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        Username: PUU'chino
        Class: Mage - Fulmen
        Tattoo: [link]
        Gender: Female

        Height: 4' 2"
        Weight: 75 lbs

        Personality: [ Will update this part later! , ] Puu, which is what she goes by, hates being acknowledged as a girl. It's why she always keeps her hood so low that you can't see her actual facial features and why she constricts her body into an androgynous shape. She finds women to be a generally weak gender, so it's really ironic that she's the most powerful when she's in her 'full' form, where part of her magic isn't spent hiding her real appearance, and her actual feminine appearance isn't free for all to see. [Will upload later.] She hides behind a tough exterior that turns her into that annoying person who always pokes at people in order to hide her own flaws and weaknesses. That lovely little habit escalated into her general personality.

        She talks a lot and doesn't always know when to stop. She thinks that silence often makes people think, and thinking can be dangerous. She's very child-like in her actions, but when it comes to her on the battlefield, she's a fierce fighter. She will fight to defend not only herself, but her allies as well, going as far as sacrificing her own well being to ensure the safety of others. The same goes to those that she cares about. While she may not show that she cares, and she'll hide her soft spots for her friends with the same jokes and obnoxiousness, but at the end of the day, she'll do anything for them. She's good at hiding her motives, though.

        Likes: Night time, thunderstorms, annoying Jace, running around, the dark.
        Dislikes: Being quiet for too long, overly lit places, when Jace 'grounds' her.

        Weapon: Sun Staff
        Abilities: Fire resistance, shock resistance.
        Weaknesses: Low defense, relies on speed, water, rainy days.
        Fighting Style:
          1. Ignite: Creates spark to fuel stronger attacks, can be used as light source.
          2. Coalfire: Creates a ring of heat, resembling burning coals, on the ground.
          3. Fireball: Creates orbs of fire that are shot at opponent like a cannon.
          4. Firewall: Creates a defensive wall of fire around the user, blocking attacks.
          5. Immolate: Creates a fire snake that wraps around victim, like a boa constrictor.
          6. Wildfire: Creates a wave of fire that, depending on the user, may get out of hand.

        Additional info: Whatever anyone asks/wants to know about her will be added here!

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Username : Mii
Class: Mage - Ingis
Gender: female
Height: 5'5"

Mii is a gentle girl set out to treat others before helping herself. Thinking of others before herself is a factor she was born with. However sometimes it can bring out another side to her.
Sometime she has difficulty keeping quiet; which means she loves to chat on forever about nothing particularly. But despite this flaw, she is still gentle. She isn't the type to continue when
she's noticed that someone has had their fill of her chatter. She will catch herself and stop immediately, blushing at her habit.
Mii will stop at nothing to protect what is dear to her because she take care of the few blessing she has. Her friend, if she makes any. You see, because of her habit alot of people drew further from her.
She was never able to connect with people and soon she started to have doubt and fears of rejection but she joined this game for a new start, hoping someone would be a friend to anyone.

+ singing
+watching dramas/on-stage plays
+ melon yogurt
+ enjoys dolls
+ kind hearted people

- the dark
- stress
- getting sick
- injustice

Weapon: A staff that's rod will extend in battle.
The reason Mii uses this staff specifically is because not only does it look like a fancy microphone for idols on stage
but also give its flames a pinkish red during battle. Perfect for Mii's stylish needs.

Fight style: Mii is not quick to battle, but if her friends are in need she will come to their rescue without a moments notice.
Mii's has a strong will to live and will fight with a powerful dying will. She's not the type to give up until her goal is met.
So Mii's fighting style is very bold, fast and strong, but mostly in sheer power and aura. However she really isn't a yandere type.
If useful, imagine a shounen characters resolve. She won't fight without reason.

Hands: In one on one battles, Mii's staff converts to a pin on her belt. Freeing her hands, she is capable of flame induced punches.
This includes a classic fire ball and everything she touches melts.
Staff: With her staff she can conduct spells that need more mana such as the one below, and more.
The spells she casts are similar to the motion of starting a fire, it slowly spreads.

Lava Droplets: Mii rotates her staff so that drips of lava fall to the ground and create little fire minions* that follow her every whim.
They can either spread fire around in the area quick or once locked on an enemy, will cling on to them till they eat away till the bone. (*Kinda like the little fire guys in adventure time)
Branding: Using her short-staff, she can aim at a target and cast a curse which brands her target with the same tattoo as her on the oppent
This curse very slowly spreads


+ Intimidating despite her apperance
(for example: there's something about her aura thats dense)
+ Works well with others

- Water Based Attacks
- Low HP
- People she's protecting

Addictional info:
- Gets sick easily (mostly fevers tho)

art (c) me
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App for :iconinnatus-lex:

Thank you to :iconrae-nerdy: for the invite!

I normally RP using notes or Skype (kaito.sousuke).

Class: Warrior - Sagittarius
Gender: Male

Ht: 5'8"
Wt: 160 lbs

If one were to describe Lari, they would definitely start with saying he is relatively naive and very, very adventurous and curious. More often than not, he can be quite nosy, and quick to act on his impulses and what he would call instincts. Once he's made friends, he is sure to keep them close to him, revealing his somewhat protective nature. He is not the type to regret his decisions unless a huge mistake is made that risks the safety of everyone else.
However, he is quick to get back up and try his hardest to get around a problem if there is one. Very rarely does he give up, as he is always eager to prove himself to others, accepting any challenges given to him, as he can be seen to be childish and unreliable. He's incredibly playful. Additionally, he's very trusting and enjoys other people's company, which he feels he doesn't have enough of, as he is a long range fighter and is more often than not away from the action.
In spite of all this, he is quick to get down when an insult hits home, but if it ever does, he tries to cover it up as much as he can. If one betrays his trust he is likely to remember it for a very, very long time.

+Company (be it loud or quiet)
+Any sort of animal (specifically small critters like squirrels)
+High places
+Taking things at his own relaxed pace

-Things that tend to get his tail caught, ie traps
-Reading books
-Any large body of water
-not having company

Lari uses a bow along with arrows, the upper and lower limbs a sturdy but flexible kind of wood while the grip is solid, but covered tightly in dark fabric that is tied with blue string. The main string of the bow is a pale blue hue, strong and flexible enough to fire an arrow at the bow's maximum range.
The arrows have metal tips that are wide, ensuring that it is not easily removed from the target. The fletchings are of a blue hue that matches the blue accents on the rest of his attire. In a way they are a signature.

Fighting style:
As a lot of archers are, Lari is a sagittarius who remains at long range to stay away from the heat of the battle and loves to provide cover and support for his short ranged teammates. He tends to stay in high trees which are easy to climb. He is light and quick on his feet, once again for avoiding as much damage as possible, and agile enough to climb.

[[none so far???]]

-Useless in water
-Has no defense when it comes to close combat (but he is reckless enough to try and fight)
-Relies a lot on his sight for accuracy. Very vulnerable if blinded.

Additional info:
[[will add later]]
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Original concept: [link]

Ref for a character I want to use for an application for #Innatus-Lex ~ (such a cool looking group *A* )
unless I change my mind and make a dude instead. XD

I seriously do not know if she fits the mage or warrior category. : O

Still working on App stuff so I just thought to submit her ref.

I'm working on the weapon XD (how the hell do you make weapons!? haha )

Her dress/outfit is in 3 The outer fur part w/cape, and curtain thing on her bod + the lace RIGHT side skirt as the middle layer and the beige mini dress as the last layer. //loves layering.

and...I really love pink hair //sobuu
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welp another group yet again

edit// edited more to his personality cus aksjdfhajksdf i realized he would be the greatest loner ever

<font size="1">edit///oops i think the group died</font>

Username : J00N
Class: Warrior - Venator
Gender: male

Height: 187 cm (6'1") (with heels)

J00N is a reckless fighter who seems to know no emotion or fear in battle. He is a good strategist but not very trustworthy, as he does not take sides often.
He is polite most of the time just for show. But usually throwing in random blunt remarks, as if he is trying to get other people's attention. He could be very blunt and straightforward, usually purposely insulting someone, but he only acts this way so he isn't unnoticed. He thinks being ungenerous and mean is better than to be unnoticed. tsun Other times he might be frustrated when people talk to him too much. He gets angry when frustrated, and the best way he believes to deal with it is through violence.

He likes to spend time with people who are like him or share the same interests as him. J00N also likes people who are interesting. To relieve boredom, he studies people who are appealing and mysterious. He believes everyone who is not useful to him has no worth to be involved with him. J00N has a hard time to feel happiness in things, so he could be easily bored. Seeing others who are happy makes him uncomfortable because he doesn't understand their enjoyment. He believes that showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

If you ever caught him with a smile is probably the time when he kills you :iconcoolplz:

+ fighting
+ Conflict
+ Vanilla yogurt
+ the dark

- Relationships
- Furry animals
- Crybabies
- festivals and holidays

J00N uses a custom made drill weapon. It is very heavy and only used for powerful attacks, as its weight slows down his agility.
It weighs the same as a mini van and is made of strong metal.

Fight style:
He has to go in a close range to successfully attack. It is also easy for people to notice him because his heavy shoes usually gives out his presence. He can only do slow, heavy, and powerful attacks. J00N also has good defense in armor because he is unable to dodge attacks. He has lots of strength, especially built on the legs, so he can jump high even carrying his weapon. Some people wonder if his supernatural strength is reality.

He also likes to mock people and throw insults at them when fighting.

` Sight in the darkest places
` [Skill] Agility Boost(im so creative): boosts agility for 40 seconds
` [Skill] Heavy Drill: one fatal attack with full speed, only used in critical situations

` Weak against long range attacks
` Weak against fast attacks
` Weak against water magic attacks

Additional info:
`His favorite thing to do is lie on the grass at dawn
`He likes the color red
`no his name is not pronounced jay zero zero en

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App for #Innatus-Lex (reusing old oc /shot ) I swear i'll draw an updated pic after i move.

Username: Nazatu
Class: Mage-Ignis
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: 100 lbs

Personality:Mature for his "age" and mostly stays calm especially in battle mode. He's usually shy around those he admires. Prefers to stick to himself and stays quiet most times. Doesn't really know how to talk to people unless its business. He will just stand there forever watching others converse until someone starts a conversation with him. Usually has a face where its hard to tell what he's thinking (practically no expressions). Its rare to see him smile. The boy behind his character is the same way, having major trouble communicating with others. When he tries to converse, he tends to try too hard and ends up looking foolish or says something stupid and/or random. (except to those he admires, he'll just stay quiet then). Also he's quite gullible. He believes almost anything because he doesnt have much contact with others.

+Exploring by himself
+ practicing his magic skills (by himself mostly)
+being able to use his skills

- loud places
-trying to converse to people a lot
-anything cold
Weapon: Lava Staff
- A molten rock staff with hot lava still boiling on the inside (keeping the fire's color on the outside)
~Crida-A circle of flames that attacks the targeted enemy
~Renta-Lava enfused coals being able to hit directly
~Maour- A ball of lava/fire that encircles the target causing it to heat up drastically
Fight style: Fire/lava magic from his staff.
-is able to stand crazy amounts of heat/fire
-being around hot (such as fire/lava, etc) makes him able to use his powers better/stronger
-Since he sucks at communicating with others, he doesnt work well with them.
-cold makes him very weak
Addicitional info:
RL Name: Netu
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4 DAYS LATER! wow ive never taken so long to do one of these before :s
Hope I get in!

:bulletblue:username: HALLEE (Hay-lee)
:bulletblue:class: Mage - Unda
:bulletblue:gender: Female

:bulletblue:height: 5"10

:bulletblue:personality: Hallee is quiet, not shy. She is often seen by the ocean or by a lake as the water calms her, soothes her. She enjoys company even if she doesn't partake in the conversation.
She is determined and stubborn. If struck down, she will keep getting back up until she physically can't. She tends not to talk during battle, it's a waste of time. Get the enemy while their off guard and don't let down you own, she is very defensive.
She is usually optimistic in dire situations, seeing the downside is the same as giving up hope. She takes battle very seriously, and will do anything to protect the ones she cares for. Often seen as quite motherly to the smaller or weaker. She's more of an introvert, but enjoys speaking with good friends. She doesn't like to open up to people completely. She is often found on her own.
+ water
+ fish (to eat and view)
+ a challenge
+ swimming
+ the company of her friends
+ cooking
+ running
+ water sports
+ dancing
+ ice skating
+ reading

- stuck up people
- pollution
- drama
- getting too warm
- being tired

:bulletblue:weapon: A trident, the end of which is the fork - usually the end at her feet - and the other the staff. The gem at the top is the same as the one in the netting under her dress, this allows her to find the staff easily. The staff is made of an extremely hard coral, found in the deepest parts of the ocean. The bell gives off a very soothing chime which quickly calm those surrounding slightly.

:bulletblue:fight style:
She uses the trident for close-combat.
The Majority of the time she uses her magic.

:bulletpurple: Water Jet - shots a high speed water ball from her staff, often many at the same time.
:bulletpurple: Tidal - Somes up a large amount of water and encloses the opponent inside, often used for drowning or to throw them to escape.
:bulletpurple: Drench - Soaks opponent, the effectiveness depends on the clothes they are wearing - in the water will slow them down - and what element they are - fire could dry off very easily. Paired up with an ice or lightening user would increase the power of the attack.


:bulletblack: She often underestimates people.
:bulletblack: She is too trusting.
:bulletblack: Heights make her uneasy.

:bulletblue:additional info:
:bulletwhite: The rings are joined to the pieces of fabric between her fingers which allows her to swim faster.
:bulletwhite: She rarely wears shoes, if she does, they are sandals.
:bulletwhite: She enjoys baking the most.
:bulletwhite: She has fins to help her swim too. This includes gills but she can't stay underwater for as long as fish, she only has 4 hours.
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Edit: Changed the tattoo and added Staff Forms on the App.

- - -
- - -
Username: HEIDE
Mage - Aura i could warrior but uh weh ~*magic*~ i'm trying because [link] ???
Gender: feMale fajs gjk gkjs why fskj my guys girly no stop please dont do this chi
Tatoo: soBS His tattoo is on his right shoulder and is shaped like--

Height: I can't- hold on. *texts a certain someone* I KNOW IT'S A MUST I'LL POST IN A DAY
He's not that tall, that's for sure.

ok u know what he's 5'6". :')))))

Weight: [optional] <-- thank hrrgnhghgh

Personality: Heide is the motivated type! Though he can be really lazy sometimes, he likes getting things done on a good level and as fast as he can. He tends to get into fights 'cause he's a bit of a troll why this but also because he's pretty easy to make fun of. On the other hand, he's real kind-hearted and knows how to apoLOGIZE 75%of the time except to certain situations where he's just being plain stubborn tsundere. Oh but he's especially really, really nice to other people who are nice to him. ^p^

He likes items a whole lot! ^p^ He's a bit of a hoarder, but he's really open to giving and sharing anyways so his inventory's still kind of okay. Because of this he's a bit greedy as well... He takes a lot of risks but he does still take things pretty seriously even grinding goodness gracious so much grinding. Heide doesn't stray too far from his "goals" or "quests" (what) but he likes getting to know little things about places so he's not closed off from a little delving and deeper exploration in all areas. He doesn't get frightened too easily so his wandering-around is a pretty straightforward event.

Though he's really enthusiastic about doing a lot of things in the game with other people, he's really conflicted upon titling his "friends" and "acquaintances". You can approach him to talk with no difficulty, but he's actually kind of a butt, so yeah - GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION? But if he's the one to approach you first, he'll be really pushy upon the fact that he wants to befriend you. He can also think way too far ahead and start to get too independent. His risk-taking makes him too careless at some points of time, but he's understanding and let's people give a go at talking over to him. He knows when he's wrong but just sometimes can't handle the frustrations. However, though he's such an open person, he might not be too open about personal things. :') But isn't everyone?
To put it simply, he's just a conflicted weirdo.

Like/Dislike: + Items + Winning + Children-Figures he's not one of them i swear - Being Angry - People Who Get in His Way - Lying (but he still does it :'))) can't help it sometimes...)
Weapon: Fan-Staff ??? It's called a Thingy-Thing.
Fight style: What how to describe. He likes being in the air a lot, so he likes jumping around. Long-range? Since obviously, he's a mage. But sometimes he does have to get really close to use his staff like an air spear (but he still rarely touches any enemies). His staff's wing-things can expand to become fan-like to create larger gusts and winds. It can also turn into actual wings (???what) and turn into a broom thing like CardCaptor Sakura ^p^ lol why. He also likes to get things done fast so he tries to speed up quite often. He does best with other mages since he's pretty careless about not hitting close-ranged warriors near certain enemies, but he's in practice!
Air Blades-- Whirlpools of Air (what)-- Air Spears-- Speed Control-- More Windy Things. His air manipulation can go a far range, but he likes using it to create sharp gusts that can cut through a lot of items (but density is still a weakness since it'd make him take too long). He can control wind without his staff as well, but he can't create much impacts so he uses this smaller ability to kick up dusts, etc. and create diversions (but is more effective when his staff turns into a fan). It serves as a last resort!
His staff is multipurpose so he really uses it much more. sahhjzFgj.
Weaknesses: Weight and Density. He can't do much with Heavy Items, since AIR, HELLO.

Additional info: Heide's player really likes games, so he's always up for challenges. ^p^
Heide's player doesn't really keep his emotions too well, so rants in-game sometimes haha.
Sometimes, Heide's player's friends like butting in the game too....~
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Finally done :icontearplz::icontearplz::icontearplz: I hope I get in :iconsopsplz: TT v TT
I GOT INNN HNNNNRRRG :iconholdfeelsplz: come rp with me guys :iconlazycryplz: ... i dont bite <3

Username: Meteor
Class: Mage (Ignis)
Gender: Female

Height: 5'5
Weight: 112 lbs.

    Stubborn and hot headed. She doesn't take loses lightly and gets enraged quickly. Get on her nerves and she will challenge you to a duel. Although she his stubborn she is still able to get things done. Once she receives a quest, she will quickly try to finish it. She usually doesn't like to fight alone, she will usually find a person or two and they would go out and do a party quest or just fight monsters.
    Since she loves working with people, she has a soft spot. She doesn't like to show her soft spot that much and usually gives tough love. To sum that up, she's a tsun. She is very protective and speaks monotone most of the time. She is outgoing and has a fiery passion to lead others to victory. Some would describe her as cool and mysterious, others, intimidating and scary. But she goes by neither. She refers to herself as "Angry and Hateful," but secretly she is, "Protective and Tsun." Along with a Kuudere OTL.
    Meteor doesn't take love seriously. In fact, she finds it unnecessary. If one of her friends or her fighting partner were to end up in a relationship, they would be dead to her. But if they were a close friend, she wouldn't mind THAT much. Just a little bit. She is still scared at the fact her companions might leave her for good. Since that has happened to her countless times already. So if you are in a relationship, and you're also this chicks friend, don't get to clingy to your lover, because she just doesn't want to lose you. (Dawww <3)

    + Fighting
    + Training
    + Grouping up with others
    + Gaining new weapons
    + Duels
    + Boss battles
    + Powerful people
    + Partnering up with someone
    + Dual Swords (she finds them cool <3)
    + People worth paying attention too
    - Close combat
    - People who waste her time
    - Unfinished quest
    - Spammers
    - Losing too much health in one blow
    - n00bs //kicked
    - Spending too much
    - Sappy love lines

Weapon: Meteor Staff is what Meteor likes to call her weapon. At the top of the staff there is an orb, and inside that orb is a burning flame. The bigger the flame, the more powerful she is. If the flame grows smaller, she grows weaker. This will only occur is her health is low or if her magic is getting weak. There is a flame like design on the bottom part of the staff, although it is hard to see, it's still there.

Fight style:
    Fire Arrow: She holds her staff in an archer like position and shoots arrows made of fire
    Meltdown: This power takes a lot of time to process. It requires patients and enough magic to do so. When cast, the temperature around becomes hot, deadly hot. It makes the target weak and parts of the ground will catch on fire. Since she is still a low level, it only last for half a minute.
    Ring of Fire: She traps her target in a circle of fire
    Fire Wall (lol): She creates a wall of fire protecting herself from attacks. Only last for a split second.

    Fire Coating: She can handle any hot conditions and won't get burned
    Magic Guard: A magic buff. Increases magic power slightly

    Close combat fights, water, her jewel below her neck (when hit it causes her to lose half her HP),

Addicitional info:
    - In order to get her to respect you, you must show you are dedicated to become stronger
    - She is searching for a fighting partner
    - Hates men who think they are the best (overly confident)
    - Shy girls = no thank you for this chick
    - Doesn't want to be treated like a child
    - Her mark is on her left thigh
    - Her jewel is on her bracelet
    - The case on her right leg stores small potions to heal her health and magic
    - Full body V _ V [link]
    - Her ears are hidden behind her hair, they are pointed slightly
    - Voice: [link] Ifinallyfoundoneamg

    :iconimsotiredplz: I like to rp by notes/chat peace <3
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My app for

:bulletred:Username: Aquila Nelis
:bulletred:Class: Warrior-Venator (Pole Axe)
:bulletred:Gender: Female


Aquila is quite a tomboy, she likes being active. She has a very friendly and outgoing demeanor, she seems to make friends very easily. One thing she likes to do most is also to be around friends. She always tries her best to encourage her more quiet friends

She loves the outdoors and really appreciates the small things, Aquila is generally understanding often times, she doesn't mind lending an ear or two to a friend, she cares dearly for friends

Aquila can get quite shy when a man approaches her too closely and will try to get some distance and make some funny excuse. She actually has a very shy part of herself which keeps her private life very private... very. So although being a tomboy she is not that oblivious.

Aquila loves things which get her adrenaline rushing, she often beats other guys in sports and other activities.

+Food (doesn't gain weight when she eats)

-Quests which don't involve fighting
-Quiet/Boring/Gloomy people

The "Soaring Garuda"

This Halberd is made like any other Halberd an axe and spear end, forged from the strongest of metals. The difference is that the axe part of the halberd is winged to provide more cutting area.
A swing from this will not only bludgeon something but tear it apart as well. The tip is forged to be as sharp and unbending as possible, the bluer areas of the tip are especially strong.
Aquila has enough strength to wield such a thing with ease

:bulletred:Fighting Style:
Aquila's main method of using this weapon consists primarily of spin swings and thrusts. The spin action works like a normal staff and can hurt anything which gets too close to her. Crushing swings are also used to severely damage an opponent. she also makes use of her grip and the length of the pole to make long ranged swings and thrusts.


Most of the abilities have been taken into account with Aquila's general speed in using the weapon, which requires her to keep a momentum in order to move fast. Otherwise just a few random slashes usually makes her moves sluggish

[Feather Cyclone]: The user spins the halberd all around in a random manner, deflecting some melee attacks and some projectiles

[Garuda's Dive]: The user jumps a high distance with the elp of momentum from an upward swing and as they are about to land, does a vertical swing or a thrust

[Wing Swing]: The user swings with all their might from any grip distance on the pole and smashes the pole into a foe

[Beak Gouge]: The user thrusts and spins the pole as it is pierced into a foe

[Razor Dance]: The user swings and spins several times horizontally as they move

-Due to the size and weight of the halberd it makes the fighting style slightly slow
-When momentum is broken the damage that can be dealt will be reduced

:bulletred:Additional Info:
-Although being a tomboy Aquila actually can't resist cute things
-Despite her demeanor Aquila is actually a very closed and private person
-She has a small little tsundere self hidden deep deep inside her
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