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The sun was bright and the day was warm, both of which made Italy so very happy. He was leaning against the balcony railing outside of him and Germany's room in his blue boxers and a pink tank top. The sun felt nice against his pale skin, and he was considering asking Germany to skip training for the day so he could tan. Hey, summer was starting up, he needed to look good!

"Italia," Germany said from inside the room, "come und get dressed. Ve haff to get to training."

"Aw," Italy pouted as he ran back over to the blonde nation, "but it is such a beautiful day Germany! Can't we just skip training and laze around? Maybe tan a bit?"

Germany sighed deeply and looked into Italy's excited light brown eyes. How could he say no to such a cute face? He looked out the open glass doors to the balcony as a warm breeze came into the room. Vell, it is a vonderful day. I suppose skipping one session vouldn't hurt anyzing.

He smiled at Italy and rumpled Italy's brown hair. "Fine Italia, you vin."

Italy smiled brightly. "Really? You mean it?"

Germany nodded. "Yeah."

"Yaay!" Italy threw his arms around Germany's neck in a tight hug. "That's great! Imma gonna get some better clothes on and go outside, ve?"

Germany's smile softened and he returned the hug briefly. "Sure. I vill meet you out zere zen."

Italy waited until Germany was out of the room before bounding over to the closet and rummaging through him and Germany's clothes. He wanted a black tank top, something that could catch the sun and help his tan, and then that pair of blue jean shorts America gave him for his birthday last year. Yeah! He'd look so extremely sexy in those, he just knew it! Germany could never resist him when he wore that type of combination of clothing, even in front of Japan, so he knew that was simply perfect! Oh, he was going to look wonderful, especially when he finished tanning! No one would be able to resist him! (He may even make a few allies while at it.)

Quickly Italy found a black tank top - it was Germany's, so it hung a bit loose on him - and the blue jeans America had got him and changed into them. He then stepped in front of the mirror bolted to the closet door so that he could mess with his hair until he was satisfied it was absolutely perfect. He turned for the door and ran out so he could join Germany outside.

Already outside and enjoying the good weather, Germany sat on the steps leading into his house with his blue eyes scanning the field in front of him. It didn't matter that today was a beautiful day and he knew there would be no threat from the allies; it was just his normal thing.

The slight smile that had been gracing his hardened features dropped when he saw a black carriage riding up to his house. This wouldn't be the first time someone's gotten lost trying to find something in his country, but this was different. There were two people on either side of the carriage riding white horses, and they seemed to know where exactly they were going.

Germany stood as Italy came bounding out of the front door excitedly. He didn't even look back as Italy exclaimed:

"Hey Germany, Imma ready to tan now! Come on; let's go get some chairs to sit in, ve?"

"Italia," Germany said seriously, "hang on a moment."

"Huh?" Italy looked to the carriage. "Oh, is someone lost again?"

"I don't zink so zis time." Germany stared at the carriage as he slowed to halt in front of him and Italy. He raised an arm in front of the brunette country, afraid whoever was inside the carriage may attack.

A few moments later, one of the men who had been riding alongside the carriage opened the door and helped a tall man with blonde hair pulled back into a short ponytail at the nape of his neck out of the carriage. The blonde's dark blue eyes studied Germany and Italy for a moment before he readjusted the jet black cape around his shoulders, finding it a little warm for the season but not verbally complaining.

"Holy Rome," the man who had helped him out of the carriage said as he held out a black hat, "your hat."

"Ah, si." Holy Rome placed the hat on his head. "Grazie."

The man nodded and then turned to his horse.

Italy's smile widened even further at the sound of the name he hadn't heard in many, many years. "Holy Rome?!"

Holy Rome looked to Italy, finding himself backing away in fear when Italy got extremely close to him. "What are you doing so close?!"

"Wow, you've gotten really big!" Italy laughed delightedly.

"Well, um," Holy Rome cleared his throat, "Austria and Hungary have been a big help these past years. It is because them that I have finally grown." Before Italy could say more, he looked to Germany. "You are Germany?"

Germany nodded. "Yeah, zat's right."

"Good. I heard Italy was living here."

"Zat is also right."

"Can you show me to h–"

"Imma right here!" Italy exclaimed suddenly. He waved his arms around erratically for added effect. "You don't recognize me anymore?! Granted it's been so very many years, but we were so close Holy Rome, I thought that you would still know me!"

A look of surprise crossed Holy Rome's face. This man couldn't be Italy; that was completely impossible! He shook his head. "You can't be Italy!"

Italy's face dropped. "But I am…"

"Italy is a girl!"

Italy blinked, unsure of what to say to that. He figured Holy Rome always knew he was a boy. Sure, Hungary put him in her clothes when he was still small, but he didn't look that much like a girl…did he?

"Uh," Germany cut in when he realized the awkward atmosphere, "look, I cun tell you right here zat Italia is male."

"Yeah," Italy pointed at himself, "and I always have been."

"But…" Holy Rome stared at Italy's face, into his brown eyes, and found that everything about that face was what he remembered of young Italy. His mouth dropped in shock. He grabbed the front of the tank top Italy was wearing and shook him quite violently back and forth. "Then why did you wear those dresses when we lived together, huh?!"

Italy screamed a bit as he was being shaken. "Let me go, let me go!"

Germany sighed and grabbed Holy Rome's wrist, jerking him away from Italy. "Look, I don't know vat zis is about but I zink it cun be better settled if ve sit down und discuss it."

Holy Rome sighed and then nodded. "Agreed." He straightened his stance to look more dignified, (also because he was taller than Italy and that brought some sense of joy to him).

"Italia," Germany looked at Italy, "vy don't you go make some tea like Japan showed you? I'll take Holy Rome back to ze garden."

Italy smiled once again as he nodded. "Okay! I'll meet you two there in a little bit!" He pivoted on one foot and ran back into Germany's house to make some tea.

Once the door closed behind Italy, Germany motioned towards the beautifully designed gate surrounding a garden that Italy had actually planted himself. "After you."

Holy Rome nodded and walked to through the gate of the fence into the garden. His eyes looked at all the different flowers around, surprised that Germany had such a peaceful, relaxing place at his house. He sat down across from the bulky blonde at a round metal garden table decorated with the same design as the fence. He mentioned that he liked the design of the table and fence to Germany.

"Oh? Italia got zem boz from France. Ze garden vas his idea too." He smiled softly as he recalled the conversation that led to him agreeing that Italy could put a garden in. "He said it vould be a good idea to put in one so zat ve cun boz haff a place to relax."

Holy Rome smiled too. "He was right. This place isa perfect."

Germany nodded. "So, vy are you here? I highly doubt zis is just a courtesy visit to un old friend."

"You would be right." Holy Rome's eyes met Germany's. "I actually have a proposition for you–a request really."

"Yeah? Und zat vould be?"

"Well…Italy and I were very close when we were younger, and I've been wanting to see her–him again so that I can ask him something again that I used to ask him all the time. When I found that was living with you, Germany, I feared that I was too late."

"You came rushing here anyvay? Talk about dedication…you could teach Italia a zing or two about zat."

Holy Rome let out an irritated sigh. "May I continue?"

"Of course."

"I rode here asa fast asa I could hoping that there was still I chance to ask Italy this question. It seems that the nature ofa the question has to be changed though, asa he is living with you in your house." Very calmly, Holy Rome asked Germany the question the bigger nation never thought he'd hear, "Cana you give Italy to me?"
TWOSHOT - On one not-so-unusual day, Italy and Germany get a visit from a friend Italy hasn't seen in years, Holy Rome. During his visit, Holy Rome makes a request that he hopes Germany will accept. Though Germany isn't so sure if he should.

Pt. 2: [link]

I hope I got the translation for the title correct. It’s supposed to be Italian for “Holy Rome’s Request.” :D
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Hello friends,

finally it's time again.
Finally I have written once again a story.
Even if it is a short story of up to 20 pages, it gave me great pleasure finish something after such a long time.
I hope you have as much fun while reading, as I had writing it.
And I look forward to your comments.

The Story:

The story begins where Episode 1 ends.
The ANDROMEDA and our brave heroes are on the run from a Romulan Fighter Wing and the noose is increasing.
The number of victims and the damage to our brave little ship continues to rise and the situation seems hopeless.
Until the Crew think they have finally found a safe harbor and set course for it.
However, there is something that may not be discovered in any case, what calls the Romulan Praetorian Guard on the plan.

All this and much more, as well as some insights into the processes of the conflict on the Romulan side, you will find in this story.


- comments will be appreciated.
- If you like to share it on FB or elsewhere, please copy the Credits - thanks.

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Real Name: Peter Parker
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Debut: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)
Voice: Sam Riegel


Young Peter Parker was just an everyday high school student until an incident at a public science exhibit changed his life. He was bitten by a radioactive spider and, as a result, gave him spider-based powers. That was when he became known as Spider-Man. He swears to live up to his philosophy of, "With great power comes great responsibility."

*Superhuman abilities
*Ability to grab onto most surfaces
*Regenerative healing
*Spider-based powers
*Genius-level intellect
*Hand-to-hand combat

*Intro: Spider-Man is web swinging across the city and then lands into the battlefield. He then says, "You gotta be kidding! this is too easy!"
*Outro: Spider-Man says "And a little something for The Daily Bugle." as he wraps his camera up in web. He then zips over to the other side with his defeated opponent behind him and the camera snaps the picture. The scene cuts to a wooden board with a newspaper falling on it showing Spiderman giving the thumbs up.

Special Moves:
*Spider Sting: Spider-Man uppercuts his opponent into the air. This is followed by Spider Bite where he then punches the opponent downward.
*Web Swing: He shots his web at the sky and swings on it, kicking his opponent as he goes.
*Web Throw: He shoots web at his opponent and swing him/her to the other side.
*Web Glide: He shoots web and hurdles up into the air.

Character Trait:
*Web Ball: Spider-Man traps his opponent inside a web.

Super Move:
*Ultimate Web Slinger: Spider-Man shoots web at his opponent and traps him/her inside it. He jumps up and swings the webbed opponent everywhere until it starts to break. Spider-Man then kicks the opponent all over the place, with every hit leading to webbing in parts of him/her. Afterwards, Spider-Man kicks the trapped opponent off of the webs and back into the battleground.

Batman needed an otherworldly ally to help him and the Insurgency combat the One-Earth Regime. He created a portal that can bring in aid from an alternative universe and there, he brought in Spider-Man and asked that he'd allied with the Insurgency, to which he agreed. Spider-Man and Batman joined forces and faced against the High Councilor and his affiliates in the on-going battle. Despite that Spider-Man has never been accepted into the Justice League before, his allegiance with the Insurgency was best enough for it was the closest for him to the Justice League of America that Batman did not let him join in the first place.

Clash Quotes:
-"Here comes the Spider-Man!"
-"The Daily Bugle would pay big time to see this."
-"With great power comes great responsibility."
-"This is why JJ pays me big bucks."
-"I'm done messing around!"
-(vs. Black Adam/Lex Luthor/Zod) "My slimeball sense is tingling."

*Attack Clash:
-Bane: "Arana!"
-Spider-Man: "What, you're afraid of spiders now?"

-Batman: "My batarangs can cut down your rope."
-Spider-Man: "I hope you got better weapons than the ones you have."

-Batman: "Your costume's too bright for stealth, kid."
-Spider-Man: "I'm not a ninja, you know."

-Catwoman: "You're not even in the same level as Dick Grayson!"
-Spider-Man: "Well can Dick Grayson do this?"

-Deathstroke: "Time to fire away!"
-Spider-Man: "You can't touch me!"

-Doomsday: "You should die along with the others!"
-Spider-Man: "Dude, take a chill pill."

-Joker: "It's that damn spider again!"
-Spider-Man: "Thought you'd never see me again after Batman?"

-Joker: "How do you shot web?"
-Spider-Man: "Like this."

-Lex Luthor: "I will squash you like a little bug!"
-Spider-Man: "Whatever. Doc Ock was way tougher compared to you."

-Lobo: "Who needs bug spray when I can gut ya' instead?"
-Spider-Man: "Well I can dodge your hook thingy!"

-Raven: "I thought your emotions were negative!"
-Spider-Man: "I'm not emo, okay."

-Scorpion: "Are you kidding me?!?"
-Spider-Man: "Well you'll have to do this."

-Scorpion: "You remind me of Johnny Cage."
-Spider-Man: "Does this Johnny Cage have any web powers like me?"

-Spider-Man #1: "Are you a clone of me?"
-Spider-Man #2: "I should ask you the same thing!"

-Superman: "Heard that you're a fan."
-Spider-Man: "Can I have your autograph, please?"

-Superman: "We meet again, Spidey!"
-Spider-Man: "Just like old times!"

-(Regime) Superman: "Get out of my world, stranger!"
-Spider-Man: "What did I do to piss you off?"

-(Regime) Superman: "You don't belong here!"
-Spider-Man: "No, YOU don't belong here!"

*Defense Clash:
-Spider-Man: "Did you know I fought a wrestler named Bone Saw?"
-Bane: "No."

-Spider-Man: "Hey, Bats! Great to see ya!"
-Batman: "Been a long time since we bagged Carnage and Joker."

-Spider-Man: "Is this Killer Croc back at Arkham related to Connors?"
-Batman: "Not that I know of."

-Spider-Man: "Felicia? Is that you?"
-Catwoman: "You must be mixing me up with someone else, hon."

-Spider-Man: "Deadpool? Did you just get a new look?"
-Deathstroke: "I'm not Deadpool, you idiot!"

-Spider-Man: "Do you kiss your mother with that face?"
-Doomsday: "I have no mother!"

-Spider-Man: "So, having fond memories with your boyfriend, Carnage?"
-Joker: "You mean David Hasselhoff? Course not!"

-Spider-Man: "And I thought Green Goblin was bad."
-Joker: "Oh I am much worse!"

-Spider-Man: "I'd like you to meet J. Jones."
-Lex Luthor: "He better not turn out to be like Clark Kent!"

-Spider-Man: "You look like a fusion of Wolverine and Morbius!"
-Lobo: "I'm a Czarnian, not a vampiric mutant!"

-Spider-Man: "Your dad reminds me of that bastard who..."
-Raven: "wrecked your marriage, I know."

-Spider-Man: "I think you belong in the ninja rank in stupid!"
-Scorpion: "Don't you dare insult me or the Shirai Ryu!"

-Spider-Man: "I know someone else named Scorpion"
-Scorpion: "Then take me to this "Scorpion"!"

-Spider-Man #2: "Are you a Skrull?"
-Spider-Man #1: "No, but are you?"

-Spider-Man: "It's the battle of the century!"
-Superman: "Just like the good ol' days."

-Spider-Man: "You think I can join the Justice League?"
-Superman: "Not cut out for it. Sorry."

-Spider-Man: "Have you lost your mind?"
-(Regime) Superman: "I'm not crazy!"

-Spider-Man: "Dude, remember when you didn't kill anybody?"
-(Regime) Superman: "That was before that tragic incident."
Hadn't uploaded an Injustice guest fighter entry for a while. Well now we have none other than everyone's favorite web slinger. The terrifying, the deadly, THE AMAAAAAAZING SPIDER-MAN!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

He's crossed over with the two DC giants, Superman and Batman before, and now he gets to meet them again!

*Sam Riegel reprises his role as Spider-Man from The Amazing Spider-Man game.
*The end of his ending alludes when Spider-Man was rejected from joining the Justice League. Hilarity ensues.
*Fun Fact: Arana is Spanish for spider.
*As previously stated, Spider-Man crossovered with Batman. This is reflected upon in one clash with Batman and at least two clashes with The Joker, since both Batman and Spider-Man fought Joker and Carnage together.
*Yep, the Joker references the meme known as "How Do I shot Web?"
*Contrary to what the Toby Maguire portrayals may imply, Spider-Man is not emo, Raven.
*Scorpion mentions Johnny Cage and how Spider-Man reminds Scorpion of him. For bonus points, for a Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel crossover, Spider-Man would indeed by Johnny Cage's rival as they are both comic relief types.
*Superman and Spider-Man also joined up, too, in a crossover. So here comes a cluster of clashes between Spider-Man and Superman.
*In the first Spider-Man movie (not The Amazing Spider-Man, BTW), Peter Parker wrestled against Bone Saw (played by the late Macho Man Randy Savage). So in his clash with Bane, this is brought up.
*Hey kids, did you know Killer Croc and The Lizard are alike? Well they are both lizardmen so the clash about them should come off as no surprise.
*On the topic of Marvel characters and DC characters and their similarities, Spider-Man mistakes Catwoman for Black Cat/Felicia Hardy, mistakes Deathstroke for Deadpool and compares THe Joker to his arch-nemesis, The Green Goblin.

Spider-Man © Marvel Comics

Injustice: Gods Among Us © NetheRealm Studios, Warner Bros. and DC Comics
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Commission: Sonic vs Metal - Pound for Pound by BroDogz

One year earlier

"Sonic we need to hurry the warp gate won't last long!" Tails yelled out as he moved around feverously adjusting dials and instruments. His work shop was buzzing with energy and the noise created by a tear in the fabric of the universe was deafening. A rippling immaterial window leading to another world was suspended between two tesla coils by wild arcs of lighting. "It's now or never!" the two tailed fox struggled to scream out over the racket.

"Okay, Amy you're up first," the blue hedgehog said. "Jump through, and we'll be right behind you okay?"

The pink hedgehog he addressed was a nervous wreck. There was fear radiating from ever part of her. "Sonic, are you sure this will work?"

"Eggman doesn't know that there was one last portal to Fliki Island, not only that but it we needed all 7 chaos emeralds to power it, and it's still super unstable. We're going though, taking the emeralds with us, and destroying the machine. He won't be able reach that zone or us ever, okay?" Sonic reassured her.

"Okay, I'm just so scared" She stammered out. "I can't stop thinking about the others!"

Sonic gave her a hug, long and tight, released her and kissed her on the forehead. "Me too kiddo, me too. Now go, I'll be right behind Shadow okay!"

She nodded, but didn't once look away from his eyes as she backed into the portal and disappeared from sight.

Sonic swallowed hard, "alright Tails your next,"

The two tailed fox reluctantly moved away from the instrument panel, and looked at Sonic, "Is this really happening? Did he really win Sonic?"

"It's gonna be alright, see you on the other side okay?" Sonic said without acknowledging the question.

"Right," Tails took the hint, the last fight had taken a toll on all them. Some things were best left unsaid. He struggled to find words to say. "I suppose this is just the start of our next adventure right?"

Sonic hugged him tight, "That's right, buddy. 'Cept this time you'll be the hero okay, you're nobody's sidekick."

"Alright Sonic," Tails responded with renewed vigor at Sonic's words. "Let's go then." He turned and faced the portal and hopped in.

"Knuckles, you're up!"

"Right," Knuckles headed for the portal, but was interrupted by sonic placing his hand on his shoulder. "Sonic?" He asked, turning to look at him.

"Take care of them for me okay?"

"What do you mean?! Aren't' you…" Knuckles eyes went wide, but the staring into Sonic's eyes, he saw no room for protest, and he understood what hedgehog was going to do. What Sonic needed to do. He nodded agreeing to the request. "You were my greatest friend; I want you to know that." He moved to the portal again. "See ya around Blue."

"Take care of yourself Red." Sonic called out to him right before he passed through.

It was just Shadow and himself now. The machine wailed in protest to keeping the portal open. They looked at each other for a moment, saying volumes without saying a word.

"I suppose," Shadow said breaking the tension, "I should go."

"Yeah, once you take the seven emeralds out Tails said you'll have about 5 minutes to set the bomb and then jump through."

"You sure want to leave them with me?"

"I can't risk him getting them. He's taken enough; he's not getting them too."

"Humph, Tails said the bomb will be big, so you better get going too."


"Always the hero huh? Off to spit in the devil's eye one last time?"

"Something like that."

There was one more hanging silence, followed by Shadow reaching to grab the first emerald from its location in the machine.

"Goodbye Sonic."

Sonic turned and made his way for the secret pathway back to the surface of the Green Hill. As he climbed up the ladder he thought it fitting that it all began here, and now this is where it would end. Once he reached the top he lifted up hatch to nightmarish sight. The once lush green forests of Green Hill were burning. The smoke almost choked him as he peered around. Everything was bathed in an orange hue as embers swirled around him and tongues of fire lapped at everything from the ground to the tallest tree.

There came a terrific explosion from beneath him, the sound shaking him to his very soul. He was alone now.

Sonic opened his eyes, before him was the city of Robotropolis. He had been replaying the events in his mind ever since he left Green Hill. It was now he realized he was wrong. He wasn't alone. There was one more person he had to say goodbye to. His hands balled into tight fists, his teeth clenched. It hadn't been two full days since his defeat at the hands of the Egg Beater. Sonic's heart raced, if his friends had been there, they would plans and schemes to sneak in and get the drop on him. That was then however, today it was just him, and today there would be no sneaking. Today he was going knock on his front door.

Sonic swallowed hard one last time, and began his march to the city. He couldn't fathom why, but for the first time in his life, he didn't feel like running. As he walked steady and without fear gun turrets spun themselves and trained lasers on him and robot sentries aimed weapons, yet not a shot was fired. Spotlights thundered on and illuminated him for the world to see, but onward he went. As he approached the entrance the great doors to Robotropolis groaned and strained but opened wide for him. He entered and standing before him out in the open of an expansive courtyard stood his quarry. The tall rotund Doctor stood with his back to him. His red coat seemed to almost glow among the dreariness of his city. The only thing standing between the Doctor and the hedgehog was Metal Sonic, his greatest creation.

"Welcome Sonic," The Doctor bellowed in jovial tone. "What brings you to my little city?"


"No jokes, my, my you must be pretty upset about me killing all your friends," He said, his voice filled with malice as he turned around to face him. "I will admit you're tenacious, coming hear so soon after your defeat, I'd figured you'd lick your wounds a tad longer than you did."

Sonic's fists were still clenched tightly, he moved into and aggressive position preparing to sprint forward.

"So, revenge is it? Very well, kill him."

Metal Sonic took off instantaneously, a stream of fire from his high powered turbine was left in his wake. Sonic erupted from his stance into a high speed dash to match his speed. As the gap closed, Sonic vaulted into a handspring, followed by a round off, to a triple backflip that ended in downward spinning kick. Metal raised an arm and blocked it, and countered having his body spin around, pivoting at the neck to strike at him with back of his metal fist. Sonic somersaulted back to avoid it, then again and again as his robot double advanced forward. Sonic dropped and swept at his legs with another spin kick which Metal boosted himself into the air to avoid. Sonic saw his opening and sprang into the air, rolled into a ball and struck him hard with a homing attack, which knocked both of them higher into the air and Metal Sonic off balance. Sonic then broke out of the spin attack and spun radially like a hurricane to add momentum to a brutal haymaker that sent the robot hurtling to the ground. Sonic than blasted into another homing attack downward, propelling himself at breakneck speed. Just before he connected, he rolled out of a ball and into a hard flying side thrust kick, drilling the robot about a foot into the ground at the abdomen, the impact sending chunks of cement flying. He then jumped back and repeated the attack except this time landing with both feet on either side of Metal with his fist driving his face into the pavement. Standing up and dusting himself off Sonic stepped over the downed robot and advanced on the Doctor.

"I didn't come to play with Metal Sonic, just you and me Ivo." Sonic said, cracking his knuckles.

"I really don't think so Sonic," The Doctor commented. As he did Sonic felt cold steel wrap around his left leg. He turned to find that Metal had clawed out of the hole he had put him in and gripped him tightly. "Well, at least Metal doesn't think so." He chortled.

Sonic heard his machine engine whir with power than felt an inhuman jerk on his leg as metal yanked and hurled him across the courtyard far away from the doctor. Regaining his balance he flipped over and managed to land on his feet slowing to a halt after sliding a few feet. He looked up to see him flip out of the ground and rocket towards him with an extended fist, he was moving much faster than before, but Sonic managed to raise his arms to block. He felt the slightest touch on his forearms and a saw the quick fading of a fleeting after-image before hearing the familiar sound of a sonic boom from behind him and feeling his back explode with pain. The force from the attack sent him flying, he regained composure and managed to flip and turn mid-air and land on his feet only to see metal sonic standing rigidly, his fist still extended from the attack. Sonic wasn't sure how he got behind him, but a smile crossed his face.

"Alright Metal, you wanna go fast, let's go fast." Sonic yelled as he began run in place faster and faster until he was in a full blown figure eight dash only being held back by his hand which was firmly pressed on the ground in front of him. He allowed his feet to slip against the ground so rapidly he began to char the earth beneath him like a sports car during a burnout. "Let's Go!"

Sonic gunned for him; a sonic boom left in his wake, Metal Sonic did likewise. They clashed back and forth only slowing down enough for regular sight for moments at a time as they struck one another. Sonic booms exploded all over the room from the two of them. They traded blows back and forth, neither giving ground to the other, eventually locking themselves in a high powered shoving match. They met in the middle of the courtyard head to head trying to out muscle one another. Metal Sonic's main thrust rockets roared away driving him on, but no ground could be given. Sonic figure eight dash sent chunks of dirt and clouds of smoke and dust into the air; however he too could not force his foe back.

"It's like things haven't changed between you and me." Sonic shouted out above the commotion of their struggle. Metal Sonic's cold eyes stared back into Sonic's; sometimes it felt like he peered into his soul. "My fight is with your master stand aside," Sonic pleaded with him, he wasn't sure why, but he had always felt connection to Metal, and whatever that connection was he tried to appeal to it.  

No answer.

"You're just as stubborn as me, I'll give you that. Plus you're also the handsomest robot Eggman has ever made, however…" Sonic rolled backwards onto his spines letting Metal fly over him, planting both feet in his stomach and kicking upwards causing the direction of his rockets to force him into the ground. The force that struck him as he ricocheted off the pavement sent him into the air and his rockets flung him off course, buying Sonic precious time. "My beef is with the boss!" Sonic quickly flipped back onto his feet and raced towards the Doctor.

As soon as Eggman saw him toss Metal aside and begin to charge him he snapped his fingers and held both of his arms out. Immediately robotic arms rose from the ground and began attaching a metal exoskeleton that locked into his outfit. Once locked in the various pieces expanded, connected and transformed in a battle suit to fully protected him. Right before it was cover his head Sonic was able strike him with a homing attack. The strike sent him reeling as Sonic swore he saw a splash of blood as the suit consumed him, however he recovered quickly. "Persistent, didn't think you'd be in such a rush to die, but I'm a generous host rodent. I'll give you what you seek!" Eggman let off a salvo or rockets at him. Two dozen heat-seeking missiles screamed at Sonic, each one he was barely able to dodge, but distracting him enough to allow Eggman to close the distance between them strike him with an explosive right cross that Sonic flying before smashing into a wall, and falling to the ground. He started to get up, but before he could recover entirely, Eggman began to speak once more.

"Oh yes, Sonic one more thing," She chuckled as he pressed a button that rose a large green object from the ground. Sonic shook his head hard to clear it and then realized with horror what rose out the ground. The gigantic Master Emerald sat before him, glowing with unimaginable power. Metal Sonic effortless hovered over to it, and landed softly on top of it. "GET A LOAD OF THIS!" Eggman screamed out as wild ropes of green energy snaked from the rock and infused into Metal Sonic. Then with blinding flash, Metal's appearance had been altered, he now sported a brilliant golden shade instead of a deep Metallic blue.

"Aww man," Sonic groaned. "This just isn't my day…" then loud screaming,  whistling noise filled his ears and he felt his stomach burst with pain as his Metal Sonic drove his hardened steel knee into his gut. The attack sent him flying back into a wall, as he body bounced hard against it. Sonic's head went numb from pain. Metal caught him by the throat before he landed and choke slammed him back into the wall. He then dragged him upward through the wall flying high into the air before hurtling back to the earth, flinging Sonic to the ground before he himself landed. The impact with the ground rocked Sonic's entire body with agony. Metal sonic casual landed down next to Sonic. He reached down and gripped Sonic by the scruff of his neck and hoisted him eye level.

"Hmm…is that all?" the Doctor said condescendingly. "It seems I've won Sonic, now it's time to put you in your place. Metal, stand aside."

The grip on Sonic's neck relaxed and the blue hedgehog fell to the ground. Metal hovered off to the side while the Doctor moved next to the downed hero. "After all these years, I Doctor Ivo Robotnik have bested you! The great hero of Moebius finally ends up where he belongs," He raised his right leg high. "Under my heel!"

Sonic winced, ready to meet his end, except it never came, instead a large crash was heard and Eggman was sent flying back. Sonic turned and looked behind to see what had stuck him. His eyes widened at what he saw.

Shadow hovered above him, the air crackling with energy around him; he had used the power of the emeralds to achieve his super form. He quickly scooped up Sonic and moved over to the Master Emerald.

"Sorry Doctor," Shadow called out with a smirk, "I deny you your prize."

"What the," Eggman sputtered out, "KILL HIM!"

But it was too late; Shadow began to absorb energy from the Master Emerald just as Metal had done, fueling his super form even more.

"Chaos…" Energy rippled around him and time seemed to slow down as he spoke the word. "CONTROL!" then with a flash of light, he and Sonic were gone.

Dr. Robotnik was flabbergasted… "Find him," He whispered. "Find him. Find him! FIND HIM!!" He screamed.

"Scanning… target acquired." Metal Sonic announced.

"Well don't just stand there you pile of scrap, kill him!" The Doctor ordered. "Do you hear me Metal? Hunt him down and KILL HIM!!"

Before Robotnik could even finish his order Metal Sonic had spooled up his turbine, took the sky and set off after them making use of his super form for as long as he would be able to sustain it. Robotnik watched him go until he could no longer distinguish Metal from the other stars in the sky.

When the light subsided, Sonic felt himself hit the ground. He was a too hurt to move, his whole body ached. Even so he knew the feel of soft grass when he felt it. As his vision cleared he saw a beautiful blue sky above him with trees blowing in a gentle breeze. He heard labored breathing next to him. He struggled to turn but was terrified at the sight that he saw.

Shadow lay next to him the seven chaos emeralds strewn about next to him, the vibrant color diminished to a weak glow deep within. Shadow was growing more and more pale as he struggled to breath.

"Shadow…" Sonic managed to speak out. He felt sick to his stomach and dizzy. It was all he could do just to remain conscious. "Shadow, what happened, where are we?"

Were…Gahhh!" He shrieked out in pain. "We're far away from Moebius, light-years away. I found an inhabitable world as far from it as I could before I-AHH!"

"Shadow! I told you to leave!"

"You saved my life once Sonic, gave me a future, gave me hope. This is my gift to you, forget about Moebius. Forget about Robotnik, about everything…"

"Shadow I,"

"Shut up Sonic, I don't have a lot of Errrghh!" Shadow's voice grew weaker "I expended far too much of the Emeralds…"

Before Shadow could finish Sonic's vision went black as he passed out from his injuries.

Cover art by :iconbrodogz: an awesome artist if ever there was one!

And so with Moebius in flames, Sonic is wisked away from certain death by Shadow, but at what cost? With Metal hot on their trail will Sonic ever be free of the Doctor's grasp? Find out this and more in future chapter of....A NEW DAWN!!!

Okay big announcer voice aside, I like how this chapter turned out. We will be finding out more about Metal's rise to power in further chapters, but this at least gives insight as to how he got to the pony world in the first place.

I'm gonna be jumping back to the ponies, I just felt this was necessary to let the readers know that Sonic is indeed in the story.

Oh as for jumping around with Eggman's name. I my honest opinion his name is Dr. Ivo Robotnik. and Eggman was nickname that just stuck with thim. As for sonic not being his normal joking self, I did base this off Archie comic #175, in which Sonic was NOT in a joking mood. I did alter the story a bit to change my story needs to add gravity to the situation, first and foremost, his friend were vaporized, not transported to the egg grapes...I will include a link to the story, You don't need to have read the whole series to get the gist of what's going on, it will give you some perspective.…

One last thing as to regarding Sonic's and Metal's speed. It is my opinion that Sonic is faster than Rainbow Dash. In both acceleration and top speed, you can pick any Sonic from any universe and I don't see a contest. However that's not to say that it will remain that way in my story.

Sonic characters belong to Sega

MLP characters belong to Hasbro
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*There’s a slow, whirring electronic noise as the thing emerges from behind the bookshelf. A faint glow is being emitted from parts of its surface*

Merida: What in the world?!

Jack: That’s...interesting.

Rapunzel: *gasps, steps back, and grasps a handful of her hair as though it’s a weapon she can use if need be*

Toothless: *crouches low and growls*

Hiccup: *reaches out in an attempt to restrain Toothless* Wait, Toothless! We don’t even know what it is!

Doctor: That *points at the thing accusingly* is a Dalek. An abomination. Greatest enemy of the Time Lords. They were built to hate *looks at the Dalek in disgust* and destroy.

Dalek: You – will – help – me

Doctor: Oh, please. I’ve already heard that one. When you tried to make me destroy your precious asylum, remember? *eyes widen* Ooh, hang on. Big question. Huge question. Important question that I should have asked as soon as you said my name. *crouches down so he’s at “eye-level” with the Dalek* How do you know who I am?

Dalek: All – records – of – the – Doctors’ – interference – are – part – of – the – Dalek – Database

Doctor: *straightens back up* No, you see, the thing is they’re not. “Doctor - Who? Remember? No, you shouldn’t.

Dalek: This – unit – requires – assistance. You – will – contact – Dalek – headquarters

Merida: I thought yeh said this thing’s dangerous.

Jack: I hate to say it, but the redhead has a point. *ignoring Merida’s glare of outrage, he starts to take a step towards the Dalek* This thing just looks like some kind of talking vacuum cleaner.

Doctor: *stretches an arm out in front of Jack to stop him getting any closer* Don’t touch it. It is dangerous. Very much so. *looks him in the eyes* You have to trust me. *looks at each of them in turn* You all have to trust me. *turns back to the Dalek* Although, they do have a point. Why haven’t you attacked us? Well, you require assistance - obviously, you said that - but you specified that you require assistance contacting Dalek headquarters, which is interesting because you should be able to do that yourself. *whips out sonic screwdriver and scans the Dalek*

Dalek: You – will – comply

Doctor: Or what? *turns off sonic screwdriver and puts it back in his pocket* You’ll prod me with your eyestalk? *looks down at the Daleks’ wheels* Run over my toes? Actually, no, don’t do that. Need my toes. Good for running. *pauses for a moment as though distracted by his own tangent before continuing* Your weapons systems are down. And not just that – your entire system has been compromised.  That’s why you need assistance – which, by the way, is not going to happen. *pauses and looks down at the Dalek with an almost bemused expression* You really are just a talking vacuum cleaner. Not even that, you’re just a thing. A great, big, thing hiding in an abandoned Earth warehouse because it can’t do anything. How long have you been here? Must be at least a year if you’ve been disconnected from the system long enough to still know who I am.

Dalek: I – do – not – understand

Merida: *rolls her eyes* Well that makes two of us.

Doctor: Long story. Long, irrelevant story because I’m taking you home and that’s staying here.  

Rapunzel: *eyes flicker from the Dalek to the Doctor* needs help. It said it needs...

Doctor: *raises his voice as he speaks – he’s not quite shouting, but his voice is sharp* No!

Rapunzel: *flinches*

Doctor: *sighs and makes a visible effort to speak more calmly* No. They’re dangerous. More dangerous than you could possibly imagine.

Rapunzel: *looks at him in confusion, as though she can’t fathom why he won’t help it when it clearly needs help*

Doctor: *reaches out and gently puts a hand on her shoulder* They’re machines of hate. They’re not worth helping. *takes his hand off Rapunzel’s shoulder and turns to that others* Come along, then. Time for us to leave. *takes his sonic screwdriver out again and points it at the Dalek as it emits its’ normal high-pitched drone. He then turns it off and puts it back in his pocket, looking satisfied*

Dalek: What – is – this? Explain! Explain!

Doctor: I’ve locked your internal drive. Can’t have a Dalek – even a broken one – roaming the streets.

Dalek: You – will – release – me

Doctor: *ignores the Dalek* Come on, you lot! Hurry up.

Dalek: Release – me. This – unit – requires – movement

Doctor: *continues to ignore the Dalek* Got everything? Good. *claps his hands together* Back to the Tardis, then.

*The group begin to leave, with Merida at the front and the Doctor at the back*

Rapunzel: *casts one last, almost apologetic, glance at the Dalek as it continues its’ demands for release*

Doctor: *notices Rapunzel’s reluctance to leave it behind and starts to speak but is interrupted by a new voice from somewhere within the warehouse*

?: Delete

Doctor: *quietly, in disbelief* No...

Merida: Oi! What’s taking yeh so long?

Doctor:*silently raises a finger to his lips* Shh.

Merida: *pokes her head back through the doorway, her impatience clearly showing* I said...

Doctor: Shh! I told everyone to shh! Why does no-one listen when I say shh?

Hiccup: *wanders back through the doorway* Why are we shushing?

Doctor: *harshly* Shh!

*Everyone is finally quiet as a loud clunking noise starts to echo through the warehouse*

Jack: *quietly* Sounds like it’s getting closer.

Merida: *whispers loudly* Great. What are we gonna do then?

Doctor: Run. We should run.

*Hiccup and Merida turn as though they’re about to start running*

Doctor: No, wait! *Merida and Hiccup hesitate* We can’t. If that’s what I think it is...Actually, yes. Run. All of you. Run back to the Tardis and wait.

Jack: What about you?

Doctor: I’ll be fine. *reaches up and straightens his bowtie* I’m always fine.

Merida: *grumbles* Yeh better be. Yeh promised you’d take us home.

Doctor: *glances at Merida, but decides to ignore her comment and claps his hands together quietly* Right then. *looks at them seriously* Run.

Rapunzel: Right now?

Doctor: It’ll be here soon.

Jack: *flies over to Rapunzel and offers her a hand* C’mon. It’ll be fine. *looks up at the Doctor* Good luck.

Doctor: *grins at Jack, but his eyes are full of worry* Thanks. See you back at the Tardis.

*The Doctor watches the others as they fly out of sight (Jack with Rapunzel, and Hiccup and Merida on Toothless) before turning back to the warehouse*

Dalek: The – enemy – is – approaching. Movement – is – required.

Doctor: Is this why you needed assistance?

Dalek: It – is – vital – that – this – unit – regains – movement – capabilities!

Doctor:  The last thing this planet needs is another war. *pauses for a moment* How many are there? I think it’s safe to say there’s no more of you lot lurking behind bookcases.

Dalek: Movement – is - required!

Doctor: *straightens his bowtie again and looks in the direction of the clunking noise* Come on then. Let’s find out what you’re doing here.
Finally! I have finally finished part 5! :faint: I wrote the draft for the first half of this chapter ages ago ^^;
I really hope the Doctor doesn't come across as OOC in this chapter...I've been watching some Tennant episodes lately, so some of 10's character might have leaked through ^^;

Just in case anyone's wondering (because I realize it's probably a bit confusing) this is set after Asylum of the Daleks but before The Angels Take Manhattan :)

Rise of the Guardians belongs to DreamWorks Animation
How to Train your Dragon belongs to DreamWorks Animation
Tangled belongs to Walt Disney Animation Studios
Brave belongs to Pixar
Doctor Who belongs to BBC
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As Twilight took her first steps down the labyrinth, she began to go over these recent events in her head, trying to make sense of her current situation.  Eventually she came to a forked path and stopped to ponder out loud, since she really didn't have anyone else to talk to at the moment.

"What's Discord up to?"  She asked herself.  "He can't break us like he did last time, so why put us in another maze?"  Twilight knew just asking herself these questions wouldn't really get her anywhere, so she decided to get through this maze as quickly as possible.  She turned to the right and dashed down her chosen path.

Soon after that, however, a stone wall rose out of the floor at that fork and sealed off the path Twilight had just taken.  From the left path, the one Twilight chose not to take, Starscream walked into the fork Twilight was just at.  However, with the road Twilight just took sealed off, Starscream only had one direction to go.  Starscream, though, was none the wiser to these changing walls, so he just walked along and bemoaned to himself.

"It feels like I've been walking for hours.  Oh what I'd give for my vehicle mode.  Or maybe just my old arm.  I could blast a hole through these walls and be done with this."


In a different section of the maze, Arcee was also attempting to make her way through the maze.

She held her index and middle fingers to the temple of her head, but nothing happened.  "No comm link to talk to the others," she noted to herself before extending both her arms out in front of her, hoping her hands would transform into blasters like they normally would.  "No weapons," she muttered again.  This time she extended her arms out to her side and concentrated on turning into a motorcycle.  Sadly, nothing happened this time either.  "No motorcycle.  I'm basically unarmed and completely defenseless.  But other than that, being human isn't so bad."  Arcee added that last part with a bit of obvious sarcasm.  "Well, standing here whining about it isn't going to help."  After this, she picked up her pace and continued through the maze.


Rainbow Dash was running through the labyrinth at full speed.  She was zipping down corridors and making rapid turns left and right.

"Ha!  I'll be out of here in no time." She congratulated herself out loud.  However, when she came up to the next fork and was about to go right, a stone wall rose out of the ground and blocked her path.  Her expression swiftly went from surprise to annoyance before deciding to go down the left path instead.  She made it to a 3-way fork when more walls rose up to cover the left and right paths.  Annoyed by this, she turned around and was about to go back the way she came when a third wall sealed off that path as well.  Her anger rising, she bolted down the only path left and eventually came to a dead end.  Her face was read with anger at this point.  As soon as she turned around, she heard the walls move again.  She turned again to see she suddenly had 3 paths open to her.  A small smile finally ran across her face, but as soon as she moved toward the left, that path closed up again.  Rainbow's smile was gone and she finally screamed to the sky in anger.


"Is that you, kid?"  Rainbow Dash heard a familiar voice echo from the center path.  She soon saw a small blue figure walk into sight.  Even though this girl wasn't human the last time she saw her, Rainbow Dash could recognize the smug tone in her voice and look of confidence her eyes.

"Arcee!"  Rainbow Dash squeed in delight as she ran over to her friend.  "You have no idea how good it is to see a familiar face.  Well, sort of familiar, but you know what I mean."

"The feeling's mutual, but we can't celebrate just yet.  We still need to find the others," Arcee responded.

"Right, let's go!" And with that, the two continued on down the labyrinth.


Ratchet was doing his best to navigate the corridors as well.

"Hmmm, if I'm right, I should turn…here!"  Ratchet muttered to himself as he ended up turning into a dead end.

"Ugh, why did he even bother with this stupid maze in the first place?!"  Ratchet sighed in exasperation.  Suddenly, he started hearing a fain, high pitched noise.  "Who's there?"  Ratchet asked aloud only for no one to answer.  As the noise drew closer, however, he noticed that it was changing pitch at different rates.

"Is someone…whistling?"  He pondered out loud.  Shortly after that, the noise became so loud, Ratchet could tell the source was just around the corner.  As that source turned the corner to face Ratchet, he let out a small gasp of horror as he realized what he was dealing with.

"Well hi there, Mr. Ratchet!"  Pinkie greeted her newest friend.  "Fancy running into you in a place like this, huh?"

"Not you again…" was all Ratchet could muster in an annoyed tone.


Applejack was cautious treading the labyrinth, looking in all directions for anything that stuck out of the ordinary.

"If Discord tries that trick with the apples again, I swear I'll buck him into next Tuesday."  Unfortunately as she was saying this, she did not have her gaze in front of her, and as such did not see the figure standing in front of her.  She ended up colliding into the backside of this person and knocked him over.  "Hey watch it!" He shouted out as he turned around to find out to see who hit him.  Once he saw her however, all he could say was "Applejack?"

As Applejack regained her composure from the collision, she finally saw who she met.  "Bulkhead, is that you?"  She asked in uncertainty after gazing upon his human form.

"In the flesh," Bulkhead responded.  The irony of that statement was not lost on either of them, but they both still let out a chuckle from the much needed joke.

"Now what?"  Applejack asked in uncertainty of their next move.

"What else?"  Bulkhead responded with confidence in his voice.  "We find your friends, my team, and then we tan Discord's sorry hide."

"Yee-haw!"  Applejack exclaimed in delight.  "That sounds like a plan to me!"

"Then let's get moving!" Bulkhead added in.  Then the duo set forth to reunite with their comrades.


As Fluttershy made her way through the series of twists and turns, she kept her head held low, timidly treading at a slow pace, her nerves just about ready to explode with fright.  She was looking around her surroundings, approaching everything with caution, when she suddenly heard faint footsteps in the distance.  As she continued to listen, she realized that they were getting louder, and that whoever it was was closing in on her!  Fluttershy did not want to take the chance.  She sprinted away as fast as she could.  But no matter how quickly she ran, the noise still wouldn't get any quieter.  The next thing she knew she was in a dead end corridor.  She turned around to see a shadow looming over the wall, and the footsteps were even louder than before!  At this point she could only drop to the ground and huddle up in fear and hope whatever was coming would ignore such a small and insignificant creature.  But her fear turned to delight as she heard the voice coming from the figure approaching her.

"Hello, Fluttershy.  I trust you are doing well?"   Fluttershy looked up to see the face of none other than Optimus Prime standing over her.

"Oh, Optimus, thank goodness!"  Fluttershy exclaimed in absolute joy.  "I was so worried that I was going to be all alone again in another one of Discord's games."

"That won't happen," Optimus replied sternly.  "I made a promise that we would protect you and your friends, and I intend to keep it!"

Fluttershy saw the determination in Optimus's eyes and gave him a big warm smile, the kind of smile she only comfortable giving around her closest friends.


"Which way do you think we should go?"

As Jack, Miko, and Raf, came to another series of turns in the labyrinth, Raf had decided to ask for Jack's advice on the next route to take.

"I don't know, you've been doing a good job of picking so far.  Maybe we should ask Miko."  But as he and Raf turned around to ask her opinion, they were surprised to find her with her arms wrapped around herself as she looked around with a rather nervous expression on her face.  "Uh Miko?"  Jack asked with a curious look on his face, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Miko responded in a jittery voice, not even bothering to look Jack in the eye when she answered.  "Is it me, or are the walls closing in?"

At this Jack and Raf looked to each other in confusion, and then looked around to see that the walls were sitting perfectly still.

"Miko," Raf inquired, "are you claustrophobic?"

At this Miko seemed to temporarily forget her fear and address Raf, even if it was due to confusion.  "What does Santa Claus have to do with any of this?"

"What he means is," Jack cut in, "you've been acting weird ever since we got into this maze.  Are you afraid of closed up spaces?"

"What, me? No!"  Miko replied in obvious denial.  "Just because I was trapped under an avalanche for six hours with Bulkhead that one time and almost ran out of oxygen doesn't mean I'm claustio-whosit now, does it?"  She recounted the recent traumatic event with apparent ease, but she soon started hyperventilating and was on the verge of panic.

"All right, take it easy.  We'll be out of here soon," Jack attempted to reassure her, "We just have to find the others."  As soon as he finished that sentence, he heard a familiar voice ring out in the distance.  "Jack?  Is that you?"

Jack and the others turned to see the purple unicorn Twilight Sparkle heading straight towards them.  "Oh, this is wonderful, I'm glad to see- wait," Twilight quickly gave Jack, Miko, and Raf a hard look-over.  "You didn't run into Discord by any chance, did you?"

The three looked at each other in slight confusion.  "Uh, no.  Why?" Jack responded.

"Well, you aren't gray, so you might be telling the truth," Twilight muttered to herself.

"What are you talking about?"  Raf asked inquisitively.

"Oh, nothing," Twilight answered.  "It's just that last time we fought Discord he did something just like this to turn us against each other."

"But you seem to have overcome that," Jack pointed out.  "Does he really think the same trick will work twice?"

"I'm not sure," Twilight answered, "Which is why we have to get everyone else back together again as quickly as possible!"

"Then let's get going already!" Miko shouted with determination, apparently having temporarily subdued her fear.  The four of them now resumed their journey together.


"I'm impressed you managed to find me so fast, kid," Arcee gave the compliment to Rainbow Dash.

"No sweat," Rainbow Dash replied as nonchalant as possible.  "I probably could have found you in ten seconds flat if the walls would have stopped changing."

"Wait, the walls are moving?"  Arcee inquired.  "How come I never saw them do that?"

"I was probably going too fast for them to keep up," Rainbow said in a rather bragging manner.  "It's probably just some dumb trick to make this maze a little harder."

"Or maybe Discord's trying to control how we go through this maze."  Arcee hypothesized.  "Maybe he wants certain individuals to meet up."

"But why?" Rainbow Dash asked with curiousity.

"Why indeed…"  The voice that answered Rainbow Dash did not come from Arcee but rather right behind them.  They turned to see a dark skinned woman facing them.  Rainbow Dash did not know who she was, but Arcee could instantly recognize that venomous voice of hers.

"Airacnid!"  Arcee yelled with great malice.


"…And then I said, 'Oatmeal?  Are you crazy?'"  As Pinkie Pie bounced along with Ratchet, she decided to regale him with some of her stories to pass the time.  Sadly, Ratchet did not seem interested, as he dragged himself behind her with a look of pure exhaustion on his face.

"Oh merciful Primus, what I would give to find somebody else to talk to right now," he muttered to himself in deep exasperation.

"Well you're in luck, mister, because I see someone up ahead.  I think he's one of those new friends of yours we saw earlier," Pinkie replied while extending her front hoof to point to the man in front of them.  He was clad in mostly red to match his hair.  "HEY!  OVER HERE!  HELLO?!"  She screamed while waving at the mysterious man.

As he heard this loud noise, he finally turned to face them.  He gained a smug look of glee on his face as he greeted them.  "Well, if it isn't the good doctor," he addressed Ratchet.

"Hello, Knockout," Ratchet replied softly yet angrily.


"It feels like we've been going around in circles," Applejack mused as she and Bulkhead continued to drudge through the seemingly endless assortment of walls.  "You sure you know where we're goin'?"

"Don't sweat it," Bulkhead replied with vigor.  "I'm one of the team's best navigators.  I know exactly what I'm doing."

"Really?"  Applejack raised an eyebrow as she called Bulkhead's bluff.

"Well…no," Bulkhead responded, slightly deflated.  "But how hard can it be to just keep walking around a bunch of walls?  We'll make the end eventually if we just keep going."

"You never were very good with directions were you, Bulkhead?"

At this Bulkhead and Applejack turned around to see a surprising new figure stand right behind them.  It was hard to tell at first, but Bulkhead could recognize the menacing glare of his rival anywhere.

"Breakdown," Bulkhead muttered in quiet anger.

"In the flesh," Breakdown replied, ironically echoing Bulkhead's joke from earlier, but with a much more malicious tone.


Optimus continued down the path ahead of him, he occasionally turned back to check up on the companion slowly tagging along behind him.  "Fluttershy, I understand you are upset by our current predicament, but we must pick up our pace if we wish to reunite with the rest of our friends."  He addressed her in such a dire yet calm manner.

"I know, I'm sorry Optimus," Fluttershy replied while keeping her head hung low to the ground.  "It's just that I feel like we're being watched."

"Since this maze is Discord's creation, it's possible he may have found a way to observe all of us as we go through this labyrinth together."

"Oh dear," Fluttershy slightly recoiled as she listened to Optimus's hypothesis.  "But that isn't actually what I meant.  I think someone is nearby, and I'm pretty sure that person is watching us right now."

At this, Optimus looked around to observe the surroundings.  He noticed a slight movement around the corner they had just turned.  "Identify yourself!"  Optimus ordered in a stern yet fierce tone.

As the mysterious stranger turned the corner, he revealed himself to be a featureless body, nearly completely covered in garments from head to toe with the exception of a blank mask covering his face.  He stood there in complete silence, but Optimus managed to recognize him as the former Cybertronian Soundwave.

"Oh dear," Fluttershy quietly murmured to herself.


Starscream drudged on ever further into the maze, not sure how much farther he had to go.  He shuffled his legs somberly, just about ready to collapse from exhaustion.

"Oh, what's the point?"  He bemoaned to himself as he fell on his back and lay on the dirt beneath him.  "No weapons, no communication, no Energon, and no way out in sight.  I might as well just sit here and wait for the end." He looked up to the blazing sun shining down on him, then closing his eyes and hoping his spark would leave his body peacefully, assuming he still had his spark, that is.

Not too long after that, however, a shadow loomed over his head and blocked out the sun from his view.  He opened his eyes, and was quite startled to see a white horse with a horn and purple mane looking down on him with curiosity written all over her face.

"Excuse me dear, but is there something you need help with?"


Twilight galloped forward, leading the charge, as the four of them attempted to make their way to the rest of their team as soon as possible.  Eventually they came to a massive circular opening that had several other exits along the perimeter.

"We reached the center of the maze," Twilight squeed with joy.  "If we wait here, it's only a matter of time before we find the others!"

"Awesome!  And it's such a wide open space, too!" Miko exclaimed as she took in a big breath and let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm going to try and go get the others," Jack said as he ran off to different exit from the center.

"But wouldn't it just be easier to wait?"  Raf asked with deep concern.

"We need to find everyone ASAP," Jack responded.  "I'll make sure to mark which paths I've taken so I can find my way back.  For me and for anyone else I can find.  I'll be back soon!"  And with that, Jack ran off into the maze once again.

Several moments later, however, Jack ended up running back into the center from a different location.

"Wow, that was soon!"  Miko snided sarcastically.

Jack started to look around in extreme confusion.  "But how!?!  I never took any turns!  I shouldn't be back here!"

At this, Raf and Twilight looked at each other in concern.  They both decided to take new exits and ran through them as soon as they could.  Within minutes, they ended up back in the center once more.

"That's impossible!"  Twilight shouted.  "It was just a single path.  How can it curve back around into the center without intersecting anything?"

"It happened to me too," Raf added in with a hint of panic.  "It's like we're being trapped here in the center."

"We're STUCK here!??"  Miko panicly shouted before making small hyperventilating noises.  Just then though, they heard the sound of footsteps echo loudly through their corridor.

"Did you hear that?"  Jack silenced the rest of the group as the footsteps grew louder.  "Someone's coming!"  The others let a smile light up across each of their faces, but as they ran toward the opening where they heard the footsteps coming from, the smile slowly fade from their faces as they saw just who was coming toward them.

Out of the exit stepped a tall old man in a black overcoat, but the distinct red glare from his eyes made it perfectly clear who it was.

"Megatron…" Jack uttered in near silence.
Sorry this one took so long, I have been busy in an EPIC battle with my schoolwork. Now that that's over, however, my schedule should clear up considerably, and I can focus a LOT more on this than what I have been lately. I told you I would finish this thing, didn't I? ;)

Previous Chapter: [link]

Next Chapter: [link]
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Injustice: Gods Among Us Guest Characters

Cole MacGrath


Cole was once just an ordinary bike courier, a man no one noticed. However, the day the Blast happened would change his life forever. Now with the ability to control electricity, Cole set out to do good in the world. He stopped Kessler in Empire City and with the help of his allies in New Marais, sacrificed himself to destroy the Beast and cure the plague that infected the world.

But destiny was not done with Cole, soon he was mysteriously resurrected in a world that super powered human and even gods fought in a brutal war. The fighting took a toll on the ordinary citizens and Cole decided to jump into the war, not for either warring faction, but to protect the helpless citizens.

Voice Actor: Jason Cottle


Primary: New Marais Good Cole outfit
Secondary: Empire City Good Cole outfit
Alternative 1: Kessler Outfit
Alternative 2: Empire City Ordinary Cole outfit(the one he starts out with.)

Fighting Type: Powers User, ability to use natural Conduit abilites

Character Trait:

Conduit Mastery: Has the ability to switch between three schools of Conduit powers. They are:

Electricity: Gained from the Blast, abilities of the manipulation or production of Electrokinesis and Electromagnetism
Cryokinesis: Gained from Lucy Kuo, Abilities of the manipulation or production of Cold or Ice.
Pyrokinesis: Gained From Nix: Abilities of the manipulation or production of Fire.

Basic Moves(Names of the Attacks)

Bertrand's Bane
Empire Emergency
Kuo Kick
Nix's Rage
Urban Uppercut
Marais Sweep
Ground Zero

Combo Attacks

Trish's Tribute
Zeke Rush

Special Moves(Special Moves change depending on what trait you pick.)


Lighting Bolt: Cole fires a bolt of electricity at the opponent.
Bio Leech: Cole grabs the opponent and leechs neuro-electricity off of them.
Shockwave: Cole fires of a Shockwave that knocks the opponents back.
Thunder Drop: Cole jumps into the air, charges up and hits the ground, causing electricity to fly in arcs.
Shock Grenade: Cole throws a small sphere of electricity, which explodes seconds later.


Ice Bolt: Cole fires a bolt of ice at the opponent.
Frost Shield: Cole creates a shield of ice that protects him from projectiles.
Freeze Ray: Cole fires a ray of ice that freezes the opponent for a few seconds.
Icy Drop: Cole jumps into the air, charges up and hits the ground, causing spikes of ice to shoot out of the ground.
Ice Grenade: Cole throws a small sphere of ice, which explodes seconds later and freezes the opponent.


Fire Bolt: Cole Fires a bolt of fire at the opponent
Tar Grapple: Cole creates a tar pillar that traps the opponent for a few moments
Smoke Teleport: Cole can turn into smoke and can teleport behind or away from an opponent.
Fiery Drop: Cole jumps into the air, charges up and hits the ground, causing a fiery explosion
Napalm Grenades: Cole throws a small sphere of fire, which explodes seconds later.

Super Move:

Power of the Conduit: Cole first calls down a lighting storm from the sky, striking the opponent and electrocuting them. He then freezes the opponent and then fires a rocket of fire at him. As the opponent is on their back, Cole will jump into the air and do a Thunder Drop on the opponents chest. The opponent will then get back up to continue the fight.

Clash Quotes:

Killer Frost:

(If Killer Frost starts the clash)

Killer Frost: “Lets see who the coldest person is, shall we.”
Cole MacGrath “I may have cold powers, but I'm not a cold blooded killer like you.”

(If Cole MacGrath starts the clash)

Cole MacGrath: “Wonder if you melt?”
Killer Frost: “Test you luck at your own peril.”


(If Scorpion starts the clash)

Scorpion: “My hellfire burns hotter than yours.”
Cole MacGrath: “Lets test that.”

(If Cole MacGrath starts the clash)

Cole MacGrath: “I'm gonna freeze you solid.”
Scorpion: “Your freezing technique is weaker than Sub-Zero's.”


(If Shazam starts the clash)

Shazam: “The lighting you produce is pathetic.”
Cole MacGrath: “I haven't even warmed up yet.”

(If Cole MacGrath starts the clash)

Cole MacGrath: “You need to be at home, little boy.”
Shazam: “How dare you speak to the mightiest mortal alive like that.”


(If Batgirl starts the clash)

Batgirl: “You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to your world.”
Cole MacGrath: “If I don't, who will?”

(If Cole MacGrath starts the clash)

Cole MacGrath: “You remind me of someone I once loved.”
Batgirl: “So you like a strong woman who fights for good.”

Intro: Cole glides in with his static thrusters and lands on the ground. He cracks his knuckles, says “Lets do this,” and gets into his battle stance.

Outro: Cole simply grins at his downed opponent and leaves the stage. He is then seen on a tall building, looking down at the street below. He hears a woman scream and Cole Thunder Drops off screen to investigate.

Arcade Ending:

Cole MacGrath had defeated High Councilor Superman. Hailed as a hero, Cole found acceptance in this new world. He traveled around the country and found himself in Dakota, the hometown of the hero Static. Since he was killed by the Regime for refusing to undergo reeducation, the town was left defenseless. Cole decided to take Static's place as protector of Dakota and honor his memory.
Cole's Moveset for Injustice. Of course he would be a PS3 exclusive character.

I decided to use Cole as a good guy, I pretty sure hero playthroughs are cannon.

Killer Frost, Scorpion and Shazam were chosen as clashes due to the fact they represent Cole's three power traits of Electricity, Fire and Ice. Also some of his fire and ice powers are taken from enemies in Infamous 2.

I decided to have Batgirl as a clash since he had a girlfriend named Trish in the first one. She tries to help people out, just like Batgirl. the clash were she tells him not to blame himself and he tells her that if doesn't who will is something i came up with. See, despite not causing the Blast that gave him his powers and other things he couldn't help with, he would still feel some guilt for it.

Jason Cottle voiced Cole in Infamous. I prefer his over Eric Ladin.

Next Up: The Terminator
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Merida's POV- just after Dawn. (I refuse to say 'Breaking Dawn')

I was sleeping peacefully, having a brilliant dream…

"C'mon Merida, you're so far behind me it's unbelievable!" I hear Hiccup shout from above me. We're back at Dun'Broch, I am riding on Angus through the forest, whereas Hiccup glides and soars through the sky on Toothless, laughing cheerfully… Something I don't think I have seen him do more than twice.

"I dun' think so, Hiccup! We're in my territory now!" I retort tauntingly as I laugh happily, running my fingers through Angus's silver-grey mane, smiling.

"Then you should know you're comin' to a dead-end now, princess! Sorry, but unless you can get through a solid mountain, it looks like I'm gon'na win!" He shouts back down. I smirk and refuse to reply. I slow Angus down to a hardly audible trot and direct him to the mountainside; Hiccup is too high up to notice the hollow part of the mountain the just a bit bigger in size and width of your standard closet doors.

Thus, is big enough to fit a horse, no problem.

Once inside, Angus recognises his surroundings and neighs and rises up on to his hind legs then breaks off into a run. The hole in the mountain is also a short cut. A journey that could take many hours going around the mountain, you barely have to break sweat on a journey through here. Shame not many know about it.

After a bit, Angus goes through a second hole and into an opening. A meadow that blossoms in a way that makes me guess it must be the middle of spring. It also has a fairly large river running alongside it, the water sparkling in the sunlight.

He comes to a stop to let me get off. I look around and then up at the sky and frown… Where is Hiccup? Maybe he went back for me. Oh, well, I still won!

"TOOTHLESS!" I shout, so loud that a large number of birds in near-by trees fly away, squawking…

… Well, that is the Scottish accent for ye.

A few moments later, I see a flying black speck in the sky, to high up for me to logically know what it is… But I do anyways.

I fold my arms and grin victoriously as Toothless and Hiccup land, the latter of which look flabbergasted at me. "How...? How did you do that?" He asks, utterly confused.

"Like I said Hiccup…" I say as I walk over and begin to stroke Toothless. "This is my territory." I laugh and my eye catches my reflection in the river. I look older… Seventeen at the very least! Maybe even eighteen! I whip my head around to Hiccup. He looks eighteen, too! Without fail!

… Aren't I meant to be married by eighteen?

Then, suddenly, my dream-self takes over; my conscious is weakened in my dream state to make this normal again. I begin walking over to Hiccup.

He just laughs and grabs my left hand as soon as I am within arms-length of him and I feel myself blushing… Is that even possible in a dream?! "Alas, I'm afraid I shall need to learn it…" Okay, this is normal so far. Please let it stay that way! "Seeing as I am meant to share it with you." My dream hates me, without a doubt!

My conscious wants to take over and allow me to scream but my dream-self just giggles.

Wait… Did I just… Just… GIGGLE?!

"Good point. If it took you well over a year just to learn how to kiss me without crashing your teeth against mine and that is just a small thing…" he mock-glares at me. "… How are you meant to get used to all of Dun'Broch?!" 'I' laugh at him, clutching 'my' stomach lightly; 'I' snort a few times as well.

When 'I' look at him, he is smiling. "Hey, I wouldn't say the first thing was easy at all! You are just so… picky about how you want things!" He joked. He looked thoughtful for a second. "Worth it though"

'I' laugh and go closer to him and stand on 'my' tip-toes. The tips of our noses brush against each other as 'I' grin. "Definitely." he leans towards me…"Merida, Merida" 'I' look at him, confused as he keeps on saying my name, as if he was talking to someone else, trying to… Wake them up?

Oh crud.

This is a dream, isn't it?


"Merida!" Hiccup whisper-shouts at me, semi-violently shaking my shoulders.

I gasp and sit up ruler-straight. I don't know whether I was about the scream or shriek in surprise, but Hiccup saw my mouth open and put his hand over it.

I calmed down and got over my shock and relaxed, but Hiccup still didn't move his hand…

Until I nipped at it with my teeth.

He pulled his hand back immediately and looked at me with shock; I just stuck my tongue out at him childishly.

"Forget what kind of princess you are; what kind of species are you?" He said accusingly. By this point, I had hopped out of the bed and looked at him disbelievingly.

"I'm Scottish, what more doo ye need? Oh, except Scottish strength, man! I didn't even bite yer properly an' I was 'alf expecting you to squeal ageen" I snickered as Hiccup now stuck his tongue out at me.

He sighed. "I'll sneak out and wait by the tree… Meet me there, 'kay?"

I just 'mhmm'ed in response. He nodded and snuck out. I sat down on the bed and tried to remember my I dream and groaned airily in frustration.

I found out two things. One: I couldn't remember my dream for the life of me. Two: My cheeks were burning like crazy.

What the heck had I been dreaming about? Did I even want to know…?

I shook my head and proceeded to get ready. I put on a traditional clover-green Celtic dress that had a long, golden-coloured fabric that tied loosely around the top of my still-developing hips and then the remaining two loose pieces of fabric hung down to my left knee. Dark pink roses were stitched delicately into the hemline and neckline. I was used to wearing this dress to horse ride on Angus. I put on my riding boots, simply for the comfort they now had from being worn countless times.

I stretch and begin to sneak out of the bedroom door and descend down the stairs as gracefully as a horse in ladies heels and yet, somehow, as quiet as a mouse.

I am about to reach for the door when I hear a creak at the top of the stairs. "Merida, where do ye think yoo're goin'?" I cursed under my breath and turned around.

"Outside, mother, why do ye ask? Where could I run of to?" I choose my words carefully, but try not to show it. Alas, it doesn't work to its full extent.

"I noticed that Hiccup wasn't in the room either…" Was it just me, or was my mother smirking? "An explanation is in order." She finishes, as regal as ever.

I scowl and mentally roll my eyes. "Well, mother, if ye must know, I am teachin' Hiccup archery. Gobber told us in Dragon Training tha' a downed dragon is… Is a…" My saliva feels like tree sap, thick and sticky, and I can't swallow it. I force the words out. "Dead dragon, so I told Hiccup of my archery skills and he informed me of how that could speed up the process of downing the dragon… Urm, s-so he made me bow and some arrows to help him practice and show him how to do things with and… Well, here we are." I finish, fighting back a massive sigh of relief that the ordeal of me lying was finished. Plus, I hadn't taken a single breath all the way my shaky-voiced speech.

My mum pursed her lips. My heart was thumping like mad. She smiled lightly and said, "Go, you don't want to be late now… Just don't let people see the two out together this early…" I am certain she is fighting back a grin, maybe even a laugh, as well! "… They might just get the wrong idea about the two of you." She gives me a knowing look and my eyes bulge and my cheeks and ear colour at a rapid speed. I go to protest, but she gives me a dismissive wave of her hand. "Merida, I honestly don't mind the two of you being in each other's company, I am not suspicious and won't be… unless you give me a reason to be. If I do, you'll be sleeping on the ship, not sharing a room with the boy." She had a quirked eyebrow and a stern expression; I had a please-gods-kill-me-now! Express and an even redder face after the meaning behind her last sentence dawned on me. I mumbled a quick 'Yes mum' and was out there, cursing in whispers as I closed the door and ran.

I ran to the tree at a stupid speed, using most of my energy and almost crashing into the tree, I lean against the tree, catching my breath. I jump slightly when Hiccup appears, with a massive woven basket that has a vomit-inducing odour emitting from it, I mean, I have a strong stomach, but the power of the odour made my hands fly to my mouth and forced down a retch.

"Sorry, but we'll need it to get him to trust us." He explained sheepishly, I gave a reluctant nod that most likely went with a pained expression.

"O-okay," I mumbled, making a mental note to keep a sensible distance from the basket. "But, if you don't mind telling me, what is that stench?"

"Freshly caught fish." He answered nonchalantly.

"What? Ye went out an' caught these yerself?" I ask, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"No, but-uh-the fishermen went out this morning and these are some of those fish." He replied, his tone laced with something that made it sound like he wished he had lied instead. Merida silently went into mild hysterics on the inside at that.

"So… These ar' actually freshly swatched (*) fish?" I gave him a disapproving look and shook my head as I waggled my finger at him accusingly. He sighed at me as we reached into the tree and pulled out the wing contraption. I opted to hold it and leave my archery kit, as we wanted Toothless to stay as calm as possible, and even though he knew I would never harm him, any kind of weapon put him on the edge.

"Shut up." He mumbled, rolling his eyes.

We began walking through the forest and I bumped his shoulder playfully. "Ye shut up, Hiccup, I am just 'n shock ye stoll(*) sommat. Mah brothers would be proud!" I laughed lightly whilst he decided to bump my shoulder, which caught me by surprise, so I stumbled a bit, I mock-glared at him, but a smile pulled at the corners my lips. "Let's hurry!" And with that, I lifted my skirt with my free hand and took off running, hair flying backwards as I only just heard Hiccup's fastening footsteps and him shouting 'Hey, wait for me, you crazy princess!'

I laughed the entire time I was running.

Hiccup's POV- at the Cove.

I arrive at the cove, winded, straining under the weight of a full basket. Merida beat me here, so I don't know where she is. I click the scale he found. Toothless catches whiff of the multiple fish and approaches slowly, sniffing me.

"Hey Toothless. I brought breakfast. I hope you're hungry." I say, almost timidly, which is understandable. Gobber says a downed dragon is a dead dragon, but that is going off of the easy dragons.

A downed Night Fury? That is a completely different story.

I drop the basket and kick it over. Loads of fish spill out. Toothless approaches quickly now, settling in to devour-more like inhale-the feast.

"Okay, Merida was right, that's disgusting. Uh… we've got some salmon..." Toothless swallows it immediately. "... Some nice Icelandic cod..." He wastes no time in swallowing those too. "... And a whole… smoked eel?" I say, slightly confused, we don't usually catch these. Toothless nabs it, chews a few times and then spits it out. He shakes his head violently, snorts and scrubs his massive tongue on the sand near the small river. I take note of this, as well as notice that Merida has been crouched of the sand, tracing drawings in the sand and fiddling with the mechanical wing. She turned her head to me and looked at Toothless next. She then gave me a 'Keep him distracted', I nodded at her and turned my full attention to Toothless.

"No, no, no! It's okay. Yeah, I don't like eel much either." Toothless focuses on the remainder of the fish which I pour out, for once being thankfully for growing up with this atmosphere and smell so it no longer bothered me, I would hate to be Merida, who was slowly turning a light green from the stench even though she was quite a distance away and so she should only be getting a faint whiff of it. With the dragon distracted, I give a subtle nod to Merida unwraps the prosthetic fin and opens it, like a fan.

"Okay. That's it. That's it, just stick with good stuff. And don't you mind Merida. She'll just be She's just minding her own business."

Merida cautiously approaches the injured tail, but every time she gets near it, Toothless sweeps it away like a cat.

"It's okay." Merida mumbles. She drops a knee on top of the tail. Toothless' head juts up, slows its chewing to a halt. "It's Okay...okay…" The dragon tenses, slowly spreading his wings. Merida straddles his tail, facing the tip of the tail, to keep it in place and straps the prosthetic fin in place perfectly and at a lightning speed. She cinches the straps.

"There! Noh' tae bad. It works." Merida announces, pleased with her quick work, "You did a fine job with this tail, it looks sturdy and is a great fit!" She turns herself slightly to give me a thumb up.

All of a sudden, Toothless blasts off! He snaps his massive wings and takes to the air, carrying Merida with him, but she isn't prepared so her grip is too loose and she swings upside down, so her back is now facing the ground. But she tightens her grip now so she won't fall, which is good. I still gasp at the situation, then almost scream like a girl when the tail swings towards me.

"Woah!" I shout loudly as I attempt jump over the last second, but as I jumped up, the tail flicked up and crash into me. Of course, with my luck this happens with me only having my legs secured around the tail. If you don't understand what that means, it means I was hanging upside down by my weak teenage legs.

"We're gooin' t' DIE!" Merida shrieks as we twist and flail around like ragdolls. I don't disagree with her. She probably would hear me as she yells loudly.

I was going to die. Goodbye world, I thought mournfully.

The way I responded to this outside my head was a tad bit different, as it went like this: "No! No! No!" As I struggle to hold on to the tail. As the ground speeds away, Toothless immediately tips into an uncontrolled bank and dive.

I fight against the forceful wind that keeps my head in one place to look at the source of the problem. I notice the folded fin rattling uselessly in opposition to its flared counterpart. Flap as he may, Toothless is rendered powerless and correct his trajectory.

I swallow my fear and swing my body, from the waist up, back and forth, I quickly find myself close enough to the tail and wrap my arms around it, I shuffle toward Merida, which is as far as I can go, I realise worriedly. I can't get to the fake wing.

My only option is to shout out for Merida to do it. I open my mouth and shout as loud as I possibly can so I am not muffled by the wind: "MERIDA! I need you to yank the folded prosthetic wing open! Okay?!"

"What? I didn't catch tha' as we're gon'na DIE!</strong>" She shouts back, and then begins to shout her theories on how we will die. I won't disturb you with the details. You're welcome.

Brilliant! My only friend has to be as cynical as they come. Great work, Hiccup, great work.

"I said: I need you to yank the folded prosthetic wing open, unless you want one of your theories to become reality! Okay, did you hear me that time?!" She didn't answer this time, but began to move towards the tail. I internally sighed in relief.

A few seconds later, I saw her right arm jerk out towards the wing and pull back. All of a sudden the flared, fan-like appendage catches the air, stabilizing the twisting tail.

"It's working!" I yell gleefully, excited and terrified at the same time.

"I'm gooin' t' kill you, Hiccup!" Merida growls at me as I grin like a fool. Which I am, but at least I am a happy fool.

Toothless arcs just short of the water and climbs... high into the air.

"Yes! Yes, I did it." I laugh-well I end up almost most choking on the air, but same thing, right?

Toothless glances back at us two, Merida busily holding the tail open while trying to hold on. They're going to crash.


Merida and I are suddenly thrown from the tail in the intense force of a turn.


"HICCUP! IF WE DIE I'M GON'NA KILL YE!" Merida screams threateningly.

We bounce across the water's surface and take a swim.

Without Merida or I to operate the tail, Toothless does the same, plunging in a massive cannonball. I resurface, roughed up, but beaming. Toothless appears seconds later.

"Yeah!" I cheer, extremely proud of myself. I ignore how the little dive has made my hair stick to my face and my clothes cling to my gangly form, which results in my getting chilled and soaked to the bone.

I hear some coughing a spluttering from behind me and Toothless directs his attention to it. I turn and see Merida in a similar state to me, except her hair colour has gone darker. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I couldn't help but notice how her dress, uh… Clung to her form. My eyes bulged slightly, but (here is where the shame comes in) I didn't exactly… Look away.

Damn hormones. Blame them.

Merida started to look up from wringing her hair, I quickly looked away,blushing profusely. I had a feeling I had been caught anyways, which made me blush harder in embarrassment. "Maybe we should stay 'ere a while, y'know? To dry off." She offers and I nod in response, not trust my mouth with the large responsibility of letting words comes out of it.

She steps out of the water, her back now facing me... And her dress stilling... Clinging tightly.

I gulped and fell back into the water as I felt a nosebleed coming on.
Swatched = Stolen
Stoll= Stolen as well. I though that pronunciation suited Meridas' accent more. Plus, if anyone gets the little joke with using the term 'Stoll' tell me in the comments!

On another note: Hiya guys! Yes, I am alive, apologies for my lack of updates for this embarrassing amount of time. I do have excuses, but, luckily, I will not bore you with them ;)
I think I could have done better, or more, but it was already over 3,260 words long! At the same time I like the ending because it is different to what I usually write, as I get awkward trying to write those awkward girl/boy friendship-with-crushes-involved situations. Why? Because I have never experienced that situation! I can deal with dragon and Vikings and Scottish and everything else but lovey-dovey, crushy stuff? I. Am. The. Ultimate. Ditz.

Seriously, I will need to be convinced about this chapter, or concritted! Thanks guys!

Shout Outs: Also, if you like my story, please check out the story 'How To Play With Fire' by ThatMollyKid on Fanfiction.It is brilliant and written really well! And, whereas my story is set in the film version of 'HTTYD' theirs is based off of the book, so it is a bit different and a bit more unique!

Disclaimer: Nope don't own it. 'Nuff said :P
Read, Enjoy, Favourite and Comment? :)

P.S. I recently watch Rise of the Guardians and LOVED it! I also now ship Jack Frost and Rapunzel, does anyone else? Because, if so, would you like me to write a One-Shot for them?</strong>
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Luna was slowly roused from her light slumber by the quick change in momentum, forcing her lurch forward slightly as opposed to being gently rocked by steady travel on board the train. The locomotive hissed loudly as it applied its steam brakes. She turned her attention to glass window her head rested upon and found herself to be looking at the small rustic train station of Ponyville. It varied greatly from Canterlot Station's magnificence, but it was not without its sleepy, small town charm.  She stretched her neck and shoulders as she rose from her seat and made her through the train cabin to the doorway, ignoring all of the inquisitive, accusing, and prying stares of the ponies that had ridden with her as she disembarked.

She was greeted by a polite train attendant who had swiftly moved to retrieve her luggage cart from the storage car. The stallion lowered his neck  to set the yolk on the ground next to her before wishing her a pleasant afternoon as he made his way to re-board the train as the whistle blew, signaling it was about to begin its next departure. As the train pulled away, Luna watched it go and felt her heart sink as it went, knowing full well that it meant an end to the life she had known for so long and the beginning to an uncertain future.

It had been a little more than a fortnight since the council had made their decision and honestly, the train ride from Canterlot was perhaps the most peaceful rest she had enjoyed since they rendered it. Celestia had been fretting and rushing to try and establish a residency in Canterlot for her, she had even succeeded but Luna declined as she found she couldn’t go ten paces without drawing looks of disdain and disgust from the Equestrian upper-crust, ponies that had once fought tooth and nail to garner her attention. Despite her feelings, her sister understood and had suggested Ponyville, the quiet town was known for its kind citizens and Celestia knew that she would at least have friends close at hand to aid her and with Luna’s blessing, arrangements were made.

Luna had been the only one to depart at the Ponyville stop and spied nopony around, save for a single elderly mare in the ticket booth. She quickly trotted over, seeing no point in wasting time and eager to unload the belongings she had packed, and cleared her throat loudly drawing the mare’s attention from a newspaper she was reading and prompting her to drop her reading glasses and put on a warm smile.

“Oh hello, I hadn’t seen you there child, how may I help you?” The mare said kindly. Luna smirked at the old pony calling her child.

“Yes, I am wondering who will be available to pull my cart?” Luna asked.

“Your cart?” The mare asked as she put her glasses on and peered around outside her booth until her eyes lay upon Luna’s luggage. “Oh I see, well, I’m sorry miss but we have nopony, but it doesn’t look like it’s very heavy. I’m sure a young filly like you will manage.”

“I beg your pardon?” Luna scoffed, surprised at her answer. “This is unacceptable, now I demand to know where your stallion is to pull my cart.”  

“Now you look here you whippersna-“ the mare began as she focused back on Luna but upon looking at her with her reading glasses she made out her fine details, such as wings, horn and height before drawing in quick breath and bowing her head. “A Princess! Oh my please forgive me Princess! I’m so sorry, we were not informed you would be arriving I’m sure the mayor would have made preparations! I will see if I can find someone at once Princess!” the mare exclaimed as he she began to rise out of her seat in order to seek out help, inadvertently knocking over her newspaper, which caused her to pause as she bent down to retrieve it.

“Actually miss,” Luna spoke calmly attempting to calm the old mare down. “You are mistaken as I am no lon-“

“Princess Luna,” The mare said softly.

Luna gulped at hearing her old title, “Miss as I was saying-“ but Luna was not given the chance to finish as the mare raised up the newspaper displaying the front page story. The paper titled the Ponyville Post featured a full page spanning article informing the whole town of Luna’s predicament with large photo of her in center of it. Suddenly she felt sick that not only where the citizens of this town all going see this, but she knew that all over Equestria similar stories would be run and circulating about. The cobalt alicorn bowed her head in shame. She was no longer royalty, she was beginning to understand all that her punishment entailed as she turned and began a slow trot back to the cart.

“Princess?” the mare called out to her from her ticket booth prompting Luna to turn.

“Call me Luna,” she said as she turned back and approached the cart. She had never pulled a cart, but the contraption seemed simple enough. She lowered the head as the train attendant had done and slipped her head in yolk. She felt a sharp pain on the top of her scalp as she felt her mane get tangled in the harness, but it was manageable and she would concern herself with the tangle later. She lifted the cart up finding it not that heavy after all and began to trot, making her way off of the train station platform.

“Luna?” The mare called out again, “good luck to you.”

Cherilee sat at her desk in the quiet silence of her classroom, now that the school day was over the only noise coming from the clock on the wall as it rhythmically ticked away the seconds as she read over, corrected and graded essays from her students that she had assigned them from the night before. Things had become a bit more routine for the magenta colored earth pony as the weeks passed and the memory of that terrible night drifted out of her young student’s minds. Cherilee paused as she closed her eyes and covered them with her fore hooves for a moment as her mind flashed with images of that night. She had been there, and heard the hurtful things said and felt the fear and anger they had all felt when they weren’t allowed into Canterlot. She felt her pulse quicken ever so slightly as her body remembered the heat from the fire spell that had been casted in her direction and exploded not ten feet from her. Her ears hurt as they recalled the sounds of the screams as they all galloped away for their very lives. She shivered as she pleaded with her mind to block the memory of that night. What did they call it? ‘The Slaughter at the Gates’? When school had resumed, there were so many hard questions for her, some she couldn’t answer…some she wouldn’t answer. Snips, Snails, Dinky, and Sweetie Belle had been constantly picked on, and shoved around at recess to the point that Cherilee had to supervise them the entire time. However, as time went on the children stopped their behavior and soon things were back to normal.

She dropped her hooves and opened her eyes to see a pair of bright blue eyes staring angrily at her.

Well...Almost everything.

“Diamond Tiara,” Cherilee began,   “Do you know why you’re here?”

“Yes,” the small pink filly responded curtly.

“Young lady, this is the seventh detention I have had to give you,” Cherilee sighed. “You haven’t been doing your homework, you don’t participate in class, and your behavior toward certain individuals in our class has been atrocious.”

“You mean the spikers?”

“DIAMOND TIARA!” Cherliee shouted, however the filly sat un-phased by her tone. “Young lady I will not have that language out of you in my classroom do you understand?”

“No Miss Cherilee, I don’t understand!” The pink filly shouted back slamming her fore hooves on her desk. “Could you explain it to me?! Then could you explain why my daddy won’t be at home?! Why I sleep in an empty house!?” Suddenly, Diamond Tiara’s eyes began to water. Cherilee had never seen this pink filly cry before. She had always seen her as somewhat of spoiled brat and a bully, but everyone knew what had happened to her that day. “Why don’t you teach us why we were not allowed in?! I don’t care anymore! My stepmother is coming from Las Pegasus to take me from this one horse town so I’ll never have to see these filthy spikers!” Diamond Tiara’s head lowered and Cherilee caught sight of tears falling to her desk in the light that shone through the window and quickly rose from her desk, moved to the filly's side and wrapped a fore hoof around her. Diamond Tiara hugged her tightly and buried her head into her chest. “Why?! Why did they kill him?! He didn’t do anything wrong! They took him from me! I want him back!” she sobbed loudly as her teacher began to rock her gently as she hushed her softly, whispering that everything would be alright and other beautiful lies.

As Luna pulled the cart down the simple dirt road, she found herself to be quite the spectacle. She was certain that they had never seen an alicorn pulling a cart before, her size didn’t help either, as she stood taller than most stallions, which immediately drew the stares of everypony she passed. She did her best to ignore them, but found it impossible to avoid the nervous glances of the town folk, and the hushed whispers as she passed unnerved her. She admitted that at least they all had smiles on their faces, nervous smiles and often kneeled unknowingly, not sure what to make of the once proud princess. It was a far cry better than the harsh gossip of Canterlot but she still knew that fitting in would be hard. She tried to focus on other things to block out the inquisitive stares and mumblings of the Ponyville populace. She took in the fresh country air. It smelled sweetly of apples, she presumed from Sweet Apple Acres, and a hint of freshly baked goods from the various vendors of the town. The soft dirt was a welcome feeling under her hooves; she had not trode upon it without her ornate horseshoes in so long she had forgotten its texture. She closed her eyes, and listened to hear the birds chirping their loud happy songs and with a deep breath she felt a sense of ease wash over her. It was in that moment, she thought for the first time that she, if she tried, might be all right.

“GIVE IT BACK!!” a shrill cry ripped through the peaceful scene. Luna opened her eyes and turned towards the source. It had come from her left, and the she spied a bend in the road that headed in that direction so she turned from her course to investigate. As she proceeded down it, the sounds of laughter could be heard along with scuffling and eventually the path opened into a wide field and Luna quickly gritted her teeth at the situation that unfolded before her.

Three pegasus, stallions or close to, hovered in the air, tossing a football amongst themselves, had surrounded a small pale white colt with dark hair who zipped around futilely trying to snatch it.

“MY BROTHER GAVE ME THAT! IT’S MINE! GIVE IT BACK!” the young colt demanded, his cries however where met with cruel laughter and jeering.

“Hear that guys? ThunderLAME gave him this!” a light brown pegasus shouted as he tossed the ball; he sported three basketballs for a cutie mark and his brown hair covered his eyes.

“If that’s the case we should pop it right here!” the recipient shouted as he passed it off; his coat was dark brown and his blonde bangs hung sloppily across his face, he had dumbbell with weights as a Cutie-mark.

“Yeah, and if you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll get a ball from a REAL player,” The last one said as he caught it and held it high above his head, pushing the young Pegasus down with his free hoof. Three footballs adorned his flank. “A player like me!”

“MY BROTHER WOULD RUN RIGHT THROUGH YOU!” The colt yelled flapping as hard as he could to get around him, however the bully shoved hard and knocked him off balance, sending him tumbling to the ground. He quickly pushed himself up and yelled back up to him. “You’re not even half the pony Thunderlane is! He played in the Earth Pony league! You know with the REAL stallions! But you wouldn’t know about that, would you Score? You play soft cloud filly-ball!”

“What was that!?” The one called Score barked as he landed hard on the ground in front of the young colt.

“I said, you must feel good beating teams with mares on them!” the colt shouted defiantly. His bravado was met with violence as Score shoved him down hard into the dirt and stepped on him, putting his weight on his chest preventing him from getting up.

“ENOUGH!” Luna yelled with commanding volume, “I order you ruffians to return the ball and you all go home immediately!”

All four the pegasus stopped and turned their attention to her, the young colt dropped to all four legs and crouched in submission at her loud tone, but the larger ones stood tall and sneered at her.

“Look what we got here Dumb Bell,” Score said addressing the one with weights for a cutie mark, “Looks like someone forgot they’re not a Princess anymore!”

“Yeah,” The one with a basketballs for a cutiemark chimed in, “someone forgot their not a Princess anym-“

“Shut up hoops!” Score scowled.

“I have not forgotten,” Luna growled angrily as her horn began to glow. “Perhaps you have forgotten the power an alicorn, princess or not, possesses!”  

“What are you gonna do?” Score snapped back nervously as his friends began to cower. “Use your freaky magic like you did at the gates!”

Luna quickly registered what he said and her mind flooded with thoughts of the fallout of her using magic to fight these punks. Despite them deserving it, she knew that she would not be able to avoid the wave of hate and discontent that all of Equestria would surely direct her way. She repressed her power and stared angrily at them. “You think I need magic to deal with you?! I assure that I-“ She an attempt to remove the yolk from her neck but felt a sharp tug in her hair. “I assure you that I- Hrrg!” She attempted to yank her head out from the yolk but found her hair was more tangled than she thought. She planted her fore hooves, lowered her head and neck and pulled with all her might, but her hair would not come free.

“Hey look guys,” Score mocked realizing she wouldn’t use her magic, “maybe she just wanted out of Canterlot to find herself a stallion!”

Luna was puzzled by this comment, until she realized that she had raised her flank high in the air in her attempts to free herself from the yolk and quickly turned a bright shade of red before gritting her teeth angrily and continuing her struggle to free herself.

“GIVE IT BACK!” the young colt yelled again. Score, having been pre-occupied with Luna, had lowered the ball within reach and he latched on to it and tried to wrest it from his grasp.

“Why you little!” Score shouted surprised as he whipped his arm around shaking the pegasus off. He turned around and began to advance on him, dropped the football and with left hoof, hoisted him high into the air as he cocked back his right hoof. “You’re dead meat!”

“So let me get this straight,” a cocky voice called out from above them that drew everyone’s attention up to the sky. “You got tired of playing football on those soft clouds with fillies and mares and you graduated to beating up my little brother Rumble? A colt half your size? Can’t say that I’m impressed, or that I’m surprised.”

“Thunderlane!” the colt called out as his eyes filled with wonder and admiration.

“The one and only,” the new pegasus announced as he landed in front of Score. He sported a silver and blue striped mane cut into a stylish mohawk, his coat was the same color of a dark, angry, storm cloud, his eyes and intense amber hue. He had arrived with a grin on his face but as he neared score his demeanor quickly turned serious. “Put him down.”

“Hmph,” Score snarled as he dropped the colt and faced Thunderlane. “What are you doing here? I thought you were busy failing out of the academy.”

“Thought I’d take a day off, looks like I’m gonna be working after all, hope you can afford my bill. It’s not gonna be cheap to re-arrange that ugly face of yours.” Thunderlane threatened as he rose to his hind legs and raised his fore hooves to box.

“Oh yeah,” Score said, rising up as well, while his friends gathered around menacingly. “There’s three of us and one of you! What do you think you gonna do?”

“I’m about to knock you into next week Score,” Thunderlane said with a smile.

“Really? I’d like to see yo-“ Score was cut short of his bragging as strong right hoof caught his snout. Thunderlane had fired a fast right cross at him that caught him by surprise and knocked him over onto his back side and immediately his friends jumped back shocked that their ring leader was laid out so quickly. “OW! CHEAP SHOT! THAT WAS A CHEAP SHOT!”

“Oh? You weren’t ready? I thought you were ready,” Thunderlane mocked.

Score scrambled to his feet and wiped his nose with his fore hoof and saw his coat was stained with blood before shooting an icy stare at him. “You’re lucky I got a scholarship to play for the Crystal Empire Thunderlane, I’m not gonna ruin my chances fighting a cart puller like you!” he shouted taking to the air and beginning to fly away with his friends in tow.

“They hand out scholarships for getting knocked on your flank and running away like scared little school filly?” Thunderlane teased as he relaxed his stance.

Score didn’t respond as he and his posse took off and made their way back to Cloudsdale.

Once out of sight, Rumble flew up to his brother and hugged him tightly, which Thunderlane responded by wrapping one of his fore hooves around him.

“Thunderlane! You’re back from the academy!” he shouted happily.

“Yep,” he confirmed.

“Did you make it? Are you gonna be a Wonderbolt?”

“Maybe, I passed the school. If they have any openings in the future they said they will send a letter,” he explained.

“I know you’ll be one! You’re the best there is, I bet you where the best lead pony in the whole academy!”

“Yeah,” Thunderlane said, his voice waivered slightly. “And look what I brought you!” The dark Pegasus produced a silver badge and offered it to his little brother.

“Whoa…” Rumble said as his eyes widened. “A real wingpony badge!” Rumble snatched it and and hugged it tightly before sticking it on his chest.

“Of course, and who better have it than the best wingpony ever!” Thunderlane hooked his brother by the neck and proceeded to give him a noogie, prompting the colt to start giggling while struggling to get free.

“That was a very admirable thing you did,” Luna commented as she smiled at the two brothers.

“Yeah I’m pretty aweso-Whoa! Your Highness!” Thunderlane shouted as he turned and noticed who he was in the presence of and dropped to courteous bow.

“You do not need to bow to me, nor call me Princess,” Luna said pleasantly, causing him to raise up and stare at her. “I am…one of you now.”

“Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that,” Thunderlane recalled, confirming Luna’s suspicion that all of Equestria probably knew by now. “Umm, so what brings you to Ponyville Prin-…er,”

“Just call me Luna.”

“Uh, sure…So…Umm…What brings you to Ponyville Luna?”

“My sister, the Princess Celestia, had made arrangements for me to take residence here. Until things are finalized, I will be staying with a friend.”

“Really? Hey, you know you got your mane stuck?” Thunderlane noticed as he pointed with his fore hoof to the snarl that had trapped her.

“Yes,” Luna blushed, “I will admit I’m not used to putting on a yolk and this is the result of my inexperience.”

“Well we can fix that,” he said as he moved next to her and lifted the yolk from her neck, freeing tension as Rumble flew over and began to unravel the knot until her star filled mane was free and the she was able to slip out from under the yolk.

“You have my gratitude, er, it was Thunderlane wasn’t it?”

“Yep, and this is Rumble, my little brother.”

“Well thank you very much, and my thanks to you Rumble, I will admit you two are the nicest ponies I’ve met since I left the train. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the library? I will be staying with a good acquaintance of mine, Twilight Sparkle.”

“We can do better than that Princess,” Rumble said energetically, forgetting that she no longer held the title. “Right Thunderlane?”

“Sure thing,” Thunderlane said slipping under the yolk, “we’ll take you there.”

Luna begins her new life in Ponyville and meets Thunderlane and his little brother Rumble who agree to show her to Twilight's library.

Cherilee struggles to deal with struggling Diamond Tiara as she deals with loss of her father.

MLP belongs to Hasbro

Chapter art was provided by the very talented ~SoulEaterSaku90 Go check out his page and Fav his work!
Full chapter image can be found here

Hey everybody, so quick run down, this is a direct continuation of A New Dawn which can be found here…. So if you haven't read it you might be a tad lost. This is Sonic/MLP cross over. The purpose of The simple life is to show the events between A New Dawn and it's sequel. As well as give our characters a chance to live normal lives for a little bit.

Sorry for this one being a tad short, I've been having a very hectic life lately.

Please leave your comments and I will try and respond to them as soon as possible!
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Third Person P.O.V

Imagine this setting: We skim above a dark, wild ocean. Then we turn towards a lone island, its name, Berk. It is a gigantic shard of rock jutting straight out of the water. Our sight gazes over rolling hills to reveal a small village nestled on an outcropping of sea mounts.

Hiccup's P.O.V

This is Berk. Its twelve days North of hopeless and a few Degrees South of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery.

My village. In a word, sturdy. And it's been here for seven generations, but every single building is new.

We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. You see, most places have mice or mosquitos. We have...

I pull my wooden, splintering door wide open, and then slam it shut almost as quickly as I opened it. I lean against it as fire shoots through the slats of wood; I try my best to ignore how the wood is now going from warm to burning hot. I am certain that the fire is illuminating my gangly teenage figure, but I also ignore that. I can only find myself to say one thing, although however obvious it is and how used to it by now I should be.

"… Dragons!" I gasp.

I turn around and reopen the-now-sizzling, and leap of my front porch. I begin my run to my destination, weaving through the erupting mayhem as more and more of my fellow Vikings pour out of ever near-by building in every direction, ready for a fight. More dragons swarm in, setting rooftops alight and hauling off sheep.

I continue my run, and see the damage being brought upon Berk. I know what you're thinking. Yes, most people would leave. Not us. We're Vikings. We have stubbornness issues Vikings sound the alarm.

I see more and more Viking men and women pour out into the streets, axes in hand.

I dart through alleys, staying under eaves, making my way through the battle as best as I can.

Oh, well. I guess if you are going to be stuck in my head, with access to my entire thoughts, my utmost secret and most personal thoughts, introductions are in order.

My name's Hiccup. Great name, I know. But it's not the worst. Viking parents believe a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and our… charming (notice the sarcasm? Good) Viking demeanour wouldn't do that.

I see more dragons sweep back and forth, dodging axes and blasting the Vikings who throw them. A burly warrior gets tossed in an explosion, knocking me to the ground.

The Viking looks at me and shouts, "Arggghhhh!" in a way that sounds cheery yet insane then grins at me, even with a smouldering beard, "Mornin'!" I get back on my feet and continue to rush past gigantic men and women, many battling one another.

Confused? Sorry, I should have told you this earlier. Lately, dragons haven't been our only… Pests. You see-

"Gah!" I exclaim as I dodge an axe heading Thor-knows-where.

-You see, lately, we Vikings have been in a bit of a… Scrap, as we Vikings refer to it, between both dragons and the-

"FOR SCOTLAND!" A big, burly, bright red-headed man kitted out in full amour, screamed and charged far off in the distance.

The Scottish. If you haven't figured that out already. I must say, they're putting up an amazing fight against the Vikings… Uh, just don't tell anyone that I said that, I don't want to be disowned, and you have absolutely no idea how much my father and my entire village want to do that already!

I mean who do you know that would take a medium length teenaged boy with scraggily dark auburn hair and murky green eyes, shorter than basically every kind of your usual Viking, but is also far from muscular and is weak compared to the other Viking teens in his class and age group if he told you he was a Viking?

That's what I thought.

I come out of my thought-world just in time to not get my arm lobbed off.

Time to meet the neighbours…

First off, you have Hoark the Haggard...

"What are you doing out!?" He screams at me.

... Then you have Burnthair the Broad...

"Get inside, you foolish boy!" He shouts at me as he goes into battle with a Scotsman and a dragon

...And, lastly, Phlegma the Fierce...

"Get back inside!" She shrieks and then changes it to a battle cry and tackles a dragon-a Gronkle, I think-to the ground.

"Ack" I cough as I breathe in smoke from a near-by burning building.

I pass a lone Viking, picking at his ear.

"Ack… Just…Ack" I say again, but with a more disgusted tone this time.

… Enter Stoick, the biggest Viking of all. He yanked me from the path of a strafing dragon and holds aloft to the crowd.

He glowers at me. What are you doing out?! Get inside, now!" The flames light up his scowling face and matted red beard. He sets me back down and turns to the sky, searching; searching for dragons.

That's Stoick the Vast. He is the Chief of the tribe. They say that when he was a baby he popped a dragon's head clean off of its shoulders.

Do I believe it?

As I think this, Stoick grabs a wooden cart and hurls it, knocking the strafing dragon out of the sky.

Yes, yes I do.

An explosion forces Vikings to duck. But Stoick stands firm, brushing flaming debris off of his shoulder.

"What have we got?" He barks at his men

"We haveGronkles, Nadders and Zipplebacks. Oh and Hoark saw a MonstrousNightmare." One man informs him. Stoick nods stiffly.

He pauses, and then asks a question. "Any Night Furies?"

The same man gulps, but answers. "None so far."

"Good" he says, obviously relived

"Hoist the torches!" Another Viking shouts.

I take a look at a scene… Massive flaming braziers are raised on poles, lighting up the night sky... and revealing swirling dragons of all types. But below, I cross an open plaza and duck into an open building with a tall chimney. Also known as Gobber's Blacksmith Stall.

"Ah! Nice of you to join the party. I thought you'd been carried off." Gobber greets me as I put on a leather apron and started to put away Gobber's scattered appendages.

"Who? Me? Nah, come on! I'm way toomuscular for their taste. Theywouldn't know what to do with allthis."I strike a pose similar to the older teenage boys (that actually have muscles)when they're trying to impress a girl.

"They need toothpicks, don't they?" He beings to grin a me as I get to work, transferring bent and chipped weapons to the forge as Vikings crowd the counter for replacements.

The meathead with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. I've been his apprentice ever since I was little. Well...little-er.

"We move to the lower defences. We'll counter-attack with the catapults." I hear Stoick command.

Armed men rush past, flanking others who carry sheep to safety. Stoick follows up the rear as, overhead; a dragon strafes the rooftops with Napalm-like fire.

See? Like I said. Old village. Lots and lotsof new houses.

A near-by Viking shouts his command. "FIRE!"

In response, the fire brigade charges through the plaza-four teenagers, tugging a large wooden cask on wheels. From it, they fill buckets of water to douse the flames. One among them is a cute, energetic Viking girl. I can't help but lean out of the stall to watch her.

Oh, the other four are Fishlegs, Snotlout. The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. And...


Even when I just think her name, it sounds dreamy.

An explosion erupts behind her, although it seems to be in slow-motion (as does Astrid) framing her in a ball of fire. The others join her, looking awesome and heroic.

Their job is so much cooler.I try to join them as they pass, but I am instead hooked by Gobber and hoisted back inside.

"Ah, come on. Let me out, please. I need to make my mark." I plead.

"Oh, you've made plenty of marks. All in the wrong places." He retorts, laughing.

"Please, two minutes. I'll kill a dragon. My life will get infinitely better. I might even get a date!"

"You can't lift a hammer. You can't swing an axe..." Gobber grabs a bola (which are iron balls connected by rope), "... you can't even throw one of these.

A Viking runs by and nabs it out of Gobber's hand, hurling it at a dive-bombing Gronkle. The bola binds its legs, sending it into a heavy crash.

I was ready with my answer. "Okay fine, but..." I rush to the back corner of the stall and present bizarre, wheel barrow-like contraption, "... this will throw it for me."

I open the hinged lid of the device. An arm springs up, equipped with twin bows. They prematurely launch a bola, narrowly missing Gobber... and taking out a Viking at the counter.

"Arggh!" The Viking growls.

"See, now this right here is what I'm talking about." Gobber sighs and sounds slightly irritated as he talks to me.

"Mild calibration issue." I try to use as an excuse.

"Hiccup. If you ever want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all..." He gestures in my general direction. "... This." He finishes.

"But... you just pointed to all of me." I say, astonished.

"Yes! That's it! Stop being all of you." He exclaims

"Ohhhhh…" I let the word drawl on, in as much of a threatening way as I can muster.

"Ohhhhh, yes." Gobber mimics.

"You, sir," I say in a warning-like tone. "Are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much, raw...Vikingness contained!" Gobber looks bored at my speech. "There will be consequences!"

Gobber tosses me a sword.

"I'll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now." He says in a monotone. I take it begrudgingly and lob it onto the grinding wheel. He stews... Whilst fantasizing...

One day I'll get out there. Because killing a dragon is everything around here.

I look out of the window, my gaze falling upon the lower plains of the land where Nadders land, gathering like seagulls around a seemingly vacant house.

A Nadder head is sure to get me at least noticed.

Elsewhere, hippo-like Gronckles pick drying racks clean of fish and fly off like loaded pelicans.

Gronckles are tough. Taking down one of those would definitely get me a girlfriend.

A stealthy, snake-like dragon head peeks over a rooftop, breathing gas into a chimney.

A Zippelback? Exotic, exciting. Two heads, twice the status.

A second head pokes through the door and lights it.


The two heads fly through the explosion, their necks zipping together to reveal a single body. It flies past Stoick as he climbs to the top of a catapult

I hear the catapult operator shout off in the distance. "Fire!"

Boulders are catapulted at the corralling Nadders... Just as a huge red dragon whips past, spraying the base of the catapult with sticky fire.

And then there's the Monstrous Nightmare. Only the best Vikings go after those. They have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire. It emerges from the flames, climbing the catapult with a leering, toothy grin.

"Reload! I'll take care of this." Stoick shouts amongst the chaos. He chucks a sword to a near-by warrior, who is being taken on by a Scotsman.

Stoick takes on the Nightmare, face to hammer.

Suddenly, a loud ballistic moaning streak overhead. The catapult crew ducks.

I look up from work, reacting to the sound.

… But the ultimate prize is the dragon no one has ever seen. We call it the-

"Night Fury! Get down!" A warrior shouts above the noise.

Vikings everywhere take shelter. The moaning sound builds up and goes higher in octaves.

The Monstrous Nightmare suddenly stops fighting and takes. Stoick looks skyward.

"JUMP!" He screams.


The Catapult explodes as though hit by an artillery shell... sending Stoick and the crew leaping for their lives.

This thing never steals food, never shows itself, and...

The sound recedes, leaving the crippled catapult in flames.

...never misses.

No one has ever killed a Night. That's why I'm going to be the first.

All that is happening out there whilst I am stuck in this stall.

Gobber trades his hammer for an axe.

"Man the fort, Hiccup, they need me out there!" Gobber pauses. Turns with a threatening glare. "Stay… Put… Uh… There. You know what I mean."

Gobber charges into the fray, hollering like a maniac.

A smirk crosses my face.
A/N: I hope you enjoy this Crossover story. Just a few things that you should know to understand the story more:

1)Merida and Hiccup are both fourteen.

2)The events of 'Brave' have already happened

3)Although, yes, Hiccup's crush on Astrid still happens at the beginning, Mericcup shall be the main couple, although it shall only be friendship at the beginning.

Here is the link to the Second Chapter: [link]

Third Chapter: [link]

Fourth Chapter: [link]

Here is the Full Summary:
'The Vikings at war with not just Dragons, but the Scottish as well! But the dragons become too much, so the Scots and Vikings decide to make a temporary truce so the Vikings and Scottish may battle the Dragons as one, which needs to be agreed by the Tribes Chief and the King and Queen of Scotland, who will bring their four children with them. Upon meeting, Merida and Hiccup befriend each other almost immediately and both help go on to help train Toothless, and will both go on the journey to protect the dragons, themselves and might just feel a spark between each other as they do so...'

Disclaimer: HELLO! I. Am. A. Mericcup shipper! Is a Disclaimer really necessary?

Read, Enjoy, Comment and Favourite :D
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