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Someone was asking me for the water wave, so here is it, hope you like it :-)))

I can upload more if someone is interested..
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Worksheet: [link]

Here is lesson 2

:+fav: for more

I wish you a lot of fun :)

First lesson:
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 how do I retouch quick video here:…

My retouching gallery shiny-shadows-art.deviantart.c…


Hello everybody :wave:

If You were looking through Youtube you probably noticed that videos there cannot answer all of your questions about retouch. That's why I made this course for People like You.

Or maybe You think You are pretty good with retouch but would like to polish your retouching skills and got some of the new tricks and techniques that will be helpful for You?

By the fact I included every possible step and techniques that help you to achieve the desire look. This course will be perfect for You!

Probably You have seen many beauty images with this perfect soft skin and natural texture. In this course I am going to show You all the best techniques to get the perfect look of the skin texture!

New After about 15 days hard working finally This Tutorial is available to sell. This is an advanced tutorial,
It means you must be able to work with Photoshop and be familiar to all tools!
Sherlock Holmes

What are the requirements?

Bullet; Red  You need Adobe Photoshop
Bullet; Yellow You need a lot of Passion!
Bullet; Purple  "GRAPHIC TABLET" is required in order to drawing hair, eyebrow and eyelashes!!!!!!!
Bullet; Pink The version of Photoshop you are working with MUST be willing to open images with CR2 format in "camera raw" filter

Pencil Pencil Pencil
Bullet; Red This tutorial doesn't include raw image, I took it from… /
with its photographer grand permission, Please Notice; Im not a stock provider!!
Bullet; Orange  No voice recorded; I explained everything with text tips.
Bullet; Green  This tutorial is about how to retouch both skin and hair.
Bullet; Purple I had to increase the speed for some parts Because of the large volume of videos/ you Must do all the process very slow and carefully. For me, retouching an image (depends on the models skin problem)
normally takes about 10hours or more Psychotic Psychotic Psychotic 

Post Below Skin Retouching

Bullet; Yellow part 1
How to blend diffrent colors of skin

length 11:20 minutes / 46MB

Bullet; Pink Part2
How to remove blemishes
length 10:37 min / 94MB

Bullet; Orange Part3
How to make the skin more smooth

contains 3parts
A-06:00 min / 34MB
B-15:00 min / 79MB
C- 14:00 min / 53MB

Bullet; Blue Part4
How to draw eyelashes
length 11:33 min / 80MB

Bullet; Purple Part5
how to draw eyebrows
length 11:00 min / 84MB

Post Below Hair Retouching

Bullet; Red part1- length 06:00 min / 47MB
Bullet; Purple Part2- length 15:00 min / 114MB
Bullet; Pink Part3- length 13:00 min / 93MB
Bullet; Green Part4- length  09:00 min / 62MB

:butterfly: (Butterfly) Last touch

this section is not a part of my training, I just hate when I purchase or see a tutorial and
after spending a lot of time surprisingly notice that her/his final result is much different with mine,
actually I get confused with whats happened and keep asking myself, "what was wrong with my practicing"!!!???
so in this part I just want to show you my last touch; how I add color to a model
and how to blend everything together.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
I would be more than happy if you take your time and drop even a short note on my page about this tutorial.
Much love

Bullet; Blue You can purchase this tutorial just via

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers for

Just send the payment to

and La la la la note me hereLa la la la  with

your G-mail address

so that I can send you the tutorial once the payment cleared.

Reading  for more info please contact me at Facebook… or note me here Peace

PS.I had to raise the price a little bit cause the PayPal tend to reduce some amount of the payment :giggle:

+fav +fav +fav I don't know why but the color and the quality of original retouched image is much different with what you can see here,you can find  the HQ retouched image
here: How to retouch like a pro,full view by shiny-shadows-Art
and here:…
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My 'Pirates - Captain Ebony Black' series..
A new pirate series taken today! *Yay*
I have a serious pirate costume fetish - I know ;)

Ooh and I'd appreciate a :+fav: if you like it enough to download :blowkiss:

Download to get the full resolution image

:star: If you want to help my stock continue to grow you can donate towards
my Paypal costume donation fund...
Read more here: [link]

:bulletgreen: A little selection of other Pirate Stock photos:


:bulletred: This is STOCK photos: [link]! :bulletred:

:police: If you use, please credit with a link to my gallery
in the description and send me a note with the link to
the piece
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repost of
Finished picture :

PS : For the pencil lead, I recommend Ceramics II from Dong-A.
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A trial with the new 'Premium sales on DA' option where you can pay with points..
That way I will be able to offer select single stock exclusives up for people that only has points and no access to Paypal :)

The non watermarked and full resolution photo of this Exclusive stock photo
you will get access to after payment of 400 points..

This is my 'Red Queen Exclusives' to go with my White Queen Exclusives:

:star: By purchasing this full resolution Single Exclusive Stock photo you help support my
Stock Costume Fund And thus help me to continue to create new and inspiring stock series..

:bulletgreen: By supporting my stock I am offering to include your icon amongst my kind patrons in my frontpage journal,
- so please let me know via comment or note if you want to be added to the list :)

:bulletred: Full Exclusive Packs in this series: :bulletred:


:police: Do NOT use this Exclusive Stock for any kind of art reference unless you've paid for & downloaded the full resolution photo!
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This stock belongs to my gallery.
for full view click "download"

Stock / Resources Usage Rules

:bulletblack: Inform me and send me a link when you have used my stock via note or comment on the stock used.

:bulletblack: Credit me in your description with a link back to my deviantArt-account.

:bulletblack: You must have my permission before you use my stock outside of deviantArt.
(See “Outside Use” here for more details.)

:bulletblack: Do not submit your work into the photography section.

:bulletblack: Be creative, do not just add a filter or crop the image a bit and say "this is my artwork!" Put some effort into it!
If your work is not sufficiently editted I reserve the right to ask you to remove the image.
(See “USAGE” here.)

:bulletblack: My stock is for art purposes only. Do not redistribute any editted form of my stock as a resource!
(For what is and what is not allowed, read the section here titled “PS Actions / Tutorials / Resources”)

:points: Support my deviantART-presence by donating some dA-points :points:
So I will be able to continue offering good resources

Resources made by .::Se³d-rah::. 2008-now.
Do not claim my resources as your own in any way or in any place.

[ Stocks I Texures I Pattern I Actions I Brushes I Custom Shapes I PSDs I Styles ]
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Long exposure capture of Chutes Croches in Mont-Tremblant Park, Quebec (Canada). Also an HDR composite from 3 separate exposures.

Stock rules here: [link]

Thank you for visiting :) If you like my work, you can also support me by checking out
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Revisitation of [link] with what I hope is a more even balance of tones.

HDR composite from 3 separate exposures.

Stock rules here: [link]

Thank you for visiting :) If you like my work, you can also support me by checking out
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