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Hey Guys, So here is the latest instillation of my guidebook.

The following section is useless personal stuff and me trying to explain myself
((I think I might be going into one of my regressions with my health problem... but its really hard to tell for sure. I've been in a slightly worse one that when I came back after my long absence recently... But its starting to get to the point where its a struggle to focus on coming on here a lot let alone uploaded more stuff. But I might be wrong. So if I end up keeping submitting things don't be surprised. I seem to have an inability to try to take it really easy when I could be doing work in hopes it might stop it from being as bad...
End of personal stuff

If you happen to spot and discrepancies between this and the series, or have something to discuss or add PLEASE MENTION IT!!! This is still a WIP

Here is a link too stuff on circles [link]

ANYHOO I'm thinking about maybe doing one on automail...

If you like my Guides please check out my fanfic [link] In which I break tons of rules due to the fact it takes place in the year 2000
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Hey just took the Parchment pattern and altered it a bit.. i use it quite a bit so i figured i would give it to others..

+fav if you DL please
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I was looking for Zuko tutorial and haven't found any, so, as it always happens, I made one myself :) So many people draw Zuko, some do it fantastically, but many more would love some help (including me!!! :))

*drumroll* So, I proudly present my first ever tutorial!!!!
I had to do this mega huge research, practice - and here it is, after a few hours, step-by-step explanation of Zuko's portrait :) It actually really helped me even in the process!!! :)

Apart from showing how to draw Zuko, I also included some useful general drawing tips on character construction, lineart, shading etc.

For full body and expressions you can use other tutorials, there's a lot on DA. As for Zuko's other face angles, posture and emotions - I might do another tutorial later:)
I also recommend this [link] amazing Zuko's wardrobe reference by DressUp-Avatar.

Hope you find my tutorial helpful! If you use it for your fanart, please leave me a link so I could see the result :)
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The new outfit presented and photographed at the Anno 1900 Convention in Fond-de-Gras, Luxembourg.
Obviously one of the main inspirations for Arsenal Bests tropical gear was fictious iconic victorian age adventurer Alan Quatermain.

All the specific new gadgets from this, will be posted in detail sometime later separatly.

Please attend the terms of use!


1. Credit me (Arsenal-Best) and link back to this stock!
2. Note me with a link to your version.
3. No negative or offensive use of the image (if in doubt, just ask).
4. Please link always to my page.
5. Appeal for commercial use, please ask me and send me your contract!
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I love Dragon Ball Z and DBZ: Abridged, so...
Oh God. ;D

Piccolo:"We REALLY shouldn't be announcing our attack strategy - "
Goku:"RUSH HIM!"
Piccolo: "DAMMIT, GOKU!"

Raditz:"Disregarding the Namekian, I - "
Goku:"Ah ah, Yoshi."
Piccolo:"I'm not a Goddamn Yoshi!"
Goku:"But you said you were!"
Piccolo:"It's called SARCASM!"
Goku:"What's that taste like?"
Piccolo:"DAMMIT, GOKU!"

xD I guess I should have put "DAMMIT, GOKU!" instead of Goddammit... -shrugs- oh well. I wasn't watching the abridged while I did it. ;D

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dragon Ball Z. All rights reserved to FUNimation and Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Z Abridged is by TeamFourStar, so thank them for this not-so-accurate quote.
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Self portrait . In this photo ,me ( ) and my katana sword.

This image is free to use inside DevianART
Let me know if you use it, i want to see what yo guys doing with my images

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And now, a crash course in Photoshop. For those of you who are already familiar with the program, you can skip ahead to the next one. This is just so I can get some explanations out of the way.

Part 1: Drawing [link]
Part 2: You are here!
Part 3: Lineart [link]
Part 4: Coloring [link]
Part 5: Shading

I want to say "Any questions so far?", but I'm probably going to answer a lot of them in the next part.
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Second set of diffuse color texture for ice-boy's Spider suit [link]

webspinners from Bluto [link]

Utility Belt [link]

Hood from Urbane [link]

wrinkles were created by*Nadino-Designs

Custom Lens by me

specia thanx to Nadino and josephquick

I will post more soon

Ps "Big time" render are edit in photoshop for the glow effect

first set [link]
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A collection of Star Trek symbols, recreated in Illustrator. Downloadable as an eps file. Free for whoever to use. Although I would like some credit/link back to my page/notification of use/etc :) I hope someone would be able to use them. Although they were more for my own practice in Illustrator than they were any practical application. I'm assuming copyright is owned by Paramount or some parent company of Paramount.

In case anyone is wondering, the Romulan logo was a bitch.

In order: (left to right, top to bottom)
United Federation of Planets
Klingon Empire
Romulan Star Empire
Ferengi Alliance
Star Fleet
Vidian Sodality
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