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   Dear Dad,
   I'm writing because I've got something to confess. Well, it's not so much a confession as a statement, because it's not something I regret. Even if it's something you do.
   I've finally got a girlfriend; she's great and I care about her a lot. She's smart and she's nice and she's beautiful. And I don't care if you don't approve, because I love her.
   It's Rose Weasley.
   I'm sorry if I disappointed you, Dad. I'm done with trying to live my life by your rules, but I'm sorry if this upsets you.
   I didn't really want to go into Slytherin, you know. The Hat was considering Ravenclaw, but chose Slytherin. I didn't argue, but I wanted to. I didn't because I knew you wanted me to be Sorted into Slytherin.
   I regret it.
   This won't be another choice I'll live to regret. I'm not leaving Rose, even if you disown me. This is my choice.

   Dear Dad,
      I'm writing because I've got something to confess. Well, it's not so much a confession as a statement, because it's not something I regret. I hope you don't, either.
   I've finally got a boyfriend; he's wonderful and I care about him a lot. He's smart, he's caring and he makes me happy. And I'm sorry if you don't approve, but I love him.
   It's Scorpius Malfoy.
   I'm sorry if this upsets you, Dad. You've never really tried to change my choices, and I'm grateful for it. I know you sometimes weren't very happy with what I did, but you respected me.
   Thank you for being proud of me when I was Sorted into Ravenclaw. The Hat considered Gryffindor, but when it put me into Ravenclaw, I didn't argue. I was worried that you'd be upset that I wasn't in Gryffindor, but you just sent me a box of chocolates and a smiley face note. Thank you.
   I hope this is another choice of mine that you won't mind. I'm not going to leave Scorpius. This is my choice.

   The pair put down their quills with identical sighs.
   "Done?" asked Scorpius.
   Rose nodded.
   Together, they reached for their owls, tying individual notes to the legs of the two birds. The two released the owls in perfect sync and watched as they soared into the distance.
   "I'm glad we did it," said Rose, after a pause.
   "Me too," said Scorpius quietly. He put his arm around her, and she rested her head on his shoulder.
   They gazed out the window for a moment in silence.
   "What do you think your dad will say?" Rose murmured.
   Scorpius snorted. "He'll probably kick me out of the family. I don't care."
   Rose looked up at him. "You don't have to do that for me."
   With a soft look down, he replied, "I want to. But if it makes you feel better, it's for me, too. I want him to know that I'm not just a piece in his game…"
   Rose poked him. "Is that the point of dating me? A statement?"
   "A promise."
   "Oh, come on, we both know that first part was from the Hunger Games. And the second part was from the Avengers. You're such a dork."
   Scorpius raised his hands. "Hey, you recognised them too."
   "Have you told your dad that you like watching Muggle films?" Rose inquired.
   Scorpius laughed bitterly. "One bombshell at a time, Rosie."
   "Does that incident with the cat count as a-"
   "Shut up."

   "Oh, Rose wrote us a letter!" Hermione picked up the post and frowned. "She used an actual envelope?"
   "Draco, how come it's only addressed to you?" Astoria wondered.
   "Maybe it's a boy thing," suggested Draco, taking the letter.
   Ron creased his eyebrows as he read the letter. "Rose has a boyfriend, Hermione."
   "Really, who?"
   "A girlfriend, really? Oh, who?" Astoria said, clasping her hands together.
   Draco squinted and brought the letter closer.
   "No bloody way," Ron breathed.
   "What is it?" Hermione asked.
   "A MALFOY?" Ron roared.
   "A WEASLEY?" Draco bellowed. "Unacceptable!"
   "Let me see that," Astoria ordered, snatching the paper away.
   "Oh, Ron, read the rest of the letter. She was obviously worried about disappointing you! Don't react so badly," Hermione berated.
   "Why did she only write to me?" Ron said, still a little unhinged.
   "Probably because he knows I'll support him," suggested Astoria. "I guess he's not sure that you will."
   Draco paced the room. "What else did he say?"
   "Read it yourself, it's very sweet," Hermione said, giving Ron back the letter.
   Ron scanned the letter and he softened slightly. "It's true, I've never questioned her before," he murmured, half to himself.
   "That's because I always calm you down," Hermione muttered.
   Draco sagged as he read the letter. "Have I been that bad?" he asked desperately.
   Astoria put her hand on his shoulder. "I guess you were a little tough on him," she admitted quietly.
   "I only ever wanted what was best for him," he whispered.
   She bent down and kissed the top of his head. "Then show him."
   Ron straightened. "I will," he declared.
   Draco grabbed a piece of paper and a quill and started scribbling madly. "Astoria, do we have any of that sugar jewellery from Honeydukes?"
   "Yes, you gave me one last week," she replied, and went to get one.
   "Hermione, do we have any of those chocolate ties from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?"
   Hermione rolled her eyes. "Yes, George sent you a free box of them last week." She went and fetched one.
   Ron tied the tie to the letter.
   Draco sent the owl off and flopped into his chair. His manic energy seemed to have melted. "I hope he doesn't hate me."
   "He doesn't hate you, sweetie," Astoria murmered, hugging him.
   "You did the right thing," Hermione whispered into Ron's ear. "I'm proud of you."
   Ron smiled and kissed her cheek. "Thank you."

   "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh." Rose hurried through the halls, pushing people out of the way. "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. SCORPIUS!" she cried.
   "ROSE!" came the answering call, and she breathed a sigh of relief.
   "SCORPIUS! IT CAME, IT- You too?" she stopped as she saw the letter in his hand.
   "Have you opened it?" he asked breathlessly.
   "Of course not!"
   "Together, then?"
   She swallowed. "Now?"
   He shrugged. "It's now or after Potions."
   "Okay, now. One, two, three." She ripped open the envelope and he did the same.

   Dear Rosie,
   I'm proud of you. You're a strong, independent girl and I trust you to make your own choices. All the same, if he hurts you, I give you full permission to hex him into oblivion. And his father, too.
   All my love,

   Dear Scorpius,
   I'm proud of you. I'm sorry to have been so harsh with you. Please know that I have only ever wanted the best for you. I hope you forgive me. I trust you to make your own choices. If she hurts you, I'll be after both her and her father.
   Best wishes,

   Scorpius breathed again. "Oh my," he said in a tiny voice.
   Rose looked up, beaming. "He said it's okay," she whispered. She flung her arms around him. "Oh, Scorp!"
   Scorpius dazedly patted her on the back. "My father did too," he mumbled.
   She stepped back. "Really?" she asked, bewildered.
   He laughed giddily. "Yes. Yes!" He picked her up and spun her around.
   Rose whacked him with the envelope. "Scorpius! Put me down!"
   He put her down. "Ow," he said, and rubbed his head.
   Rose rolled her eyes. "Scorp. It's an envelope."
   "There's something in that envelope. It hurts."
   Rose reached into the envelope and pulled out a box. There was a note on it that read, "To Rose's boyfriend, from her father." She looked at it, before shaking it vigorously and holding it to her ear. "I hope it's not rigged to explode."
   Scorpius laughed. Feeling something heavy in his own envelope, he stuck his hand in and pulled out a box too, this one decorative and tied with a ribbon. There was a similar note on it, reading, "To Scorpius's new girlfriend, from his father."
   The two looked at each other before snatching at their corresponding gifts.
   Rose gasped as she ripped open the package to reveal a candy necklace. "That's so nice of your dad!"
   Scorpius grinned as he held up the tie. "Aren't I dashing?"
   She swatted him. "You are ridiculous. Put this on me." She held out the necklace.
   Scorpius turned her around and put it on her. "Rose, this is for you," he said solemnly. "Now tie this tie. I don't have a clue how it works."
   "Hopeless," she murmured, and tied his tie, before taking a bite out of the side. "Yum."
   He pretended to gape in shock. "You bit my tie!" He retaliated by pulling a bead off her necklace and eating it.
   The two launched into a miniature war, ripping at each other's candied garments and laughing.
   "Ahem." They turned to see Professor McGonagall staring at them. "The two of you, clean off that sugar. Shouldn't you be in class?" She shook her head. "Ten points from both Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Hurry along, now!"
   Unbeknownst to them, she chuckled quietly as they rushed off. Those two boys had come a long way from their own time at Hogwarts.
Oh, wow, look at that! I'm writing Harry Potter again! :D
I missed you, Hogwarts.
But I couldn't resist a few references.

Captain America: This is my choice.
The Hunger Games: More than just a piece in their games.
The Avengers: Was that the point of all this? A statement?
A promise.

Not great. I started writing it randomly and didn't have any idea where it would end up.
Note to fellow aspiring writers: DON'T DO THAT.
Scorpius and Rose, and their worries regarding their fathers.
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The ones we love can hurt us the most

Lily was sitting in the common room on a couch in front of the fireplace. She was reading Hogwarts, A History for her next History of Magic lesson. She tried to concentrate on the legend of the Chamber of Secrets, but it wasn't that easy, as a loud applause and screaming started in the common room. Lily turned her head.

James Potter came down the stairs. There was a white little lily between his teeth. Lily rolled her eyes and returned to her book. After a few minutes, James stopped next to the couch. He stared at the girl without saying a word. Lily sighed angrily and glanced at him impatiently.

Lily's look changed from upset to shocked while James unbuttoned his shirt. He unfolded it, sticking his chest out. There was a writing on his skin with red ink under his tie, which read: 'WANNA DATE?'

James smiled with the flower in his mouth and looked questioningly at Lily.

"No." she said concisely.

Lily stood up with her book in her hand. She headed towards the girls' dormitory, bumping some silly girls whispering about James' torso.

He shouted at her: "You would be happier if I sectumsempra-d it into Snivelly's chest?"

Even though Lily wasn't fond of Severus anymore, she didn't tolerate Potter insulting him unjustly. He was worse than the boy who called her a 'mudblood'.

She turned around and furiously went closer to James. He buttoned up his shirt again and looked down at Lily resentfully.

"You are a jerk, Potter." She said quietly, shaking with wrath. "You are the most arrogant, disgusting and lame idiot I've known in my life. I would NEVER, EVER date you, even if my life depended on it. I wish you were never even born!"

The people in the common room suddenly left speechless.

Lily pressed her hands over her mouth as she realized what she just said. She could see James' heart break into pieces by his eyes as he slowly grew sad. He lowered his head with painful sorrow on his face.

"I'm so sorry." Lily whispered ashamed and nearly crying.

"You don't have to be." James replied with a hoarse voice.

He took a deep breath and approached the painting of the Fat Lady. He left the common room and slammed the portrait. Lily winced and looked down the little, dead lily, which James trampled on.
I wrote it a while ago when I got inspired by this picture: [link]

Image belongs to :iconviria13:

Second part: Disguise of feelings

HP (c) J.K. Rowling
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A/N: Remus and Sirius slash. Don't like? Don't read.
Theme: Ignore
"You're acting like a child!"

Remus rolled his eyes and continued on his way out of the Gryffindor common room, not looking back at the other teen who was calling out his name.

With a huff, Sirius sat back down in his seat on the couch right beside James who was trying his hardest to hide his smirk. "How long's it been?" he asked while managing to sound nonchalant.

"3 days," Sirius mumbled, slouching more in his seat as he crossed his arms over his chest as he pouted. It had been an accident, it really had, but Remus still blamed Sirius for his essay being ruined by his tea. It wasn't Sirius's fault that the drink had been resting on a small stack of books by said essay and that he'd accidentally on purpose bumped into the table to get Remus's attention which caused the cup to topple over. "He's never ignored me this long before."

"Have you tried apologizing?" Peter suggested, not looking up from the Muggle magazine he'd gotten from his mum the day before. "It wouldn't hurt to apologize again, you know."

Sirius made a sound like he was in pain – which caused a lot of the other Gryffindors in the room to look at him – as he covered his face in frustration. "It was the first thing I did!" he told them although it was a little muffled due to his hands. "That's what I've been doing for the past 3 bloody days! But he refuses to listen!"

"Apology gifts?" James suggested, remembering that it had worked a few times in the past.

"He just takes whatever I have and gives it to someone else," the black haired boy said, sliding down a little more in his seat. "Even his favorite chocolate…"

James and Peter looked at each other, both a little shocked and confused that Remus would do something like that. Even when Moony was at his maddest, he never ever gave someone else his chocolates. "Pad…what was the essay for?"

Since they'd heard about the tea incident, both boys knew not to interfere with the couple's fight. They'd tried a few times in the past with minor arguments and had been severely yelled by both boys so they knew not to intrude in on this one.

"Ancient Runes…" he replied but it was so quiet he had to repeat it for Peter.

"Good luck getting back in his good graces," James said unsympathetically as he stood. The three Marauders knew that Remus had been working on that particular essay for a whole month now. It was no wonder that Sirius was being ignored.

"You're no help!" Sirius called after his not-by-blood brother who only laughed as he headed up to the dorm. He continued to sit on the couch in a way that was making his back ache but he refused to move.

Peter sighed as he closed the magazine then threw it right at Sirius. Somehow, his aim was true: it hit the taller boy square in the face. The two stared at the magazine which now resided on Sirius's chest before looking at each other. "Peter…"

"Bloody hell, Remus'll never believe…"

"You won't be able to tell him if you don't explain why you thought it was a good idea to hit one of Gryffindor's best Beaters in the face with a magazine," Sirius said as he sat up, now in an even more foul mood.

Peter made a squeaking noise that was reminiscent on his Animagus form when he saw the harsh glare coming from Sirius. "H-have you talked with him?"

"I told you, I've apologized plenty! He just won't listen!" His mood wasn't getting any better now that he was being forced to retell everything he'd told James a few moments before.

Peter could tell his friend was mad but continued. "But you haven't talked him, have you?" he asked, feeling a bit more confident when Sirius's shoulders slumped. "It's just an essay, one he could easily save. I'm sure that's not what's really bugging him."

And, before Sirius could have another mood swing, Peter hurried out of the common room to the safety of the kitchens. Sirius sat there for a few moments before hurrying up to the dormitory.
"Hey, Remus," Sirius said 15 minutes later when he found the other boy in Greenhouse Two along with Lily Evans. While his boyfriend continued to ignore him, Lily sent him a glare and whispered to her friend. Normally that would irritate Sirius enough for him to yell but he held his tongue as Lily walked over to him. "Hello, Evans."

"Black," she replied and stood directly in his line of sight for Remus. "What do you want?"

Sirius inhaled deeply, trying to not yell at her about minding her own business but calmly replied, "I need to talk with Remus about…us."

Before he uttered the last word Lily looked like she was going to yell at him. "Fine," she said instead and left the Greenhouse. Sirius was thrown at her willingness to leave and stood there in confusion for a moment before slowly walking over to Remus.

The other boy had been helping Lily out with one of her assignments for Herbology – Remus was pants at that class – and refused to look Sirius in the eye when he got closer. But that was fine, Sirius didn't want Remus looking at him while he said what he'd come to say.

"I'm…sorry, Moony," he told him as he looked down at the pot of soil that was placed in the table between them. "Not just for ruining your essay. I'm sorry for how annoying and selfish I've been with you. I know that I've been keeping you from your homework a lot, I guess I was just excited that we were…you know."

It was still a little odd to Sirius that they were actually together and he never actually said it aloud. In fact, he never really acknowledged their relationship outside of the Gryffindor Tower – probably due to years of Pureblood "traditions" and whatnot. But, Remus had always been patient and okay with that. Lucky for Sirius.

"I really didn't mean to do that, Remus, and I'm sorry," he continued saying, playing with some of the soil that had fallen out of the pot onto the table. "Just…stop being mad at me. Please?"

Sirius chanced it and looked at Remus only to find the other boy already smiling fondly at him. Neither said a word as they both leaned forward and lightly kissed. "Let's head to dinner, Sirius," Remus said, gently gripping the hand that had been playing with the soil to walk with Sirius to the Great Hall. "Do you still have some of the chocolate you were trying to pacify me with?"
I asked for someone to pick a number between 1-100 and ~edwardculles picked #65 which is \'Ignore\' :D Thank you!

Wanna pick a number/theme for me? Check out the <a href=\"[link]\">full list</a>!

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is probably not mine for I am a poor college student just trying to make it through my classes without going mad by writing about someone else\'s characters. (The characters and other magical elements belong to J.K. Rowling)
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Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Rating: a mild T

Warnings: FLUFF

If the story seems familiar, it's because it has been made into a comic-- info below.

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe belongs to JK Rowling, and I just play around in it for fun

"Don't be silly, Draco. No one is staring at you. Come along."

Pansy was just flat-out lying to him. As he followed her into the clerical department of the Ministry, absolutely everyone stared at Draco. Several middle-age ladies exchanged significant looks. As he passed them, he could hear them whisper: "A pity, isn't it? Such a promising young man. Did 'outstanding' in most of his OWLs. Something terrible happened to him in the war, though. A shame, such a handsome boy unmarriageable."

Pansy led him through the desks and to a small office. A sixtyish woman looked up from her work. "Ah, here he is, our new errand boy. How are you today, Draco?" she said in the sort of voice one used for dogs and small children. Of course, dogs and small children were always called by their first names.

Fine, and how are you, Mrs. Grundy? "I have an ouchie on my finger," he replied.

Grundy's smile stretched a little further. "Oh, that's too bad, dear. Here, let me pin this on your robes." It was a tin badge. "When you're needed, it will tell you where to go. Do you know where the laundry is?"

Yes. "Father told me not to play in there."

"Well, it isn't a good idea. Here, bring this there."

Draco picked up the laundry bag and immediately dropped it. Clothes spilled out of it, and he got down on his knees and hurriedly stuffed them back in. He looked at the floor, too flustered to want to see anyone gawking at him, but he could feel Grundy beaming at him like he was, he was... like he was slow. "Draco, I would like you to know that the Ministry is committed to employing those who have been... adversely affected by the war. We understand that you have limitations, and we will work with them. You will never be fired for something that has to do with your condition. You're among friends here."

Draco had his doubts about the last. As he trudged back through the clerical department, leaving Pansy to her secretarial work, there was an undercurrent of glee among many of the people who stared and whispered. "Got what he deserved," someone hissed. He stumbled over the edge of a rug and heard snickers.

He handed the bag over to a surly house elf in the laundry room (slipping once in a puddle of water and getting the back of his robes wet), then wandered the corridors as he waited for his next task. The badge started to speak. "Walk forward! Left! No, LEFT! Right. The third door down--THE THIRD DOOR, NOT THE SECOND DOOR."

"So that's the new Auror uniform. Very nice." Draco knew that voice. Granger.

"I'm just trying it on. There are still pins in it. You don't think it's too tight?" Harry Potter asked his friend.

Draco froze momentarily in the doorway. When he thought about Potter, he always pictured him as a scrawny little runt with ridiculous hair. He vaguely recalled hearing girls talk in sixth year about how fanciable the Chosen One had grown, but by then Draco had been too concerned with other, grimmer things. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco had been in such a haze of fear and misery that he hadn't even noticed how Potter had looked. But he certainly noticed now.

Potter was no longer a runt. In fact, he might actually be a tiny bit taller than Draco. His hair was artfully tousled. The waist-length Auror jacket emphasized his shoulders, while the tailored trousers hugged his slim hips and well-shaped bottom. He was barefoot, for some reason, and even his feet were attractive. When Harry turned to see who was in the doorway, Draco noticed that the forest-green hue of the uniform made the color of Potter's eyes vibrant. "Oh, hello, Malfoy. I'd heard you were starting today. Could you take these papers to Shacklebolt? If you don't remember where his office is, the badge will tell you."

I know bloody well where his office is; I'm not an idiot. "I like his office. He has a picture of a kitty."

"Well, yes, a tiger is a kitty, I guess," Potter answered with obvious amusement.

"How are you, Malfoy?" Hermione asked, concern in her brown eyes.

Pity from the girl he had spent years insulting. It brought home just how truly pathetic he looked to others. I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm not mentally challenged, I'm not brain damaged. I. Am. FINE. "Do you like kitties?"

"Oh, yes, Draco, I do! I have my own kitty," she said brightly. His first name. He was a child to her.

"I have to go pottie," Draco found himself announcing.

"Oh, you had better hurry, then. You wouldn't want to have an accident." Hermione patted him on the arm.

As he wandered the Ministry, Draco fumed. An 'accident'! As if he was a three-year-old! Merlin, he was not about to wet his pants! He tried to ignore the voice in his head that said that, yes, things had gotten bad enough that he very well might wee himself. And then he forgot all about it when he tripped over his own feet and knocked over three goblins as if they were bowling pins.

Pansy cooked for him every day, of course. She also picked out his clothing and supervised his bath time. "See, I told you it would be all right, Draco. Aren't you glad you have a job?"

Draco closed his eyes as she poured a pitcher of warm water over his head to rinse his hair; if he tried to do it himself, he would get shampoo in his eyes. Yes, it's wonderful to be self-humiliated constantly in public. "I saw Harry Potter. He was barefoot. That's naughty. You told me not to go barefoot."

"Yes, that's very naughty of him." Pansy averted her gaze as Draco got out of the tub, though she steadied him so he would not slip. She helped him dry off and slip into pajamas. There was a time when she would have sold part of her soul for a glimpse of him naked, but his condition had turned her feelings for him strictly maternal. He could never have reciprocated her feelings-- he had known from an early age that he preferred boys-- but her former unrequited desire for him was far better than being seen as an over-sized little boy.

When he climbed into bed, he got hopelessly tangled up in the covers. Pansy freed him, then pulled the blankets up to his chin and kissed him on the forehead. "Love you, baby."

I'm not your baby. But the words wouldn't come. It was ungrateful of him, anyway. Pansy's care, and the job she lined up for him, had spared him from a lonely life at Malfoy Manor, being hidden away by his parents. His condition left him isolated mentally; it would be far worse to also be physically isolated, even with the daily (hourly) embarrassment that he experienced. "Mummy," he said.

The Healer steepled her fingers and puffed out her cheeks, exhaling slowly. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do for your son. We can't find anything physically wrong with him, and we haven't found any evidence of him being cursed. Curses leave a distinctive, lingering malice. I believe that he is reacting to the... trauma that he has been through in the war by becoming a child again. He has mentally retreated to a time when he was happy and free of care. Before..." The Healer's voice trailed off as she glanced at the bit of sleeve that hid the Dark Mark on Draco's forearm. "He has to want to return to adulthood."

"But the clumsiness?" Narcissa said.

"Children are clumsy."

"My son was never a clumsy child," Lucius sniped. "He was a gifted flyer and Quidditch player."

"Muggle psychologists would define it as conversion disorder. After a trauma, sometimes a person has fits, or blindness, or some other neurological symptom with no actual physical cause."

Lucius stood up abruptly, knocking his chair into the wall behind him hard enough to leave a dent. "Your hospital will not be receiving any more donations from us. I will not fund incompetence. Let's get out of here, Narcissa."

"Come along, honey." Narcissa held her hand out to her son, who managed to knock a crystal vase off of the Healer's desk as he stood up. The crash made him cringe.

"It's all right, Draco," the Healer said in a soothing tone. "I know you didn't mean to break it. Would you like a lolly?"

I am not a toddler, you cow. "Yummy!" Narcissa peeled the wrapper off the candy. Before they even made it to the street, he dropped it. I hate lime, anyway. "Waaaah!"

Draco had been sure that life could not possibly get worse. He had been wrong.

I'm in love with Harry Potter. The thought hit him seconds before he walked straight into a wall. It was all bloody Granger's fault.

Draco's position as errand boy was unnecessary make-work. It was just charity, really, and most people at the Ministry didn't want use him. He made them uncomfortable. He couldn't blame them, really. A week into his employment, Granger had noticed him moping about in the corridor that led to the cafeteria. "Are you bored, Draco?"

He went to kick at a loose floor tile and nearly sprained his ankle. Of course I'm bored. I'm as intelligent as you are, but am imprisoned inside my own head. "Will you play with me?"

"Sorry, sweetheart, I'm very busy. Maybe another time." Granger looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. "But I'm sure you'll be too busy to play very, very soon." He had been too put out over 'sweetheart' to really register the rest of what she had said.

Half an hour later, he was summoned by Potter to deliver more papers. Twenty minutes after that, Potter had uniforms that needed to go to the laundry. Fifteen minutes after that, Potter claimed he was too busy to go to the cafeteria and sent Draco to a corner shop to get him a bag of Fritos and a Pepsi. Being out in the Muggle world in his condition was an exercise in humiliation (there was crying, and a nice old lady who led him to the toilet, and a group of mocking teenagers), but he managed to complete the task with the Fritos only a little bit crushed.

"Very good, Malfoy! I knew you could do it all by yourself! Here, have a jelly bean."

Do you know what else I can do by myself, Potter? Kick the stuffing out of you. But he really couldn't, of course. "I'm a big boy!"

"Now, could you go to the supply closet and get me some nice new quills?" Most of the quills didn't survive the trip (he got them stuck in an elevator door), but Potter didn't care. He smiled as he sorted the good ones from the generous handful Draco dropped on his desk. "Thank you. That was very helpful. Have another jelly bean."

"You've got to be loving this," someone said. It was that loudmouth Cormac McLaggan. Draco had been less than fond of him ever since the night he had rescued Daphne Greengrass from the smirky bastard's overly-insistent advances. Now here he was, already a Ministry official at twenty.

"What do you mean, McLaggan?" Potter asked, obviously less than thrilled to see his former housemate.

McLaggan hooked a thumb at Draco and snickered. "Seeing your former arch-enemy turned into a retard. My greyhound is smarter than him, and Mr. Whippy-Tail has had his head slammed in a cellar door."

You only have your position because of your uncle, you puffed-up, empty suit. Your ego's size is in inverse proportion to the size of your intellect. "I like doggies. Can I play with your doggie?"

McLaggan laughed so hard, he clutched his belly and bent double. Which was why he didn't see the punch coming. He rubbed the side of his head and glared at Potter. "I'll have your job. My uncle is--"

"Yeah, well, I'm Harry effing Potter, and I wouldn't get sacked if I came to work naked and danced a hornpipe." Potter's eyes actually seemed to glow, he was so angry. "I don't tolerate bullies, McLaggan. The past is irrelevant. Picking on Malfoy now when he can't defend himself is vile and cowardly."

In retrospect, it was clear that that was the moment when Draco's crush on Potter started. He was beautiful when he was angry.

McLaggan slouched away, and the rest of the day was uneventful. Potter sent Draco for files, to pick up his newly-laundered uniforms, and to the magical creatures department to give treats to Granger's monster of a pet; Crookshanks was in quarantine after contracting a nasty case of Kneazle measles. Before Draco knew it, it was time to go home.

In the three weeks since then, Potter had basically made Draco his personal errand boy. It was a bit embarrassing, but, in a life that was just one long parade of indignities, that hardly mattered. And people soon learned that Potter wold not tolerate Draco being mocked or gossiped about. The work days went by fast, and at their end, Draco went home with Pansy to their flat where she cooked him supper and sat with him on the couch while he watched silly sitcoms until it was time for him to go to bed. He wasn't sure if he could say that he was happy, but he wasn't utterly miserable.

At least, not until today, when Draco realized that his infatuation with the Chosen One had grown deeper. At first, the attraction had just been physical (that close-fitting uniform, those eyes, that bottom...), but as the weeks passed, Draco became more familiar with Potter's personality. There were those who didn't like the Chosen One's sarcasm and headstrong ways, but Draco knew that, if he were normal, he and Potter would be a perfect couple. Draco could only see being in a relationship with someone who could match him in snark, who would argue with him, who would push back when pushed. Someone who was magnificent when he was angry. Draco wanted a relationship that was passionate in every way, and he knew that was how it would be with Potter. If only I was normal.

Potter was famously prickly at work, and prone to getting shouty, but he was unfailingly kind to Draco. It was starting to get on his nerves. He walked to Potter's desk and set down the bottle of ink that he had just fetched. "Very good. Thank you, Malfoy."

It is not very good, Potter; it's not good at all. It's less than half-full, my robes are ruined, and the mosaic floor just outside the cafeteria will never be the same again. Yell at me, call me incompetent, treat me like you would treat anyone else! Treat me as your equal! "Can I have a jelly bean? I was a good boy!"

"Sure thing! Choose carefully." Potter held out the box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans that he kept in his desk to reward his errand boy. When Draco realized that he had gotten a liver flavored one, he attempted to spit it into the waste basket, but somehow ended up bouncing it off of Potter's left cheek. Potter blinked, then smiled. "It's all right, Malfoy."

No, it's not all right at all, Potter. I want you to actually SEE me with those beautiful eyes. I want you to take me into those strong arms. I want you to shout at me when I deserve it. I want you to see me as a MAN.  "It was yucky."

As he left on another errand, Draco realized that Potter was the only person to still call him by his last name. But Draco found himself wanting to hear his first name from the Auror's shapely lips... just before they kissed.

"Oi, Malfoy!" Draco turned at the sound of the rough, familiar voice. "You doing better, mate?" Greg Goyle was wearing the uniform of a catering company. It was the day of the Ministry's Halloween party, and preparations were afoot. "I've got to get these trays to a safe place. If I leave 'em in the Atrium, people will get into the food early. Got an idea where these can go?" A shiny flock of covered trays followed behind Goyle, most of them steaming.

Yes, I know just the place. Follow me. "Greggie!" Draco involuntarily flung himself onto Goyle, his hug so enthusiastic that he knocked his school-friend over. The two of them hit a couple of the trays, which caused a chain reaction that sent every single one crashing to the floor. Draco gaped at the heaps of mashed potatoes and green beans and sliced roast beef that surrounded them as they sprawled on the floor.

Goyle grabbed Draco by the front of his robes and screamed every obscenity he knew.

It's not my fault, you dolt. "Waaaaaah!"

The bigger man gaped as Draco cried like a frightened toddler and let go. "I'm-I'm sorry, Malfoy." He patted Draco on the head with one massive paw. It only made Draco cry harder and louder. This oaf, this gorilla, this buffoon-- he PITIES me. "I know you're kinda... stupid. I have to remember that I'm the smarter one now."

THIS CANNOT BE BORNE. Draco tried to stand up, but slipped on a pile of buttered carrot coins and landed face first in creamed corn. Still wailing, he began to crawl. He had no destination in mind; he just wanted to hide himself away forever. He found a dark corner and rolled into a ball, intending to never move again. He supposed that he would be found by house elves before he died of starvation, but it was worth a try.

"Hey, Malfoy, what's wrong?" Draco opened his eyes to find Potter crouched in front of him. The Auror reached out one hand and gently wiped creamed corn from his face. "It's not the end of the world. It's just food."

It's not just food. It's my entire pointless life. I love you, but I cannot tell you. Even if I could, physically, I can't, because you would just be filled with pity and disgust.  "I love you. I want a kiss." Oh, Merlin, NO. Not this, and not now, while he was coated in gravy and salad dressing.

The reaction that Draco expected didn't come. Instead of recoiling, Potter leaned forward and pressed his lips to Draco's for just a moment. They were warm and soft, and when they left, there was a strange tingle, followed by a flash of pink and blue light. What was that? "What was that?"

Harry touched his mouth. "Some sort of spell breaking, I think."

Draco's mind, as nimble as ever, processed the implications in seconds. All this time, I was bewitched! The Healers at St. Mungo's are as incompetent as my father says! "All this time, I was bewitched! The Healers at St. Mungo's are as incompetent as my father says!" He stood up and spun in a circle with his arms out, starting to feel a bit giddy as he realized that his personal hell was through. Potter was standing, too, grinning. Draco impulsively gathered the other man into his arms and kissed him soundly.

When the kiss ended, Potter laughed. "You could have just said 'thank you'."

But I've been wanting to kiss you for so long. "But I've been wanting to kiss you for so long."

Potter's eyebrows rose. "Really?"

Really. "Really." Draco started laughing from sheer joy.

"Draco Malfoy wants to kiss Harry Potter. Are you sure you're not still bespelled?" Harry's face was a bit flushed.

"Draco, baby, Greg told me what happened. Are you all right?" Pansy had found them. She was costumed as a ferret, of all things.

"Never better," Draco said joyfully. He took Pansy by her hands and spun her around. "It's over! I've been set free!"

Pansy smiled briefly before her face crumbled. She yanked her hands away from Draco's and started to bawl. Potter was on her in a split-second, wand out. "What did you do, Parkinson?"

"I--I don't kn--know what you're t--talking about, " she said, entirely unconvincingly.

"Fine. I'm taking you into custody and holding you until I get permission to use Veritaserum on you. It could take days, and you'll miss the party."

Pansy took a shuddering breath. "I didn't mean for it to happen like it did. When he told me he wasn't attracted to women, I... I went a little crazy. I've been in love with him for so long. I wanted to use Amortentia, but the Ministry crack-down on love potions has made it so expensive. So I... improvised. I mixed some spells together, and there was a potion, and... it didn't work right. I thought-- I thought I had permanently damaged him. Please don't hate me, Draco." She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

Potter shook his head and lowered his wand. "Do you want to have her prosecuted, Malfoy?"

"No. I'm less than thrilled with her at the moment, but it wasn't done out of malice." Draco rubbed his forehead. Months of suffering, and it was as simple as an irresponsible spell. St. Mungo's did not deserve one Knut more of the Malfoy fortune, that was for sure.

Potter flapped his hand at Pansy. "Go. Fix your make-up before the party starts." Pansy fled, still crying.

"The party," Malfoy said. "It's almost started."

"Are you going?"

"I suppose. You'll have to do a cleaning charm for me, though. It's been a while since I've been allowed to carry a wand."

"I had a date, but he slipped on a pile of spaghetti and broke his ankle. You'll have to be my date, now. You owe me." Potter charmed them both clean in a trice, then held out one arm. "Let's go."

Draco hooked his elbow through Potter's. He couldn't stop grinning like a loon. This was shaping up to be the best night of his life.


Pansy clasped Draco's hands in hers. "Oh, it's going to be so lonely in my flat without you!" she moaned. Draco kissed her on the cheek.

Narcissa and Lucius were the next to make their farewells; Narcissa hugged both men. "You did the right thing," she said to Draco, "not moving in until Harry gave you a ring. It shows that you've had a proper moral upbringing." Hermione, who had just started shacking up with Ron, gave her a dirty look.

Finally, all the guests were gone from the main room of the Leaky Cauldron, which was where the commitment ceremony and reception had been held. It was after midnight, and Harry and Draco went to their honeymoon suite-- such as it was-- on the top floor. A fire crackled merrily before a shabby, overstuffed couch. Draco draped himself across Harry and nuzzled his neck. "I got you a special gift." He pulled a velvet-covered jeweler's box out of his dress robes. Harry flipped it open to find a lightning-bolt pendant on a fine silver chain. "For some reason, it made me think of you, Scar-Head."

Harry put the necklace on, then handed Draco a package wrapped in the gold paper favored by one of Diagon Alley's most exclusive shops. Draco wondered what it was. A tie of the finest silk, gray to match his eyes? An engraved pocket-watch? Containing his eagerness, he neatly peeled the paper off to reveal a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. "Because you've been such a good boy," Harry said, grinning cheekily. "Even your mother thinks so, what with you saving yourself until we got properly hitched."

"I will determine which one is the vomit-flavored one and drop it in your mouth while you're sleeping," Draco said, but he was smiling, too.

"Oh, dear, that's naughty, Draco."

"You'll like it when I'm naughty, I think," Draco said, just before he gave Harry a long, slow, deep kiss. And so it began, the happily ever after part. And it was quite happy.
I wrote this fic a while back as a trade with *FloraDelaney, who is making it into a comic, 'Locked in': [link]
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The heat was horrible and hot.  Terribly hot but that was just Draco whining because despite what he thought, muggles had their ways of getting cool and the biggest was a water park.

That's where he was with Potter, his husband for the past six years, as well as the young boy that was created from their DNA named Jeremy.  Oh, and of course the Weasleys with their kids.  Draco wasn't too happy about that because, one, they were Weasleys and two, they were loud, and three, they were Weasleys!

"I wanna go on the red one!"

"Yellow one, yellow one!"

"Mom, I need to go potty."

Jeremy however, wasn't as loud as them.  He was well behaved and very smart.  Too smart at times that it made Draco feel awkward at times when he couldn't answer his many questions.  Jeremy was observant and looked around but when he saw just how big the slides were, he gripped his fathers' hands.  

"Which one do you want to go first, Jeremy," asked Harry.

"Uh..."  Jeremy looked over the huge slides again to decide which one.

"Hugo, Rose!  Don't run," shouted Hermione while setting up the stroller she brought for her younger daughter, Olivia, to go in.

"Blue one," said Jeremy while letting go of Harry's hand to point at it.  "It's taller."

Draco chuckled, "Becoming a daredevil, are we?  Let's get going."  Jeremy smiled while taking Harry's hand again and together they walked slowly to the blue slide.

"Going to be a long wait," commented Harry.

"Not if you have this," said Draco while fishing out a golden pass.  "You've never prepared, are you?"

Harry sighed while shaking his head.  "Why do you always have a cut-in pass for everything?"

"To make Jeremy happy of course.  Honestly, why else would I have it?"

Harry looked around, "Oh I don't know, probably because you like to make other people miserable realizing that they couldn't afford one?"

Draco scoffed, "It doesn't cost a limb to get.  Now if it did, I would be hopping on one foot."

Jeremy giggled as he imagined his father doing such a thing and couldn't help himself from laughing.

Draco and Harry looked down at him with a smile.  They didn't know how they did it, but somehow their bantering became a source of entertainment for their son.

When they got to the line, Draco showed the pass to the line manager and he led them up all the way to the top.  Just as Harry said, some people glared at them while some of them whispered to each other.  It wasn't because of the pass either but Harry and Draco were all ready used to it.  Jeremy wasn't paying attention since he was too excited and was showing it when they got closer and closer.  

Harry and Draco though were careful since they didn't want to fall and made sure he didn't go too fast or grip his hands tight when it seemed like he was going to slip.  

When they were finally to the top, the wind blew obnoxiously into their faces while the sun beamed even brighter upon them.  

The workers gave them a huge raft that was enough for three of them to get on.  With Jeremy in the middle and Harry in front with Draco in the back, they were ready to go.  They let go and they flew down the slide in spirals before racing down.  They suddenly tilted at a very sharp angle that caused the three of them to react with a shout and a scream mixed in one before shooting down and did little hills before finally going into the landing pool.

"Again, again!"  Jeremy was actually shouting in excitement while Draco and Harry climbed out and held onto Jeremy while the workers gathered the raft.

They went back up three more times until Jeremy was bored of it and they soon went to the yellow one that Rose had shouted about earlier.  It was a covered slide with little light and it made Jeremy scream even louder in excitement as they rode it down.

As they got to the landing pool, Jeremy moved off the raft and swam towards the edge way before Harry and Draco and pulled himself out.  "Again!"

Harry laughed while Draco put back on his sunglasses.  "You go with him this time Harry.  I'm going to get us some food."

"Awww, dad."  Jeremy pouted.  "Come with us, come with us!"

Draco looked at his son's face and then Harry's, who was trying to keep from laughing but was failing.  Miserably.

"Ugh.  Fine.  But last one."

"Yay!"  Jeremy put up his hands in excitement and started to run before remembering to walk to the line.  Harry followed while Draco stepped in place beside him.

"Were you really going to get some food or didn't want to ride it again?"  Harry teased Draco with a pat on his back with a little shove.

"Keep your hands to yourself.  It's all ready been hell for me because of how sexy you're looking."


"Fine, fine.  I really do not like how closed in that slide is.  Reminds me know, those times."

"Really, those times we had sex in a cave were-"  Harry was interrupted by a shove and just laughed before putting his arm around Draco's shoulders.  "Okay, I get it.  I'll explain it to Jeremy when we get up there.  Go get us some food, okay?"

Draco looked at him in surprise even though his sunglasses hid his eyes and his eyebrows.  He smiled at Harry in thanks.

As Draco went to get food, Harry explained to Jeremy about Draco and when Jeremy wanted to apologize, Harry told him that he could later.

When they finally came down the slide, they waited for Draco to come back which took only a couple minutes since it wasn't that busy to get some food.

"Dad!  I'm so sorry Dad."  Jeremy ran towards Draco and Draco had to tense up to stand his ground since Jeremy could knock him down if he didn't.

"Whoa, hey, it's okay.  You didn't know and wanted me to join you to have some fun."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," pleaded Jeremy as he wrapped and hugged Draco tight while Draco messed up his wet mousey brown hair.

"I said it's okay," said Draco while laughing a little.  "I forgive you.  Now, let's eat."

They found a table with an umbrella near a tree to sit at and dug in the hotdogs Draco bought.  Harry wasn't at all surprised Draco decided to get hotdogs since they were easy to make and was enough to fill them up.  Yet, it still left room for some ice cream and Draco surprised Jeremy and Harry both with it.

"Ice cream, thank you dad"

Draco chuckled while messing with his son's hair again as Jeremy started to eat the ice cream in happiness.  Harry and Draco took their time while Jeremy ate a little faster than them until he got a brain freeze.

"Oww," he groaned while setting the spoon down on the cup and grabbed his temples.  

"Be careful," said Harry with a smile as he took another bite of his ice cream.

"What ride should we go on next?"  Draco flung some ice cream towards Harry who flinched at the contact of it and received a glare.  "There's a lazy pool, wave pool, water gym, and even a pirate ship."

"Uh...all of them," decided Jeremy.  

"There you three are," said an exhausted voice to their left.  It was Hermione who was strolling her youngest daughter in a covered stroller so that the child wouldn't get sunburned.  "Ron are with Hugo and Rose and we were wondering – oh, you're eating all ready."

"Oh, hello Hermione," said Harry with a grin while he flung some of his ice cream back at Draco without even looking at him.  It landed on Draco's sunglasses, causing it to drip down on his arm and lap.  

Jeremy giggled before laughing, "You look funny, dad."

"Yeah?"  Draco flicked some ice cream onto Jeremy's right shoulder, causing him to yelp at the cold contact before laughing like crazy.   "Now you look funny too."  

Hermione shook her head with a small smile and whispered to Harry, "You have it great, Harry."

Harry laughed softly as he watched his husband and son have a full out ice cream throwing war.  "Yeah, I know."

"Hey, you cheated dad!"

"It's not cheating, it's having a strategy to gain the upper hand to survive."

Harry beamed with a smile.  He had a family and friends, but having a family again was the best gift he'd ever gotten.
Written for the Summer contest at :iconthe-drarry-fanclub:

Had loads of fun writing this and hoped you enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, I am just a fan writing fanfictioin (ya rly) and make no profit doing such.
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"You think it's funny, Potter?" Draco Malfoy's voice sneered across the room. Harry shook his head, desperately trying not to laugh. They were stuck in this room for only several hours now, and already Draco Malfoy had gone completely crazy it seemed. He tried every spell to get the door to open, but it was deadlocked. Draco's last attempt was trying to smash the door open, not even with magic anymore, but just by throwing chairs to the door.
"I guess we just have to accept the fact that we're stuck here Malfoy, at least until someone comes and finds us. And believe me, I find being stuck here with you, just as delightful as you." Harry replied sarcastically.
"I will not just sit and wait, Potter!" Draco sneered back, yet again failing at an attempt at breaking the door open with a chair. Harry shrugged his shoulders and sat down with his back against the wall. If he was stuck here with Malfoy, he could at least use the opportunity to make fun of him.

"Argh!" Draco screamed out in agony, gripping his right shoulder with his left hand. The shoulder he just used in an attempt to get through the door.
"Are you okay?" Harry asked worriedly. It looked like Draco was in a lot of pain.
"I don't need your sympathy, Potter!" Draco shouted, "and no, I'm not okay." He added in a pouting voice.
"Come on, let me take a look at it." Harry said while raising himself from the floor. In a quick pace he walked up to where Draco was standing. Softly he pushed Draco's left hand away to take a look at his shoulder. "I think it's dislocated." Harry said, examining the shoulder. Draco pushed him away.
"I don't need you to tell me that." Draco kept quiet for a couple of minutes. "Can you fix it?" A slight smile appeared on Harry's face. After dozens and dozens of dislocated body parts in quidditch practices he knew a thing or two about it. He just never expected to practice his expertise on Draco Malfoy himself.
"Just bite on your robe very hard, Malfoy. This is going to hurt." Harry said in a soft voice, while gripping Draco's arm. Draco nodded, bit on the sleeve and looked at harry with fear in his eyes.
"Argh!" Another scream of agony, when harry put his shoulder in place.  "That fucking hurt!"
"Told you it would, " Harry smirked. He couldn't deny that there was some kind of satisfaction in seeing Malfoy like this.
"Well, uhm, thanks, I guess." Malfoy whispered, while looking uneasily at the ground.
"You're welcome," Harry replied. The awkward silence grew. Neither of the boys knew how to deal with this situation.
`Yeah, so, I guess we´re stuck here ´til someone finds us." Harry stated the obvious and went back to sit down with his back against the wall. Draco looked at the door, but while remembering the pain in his shoulder, he sighed and sat next to harry.
And so the two  boys sat in silence.

A couple of hours passed and neither had said a word to the other, when Harry's stomach started rumbling.
"Sorry," he said, while a blush was appearing on his cheeks. "Guess I'm hungry." Draco nodded.
"Me too, he said. It must be almost time for dinner. At least someone will notice that we're gone soon. Until then, I have this," Draco replied, while reaching for his bag which was lying a couple of meters from him. Out of his bag he got a red apple and a small knife. He cut the apple in half and offered Harry a piece. Gladly Harry took it from him. He knew they were sworn enemies since their first day at Hogwarts, but no one would refuse food if they were as Hungry as Harry was now.
"Thanks," Harry said. And they both ate their pieces of apple in silence.

"Of all the people I could've been stuck here, I'm stuck here with you." Harry sighed after a while, trying something to break the silence. Draco laughed,
"Yeah, I thought exactly the same. However, I don't think someone else could've helped me with a dislocated arm, so it's not that bad after all." Now it was Harry's turn to laugh.
"That's probably the nicest thing you ever said to me Malfoy," Harry said, looking at Malfoy smiling. He didn't know why, but he started to feel comfortable talking to Malfoy while being locked up in a room with him. It stayed silent for a while

"You know," Malfoy sighed, "If we're going to have all 'you're not so bad actually' conversations, I never thought you were that bad actually. I just never knew how to act around you." Harry looked up surprisingly.
"How you do mean, Malfoy?"
"Well," Draco continued, "I.... And just promise this will stay between us, in this room!" Harry nodded, dying to know what Draco had to say. "Well, I kind of, you know, always liked you. But you're Gryffyindor, I'm Slytherin, I'm not supposed to like you. So hating you was easier." Draco shrugged his shoulders, not really sure where to look.
"Yeah," Harry said. "We are supposed to hate each other, why actually? I mean, being stuck in a room here with you, you're different than normal. I like you this way. And I like this more than being here stuck alone." Malfoy nodded.
"I agree," he said. The two boys looked at each other, smiling. There was no need to say out loud that they both really liked this conversation. They knew.

"It's getting cold," Draco said while shivering. Harry nodded. He had no idea what time it was, or how much time had past since they were stuck here. But a since while ago it was indeed gradually getting colder. Draco shivered again. His robe was no match for the cold.
"Come here," Harry said, while wrapping his arms around Malfoy. Draco froze for a moment, unsure how to deal with the situation, and then relaxed. This was better than being cold, even he had to admit that. Draco sighed and let his head rest on Harry's shoulder.
"Don't you ever feel lonely?" Harry started out of the blue. Draco looked up to him in surprise.
"How do you mean?"
"Well," Harry continued, "with Slytherin being hated by everyone. I mean, even I feel lonely, Ron and Hermione have each other, all the other people I hang around with have someone, and I don't even only hang around with the people from my own house. Don't you feel lonely then?" Draco nodded.
"Yeah, most of the time I do. I mean, I do hang around with a lot of people from my house, but not everyone understands me so well like you. I mean, I have the feeling that you understand me. And next to that, because of all the hate towards my house, and other factors, I probably will never be able to actually be with the person I love. That makes me feel lonely most of all." Harry kept quiet for a moment. He never expected such sensitive talk from Draco Malfoy. Even though, he never expected all of this, the fact that they actually understood each other so well.
"So, Malfoy," Harry started in a curious tone, "who is that special person then?"
"You really want to know?" Draco lifted himself up from Harry's shoulder. Harry nodded. Draco in love was something he had never even thought of as a possibility, so of course he wanted to know.

In a flash Harry suddenly felt something pressed against his lips. Flabbergasted he stared at Draco Malfoy, who was pressing his lips against Harry's. When noticing Harry didn't respond, Draco pulled back with a blush on his cheeks.
"Sorry," he whispered and looked at the ground.
Harry stared at Malfoy in confusion. Did Draco really just kiss him? And he actually liked it?
Without thinking any further Harry pushed Draco's chin up with his hand, so Draco had to face him, and he pressed his lips against Draco's. After a few seconds of being mind-blown, Draco started to kiss Harry back, loving the feeling of their lips touching.
Draco opened his mouth, licking Harry's bottom lip with this tongue, and then softly biting it. Harry gasped, and Draco grabbed the opportunity to slide his tongue into Harry's mouth. The game began, as their tongues whirled around each others. Both not wanting to hold back, the kiss became rougher and rougher within seconds until they drew apart for air.

"Damn you're a good kisser!" Draco panted when he pulled back from the kiss. He didn't get an answer, Harry went straight on to kiss his neck, while he pushed Malfoy to the floor. Draco moaned when Harry softly bit his neck. His arousal grew with every touch, almost up to the point that he just had to have Harry, right here on the floor."
"Harry!" Draco panted when Harry slid his cold hand under Draco's shirt. Harry smiled, this was a way more satisfying state to see Malfoy in than in agony. In the couple of seconds Harry thought of that, Draco pushed him up and pulled his shirt over his head. The cold air in the room made his nipples erect instantly, which Draco saw as an invitation.
Harry gasped for air as Draco swirled his tongue around Harry's nipples. The moment Draco let go, Harry pulled him in for another passionate kiss. The kiss seemed to last forever, but suddenly Draco stiffened.
"You hear that?" He said, as he pushed Harry away. Harry listened closely and heard what Malfoy meant. Hasty footsteps were coming closer and closer to the room they were locked in.
"They found us," Harry said sadly. "Couldn't they just leave us here for a couple hours more?" Harry continued, and he bit softly on Draco's earlobe.
Draco gasped, and looked at Harry with a look of pain on his face.
"You should get your shirt back on." He said.

With pain in his heart Harry let go of Draco and got up to get his shirt, while the footsteps were inevitably getting closer and closer.  

"Harry, Draco, are you in here?" Mcgonagall's voice shouted through the wood of the closed door.
"Yes!" They both chanted at the same time.
"Okay boys, stand back, I'm going to blow this door up!"
Draco and Harry looked at eachother.
"I guess this was it," Harry whispered. Draco nodded.
"No one can ever know," he said. This time it was Harry's turn to nod. No matter how much it hurted both, they both knew that they couldn't even be seen together. Softly Malfoy pressed a quick last kiss on Harry's mouth.
"I'll never forget this," Harry whispered.
"Me neither." Draco said with an evil grin on his face. "Same time, same place next week?" A smile appeared on Harry's face.
"Same time, same place."
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry nor Draco, they belong to their respective owner J.K. Rowlings.

Furthermore, this is my first attempt to writing a HP fanfic, first time Drarry slash and first time slash and writing in a long long time. So please bear with me people ;) Hope you like it!
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Mankind quite in decline...

... it has a nice ring to it, no?

I'm not sure who is speaking. Perhaps another sentient species to come in to take our place.
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We could whip you all, ya chromatic muthabucker!

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For your info, I'm a pony, so buck off, hedgehog! M' Sonic

Rainboom's every color, and yours is just bluer.

Just goes to show ya why I'm 20 percent cooler!

I'm the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria.

So fast, I can go through time! Aw yeah!

If it weren't for your shoes, you'd be slower than Tank!

Three words, pal: Kiss My Flank!


That's the best you got? You're pathetic to the max!

For an athlete, you sure love to relax!

Usin' rainbows and butterflies

to beat up the bad guys

Dr. Eggman could use mechs

to destroy your girlfriend, Pinkie Pie.

Using Chaos Emeralds, I can go Super Sonic!

Your show is so cute, some people think it's demonic!

You're not even as fast as that old loser, the Flash.

Won't be seein' you later, Rainbow Crash!

Rainbow Dash:

Yo dude, what's the deal? I'm the Element of Loyalty!

And unlike me, you're not even close to royalty!

They may not look like much, but you'd better cower

at Celestia and Luna, the princess' of power!

Way back in the day, you had 'em goin' with tricks,

but it ended with the nightmare known as Sonic '06!

You'd better scram, runt, or this'll be tragic;

I'll be showin' you for real that Friendship is Magic!



This is my version of the fanmade Sonic VS Rainbow Dash rap battle. It took me one night to come up with this; my sister and little brother helped with making the final version by tweaking a few lines and making them sound better.

BTW, I found this on Google images. It was not labeled as anything on DA, so I don't think I should get in trouble for it.

Hope you like it!

Please comment and enjoy!

I own nothing involved with this rap.

Sonic belongs to SEGA
Rainbow Dash belongs to Hasbro
The 'Epic Rap Battles' title belong to those guys responsible for all those other awesome raps.
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"Well, I don't see you making that long walk down to Sugarcube Corner!"

Big Macintosh still had Caramel's words in his head even as he worked harder to ignore them. It was not that Caramel was wrong. Mac wanted to ask Pinkie Pie out for a while now, but he never quite figured out how. At least that excuse satisfied him until today. He knew how to ask Pinkie out on a date. The problem was that he could never think of an excuse to go and ask her out. He tried offering to take the Cakes their daily apple shipment, but Applejack would always insist on it so she could visit with Pinkie for a bit. Mac would never deny his little sister any chance to spend time with her friends, and seeing her leave the farm occasionally to have fun was always welcome.

Today was different. If Caramel could pony up and bring himself to ask Applejack out, then he should be able to do the same. 'I'll go one this fence is finished,' he promised himself. He was content to content to allow himself this excuse and for a while, he forgot all about Pinkie. That did not last long when Applejack arrived.

"Hey where's Caramel?"

"Ain't here."

"Well ah can see that," Applejack said, "Ya know where he is now?"

"Nope," Mac said, "I sent him off to find you cause he had something he needed to ask ya."

Applejack shifted nervously, "Yeah that's why ah'm here. Just making sure I heard him right. Kind of an odd question wasn' it?"

"You're an awful liar, sis," Mac said, "I ain't telling you. You just get the question from Caramel."

"Fine," Applejack said, "He's probably in his room readin' or somethin'."

"Eeyup," said Mac and continued working on the fence smiling as his sister left in search for Caramel.

Mac let out a heavy sigh, "Well, ah've put it off for long enough." Before he could change his mind, he began walking towards Sugarcube Corner. The warm summer sun along with a cool breeze did wonders to dry his coat, but he knew that arriving to ask Pinkie out smelling of work would be a bad idea. 'Fine. I'll take a quick bath, but ah'm doin' this.'

The walk back to the house was not long, and Mac kept going through his mind about what he would tell Pinkie. He was never one for jokes or even small talk, but the quiet stallion knew that Pinkie would carry the conversation. Mac laughed to himself, "If conversations were bricks, that pony could carry the world on her back."

His returned to Caramel and his challenge. Mac's thought went back to when he told Caramel about his feelings for Pinkie.

Caramel and Mac worked the fields as usual, but that day was slower going than normal. Small talk made the work go smoother.

"It's a hot one today, ain't it Mac?"


Caramel and Mac continued their fieldwork in silence once more. Caramel sighed, "You know Mac, I don't mind working with you, but you really need to work on your conversation skills." The brown stallion kicked a rock to the side, "Did Applejack have fun at Pinkie's party?"


"That can't be the only thing you say, Mac. I have an idea. Is there anypony that you have your eye on?"


Caramel laughed, "Ok, now who is it?"

Mac continued to till the soil, but he stopped a few feet further ahead, "Pinkie."

"What was that?"

Mac let out a small sigh, "Pinkie Pie."

"Really? You know, I would thought that-"

"Don't say it."

"What? I just thought that-"




"No need to get mad. I'm just saying that you're both quiet, and I've heard ponies mention that you would make a cute couple."

Mac groaned, "Look, ah'm not saying that ah don' like her. She's friendly and all, but I don' think that we'd be as good a fit as ponies think. Ah mean, whatever happened to 'opposites attract'?"

Mac shook his head to get rid of the memories. He was unable to convince Caramel that he was not interested in Fluttershy as more than a friend, but Mac was undeterred. Today he would ask Pinkie Pie out.

Nearing the Apple Family home, Mac saw his baby sister, Applebloom, playing in a mud puddle. The large stallion, quite adept at stealth, snuck up to his sister and playfully knocked her over.


Mac had a good laugh as his sister flailed about in the mud, but he still gave her a helping hoof.

"Mac," Applebloom sputtered, "What's the big idea?"

"Sorry, sis. Ah couldn' help mahself. Ya ain't hurt now are you?"

Applebloom shook her coat and mane as clean as best she could, and she made certain that she got mud on Macintosh. "There. Serves ya right."

"Ah guess so." The two enjoyed a laugh, "Alright sis, we should get you fed. I hafta get cleaned up. Got some business to take care of in Ponyville."

The yellow filly's ears perked up, "What kinda business?"

"Somethin' important over at Sugarcube Corner, and before you ask, ah'm sorry but you can't come."

The filly sat down in the dirt, "Aww why not?"

The red stallion put his sister onto his back and entered the house. As they entered the kitchen, he placed Applebloom on the table. He grabbed a washcloth and began to wash the some of the mud off the filly. Mac smiled at his sister, "Sorry, but this won't be much fun for ya. You know that if I could take ya, I would."

Applebloom took the washcloth and tossed it into the hamper. She nodded and said, "Ok big brother. Don't worry 'bout makin' me anything ta eat."

Before Mac could say anything, Applebloom was out the door. Within moments, he heard the familiar sound of the filly jumping back into the mud puddle. Macintosh found it cute and enjoyed a chuckled at his sister's fun.

He entered the bathroom and filled the tub. Sitting down, he was expecting to get cleaned up quickly. That is until his eyes caught sight of a pink hairbrush.

That hairbrush was his birthday gift from Pinkie Pie the year before. He was working the fields as usual, but this year the rest of his family had to take a trip to Fillydelphia to settle a shipping dispute. Mac did not mind, so he set to work plowing the fields to get them ready for planting later that week. He worked most of the morning in quiet comfort when a soft but distinct hopping sound could be heard. Not even bothering to stop he simply said, "Mornin' Pinkie."

"Gosh, Big Mac, I can never sneak up to you." The pink pony kept hopping toward the quiet stallion and stopped right in front of him. "What're you doing?"

"Just getting the ground ready, so when Applejack gets back from Fillydelphia we can get the saplings planted."

"I see. Need any help?"

"I appreciate the offer Pinkie, but it's simple work. Something to take mah mind off of being a year older." Within moments, he realized his mistake, though it could be said that it was intentional.

Pinkie Pie jumped into the air, stayed there longer than she should have, and dove into Mac, "Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?"

"It's no big deal. I just don' wanna fuss ponies."

A sharp gasp escaped Pinkie, "No big deal? It certainly is a big deal. We need to make you a birthday party!" Before Mac could utter a word of protest, Pinkie had pulled a large satchel from, somewhere. She smiled at Mac, "Don't you worry. I got it all under control. It's a good thing I keep emergency party supplies one me at all times."

"About that. Just where do you keep those supplies?"

Pinkie tilted her head, "I don't understand. Anyway, I'll get everything set up in the barn. Be there in one hour." She placed her face up to Mac's, "One hour." She then took off in a pink streak to the barn and both doors slammed shut behind her.

'I sure wish I could have told her that I don't have a watch. I'll just finish up this patch. That should take about an hour.' Mac quietly continued his work plowing the field, but his mind was on the pink pony that had given up whatever plans she had to make a party for him. It was a touching gesture and he certainly did not want to be rude.

He finished the plowing faster than it should have taken, and he slowly made his way to the barn.

'Should I knock? It's my barn, but what if Pinkie's still getting everything ready?'

Still staring at the barn door trying to figure out what to do he said, "I guess y'all are done decorating?"

"Shoot! I thought I had you." Pinkie began to open the door and stopped, "How do you always catch me?"

Mac smiled, "It's a secret."

"Aww, tell me. Please."

Mac looked into those blue eyes and felt his heart melt. He shook his head and gave up, "If'n you really wanna know, I can smell ya. You always smell like sweets."

Pinkie stared at Mac, "So you can smell me coming?"


Pinkie smelled herself, but she stopped when Mac nudged her.

"Ah didn' say you stink or smell bad. It's like that friend a yours, Rarity. I can smell her too, but she always smells like perfume or something fancy that doesn' seem to fit here. You smell like cakes and treats, and it's a nice smell. Ah didn' mean any offense, and ah apologize if ah did."

Pinkie smiled, "No need to be sorry." She threw the barn doors open, "Now let's party!"

Mac walked inside the barn and was awed. The entire barn was decorated with banners, balloons, and there even was a birthday cake for him. He slowly walked inside and could not help tear up over the kind gesture from this pony that he did not know well.

"Thank you."

Pinkie smiled, "Don't mention it! It's what friends are for. Now let the fun begin!"

The party itself was a blur in Mac's memory, and the only thing that stood out was the pink pony. It was only Mac and Pinkie Pie there, and a few times she asked if he was bored. He tried to assure her that he was having the most fun that he could remember, and she took him at his word. She was able to get him to dance with her, but in the back of Mac's mind, he knew that this could not last.

Sure enough, Pinkie began to clean up, but Mac stopped her. Her warm smile made him feel like a million bits, and she gave him a box. It was not wrapped, and she apologized that she did not have time to find a good present.

Mac took the box telling her that he would be happy with whatever was in there. He opened it and saw the hairbrush. He began laughing and was soon joined by Pinkie.

"Whattcha thinkin' bout big brother?"

Snapping back to the present, Mac found himself still in the tub and his baby sister looking at him curiously. He smiled, "Just lettin' mah mind wander. Can ya pass me that towel?"

"Sure thing. Ah just came in cause the girls want to try a little crusadin' before dinner." She placed the towel next to the tub and left the bathroom.

Mac quickly finished getting cleaned up and dried himself. He slowly made his way out of the house, and walked even slower towards the entrance to the farm. Upon reaching the Sweet Apple Acres entrance, he realized that in a way this was a point of no return. He could turn around and get back to work, or keep walking down that road to ask out a pony that might not even be interested in him.

In the space of a few moments, he began walking towards Ponyville. His mind was set, and he would see this through. Anxiousness caused him to want to increase his speed, but he kept to a walk for fear of arriving smelling of sweat.

He arrived at the town limits, and he felt relieved that there were not many ponies out and about. Having made many deliveries to Sugarcube Corner, he knew the way and arrived just as ponies finished their lunches. 'Seems like ah'll be able to talk to Pinkie alone,' he thought with relief.

Quickly scanning the room, he saw Pinkie wiping down a counter. He walked slowly up to her and said, "Afternoon Pinkie. Can ah have some pie?"

Pinkie smiled, "Absolutely! What kind do you want? We have apple, peach, cherry, razzleberry, blueberry, lemon, key lime, cheesecake. You know it's funny that cheesecake is called a cake but you make it like a pie. I mean, a pie is crust, filling crust, right? And cake is frosting, cake, and whatever gets burned by the pan. Cheesecake doesn't do that. It's just super yummy filling and crust. So what can I get for you?"

"Ah'll have a slice of cheesecake if ya don' mind."

"One slice of cheesecake coming up." Pinkie hopped into the kitchen and returned with a plate. She cute a slice of cheesecake and poured some milk into a glass. "There you go. You know it's funny that ponies call cheesecake a cake even though you make it like a pie."

Mac nodded and took a bite out of the cheesecake. "This is mighty good, Pinkie. You make this yourself?"

Pinkie blushed, "Yeah, I made the pies this morning, but what I really want to do is bake some of the tougher recipes." She sat down, grabbed a fork, and took a bite from Mac's cheesecake. "There are some really good recipes that the Cakes use on special occasions, and I'd really like to try making some. I know I can do it." She looked at Mac, "What do you think?"

The quiet stallion took a breath and said, "Well, ah reckon that if'n you keep workin' hard, the Cakes will see that you deserve a chance to come up with some new recipes that they can use."

"But, I never said anything about-"

"Ya didn' have to. Ah can tell. Ya wanna be a baker and try creating new treats for ponies to enjoy." He put a hoof on Pinkie's shoulder, "Just give it some time, and ah know you'll get your chance."

Pinkie blushed and looked down on the plate, "Oh no! I ate your cake! I'm so super-duper sorry. I'll get you another slice."

"Don' worry about it, Pinkie. If it bothered me, ah would've stopped you."

"So you're not mad?"

"Nope." Mac took a drink from his glass, "There's a reason why ah came over. There's something ah need to ask you."

Pinkie pulled up a stool and sat down, "Sure Mac. What's up?"

Mac cleared his throat, "Ah was wondering if you had any plans for tonight."

Pinkie giggled, "Do I look like a pony with a plan?" She looked up, "Do I have any plans? Hmm, I don't think so." She shook her head and smiled, "Nope. No plans."

"Good cause ah was wondering if you would like to go to dinner with me tonight."

"Like, a date?"


Pinkie looked up and tapped her chin with a hoof, "Hm." She looked at Mac who was sitting quietly. She looked up again and said a bit louder, "Hmmm." Once again, she looked at the stallion who remained as loud as a statue. She tapped her chin harder and said loudly, "Hmmmmmm." Pinkie turned to Mac, "You're just going to wait until I answer aren't you?"

"Ah got all day, and you're worth waitin' on."

Pinkie blushed, "Gee, thanks. Ok it's a date!" She stood up and looked around, "What do we do now?"

"What do ya mean?"

"I mean do we shake hooves or hug?"

Mac laughed, "Ah'll take a hug, but only if ya'll are comfortable with it. Ain' about ta force you to do something ya don' want to."

"Thanks Mac!" Pinkie leaned over the counter and gave Mac a small hug. "What do you have planned for right now?"

"Haven't thought that far ahead. Ah was too worried that you would turn me down to think of anything."

"You were worried?"


"Aww! Okay then. We just need to think up something to do until dinner."

"Don't you have work to do here first?"

Pinkie took Mac's glass and placed it on the counter behind her, "Not really. The lunch rush is done. Right now, I would look for Dashie or Fluttershy. Usually Dashie since she's harder to find."

"For the challenge, right?"

"Exactly!" Pinkie leaned into the kitchen and yelled, "Mr. Cake, Big Macintosh asked me out on a date. Can I take the rest of the day off?"

Though thought to be impossible, Mac turned noticeably redder.

A hearty laugh emerged from the kitchen, "Sure thing Pinkie. Have fun."

Pinkie walked around the counter and stared at Mac, "Are you alright? You look, redder."

Mac cleared his throat, "Eeyup. I'm fine. Uh, so what would you like to do?"

"I dunno. Let's just see what the day brings. Sound good?"

Mac smiled, "Eeyup."

Pinkie gave Mac a hug and stretched a leg out to the distance, "Adventure awaits!"

"Let's just start with a walk."

"Okie dokie."

The two ponies left Sugarcube Corner, and before they could pick a direction, Pinkie began bouncing to the south.

'Looks like ah'll have mah hooves full,' Mac thought to himself. He ran up behind Pinkie, lowered his head, and scooped the pink pony onto his back. Mac laughed as Pinkie squealed.

"Wee! Okay Mac, lead the way."

The red stallion decided to take a stroll throughout Ponyville. He enjoyed the feeling of Pinkie Pie lying on his back, and he wanted to treat her to a great day.

Their first stop was a flower vendor. Mac smiled at the pony, "Howdy Lilly."

She smiled at the pair and said, "Hello Macintosh. Care for some roses?"

"No thanks. How about some wildflowers?"

"Are you sure?"

"Eeyup." Mac placed some bits on the stall and lifted a small bouquet of wildflowers to Pinkie.

"Ooh, pretty." She sniffed the flowers and added, "Are they for me?"


"Oh thanks Mac." Pinkie grabbed the flowers and jumped off of Mac's back. "I can walk."

The two continued their walk through Ponyville, and soon found themselves near Carousel Boutique. Sweetie Belle was sitting on a bench drawing a picture. Pinkie hopped up to the filly, "Hey Sweetie Belle! What're you drawing?"

The filly looked up at Pinkie, "Hey Pinkie. I'm just doing a drawing of Scootaloo and Applebloom. I think it's coming out pretty good." She slid the picture over to Pinkie.

Pinkie looked at the drawing and said, "It looks good."

Mac grabbed the picture and turned it right side up.

Pinkie laughed, "Ooh. Oops."

Sweetie Belle glared at Pinkie and took the drawing back, "So what are you and Big Mac doing?"

"Oh we're just wasting time until dinner."

"Pinkie ah'm not sure you wanna say that so loudly."

"Why's that Mac? What's the worst that could happen? I mean we're just waiting for our date."

Mac immediately brought a hoof to his face because he knew that within moments a white unicorn would rush out of the boutique and begin to ask them about their date. To his surprise, Rarity did not exit the boutique. He let out a sigh of relief and turned around only to wind up facing Rarity.

"Did I just hear somepony say something about a date?"

Pinkie hopped next to Mac, "Hiya Rarity! Yup, Mac asked me out to dinner, so we're just waiting until it's time to eat."

Rarity smiled at the two, "Well, this is simply wonderful. I for one thought that you and Fluttershy would be a better fit, but who am I to question matters of the heart? It chooses who it will."

Mac cleared his throat, "Well, it was nice talking to you Rarity, but ah reckon that we should-"

"Nonsense! I must hear about the whirlwind courtship that must be occurring right now." Rarity turned to Sweetie Belle, "Oh that's a lovely drawing. Scootaloo and Applebloom are coming along nicely, but could you do me a favor and set some tea out for Pinkie and Macintosh?"

"Sure thing, sis." The filly hopped off the bench and trotted inside towards the kitchen.

Once Sweetie Belle was out of sight Rarity leaned to Pinkie and Mac, "To be quite honest, they look like blobs, but I learned to guess from the colors she uses." She levitated the drawing, "Another masterpiece for the wall."

"I thought you didn't like it."

"Pinkie, whether I like it or not is irrelevant. What matters is that I don't stifle her creativity. Our parents encouraged me to pursue my passion, and I intend to make certain that Sweetie Belle has the same opportunity. Please, come in."

Mac let out a quiet sigh and followed Pinkie inside. He was grateful that Pinkie was there to carry the conversation, or so he thought.

Once the new couple sat at the table, Rarity turned to Mac, "Tell me, just when did you fall for Pinkie?"

"Last year on my birthday."

Rarity leaned closer, "And?"

Mac glanced at Pinkie who was also eager to hear the story. "It was when Pinkie threw the birthday party for me."

Pinkie tapped her chin with a hoof, "Party?"

"Ah don' expect you to remember, Pinkie. It was just one out of many parties you had."

"Nonononono. This is important." Pinkie jumped up, "Now I remember! You were working the field and I threw you a party in the barn."

Rarity giggled, "What kind of party Pinkie?"

"Oh pretty standard one. There were balloons, streamers, and Mac even danced with me."

"Macintosh? That Macintosh danced with you?"

"Yup, and boy was it tough to get him to. He just sat there. I thought he was bored."

"Pinkie ah wasn't bored. I'm just not used to spending time with ponies, and it was a lot of fun dancin' with ya."

"I still need to get you a better gift."

"No need. I still have the brush."

Pinkie blushed, "You still do?"

Mac smiled, "Eeyup."

Rarity took a sip of tea, "Tell me Macintosh, what spurred you to ask Pinkie out?"

"Caramel sorta challenged me to do it on account that ah kept draggin' mah heels. Ah reckon right now he already told Applejack how he feels about her."

Rarity squealed, "Caramel likes Applejack? Oh, that's so adorable. It seems everypony is finding love." She put a hoof to her cheek, "Will I ever find love?"

"Ah think ya will, Rarity. It just takes finding somepony that makes you feel really special."

Rarity smiled and suddenly squealed again, "Ooh, idea! Macintosh, I am going to have to ask you to leave and return in a few hours." She turned to Pinkie, "I have to get you ready for your date."

"Aww. I wanted to hang out with Mac."

"I know Pinkie, but this is your first date. We must ensure that it is perfect." Rarity smiled at Macintosh, "Please go down to the café in the town square and get a table for tonight. I imagine that by the time you return, Pinkie will be ready for your date."

Mac nodded slowly, "If you say so, Rarity. This ok with you Pinkie?"

Pinkie smiled, "It's ok. I'll see you later!"


Mac left the boutique and slowly walked to the town square to the café. He gave the hostess a warm smile, "Afternoon. I would like to reserve a table for two tonight."

The hostess smiled, "Certainly. Under what name?"


The hostess wrote down on a sheet of paper, "Very well. I have a table for you at five this evening. Is that alright?"

"That's fine."

"Wonderful. I will see you tonight."

Mac nodded and made his way back to the boutique. The clock tower read half past four, so Mac hurried his pace. When he arrived, Rarity was outside, and when she moved to the side, Mac was floored.

Pinkie was wearing a pinkie candy themed dress. It had a glimmer to it that gave it the appearance of powdered sugar. Rarity managed to style her mane and made her makeup subtly. However, none of that mattered since all Mac could think while looking at Pinkie was, gorgeous.

"Well, I know that Macintosh approves," Rarity said with a giggle. She gently nudged Pinkie toward the red stallion, "Now go on you two, and have a great time."

"Thanks Rarity. Let's go Mac." Pinkie began hopping towards the square.

Rarity was about to protest but Mac stopped her.

"Shouldn't try and change her too much. Ah didn' fall for Pinkie cause of a dress." He smiled at Rarity and ran to catch up to Pinkie.

"Pinkie, are you comfortable?"

"Yeah, it's just that I don't dress up that often. Do you like it?"

"You're beautiful, Pinkie. I thought so before I asked you out."

Pinkie blushed and leaned against Mac, and the two arrived at the café.

The hostess smiled at them, "Apple? Party of two?"


"Right this way please."

Pinkie and Mac were seated at a small table that had a lit candle. The hostess levitated a menu to Mac, "Whenever you're ready sir."

Mac looked over the menu nervously. His worry that he would order something that Pinkie would not like was clear.

Pinkie put a hoof on his, "Just order whatever. Trust me, I'll eat it and love it." She gave him a large grin.

Mac relaxed, "Ok Pinkie." He turned to the hostess, "Ah'll have a large order of hay fries, and mah friend-"

"Date," Pinkie interrupted sticking her tongue out at him.

Mac smiled, "Eeyup. Mah date will have the seasonal fruit salad, and could you add the apple-honey sauce?"

"Of course. If you'll excuse me?" The hostess gathered the menus and went to the kitchen.

"Mac," Pinkie said quietly, "Are you sure you want to get me that salad? Fluttershy told me about this place when Rarity treated her to lunch once, and she said it was really expensive."

Mac smiled, "Don' worry bout it Pinkie. You are worth every bit."

"Thanks Mac, but I don't want you to spend so much on me. I'm not used to it."

The waiter arrived with their drinks, and Mac raised his glass, "Well then, here's to two farm ponies. Simple things bring us the most joy."

Pinkie nodded and lifted her glass, "Yup. There is nothing better than making ponies happy."

They both took a sip from their glasses. "Looks like the foods ready."

Sure enough, the waiter arrived with both plates, "Enjoy." The waiter bowed his head and returned to the kitchen.

"This looks so yummy. Thank you Mackie."

Mac smiled, "You're welcome Pinkie." He chuckled, "Can't think of a good nickname for ya."

"That's ok. Some ponies don't have the knack for it."

"Don't make me call you Di," Mac said before he was hit with a cherry.

"My sister Inkie used to call me that."

"Then ah think we found your new nickname," Mac said with a smile.

"Call me that again and you're gonna be wearing this salad." Pinkie's eyes narrowed.

"Whatever you say…"

Pinkie slowly picked up her plate.

Mac smiled, "Pinkie."

Pinkie laughed, "I don't need a nickname anyway. Pinkie is just fine."


Both ponies ate their meals in silence, and Mac settled the check. The walk back to Sugarcube Corner was quiet.

"I need to help the Cakes close up, but I had a really good time."

"Me too Pinkie."

Pinkie turned to enter the store, but she was stopped by Mac.

"Pinkie, will it be alright if I were to see you again?"

Pinkie smiled, "I'd love to."

Mac nodded, "May I give you a kiss goodbye?"

Pinkie's heart fluttered, "Uh, sure." She closed her eyes and lightly pursed her lips. Her face flushed red when she felt Mac kiss her on her cheek. She opened her eyes and gently rubbed her cheek. "Thank you Mac."

"I'll stop by tomorrow, and we can go to lunch. I think ah'll treat you to a home cooked meal." He nodded and turned to return to Sweet Apple Acres.

Pinkie entered Sugarcube Corner, and she did not hear the Cakes' questions about her date. She slowly made her way upstairs to get her apron, but all the way up there, she was trying to figure out what she was feeling.

She recognized the feeling. She was happy. Except this was a new kind of happy. This was not a fresh baked batch of cupcakes happy. Or even throwing a friend a surprise party happy. It was not even 'falling down the stairs and finding some bits on the bottom step' kind of happy.

All Pinkie knew as she placed her hoof to her cheek was that she never wanted this new kind of happiness to fade away.
This is my stab at Pinkie Pie/Big Mac ship. I'm fairly happy with it.

This is perhaps the first time I used a flashback, two in fact, and I think I did them fairly well.

This story goes along with "Down Manehattan" It can be found here: [link]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro (c)
Words are mine.
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Venenileporidae Puerulus - Nidoran M
Venenileporidae Saevus - Nidorino
Venenileporidae Regis - Nidoking
Liberiluna Luna - Clefairy
Liberiluna Aethereus - Clefable
Incendovulpes Sexcoda - Vulpix
Incandovulpes Novemcoda - Ninetales
Vesicabestia Cantare - Jigglypuff
Vesicabestia Sufflare - Wigglytuff
Desmodustoxica Excaeco - Zubat
Desmodustoxica Magnusosculi - Golbat
Umbrosusfloris Mandragora (prv. Oddium Wanderus) - Oddish
Umbrosusfloris Rafflesiagerminis - Gloom
Umbrosusfloris Rafflesiaefflorui - Vileplume
Fungimonstri Amanitaparvus - Paras
Fungimonstri Amanitamagna - Parasect
Pernicies Culex - Venonat
Venenilepidoptera Malusala - Venomoth
Arcanuscorpus Talpidae - Diglett
Arcanuscorpus Tritalpidae - Dugtrio
Felisquaesitus Thensaurus - Meowth
Felisquaesitus Mundus - Persian
Cordisanatidae Anatinus - Psyduck
Cordisanatidae Kappa - Golduck
Suspapio Irae - Mankey
Suspapio Furoris - Primeape
Canisflamma Familiaris - Growlithe
Canisflamma Mythos - Arcanine
Concrispohyla Ranunculus - Poliwag
Concrispohyla Dilectus - Poliwhirl
Concrispohyla Pugna - Poliwrath
Psychicus Levisomnus - Abra
Psychicus Uncocleare - Kadabra
Psychicus Bicocleare - Alakazam
Semihominis Humilevis - Machop
Semihominis Animatavis - Machoke
Semihominis Summavis - Machamp
Nepenthes Floris - Bellsprout
Nepenthes Elanguentis - Weepinbell
Nepenthes Conversus - Victreebel
Roseachironex Cetariicladis - Tentacool
Roseachinorex Physalia - Tentacruel
Vivasilex Lapilli - Geodude
Vivasilex Scopulus - Gravler
Vivasilex Molis - Golem
Ardorequus Caballio - Ponyta
Ardorequus Unicornui - Rapidash
Abditusops Bardus - Slowpoke
Abditusops Combivalvia - Slowbro
Magnescreatura Chalybispila - Magnemite
Magnescreatura Trichalybispila - Magneton
Alliumadvector Anas - Farfetch'd
Struthio Bikaput - Doduo
Struthio Trikaput - Dodrio
Frigusphoca Infans - Seel
Frigusphoca Otariidae - Dewgong
Coinquinationis Limus - Grimer
Coinquinationis Toxicum - Muk
Consciumbivalvia Dicacis - Shellder
Consciumbivalvia Margarita - Cloyster
Gasumbra Spectrum - Gastly
Gasumbra Larvalis - Haunter
Gasumbra Phantasma - Gengar
Vivasilex Monserpentes - Onix
Hypnotista Tapirus - Drowzee
Hypnotista Baku - Hypno
Uca Polacancer - Krabby
Uca Magnacancer - Kingler
Pila Imitatio - Voltorb
Pila Explodeo - Electrode
Sensatarbor Ovum - Exeggcute
Sensatarbor Cocos - Exeggutor
Osseusclava Orfanus - Cubone
Osseusclava Conservatrix - Marowak
Semihominis Calcitrare - Hitmonlee
Semihominis Percidere - Hitmonchan
Capaxbubula Tiliqua - Lickitung
Coinquinationis Fumosus - Koffing
Coinquinationis Bifumosus - Weezing
Saxidiceros Aculeus - Rhyhorn
Saxidiceros Prius - Rhydon
Amatorovum Fortis - Chansey
Berchemia Salsola - Tangela
Omnifemina Macropus - Kangaskhan
Sepiacontendo Hippocampus - Horsea
Sepiacontendo Venenata - Seadra
Formonsapiscis Carassius - Goldeen
Formonsapiscis Cyprinus - Seaking
Gemmastrum Asterias - Staryu
Gemmastrum Acanthaster - Starmie
Semihominis Pantomimus - Mr. Mime
Falciferum Mantis - Scyther
Semihominis Amoenusbasi - Jynx
Generatrum Simiolifelis - Electebuzz
Calorisula Spuignis - Magmar
Pugnatorbestiola Dorcus - Pinsir
Armenticium Feroxtaurus - Tauros
Tolerantiae Cyprinidae - Magikarp
Tolerantiae Hydrae - Gyarados
Plesiosaurus Devehere - Lapras
Amoeba Transfiguratus - Ditto
Noncaninus Instabilis - Eevee
Noncaninus Bulliosaliens - Vaporeon
Noncaninus Attonitus - Jolteon
Noncaninus Flammae - Flareon
c:\run\pokémon.porygon.exe - Porygon
Ammonitida Rutundusconcha - Omanyte
Ammonitida Dentefaberconcha - Omastar
Dalmanites Limulus - Kabuto
Dalmanites Eurypterina - Kabutops
Pterosauria Renascorasuccinum - Aerodactyl
Adipsursidae Somnus - Snorlax
Mythosavis Conglacior - Articuno
Mythosavis Electricus - Zapdos
Mythosavis Incendere - Moltres
Draconis Anguigena - Dratini
Draconis Tempestatis - Dragonair
Draconis Militis - Dragonite
Felismythi Geneticamatris* -Mewtwo
Felismythi Geneticamatris - Mew

Apatosaurus Chichorium - Chikorita
Apatosaurus Laurus - Bayleef
Apatosaurus Geranium - Meganium
Cinistachyglossus Pinniculi - Cyndaquil
Cinistachyglossus Mustela - Quilava
Cinistachyglossus Taxidea - Typhlosion
Crocodylus Liberi - Totodile
Crocodylus Buccae - Croconaw
Crocodylus Alligator - Feraligatr
Putorius Custodis - Sentret
Putorius Celeris - Furret
Bubo Custoshora - Hoothoot
Bubo Vatisnoctu - Noctowl
Coccinellidae Timidus - Ladyba
Coccinellidae Potosidus - Ledian
Falsitasaranea Theridion - Spinarak
Falsitasaranea Myrmarachne - Ariados
Desmodustoxica Amicilivespertilio - Crobat
Ceratias Himantolophus - Chinchou
Ceratias Candensdelphinus - Lanturn
Mus Ammodumparvola - Pichu
Liberiluna Stella - Cleffa
Vesicabestia Malacus - Igglybuff
Ovumhominis Vitellum - Togepi
Ovumhominis Tenerducula - Togetic
Futurapharomachrus Glossopsitta - Natu
Futurapharomachrus Kachina - Xatu
Staticumovis Laniger - Mareep
Staticumovis Balo - Flaaffy
Staticumovis Luminis - Ampharos
Umbrosusfloris Apricacorollarii - Bellossom
Mus Aquae - Marill
Leporidae Aquae - Azumarill
Arborimitor Falsusilva - Sudowoodo
Concrispohyla Verusrana - Politoed
Taraxacum Circumsilio - Hoppip
Taraxacum Persulto - Skiploom
Taraxacum Insultatus - Jumpluff
Trachypithecus Unusumanus - Aipom
Helianthus Ossis - Sunkern
Helianthus Apricissimus - Sunflora
Perspicuala Trithemis - Yanma
Umidumdomini Ambystoma - Wooper
Umidumdomini Andrias - Quagsire
Noncaninus Sol - Espeon
Noncaninus Lunalumen - Umbreon
Atercorvus Infelicitas - Murkrow
Abditusops Elucidare - Slowking
Lamiaphasma Lascivus - Misdreavus
Ignotus Litterula (x) - Unown
Perstopupae Adparere - Wobbuffet
Giraffokeryx Duocerebellum - Girafarig
Psychidae Pinusemen - Pineco
Psychidae  Aesculusemen - Forretress
Terraserpens Tsuchinoko- Dunsparce
Coeliformido Volanscorpiones - Gligar
Vivasilex Adamaserpentes- Steelix
Canismythi Simulum- Snubbull
Canismythi Magnadens- Granbull
Diodontidae Toxicimina - Qwilfish
Scindere Mantis- Scizor
Scopulusfungi Dacrimartifex- Shuckle
Pugnatorbestiola Dichotoma - Heracross
Kamaitachi Nigrafelis- Sneasel
Ursus Ursaminor- Teddiursa
Ursus Ursamajor- Ursaring
Lavaegastropoda Connudatus- Slugma
Lavaegastropoda Domus- Magcargo
Gelidusus Porcelli- Swinub
Gelidusus Apri- Piloswine
Corallium Ornamentum- Corsola
Echeneidae Pistolii- Remoraid
Sepiacontendo Octopoda- Octillery
Spheniscidae Datidonatoris- Delibird
Manta Administri- Mantine
Laminavis Gryphus- Skarmory
Canisatraum Crudelis- Houndour
Canisatraum- Condemno- Houndoom
Sepiacontendo Taeniolatus- Kingdra
Elephantidae Nasutus- Phanpy
Elephantidae  Tegumen- Donphan
c:\run\pokémon.porygon2.exe- Porygon2
Rangifer Praestigia- Stantler
Canisartufex Penicilli- Smeargle
Semihominis Luctatoris- Tyrogue
Semihominis Versatus- Hitmontop
Semihominis Ausculari- Smoochum
Generatrum Contactrum- Elekid
Calorisula Carbunculus- Magby
Armenticium Lactevacca- Miltank
Amatorovum Gaudium- Blissey
Mythicanis Tono- Raikou
Mythicanis Vulcani- Entei
Mythicanis Crystallos- Suicune
Papiliodinosauri Vermiculi- Larvitar
Papiliodinosauri Bombylis- Pupitar
Papiliodinosauri Adultus- Tyranitar
Mythosavis Alticustodis- Lugia
Mythosavis Caelicustodis- Ho-oh
Meotempus Nympha- Celebi
Full Title: Pokemon: Scientific Classification (39% Done, as of Gen V)
Sub-Title: Summer 2009 Boredom Project
Re Sub-Title: Holy crap, has it been four years since I've worked on this?

So I find myself rather bored this summer...rather REALLY bored. So bored...I find entertainment, here, in giving scientific names to Pokemon...and yes, I DO plan on completing all 493. Post-Edit: Gen V has come and gone since I started this, and Gen VI is on the way. I will attempt to do them all.

I understand some, if not most of these are not really grammatically accurate, compared to true Latin, but it's more about having fun, to me. I mean, they're just names.

I have commented on the names for each below. (This section will NOT contain the comments for all which I name, but only the ones for which I have most recently added)
Wobbuffet- So, I had some trouble deciding on a genus name for both Wobbuffet and Wynaut. In the end, I decided to reference their being based on the Okiagari-koboshi doll. These dolls are a reference to perseverance, so "Persto" can mean that and "pupae" can refer to a doll (I think I'll reuse it for Darumaka/Darmanitan). "Adparere" can refer to something that is apparent, evident or visible, referring to Wobbuffet's other reference, "That is the way it is!"

Girafarig- I'm going to take Bulbapedia's word that the Giraffokeryx is the best representation of what Girafarig is like. Plus it looks a bit cooler than just "Giraffa." "Cerebellum" refers to the brain or thought process, and "duo," as you can guess, means two--so "two brains."

Pineco/Forretress- Pokemon does not want for bagworm Pokemon. I kept the important existence of the Burmy family in mind when making this decision; "Psychidae" is the family name for bagworm moths. Despite the fact that there's only one actual bagworm moth in Pokemon, I think its okay for them to share the name, so all five will be Psychidae--what a cool name, too! "Pinus," no jokes please, is the genus name for Pine trees, and "semen" is the Latin word for seed. I SAID NO JOKES. "Aesculus" is the genus name for the horse chestnut, and "semen" remains the same.

Dunsparce- "Terraserpens" is a combination of "terra" and "serpens," meaning "land" and "snake" respectively, which is Dunsparce's in-game species name. Not Latin-based, but "Tsuchinoko" is the name of the mythical creature Dunsparce is likely based on. I think that's a more fitting name than something cobbled-together by me.

Gligar- The trouble with this one is the fact that I had to keep Gliscor in mind. Gligar and Gliscor are so similar, it was difficult to think of a shared family name for both, then two separate species names. In the end, I decided on "Coeliformido" as the family name; a combination of "Coeli" meaning air, and "formido" referring to something that is terrifying--"air terrors," you could say. I decided on "Volanscorpiones" for Gligar's species name. "volans" refers to something that soars through the air--a little more accurate than straight-up flying. "Scorpiones" is the order name for scorpions--Gligar's in-game species name is "fly scorpion." Similarly, I'll probably use some kind of "fang scorpion" for Gliscor, which is its own in-game species name.

Steelix- Steelix picks up the "living rock" family name, which Onix shares. Steelix's species name is pretty much the same as Onix. "Adamas" refers to iron or steel (or something as hard as iron or steel), and "serpentes" still means snake.

Snubbull/Granbull- So, I hit a problem with this family that may prove troublesome in the future; there's no real translations of fairies, or many of its related words (pixie, sprite, fay), except "nymph," which is only partially related to some, and not all. When I get to more fairy-types down the line, this might be a problem. Both Snubbull and Granbull are called "Fairy Pokemon" and are both based on bulldogs, and not much else, so I didn't have a whole lot to go on in names. This might get confusing when I get to the legendary dogs, so I might look into alternate names. It's also a reference to Growlite/Arcanine in the previous generation, which were "Canisflamma." Anyway, there were a few good names meaning snub or snub-nosed, for Snubbull, so I settled on "simulum." "Magnadens" is a combination of "Magna," meaning big or large, and "dens," referring to teeth. It's got big teeth. Sure.

Qwilfish- "Diodontidae" is the family name for Porcupinefish, better known as blowfish--that's an easy one. "Toxicimina" is a combination of "Toxici," referring to poison (since Qwilfish is a poison-type) and "mina," referring to mines, since Qwilfish also resembles a navel mine.

Scizor- Didn't think about this when I named Scyther, and picked a family name that had to do with scythes, then I get to Scizor which has no scythes! But the two are equal and different enough to justify a new genus name, while keeping the same species name (like Marill/Azumarill). "Scindere" means to tear, split or cut into pieces ... since there's no real thing for scissors, like there is for scythes. "Mantis," again, is the genus name for a species of mantises.

Shuckle- I was a bit worried about Shuckle, since it's based on fungus, rather than a plant or animal, which are more clearly defined. There wasn't any one fungus/mold I could attribute it to, so I worked with the fact that it lives in stone/is part rock-type. "Scopulus" refers to rocks or stone, and "fungi" is obvious--Shuckle is a stone fungus. "Dacrima" refers to sweet nectar or sap, a reference to honeydew (sweet liquids, not quite honey, produced by insects). "Artifex" refers to an originator of a craft, or a "maker." So, Shuckle is a "sweet nectar maker." Good 'nuff.

Heracross- I used the same family name as Pinsir, since the two are pretty closely related. To remind you, "Pugnatorbestiola" basically means, "fighting bug." "Dichotoma" is taken from the species name of the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, the closest real world equivalent for the "Heracross beetle."

Sneasel- It was kinda liberating stepping slightly out of bounds of Latin for Pokemon like Xatu and Dunsparce, so I did it once again for Sneasel (and Weavile) by giving them the genus name of "Kamaitachi," a Japanese mythical beast which is basically a scythe-clawed weasel. It sounds fitting and nice, and keeps me from over-stretching weasels among Pokemon. "Nigra" means black (and can also refer to "dark" and "unlucky"), while "felis" is cat. I think I'll be safe giving the black cat title to Sneasel, since we don't have any others yet. If one is introduced in a future generation, I'll probably edit Sneasel.

Teddiursa/Ursaring- I wanted to, if I could, use the same genus name between Teddiursa/Ursaring and Cubchoo/Beartic. Thus, I settled on the basic "Ursus," which is the genus name for bears. Bulbapedia referenced Teddiursa and Ursaring possibly being partially based on the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major constellations, so I just face-lifted these names for each's species name. It may sound a little redundant with "Ursus," but real-world scientific names can be just as redundant; check out the trinomial name for the American Plains Buffalo.

Slugma/Magcargo- I briefly entertained the idea of coming up with a genus name that could be shared by Slugma/Magcargo and Shellos/Gastrodon. However, I decided they were different enough to not warrant doing so. "Lavae" very clearly refers to lava, while "gastropoda" is the class name for slugs and snails ("gastropoda" will likely be reused in a different name for Shellos/Gastrodon, though). Got a little creative on the species names; "connudatus" refers to being exposed or naked, while "Domus" is a word for the building that is a home.

Swinub/Piloswine- Yet another one I had to be careful in picking a genus name for. Swinub and Piloswine are fine enough alone, but Mamoswine has too much wooly mammoth in it. In the end, they all have pig-like qualities, so I settled on "Gelidus" + "Sus" for the genus name--"Gelidus" relates to something being icy, or ice cold, while "sus" is the genus name for pigs. "Porcelli" refers to piglets, and "apri" is related to boars. I'll probably pick something related to mammoths specifically for Mamoswine.

Corsola- This one was supposed to be easy. I got ready to pick some easy words... until I realized there was little more to Corsola other than the fact that it's pretty coral. "Corallium" is the genus name for red coral, which is also used in jewelry and such. In the end, I decided to be somewhat redundant in names, and went with "Ornamentum," which you can guess is related to decorative jewels and such.

Remoraid- Despite anything, I just couldn't give Remoraid and Octillery the same genus name. They're just too different. "Echeneidae" is the family name for the remora, which is the closest real world relative of Remoraid. "Pistolii" refers to a gun.

Octillery- You may recall "Sepiacontendo" from Horsea/Seadra, which basically means "ink shooter," I mentioned reusing it for Octillery, and here I am. "Octopoda" is the order name for octopi.

Delibird- I'm not about to NOT give the same genus name to the four penguin Pokemon; Delibird + the Piplup family. So I checked on both Rockhopper and Emperor Penguins, and went up the classification names until they matched. They did so at the family name, "Spheniscidae." "Dati" refers to presents or gifts, while "donatoris," as you can maybe guess now, refers to a giver or donor. It's a gift-giving penguin.

Mantine- Unfortunately, like some problems I've been having, there's not a lot of distinction between Mantine and Mantyke. So, I've settled on the genus name for Manta Rays, which is conveniently "Manta." "Administri" refers to an assistant, helper or supporter, which is a reference to the Mantine + Remoraid relationship. Not a bad choice, especially since it's critical to their evolution. For Mantyke... I dunno, I think I'll make some reference to the smiley face on its back.

Skarmory- "Laminavis" is a convenient combination of "Lamina," referring to a plate or thin sheet of metal (such as a blade), and "avis" is bird. "Metal bird" sounds like a convenient name I could apply to anything Skarmory-like that may come along down the line. "Gryphus" is the species name of the Andean Condor, which Bulbapedia tells me is the best real-world match to Skarmory.

Houndour/Houndoom- I've decided to go on a theme for dog Pokemon; "Canis+X," where X is some vague description of the dogs. Growlithe was a flame dog, Snubble was a mythical (fairy) dog, so Houndour and Houndoom are black/dark/gloomy/murky/etc. dogs. "Crudelis" refers to being cruel/hardhearted/unmerciful/severe -- just a few synonyms for 'dour." While "Condemno" mans to condemn, convict or ... doom.

Kingdra- Like Horsea and Seadra, Kingdra shares the same "Sepiacontendo" (ink shooter) genus name. Taeniolatus is the species name for the Weedy Sea Dragon.

Phanpy/Donphan- These being our only elephants, I think it's cool to go ahead and give them the "Elephantidae" genus name, which is the family name for real world elephants. "Nasutus" refers to having a long nose--Phanpy is the "long nose" Pokemon. "Tegumen" refers to covering clothing or body armor--Donphan is the "armor" Pokemon, and without much other defining characteristics, I think it's an okay bet to let Donphan have this easy one.

Porygon2- If once is fun, then twice is nice! -- Porygon2 is an "official upgrade" to Porygon, so I'd imagine it's execution would be pretty much the same. I might get a little more creative/do a little research for Porygon-Z.

Stantler- Stantler doesn't have much competition, so it's name was pretty easy. "Rangifer" is the genus name for reindeer. "Praestigia" refers to deception, illusion or tricks, which is a reference to Stantler's usual defense mechanism.

Smeargle- You're sure to know "Canis" by now--"artufex" refers to an artist or craftsman (you may recall the extremely similar "artifex" from Shuckle), while "Penicilli" refers to a painter's brush or pencil, which I think is appropriate, since Smeargle is a living paintbrush.

Tyrogue/Hitmontop- Again, "Semihominis" is taken from the shared genus name of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. "Luctatoris" refers to a wrestler. "versatus" refers to something that keeps spinning or turning around. Or simply the act of something happening over and over.

Smoochum- Smoochum keeps the same "Semihominis" genus name as Jynx. "Ausculari" refers to a kiss, or exchanging kisses.

Elekid- I never explained at Electabuzz, but "Generatrum" refers to a generator, which I think is appropriate enough for the Electabuzz family. "Contactum" refers to an electric plug, much like Elekid's ... whole shape.

Magby- "Calorisula" is still a combination of "calori" ("warmth") and "sula," the genus name for the booby. Magby is the "Live Coal Pokemon," sooo... "carbunculus" basically refers to live coal!

Miltank- "Armenticium" still refers to something consisting of cattle. Just like I did with Tauros, I basically just transcribed Miltank's in-game species; "Lactevacca" is a combination of "Lacte," milk, and "vacca," cow.

Blissey- "Amator" still refers to someone who really likes something, while "ovum" still means egg--the same genus name used for Chansey. "Gaudium" refers to joy, delight, etc. --synonyms for bliss, I should think.

Raikou/Entei/Suicine- I basically did these like I did the legendary birds. "Mythi" is basically the same word as "Mythos," but is slightly changed to make it roll off the tongue better. "Canis" is still dogs. Not to be confused with the "Canismythi" of Snubbull/Granbull. :V "Tono" refers to the sound of thunder. "Vulcani" refers to a volcano. I picked it over "vulcanus" because of the similarity to "canis." There wasn't a direct translation for "aurora," so I had to pick a different trait for Suicine. I was trying to decide on a vague reference to the north wind, before remembering that it clearly had to be "Crystallos," which reference should be obvious.

Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar- I could've originally just given these three the genus name for the tyrannosaurus. BUT, with the reveal of Tyrunt/Tyrantrum just recently, I just can't. So I went with the much more creative "Papiliodinosauri," which is a combination of "Papilio," which refer to butterflies or moths, and "dinosauri," which clearly refers to dinosaurs. It's a butterfly dinosaur ... sure. :V "Vermiculi" revers to a larva, "bombylis," while also sounding cool, refers to a pupa, and "adultus" refers to something that has grown or matured. The Larvitar family is the only non-bug family to have this sort of life style, so I think it's a cool reference to have.

Lugia/Ho-oh- As promised, these two have the same genus name as Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres, "Mythosavis," which still refers to mythical birds. "Alti" refers to deep water, or the deep sea, which is where Lugia lives, and "custodis" refers to a guardian or protector. "Guardian of the sea," see. Ho-oh's is the same; "caelis" refers to the sky, or heavens. I decided to go with this less-known nickname(?) because I couldn't find a particularly good translation name of rainbow.

Celebi- "Meotempus" was a conveniently nice-sounding combination of "meo" (to go along, pass or travel) and "tempus" referring to time. It works because I can use the same genus name for Dialga. Time travelling is a whole (wibbly-wobbly) extra-dimensional thing--I think it's okay for the otherwise very different Celebi and Dialga to have the same genus name. "Nympha" refers to a nymph, obviously--a nature spirit.

Update Log:
7/5/09 - Finished 1-53 (Bulbasaur to Persian)
7/26/09 - Finished 54-101 (Psyduck to Electrode)
7/27/09 - Finished 102-151 (Exeggcute to Mew) [Completion of the First Generation]
9/24/13 - Restarted. Finished 152-201 (Chikorita to Unown)
9/27/13 - Finished 202-251 (Wobbuffet to Celebi) [Completion of the Second Generation]

References used:
Words by William Whitaker:…
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