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Star Trek Voyager
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Stamp for fans of the animated series STAR-TREK
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My second stamp for fans of the new Star Trek film. This shows Captain James T. Kirk, with Uhura and Spock behind him.

My first stamp can be found here: [link]
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Stamp for the new Khan, Benedict Cumberbatch.…
"My name... is Gay Khan."

(before you complain James Dreyfus is an openly gay actor.)
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Stamp for supporting both Khans: Ricardo Montalbahn and Benedict Cumberbatch. I like them both, both are such different performances, Ricardo's is so suave and dominating, and Benedict's is so dark and sinister. I'm sort of on the fence with regards to old vs. new, I'm hoping though that this stamp will attract a few like-minded people if there are any.

The only problem with the new Khan is, why is he suddenly a white, British looking guy? On my recent journal, I talked about the "He had a facelift" theory and a photo-manip I found where someone gave him dark skin and a red shirt.

And according to Bob Orci, "it became uncomfortable for me to support demonizing anyone of color, particularly any one of middle eastern descent or anyone evoking that. One of the points of the movie is that we must be careful about the villain within US, not some other race."

[The] "true essence" [of Khan's character was] "that he was a genetically engineered superman," "not where he was from or the color of his skin."

In response to a question asking whether Khan's appearance was "cosmetically altered to avoid detection", Orci said that the theory was an

In response to the idea that Khan's appearance was altered using cosmetic surgery in order to avoid detection, Orci's response was "Interesting idea. Could be." So maybe that's his way of saying "We'll get back to you on that."

As far as changing features goes, all he's said so far is "uhm…. one of his abilities is that he is a shape shifter?"

All this comes from Memory Alpha and the comments on So make of it what you will.

The two images I chose have a similar background color, and angle of the face. So I thought they'd look good side-by-side sorta, with a little photoshopping.

Also, I liked Spock's "KHAAAAAAAAN!" line better than Kirk's. It made more sense dramatically, and you really felt for him. It turned out later Kirk was faking it so Khan would think the Enterprise was a bust. It feels like something that's meant to be taken as a joke, like anything Christopher Walken says.

I wonder what a conversation between the two of them would be like?
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Slightly bigger than a normal stamp. ^^; But I couldn't resize the image right without it looking squished.

So yes. Whether you support Wally and Kyle as comrades, friends, or lovers (heck, maybe even all three), here is a stamp for you!

Picture is from Justice League: Tower of Babel.
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Hey, guys, Fireemblemspider here.

Superheroes have been around for about 70 years, but recently with the thanks of Hollywood, they’ve become a worldwide phenomenon. Yes, they’ve always been popular but never quite like now days. In fact there was even a time where Superheroes might go the way of the dinosaurs.

But thanks to movies like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Iron Man, Avengers and others, they continue to thrive.

And if you know anything about me, you already know who my favorite superhero is. … Wait? You don’t? He’s got red and blue on his costume… No, it’s not Superman… He’s a teenager. … No it’s not Robin. You’re straying away from the red and blue costume here. …No it’s not teenage Superman.


Spider-Man has been my hero ever since I was a child, for good reason. With almost every problem I’ve ever faced in life, I look to Spider-Man for inspiration, because he goes through the exact same problems. Okay, minus the super villains trying to kill me, but you get the idea.

Not popular at school, worrying about parents that are getting older, can’t get a date to save my life. The list goes on.

Like many people, it’s easy to relate to the character’s problems. He also was an inspiration to me because of his optimistic personality. He always had a quick quip or joke to say and always kept a positive attitude. Okay, not always, but most of the time.

But I’m not here to talk about Spider-Man.

That’s right. I’m here to talk about 10 other superheroes. Regardless of Spider-Man being my top hero, I do like other superheroes. There are some great characters and I think they should all be recognized.

Besides, you guys don’t want to listen to me ramble about Spider-Man anyway. So, this is the top 10 Superheroes that are not Spider-Man. (Or Scarlet Spider in case any of you were wondering)

Number 10: Hellboy

The greatest paranormal investigator of the BPRD and the world. Born in the fires of Hell, he was summoned to Earth by Nazi’s in World War II to bring about the end of the world. However, instead of ending up with Rasputin, the man aiding the Nazi’s summoning of a demonic spirit, he was found by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who taught him a sense of right and wrong. Since then, he has become the top agent of BPRD, battle paranormal threats against humanity. However, events would cause him to leave the bureau and strike out on his own.

He’s incredibly strong and durable. He also is constantly in his physical prime. He has an array of charms and holy relics to fight off supernatural forces, an oversized revolver (despite the fact that he’s a lousy shot,) and of course his right hand.

His right hand is a virtually indestructible weapon attach to his arm that he can use as a shield or as a club. However, it is also used by many of his enemies as a tool to destroy the world.

His badass attitude, sense of humor, and interesting stories keep in the top 10 list. And it doesn’t hurt to have Ron Perlman as his movie and voice actor.

Number 9: The Flash
The fastest man alive has had more people with the same name then the green lanterns. I will be using the Wally West version, because I am the most familiar with him. Though it should be noted I also do like Barry Allen.

Starting out as Kid Flash, Wally became Barry’s sidekick and partner. However, after the death of Barry during the Crisis storyline, Wally took up the mantle of the mentor.

The Flash’s naïve and optimistic personally really shows when he’s in the Justice League. He’s funny, heroic, and let’s face it, if we had his power’s we’d be able to do everything in the day we wanted.

As you might have already deduced, his powers are to move at hypersonic speeds, though to a lesser extend then Barry. It wasn’t until the introduction of the Speed-Force that this Flash was capable of more miraculous feats.

The Speed-Force is what gives most speedsters in the DC universe their power and Wally is basically the mainline of that power, which allows him to accomplish more than any other Flash, such as making a costume out of pure speed force. (Make sense… I guess?)

Regardless of the weird powers, his personality, clever wit, powers and naiveté are what give him a spot as number 9.

Number 8: The Green Lantern

One of DC’s most powerful heroes, Hal Jordan, the second and most well known Green Lantern.

While running a flight simulator, Hal Jordan was swept up by a powerful green energy which sent him to the alien warrior, Abin Sur. Sur revealed to Jordan that he had been chosen by the power ring to become his successor for his ability to overcome fear and having a sense of honor and justice.

Jordan was then transported to the planet Oa, where he was trained to use his newfound powers.

His powers are nearly limitless, controlled through his willpower. It translates almost any language; protects the welder from the vacuum of space, allows the user to fly, and allows the user to move through hyperspace speeds without damaging the body.

The ring has the ability to create constructs, which are only limited by the welder’s imagination. As for the ring itself it doesn’t seem to have any limitations of any kind. And has said to be the most powerful weapon in the DC universe.

However it seems to have two major flaws, its battery life and the color yellow. What I mean by yellow is that in the DC universe yellow is the color that represents the power of fear. Fear is the ultimate enemy of will, which is what the Green Lantern’s power is derived from. No will, no power.

A lantern can ultimately overcome fear by facing it, which in turn powers the ring. For the battery life, a lantern simply needs to place their ring within a certain range of their lantern battery and say the sacred Green Lantern oath.

And if you don’t know it by now, look it up.

I think the reason I like the Green Lantern so much is not for the character, although don’t get me wrong, Hal is a good character. But I think it’s more of the concept. The fact that anyone can be a Green Lantern. I could be a Green Lantern (though that’s highly unlikely since I’m afraid of the dark), you could be a Green Lantern, and it wouldn’t take a lot to figure out.

Doesn’t mean that anybody should be a Green Lantern, but that does make crossovers with a character becoming a Green Lantern a bit easier to believe. Am I saying you should? No. But it is really fun watching a character become a lantern.

This is why he’s number 8 on the list. Not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless.

Number 7: The Black Panther
The ruler of Wakanda himself, T’Challa. Now admittedly, I knew nothing about this character for many years. Which is unfortunate since he is now one of my favorite Avengers characters.

I had seen him in the direct to DVD Ultimate Avengers 2, but didn’t give him much thought. It wasn’t until Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that I began to see how cool T’Challa really was.

The king of Wakanda traveled outside his isolated country to team up with some of the greatest teams of superheroes in the world.

Thanks to their isolation and being the only country with access to a super rare alloy known as vibranium, the Black Panther has incredible technology and weapons at his beck and call.

With the help of the heart shaped herb of Wakanda, the Black Panther’s senses become heightened to superhuman levels. His strength, speed, agility and endurance are all at the levels of an Olympic-athlete. He has also mastered several styles of martial arts and has gone toe-to-toe with Captain America.

Not only is he an incredible fighter, he is also a genius in strategy, science and politics. In fact he’s so smart, he even gives Tony Stark a run for his money. (And that’s a feat in itself)

He’s silent, calm, strong, intelligent, and always one-step ahead of his opponent. After watching the show, I kind of think of him as the Marvel version of Batman. Not just his mannerism, but also his resourcefulness and his ability to be the team’s tactician alongside such heroes as Iron Man and Captain America. This has earned him a spot as my number 7.

Number 6: Batgirl

The kick ass girl of the Bat-family and daughter to Police Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon.

Barbara was a character introduced as a sidekick to the Batman. While she wasn’t the first Bat-woman to be seen in comics or other media, she was most certainly the most popular. While the other Bat-women were either seen as love interests or damsels to be rescued by the Dark Knight, Barbara was anything but. She was a self-sufficient, capable hero who was able to keep up with DC’s best.

She has been able to outwit and out maneuver several of Batman’s greatest enemies, sometimes single-handedly.

However, the Joker, who paralyzed her from the waist down with a gunshot wound, ended her life as Batgirl. He then raped her and forced her father to watch the images.

However, despite now being bound to a wheelchair, Barbara refused to be useless. Instead, using the knowledge of computers, science, mathematics, hacking and more, she became the hero known as Oracle, who would be the information broker for Task Force X, the Justice League, the Birds of Prey, and even the Dark Knight himself.

Despite just sitting in front of a computer screen, she is seen capable of sometimes changing the entire course of the DC universe, in which the world would have crumbled to nothing if not for her. Hell, she’s smart enough to hack into Lex Luthor’s computer systems. If that’s not badass, I don’t know what is.

However, now recent events have cured Barbara of her paralysis, and she has once again dawned the mantel of Batgirl. Now this has caused a lot of controversy between fans as to who is more useful Oracle or Batgirl and I completely understand why.

On the Batgirl side, you have the fact that’s she not just sitting at a computer anymore. She is out there in the field, doing the things that you’d expect Batman to be doing. She’s fighting the good fight like she was always meant to. Saying that the wheelchair doesn’t make her the woman is supposed to be. She was always that person. But now she can be more active and more involved with the world around her.

On the Oracle side, you have a handicapped character that has chosen to not let her disability stop her from doing a job and doing it incredibly well. She has chosen to still fight for justice in anyway that she can. She became the most popular wheelchair bound character since Professor X for her ability to never give up despite everything that has happened to her.

Now I personally don’t care which side you prefer, because I love them both and I’ll continue to love them both. Because I love Barbara Gordon the character. She’s strong, independent, smart, resourceful, just, and always full of compassion for those who need it. There have been many Batgirls’ in the past, but none of them come close to Barbara Gordon.

Number 5: Rorschach

Rorschach is one of the most interesting characters in the Watchman story.

A masked vigilante who believes in moral absolutism, that good and evil has no shades of gray. This drives him to seek out and punish wrongdoers, something severely.

After failing to rescue a young girl, he decided that he had become too merciful on the criminal underworld and decided he needed to go the extra distance to make sure criminal’s paid for their crimes.

He is noted as being the smallest character of the cast, but he always has the largest presence. The story seems to become more when he’s in a scene. Mostly due to him being the only active member of the former superhero team.

Like most of the Watchman characters, he has no superpowers. However, he is extremely athletic, a skillful unharmed combatant, and resourceful. He is also shown to be incredibly stoic, example being when he trudged through the artic with nothing but a trench coat.

Many of the characters in the story declare him as psychotic. And I’d say, yes. He’s psychotic. He thinks of himself as Rorschach and only Rorschach. Has an extreme moral, uncompromising policy and kills the bad guys in some of the most brutal ways.

Despite this, he is extremely intelligent and his metal state makes him unpredictable, which can be his advantage. He is also a clever detective.

When most fans think of the Watchman, most people would talk about Rorschach. He’s definitely a strong enough character to make it on his own. He’s a psychopath, he’s brutal and he’s by far the most interesting character the series had to offer. By the way, Jackie Ernie Haley’s performance as Rorschach was awesome and about 50% percent of the reason why he is number 5.

Number 4: The Thing

It’s clobbering time! Ben Grimm of the famous Fantastic Four was once a normal guy who was roommates with the genius Reed Richards, who would later become Mister Fantastic.

During a test flight of Reed’s new rocket ship, along with Sue Storm and her brother, Johnny. The four are exposed to a powerful blast of cosmic rays. After an emergency landing, the group discovers that each of them was given unique powers that they can control. All except for Ben.

He becomes a giant, rocky monster who can’t change back to a normal human. This causes Ben to become wrought with depression. Reed promises to find a way to cure him of his change, until then Ben decides to call himself the Thing.

During his wait, he meets a blind sculptress by the name of Alicia Masters, who has taken a liking to Ben despite his rocky appearance. This causes him to weigh the choice between being normal and being able to walk around without people freaking out or chose to remain the monster Alicia fell in love with.

He has proven himself time and again as a valued member of the team. He has incredible strength, durability and resistance. He is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and pilot.

The thing I like about well… The Thing is that he is such a sad character. Look I don’t mean that he’s a pathetic character, I mean, he’s a vulnerable character.

Like the Hulk, he does have a monstrous appearance and people get the wrong idea that, he’s the bad guy. But unlike the Hulk, the Thing is not a separate entity. The Thing is still Ben Grimm. Which means, he still has the longing to be normal like Bruce Banner, but he constantly is looked at as a monster because he always looks like one.

Despite looking like a monster, Ben never loses his personality, which is a very protective if not temperamental big brother. He was the original tough guy with the heart of Gold and still one, if not, the most popular Fantastic Four members of all. And that’s why number 4 will belong to the ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing.

Number 3: Thor

The Viking god of Thunder, strength, healing and oak trees! Yes, I got that from Death battle, so sue me.

Thor is one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe and one of the most powerful. However he is also one of the most arrogant. On Asgard, Thor was prideful to the point that his father needed to teach Thor a lesson in humility. So Odin, Thor’s father, created a mortal body for Thor to grow up in.

He became Donald Blake, a medical student. While visiting Norway, Blake came across a staff that he found in one of the ancient tombs, which he ended up striking against a solid surface. Little did Blake know that the staff was the mystical hammer of Thor, Mjolnir.

This caused the medical student to transform into the God of Thunder. However, he had little memories of his past life as a god. His dedication to protecting innocent lives caused him to become a founding member and long time member of the Avengers.

Like all of the Asgardians, Thor has godlike strength, stamina, durability, and endurance. He is the strongest of all of Asgard’s warriors and has even gone toe-to-toe with the Hulk. He’s extremely adept in hand-to-hand combat, having been fighting longer than most superheroes have been alive. He can also control lightning, wind, rain and snow.

But easily his most deadly weapon in his arsenal is his hammer, Mjolnir. Mjolnir is the weapon crafted from the core of a dying star, which was then crafted by the Dwarf king. The hammer is near indestructible and weighs over a million tons, but an enchantment on the hammer prevents anyone but the worthy to it pick up. (Unless you’re a freaking cheater like the Red Hulk) The hammer also seems to have a powerful connection with Thor, for it returns to him when Thor calls for it or uses it as a projectile weapon. He is also able to use his hammer’s weight in order to fly at hypersonic speeds.

Thor’s personally isn’t complex; he’s a larger than life Viking warrior. He’s arrogant, but noble and honorable. He’s one of the most powerful heroes of the Avengers and of the Marvel universe.

Number 2: Jean Grey (The Phoenix)
Marvel Girl, Jean Grey, the Phoenix, Black Queen, Dark Phoenix, she’s almost got as many names as times she’s died.

Jean Grey, originally called Marvel Girl, was the only female member of the X-Men team, which consisted of Beast, Angel, Iceman and her future husband Cyclops.

Originally, her powers included telekinesis and mind reading. However, her powers became more evolved when she gained the power of the legendary Phoenix Force, a cosmic entity that was the representation of life and creation.

Taking on the new name of Phoenix, Jean lead the X-Men against a corrupt tyrant who was trying to gain possession of another powerful force called the M’Kraan Crystal. The Phoenix was able to stop the crystal from destroying all of the Marvel Universe.

However, the Phoenix Force may be one of the most powerful forces in all of the Marvel Universe but it is easily the most feared. During a skirmish in which she believed her fellow X-men dead, Phoenix starts a life with a man, who is unknowingly to her was the villain known as Mastermind, a man with the power over illusion.

That combined with the White Queen’s psychic abilities convinces Jean that she is in love with him. The X-Men discover this and decide to free Phoenix from the Hellfire Club’s grip. However, the Phoenix turns against them in the ensuing battle.

However, after breaking control of Mastermind’s control, Jean would transform into the Dark Phoenix. Now the Dark Phoenix is the opposite of normal Phoenix. Where normal Phoenix wants to save all life. Dark Phoenix wants to end all life.

After killing billions, Jean cannot live with her sins, so she forces the hands of an alien race known as the Shi’ar to kill her.

She eventually came back and would die later. Only to come back and die again. Only to… you get the idea.

Her powers with the Phoenix Force are to manipulate cosmic energies. Which ultimate means she has no limitations. She can reach into the past and change history at the drop of a hat, and that’s just the surface of the tip of that iceberg.

Basically, she got the greatest power in the universe, but at a cost. She is the most powerful X-Men character and yet every time she uses her powers, she runs the risk of being the Dark Phoenix.

Despite being that tortured soul, Jean still remains one of the most compassionate and loving characters of the X-Men. Her kindness always touches the one’s who need it the most.

She makes a really great hero or a really great villain. Either way, she is hot. :boo: (What I thought it was ‘pun’ny!”) :boo:

Number 1: Batman
Of course, the hero who is almost as cool as the web-head himself, the Dark Knight.

Every one knows who Batman is. Everyone! So I really don’t have to explain who he is. Is that going to stop me? Well, it hasn’t yet, so why stop now?

Bruce Wayne, heir to the Wayne family fortune, witnessed his parent’s murder when he was still a child. Having seen their death at the hands of a criminal, Bruce vowed to spend the rest of his life waging war against the criminal element.

He spent years traveling the world, mastering several hundred skills to achieve his goal, including but not limited to, escape artistry, martial arts, criminology, acrobatics, strategy, tactical planning, marksmanship, science, technology, chemistry and computers.

During this time, he built his body and his mind to the peak of human perfection.

Years later, he returned to Gotham City to begin his war against crime. Choosing to prey off criminal’s natural superstitions and fear, he dawned the mantel of a bat and became the Batman.

During his war on crime, Batman has faced countless formidable and easily recognizable foes; including Bane, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Zsasz, Man-bat, Mad Hatter, Catwoman, Clayface, Deadshot, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Riddler, and of course, the Joker.

Despite him not possessing any superpowers, Batman has achieved feats that were originally intended for gods, such as beating the snot out of Superman.

To accomplish these feats, Batman has a large array of gadgets and tools at his disposal. He is equipped to tackle nearly every situation. His gadgets include but not limited to; batarangs, grapple guns, smoke bombs, gas bombs, gas mask, and grenades.

He also has several vehicles at his beck and call. He’s got a plane, a jet, a boat, a bike, a sub, and of course, the car. (No I’m not making a Schumacher reference.)

His armor is designed to withstand knifes and gunfire while not restricting any of his natural movements.

He knows 127 different styles of martial arts, has 12 master degrees, can bench press over 1000 pounds and is a near perfect aim.

But easily Batman’s most powerful weapon is his mind. He has a photographic memory, is the world’s greatest detective and is a master of disguise and manipulation.

Batman is certainly one of the most dangerous superheroes in the DC universe, but he does have a strict code that won’t allow him to take another man’s life.

Batman has a lot of things going for him despite the fact that he has no superpowers. Coupled with the fact, that he has to balance himself between being sane and insane, he’s a really interesting character. And I really love reading about him, watching tv shows of him, movies, whatever. Batman will always have a special place in my heart.

Batman certainly has all the goods to be a top superhero. He’s just not mine absolute favorite, now let me explain why before you start flaming me.

Spider-Man, like I said before, is an easily relatable, despite the fact that he has superpowers, where Batman doesn’t.

Batman has a multi-billion dollar company. Spider-Man has a dead-end job. Batman has a butler to do all his work for him. Spider-Man has a sickly aunt. Batman is the most eligible bachelor in the world. Spider-Man is a nerd.

Which do you think is most like me? You guess it. Spider-Man. Every time Spider-Man has a problem in his life, I can always relate.

It’s not that I don’t like Batman. I do like him. He’s a cool superhero, and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t. But the fact that Spider-Man is more relatable makes me feel like there is a character than knows what I’m going through and I can share the solving of the problem with.

In fact, that’s the reason I’ve stuck with Spider-Man for so many years. No matter how much crap he’s in. Despite it all, the character is still the same even as an adult.

Anyway, I’m rambling on now. That was the top 10 Superheroes that are not Spider-Man. Agree? Disagree? Leave your top 10 in the comments below. Until next time folks, you have a great day.

Meme was created by :iconjlj16:
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this meme goes to :iconajpokeman:…

now i got ten favorite heroes and villains who fight with bows and arrows

10. Link (the legend of zelda)_he uses fire arrows, light arrows, and ice arrows
now thats a nintendo warrior

9. Pit (kid icarus)_for the most powerful angel in super smash bros, pits archery will always be a part of him

8. Green Arrow_hes just as good as a heroic archer as hawkeye
enough said

7. Sly Cooper_in his robin hood outfit, slys archery skills were pretty sick when fighting penelope
hes master thief and master archer

6. Jack Krauser (resident evil)_his arsenal is always a bow and arrow
and the arrows always leave his enemies bleeding non-stop

5. Taskmaster_his arrow skills look more powerful than hawkeyes, as seen in ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 

4. Nightwolf (mortal kombat)_he holds the bow and arrow of his ancestors
well actually I only added nightwolf cause i had no other favorite archer

3. Kenuichio (the wolverine)_if you seen the movie, then you must wish your archery accuracy was as gifted as kenuichios

2. Speedy (teen titans)_what amazes me about speedy is he carries infinite arrows
and of course firing speed and accuracy is incredible as well

1. Hawkeye_im pretty sure you were hoping to see him here
i seen the avengers movie, and clint bartons bow and arrow are everyones favorite

you like them? 
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Request from:iconcatnipsoup:

I actually had a version with a tribble in place of the icon, but stupid dA was being a dick and wouldn't let me put it up. 30. MINUTES. OF. WORK. DOWN. THE. MOTHER. FUCKING. DRAIN.

ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy this CatNip!
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Download for full size.

LOL I have no idea why I spent my time making this. I mean I know I love fantasy weddings a whole lot and would love to draw some someday, but I made such a long meme that it would be impossible for anyone at all to finish it. TwT Still however maybe there's one of you out there in the wild blue yonder brave enough to try. Skip questions or somethin', I don't mind.

Do people do these kinds of memes anymore? Idk, idk, but at least I can say I finished a thing I started.

If you do happen to fill this out or even partially and decide to post it, feel free to link me. I'd love to see it!

That stock texture was nicked from

Weddings~ :heart:
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