :iconpenfolio: guested absolutely everything, congratulations, you have won a high-quality version of this piece! See below for the complete list of villains and elements you can find in this picture. By the way most of you who had a go were very close, thanks for taking part in it!

Marvel Villains by PatrickBrown


The Destroyer armour - Thor
Red Skull - Captain America: TFA
Electro - The Amazing Spider Man 2
Viper - The Wolverine
Azazel - X Men: First Class
Nebula - GoTG
Bolivar Trask - X Men: DOFP
Blue Prison Guard - GoTG
The Collector - GoTG
Thanos - Guardians of the Galaxy
Chitauri - The Avengers
Malekith - Thor: TDW
Loki - Avengers, Thor 1-2
Magneto - X MEN franchise (costume X Men: DOFP)
Lizard - The Amazing Spiderman
Mystique - X MEN franchise (costume X Men: DOFP)
Silver Samurai - The Wolverine
Aldrich Killian - Iron Man 3
Abomination - The Incredible Hulk
Mandarin/Trevor Slattery - Iron Man 3
Ronan the Accuser - GoTG
Laufey/Frost Giant - Thor
Ultron - Avengers: Age of Ultron
Winter Solider - Captain America: The Winter Solider
Venom - Spider Man 3

Easter Eggs

Stan Lee
Captain America's damaged shield from Age of Ultron trailer, plus his classic poster, up back
Spidermans glove and webshooter
Thors hammer (Mjolnir)
Baby Groot - GoTG
Hail Hydra Taxi Services (telephone) - Captain America reference
Iron Man arc reactor on table, and his helmet being used as a beer glass
Incredible Hulk drink Pingo Doce
Infinity Gauntlet
Big hero 6 Megabot (BH6 is originally a Marvel comic)
Star Lords walkman
Yondu's whistle arrow
Deadpools favourite food Chimichanga, with note
Wolverines claw marks on pillar, plus his cigar in ash tray
"Villains" mens room sign
Xandar imported beer (although really hard to read due to quality) In Ronin's hand - GoTG planet reference
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Hey guys, sorry I took so long! This year I'm going to try something a little different and not Flash-dependent. I wasn't really sure how much I was gaining by making the pages squiggly and separated by animated transitions, so without further adieu, here's my report on this year's Anime Expo, now with alt-text! (hover mouse on image for commentary)

My biggest regret this year was being too busy and not getting around the artist alley more and visiting people and panels. Thanks to everyone who visited, and sorry to everyone who I didn't visit (or visited only very briefly)! I feel really rude in retrospect. I also feel like I didn't really get to see much of what AX had to offer this year by confining myself to my table for most of it.

Next year I hope to have some sort of book-type product at my table, but knowing myself, I will probably either give up or miss deadlines again and you'll see a repeat of the first two images in the report.

MAN, I sure got tired of drawing myself. But I'm glad I finally finished this so I can go back to drawing other things / playing games without feeling like I should be doing something elseOHYEAHSALESTAXES.
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So... wow... My inbox has been exploding all week. I've been completely floored by the response to my little graphic story about Disqord.

I've gotten so many wonderful, beautiful, comments! I read them all, even if I do not respond to each one. I am so moved that so many people found my little story so interesting! Really, it makes me all glowy to know that I was able to hit the artistic nail on the head. Nothing is more satisfying to an artist than knowing that their work "got to people".

Many of you understood exactly what I was aiming for, and that makes me happiest of all!
Knowing that I was able to communicate my artistic vision (with a fan comic!) feels so triumphant. As I posted each page, I would read the comments and keep them in mind when painting the next page... I would put extra effort into emphasizing certain points and ideas of mine to help better communicate them. Really, all of your comments truly helped me to hone my idea and inspire me to keep up with the work. So thank you!

And just to summarize my thoughts about my idea of Disqord:
The narrative is from Disqord's perspective, and it must be read as such. You need to place yourself into his head, and to think as he does... Even monsters have a logic of their own. Celestia appeared callous and cold, but you are seeing her through his eyes... not yours. Narrative is an important thing to remember. Another important element, is that his scorned love is not the core of his evil... he was always evil--he is the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. He is the "disrupter" of balance while Celestia is its protector... they could never be together. They must exist together, but they cannot be together.
Part of Disqord's tragedy is that, even if he wanted to redeem himself-- if he wanted to be a "good guy"... he never can. It is not his Inner Nature, and so he is forever plagued by his own internal Chaos. He possess a need and desire for love and balance (and Celestia represents both), but it is something that he can never have... because he is the spirit of discord. No matter how much he loves Celestia, he loves Chaos more--and he always, first and foremost: a villain.

Anyways... Just...Wow... I'm still just amazed. I've never had a response to my work quite like this. How inspiring!

And to top it all off?
The newest episode and conclusion to Disqord's return... does not upset my headcanon! My crazy interpretation of his character and his backstory... still fits! Lucky me!
But I chalk that up to John de Lancie being awesome and the writers being amazing... they are the ones who created a character that had the amazing potential to be expanded upon. I love it.
If anything, I'd even say that the newest episode supports my theory that he's actually MUCH more evil than some people think... Switching night and day like that? Sleep deprivation is one of the oldest torture tricks in the book. Also, his turning to stone looked... painful (and just how I imagined).

I am one happy pony right now, let me tell you. What an amazing week, really... Being in art school is a lot of grind work and drills (and don't get wrong, I enjoy the hard work); but to be able to do something fun with my "pony-headcanon/fanon" and then get such an amazing response is just incredible. It makes me so excited, because I just can't wait to create more art! I feel like a little pony whose just discovered their special talent and gotten their cutie mark (though I don't know what mine would be... probably a tablet stylus, heh).

The Disqord story is concluded, so I won't be adding anything more to it. But--I sincerely plan to make more (different) graphic stories when I have the time. I have many ideas for the characters, and I would love to share them with this amazing fandom.  

Bronies... you're all just amazing. Really. Truly inspiring.


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Back with a bang and CONTEST

Fri May 18, 2012, 10:09 PM

DREAMORCHID Updated journal on the contest.  Midnight tonight pacific coast time, start wrapping them up if you want in. :la:

I joined Deviant Art I few years back bright eyed and hopeful.  I tried to show case some talent I felt I had and over a period gained a handful of friends.  Like most folks in the last several years the hard times came  and  with that I slowly faded away from this friendly art community.  With some help from friends we reopen DreamOrchid's doors with a new website (, official DreamOrchid face book page (…), and even a twitter account.  Please feel free to like us if you wish.  With all this said I'm back with a bang.  I decided since I hit 20k views and with the renewal of a subscription to throw a contest.  If anyone wishes to donate prizes to the list please send me a note and I'll add your prizes.  Yes you can donate prizes and still enter.  DreamOrchid's team members will be the judges of your beautiful pieces of work.  


The contest can be from line art to a painting (digital or traditional). You can enter up to three pictures. While you don't have to pick from the list (since they're just suggestions), the drawing must fit a fantasy scenario, person or creature.  A hint will be to try to incorporate a scene along with a fantasy character.   You can do either evil or good.  Also this MUST be original design and artwork (we're avid art fans of fantasy and know a lot of work out there so don't plagiarizer someone).  Also we will disqualify any thing that looks exactly like a dark elf from WOW, Lineage II, or any other game.  I really would like to see originality in this and I'm excited to see what people can come up with.  If it looks like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell that's not being original. All work also must be yours.  Yes you can have a collaboration with another artist as long as they're listed too.  The deadline will be July 18th.   We don't mind  less then conservative outfits but please keep nudity down.  Entries also have to be new entries on Deviant Art.  When you submit your art please link this contest in your description of it and send me a note on it so I can add it to the feature area and fav.

Example scenes:
A bustling street in a dwarven town
An elf archer stalking its prey
An orcish blacksmith at work
A lizardman caravan
A dark elven alchemist at work
A feline hybrid human at play in a field of tall grass
A heard of Pegasus grazing
A human attempting to train a dragon
A bar brawl with a Minotaur
A human militia fighting a troll
A shady pub where dark dealings happen
A castle siege
An elven castle in the distance as a stranger looks upon on it.
A female warrior in full plate armor being cheered on by the crowd from winning the battle.
A church scene with a priest proceeding over an arrange marriage between a human and an elf.
Dark castles with black dragons flying above.
A fairy village with a fairy returning home.
A sea battle with pirates and sea creatures.
A Mermaid discovering a human (mermaid does not have to fit the usual mermaid look)

Of course, these are just suggestions and you can take it any direction you want.
A twist could be to draw a character, and then what that character is looking at.  We also LOVE cities,  architecture, landscapes, and fantasy woods.

1st PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $200 or 16,000 points
DraconaVampira2 Semi-Realism drawings of up to 3 characters each, and 1 Full Body fully shaded with detailed background of 1 character. (3 pictures all together)

2nd PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $100 or 8,000 points
DraconaVampira A Full body fully shaded with detailed background of up to 2 characters, and 1 Half body fully shaded with detailed background. (2 pictures together)

3rd PLACE:
Dreamorchid78 will pay out $50 or 4,000 points
DraconaVampira A Full body fully shaded with detailed background of 1 character and a fully shaded chibi.  

There's nothing to Fear by UndeadKitty13 This Is How The World Ends by Ospreyghost13 But Fear itself by UndeadKitty13 The Bringer of good News by ChristianGerth The Adventure Begins by KKylimos Jade's Dragon by eveningstars242

As to my friends I'm sorry for the long absence and I look forward to hearing from all of you.  I hope you check out my gallery while you stop in, new website, and my company's facebook page.  :D


Featuring the lovely AlexandraKnickel while I wait on submissions to start coming in.
. Demon Princess . by AlexandraKnickel .Twillight Priestess. by AlexandraKnickel Fairy Gossip by AlexandraKnickel Bloodelf by AlexandraKnickel Fairy by AlexandraKnickel . Lament . by AlexandraKnickel


:iconbelle-art: :iconeliteartists: :iconavaloncommunity: :iconworld-imaginary: :icondigitalmixedmedia: :icondigital-artists: :icondigital-art-club: :iconbestcollection: :icondigital-photo: :iconnikon-photographers: :iconbeautiful-photos: :iconunknowntalents: :iconimanipulate: :iconselftaughtartist:


My First Stamp by CoNfUsEd-ThInKeR Nikon D90 Stamp by CroWelsh Photoshop cs3 Stamp by klakier666  Be Unique Stamp by GoodiesForYou Gypsy- Stamp by FireLilyAMG Harley Quinn Stamp by IchiseGossip girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject Dark Samus Stamp by NegaZero Brawl: Metroid Fan Stamp by WolfTwilight Alice by renatalmar I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle Create Your Dream v2 Stamp by barefootphotosPhotographer v3 Stamp by barefootphotos Bokeh Stamp by barefootphotosI luff chocolate by prosaix MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Cake Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 23, 2013, 5:52 AM

First of it all, i want to show all my gratitude to all the people who are supporting my crap and my music last day, to know some people have Mister 13 folder on their mp3 players and Iphones is so amazing to me. Holy shit thank you. After the dead of my computer i thought to start again would be so slow and painful but you can fuck with a badass. So finally iŽve a release date in October for my first offical album, some comissions running and my book will be released as soon as my lazy printer will give to me a date for to start. So you know, the end is the beginning.

Second volume of Ghost Among Us and another Mighty Balls volume soon, this time some old funk-jazz-blues-soul songs with a modern vibe.

To all the people who ask for my Facebook, my apologies for that, if you know me you know i dont have account and my opinion of the social networks.

After some crazy request of from where find the inspiration for my art, i decided to use my journals for to continue supporting artists and to post some interesting shit to understand from where comes my dark crap. So i think the best wayt to start is with the GodŽs helmet, maybe the way to understand the paranormal phenomena, the religions and... how weŽre and why we act, why some people choose art and why some other people choose to be a fucker ( i mean a politician).

The God Helmet is a popular name given to a laboratory apparatus more correctly called the "Koren Helmet", after Stanley Koren of Laurentian University's Neuroscience Department, who built it according to specifications provided by Dr. M.A. Persinger, it's director.

Used as a research tool to investigate the brain's role in religious and mystic experiences, the Koren Helmet has been given the name God Helmet. A few Journalists gave it this name when they learned that some people had visions of God while participating in Koren Helmet experiments. The name has stuck.

The Koren Helmet applies complex (having an irregular shape) magnetic signals to the head of the person who is wearing it. The fields don't work by inducing current in the brain. They have patterns that bear information, and magnetic fields that appear from the electrical activity in the brain pick up the information.

It's a field-to-field interaction, and not current induction. The fields pass into the brain, unaffected by the scalp or skull, because there is no such thing as a magnetic insulator. Nothing can block a magnetic field 1 2. Some psychologists, not understanding this, have mistakenly claimed that the fields used in the God Helmet aren't strong enough to reach the brain. Magnetic fields pass "through all head structures with no attenuation and can stimulate the brain without discomfort" reference.

The Koren Helmet is connected to a PC computer through a 'black box' that cycles the signals through four coils on each side of the head, above over the place where the temporal lobes of the brain meet the parietal lobes. This is the area of the brain many researchers feel is the source of spiritual and religious experiences link.

This illustration shows how the signal shifts from one coil to the next. This is a side view. There is also another set of coils working on the other side. The two coils at the top are no longer used.

The sessions are done in an Acoustic Chamber - a completely silent room. A large part of the temporal lobes ongoing activity is dedicated to monitoring ambient sound. The temporal lobes are the source of religious and mystic experiences, so that silence helps a great deal in creating them in the lab. The same chamber also has a layer of electromagnetic insulation, so that the ambient energy emitted from lab equipment, cell phone towers, and computer monitors is screened out. Because magnetic fields can still pass through this fields screen (a Faraday Cage), the God Helmet research has included some interesting discoveries about the earth's magnetic field.

The God Helmet was not specifically designed to elicit visions of God, but to test several of Persinger's hypotheses about brain function. The first of these is the Vectorial Hemisphericity Hypothesis, which proposes that the human sense of self has two components, one on each side of the brain, that ordinarily work together but in which the left hemisphere is usually dominant. Persinger argues that the two hemispheres make different contributions to a single sense of self, but under certain conditions can appear as two separate 'selves'. Persinger and Koren designed the God Helmet in an attempt to create conditions in which contributions to the sense of self from both cerebral hemispheres is disrupted.

The second experimental hypothesis was that when communication between the left and right senses of self is disturbed, as they report it is while wearing the God Helmet, the usually-subordinate 'self' in the right hemisphere intrudes into the awareness of the left-hemispheric dominant self, causing what Persinger refers to as "interhemispheric intrusions".

The third hypothesis was that "visitor experiences" could be explained by such "interhemispheric intrusions" caused by a disruption in "vectorial hemisphericity". Persinger theorises that many paranormal experiences,feelings of having lived past lives, felt presences of non-physical beings, ghosts, muses, and other "spiritual beings", are examples of interhemispheric intrusions.

The God Helmet experiments were also intended, though not specifically designed (see above), to validate the idea that religious and mystic experiences are artifacts of temporal lobe function.

Most reports from Persinger's lab consist of people sensing "presences"; people often interpreted these to be that of angels, a deceased being known to the subject, or a group of beings of some kind. There have also been reports in which the participant has experienced what they perceive as God. Persinger reports that "at least" 80 percent of his participants experience a presence beside them in the room, whilst about one percent report an experience of "God", and others report less evocative experiences of "another consciousness or sentient being".

In December 2004 Nature reported that a group of Swedish researchers led by Pehr Granqvist, a psychologist at Uppsala University in Sweden, had attempted to replicate Persinger's experiments under double-blind conditions, and were not able to reproduce the effect. The study was published in Neuroscience Letters in 2005. Granqvist et al concluded that the presence or absence of the magnetic field had no relationship with any religious or spiritual experience reported by the participants, but was predicted entirely by their suggestibility and personality traits. Persinger, however, takes issue with the Swedish attempts to replicate his work. "They didn't replicate it, not even close," he says. He argues that the Swedish group did not expose the subjects to magnetic fields for long enough to produce an effect. Granqvist et al. respond that Persinger agreed with their proposed methodology beforehand and they stand by their replication.

The theoretical basis for the God helmet, especially the connection between temporal lobe function and mystic experiences, has also been questioned.

You can listen some stuff about it here…

Some videos………

My apoligies for the long text, if youŽll read it all iŽll respect you forever.

Keep on rocking you fuckers!!! :D

The soundstrack of the journal is.....…

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Hey everypony/ everybody, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope it is relaxing day for all.  

I am getting to partake in a fest prepared by my little sis today.  I hope you  get to have a fest of your own too.
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How about that third episode of MLP: FIM. I thought the pink one was suppose to be the crazy one. I do feel for twilight I was once like that myself, but then my health brought me back to reality, and my  fiancee help out a lot. I do have to say was was not expecting this episode to out as great as it did. I still cannot wait for the return of Luna in the next episode.

On another note almost ready to put up my own fanfic, just wish I had some pre-readers. But hopeful some of my readers will give some good feed back.

Any way back to studying for midterms now.
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Reminder: Less than a week left to favorite/comment the article!

The June feature is up!…

Favorite and/or comment (either is fine and both will count!) the article and have your name entered into a raffle to win a slot on next month's feature!

Stay awesome, you guys! :wave:

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

We need Contributors and Co-Founders. If you have spare time, please do not hesitate to note the group! As an added bonus, Contributors have a weekly submission limit of 10 Deviations!

But please do not note us if you are:

:bulletblue: Unwilling to catalog deviants
:bulletblue: Unable to check messages at least twice a week
:bulletblue: Unable/willing to take extra time with deviation submissions to doublecheck viability

We also need Co-Founders to help with:

:bulletblue: Front Page Favorites Features (Deviants In Need)
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:bulletblack: Sonala
Commission Info
This deviant needs to return to her home country, France, but does not currently have the funds to do so. She needs to sell at least 40 drawings before the end of June so she can go home, otherwise she will be without a place to live.

:bulletblack: Katsunyah
Commission Info
This user desperately needs funds to pay rent and bills, especially on items kept in a storage unit. Commissions are their only source of income as of yet; the highest price is $10 USD. Please check them out.

Commission Information
"I'm going to see an increase in apartment expenses since my roommate is back home for the summer and won't be splitting the expenses with me. I'm also moving and need to rent out a van or truck. Lastly I need help with food and student loans. I do sketches and colored portraits or illustrations. Sketches average $6-16 and colored work can start at $20 for something very basic but can go up to $50 or so for very detailed work."

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"Me and My boyfriend need it. Right now we have about 16 USD Left for food.. I can Explain it.. I have gone to an art school before. A school you have to pay for. It costed 6688 USD(converted from NOK) every semester we go there. I quitted after the first semester. But I still have to pay for it though. I've recently moved to Sweden with my Boyfriend. He goes to School So we dont get any money from That. Now it's almost summer. The hardest time to get work. And this is gonna keep Going to the end of summer vacation :C And 16 USD Is NOT enough Dx "

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"Summer's coming around the corner and I don't have enough money for food or rent, I have an Iguana to feed, bills to pay and I can't find a job anywhere, all the other students have already eaten them up I suppose. I'm willing to work very hard and fast if anyone is interested my commissions, all my prices are negotiable depending what you're after, I cant go too low in respect to US dollars though, because I end up losing value when they're converted into pounds. I really need your help guys."

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"My problem is that I really need to buy a new computer. Its over 8 years old now, and will die soon what means a stop for all my arts. Also in october I will start studying illustration and 3d, and for that I need a computer which can deal with such programs, but these start at 2000€ what I as student, can't bring up."

Commission Info
The user needs commissions for school expenses, books, bills, and related living expenses. They are unable to get work because they are in college.
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Slots Remaining: 6

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Best way to learn anything...?

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 8:46 PM
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!!! ==--..__..-=-._;
!!! ==--.. @ ..-=-._;
!!! ==--..__..-=-._;
"ज़माने भर में मिलते हैं आशिक कई,
मगर वतन से खूबसूरत सनम कोई नहीं होता,
सोने में लिपट कर मरे शासक कई,
मगर तिरंगे से खूबसूरत कोई कफ़न नहीं होता"............

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries, because you were born in it.
Feel proud to be born brave in this great country as this country cannot afford to give birth to cowards.
Because -
Our nation will remain the land of free, only till it is the home of braves.....!!!
Thousands laid down their lives so
that our country is breathing this day
Never forget their sacrifice.

Wish you all very happy Independence day 2012
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

Courtesy- Indian Army
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