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I think this was the last time I'm going to wear Selvaria, as certain parts of the costume were damaged from the heat in the car at AX, plus I knocked off one of my kneepads off my boot on accident while climbing up this hill lol. It's all fixable, but I prefer to move onto something new. This shoot was a good way to send these costumes off!

Aileen posted a behind-the-scenes blog here: [link]

Characters - Selvaria Bles & Radi Jaeger from Valkyria Chronicles

Photo - :iconsingmealullabai:

Belts, Radi's gauntlet, and wearing Radi Jaeger - :iconverndead4:

Everything else on both costumes, wearing Selvaria - myself

Facebook: [link]
Twitter: [link]
Website: [link]
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Itachi by ~AniVad32 (me)
Sasuke by ~Darknes953
LineArt by me
Original - [link]
Itachi & Sasuke belongs to - Masashi Kishimoto
Use: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS4

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Another chapter-break illo from the upcoming (September '07) second volume of EMPOWERED, my "sexy superhero comedy" book published by Dark Horse Comics.

This time around, Emp experiences a brief moment of positive affirmation when she uses her tattered "supersuit" in an unorthodox manner to kick a cowboy-ish superbillain's behind. Alas, she does WAY too through a job of buttkicking, and winds up struggling to save the poor slob's life... (and, along the way, setting up a plot element resolved at the end of the volume.)

Art note: While the revolver at far right may seem unacceptably tangential to the edge of the page, keep in mind that the published version of EMPOWERED has a whole lotta white space around the actual illo...
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Finally got around to putting some color into this : [link]

It isn't completely a vector, as I did the pencil by hand using a reference and scanned it and GIMPed it. I'm amazed at how exact I got the colors. It's actually one of the few color pieces I'm happy with.

If you would like to use it for cosplay etc, please just contact me on DA. Thanks!
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Getter Robo
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:bulletpink: if im not busy, you can find me in chat!!
:bulletblue: we can do it in comments~
:bulletred: note me! :3
:bulletblue: skype: mizziestarr
:bulletpink: msn:

:damphyr: download for HQ

    ███ ◊┊┊ N A M E
    ▹ Astraia Rose | "Astie"

    ███ ◊┊┊ A G E
    ▹ 19

    ███ ◊┊┊ H E I G H T
    ▹ 5'4" [ 163 cm ]

    ███ ◊┊┊ J O B
    ▹ Musician

    ███ ◊┊┊ C L A S S
    ▹ Archer [ magic ]

    ███ ◊┊┊ W E A P O N
    A gift from her mother that doubles as a musical harp and a bow capable of shooting arrows, both magic and non-magic. It plays a heavenly tune when played.

    ███ ◊┊┊ S U B . W E A P O N
    The Rose family's heirloom, "Cerephie" named after it's owner. It is a strong, yet very old sword. She usually brings it along with her on long and serious missions for extra protection, though she isn't very good at wielding it.

    ███ ◊┊┊ S Y N T H . I T E M
    ▹ Pearl Amulet [ sewn to her shirt ]

    ███ ◊┊┊ H O M E T O W N
    ▹ Inryllia

    ███ ◊┊┊ P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Astraia is a very confident and ambitious young girl who will stop at nothing to get her desired outcome, despite the obstacles. She is a firm believer that anything is possible if one sets their mind to it, and her adventurous nature always has her doing what others regard as reckless or 'impossible'; that word doesn't exist to her.
    Astie strives to encourage others to do their very best and not let anything get them down. She also tends to hold others in the highest respects, always giving her peers the benefit of the doubt -- unless they prove themselves unworthy. Because she has such faith in people, if you break this girl's trust even once, you'll never be able to redeem yourself, so try to stay on her good side.

    One of her favorite things to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery. The world is such a beautiful thing to her, and she will take any chance she gets to admire it's wonders. She's the type of girl who will get up at the crack of dawn, just to watch the sun rise in the morning.
    Astraia adores stargazing and often wanders off on her own to stay up and hunt for constellations. There she would sometimes take that moment to relax and write music or just breathe. If you're looking for her at night, just follow the sounds of her alluring, melodious voice accompanied by the delicate strings of her harp.
    She's also a bit of a hopeless romantic -- though she'd never admit it. When she's by herself, she often daydreams of what it'd be like to be loved like in the movies with a fairytale ending. The thoughts never linger for too long, for it brings about her inner loneliness which is her deepest fear; to be alone. Once she falls into that realization, she'll quickly run to someone's side.

    Because of Astie's fear, she tries to befriend as many people as she can. Being surrounded by the ones she loves is the only way she feels secure and can be truly happy. This has caused her to act extremely sweet and pleasant to those around her, which makes her a pure joy to be around. She gives people the most sincerest of smiles that you just can't help but smile back at.
    When it comes to attractive males, however, she tends to freeze up and lose the ability of speech. She also blushes way too easily and becomes a bit of a klutz. Especially if someone flirts with her: she melts and becomes lured into every charming word that he graces her ears with. She'll try her hardest to snap herself out of the daze, but be careful! Give it time, and she'll probably fall for you.

    ███ ◊┊┊ B A C K G R O U N D
    ▹ Astraia was born the only child to the famous superstar idol, Briar Rose and his lovely wife, Ausetta Rose. Her parents were an unusual couple: her father being the young hit sensation on the radios and her mother being the independent, but stunningly gorgeous huntress. Everyone on her mom's side were serious and traditional people who studied in martial arts and weaponry, while everyone on her dad's side had something to do with the modern music industry.
    Growing up, there was a lot of publicity and expectations to come out of the little girl, but she was stuck in the middle of two completely different worlds. Reluctantly, her father retired from his singing career to raise his daughter and her mother became a martial arts teacher. Their family was slowly but surely starting to come together.

    Little Astraia lived a very rewarding childhood. Any-and-everything was practically given to her, whether she asked for it or not. As she got older, the protective, spoiled life became rather annoying as she was finding herself wishing to do things on her own. Even as a young girl, she enjoyed the outdoors more than anything but she wasn't allowed to leave without some sort of escort. Some nights, she would sneak out and go on mini adventures to satisfy her craving for fresh air and excitement.
    Astie turned rather rebellious when told she had to wait to do something which brought about her head-strongness and she would do them anyways. Soon, her parents eased up on her and gave her the freedom to do what she wanted.

    This new freedom opened up a door of many options for her. She explored her surroundings high and low and often got herself in trouble for sneaking into places that she didn't belong in. She even delved into the two sides of her family -- taking a few of her mother's classes and singing songs with her father. The girl found that she loved both training in combat and performing equally.
    Being torn between the two, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do in life. Ausetta, being the loving soul that she was, sought to help her daughter out. She knew that Astraia was exceptional at shooting arrows and at strumming the harp, so her clever mind came up with the idea of combining the two. On Astie's 14th birthday, her mother presented her with Harpisbow, the dual instrument. Ecstatic, she began training immediately and hasn't put it down since. She even discovered her natural gift of wind element magic and infused it with her arrows to make them travel faster and stronger.

    Word got out of this wonderfully talented girl who was extremely skilled in both archery and song, so people started to pay more attention to the Rose family once again. "Their little rosebud has finally bloomed!!" - they'd say. Her abilities were so popular, that she was featured in many media specials and even had her own performing show. Spectators would come from all over just to watch her sing and play her harp on the big stage. And though she was adored by many, the fame was just too much for her.
    Luckily, she was presented with an offer that she simply could not refuse from a young captain named Ran. It was perfect! To sail the skies, see the sights, be surrounded by a whole new crowd of people, with new friends to make and new adventures to take on The Embassy. And the best part is that there was no pressure or paparazzi pushing cameras in her face. All she had to do was what she loved and did best. Astraia happily took the job, excited for this new chapter in her life that is about to unfold.

    ███ ◊┊┊ L I K E S
    ▹ Singing / Music
    ▹ Training
    ▹ Being with friends
    ▹ Stargazing
    ▹ Motivating
    ▹ Sight-seeing
    ▹ Dreaming
    ▹ Fresh air

    ███ ◊┊┊ D I S L I K E S
    ▹ Being told 'no'
    ▹ Paparazzi
    ▹ People invading her space
    ▹ Assholes

    ███ ◊┊┊ O T H E R
    ▹ Astie always smells amazing. Ironically enough, she smells like sweet roses.
    ▹ She's got a nasty temper if you piss her off enough.

    ███ ◊┊┊ M O A R . A R T S

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Me esforze mucho en este coloreo, y con la ayuda de :iconlideralianzashinobi: pude hacer este trabajo, me gusto mucho el resultado, aunque mejorare aun mas :D

Line y color por mi!
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Color y Lineart :iconseba1496:
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Over the past couple of weeks I have been making a whole new series, I can finally debut it!

I recently have been thinking about "Shoujo Kakumei Utena" and since purchased the first season (still waiting for it to get to my house). And I needed a new print set for the last con I will be doing this year.

And I very badly wanted to draw the Avengers as featured in the new movie.

So I essentially "KAKUMEI'D" them! I am uploading them in the order I drew them.


The second of the group, Tony Stark!

I've never drawn him, so I figured after I finished Loki I should give it a go. I liked drawing him quite a bit. Since having slaves away at Loki, I knew the style and the inking was swifter.

I was really happy I gave him a dark tan skin color too. It made me realize that everyone but Anthy & family in SKU was light skinned. I think I will try and draw some dark skinned ladies and dudes soon.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Wacom tablet
+2 hrs inking, +2 hrs coloring

Do not use without express permission of original artist and creator, I do not own the character Tony Stark.
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Doodie doodles.

Sailor Moon 2013 reboot woot woot.
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