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I see her face when my eyes are closed
She lives in my heart and I in hers
My dark-haired beauty, my soulmate
A lifetime of love; given, accepted
Cherished beyond measure
A love so deep it creates its own space
Where none other dare intrude
A love story for the ages
But some stories are never written
Never put to the pen
For others to marvel and sigh over
To shine through the future as beacons
Of the truth of love
She died before we met
These are the great love stories never written
Lives lived out in the sorrow of the soul
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Alright, this was suggested specifically by :iconnarulit:, and :iconhyperlovecookie: was on the waiting list above her, also requesting Prussia, so I decided that I was lazy, and combined the two requests. I hope you enjoy. :3


Prussia was extra happy today.


Because it was his birthday.

And he decided to celebrate his awesome birthday by going to the store for half of his awesome day buying awesome shoes for his awesome self.

He thought nothing could ruin this day.

Prussia got home from the store, wearing his awesome new shoes and holding a cake in his hands.

"Kesesesese~! I'm back to my awesome home on my awesome birthday!" He exclaimed.

He put the cake on a table and walked over to his answering machine, waiting a second to see a blinking red light on it.

The little bulb on it stayed unlit.

Prussia felt a tightness in his chest.

"N- no, m- maybe it- it's broken!" He reassured himself, quickly checking to see if any messages were left.

"No new messages," his machine spoke.

Prussia felt his bottom lip tremble. "M- maybe someone sent me a text!" He quickly whipped out his phone and looked to see if any texts were sent to him.


He put his phone back in his pocket. "Maybe someone sent a card!"

Still nothing.




Not even a single notification. But then again, he only had a few friends on Facebook- even though he sent one to even Hungary. The only ones who accepted his friend requests were Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, and [Name].

Prussia sighed at the thought of [Name]. Her [h/l] [h/c] hair, her sparkling [e/c] eyes, her sweet voice...

But his eyes welled up with tears when he realized that everyone had forgotten his birthday. Even his little brother.


Even [Name].

Upset, Prussia glanced at his cake. "Well... An awesome cake can't go to waste..." He whimpered, a few tears escaping his ruby-red eyes.

He pulled the cake over to him and grabbed a fork.

Tearfully, he began eating it like no tomorrow, tears escaping like waterfalls.

Halfway through the cake, there was a knock at his door.

Prussia slowly put his cake down and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He stood up and wiped his eyes with his other hand. As he walked to the door, there was a repeating knock.

Prussia opened the door to see [Name], a bright smile on her face.

"Hello, Prussia!"

"H- hi, [Name]... What are you doing here?" Prussia asked, a bit bewildered.

"Can't a girl just say hi~?"

"Oh..." Prussia sighed a little.

"What's the matter?" [Name] asked.

"... Nothing..." Prussia lied.

"Aw, c'mon, why are you so sad? It's very unusual to see the awesomest man alive be sad on his awesome birthday!" [Name] exclaimed.

"H- huh?" Prussia blinked.

"You thought I forgot?" [Name] smiled. "How could I forget your birthday?"

Prussia was silent for a second. "Then... Where's my present?"

"Right here."

Before Prussia could ask where, he was surprised with [Name]'s lips on his own.

The warmth was removed as fast as it had come.

[Name] smiled. "Happy birthday, Prussia." With that, she ran off with a smile.

Prussia blinked, a tint of blush reaching his cheeks. "... Her lips are softer than I imagined..." He whispered to himself. He closed the door and leaned his back on it. "M- maybe... Maybe this is a pretty awesome birthday after all..."
Requested by :iconhyperlovecookie: and specifically requested by :iconnarulit:

Yes, I understand it's in fact, NOT Prussia's birthday, but too bad.
Enjoy some sad Prussia and some happy Prussia.
All I'm saying is... Enjoy some Prussia.

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
:iconawesomeprussiaplz: (c) you- I MEAN :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You
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I wanna dance, jump and sing
spend my whole time just dreaming

I've got butterflies in my stomach,
and the sun in my heart

I feel elated, joy drunken, pleased
Bubbling over with happiness anyway

I wanna hug the whole world
kissing, caress lovingly, holding it in my arms

Finally i can smile again,
feeling like doing thousand and one things

I enjoy a new lease of life,
looking ahead, knowing everthing will get fine

For the courage, the smiling,
the feeling like doing thousand things
the happiness, the fluttering butterflies,
the dancing, jumping and singing
Its all said :)
Yes i had a special girl in mind, writing this :)
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Teen!Cancer Patient!Austria x Cancer Patient!Reader

You had been diagnosed with what doctors call leukemia. What you call it, 'hell'. When you're not at the hospital, you refuse to leave your house. You've recently gone into medical relapse, and had been given chemotherapy. It had been a success, so you went back into remission. All of your hair, though, [h/c] and still short from your last round of the killing chemicals, had fallen out, leaving your body smooth and hair-free. The initial sting had worn off, but you never engaged in outside activities. You stayed inside and read fanfiction, knowing the outside world would call you out. But the next trip to the hospital, a few weeks after the treatment, when you went in for a dialysis session, is when the whole week turned up on its sunny side. You got a seat next to a very cute boy. From the looks of it, he didn't have cancer at all... But he must have, since he was also being dialyzed. His hair was dark, rich, brown. His eyes were closed, and he had headphones on. Even from where you sat, you could hear the classical piano. Your face flushed a little. Your mother, reading a magazine, looked up. "Are you okay, (Name)?" She asked. "O-Oh, yeah." You say, snapping your head forward. A small smile appeared on the woman's face. "He's cute."
"I realized that, Mom."
"Say hi!"
"No, I'll bother him." A nurse walked over to the boy, gently pulling off his headphones. "Alright, Roddy, that's it for your session." She says, unhooking him. "Thanks," he replies, adjusting his shirt. "Hi." You say meekly, glancing at him. The teen looks over, his, shockingly, purple eyes focusing on you. "Are you talking to me?"
"Yeah." You murmur. "I'm (First Name) (Last Name)." "(F/N)?" He repeats. You nod.
"I'm Roderich Edelstein."
You mentally vault that name.

He sticks around for the rest of your session, and talk. You learn he loves cake, dancing and playing piano. But sooner than humanly imaginable, your own session ends and you get up. "May.. I have your number?" He asks, his face turning slightly pink. After a second, your mom rummages in her purse, handing him a pen. "Thanks..." He says. "Oh, (Mom's Name)," she tells him. Giggling softly, you give him your number. He writes it on his hand. "See you soon?" He asks.
"Yeah. If we don't die first," you joke.
He laughs.


(A/N): Drabble based loosely on a part from the book My Sister's Keeper. Yes, book. I thought the movie wasn't very good , after reading the book. Books 1,000,000. Movies 0.
My Sister's Keeper (c) Jodi Picoult

Roddy/Roderich Edelstein/Austria (c) Himapapa (WELCOME BACK.)

You (c) me</I> you
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''(name)! i'm back!'' Spain called as he walked it (name)'s hospital room with and basket of sweet, juicy tomatoes and yummy churros. He saw her lying in bed, watching her favorite show on T.V. 

She turned her head and faced him with a bright smile on her face. Though (name) were diagnosed with a cancer that she would not make recovery from, she always had a bright smile, showing she's living everyday as happy as she can be. ''Hola Papa! Was the harvest good to you?'' (name) replied with enthusiasm.

Spain couldn't help but chuckle at her remark. Whenever she smiled it warmed his heart! He looked at (name) with a happy grin,'' Si! The harvest was amazing but that's not all! I also brought you some homemade churros and some fresh tomatoes!''

She squealed with delight as (name) heard this, the girl loved her fathers churros and his and Uncle Romano's home grown tomatoes. Spain handed her one of the churros and munched on it hungrily. ''Gracias, Papa! It's really good!''

The Spainard smiled until he heard two all too fimiliar voices,''Hey ze awesome me has arrived to see mein awesome 10-year-old niece!''

''Oui, where is the petite fillie?''

(name)'s smile beamed brighter as she saw her other uncles, France and Prussia! (name) jumped out of the hospital bed (being careful with the I.V. in her wrist) and hugged her uncles tightly. ''¡Hola Tío Prussia, Tío France!! How are you?'' you smiled.

''As alvays frau-''

''Awesome!!'' (name) high fived him and looked at France. The child tipped her head to the side cutely,''Tio France, are you alright?'' her voice snapped him back to reality.

He looked down at (name) before pulling her into a bone crushing hug,''Of course I'm fine, how are mon ami?''

''I'm fine as always! But the question is what are you two doing here, don't you guys have paper work for your countries that need to be taken care of?'' she asked.

''Yeah but the unawesome paper work can wait we came to spend some time with you!'' Prussia said as he swept her off her feet and held (name) in his arms.

Her smile grew wider,'' Awesome!!''

*time skip brought to you by Gilbird*

(name) slept soundly as her father set her back into the hospital bed. He sighed as he say her sleeping form,''I can't believe that she only has a month left...'' Silent tears streamed down his face. Before anything else can happen the door opened to reveal (name's) doctor, Dr.Smith. Spain looked at him confused,''Dr. Smith, what are you doing here?''

Dr.Smith took a deep breathe,''Mr.Antonio, i need to speak with you outside in the hall for a moment.''

Spain was about to walk in the hall when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he spun around to see Prussia and France standing there with concern in their eyes,''We're coming with you.'' they said in sync. Spain nodded. They walked out to the doctor with his hand on his forehead.

''Dr.Smith what's wrong?'' Spain sounded anxious.

Dr.Smith looked into the Spainard's eyes,''It's moving faster.''

''Vhat is?''

''The cancer, it's moving faster and...'' he trailed off.

''And vhat, man!?'' The Prussian was getting inpatient.

The doctor sighed,''She only has a week left...'' Spain stared at the man in shock. Was he kidding because if he was it was certainly NOT a funny joke! 

Prussia grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt,''Vhat vas that?'' he hissed threateningly. France dragged Prussia off of Dr.Smith before he could say a word.

The doctor composed himself,''Mr.Antonio your daughter only has a week to live. The cancer in her is moving faster than we thought. I'm sorry.''

Antonio slowly fell to his knees and buried his face into his hands letting out bottled up tears that he couldn't let out near (name) and his friends. Why? Why her? Why (name)? Why not him? Why? That was the only thing going through his mind at the moment.

Gilbert punched the wall with frustration while Francis stood there in absolute shock. A week? A week!? What did an innocent girl like (name) do to deserve this!? 

The doctor stayed silent before Antonio spoke up,''T-thank you, D-doctor...''

''i just wished we could have done more for her...'' With that said Dr.Smith left the three men alone with each other.

Spain cried a bit more before finally pulling himself together. He needed to be strong for (name). He wiped his face with the back of his hand, stood up, and walked back into (name)'s room. But to Spain's surprise, (name) was wide awake. The Spanish man walked over to the young girl and sat at the edge of her bed,''(name), is something wrong?''

The 10-year-old looked over to her father with a sad smile,''I'm gonna die sooner, aren't I?''

''Que? Que?'', Spain was shocked. He hadn't expected her to say that. ''What makes you say that?''

''I can feel it moving faster. I have for about a week now.''

''Why haven't you said anything, (name)?''

She looked at him with her innocent, (e/c) eyes and what she said broke his heart,''I didn't want you worrying, Papá.'' Antonio couldn't take it anymore. He hugged his daughter close to his chest and cried into her soft (h/c) locks for the whole night.

*Time skip*

Throughout the week all the other countries visited (name), even Netherlands! (name) never let her smile fall the whole week long. But now it was Saturday. Everyone had showed up to see her one last time. Romano and Italy brought her some pasta and tomatoes, China and Japan brought her some Hello Kitty and Vocaloid plushies, The German brothers brought her a silver cross just like their's, America played video games with her (not to mention getting beaten 5 times in a row), The Magic Trio preformed a few tricks for her, and Russia and France brought her two vases with sunflowers and roses. The Nordic 5 and many other countries arrived to give her gifts. She smiled brightly at everyone,''Thank you everyone, it means a lot to me!''

Hungary and Lichtenstein each gave her a tight hug. ''Of course we'd be here you're like a little sister to us!'' Lili smiled.

''If it's not to much trouble can i have Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, England, Iceland, Romano, and Switzerland around the bed, please?'' The men made their way to the hospital bed and watched (name) sit up and reach her small hands to the corners of their mouths. Lifting up the corner of each man's mouth into a smile. (name)'s grin widened,''There now you look even handsome. You guys should really smile more.'' No matter how sad everyone was they couldn't keep the smile off their faces because of (name).

But the smile was soon gone when (name) coughed up a bit of blood; Spain grabbed a tissue a covered her mouth with it. After her coughing fit ended, Spain removed the tissue and gasped that it was soaked in (name)'s blood. Acting as if it never happened, (name) stretched her arms and yawned,''I'm sleepy...''

Just as she said that a nurse walked in,''Alright everyone, (name) needs her rest. You can come back tomorrow." Just as everyone was leaving she gave everyone a big hug.

"Can everyone do me a big favor please?" (Name) asked. Everyone stayed silent as she spoke, "I don't want you to be sad, any of can you promise me not to be too sad...?" Everyone looked around at each other before agreeing. "Thanks! Bye everyone!!" She waved. Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine gave (name) a big hug being as they babysat her when she was younger. Once everyone but Romano and Italy and Spain were gone you got into her hospital bed. (name) didn't want to tell her father that that she was felling weaker and that every time she moved it hurt, she needed to be strong. (name) thought for a moment before calling to her father,''Papá, can you sleep ing the bed with me please?'' she asked.

Spain looked at his little one before nodding and climbing with her. Italy and Romano slept in two different hospital beds brought in by the nurses,''Good night, bella. I love you!'' Italy said before starting to drift on to slumber.

''Good night, ragazza.'' Romano mumbled. ''I love you...''

(name) smiled,''Good night, Zio (uncle) Italy. Good night, Zio (uncle) Romano. I love you too!'' (name) tuned to her father and snuggled into his chest. ''Buenas noches (good night), Papá. I love you with all my heart.'' she cooed.

Spain hugged his daughter closer,''I love you, mi niña (my girl). Buenas noches (good night).'' (names)'s breathing became heavy, signaling that she was asleep. Spain kissed his daughter's forehead and fell into a dreamless sleep.

*Time skip to the next morning*

Spain woke up felling something cold in his arms; groggily opening his eyes, he saw his daughter pale, cold, and not breathing what so ever. The Spanish man shot up holding his daughter and cried, trying to wake her up from her never ending sleep. His wailing woke up two certain Italians, causing one of them to grumble,''What are you crying about, tomato bastard!?''

Spain looked up from his daughter's hair,''She's gone...'' he said barely above a whisper, but loud enough for the brothers to hear. Italy began to bawl while Romano tried tokeepaway the tears that were threatening to fall. They all gathered around the girls limp body and cried...

*Time Skip to a month later*

''Come on you tomato bastard we're going to beach, hurry up!!'' Romano yelled at the Spaniard who was rushing to grab everything.

Spain smiled,''Okay got everything! Let's go!'' Though Spain didn't have his dear daughter with him, he kept his promise to her to be as happy as ever that she wasn't suffering anymore. He jumped in the driver's seat, with Romano in the passenger's seat as they drove to the sandy paradise. (name)'s father kept his promise and that was all she needed to be happy.

took me freaking forever but im done so anyways i sort of depressed cause i was listening to depressing music and reading depressing fanfics so yeah anyways Enjoys!
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Another crumpled sheet thrown on the floor,
Another shout, a thud, because she can't get rid of the sore,
The deaf poem of her broken heart is maybe too degraded,
She's not able to write it down, her soul is jaded,
The phrases of her life are burning on the inside,
A description about the moment when her dreams died,
It's smashing her heart and her tired mind.

From nowhere she hears a sardonic voice,
"- You're not able to hear the words anymore, in fact you never really did,
   You have shed some scraps on pages, lies your soul to feed with",
She covered her ears, closed her eyes,
To stop hearing the demonic voice she tries,
"- Shut up!" she yelled again like every day,
It's impossible to escape this abomination that came in her way.

Maybe this is an already lost fight,
A decommissioned road to the healing light,
Her pathetic flounder makes no sense,
She's laying on the floor holding a broken pen.
Torn by the fall from grace,
She will leave behind just a bloody trace,
No big words, heroic deeds,
She's maybe too selfish, a new soul she thinks she needs.

What a great disclosure,
I think I recognize those scarred eyes,
Those whacked whishes, lost in the ocean of despair and lies.

I gave her a hand,
But it seems like she won't get up,
Her eyes are dry and dead,
She's laying in a pool of blood,
In her chest the broken pen is stuck.

I breathe deep inside, because her face clearly now I see,
I can't believe, because real it cannot be,
But I'm not dead, am I?
Because the bruised corpse – is me …
This poem will seem a bit weird, but reading carefully will help to understand the subject

I worked on this one since 2 January, finished it kinda fast. I hope you'll like it ^^
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Let me held your hand,
The clock is running out,
Tik tok...what are you gonna do?
Poor unfortunate soul,
Let me take your heart out.

Again, you were up late at night, investigating the mysterious murders that happened recently in [your city name]. As a detective , you worked and stayed up very late in order to find the killer. At the moment, you know very little about the serial killer. You know that he is a male, the age is unknown, his victims are most young woman and couple of lovers. Another thing you know is that he kills at night, in abandoned alleyways and his signature weapon is a butcher knife, no longer than 15 inches. Is very interesting  how the killer managed not to leave a single clue about his identity, like fingerprints or hair, even skin DNA under the nails of the victims wasn't found. The killer was smart, that's for sure, but still, not even a little clue?

You sighed and hung your head down, you were tiered and sleepy. You really didn't sleep this nights that much and you sometimes forgot to eat. You decided to take a little break from the work and went to the kitchen to take a small snack. As you prepared some food you heard a knock on the door.

"Who could be at this hour?" you asked yourself as you went to the door and opened it, but there was no sight of anybody. You thought it was just some joke and closed it. You went to the kitchen, but then you saw the a window was wide open. Strange, because you always keep the window locked at night, even If you're awake. You closed it, then it was death silence. You feel like you were being watched, you really weren't the paranoid type, but that was just strange.

Then out of nowhere, a hand covered your mouth, muffling any screams that wanted to leave your lips. You were trowed on the wall, a yelp escaped your lips. When you saw who your attacker was, your eyes went in shock and fear.

"R-Roderich?" you whispered. You had meet him in one of your investigations. His wife was killed by the mysterious serial killer that you tried to find. You had developed a huge crush on him, but as a detective you really didn't had time for a relationship. You would never guessed that he, of all people was the wanted serial killer. He was like a gentleman, always nice and polite. His love for music was something your admired at him the most, the way he played the piano, it was almost magic.

But now, this so called gentleman was standing in front of you, with a sadistic grin on his handsome face, his violent eyes that were once full of happiness and care, held nothing, but insanity...and what you feared the most, the long butcher knife in his right hand.

"Well, hello there, [Name]~" he said in a voice that made your blood freeze in veins, like the water in a cold December.

" cannot be true.." you said in a shaking voice.

"Aw...not happy to see me? To bad~" he said in a fake sad voice, like he was playing with your mind. You were like a mouse, really to be eaten by the snake  in front of you.

"Y-You're the k-killer?" you asked, knowing the answer very well.

"Maybe...Maybe not...Why don't I show you." he said, and in a fast motion he had pinned you to the wall with his body, his hands on the each side of your head. You turned your head away from him, not wanting to face this violet eyes, that once you loved.

"Ignoring me? I'm hurt, [Name]. I thought you were my friend." he said, and got closer to your ear. "But....Maybe I was wrong." he growled, and you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You looked down to see the knife in the middle of your chest, deep down. The crimson and fresh blood running down to your feet. Before you closed your eyes, to let death consume you, your lips touched his cold lips in a gentle and soft kiss. You fell down with a thud on the hard floor. Then Roderich just realized what he had done.

"N-No...[Name]! You cannot die!! Please, come back!" he said as he held you to his chest, tears running down his cheeks on your pale and lifeless face. A big deep red pool of blood was already made and you two sat in the middle of it.

"[Name]...I love you." he said looking at your now pale face, you looked like a porcelain doll, a broken porcelain doll to be exact. His gaze turned to the knife on the floor not far away from where he was. He grabbed the knife quickly and held it to his chest. Without hesitation he stabbed himself deep down in the chest, letting the crimson liquid follow on the ground and mix with yours. He fell to the ground next to you. Before letting death consume him, like you did, he held your hand in his.

Both of you on the floor, in the middle of a pool made of yours blood, holding each others hand.

Maybe it was love after life~...

:bulletblack:Request for :icondugherowngrave:



I hope you like it:heart:
I know Austria is OCC in this and that there are grammar mistakes, so please, If you see any of this mistakes I be more than happy If you tell me so I can correct them, thank you:aww:

If you want, just If you want, you can listen to this song{[link]} while reading this little story, it adds the athmosphere to the story and it makes it more mysterious.

I do not own Hetalia, Austria or the preview picture in any ways....Just the story is mine.
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One of my favorite places to be
Is also my worst fear
All the life I see
Is shadowed by the death here

The waves call me
Begging me forward
Into the sea
Only to drag me downward

What a beautiful contradiction
It's hard to tell the difference
Between death and life
Day and night
Sinking to the bottom
It was you, not them
Beauty turns to scars
Can't erase these marks
Save me from what I've done
Save me from the monster I've become

Swallowed by the ocean
I'm calm, I'm calm
My heart is broken
This is how I move on

It's better this way
I'm out of the picture
No longer causing you pain
Thinking of you now
A tear rises to the surface
Wrote this in 5 minutes last night. Not sure it makes much sense.
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Visions of madness shimmer in silvery skies
Horizons of passion drown in timeless beauty
There is a voice so pure that can melt a Sun,
a fragrance so luring that can reap mortal breath
Once thou hath gazed into the eyes of a Siren,
love befalls in a kiss, upon whispers of death
An endless ocean swirls, ethereal waves bewail
— the sound of her cry haunts eons of dreams
In the deepest abyss, my soul shall forever sail

For a thousand years, I drifted in her song —
lost in restless fever of wanton seas
Gently I reached towards her long silvery hair;
embroidered in tempest of Love's odyssey
Tears of sapphire jewel oceans deep ...
luminous thoughts seeking the nectar of bliss
Among flesh and shadows, I crave evermore
Lips unveiled, blackness approaches —
my destiny entombed by the Siren's lore

— When the world turns forever still,
only the sound of her fleeting whispers remain,
like echoes of rain, suspended over the sea

— Arthur Crow © 2012
Image is my own art


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I heard that you're settled down
That you found a boy and you're married now
I heard that your dreams came true
Guess he gave you things I didn't give to you…

Roderich stared at ____ and Gilbert on the dance floor of their wedding. Tears fogging up his glasses as he walked out of the chapel and into his car, he’d never cried this hard in his 1000 years of existence. He sat in his front seat, hiccupping as he tried to erase the memory of losing ____ to Gilbert. He drove home, made tea, cried more and sighed to himself.

He sat at his piano…he was simply too sad to play. He thought of something writing ____ a letter. He got a pen, paper and sat at his desk and wrote.

Dear _____,
I love you. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize it; I can’t believe I spent so long with Elizabeta, when it was you…you’re the one! This is going to sound really cheesy but I lived for 986 years before I met you but I never felt alive. I remember when we first met you were Elizabeta’s friend from out of town and staying here with us for a while and you woke up early and played the .I couldn’t be angry with you for touching the piano because you were almost as good as me. We became wonderful friends.

You know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives
We were born and raised in a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

Somehow, you ended up meeting Gilbert and I guess good, smart girls fall for bad, idiot boys because you two started dating and I remember feeling this unbelievable pang of sadness rip through me. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. It was love, _____. What you feel for Gilbert is what I feel so strongly for you. I’ve realized Schoenberg’s A Heart Full of Love couldn’t compare to my feelings. I have more than a heart full of love for you my dear; I have a mind and soul full of it too. I love you so much that seeing you happy is the greatest gift on this Earth. My only regret is I couldn’t be the one to make you this happy. I hope that you never feel this way. I hope that Gilbert loves you as much if not more than I do. I hope you have children, a dog, and a nice big house with a piano. But mostly I hope you never frown. I hope Gilbert never hurts you. I hope he’s careful with your heart because although it’s made of gold it’s fragile like glass. I hope he kisses you every morning when he wakes up and says ‘I love you’ every night when you’re falling asleep.
I wish nothing but the best for you two. I’m sorry, I’m never sending this to you…you’ll never know how I feel. Because we shield the ones we love from pain. I hope everything works out for you two.

Ich liebe dich _____,

Roderich ‘Austria’ Edelstein

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you
Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
Not really a lot of Prussia...

Sequel!!! [link]
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