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Patreon Rewards Archive

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 4, 2014, 1:30 PM

I'm currently making a living out from my patreon by sharing my PSD, video, tutorial and other resources for a bi-weekly donated :) if you are interested in supporting me and helping me produce more content while getting special perks, please check my Patreon!

I'll be archiving all term rewards here to make it easier for my future patrons to look through : )
A term is pretty much half of a month or 2 weeks and each has their own unique rewards and perks to them.
If you are more interested in my tutorials, please check out my gumroad store : )
Special events

Sakimichan Patreon FAQ !Here are some FAQs!
Q: What is Patreon ?
A: Patreon is kind of like kick starter except instead of getting funding on a single project and be done with it .It's more for those creators who seek support in a more stable way , more like getting a salary every month from a job: )
Q: What software do you use to make videos and record your voice?
A: I use Camasia 8, you can try it for free for a month then buy after , totally worth it ^_^
Q: what softwear do you use?
A: I use photoshop CS 6, but any Photoshop CS will do ^_^
Q: the mediafire download is extremely slow , is there any way I can fix it ?
A: Your fellow Patron came up with  a solution , please refer to it : )
Q: What do we get exactly?
A: Rewards or perks are pretty much my digital resources for every piece of art I post per term on

TERM 11 rewards (1-19 april)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg
Mystique by sakimichanLucy Heartfilia by sakimichanTifa. nsfw version optional. by sakimichanHarley Quinn .Caution.nsfw by sakimichanSexy Sephiroth .NSFW optional. by sakimichanGamer Girl Tutorial pack .promo. by sakimichanConcept Art Voice over lesson part 1 .promo. by sakimichanCelty Headless rider by sakimichan

TERM 12 rewards (20-30 april)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg
ranma 1/2 by sakimichanJoker by sakimichanJINX by sakimichanDante .male nsfw serie. by sakimichanSuper Saiyan by sakimichanWhite Deer by sakimichanSuper Sonico ! by sakimichanStylized Expression tutorial pack .Promo. by sakimichanConcept Art Voice over lesson part 2 .promo. by sakimichanDeer Girl by sakimichan

We are on this term---->TERM 13 rewards (1-17 May)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg

more rewards to come for this term ^_^


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Also Known as the MINI FORCE by Samg animations
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So. While I was in Tennessee, I usually visit this guy who makes these special t-shirts. He makes them special for me, because he takes my drawings and puts them on the shirt for me.

Guess how he does it?

Air brush. c:

So. This year, he gave me another lecture about art, and how much he wanted/ thought it would be a good idea for me to pursue a career in it, in being an artist.

My first design for my shirt he said he couldn't do, because it was Spider-man, and that was copyrighted. I was like.. damn it. >.<

So I decided to do all four of my boys, in chibi form, holding signs with their names on it, in the way they would write and or style it. When I brought it to him, he said he could do it, but it would cost 12 bucks per character, and 14 for the letters where it says 'Big Time Rush' at the bottom, and so on and so forth.

I decided to just put Kendall on the front of my shirt so it would cost less. I also got 'Schmidt, #111' on the back of the T-shirt. [Picture will come later tonight]

And, while I watched him do another kids shirt, I decided...

That I wanted to do Air brushing.

So, he gave me all these tips, saying all you need to do is buy an air brush, buy the DVD, and have 50 hours on you're hands. And he said to practice on paper towel, before doing shirts.

He air brushed the steps on paper towel for me to take home. Well, he gave me the basics. He also brushed out bubble, cursive, and regular letters for me. AND, he brushed 5 stencils for me.

SO, with that said, I know I have a new tablet, that I really haven't used much, but I've decided to push back the digital drawing for awhile. Don't worry tho, I still am drawing triditionally... because I never seem to stop doing so! ^^; But, in the next few months, Air brushing will become my new style of art, that I really hope you like. And once I get really good at it, I can make shirts for everyone. Tell me what you want, and I'll see how much that would cost ya, and I'll make the shirt for you. c:

That is all. LOL.

~xoxo, JS. c:
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Some quick news, mostly animation

Wed Jun 13, 2012, 10:10 PM
First off, apologies for the long silence. Work has been constant and very very busy. Taking a small break at the moment to give a heads up on a few things happening around:

I forgot to post this last week, but Korra has finally started to air in Canada on YTV! Thank you, brightling for the link and info…

The Legend Of Korra currently playing on Nickelodeon will have it's season one, one hour finale on June 23rd.
Brave (Pixar) is opening in two weeks, June 22nd! Woooo!!!

Could this be the best animation weekend?

San Diego comicon is almost within sight! One month to go! I'll be helping at the Bolt City table (formerly Flight). Stay tuned for more infos as we get closer to the event.

Rise Of The Guardians released a set of posters of all main characters for the film. For the whole set, just follow the link:…

Just because I've seen some confusion online, I'd just like to say that yes, Pitch is the Bogeyman.
Here, have the Sandman poster as sample:

Sandy, Sandman

Zhao Lives Stamp by NoSelfControl

:iconirohs-tea-time: :iconfrothersfans: :iconnoselfcontrol: :iconavatard-directory:
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The HeritaGoji suit is in full development. Rashaad Santiago and the guys are doing a great job!
Goji Suit Creation by LDN-RDNT

LIKE in FACEBOOK: Godzilla Heritage
Revelation of Godzilla's foe, is revealed the more 'Like's in facebook. Spread the word. this is going to be awesome!!!

What Godzilla: Heritage is:
From an initial idea formed in late 2009, Godzilla: Heritage's concept has drawn the interest of several talented artists and actors - non-fan and fan alike and is now entering pre-production status. The film seeks to return the Godzilla mythology to its darker roots and ground the character and some of its memorable kaiju in an altered continuity that explores a world where they have been a staple of everyday life for almost 60 years. The project will utilize traditional suitmation and miniatures as well as more contemporary effects. The film is a non-profit project . "Godzilla" and all related character designs are copyright Toho Company, Limited.

Release Date: Pre-Production
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Studio: Graves Pictures, Empire Films, MTM Studios
Starring: Azumi Tsutsui, Tim Schiefer, Tyler Graves, Rashaad Santiago
Directed By: Gregory Graves
Written By: Tim Schiefer and Gregory Graves
Screenplay: By Tim Schiefer
Produced By: Gregory Graves, Tim Schiefer, Tyler Graves, Rashaad Santiago and Chris Elchesyn

Additional Credits:
Costumes: Kylie Joyner
Creature Concepts: Elden Ardiente (, Sean Sumagaysay (
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So, I haz a cosy little rental flat in downtown Lyon, 5 mins walk away from half a dozen school-day friends, tucked away on the keys in a renovated 17th-century nunnery that's been converted to wee little appartments. Yay.

Thank you for the postive vibes.

The results of the latest Poll are highly amusing. There's like a hair's breadth distance between the two options asking for the reveal of Jareth and Sarah's respective [assumed Dirty] Secrets. And the sexy vote beats the fluffy. Ahahaha.

And predictably enough with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson showing up, the requests for a cameo by fangirl-favourite Loki are snowballing. (Aha. Snowballing. It's funny cos he's an Ice Giant. And adopted.)
Loki. God of Mischief. Multiverse-level troll.
Be careful what you wish for.

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The animated bits I made for the Critic's Ghost Rider Review:

Edit: Doug is not a Brony
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so, sunstone volume 2 comes out this wednesday in comic book stores, and then soon after theorugh amazon and bookstores

preview here…

also, comixology has a big weekend sale of the stuff i worked on so if that's your thing, here you go :)…

on the bad sifde of things- piece of crap tablet died...

i swear i didn't do it officer!

on the good side i am expecting my tablet pc to arrive soon so yay

aaand now back to work, we have one tablet left and are workign in opposite shifts XD
and don't get me wrong i can buy a new one i just don't want to. this tablet profoundly disappointing me XD
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Dance Baby Dance

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 11:19 PM
Some more stupid GIF edits I did in Tumblr.

Yeah. I don't know.

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Watch The Throne: The Wars To Come

Mon Apr 13, 2015, 3:29 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic







Michael Slovis


Hey everyone, welcome to “Watch The Throne”, a weekly feature in which we talk about Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones from the season premiere to the finale.

Before we begin, one bit of housekeeping: You are probably aware at this point that the first four episodes of the season have leaked into dark corners of the web. If you’ve seen them all, hey, great, we can’t wait to catch up with you. For the purposes of this feature, we will continue to recap episodes as they air. We offer a heartfelt thanks in advance for not sharing any spoilers in the discussion section.

“The Wars To Come” is, as with all season premieres of Game of Thrones, something of a marathon catch-up session with the major characters.

It never drags, but by episode’s end, very little has happened. There’s a time and a place for that kind of episode though, and after last season’s events, this is that time, as well as that place.

So we start with a flashback — Cersei contemplates how different her future is from what she expected it to be. The last season was a rough one for Cersei, and she’s beginning to show it. When she accuses Jamie of being indirectly responsible for their father’s death, she sounds more defeated than venomous. Her acid tongue, which we’ve all grown accustomed to, is beginning to flag as life wears on and things continue to turn out differently than she hopes they will. She’s starting to seem dangerously human, is she not?

Meanwhile Tyrion’s ship has landed in Pentos, and the episode kind of rushes him through his post-patricide blues. He looks pretty rough coming out of that box, but you would be too after that long at sea. By episode’s end, Varys manages to illicit a little bit of that signature Tyrion wit (“Can I drink myself to death on the road to Mereen?”), but it’s hard to escape the feeling that the show is fast-forwarding through some of the emotional fallout of his final escapade in King’s Landing.

Daenerys doesn’t get up to much this episode either.

We learn that there’s a subversive element in her current home that hopes to undermine her rule, but otherwise it’s more or less the same-old same-old (being a ruler is hard, dragons be crazy). But between her and Tyrion, who is poised to meet and join forces with the mother of dragons, we’ve at least had our appetites whetted for a season of tag-team adventures between two of the best characters in the show.

At The Wall, it’s a classic catch-22 for Mance Rayder as Stannis Baratheon offers him a sweetheart deal: sell out your army, help win the north, and become citizens of Westeros. Jon Snow gives Mance his best pitch as to why he should take the deal, but Mance points out, aptly, that the only reason he was able to bring his army together in the first place was because he’d never bent the knee, and the support of his followers is predicated, in part, on the notion that he never will.

The common thread that weaves through this episode is that everyone’s plans have turned out differently than they expected so far.

Daenerys used to have such hopes for how her dragons would grow and become the centerpiece in her conquering force. It’s no wonder that she leaves in tears after visiting them in this episode — two of them are locked away in chains and the third is missing. That makes three more things in the world that our Khaleesi can't control. The distinct lack of action in “The Wars To Come” emphasizes, largely through dialogue, that many of the show’s characters sit upon a precipice. There’s been so much action in the show up to this point that, at least for one week, everyone seems content with being on the verge of doing the next thing. It’s the closest to resting any of the show’s major characters ever seem to get.

The final image of the episode offers a glimpse at what becomes of dreams like the ones Cersei had as a girl. That is, if you set out to be the ruler of the realm, you must make peace with the possibility that when your chips are down, the best fate you can realistically hope for is a quick death after you’ve already been half-burned at the stake.

That’s all for this week! Check back after the next episode for more.

Your Thoughts

  1. Did you feel like it was a solid episode, or were you wanting more fireworks immediately?
  2. What was your favorite scene? What would you have done differently if you were staging the show?
  3. On a scale from 1-10 how disappointed were you that we didn’t get to see Arya?

“The Wars To Come” is, as with all season premiere s of Game of Thrones, something of a marathon catch up session with the major characters. It never drags, but by episode’s end, very little has happened. There’s a time and a place for that kind of episode though, and after last season’s events, this is that time, as well as that place.

Author: eawood
Designer: seoul-child

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