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Thanks to all those who took the time to vote for our next contest subject!  It was a close call, but in the end, the ENDINGS won!   So welcome to our fifth contest...


Here is What It’s About...

Create a traditional or digital work of art (based on our theme) from your favourite live action (non-animated) TV show or Movie!  (Please remember - no photomanips)

'Drawn to Endings' :   Draw a scene that represents 'Ending' from a live action TV show or Movie.   Here are some ideas... Your drawing can represent 'ending' as in death, the ending of a relationship, the ending of a war, the ending of a chapter in someones life... etc.  It can involve any number of characters from your favourite show as long as it represents 'Ending' in some form.   Your artwork can be based on an actual scene from the show or a scene you create using characters from the show.  Here are a couple of examples (from our admin's galleries)...

He Will Knock Four Times by Jellyneau - From Doctor Who - When he heard the four knocks, the Doctor knew it was the end of this regeneration.  

Words by Jellyneau   - From Supernatural - Chuck literally spelled out ‘THE END’, and it was.  The end of the apocalypse.

Usual Suspects by TheNeenster  -  From Supernatural - The ending of an era.


1.  You must be a member to enter - but it's super easy to become a member... just join!

2.  Entries can be traditional or digital art (no photomanips please) and must be based on a live action TV show or Movie (not animated).

3.  You can enter up to three times (though only one entry per person can win)

4.  Entries must have been originally submitted to dA after March 30, 2013.  The contest ends June 15th, 2013.

5.  In your description you'll need to do the following:

:)  Comment on your work being part of this contest - you might say something like... "This was drawn for the 'Drawn to Endings’ contest being put on by 'Live Action TV & Movie Art'  -  :iconliveactiontvmovieart:

:)  Include the name of the Movie or TV show your drawing, painting, etc. is from :teevee:.   Extra points for adding the names of the characters featured in the scene.

:)  Comment on the scene:  If it's not clear, explain how your scene represents the theme 'Ending’'.  NOTE:  We really take your explanation into account... especially if it is a toss up between your work and another person’s work.  Spend a bit of time on the explanation and it may well be worth it!

6.  When you submit your art, please put it in the 'Drawn to Endings' Contest folder.


TWO First Place prizes :  One for Traditional Art  and One for Digital Art -  500 :points: each

Feature on :iconliveactiontvmovieart: home page

Feature in :iconanothercontestgroup: Monthly Winner's Package blog post for a month and will be entered into their gallery collection of Contest Winners

Feature on :iconjellyneau: home page

TWO Second Place prizes :  One for Traditional Art  and One for Digital Art -  300 :points: each

Feature on :iconliveactiontvmovieart: home page

Feature in :iconanothercontestgroup: Monthly Winner's Package blog post for a month and be will be entered into their gallery collection of Contest Winners

Feature on :iconjellyneau: home page

ALSO... if there is anyone out there who would like to donate prizes - the more the merrier!!!  :clap:

Ready, Set... Draw!!!!!  :dalove:

This is a journal. It's where I write about stuff that I think random people on the internet might want to hear about for some reason.

A little while ago, I read a book called The Leaderless Revolution: How Ordinary People will Take Power and Change Politics in the 21st Century by Carne Ross, a former member of the British Foreign Office and delegate of the UK mission to the UN who left his job after seeing how so-called "representatives" represent themselves and  the interests of their biggest supporters (such as multinational corporations) rather than the people of the society who elected them or who they were appointed to represent. Ross believes that this removal of agency from the people themselves to representatives, and the alienation it causes, is responsible for much of the conflict in the world. Therefore, he supports a leaderless consensus-based directly democratic government, i.e., anarchism. He gives precedents for this type of government in societies from pre-industrial tribes to the anarchist communes of Spain in the 1930s, the latter being the subject of George Orwell's panegyric Homage to Catalonia showing how an anarchist society could work. Funny thing is that Ross, despite being radical, does not seem to be treated as such, as seen from the fact that he advertised his book on The Colbert Report which is watched by thousands and thousands of Americans.

Then I went to an Occupy encampment and collected a large number of anarchism-related zines, one of which was titled "Anarchism, Or The Revolutionary Movement Of The Twenty-first Century" which was a reprint of an article written by the anarchist academic David Graeber and first published on ZNet, a much more radically leftist information channel than The Colbert Report. Though from looking at the two works I realized that they were remarkably similar in message, that the revolutionary movement of  the 21st century would not be one of the many branches of Marxism, as seen in the many sectarian vanguard parties all trying to get to the same end but bitterly arguing about the means, but in anarchism which does not have the same problems with sectarianism as communism often does.

While there are possibly dozens of forms of communist ideology (Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Luxemburgism, DeLeonism, Trotskyism, Stalinsim, Maoism, Guevarism, etc.) there are really only three general types of anarchism in terms of political ideology: left (social anarchism) right (anarcho-capitalism) and green (green anarchism and anarcho-primitivism). There's other anarchist tendencies, such as anarcha-feminism, queer anarchism, and anarcho-pacifism, but they're more about challenging specific parts of the current system (such as patriarchy, heterosexism, and militarism respectively) rather than focusing on general left-right politics (though at least from my experiences those three tendencies tend to be on the left).

Therefore, there's often significant unity among anarchists that is not found as much among communists. And unlike at least some communists we do not have the same problem of trying to defend autocratic regimes such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela under Chavez, Libya under Gadaffi, China under Mao, and of course the Soviet Union. Many of our societal precedents (Paris Commune, Anarchist Catalonia, Free Territory, etc.) rather than being chipped away at gradually until they inevitably collapsed, were instead brutally and violently suppressed, sometimes even by communists who thought that the people weren't ready to manage themselves.

If it were not for being brutally suppressed, these mass societies could have had some significant potential. But we will never know unless we can make a society and ensure that it will not be suppressed. State socialism with its central planning and its lack of worker's self-management has continuously failed and has just about always, if not always, ended up becoming authoritarian and corrupt. It is time for a new approach. Instead of the communism of the 20th century, it is time to look back at the failed state socialist experiments and look to an anarchist alternative for the 21st century and beyond.

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In _____ We Trust

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 4:13 AM
In response to a recent petition, the phrase "In God We Trust" will stay on US currency.  The reasoning included these points:

"While the President strongly supports every American's right to religious freedom and the separation of church and state, that does not mean there's no role for religion in the public square."


"A sense of proportion should also guide those who police the boundaries between church and state. Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation - context matters.

"That's why President Obama supports the use of the words "under God' in our Pledge of Allegiance and "In God we Trust' on our currency and as our national motto. These phrases represent the important role religion plays in American public life, while we continue to recognize and protect the rights of secular Americans. As the President said in his inaugural address, "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers." We're proud of that heritage, and the strength it brings to our great country."

My argument is this: If we are, as the president says, a nation of multiple faiths and non-believers, then choosing to put only the monotheistic reference to "God" on our currency does not adequately represent the country's diversity.  Instead, this petition asks that the terms "Gods," "Goddess," "Logic," be considered alongside "God."

I understand that this is a petty issue, and that even if it gets enough signatures it will likely not succeed in what it aims to do.  But the purpose of this petition is to make a point: In God We Trust is unconstitutional.  We are not all monotheistic Jews/Christians/Muslims.  

I would greatly appreciate it if you could sign and/or pass along this petition to whoever you can.  Thank you!

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Realm-of-Fantasy is helping promote this contest, though we are not hosting it.

This contest is being held by manic-goose
Full blog and details found here:…

I am holding my seventh annual coloring contest from the start of June until September first. This year is special because not only are there great prizes and several ways to win something, but I have six sets of lines available for people to color.  Special notes about the contest include the following:

The grand prize winner will get art supplies, enough points for a three month subscription, a dA T-shirt, art requests, features, llamas and more.

There is also a prize given out to a young artist winner, which is someone who is fifteen or younger.

Other prizes will go to a popular vote winner, and a first place winner for each line art.

To see a full list of prizes, click here: -->…

All entries will be judged based on a strict criteria, and at the end of the contest, all contestants can view their scores and get feedback on their entry.

Below are the lines for the contest, remember you can enter up to three times.

Little Red and Wolf by FalseDelusion Beauty and the Beast complex lines by WingedGenesis5 The Six Swans by shirua Cyber Works by manic-goose Butterfly Dragonfly by manic-goose Elegant by manic-goose

To visit the contest home page and read more about the contest, click here: -->…
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Long time no talk! Well, after a long road of issues, and a quick sell out of the first run, LMS is finally ready for print again!

Yup, you heard me right. You can now buy the book that nearly half my gallery is about! So please, spread this news around to anyone you know interested. They won't be available forever!

READ CAREFULLY. Also, order before a certain time and get goodies!



First off: thanks for your continued interest in LMS and with tons of emails pouring in over the past year urging us to reprint the book (which many of you reported to have found for $ 500 and more on amazon & eBay), your pleads have finally been heard. So: straight to the good news; we just  selected our printing partner for a re-print and now it's time to get the party started for exactly that.

We are producing LMS in Hardcover Edition (223 pages; Size: 17" x 14" x 1") at the price of US-$ 49.00!

So, if you're still intent on picking up a (or several) copy/copies, as you indicated in your RSVP emails, please follow the procedure as outlined below:

1. Calculate your total $-amount, based on the number of copies you are ordering, plus shipping, as outlined at the bottom of the email. PLEASE INCLUDE SHIPPING FOR EACH PRODUCT, NOT TOGETHER. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, YOUR ORDER WILL BE SENT BACK.

2. Submit payment of total via PayPal to the following Paypal account:

It is important you list all pertinent information, i.e. number of copies orders, your address (both email and shipping), plus, selected shipping method.


Based on the incoming orders, we will immediately place our print-order with our printer and ship to you upon arrival in Los Angeles.

Please note that we are a bit against the wall, time-wise (certainly not your fault, since you all reacted very fast upon announcement; simply a case of researching and identifying the right printer), so we will need to figure out the quantity for the print run as soon as possible, as we are aiming to have them here in time for Comic-Con. So, if you could place your order at your earliest convenience, it would help tremendously in our efforts to decide the size of the print run and to make sure no one gets left out. Many thanks for your understanding & sorry for the sudden rush, but that's the business we find ourselves in: "Hurry up & wait" (and then hurry!) :)


1. All  orders placed by 5/1/2012 will also receive a free LMS print, not available elsewhere, signed by LMS artist, Dan LuVisi.

2. All  orders placed by 5/8/2012 will also receive a free LMS print, not available elsewhere (unsigned).

Thanks & best,

Your Section 9 Team


$ 49.00



Regular: $ 12.95 (for each additional book, please add $ 7.00)
Express: approx. $ 50 (depending on exact shipping location / ZIP Code)


In order to provide you with a FedEx quote, we will require your full address & number of copies ordered. Alternatively, you may also visit…;
where you can find respective rates online. Please note that you will need to provide the shipping information, listed at the bottom of this email under 3. ("SELF")

You will have several options with varying rates (and delivery speeds), i.e.  FedEx Ground, Second Day and Overnight.


International customers: please send us a separate email to  
with the following info:

Your Email address:
ZIP Code:
No. of LMS copies ordered:

Sorry for the inconvenience of the additional step, but we found shipping rates to vary significantly from country to country, so we can unfortunately not provide a "one-for-all" rate.


To research your own shipping rates, you will need the following information:

a. Shipping from: Santa Monica, CA 90401 - USA

b. Packaging Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 1.5"

c. Weight: 5.5 pounds

please visit:

please visit:…


Thank you so much! Also, to all purchases before we send them off to print, I will add your name to the THANK YOUS section in the back of the book!
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So after consulting with a few of my friends and random ponies on Pony squared. My OC's shall now be known as Desert Winds.

It will work out well for what I got plan for him and the other oc's I've created. More on that later.

Until next time, Peace.
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Sorry everypony for the long wait.

This chapter turn out to be much longer then I had anticipated. Plus it getting near final and I have senior projects and paper due soon. I hoping to get the next Chapter out soon, just has to go through the final edit phases.

Thanks for sticking around.
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I haven't had the time to say thanks to each person for favs. I had about 85 favs from April 16th - April 27th. Here is a group thanks to all those who have supported me with favs during those dates.
thanks for all favs: CynderWa Yogo-K-Man CynicalButter PharaohDjoser athr10 AsheliaLilithCrosse LittleHimes cebinc giggles855 NewNumber2 SirCassie ScorpiiLupi ChuChu-jellie frecklesmile talessak nicolasjolly LisandroLee Forru kokokringl Shinseinasenshi SimxRandycunningham altergromit RazorOctober teddybearcholla FinkDay AnfelMeva ladyweasel JayCookie1997 Wolfgirl885 Eljudni cacharoth SapientiaVulpes AnutDraws Pyramid-HeadApproves TootsieRoIIs xXEmox-WolfXx michellemf12 LunarDino MGKopies15 Francy-93 justplaincoolguy1973 KITT03 Soraply11 xo-deano-ox MagicWolfSpirit 
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My God...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2012, 8:31 PM

Slimy Babies by oceantannSlimy Babies by oceantannSlimy Babies by oceantann

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Spy's sapping my internet. Internet down.

Just borrowing a friend's internet connection for the moment. But they leaving on a week long vacation.

So see you when they get back or my telecommunication company fixes the problem.
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