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Typo Feature - Food And Drink

Sat Nov 26, 2011, 8:11 AM
Bi-Monthly article featuring Typographic Artworks by theme.
You can suggest a theme for the next featured article by commenting on this article :)

And today I present you…

Food and Drink!

09.04.10 by tistwas ChoColaTe by 123zion456 Chocolate by Takunaaa
ice lolly by taylorz11 ME NEEDS ICE CREAM by timmens In Space No-one Can.... by Garfcore
The Acidic Cupcake by mgoeclipse Lust by BadlyDrawnMike SAVE_THE_CUPCAKES by xTwentyOnex
Stulle Font by m1ckeyyy Dust by calmyafarm The story of bread by xiruxiru
SUSHi by flamingpegasus Sushi by jedrekkostecki  :thumb168387134:
Fruits of Education by Crumies cherry typograhy by mashita Embrace Thy Bananeth by RGC3
Le Soup by Tsun3 Haters Gonna Hate by grungebunnay only for champions by CHIN2OFF
Drink Me Now Forget Me Later by michaelspitz :thumb127453674: It's five o'clock somewhere... by DrewDahlman
Milk by RGC3 Milkshake Typography by Luftherz Never Drinking Again by JayRoeder
hot cup of COFFEE by CHIN2OFF Vanilla, Coffee and Lime by mypthe13th Coffee Stain Typeface by markhossain
Tea Parties Are For Little Girls by ExclusiveApe :thumb269423598: London. by vliea

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oh wow

Sun Apr 5, 2015, 10:06 AM
I just realized gender stereotypes never mattered to me as a kid.
I found an old lizard stuffed animal that's pink with purple spots that I named Liz... and it's a boy.
Same goes for other stuff like that. I think more than have of my pink stuffed animals were boys, and boyish things were girls.
So... that's something x'D
Llama shy 

  • Mood: Lazy
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  • 200: My crush's name is: 404 name cannot be found ( I don't have one ^^;)
  • 199: I was born in: July
  • 198: I am really: A baby giraffe
  • 197: My cellphone company is: :shrug: I don't check
  • 196: My eye color is: Blue
  • 195: My shoe size is: 9 
  • 194: My ring size is: Shit man, I don't know
  • 193: My height is: 5' 2'' ( Somewhere around that area)
  • 192: I am allergic to: Bullshit
  • 191: My 1st car was: Nonexistent 
  • 190: My 1st job was: Doing chores XD
  • 189: Last book you read: Penpals by Dathan Auerbach
  • 188: My bed is: On the ground
  • 187: My pet: is a grumpy cat named Tinkerbell 
  • 186: My best friend: is :iconcailinlovesfood:
  • 185: My favorite shampoo is: Head and Sholders
  • 184: Xbox or ps3: Xbox uwu
  • 183: Piggy banks are: useless ceramic decorations 
  • 182: In my pockets: you can find nothing 
  • 181: On my calendar: Is a cat .u.
  • 180: Marriage is: something I don't think about
  • 179: Spongebob can: do the can can
  • 178: My mom: just woke up >D<
  • 177: The last three songs I bought were? I don't know
  • 176: Last YouTube video watched: Ssundee: Crazy Craft 2.0
  • 175: How many cousins do you have? I wanna say 7
  • 174: Do you have any siblings? One :iconkatmalice: 
  • 173: Are your parents divorced? Nope ^u^
  • 172: Are you taller than your mom? Nope .m.
  • 171: Do you play an instrument? The almighty Clarinet! ( Though I'd rather be a tromboner with Liv-Chiv-Chan)
  • 170: What did you do yesterday? Nothing
  • [ I Believe In ]
  • 169: Love at first sight: Not really
  • 168: Luck: Hellz yeah!
  • 167: Fate:Sometimes :shrug:
  • 166: Yourself: No I believe in the you that believes in me! ( Reference to Gurren Lagann btw)
  • 165: Aliens: Well, surely we can't be alone uwu I don't believe in he stereotypical aliens but like life on other planets whether it's microscopic or not.
  • 164: Heaven: Not religious
  • 163: Hell: Not religious 
  • 162: God:  Not religious 
  • 161: Horoscopes: Nah, but I read em' anyway uwu
  • 160: Soul mates: YASSSSS
  • 159: Ghosts: Yes >u<
  • 158: Gay Marriage: Of course! Let em' be as miserable as everybody else!
  • 157: War: Only when necessary 
  • 156: Orbs: What?
  • 155: Magic: I HOPE 
  • [ This or That ]
  • 154: Hugs or Kisses: Hugs uwu
  • 153: Drunk or High: Drunk
  • 152: Phone or Online: Online!
  • 151: Red heads or Black haired: Black hair 
  • 150: Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes probably XD
  • 149: Hot or cold: Hot!
  • 148: Summer or winter: Summer
  • 147: Autumn or Spring: Spring
  • 146: Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
  • 145: Night or Day: Night
  • 144: Oranges or Apples: Oranges uwu
  • 143: Curly or Straight hair: Straight
  • 142: McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King 
  • 141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: White choclate
  • 140: Mac or PC: PC
  • 139: Flip flops or high heels: Flip flops 
  • 138: Ugly and rich OR sweet and poor: Depends are we talking about me or someone else? 
  • 137: Coke or Pepsi: Coke
  • 136: Hillary or Obama: Obama
  • 135: Buried or cremated: I really don't care what happens to my body after death :shrug:
  • 134: Singing or Dancing:Singing >u<
  • 133: Coach or Chanel: Huh?
  • 132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: Wuh?
  • 131: Small town or Big city: Big City :3
  • 130: Wal-Mart or Target: Target
  • 129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: Ben Stiller
  • 128: Manicure or Pedicure: Pedicure
  • 127: East Coast or West Coast: East coast uwu
  • 126: Your Birthday or Christmas: Birthday .u.
  • 125: Chocolate or Flowers: Flowers
  • 124: Disney or Six Flags: I wanna go to Disneyland ^^
  • 123: Yankees or Red Sox: Not into baseball uwu
  • [ Here's What I Think About ]
  • 122: War: I'd rather stay out of it >m<
  • 121: George Bush Al Gore: MAN BEAR PIG!
  • 120: Gay Marriage: I'm chill with it uvu
  • 119: The presidential election: THE COMMERCIALS! OH DEAR LORD THE COMMERCIALS ;m;
  • 118: Abortion: Hey, it's your choice .u.
  • 117: MySpace: No real opinion
  • 116: Reality TV: Not big into it :shrug:
  • 115: Parents: I LOVE MY PARENTS ;D;
  • 114: Back stabbers: :iconmiddlefingerplz:
  • 113: Ebay: I like loooking at stuff I can't afford :'D
  • 112: Facebook: I only use it to chat with friends :I
  • 111: Work: I DON'T WORK :D
  • 110: My Neighbors: Old people uwu other than the bitch across the street
  • 109: Gas Prices: THEY BE GETTIN' LOW
  • 108: Designer Clothes: Why not thrift store?
  • 107: College: I plan on going there uwu
  • 106: Sports: Ew
  • 105: My family: I loves em' :heart:
  • 104: The future: ROBOTS
  • [ Last time I ]
  • 103: Hugged someone: Tinkerbell :w:
  • 102: Last time you ate: Half hour ago X'D
  • 101: Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile: Beginning of the school year :blue: 
  • 100: Cried in front of someone: Probs when I got something stuck in my eye XD I believe it was on....Tuesday?
  • 99: Went to a movie theater: I think it was to see Godzilla, its been awhile XD
  • 98: Took a vacation: Last summer uwu
  • 97: Swam in a pool: Last summer >m< ( I think)
  • 96: Changed a diaper: Never :I
  • 95: Got my nails done: Never :I
  • 94: Went to a wedding: A few years ago uwu
  • 93: Broke a bone: In the 5th grade
  • 92: Got a peircing: In the 5th grade
  • 91: Broke the law: I broke a school rule on Friday ( I wore a dress without sleeves, I got away with it XD)
  • 90: Texted: On facebook, about an hour ago
  • [ MISC ]
  • 89: Who makes you laugh the most: My sister XD
  • 88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is: Family umu
  • 87: The last movie I saw: How to train your Dragon 2
  • 86: The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: When my Japancrate comes ;o;
  • 85: The thing im not looking forward to: End of Spring break ;n;
  • 84: People call me: Gracie, Grace, Enderine, Xerine, G,'Shipley', and Amazing Grace ( My 7th grade L.A. Teacher)
  • 83: The most difficult thing to do is: Draw excessive detail ;o;
  • 82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: Nope
  • 81: My zodiac sign is: Cancer the Crab!
  • 80: The first person i talked to today was: Tinkerbell XD
  • 79: First time you had a crush: Preschool XD
  • 78: The one person who i can't hide things from: Sister and Cailin mainly cause I'm a blabbermouth 
  • 77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: I forget when but Olivia and I both said "666" at the same time XD 
  • 76: Right now I am talking to: No one 
  • 75: What are you going to do when you grow up: Work in the Teaching field or Astronomy Area uvu
  • 74: I have/will get a job: When I turn 16 if not earlier
  • 73: Tomorrow: I'll sleep in
  • 72: Today: I slept in 
  • 71: Next Summer: I'll hike more
  • 70: Next Weekend: I'll cry my eyes out because it'd be the end of Spring Break ;m;
  • 69: I have these pets: one cat, three dogs and a bunny XD
  • 68: The worst sound in the world: When your eraser runs out and the metal part of the pencil scratches the paper ;_;
  • 67: The person that makes me cry the most is: I cry equally for everyone! XD
  • 66: People that make you happy: Emma XD
  • 65: Last time I cried: Last night I laughed so hard when:iconultimatedevianerd: kept playing the Great Potoo call that I started crying ;D; 
  • 64: My Closet friends in real life are: :iconcailinlovesfood::iconstawking::iconcandypinkcat::iconultimatedevianerd: :iconkatmalice: and :iconmaddieclifford: :'D Got me some great friends!
  • 63: My computer is: A Windows 7
  • 62: My School: sucks ass
  • 61: My Car: is nonexistent 
  • 60: I lose all respect for people who: Shove me in the hallways without apologizing >m>
  • 59: The movie I cried at was: HTTYD 2
  • 58: Your hair color is: Extremely Dirty Blande XD
  • 57: TV shows you watch:....Netflix. 
  • 56: Favorite web site: DeviantART
  • 55: Your dream vacation: Going to all the amusement parks in the world! 
  • 54: The worst pain I was ever in was: when ever my stomach cramps up ;m;
  • 53: How do you like your steak cooked: Medium Rare please uwu
  • 52: My room is: a fucking mess
  • 51: My favorite celebrity is: David Tennant 
  • 50: Where would you like to be: Hanging out with all mah friends uwu
  • 49: Do you want children: Not right now...
  • 48: Ever been in love: I don't think so?
  • 47: Who's your best friend: YOU ALREADY ASKED THIS HNGGGG
  • 46: More guy friends or girl friends: Girl-friends uwu
  • 45: One thing that makes you feel great is: Laughing :'D
  • 44: One person that you wish you could see right now:Sam...
  • 43: Do you have a 5 year plan: HAH Nope!
  • 42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die:Nope
  • 41: Have you pre-named your children:... I'm a girl, of course I have!
  • 40: Last person I got mad at: Emma X'D 
  • 39: I would like to move to: Arizona, maybe?
  • 38: I wish I was a professional: Astrologist 
  • [ My Favorites ]
  • 37: Candy: Skor 
  • 36: Vehicle: Pacers
  • 35: President: None XD
  • 34: State visited: Iowa,Illinois,Wisconsin,Indiana, South Dakota,Wyoming, Missouri,Ohio,
  • 33: Cellphone provider: :shrug:
  • 32: Athlete: No sports for meee
  • 31: Actor: Michael Cera
  • 30: Actress: Audrey Hepburn or Jessica Lange 
  • 29: Singer: 2d
  • 28: Band: Gorillaz
  • 27: Clothing store: Hot Topic
  • 26: Grocery store: Hyvee
  • 25: TV show: B in apartment 23
  • 24: Movie: Zombieland 
  • 23: Website: YOU'VE ASKED THIS
  • 22: Animal: Cats XD
  • 21: Theme park: Cedar Point 
  • 20: Holiday: Halloween
  • 19: Sport to watch: N/A
  • 18: Sport to play: Is gymnastics considered a sport?
  • 17: Magazine: Star
  • 16: Book: Penpals or The Selection series
  • 15: Day of the week: Friday
  • 14: Beach: Indiana Beach
  • 13: Concert attended: N/A
  • 12: Thing to cook: :shrug: 
  • 11: Food: Mac n' cheese
  • 10: Restaurant: Joes Crab Shack >u<
  • 9: Radio station: B100 or KissFM
  • 8: Yankee candle scent: 
  • 7: Perfume: Twilight Woods
  • 6: Flower: :shrug:
  • 5: Color: GREEENNN
  • 4: Talk show host: :shrug:
  • 3: Comedian: Donald Glover
  • 2: Dog breed: Yellow Lab
  • 1: did you answer all these truthfully ? :shrug:
  • Reading: This screen
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing uvu
  • Drinking: Nothing
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The "Spot em all" challenge is up and we have a winner, artist Penfolio :iconpenfolio: guested absolutely everything, congratulations, you have won a high-quality version of this piece! See below for the complete list of villains and elements you can find in this picture. By the way most of you who had a go were very close, thanks for taking part in it!

Marvel Villains by PatrickBrown


The Destroyer armour - Thor
Red Skull - Captain America: TFA
Electro - The Amazing Spider Man 2
Viper - The Wolverine
Azazel - X Men: First Class
Nebula - GoTG
Bolivar Trask - X Men: DOFP
Blue Prison Guard - GoTG
The Collector - GoTG
Thanos - Guardians of the Galaxy
Chitauri - The Avengers
Malekith - Thor: TDW
Loki - Avengers, Thor 1-2
Magneto - X MEN franchise (costume X Men: DOFP)
Lizard - The Amazing Spiderman
Mystique - X MEN franchise (costume X Men: DOFP)
Silver Samurai - The Wolverine
Aldrich Killian - Iron Man 3
Abomination - The Incredible Hulk
Mandarin/Trevor Slattery - Iron Man 3
Ronan the Accuser - GoTG
Laufey/Frost Giant - Thor
Ultron - Avengers: Age of Ultron
Winter Solider - Captain America: The Winter Solider
Venom - Spider Man 3

Easter Eggs

Stan Lee
Captain America's damaged shield from Age of Ultron trailer, plus his classic poster, up back
Spidermans glove and webshooter
Thors hammer (Mjolnir)
Baby Groot - GoTG
Hail Hydra Taxi Services (telephone) - Captain America reference
Iron Man arc reactor on table, and his helmet being used as a beer glass
Incredible Hulk drink Pingo Doce
Infinity Gauntlet
Big hero 6 Megabot (BH6 is originally a Marvel comic)
Star Lords walkman
Yondu's whistle arrow
Deadpools favourite food Chimichanga, with note
Wolverines claw marks on pillar, plus his cigar in ash tray
"Villains" mens room sign
Xandar imported beer (although really hard to read due to quality) In Ronin's hand - GoTG planet reference
  • Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch
  • Watching: Gotham - Walking Dead
  • Playing: GTAV PS4
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  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Speak Now ~ Taylor Swift
  • Watching: Dr Who
  • Playing: Paper Mario ( The N64 one XD )
EDIT 2: Here's the prize list ^^;
EDIT: THANK YOU MOOOMMMMY!!!! SHe got me a pack of 400 points and a PM : DDDD Now I can give out points for my contest woooooo!!!!

Okay I know I said I was gonna do this when I got 100 watchers... But NAH! I don't feel like waiting! TIME FOR A NEW CONTEST!!!!!!! 8DDDD

The theme is Romantic Couples! ~~~ I got the idea from my friend :iconsenatortano: when she did a contest similar to this ^_^ I liked the idea soooooooo.... PLUS I AM JUST A CONTEST LOVING PERSON, OKAY?!?!?!?

RULES: You can draw whichever characters you want :D They can be from/a  Movie/Game/Anime/Book/OC/Fanfiction whatever you'd like!!!!! As long as they're IN LUVVVVVVVV~~~~ :heart: :heart: :heart: It can be done in whatever style/medium you'd like! It's your choice! : )

As for the prizes I'm still deciding on what I'd like to do~~~~ I am gonna work on getting a few more points that I can give out~ It most likely wont be that many but just wait and see! I will for sure be drawing people prizes too :D ( And I promise you I won't put them off like I did with my first contest... ^^; ) And I think I will except yaoi... just no nudity or anything like that :iconpervyangelaplz:

If you are going to enter, please favorite this journal entry and re-post a new one, telling other people about it! :D The more the merrier~ This is NOT required but it would sure be nice if some people could do so ^_^

I also wanted to give a special thank you to :iconceltyfoof: For donating some points to help with the contest :DDDD She's SO sweet to me! :glomp: I luv ya gurl~~~ :heart:

Have any questions feel free to ask me ^_^ The deadline is September 21st! Unless further notice :P Hopefully this will give you all enough time! ( Just realized.... the 21st will be the mark line for 2 years of knowing :iconthegalaxyalchemist: was moving/moved away... *sniff* )

I can't wait to see all the wonderful entries! :D Once you have finished, please post the link in this journal!
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Christmas Raffle -Winner Announced-

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 8:03 AM

And Our big winner is~

thanks all who played!

I'm bored right now. I've seen some of these taking place and figured it'd be fun to do one myself ^^ so here we go!

You do not have to watch me to participate!


How to Enter
Navi Bullet by CyphonFictionFave this Journal
Navi Bullet by CyphonFictionComment with your favorite color!

End Date
December 12th

  • Mood: Seasonal
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((If I die))

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 5:17 PM

((This counts me and Iggys))

If you don't care: stop reading.
If you'd come to my funeral: like this.
If you'd miss me: comment a heart.
If your not scared: re-post and see
Who your " Real Friends" are.

  • Mood: Nervous
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Okay, so those of you who read my journal yesterday know that I have been in a terrible, depressive mood, and it wasn't hard to see why.
For those of you concerned about my health in the comments, yes, I did eventually eat something yesterday.
But just having all that on my mind yesterday, and feeling sick just killed any inspiration I had.
And having art block + a long list of customs/commissions + no inspiration = no creativity, and I would rather come up with adopts that I can feel proud of, especially for the people who paid for them. Dx
  So I'm trying to get my inspiration back.

I'm going to be offering free customs, but under certain conditions.

I'm looking for music to bring me some inspiration. It could be any kind of song, but I'll probably get the most inspiration if I can understand it. Instrumentals are best, but songs with lyrics work, too.  If it's in another language, that's perfectly fine, I would just like a link to some translated English lyrics for it somewhere.

I would like to add, please no metal songs. I'm sensitive to music/light stimuli, and listening to discordant music when I'm already depressed and angry will likely make me tense and ill.

I can't guarantee that I'll pick yours, but you can post as many suggestions as you like. You might even end up getting more than one if I really like your suggestions. Please don't be offended if I don't pick yours, I will look at everyone's, and consider everyone's, but only the ones that inspire me the most will be the ones I will end up making into a custom.

If you'd like a custom, just comment with:
- gender (male, female, androgynous)
- theme (if you would like one)
- a link to a song

By the way, they'll all be chibis, like this:

Custom Adopt - Knight 2 by Faize

depending on my level of inspiration, they may be flat colored, or shaded. Again, I can't guarantee anything, but I'll try my best.

**EDIT-- PLEASE READ** Also, please take a moment to read this journal, which is the reason why I'm here, doing this for you guys in the first place:

Saddest thing you will ever read, but he could really use your love and support, and I'm sure he would appreciate it if you dropped him a comment.
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So... wow... My inbox has been exploding all week. I've been completely floored by the response to my little graphic story about Disqord.

I've gotten so many wonderful, beautiful, comments! I read them all, even if I do not respond to each one. I am so moved that so many people found my little story so interesting! Really, it makes me all glowy to know that I was able to hit the artistic nail on the head. Nothing is more satisfying to an artist than knowing that their work "got to people".

Many of you understood exactly what I was aiming for, and that makes me happiest of all!
Knowing that I was able to communicate my artistic vision (with a fan comic!) feels so triumphant. As I posted each page, I would read the comments and keep them in mind when painting the next page... I would put extra effort into emphasizing certain points and ideas of mine to help better communicate them. Really, all of your comments truly helped me to hone my idea and inspire me to keep up with the work. So thank you!

And just to summarize my thoughts about my idea of Disqord:
The narrative is from Disqord's perspective, and it must be read as such. You need to place yourself into his head, and to think as he does... Even monsters have a logic of their own. Celestia appeared callous and cold, but you are seeing her through his eyes... not yours. Narrative is an important thing to remember. Another important element, is that his scorned love is not the core of his evil... he was always evil--he is the spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. He is the "disrupter" of balance while Celestia is its protector... they could never be together. They must exist together, but they cannot be together.
Part of Disqord's tragedy is that, even if he wanted to redeem himself-- if he wanted to be a "good guy"... he never can. It is not his Inner Nature, and so he is forever plagued by his own internal Chaos. He possess a need and desire for love and balance (and Celestia represents both), but it is something that he can never have... because he is the spirit of discord. No matter how much he loves Celestia, he loves Chaos more--and he always, first and foremost: a villain.

Anyways... Just...Wow... I'm still just amazed. I've never had a response to my work quite like this. How inspiring!

And to top it all off?
The newest episode and conclusion to Disqord's return... does not upset my headcanon! My crazy interpretation of his character and his backstory... still fits! Lucky me!
But I chalk that up to John de Lancie being awesome and the writers being amazing... they are the ones who created a character that had the amazing potential to be expanded upon. I love it.
If anything, I'd even say that the newest episode supports my theory that he's actually MUCH more evil than some people think... Switching night and day like that? Sleep deprivation is one of the oldest torture tricks in the book. Also, his turning to stone looked... painful (and just how I imagined).

I am one happy pony right now, let me tell you. What an amazing week, really... Being in art school is a lot of grind work and drills (and don't get wrong, I enjoy the hard work); but to be able to do something fun with my "pony-headcanon/fanon" and then get such an amazing response is just incredible. It makes me so excited, because I just can't wait to create more art! I feel like a little pony whose just discovered their special talent and gotten their cutie mark (though I don't know what mine would be... probably a tablet stylus, heh).

The Disqord story is concluded, so I won't be adding anything more to it. But--I sincerely plan to make more (different) graphic stories when I have the time. I have many ideas for the characters, and I would love to share them with this amazing fandom.  

Bronies... you're all just amazing. Really. Truly inspiring.


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