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For the full quality, high definition version, please visit Neil Creek's website here: [link]
Thanks so much for taking this video, Neil!

This is me, cosplaying as Azula, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, at Manifest 2010.

The Costume:

This is the outfit that Azula wears through certain episodes in season 3. [link] [link]

The entire outfit is sewn by myself, over a two month period. I ended up sewing right up until a few hours before I left for my flight to Melbourne! Usually I'm pretty well on top of things for my costumes, but I spent one week sick, and another week unable to walk or kneel down properly, so I ended up pretty short for time.

I made all the patterns for this costume myself. The shoes were made by buying a pair of slip-on shoes, attaching points made from craft foam, then making a boot cover to slip over the top and glue down.

I also want to say thanks here to ~rallamajoop for helping to style the wig.

The Skit:

Oh man, I'm just really glad I got to actually perform this skit, after what happened. I tore two ligaments in my knee only a month before the convention, in a training accident. The occupational therapist I went to worked wonders, but I only ended up being able to practice and choreograph the skit a few days before I went.

The glowing lights you see are "Flowlights", a kind of super bright LED glow poi ([link]). I've been learning poi for fun for about two years, but this was the first time I'd been in front of an audience with them.

I used to be a red belt in taekwondo in high school, so I have a little background in martial arts. Unfortunately the knee injury meant I had to hold back a fair bit. That's also why all the kicks in the routine are with my right leg, as it can't support me when kicking with my left.

I was so happy at the audience response! It made it all worth it. The skit won best solo skit too. =)
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I put together a little test to find visual style for 88 and see how she looks animated..
this animation in particular I decided to finish because i had been drawing a model sheet
and realized that if I tweened the views i'd have a full 360 animation!

It's a bit wonky in some places,
I havent actually done any traditional drawn animation in almost 6 years, OTL
I need to get my groove back!

roughs in PS, ANI in Flash, BG + effects in AE
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"You can't change who or what you are... but sometimes it doesn't matter..."

Short story about a fox, sentenced to death for killing his rabbit lover and accepting his fate.

Finally it's done. This project took me 4 months and ripped the heart out of me as I was working on my own. It's a hand drawn animation, put together in Adobe After Effects CS5.5.

Special thank you to Her Name Is Calla, Family and Friends - you know who you are.

Any comments are welcome. Enjoy.

Before you ask, yes, it's much more personal than I hoped for.

Dreamlands by Ana Stefaniak

Music by Her Name Is Calla

Support me by following my tumblr: [link]
or youtube: [link]
or twitter: [link]

if you enjoyed this you can support me by BUYING RELATED PRINTS/CARDS HERE -> [link]
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Action video of "STEAL ME!" exhibition made by KIWIE
Music / Niklavz [link] [link]
Audio / ansis [link]
BigUps to everyone who participated!

Vimeo [link] Youtube [link]
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If the video doesn't work for you, here is the youtube link: [link]

What to say about this, what to say.

This is a story about Melody, and is a snapshot into her life.

This is my first film. 1 minute long, six weeks in the making, non-stop work on this. I can't put enough emphasis on six weeks. Wait...

Six. Weeks. Actually, more like four, since two of those weeks were devoted to concept.

In my body of work, this is the little toe. There is some terrible animation in here, and so many mistakes. The music was hastily done by me on my 10 year old midi keyboard with a broken pedal. It feels... humble. And I like it more than I probably should because of it.
It is a step into what I've found I'm most passionate about. And I loved every minute I was working on it.

I've learned so much more that I thought was possible about animation and how to put emotion in scenes, (not seen very clearly here), and I can't wait to use what I've learned for a serious animation next year. (FireTiger+AcidPanther).

Please no critique. Not even a little: 'Would have been better if you'd done this.' I know how many bad things there are in here, I just had no time to change them. And I don't wanna be all: 'Yeah, I know. Nothing I could do about it.' To every sincere, well-thought out comment. (As I do really appreciate crits on the whole, and the time it takes to write them.)

There is nothing too racy about, but it hints at adult content. I promise there's nothing too wrong with it, though. (If people think I'm being too cautious, I'll take the mature content warning off.)

Texture in the background from CG Textures.
Voices by my uni buddies Caleb Beckman and Amy Patto

So it turns out I had a lot to say.
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J. Scott Campbell (*J-Scott-Campbell) is most well known for his original creation Gen13. Hes currently a cover artist for Marvel Comics, and has done covers for The Amazing Spider-Man. *J-Scott-Campbell sat down with Meg Turney ($Dollwithagun) to discuss how Comic-Con has changed over the years and why Marvel has enjoyed so much recent commercial success.
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A very brief fractal animation made with Apophysis 7x and Apophymator script
by ~morphapoph
Planning to make more (and longer ones!) very soon.
also on youtube at [link]

Music by ~skulkey :iconskulkey: :thanks:

thanks a lot to `mintyy for the help with the title! ;)
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