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"I was right all along!"

Original memé is "[link]" created by :iconseniorpony:...

Edit: Correction -AJ's hair-
Edit: Thanks very much for putting me on dA main page.
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If my characters were real then they're sure gonna be a pain.
Everything's gonna be a mess (including my hair lol) and they'd eat all my snacks! :shakefist:
How can I possibly draw without my strawberry milk and pocky?!
But I still love them because I created them. :woohoo:
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Here comes the ultimate double meme! XD My partner was the awesome :iconsupertimer:!
Beware of huge file!

Hahahaha, I spent too much time on this, but I had lots of fun!

1 a) So, yeah, that's me, crushing my little dog with my love! :heart: I think this is how he imagines me. XD
1 b) Oh no! Don't be so negatíve, Elchi! ='C

2 a) Well, I know, I'm not really good at drawing girls. X'D Lol the squint reminds me of Oscar! XD Hahaha, I draw him too much I guess. XD
2 b) Hahahaha, the comments! XD I hate these curls btw! XD Oh, and this "original clothing style" is my jogging suit actually. lol

3 a) I couldn't decide so I just drew some characters from my favourite fandoms! <3 I didn't include Oscar because this meme is full of him anyway! XD
3 b) Quod erat demonstrandum! XD Well, he is the best FE unit in history. 4EVAH! *___*

4 a) Hahahaha, actually I joined dA when I saw her pics of Oscar! I thought: "I HAVE TO MEET THIS PERSON!!!" :iconffffplz:
4 b) Yah!!! Btw, she was the one who convinced me to play Professah Layton! =D Thanks again! :hug:

5 a) This was the part that took me the longest. And it's still not as cute as the original! ;___; Stupid armours... uű
5 b) Hahahaha, it had to be this scene! The chibi version is awesome! XD

6 a) Lol I'm stil not good with the PL style! X'D I tried my best! I hope you like it! <3 Little Luke is just cute!
6 b) It... is... KYLE HYDE!!!!!!! Yaaah! He is so amazing! *___* Just one thing that kinda bothers me: Kyle Hyde is a cool man. And cool men don't smoke.

7 a) Lol epic fail!
I call this the doublecook pairing! XD
Well actually, this was the most difficult part for me. Especially choosing the character. You have to know, I don't like shonen-ai. XD Well, to be precise, I'm not against it, as long as it's canon. So I drew Jean Armstrong from the Ace Attorney games. XD
Come to think of it... I could just have drawn a girl in the first place. X'D
7 b) Poor Oscar, he's gonna be raped! lol well, maybe he could teach Armstrong how to cook properly. XD

8 a) Nothing to add. uű
8 b) I burst out laughing when I saw that virus and cell drawing at the bottom! :lmao: This is the best part of the meme! XD

9 a) Yeah, it's really fun! Do it! Force someone if necessary! Muhahahaha!
9 b) "Lamp oil, rope, BOMBS?! It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough rupees!"
All characters belong to their respective companies and stuff.
Here's the link to this meme: [link]
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- yes, that it's me with my favorite hat (which is actually for men)
- yes, that is Rick hanging on my hat
- yes, I don't want him up there XD
- yes, that pencil thinks it's getting eaten
- no, I have no idea what went through my mind when I made this for 5 minutes ago XD I'm sorry

I can hear frog talk >3>
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Epic! XD

Thanks for 52 Llamas! Now it's an albino Llama! :nod: :heart: :tighthug:

Edit: I'm sorry if I can't answer on each Fave, Llama, or comment anymore because there are way to many and I have to do other stuff too! I hope it's not a problem!

And PLEASE have a look at my other art too, because I didn't made the account just for getting llamas and comment because of THIS art! It's was just a joke, so please also have a look at my SERIOUS Art, because it took my way more Time and effort, than that one and it would be really sad - basically for me - if it doesn't get watched!
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Deoxys stamp. Feel free to use :la:

Deoxys (c) Pokemon
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A new ID, yes.

Sporting *celesse's hat and shirt.
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Tada! My first meme, and it's a good one ladies and gents. I haven't had a lot of time for the arts lately, but I thought this would be good for the blog. Community fun and all that perhaps.
Points of interest:
-I still hate coloring, or maybe I would have colored the rest of the Hex masks...
-No, I don't remember exactly what Tom used to look like. BUT AH KNOW WHAT HE SOUNDED LIKE (steveblum)
-First drawing of Daecon, lolz
-"Original" characters. I make them. It keeps my pencil busy. Don't be hatin'.
-Translator's note almost: Ouendan, or its American counterpart, Elite Beat Agents.
-My apologies if you were expecting another Mrs. Nesbit. Originals need love, too.

Megabyte totally has Phoenix Wright "hair," amirite?
I was this close to throwing Katamari Damacy into the mix. Would that not be one hell of a cross-over?


ReBoot etc. © Rainmaker
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Me....and a zombie.
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