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on the next episode of big time rush, kendall is choosing between Jo and lucy. This is one big decision.
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uh oh at the end of Big time surprise, one of the episodes of Big time rush, Jo Taylor's back. What will Kendall do?
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The Art of Joey Vazquez Logo

HELLO ALL YOU AWESOME WATCHERS!!!  Pay attention. :D   Okay so this year I'm going to be working on creating my own comic.
Thats going to involve Writing, character design, drawing, possibly inking, and coloring.  WHOA! Lotta work.  

I want you guys to help be apart of this process and come along with me on this adventure. ;)

I'm going to be doing a lot of different character designs and environment crafting.

There will be polls for you guys to help me choose what the characters, environments, vehicles, and creatures should look like in the book.

Also feel free to put your own input on what you think would be a cool story line but, after I've shown you the first few characters and previews. ;)   I would love to hear your ideas. :D  

I will be posting the first few previews of the characters soon and what their names are. :)    

I'm possibly going to put this up on Kickstarters after everything with the characters and story line has been established.    

It would also be super cool to see fan art once the characters are all set too.

I'm really excited to get started.    Please be sure to share this with others so they can also be apart of the project as well.  

Here's a little teaser for what is to come  AMBER planet Ethos by JoeyVazquez

God bless!


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Man, I got back from G-Fest not but 24 hours ago...and there's so much to talk about!

Firstly, I went and saw me some PACIFIC RIM with the G-Fest crew. MAN what an amazing time at the theater - it was like watching a wrestling match. The theater rocked with elated cheers as steel fist smashed against reptilian flesh and bone.
As to the plot...I reached a strange revelation while at my table during the convention proper. If PACIFIC RIM, flaws and all, were an animated feature...would anyone have ANY complains about it? Personally I prefer the live-action-cartoon approach - it makes the universe feel all the more rich as a sumptuous visual feast.
That being said, the film isn't performing the way it should. It may pull a HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and stick around for a time, earning its money over a period of time, but it's not looking great at the moment. Go see it! And a second and third time! There's a lot riding on PacRim's success so go support it!


Included is a peek at some concepts for the new Godzilla - a very traditional, and somewhat crocodilian, monster design. And there's supposedly a look at the FINAL design at the end of the "tour"! Plus, there's some of my own art on display! Can YOU spot it?!
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And it comes with a anatomical reference too!

Anyways I spent about 6-7 hours on this and it's been worth every moment to practice my charcoalin' skills! The past three weeks, in class, using charcoal and all the tools that came with it was completely out of my comfort zone...

Three weeks later I'm starting to get the hang of it... And I've only scratched the surface! Let me know what ya think! (Oh and yes I like being silly and putting up selfies of myself, ya got a problem with that?)

Untitled by darkspeeds

Darkspeeds in 'think' mode...

Untitled by darkspeeds

Darkspeeds in 'WTF's goin' on?' mode...!

Untitled by darkspeeds

Homework didn't require any rendering but I wanted to spent extra time to practice rendering since it'll be important for my other class with Jasper - Analysis and Form. We get to fully render a cartoon character of our liking!! How sweet is that?!

Untitled by darkspeeds

I'm pretty happy with this! First time I've ever drawn something like this with charcoal.

Alright, time for a well deserved break... Set it for about an hour and then it's back to Homework number two: Fully rendering a cartoon character of your choice using the 5-value system! LET'S ROCK n ROLL!! 

Homework! And a curious Silver...

Yup, I've got a ton of homework from the Academy of Art university this week - pile it on baby!

Gonna take you guys inside as to what my studio setup looks like in my new apartment in San Francisco.

For my Figure Drawing assignment due this Tuesday I have to draw a nude female figure with charcoal on newsprint. The condition is that the class has to reproduce the figure with perfect proportions, tilts, line of action and weight distribution (ie. show balance in the figure's pose). I've spent the past three weeks accumulating what Mrs. Carla has taught us so far and it's been great to learn how to draw the human figure like the masters of fine art would do!

Here I've utilise a chair, a TV table and a mini stepladder to get me setup for homework. I've got at least four charcoal pencils sharpened and ready to go. 

Below are photos of what it's like working on this particular homework at 3am. Time to get my ass back and show you guys what the finished drawing looks like in the next journal update! *puts back headphones and chills out to Sonic Adventure OST*

Untitled by darkspeeds

My current studio setup back in the apartment!

Untitled by darkspeeds

All important tools to complete my assignment due on Monday, this is what you guys need when drawing human figures with charcoal!

Untitled by darkspeeds

(Silver from GotF was, in fact, looking at that nude lady from 3rd avenue atelier studios in SFC...)

Untitled by darkspeeds
Getting the measurements right (half-way points via pubic synthesis, length to width ratio, proportions, tilts etc) is only half the battle. This step is the most important of all cuz if you don't have a solid foundation how are you going to get a kick ass looking rendered (and accurate) drawing at the end?

Thankfully the requirement is only to draw up the foundations - rendering is only optional but I want to give it a shot. 

Untitled by darkspeeds

I'm pretty happy with the measurements at this point, but our lecturer encourages us to keep adjusting until it's right. Don't be surprised when you notice that the arm is too short or the face didn't match the width ratio of the body... I'll try to take a photo of the finished drawing on my next journal update. Till then have an awesome weekend!

Oh! And one last thing! :iconevanstanley: is almost complete with the next exciting chapter to her Ghosts of the Future comic.

Be sure to stay tuned for this one! Her work in progress stuff was amazing. Be sure to follow her on Tumblr, just click on Silver the Hedgehog below to proceed (and don't worry you won't be taken to a Sonic hentai site, promise!)

tumblr mtnn88wi0M1rcatnso1 500 by darkspeeds

  • Listening to: Sonic Adventure (for old time's sake)
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alright rushers the new season of big time rush is coming tomorrow on Nickelodeon.
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Imagine the Possibilities

Mon Aug 27, 2012, 9:58 AM

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagination allows us to create and embellish things in our mind's eye, making even the most mundane as lush or as dangerous as it needs to be.

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Collection: Haunted Houses

Fri Oct 24, 2014, 6:40 PM
The Haunted House by DAN-KA

Haunted Houses

Coming across a deserted house, whether hidden by the distance of a rolling countryside or by the shadows of adjoining city ghetto dwellings, is like stumbling across an unnoticed, unburied corpse. It is obviously dead now, but once it was full of lives. Coming across a haunted house is different. Deserted or still occupied, it is a place where lives, unsatisfied, have refused to move on into a full death. The houses reflect their tenants. They are living dead structures, refusing to return to dust.

Coming across a deserted house, whether hidden by the distance of a rolling countryside or by the shadows of adjoining city ghetto dwellings, is like stumbling across an unnoticed, unburied corpse. It is obviously dead now, but once it was full of lives. Coming across a haunted house is different. Deserted or still occupied, it is a place where lives, unsatisfied, have refused to move on into a full death. The houses reflect their tenants. They are living dead structures, refusing to return to dust.

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We had a great time. The match lasted about an hour, and then we sat around and ate pizza until we ran out. It was fun. :3

...Except this one little girl who decided to try to ruin the whole thing.

I told you guys I'd give you a complete synopsis, it is:
Tonight in laser tag...

We got there, we paid them for three rounds and went to our "orientation" for the laser tag vests and guns. Since there were less of us, we each had to be paired up with three other people per three of us. So that's 6 per team.

My team consisted of this:
My friend Ricky (in ROTC)
My other friend Jackie
A little Asian girl wearing a paper crown
Asian girl's father
a little fat white boy in a party hat

Other team:
My friend Nathaniel
My friend Chris
My friend Alex
Asian girl's mom
A little white girl in a party hat
A white woman.

We were all kinda bummed that we got separated, considering we could have fought the other people and it woulda been a perfect number, but oh well.

We got oriented, the referee gave us our vests and guns, and we went in.

I was on the red team again.

Here's a general summary of what happened:

Ricky, Jackie and I remember last time we went Laser Tagging and tried to be all cool about it like we were. Serpentine, don't clump, etc. etc. However, the little Asian girl (Who, for the sake of brevity, I'll call THE BRAT) started shouting at us saying we were stupid and that if we had something to say, we should say it to the whole group.

The buzzer sounds, and the guys and I race off to go shoot our buddies. Things go smoothly for a couple minutes when I get shot from behind- I turn around and it's THE BRAT standing behind me, shooting me! D8< I told her that I'm on her team and that she shouldn't do that, and she was like "WELL IT'S MY BIRTHDAY SO YOU HAVE TO LET ME DO WHAT I WANT".


...Yeah. Seriously.

So I let it slide that one time, and as I was about to get a perfect shot in on somebody else, she follows me and SHOOTS ME AFTER MY VEST GOES BACK TO NORMAL. I make a mad face at her and she sticks her tongue out at me and runs away.

She did that stupid shit for the WHOLE GAME, just telling you now.

Blue team won that round.

I tell her father that she was shooting me, and he just looks away without responding. I'm upset, and she's making faces at me. Little fat boy comes up to me and says that she's an "unfair sport" and I totally agree. We fist bump, the buzzer sounds, and we're off. The little fat boy was actually a really good player. He was able to get a lot of shots in and hid pretty well. I must say, kudos to you- little fat boy. He and Ricky were like an unstoppable force, they were great. Ricky used his gunsmanship skills (probably not a word, but whatever) and little fat boy used his kick-assery and we won round two.

Meanwhile, I had to deal with THE BRAT constantly telling me to slow down, stop running and let her shoot me. I told her it was making us lose, and I kind of snapped, and she started to cry. I got annoyed and walked up the ramp begrudgingly. At that moment, she decided that SHE wanted to be referee. So the Referee took her vest off and she ran around saying "HE'S OVER HERE" and "LOOK THIS IS WHERE HE'S HIDING GUYS". For BOTH TEAMS. It was just obnoxious and her father wouldn't say anything. GRRR.

Red team won because little fat boy and Ricky were awesome. That little brat was gonna get what was coming to her. She was RUINING my birthday.

So the game's been okay save for THE BRAT. It's been really fun and it's just great. The white woman on the other team actually did the "This is Sparta" thing, and my friends and I cracked up.

Got into a "Mexican Standoff" with Alex, too. Then we both got shot by THE BRAT'S dad. :D It was hilarious. At the sound of the buzzer, Chris kept whacking me in the shoulder with his gun to try and get one last tag in. XD Didn't hurt, but it was stupid as hell and so funny. We started hitting each other with our guns until the referee pulled us apart and send us back to base.

THE BRAT kept being, well, a brat, until the game ended, and she started to scream and stamp her feet when the game was over. Red team won; round and game, but THE BRAT was not going to have it. She wanted to keep playing.

We were all leaving, and my friends and I looked at THE BRAT as her and her parents were leaving the Laser Tag room. She was complaining about the game, and she actually had the gall to say "This RUINED my whole birthday!!"

I had fucking ENOUGH of that brat. I walked over and lifted her by the armpits. This is a near word-for-word of what I said to her:

"Listen here, you little BRAT. You think that you can just get away with acting like a wild animal because it's your stupid birthday. How old are you, five? Six? Clearly not old enough to know how to behave in public. Now I know I'm not your dad, and I'm not your mom, I can't punish you, but today was MY birthday too. I turned 17, and instead of getting a birthday party with hats and cake, I got to go out to laser tag with my best friends. This WAS my birthday party. This WAS my present. You're going back to a table full of family and friends and presents and CAKE. Winning a game of laser tag with NO thanks to you did NOT ruin your whole birthday. If anything, your snotty behaviour ruined MY birthday." I set her down. "YOU need to learn how to be a respectable human being, and if you don't learn that, don't you dare come out in public like this. You are a selfish, loud, self-centered brat who doesn't respect anybody's feelings but your own. Even your little friend over there [little fat boy] thinks you're an unfair sport. Get over yourself and stop being such a little BRAT."

She stood there and was STUNNED. Mouth open and EVERYTHING. Little fat boy walked up and (literally) said, "AW YOU GOT TOLD, SON!"

That made my buddies crack up, but I kept my poker face. She was on my LAST nerve. She looked like she was going to cry, and I kept my glare. I WAS NOT SORRY.

Her mother took her by the shoulders and walked her briskly back to the table. Her dad came up to me and said, I'm not kidding, "Thank you, so much. I've been wanting to tell her that all day." We high-fived and I actually felt kind of proud for telling off that toddler. (Not sure of her age. Probably 4-7.)

My buddies and I decided that the losing three would buy pizza, which they did. We got Sausage. :D We had sausage pizza and drank pop and told jokes and stories and stuff. The father of THE BRAT came up to me later with a small slice of her cake. He wished me a happy birthday and smiled, and walked away.

So everything went better than expected. :D After some good time with my buds, we got in the car and went home.  It was pretty fun, despite THE BRAT trying to ruin things. :3

Then I got home, and Lisa had got me an iTunes card for my birthday, and KateLynn got me a gift card to this one store in the mall that I frequent, and somebody made a German chocolate cake. :D I had, like, three different kinds of cake today and I'm just so happy.

My birthday was totally awesome. :3 Could have done without THE BRAT, but hey- nothing's perfect.

So...yeah. :D TL;DR: Laser tag was fun, there was a girl who was being a spoilsport for all involved and I told her off. Ate pizza, went home and ate cake. Small birthday, few gifts, but a lot of fun. :D
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00057501 by techgnotic

J. Paul Getty - The Liberation of Masterpieces as Open Content

The J. Paul Getty Museum has initiated an Open Content Program to share, freely and without restriction, as many of the Getty’s digital resources as possible.

A first sharing of 4,600 high-resolution images of the Museum’s collection, including many masterworks, has just been made available and all are free to use, modify, and publish for any purpose.

In a brilliant stroke, the Getty Museum has liberated one of the top collections of art in the world not just for access but for use. The museum is literally “beaming up” the great works in its collection as living resources within the arts themselves, for study, for sheer personal pleasure and, remarkably, as free visual resources available to any artist or business anywhere for anything and for free!

It is a watershed moment in the evolution of the social responsibilities of organizations that collect exquisite art as a part of a public trust—the moment when the J. Paul Getty Museum and Trust, arguably housing the most influential brain-trust for the curation and preservation of art in the world, decides to trust the public, instead of just themselves, with setting the context and use of these works.

It is a classic paradox of opposites where the strongest bend and where the most power comes from never exercising it: the best preservation of the relevance of these cultural artifacts is to be found in their widespread diffusion into the general culture.

The extraordinarily special element in this release is that the paintings, drawings, manuscripts, photographs, sculptures—these monumental works of art—are now accessible in a way that even a personal trip to the museum could never provide. The files are incredible, high resolution images showing a depth and detail that only an archivist in a sealed room would have been permitted to see using a magnifying glass while wearing white fiber-free gloves (every line of crackle in the paint on a canvass from 1560). This is art released from the private vacuum of cultural elitism (so many museums actually embrace elitism as a principle and mission) and now instantly distributed to every corner of the world.

Stendhal, the French writer, went to Florence and was so overcome by the masterpieces that he had essentially a nervous breakdown. This has happened to many before and since and is a recognized syndrome. The symptoms disappear over time when the patient is removed from the art. This is an unprecedented look at art masterpieces. You could spend hours on line with a single work and only emerge days later from a collection like the Getty’s in need of room with simple white walls.

The Getty makes available, without charge, all available digital images to which the Getty holds the rights or that are in the public domain to be used for any purpose. No permission is required.

Source – Open Content Program

The question some would ask provocatively is this:

Would Vincent Van Gogh openly dedicate to the public a wonderfully detailed digital file of his painting of Irises?

Of course, he’s dead so we can’t ask; and, he’s been dead so long, he never could have been asked in the right context. For example, the idea that a “better” copy than the original could be made without impacting the original in any way is hard, still, to fathom and is a part of the active, boiling revolution instigated by digital media.

Radical moves in tech are commonplace. Radical moves in museum culture almost never happen. Museums typically are conservative in all things—a pun to their primary mission of conserving cultural materials. The process of conservatorship among the “great” museums with “great” collections is full of delicate dealings not just with the objects and their care but with artists, the museums’ very wealthy patrons, local and foreign governments and collectors. Offering institutional “protection” of their works, legacies, and ”names” in big buildings that themselves become landmarks, museums strive to be symbols of sobriety, permanence, tradition, calm and studied control.

The J. Paul Getty Museum’s board of directors has gone deviant and we could not be happier!

The J. Paul Getty Museum has initiated an Open Content Program to share, freely and without restriction, as many of the Getty’s digital resources as possible. A first sharing of 4,600 high-resolution images of the Museum’s collection, including many masterworks, has just been made available and all are free to use, modify, and publish for any purpose.

Search Open Content Program here.

Writers: techgnotic
Designers: marioluevanos

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